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Lealeggs Send email
May 31, 2016

Hallmark Channel

Really like the type of family shows, but find it hard to believe that there are no minorities. So sad to not see someone that looks like me. Father God made his children in many colors, ethnic groups and nationalites.
What a diverse old we live in. What actually is this channel portraying, that only white people are capable of love, romance, morals, values, and family relationships.
Every once in while a minority pops up in a movie, but not a series such as "Good Witch". This is a travesty in 2016.
med70 Send email
May 29, 2016

Too many MURDER movies

I am so sick of your "cookie cutter" movies. Mostly murder movies. Isn't there enough real violence and murder in the world today? So why do you constantly air these negative movies, all in the name of "mysteries". Another show that is aired all the time is MURDER SHE WROTE. That show currently airs on at least 3 networks that I am aware of, and always you are calling it a marathon. Really? Why can you not procure some of the really nice family shows, the comedy shows of the 60's - 80's where there was real decency. Who wants to sit back and watch shows that are demoralizing, inappropriate for families, and using language that is NOT necessary to be funny. You know what I mean. I, for one, do not want these kind of shows shoved down my throat.

How about airing " The Nanny", Three's Company... for example. We all NEED TO LAUGH more and leave the murders to network news shows, should one WANT to watch it.
diditjoyce Send email
May 29, 2016

Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge Part 2

I turned on the TV and to my surprise Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge "Part 2" was play (5/26/16). It was in the middle so I looked to see if it was playing again... a replay is not on the schedule! That completely surprised me and unfortunately annoyed me; I have watched at over 10 of each Golden Girls episodes and yet no replay of a great movie you have received praises over. How does that happen? And, if you replay it how are we supposed to know? It was not supposed to come out until later and I didn't even see any advertisements. I love the channel, however I am very disappointed over this one. I truly hope you read these and consider them.
Halltv Send email
May 25, 2016

lOUD music

WHY after all this time and complaints, has nothing been done about the too loud, obnoxious "background" music during your movies? Please remedy this problem, I know I am one of many people annoyed with this, to the point of opting for a different channel.
John16 Send email
May 24, 2016

Editing for Time

I just finished watching an episode of Columbo and was surprised that you cut out the most important
part of the ending. The episode was "Dagger of The Mind" and it aired on Tuesday May 24th 2016.
At the end we see a pearl drop out of the victim's umbrella and then Richard Basehart and Honor Blackman
admit to the murder. What you cut out and did not show was after that when Columbo flicked a pearl into the
umbrella with his finger which ultimately fooled them causing them to admit the murder.

I would very much appreciate you not cutting out essential material of a great show, just for time, so you can
show more commercials. It does not make for a good entertainment channel, or a good company for that matter.
Klj Send email
May 24, 2016

No people of color

I love watching The Hallmark Channel and mystery movies. However, I have never seen a movie or series that pictured any other people other than white people. I think of the 87 million people that have your channel in their package a large portion of those viewers are of color. Therefore, I would think that you would want to show occasionally a movie that was not predominantly white.

We love, cry, have fun, have strong relationships with family and friends just like anyone else. I really do hope that you reconsider your stance on movies just featuring whites.
justaviewer Send email
May 22, 2016

Inappropriate commercial

I love the movies and series Hallmark channel puts forth. It currently is my favorite channel as it is very family friendly unlike all the other channels. Even the commercials are of family viewing quality and I hope that it remains so. Unfortunately, I did see one commercial that was somewhat borderline. The commercial showed a flimsily dressed woman, albeit a cartoon-like character, that displayed inappropriate behavior for young watchers. It was a Heidi Klum - Macy's commercial and was shown while the Promposal movie was being shown. Sure do hope that Hallmark is not lowering its standards to be like all the other channels.
Bobbie Ann Send email
May 17, 2016


I keep waiting and still it has not come back. The viewers were told "not to worry that the show was returning after Christmas" - that was 2015! It is now May, 2016!!! Very disappointed. In fact, I upgraded the Hallmark channel for the Waltons because my cable provider does not include the channel in the standard package. Time to cancel. I've waiting long enough.
Lzmom Send email
May 16, 2016

Cancelation of Cedar Cove

Don't understand why you cancelled Cedar Cove.
Loved the actors and story lines.
Any chance of it coming back?
Very disappointing.
A sad viewer.
Olena_13 Send email
May 16, 2016

Not full story to audience

I am a person who grew up with Little House on the Prairie and it bothers me how Hallmark doesn't play all of the episodes of every season. They tend to skip around the shows and the audience miss part of the important story line. This bothers me a lot because one day home Laura and Almonzo have their normal home but then all of a sudden they have a new one the next episode, and the episodes that they skip show a very important to the story line. So please Hallmark, play all of the episodes to the audience gets the full story. As well as playing at the movies that came after and before the series. Thank you.
Mrsmayo1 Send email
May 15, 2016

Lack of minorities in the story lines

I Love Hallmark Channel. Being a hopeless Romantic & a women of mixed heritage, it concerns me that year after year, Hallmark fails use people of various enthic backgrounds in their story lines. Love in itself encompasses an array of cultures, environments, languages, skin tones, sizes and experiences. Your current lineup of stars is great but I would love to see the African American, Indian, and Asian sides of my heritage the focal point of your wonderful Romances.
GoldCrow Send email
May 14, 2016


I thoroughly enjoy you station however do you need to show Murder She Wrote every night for hours on end? I would love to see you do that with all the shows especially Hart to Hart. I don't like staying up until three in the morning to watch and one just doesn't get the same kick recording and viewing later. Alternate the marathons.
Lady`de`Lake Send email
May 12, 2016

Last Man Standing

I enjoy the Hallmark Channel. It's my comfort TV apart from the drama & violence of network TV. That being said, I have been disturbed with what I have seen on Last Man Standing. Each time I have caught an episode, they have used it as a political platform to bash and disrespect the President, his associates, etc. If it were an adult cable channel that would be different, but presenting it as 'family entertainment' is simply hypocritical. Certainly not the sort of things I would like my children to hear.
rensley Send email
May 12, 2016

Lack of diversity

There is a lack of diversity in lead characters on the Hallmark network. I paid extra to see your mystery shows and think they are great but lack Spanish, African American, Asian and etc. I am a African American women who loves the lord first and family second. I understand the need to promote family. However, you should focus on all families of every color. I plan on cancelling my subscription if there is no change. I hate to do it. But I would like there to be a fair and true representation of our world. I think I will stop buying hallmark cards as well.
SeaShells111 Send email
May 11, 2016

Hallmark Christmas in July

For years, until last year, Hallmark had a wonderful "Christmas in July" schedule & lime-up. Now, it's during 4th of July with chopped programming. It's horrible & not the same as originally established. The older Hallmark movies & classics are still loved, not to be compared to the newer movies. Yet, some of the newer movies are not as good as the older movies still enjoyed by the Hallmark viewers, including our family. We hope to see changes back to the excellent programming provided until the last few years.
JL56 Send email
May 8, 2016

Blatant racism in Hallmark movies

I am admittedly a Hallmark movie junkie, having seen many of them multiple times. But even I, being white, am stunned that there continues to be no movies starring wonderful, beautiful, talented people of color... THOSE PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. I work and live among them every day, and my life is enriched for it. I know there are individuals and groups in your audience who don't like change; they want the safe, small, homogenous, familiar world they grew up in to protect them. I understand that dynamic but it's just not the way things are. The world has opened up and changed, and it's ignorant and unkind to ignore the special and valuable people who have become this country. Don't stand out in a negative way: be a leader for positive change.
Haley Send email
May 5, 2016

No More Walton's. What a sad thing!

When did the Halmark Channel become a Comedy Weeknight series? The Walton's show was a promise to come back. Never did! Now the Last Man Standing is viewing every night. What a JOKE! Too bad you have to go so low to take away a Family Show.
Thompson. Suzie Send email
Apr 29, 2016

question about possible show to air

I am interested in knowing about the Canadian TV series Heartland. Is there ever going to be a time when the Hallmark channel begins to show this series? It was forever on the UP channel and was dropped at season #9. We Heartlanders miss the show and feel it would be a good fit to air on the Hallmark channel. Any chance that may happen?
Kking319 Send email
Apr 24, 2016

No diversity

This is my second time writing to you about the lack of diversity in your movies. Are you a racist network?why don't you send a reply to the complaints? I'm not the only one who feels this way.
ebellcole Send email
Apr 24, 2016

Racial Representation

I am guessing that no one really reads these complaints, but I am going to try anyway. I really wish that your movies were not so white. I have NEVER seen a black lead in any of them. Every now and then, a Hallmark Channel movie will have a token sidekick or best friend. But I would like, for once, to see a black leading character. Believe it or not, black actors are just as enthralling and capable as white actors. Really. And you would expand your audience -- and your profits -- if you gave it a try. Just one black lead character to start with, and you can throw in a white best friend! It's not that revolutionary or radical. There are lots of us black folk out here channel surfing. Maybe we will stop at the Hallmark Channel, if we see someone who looks like us in the lead. Come on. Give it a try. EBC
Pineapple Send email
Apr 24, 2016

Racial and ethnic diversity

I truly enjoy all the Hallmark channel movies. It occurred to me that is I watch many of them, however even though it's basically the same type of story line, it would really be more interesting if some of the leads were people of color or other ethnicities. Can you please include some percentage of movies featuring people of other races or ethnicities?
Rileyblue Send email
Apr 23, 2016

Loud music over actors voices..

Isn't it suppose to be background music? I don't understand, why, after all these years
there has been nothing done.
You have wonderful movies!
But half the time, I'm trying to hear voices over
I get music is recorded elsewhere, but surely
It is suppose to be background music!
Lpittman58 Send email
Apr 23, 2016

Commercials Overload

Dear Hallmark Channel,

I'm finding it too hard to enjoy your programming anymore. At the end of the day, I like to unwind with Golden Girls and Frasier. However, for every five minutes of a show, there are five or six minutes of commercials that follow. It feels so choppy and rushed. I am now watching TCM channel or PBS since there are no commercials. Please, less commercial overload and I will tune in again.

Thank you for listening.
sgerard042997 Send email
Apr 23, 2016

The Waltons Status

So after much many, myself included I decided to call Hallmark Corp located in CA. As I suspected from previous Waltons hiatus, their legal department is in negotiations for series renewal. The rep at Hallmark claims they get many calls a day with such complaints. Sadly, she does not see the the prospect of the Waltons return anytime soon. boohooo!:(((
classypiano Send email
Apr 23, 2016

Cancelling "Hear My Song"

Your decision to cancel "Hear My Song" (the Choir) was the most unprincipled and cowardly choices I have ever witnessed. It places a scarlet letter on the American Boychoir School and its innocent personnel that can never be stripped. No matter what the ABS has done to rectify and acknowledge the sexual abuse that happened there long ago, they are left without forgiveness, even as all the personnel from that era is gone. This is terribly unfair to a school that has done so much good over so many years.

This topic is near and dear to my heart because my son attended the American Boychoir School from 6-8th grades in the mid 90's. He lived 3000 miles from home and was cared for by an amazingly gifted and loving group of people at the school. His memories are fond and his experience shaped his future in many ways. He gained three years of outstanding education, singing with major symphonies, touring the world and maturing while a student there. He, too, is saddened by the cancelling of this movie.

"Hear My Song" is not the history of the American Boychoir School, nor is it a documentary about them. It took moments in time of a fictional school and created a meaningful and memorable story about a troubled boy.

In essence you've chosen the American Boychoir School to represent institutional sexual abuse which I find mean spirited and unjust. If you have reason to believe there is ongoing abuse then say so. But if you think they have acknowledged the sins of the past and done everything in their power to rectify those sins, then stand up for them. Do you prefer they not recover from the past? Do you understand how difficult it is to financially maintain a school of this quality? This movie and story would have helped them tremendously. Would you tell the current boys in the choir that their school will be judged forever, that they may have to give up the experience of a lifetime like my son had?

I absolutely sympathize with the boys who were abused. I would be livid had I been the mother of one of them after entrusting my child to their care. It was right that this came to light and the school was made responsible.

It's time for Hallmark to allow the American Boychoir the grace that it deserves. Through the changes in rules and awareness of sexual abuse prevention, they are proving that they take it very seriously. It is unconscionable for Hallmark to punish all involved in this movie by not allowing it to be shown. This includes actors, the boys at the school, the school itself, let alone those of us who looked forward to seeing it. It only shows Hallmark to be outrageously ignorant about the ramifications of cancelling this wonderful movie at the last minute, and, might I suggest, politically correct to a fault. I've lost all respect for those who make programming decisions at Hallmark.

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