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Moose Send email
Nov 12, 2016

Actually not a complaint

I like the Christmas movie season on hallmark and I actually watch hallmark more this time of year. It is the biggest reason I want the hallmark channel in my satellite package. Keep them coming. :)
Tyne Turner Send email
Nov 12, 2016


My daughter and I love holiday films and have fun with your Christmas Countdown, but it's so white it is hard for us to engage our imaginations because ... well it's just odd ... unrealistic ... alien ... the lack of black and Latino characters. It's just kind of Stepford Wives. Hire some ethnic actors because truly, many of us do not live in an all white world and are distracted from the stories by small white world with which we are unfamiliar. I mean really, just had a black doorstep family. Keep up!
babyfaceoct85 Send email
Nov 12, 2016

Complainers amd golden girls

This was supposed to be a "where are the golden girls" topic. Give it a rest with the diversity stuff. 500+ channels are available for the butthurt liberals and sjw's to watch. Shut up already. Lol. Now to the other topic...the christmas nonstop is ridiculous. I watch tggs every night all 4 episodes. Reminds me of my mother who has passed. Its quite ridiculous with christmas movies playing. For craps sake at least keep the golden girls playing. Thats half the reason we watch it.
Rehabber Send email
Nov 12, 2016

Not complaining

People who are complaining about lack of diversity may have missed Vanessa Williams in a great starting role in a modern day Scrooge kind of story. She plays a diva who learns a lesson. Another recent movie featured starring a Hispanic man, an African American and a white family who experienced a terrible bunch of bad luck together and end up celebrating Christmas together and love is spread all around. Good shows!
kathyrichman Send email
Nov 11, 2016

Christmas Movie start times

Why are the movie start times staggered? If I want to switch channels to watch a different movie, I have to either watch only one hour or miss one hour of the other movie. Please start them at the same times!
kisscapri Send email
Nov 11, 2016

Christmas movies

I love Christmas movies, don't get me wrong.... but 24/7. I love Golden Girls and I miss not being able to see them for 3 to 4 months due to Christmas movies that you are just going to show over and over again anyway. Please add Golden Girls back into the regular lineup so that I can enjoy them all.
Kishan78 Send email
Nov 11, 2016

Lack of diverity

I watch the hallmark Christmas countdown every year with my family but I would like to see a race other than white be the star of a movie. I have seen several people of color integrated in to the show however it would be nice to see a romantic christmas movie that also stars people of color. I would even enjoy a interracial couple, such as in the movie snow globe. I hope next year to see a few Christmas movies with more people who look like me.
meriga Send email
Nov 9, 2016

So white

This channel is ridiculous. All their movies lack diversity and do not even show the mandatory extra person of color. Also they have this whole religious message going on with their Christmas movies. You would think they're movies are all so feel good and simple but they are totally biased. I have stopped watching this channel now.
meriga Send email
Nov 9, 2016

So white

This channel is ridiculous how it promotes all these seemingly harmless feel good movies with a racist undertone. I have hardly seen any non-white actors in their movies. In addition to lacking diversity, they seem to have a religious message at every step. I've decided not to watch their movies or the channel any more.
Lucy Hall Send email
Nov 9, 2016

Hallmark Movies Needs Diversity

I love the good clean, family movies on the Hallmark Channel, but notice the very obvious lack of diversity in cast members. As much as I like this channel, I will have to stop watching it if the owners refuse to have movie cast members representative of the people of this country. With this correction, this could be a good teaching format for young people.
hyacinth777 Send email
Nov 9, 2016

Not enough racial diversity in Hallmark movies

I've enjoyed Hallmark movies and especially the Hallmark Christmas movies for years. I even love that the movies are shown for months leading up to Christmas, but have finally just had enough of the lack of racial diversity in the Hallmark movies. Every movie has a white protagonist and usually a 100% white cast. I even noticed tonight that everyone in the background in a restaurant scene appeared to be white.
Another problem is that the SAME white actors and actresses are used over and over again as though they all have membership in some type of exclusive club. Enough already! There needs to be racial diversity and variety of actors.

I am seriously considering no longer watching Hallmark movies as this lack of diversity is affecting my enjoyment of them.

There are many talented actors and actresses of other races--hispanic, asian, black, etc. --which could easily be placed in leading roles in these movies. I've only seen other races cast in the role of sidekick or some other minor supporting role.
And NO, I don't believe that the scripts need to be changed---just hire some actors and actresses of other races.
We don't need stereotypical roles and scripts being written just for them. That would create yet another problem.

Please change this so that we can ALL continue to enjoy the Hallmark movies.
Leekostue Send email
Nov 9, 2016


I enjoy watching senseless unrealistic Christmas movies Until I watched Just in Time for Christmas. The seene with the book signing was extremely offensive. The mockery made of the girl wanting to be a cosmetologist is very disturbing, while I have a very successful career as a hairstyle I also a have collage degree in psychology and as a certified drug and alcohol counselor I make more money as a hairstylist. This left a bad taste and I will finding another channel and store to shop at.
Ontherun Send email
Nov 8, 2016

Blatant absence of diversity

Dear Santa, why are there so many stories that cast only white people? I thought I was the only one watching these goofy Christmas movies that I love, but pointed out to my husband how Hallmark Channel must think only white people like Christmas and fall in love. So I did a web search about my concern and sure enough found I wasn't the only person noticing this. And the occasional sidekick or extra thrown in is so obvious. It's 2016 so maybe we could see a reflection of realty here. If not in plot then at least in characters.
Pat B Send email
Nov 8, 2016

Too much Christmas too early

I am another person who quits watching the Hallmark Mystery channel when you switch to an all Christmas format from November to January. It's pretty ridiculous and very frustrating
Gailsnana Send email
Nov 8, 2016

Christmas movies

OVER IT please stop with the continual loop of Christmas movies. I usually watch this channel 90% of the time I watch TV. However I have stopped watching your channel until the Christmas movies have ended. These are the same movies I have seen last year and the year before ect ect ect .
Pemgirl Send email
Nov 7, 2016

Lack of African-American in Movies

Hello. First of all, I have no complaint about the two months of Christmas movies; it's become expected with the mainstream to start Christmas in, heck, July, rather than December. That is not my complaint. My complaint deals with the lack of diversity in your movies. I have watched the Hallmark channel for years, but I can count the times on one finger I have seen a movie where the major character revolved around the life of an African-American character, (The Snow Globe, which aired only once that I can remember).

What's the matter, Hallmark, don't you know, African-Americans fall in love every day; we live in beautifully decorated homes; we have families we love; we work for wealthy men we fall in love with; we have jealous former loves, who try to make things difficult for us; we absolutely love Christmas and Thanksgiving and celebrate other holidays as well. We enjoy dining out with our girlfriends and some are even Caucasion, Hispanic, and other ethnicities. We are widows and widowers looking for that perfect love; we have cute kids who tell Santa their secret Santa wishes and who hope for and wish for a happy ending. Why can't you see this?

I am certain there are writers out there who can spin a charming story about an African-American woman with a relationship dilemma that doesn't revolve around illegal drugs, a pimp, or other negative sterotype, if you give it a chance.

All I'm asking for is just one or two movies that would feature an African-American in a positive manner as the main character, rather than as a background extra, or a supporting role, or in a supporting role of the supporting role.

I know there are numerous talented African-American actors and actresses who would be awesome in a Hallmark movie role--if you would just give them a chance. Thank you for your consideration.
Marielle Send email
Nov 7, 2016


Where is the diversity in your movies. Some of the movies are cute, but no minorities! Why?
Mxmiller Send email
Nov 7, 2016

Too Many Christmas Movies!!!

WHY would anyone want to watch two plus months of Christmas movies on two channels?!?! It is totally absurd! I watch Hallmark Movie and Mystery channel daily.....but refuse to watch from late Oct until Jan when all these Christmas movies are on. I love Christmas, but not on your channels!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!! STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!!!
Drummermom Send email
Nov 7, 2016

Commercials too loud

I really enjoy Hallmark channel but I'm tired of the commercials being too loud. I can't relax at night and enjoy the channel to relax because the commercials shock me out of that.
About a year ago I had stopped watching the channel for that reason and then the Christmas movies began so I started watching again.
I guess I can dvr and skip the commercials entirely.

Please stop having the commercials so loud!!!
Connita Send email
Nov 7, 2016


My mom and I could watch Hallmark 1 and 2 all day! That will stop if we don't see more people of every color on your Christmas shows and in general! Mom had dementia and things kinds of movies you have does not agitate her. I will funds another of necessary! Regards, Connita
Sthomas Send email
Nov 7, 2016

Lack of diversity!!!

So far I far I have seen a very few African Americans in your movies. People of color live their lives and fall in love too. So far I have seen a very few African Americans and they are usually in background scenes for a few seconds or in supporting roles. I have yet to see them in leafing roles. Please do something about this.
Blgspc Send email
Nov 6, 2016

Christmas from the end of October through the first part of next Year!?!?

I can NOT believe the complete lack of regard Hallmark is showing the people who keep their doors open! I am a Christian who loves Christmas but suspending ALL regular programming from near the end of October through sometime after the first of next year to show second and third rate movie is quite disrespectful to ALL of those who watch Hallmark and it's unacceptable! I am SICK of this irresponsible- even bizarre choice-making!

Earlier this fall I was contacted by Nielson to record my TV viewing. There was an area in the diary that asked for general feedback and this situation IS what I complained about.

SaraSmiles Send email
Nov 6, 2016

Home and Family

A friend directed me to this board and I'm so glad!! I cannot even begin to tell you how hokey and pitiful this show is! Cristina and Mark used to fawn all over each other and IMHO, that was disgusting! When I first tuned in, I thought they were married. Now that Debbie is on, I think she is so fake too! Whatever possessed you to have this show on at all escapes me but for 2 hours...and then another 2 hours re-run? Ridiculous!!! I check the channel occasionally just to see if perhaps you have better programming but no, the silly, hokey show is still on. My daughter is in her early 50's and she turned it on one day when she was off work ~ she had the same opinion. She stated she was amazed that Hallmark would lend itself to this stupid show.

I may as well mention ALL the Christmas movies on, 24/7, for 3 months! That's too it gets tiresome watching 20-late 30 yr old actors. There really are more "mature" (older) people out here and it would be nice to see more of a variety of ages in the movies.
BD Einyah Send email
Nov 6, 2016

Hallmark Christmas Movies

The decision to show all Christmas movies for 3 months and take away all other programming on the Hallmark channel is a remarkably bad decision. No one wants nothing but Christmas for that long a period of time. It dilutes the magic of the real Christmas season. By the time that the actual season rolls around, you will have gagged us with your continual offerings of Christmas for so long that the very thought of another of your "merry" offerings is nauseating! As a former daily watcher of Murder She Wrote, I am so very disappointed that I no longer have the option to watch it. You've lost me as a viewer.
GinnyD Send email
Nov 6, 2016

Christmas Movies 2 entire months!

This is just silly. I could see for the month of December, but please don't run these movies non-stop for 2 solid months. At least in the wee hours of the morning, I'd like to see Frazier, Cheers and Lucy if I wake up in the middle of the night. So I'm taking a break from Hallmark Channel until January.

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