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Sameguy Send email
Nov 26, 2016

Christmas Movies not Dating Movies

Why not show real snow...snow shovels...snow blowers, and little children getting and playing with toys from working parents, not always people of means. Why does it always show people about 25-35 years old with dating problems, and it seems to always be in a big city, like downtown New York...Small CEOs, large CEOs, etc. lots of money flowing. It might be a bit more interesting to show Christmas from a child's point of view. Make it mystical, etc., but about children, not a dating situation. Think "The Christmas Story".
Come on guys...have you forgot what it felt like to be a kid at Christmas!
vickie hodo Send email
Nov 26, 2016

Lack of Diversity

I have been watching the Hallmark Channel for several years until just now my daughter in front of my 3 grandchildren asked me how could I stomach Hallmark and their basic lack of Diversity? This was a troubling question with a double dose of reality; I suddenly realized that African Americans according to Hallmark evidently don't celebrate Christmas which is further from the truth. I will no longer watch your Christmas shows until I see Diversity and I publicly apologize to my African American actors & actresses who have been overlooked. Shame on you Hallmark.
bml1005 Send email
Nov 25, 2016

Hallmark channel lack of diversity

Hallmark is still lacking ethnic diversity in all of their movies especially Christmas and this has been going on for years. No improvement!! Not even a person of color as an assistant, best friend or just a person on the street. Why can't leading roles include all colors?? or is it white people are the only ones who celebrate christmas and fall in love?? They do not represent the true faces of America. Plus they use the same actors over and over again. give me a break
irishdkl Send email
Nov 25, 2016

Christmas Movie season

I have been watching for years. What I like about this channel is that it is "mysteries" and Movies. Beginning in October, you insult the intelligence of your watchers by deciding that for two entire months, there will be no "mysteries". So why did you change your name in the first place? The last couple of years, after watching your channel daily off and on, I have "boycotted" your channel. I refuse to watch it from the time you start the "season" in October until in January when my favorite shows come back on. My entire extended family does this because as far as we are concerned, this is a really bad decision. Do your sponsors realize how many viewers you are losing during those two months. Bad business, as far as I can tell. Use your other Hallmark Channel to do "just movies" and leave the "Movie and Mysteries" channel alone!
kgerber2008 Send email
Nov 23, 2016

we do not need

been reading some of the comments and suggestions, WE DO NOT NEED ANY HISPANIC in lead roles
kgerber2008 Send email
Nov 23, 2016

tacky shows

the show where they were having a snowman competition , " really", you could sooo tell that they were not real snow balls, I can understand you cant have real snowballs, but you could at least make them look a little more real
kgerber2008 Send email
Nov 23, 2016

music to loud, shows tacky

I myself along with a lot of other people that I talk to think that the music is to loud , my mother who has a hearing problem can not hear the people talking over the music, as well as my self.

and some of the shows are really tacky, like the one where they do ice sculptures, and she started out with just making a very simple santa face, then ends up with this tall angle " really".

and the one where they were putting on this Christmas play, the husband lost his job " lawyer" and the wife found out she was pregnant. that whole show was stupid, actors were horriable, two thumbs down.

and the red headed girl who got her boyfriends family mixed up with another family, she is a awful actress, and the guy was such a doofis. like the show, but actors were really bad.
StressLess Send email
Nov 23, 2016

Operation Christmas

I really enjoy Hallmark movies and Operation Christmas is great...really appreciate the story about military families. ..but just could not get over military personnel walking outside without their "covers"". As a former military spouse (23 years) and living in a city filled with active and retired military personnel, it is just so important to wear the uniform properly. It is not only regulation, but tradition, heritage and respect. Please check with a military consultant next time. Thank you! Oh. And keep Candace Burre on. Trump does not have the KKK in his cabinet. Really? Calm down. Everything will be ok :)
nwlawlers Send email
Nov 23, 2016


I would like to say I enjoy watching your holiday programming. I just ask that you make an effort to have more diversity in your programs. Thank you.
Peace12 Send email
Nov 23, 2016

Candace Cameron

Why is Candace Cameron allowed to be in the Hallmark movies, with her views about Trump on the View?
She is defending a man who is putting in the KKK in his cabinet. Now heil Trump is being said.
I am so sorry, I cannot watch your movies anymore. I too am a Christian, but, this kind of hate, I cannot support or tolerate.
As long as she is allowed to be on the Show The View, she should not be allowed to be in Hallmark movies. Those two just don't go together.
Thank you.
TeeO Send email
Nov 22, 2016

Hallmark Productions - Boring

I am amazed that with all of the 'corporate knowledge' amassed by the business community, regarding the benefits of reflecting changing market demographics, Hallmark's holiday movies (as well as your movies in general) continue to project the same outdated storylines/images of European themed/represented productions. The business models of K-Mart, Sears, and J.C. Penny's come (and gone) to mind.
See Ya - Wouldn't Want to Be Ya.
Bluefire Send email
Nov 22, 2016

Small suggestions w/a Thank You

I really hope that you are going to read this. I want to start out by saying, “Thank You & I love all the Hallmark Christmas movies.” They show good values and the stories are down to earth, and they are great. They help people look beyond themselves and see the good that can be.
But I have a small complaint on one of your movies. It is about “Operation Christmas.”; good movie and story line. My husband and I are both retired Master Sergeants in the Army.” He and I both were commenting on many items. So, I am asking you, if you really care about the military and those who serve, please have a military person do the advising, because the military and its rules and traditions are very important.
a. Please have the actors wear the uniforms and metals correctly.
b. Please have all WOMEN wear their hair up and not below their collars.
Again, the movies are great! Thank you so much.
Rob n Laura Send email
Nov 22, 2016

Love the Christmas movies, need diversity

I love your Christmas movies. I used to only watch them after Thanksgiving but now watching em playing early isn't bothering myself nor my wife. (Recently retired & bored I guess). We LIKE the repeat stars like Lacey Chabert n Candice Cameron
Bure! However, as a non Hispanic bilingual Spanish speaker, who taught school in an ethnicly diverse school, I have many friends and acquaintances who are ethnic minorities who celebrate Christmas. Several of your co-stars are ethnic minorities and really nail their role. Why not include those actors in leading roles? I know that people of many races love wholesome Christmas entertainment. Perhaps this would expand your audience! Our countries (USA & Canada) are becoming so diverse so I think the great majority of your audience would be happy to see this change!
lmedina Send email
Nov 21, 2016


Love the Halmark channel. Love the stories. It is my favorite channel and prefer it over all others. I do have a suggestion though is it possible to hear it in spanish. My husband also enjoys your channel but his primary language is spanish. Will your channel ever option this feature
mdman Send email
Nov 21, 2016


As a Black man, I hear what others of my race are saying about Hallmark movies and diversity, but I hope they also hear my words loud and clear - Hallmark has the correct amount of diversity for the audience they desire. Instead of trying to change them, move on to another channel. It would be much more productive to request that BET produce Christmas shows than to ask Hallmark to change their business model. They have an audience and formula that fits their business model and it's okay with me. If they see no value in us as an audience, I am truly okay with that. Not everything has to be politically correct.
Seugene Send email
Nov 21, 2016

Lack of diverity in the lead roles

Please make some movies with a black lead. Don't just throw them into the background.
Beautifulppl Send email
Nov 20, 2016


I had to Google to figure if I was the only one that notice the lack of diversity in Hallmark movies.. I've been watching them for the last two days looking for a Hispanic, Asian or African American other than in the background, but no such luck. I guess no one told Hallmark channel that Christmas is not specific to only one race.
Heather_75 Send email
Nov 20, 2016

Types of commercials

I love this time of year on the Hallmark & HMM channels...except for one thing. We watch the Christmas shows & escape from reality only to be ripped back by all the credit score commercials. I know you have to have sponsors, however ones like these bring us down on what would otherwise be a joyful time with our family.
Neecie Send email
Nov 20, 2016

I Hope That This Will Actually Be Read!

Like many have already mentioned, starting the Christmas movies in October is a bit early, but that is not my real complaint. I absolutely look forward to keeping the Hallmark channel on nonstop, even at my place of business( my clients love it!) The real issue is having to watch the same movies over and over and over again! How about pulling movies from the archives that may have aired many years ago. I'm sure you all have enough movies to air without constantly having to show repeats. Your audience is growing tired of the same old same old.
Now on to my next issue...The lack of diversity!!! Are there only Caucasian actors available to work? The movies are good, but would be even better with more diversity. Shame on you for not allowing all races to be represented in every movie, not just one or two Asian or American Americans. There are countless actors of color in need of movie roles. Times have changed and it's time Hallmark Channel changes or I can assure you that viewers will begin to tune in on other channels instead. I can only pray that 2017 holiday season will be improved.
concernedviewer Send email
Nov 20, 2016

Lack of Diversity

I'm a big fan of Christmas movies, even ones that are somewhat unrealistic. Your Christmas movies show no diversity and this is quite disturbing. Our country is built on a beautiful mix of cultural differences and you're missing that reality in your movies.
I was watching one of your movies the other day when a Mother and Daughter were choosing a Christmas Tree and when they were ready to purchase they called the clerk and of course he was a young African American. This was so disappointing because there were no other Africans American actors shopping at the tree lot only the young man carrying the tree that they choose.
There is no reason that we can't all enjoy your Christmas movies and feel included. The spirit of this beautiful holiday is to feel the love and joy. Hallmark please take a step next year to portray the true meaning of Christmas in your movies.

Thank you!
[email protected] Send email
Nov 20, 2016

The Hallmark Brand is not Imitating Life

Hey Hallmark,
I’m pleased to see that others like my wife and I enjoy the wholesomeness & magic of the Hallmark movies but are also unimpressed with the lack of diversity in them. As Cuban Americans, it would be nice if when we watch these Christmas movies with our families that they could see themselves represented in that wholesomeness & magic,

Christmas is celebrated all over the world by people of different colors and different traditions. White, though a faction of this experience, it doesn’t have proprietary rites to Love, Wholesomeness, and Christmas!

We would Love to see the Hallmark brand add some color to its color movies and be truly reflective of Life!
September Send email
Nov 20, 2016

No diversity

I love Hallmark movies especially at Christmas but sadly I have yet to watch one that has a lead African American or ethnic actor. If you do include us we are always the best friend, the cook, the assistant or the chauffeur. We fall in love too and celebrate this festive time as well. Please let us come together and celebrate diversity it's wonderful because looking at the same thing all the time is boring, not a true representation of the world we live in. I hope this is not how you wish it was......then this conversation needs to be bigger.
Cm7 Send email
Nov 19, 2016

Meaning of Christmas

While I love your Christmas movies, I noticed that hardly any of them show the true meaning of Christmas. It would be nice to watch movies that truly celebrate Christ (because, after all, that is the very reason we celebrate every year).
Also, like many others, I noticed the lack of diversity with these movies. There are many people of all races who watch your movies, so it would be nice to see them represented.

Thank you for the movies!
Hallmarkcritic Send email
Nov 19, 2016

All movies

I love your movies. Watch them all the time when they are on. Up at night and they are life savers. My complaints are. The men often look scruffy. Men and women have greasy hair. Love story part would be better if the actors and actresses were attractive. Some are down right ugly. Some can't act either. You have a great series which would be perfect if you improved the above issues
jonibaloney1958 Send email
Nov 19, 2016

No Diversity

I'm complaining about your Hallmark Christmas movies. I guess only white people celebrate Christmas! How insensitive is that. I would like to see Hispanics and African Americans, Asians. Sick of them not being primary in the story line. We fall in love just like everybody else. What is your problem with ethnic minorities? Thank you, Joni Garcia!

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