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Karhill Send email
Jun 24, 2016

Cristina Ferrare

The only show that I watch on a regular basis is Home and Family. I record all the shows that I have to miss. All of that ends today because it has been announced that Cristina has been replaced. She was the heart of the show and it will not be the same without her. I was drawn to Home and Family because of the genuine "family" feel. Was it all an act or was yesterday all an act because no one seemed sad that Cristina was gone? I hope it was the latter....I hope everyone was told to act like nothing had changed. It doesn't matter because I'm not watching anymore. Everything that the show was supposed to stand for, home and family, is a farce. I am 58 years old. I tried the recipes, visited the websites endorsed by the show, and shopped at Hallmark for items featured on the program. Even started watching the corny movies. I 'M DONE.....unless you bring Cristina back.
coolbrook Send email
Jun 23, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I am extremely upset that Christina has been replaced with Debbie, who like another person said,someone you can take in small doses. I will no longer be watching Home and Family because of this decision. I would tell everyone what a wonderful show this is and had many of my friends become avid watchers of the show. They too will no longer be tuning in. Whoever made this decision should be ashamed of themselves. Who do you think made this show as popular as it is????
[email protected] Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Home and Family

I am very disappointed in your recent decisions to remove and replace many of the previous regulars on your program. If you felt the need to replace Christina, you should have announced it. If it was an amicable break, you would have made that announcement. I have continued to watch the past couple of weeks. I thought something was happening and honestly hoped you were being truthful. Unfortunately, you were not.
The way you replaced Christina also makes Debbie look bad and gets her off to a horrible start. Debbie is okay in small doses but is not a good co-host to balance Mark, who is often so difficult and insulting to others. It took someone like Christina to smooth over his unpleasant comments and personality.
I have been a loyal viewer since Christina came to the show. If I was home from 9am to 11am I always had Home and Family on. I will not say that I will never watch again, but certainly won't be watching very often. The way this was handled and the resulting changes means that I will purposefully not be watching Home and Family. I do not want to support the ratings of the program now or in the future. All of those involved in the current changes in the program needs to find new jobs. They are obviously not well suited for the positions they currently hold.
Cindy Williams Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I am deeply disappointed that you have chosen to replace Christina Ferrare with Debbie M. Christina was smooth and had wonderful chemistry with Mark. Is this age discrimination ?
Debbie is hyper, nervous and distracting. I will no longer welcome Home and Family into my home daily. Was there no goodbye for Christina after four seasons? Shame on you!!!
Cindy Williams Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I am very disappointed in Hallmark for replacing Christina Ferrare with nervous and hyper Debbie
M. Is this age discrimination? I am no longer a viewer. Sorry you have made such a bad choice. Christina was smooth, very capable and was the biggest reason I watched. She and Mark had wonderful chemistry. Debbie is too loud, competitive and downright distracting!
I was hoping that Christina was only on vacation or something temporary. Now I find she is replaced. No good bye? Shame on you!!!
Erinj Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Cedar Cove

I am so disappointed about the cancellation of Cedar Cove. I've watched all 3 seasons more than once and I've been looking forward to season 4! I constantly check netflix for season 3 just so I don't have to fast forward through the commercials from the ones I've recorded on dvr! I love love love that Paul was brought onto the show for Olivia and I wanted so badly to see what was going to happen! I just can't understand why this was cancelled! RECONSIDER! BRING IT BACK PLEASE, I BEG! !!!
Chococat18 Send email
Jun 21, 2016

Hallmark Channel

I have to admit, I do love those hallmark movies, however, they rarely cast people of color. I also watch the Home and Family Show which seems to have a diverse group of people who seem to collaborate quite well. At least that is what's portrayed on the air. So How hard is it to find African American, Latino, Asian, etc., actors in this day and age. I truly hope that the Hallmark executives read these reviews because if they did, perhaps changes could be made to address this issue which is not going to go away quietly. NOTE: Four white actresses attempting to be Jessica Fletcher is not going to work. One is enough. I chose Brooke Shields.
Thank you. Tracy of Oakland
CMore Send email
Jun 21, 2016

No Diversity

I enjoy the movies (especially your seasonal movies), because they're family oriented, which means I am able to watch with my young children. We are a blended family, and it's great to see movies regarding our circumstances; to be able to say mommy and daddy was sort of like that. My issue, is there is a lack of diversity with your lead actors. It would be great to see a lead actor of color - for myself, and also for my children. I truly hope that in the near future, you will broadcast a few movies showcasing women and men of color. Thank you.
Sudana22 Send email
Jun 19, 2016

Lack of Diversity

I don't now if there is even a point of filling this thing out because I doubt if anyone from the network actually montiors this board but I really and truly wish that Hallmark Channel would diversify their movie portfolio! I really love this network and I tune into their cheesy, redundant movies time and again because they make me feel good and it's nice to switch up from all the other things that you see on TV but it's sad to NEVER see people of color as the lead characters! They're always assistants or token bff's. I know that very rarely they have done movies in the past with Latinos as lead characters but that's the only time they've switched it up and it's been few and far between but I have rarely seen black characters as the lead or anything else for what it's worth so it will be nice to see them bring some more diversity to the table and make it youthful and funky and maybe some of these wedding movies or romantic comedies have black lead characters or just something different or some other type of minority it would just be really nice to see... I mean c'mon America is a Melting Pot and it's 2016 can we see something new?
andersonmm Send email
Jun 15, 2016


I do not understand why in this day and age Hallmark doesn't show any diversity within their movies. It's almost as if they believe no one of color is capable of love, family, or any other type of positive, healthy relationship. I really like there movies, but I do not think I will be tuning in anymore. Enough is enough! Hallmark, learn to appreciate the strength, beauty, and passion within ALL races and walks of life.
Peach60 Send email
Jun 15, 2016

Cedar Ove

I enjoy your channel very much. It is so nice to find a channel that isn't mostly about crime, violence etc. There is plenty of that out there for people who prefer that, but to know there's one channel I can always find something light and pleasant with good values is such a pleasure. The other channels are all the same, you're different. Don't change a thing! That said, I would like to express my dsappointment at the cancellation of Cedar Cove. I really loved the look of that show...the beautiful location, the small town life, the craftsman style home etc. I really looked forward to it's return each season. Please reconsider!
daniison1 Send email
Jun 13, 2016

No African American movies

Im the first to admit that love watching the romcoms(romantic comedies) on the Hallmark channel but Im getting a little fed up with the lack of diversity. There has NEVER been an African American lead and I need to umderstand why. There are TONS of beautiful black actresses and actors that could fill the bill but EVERY movie produced has the same white face. Its 2016 and black actors are still being pushed to back of the bus. I ask that you change this kind of typecasting and be a little more diverse.

Thanks for your time.

E123 Send email
Jun 12, 2016


Hallmark you do not offer different views accept for whites. Everything about your channel is racist.Every movie is about a white person falling in love not a black person or a Hispanic a Jew no one of color appears on your channel. Why dose everyone have to be skinny and we can't have a curvy women .your channel is also homophobic we can't have a gay romance like really change it is 2016 .
Kimland Send email
Jun 11, 2016

Hallmark, NO DIVERSITY!! None!

Garage Sale Mysteries, Flower Shop Mysteries, Aurora Teagarden, Good Witch, Home and Family, Murder She Baked, Hallmark Christmas Movies, All Hallmark movies, June Weddings... What do all of these things have in common. All White and mostly young!! I love the movies, but Hallmark does a lousy job of offering diversity. It's not even black and white thing; there is Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Jewish, Older, pleasantly plump. There is no reason not consider diversity. All of the themes in the movies are universal so there is no reason not to consider diverse actresses. I love this channel, but I am really getting fed up.

Unless you are thin, white, young, and middle to upperclass, you will not star in a Hallmark series or movie. You may get a chance to play the assistant, best friend, or neighbor (and that's a slim chance), but you will never be the star. I Wonder who is working behind the cameras, probably more of the same.

Hallmark needs to wake up and see the real world and make it a part of their world.
StripedToelessSocks Send email
Jun 11, 2016

No POC or LGBT+ characters

The Hallmark Channel lacks diversity, not only in skin color, but in sexual orientation too. There is absolutely no representation unless you are straight and white.
skiesnelling Send email
Jun 10, 2016


Please bring the Walton's back because my family loves to watch it.
Unvrsl Send email
Jun 7, 2016

Regular Golden Girls airing

I know I am not the only one who loves the Golden Girls and also love the Hallmark channel for airing the show. It's quite a disgrace to the ladies of the show and also the fans to cut out parts, speed up scenes and ruin the show as a whole to fit in those precious advertisements. I'm sure the big wigs at Hallmark don't give two hoots about their viewers but I will be certain of this, keep this crap up and you'll go down the drain Hallmark. You were built on consumers and supply and demand. We, the consumers, demand that you supply nothing but whole and decent movies and shows.
chelapaa Send email
Jun 5, 2016

lack of diversity

Hallmark productions are a bit insipid--too white and "perfect." Somebody's version of a perfect, upscale, yuppy world. Hallmark movies and TV series become predictable and boring, largely because of the lack of diversity and depth.
annemcdowell Send email
Jun 4, 2016

Too Many Commercials and Cuts

We recently started watching some movies on this channel (12 Mile Road, Hope Floats) and were initially disgusted by the number of commercials and interruptions (particularly toward the end) and secondly, puzzled as to how disjointed the movies seemed. After more research, discovered that a full 30 minutes had been cut from each movie to make way for commercials.

We won't bother to watch anything more on this channel. The movies are ruined and not worth watching after so much editing.
Utahkathy Send email
Jun 4, 2016

Cedar Cove cancelled

I have been really looking forward to the next season of Cedar Cove. It happens to come at a time in the year when I can actually relax and enjoy it. I just found out it has been cancelled. I am so disappointed and bothered I am canceling my Hallmark Channel. I know this won't make a difference to anyone but it seems for me the only thing I can do.
mdt88 Send email
Jun 4, 2016

Complainers who want to make Hallmark like mainstream networks message TV

I think that Hallmark movies are wonderful, taking us back to a time when romance was interesting and fulfilling; especially love the new murder mystery series similar to Murder She Wrote. Thank you for showing Murder She Wrote in the late evenings when one can sit and relax from the day's activities. That is still one of the best written series ever on Television and had superb acting. I also think your casting is excellent in the Hallmark movies and series. Thank you for giving us this alternative -- watching great movies and series to get away from all the politics of mainstream sitcoms trying to preach who we should like and what we should think and done with the same tiresome plots. Who wants to watch a comedy about a 3 - 4 generation alcoholic family? I don't want Bill Cosby nor Archie Bunker. Hallmark is entertainment. We've already had nearly 50 years of being preached to with the mainstream networks. Thank you for giving us this wonderful alternative to that.
billwright3321 Send email
Jun 4, 2016

Repetition of Movies Shown

I love the Hallmark Channel movies but I am disheartened to see the same movies shown over-and-over again. What is the point of this?
ttk Send email
Jun 3, 2016

I love Hallmark channel, but.....

Seriously, I love Hallmark channels! But, whoever makes the decisions on the themes of the movies accepted, really needs to get out of the city. I for one have had about all of the wedding planner, chef/restaurant, ceo types I can handle. There is a a great big country outside the city that Hallmark seldom ever visits.

Hallmark seriously needs to get with the times on racial diversity! Thirteen percent of America is black. I doubt if .03 percent of your characters are black with no lead roles. It is straight-up shameful at your lack of racial diversity.

Am I the only that has noticed the edited versions after the primary showing? Not all shows but some have had kool parts edited out and it is rather irritating. If you must make room for more advertisements at least give us a place to see the pre edited show.
Lealeggs Send email
May 31, 2016

Hallmark Channel

Really like the type of family shows, but find it hard to believe that there are no minorities. So sad to not see someone that looks like me. Father God made his children in many colors, ethnic groups and nationalites.
What a diverse old we live in. What actually is this channel portraying, that only white people are capable of love, romance, morals, values, and family relationships.
Every once in while a minority pops up in a movie, but not a series such as "Good Witch". This is a travesty in 2016.
med70 Send email
May 29, 2016

Too many MURDER movies

I am so sick of your "cookie cutter" movies. Mostly murder movies. Isn't there enough real violence and murder in the world today? So why do you constantly air these negative movies, all in the name of "mysteries". Another show that is aired all the time is MURDER SHE WROTE. That show currently airs on at least 3 networks that I am aware of, and always you are calling it a marathon. Really? Why can you not procure some of the really nice family shows, the comedy shows of the 60's - 80's where there was real decency. Who wants to sit back and watch shows that are demoralizing, inappropriate for families, and using language that is NOT necessary to be funny. You know what I mean. I, for one, do not want these kind of shows shoved down my throat.

How about airing " The Nanny", Three's Company... for example. We all NEED TO LAUGH more and leave the murders to network news shows, should one WANT to watch it.

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