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shamlesteberg Send email
Jun 6, 2017

Bogus $2 "minimum interest charge"

Clearly Macys doesn't put the customer first since ALL of these people, including myself, are pissed at being swindled!!!
I, like everyone else here, had a $0 balance. Since I knew that, I didn't bother to even look at my account. If I had, I would have seen that they charged me the $2 "minimum interest charge" pver and over again... PLUS a $37 late fee for nonpayment of that damn $2!!!!

So my total was now $39... which of course just continues to build!! Before I knew it, I had $166 worth of the $2 & late fees!!! Not ONE actual purchase in a year and I am having to get charged for a $0 balance?!!?

RIP OFF!!!! I called to cancel and they told it was closed 6 months ago!! WTH!? So then why am I still getting billed $2 a month??! Grrrrr!!!!!!! Calling Credit Consumer Services tomorrow. This is an awful business practice!!
melissamfarrow Send email
May 16, 2017

$2 fee

Same deal as many of the others here. Been charged a $2 fee for months when balance was paid in full by the due date. A call to the customer service number tonight and I was able to remove the $2 fee automatically without speaking with customer service. After I removed the fee, I pressed the number to speak with a customer service agent. I explained that I was consistently charged a $2 fee when my balance was paid in full before the due date on several occasions. It may not add up to much to others, but the nickel and diming really irritates me. The customer service rep tried explaining the daily revolving account balance and I had to cut her off mid-sentence because as I explained to her earlier, the previous balance was paid in full before the due date. I asked her for an account review over the past year. She told me Macy's could watch going forward but could not go back. I asked to speak with her supervisor. After a few minutes hold, the supervisor came on and explained everything the customer service rep said. I told her I understood what she said but that it made no sense because I did not have a balance. I asked her for her manager's name, email, or phone number. She said they do not give out email addresses. I took down her name and ID #. She told me Macy's would not do an audit of my account and that I could print the statements myself. She said this professionally, but it was still frustrating. The supervisor's name was Rona(?) and her ID # was 91035537.
harlan1111 Send email
May 6, 2017

Paid in Full - $2 charge

Paid my account in full in February 2017. Went to their "Friends and Family" sale this week and was declined on my attempted purchases. Why declined??? Looked up my account on line, and I had been billed $2 each month for total of $6 which is considered past due and account no longer in good standing!!!! This is wrong and wonder why class action suit has not been filed against Macys for this fraudulent activity. How many people are paying this fee unknowingly??? I probably would have paid the $2 fee if I had made a purchase in March as would not have paid attention to the $2 fee. Makes me wonder and makes me not want to shop at Macys anymore. Too bad they are the only game besides Nordstrom which tends to be over my budget. Shame on Macys.
briancw77 Send email
Apr 25, 2017

Autopay Issues

I've had AutoPay setup on my wife's Macy's account since mid-2015. Every month I get a letter that says Autopay is going to pay my balance, so I never look at the statement. Today, it caught my eyes because the balance was $39 and I thought that was the same as last month. When I started digging into it, they have been processing my AutoPay on the 27th of each month and the bill is due on the 26th. So every month I'm getting a $37 late fee and $2 interest. I don't remember ever selecting a payment date for the Autopay and every other card I have processes an auto payment on the due date.

This has been happening since November 2015 but I haven't looked at statements since I turned on Autopay. Anyone else experience this issue.
[email protected] Send email
Apr 11, 2017

2$ fee charged for no reason since months

Macy's has been charging me fraudulent fee $2 month for the past few months, even though i have 0 balance. This is ridiculous SCAM
[email protected] Send email
Apr 11, 2017

2$ fee charged for no reason since months

I am being charge late fee and 2 interest fee for months even though i have hardly used my credit card. I did not notice this for first few months and kept on paying the minimum amount. Last month i also sent an email to Macy's inquiring about these charges but still keep on getting fraudulent charges.
jazzman777 Send email
Apr 5, 2017

Bogus $2.00 charge each month

Horrible situation with Macy's... The only outfit that I know of that lowers themselves into the stench-filled gutter to rip-off thousands of
customers with a bogus $2.00 charge....even AFTER the balance had been paid in full the month prior! Its absurd - and Macy's needs to own up to this greed vs. play it as if they're the smart ones and we're the nitwits! Wrong!!!
jazzman777 Send email
Apr 4, 2017

$2.00 Monthly Charge

This scam by Macy's is raking in millions of dollars for them each month - so why would they want to shut this scam down? I paid off my balance of $275.01 back in November. Then, and unbeknownst by me, were monthly $2.00 charges - and late $2.00 charges on top of that until I caught it - as neared $10. Doesn't sound like a lot of money....but consider how they're ripping off untold thousands of customer's on these phony charges!? It's not only ridiculous....but it's criminal! Macy's has officially lost me as a customer - and now I'm just trying to get my credit card account canceled. Now,that's like pulling teeth!
jhollinger Send email
Apr 1, 2017

Fees charged with a zero balance

A few issues and a seriously suspicious hunch that Macy's credit card practices are deceitful.
Last month, I was called at home about a supposed overdue payment. I made the payment, realizing I hadn't received a paper fill that month.I decided to completely pay off my balance, then was issued a $27 late fee the following month -- on a zero balance!.
I payed off my bill then received a letter acknowledging I had closed the account. I asked if there were any additional charges -- of any kind and asked to pay off everything. I was assured this was done.
Yesterday, I received a bill with $2 fee. I called and asked why, explaining I had canceled my card and had no balance. No concrete answer expect something about interest in an accent that I could not understand. My fee was removed, after she saw that my bill had been completely paid off and no new charges had occurred in this time span.

I was comforted (and saddened) to know this was happening to numerous customers when I got on like and saw this site and others like it. I won't go back to Macy's, not the store or online and I've been a loyal customer for 20+ years.
lmitten Send email
Mar 31, 2017

Account Paid In Full issued a $2 fee

I paid the my balance in full, and because I thought I had paid the account off and did not open the next bill, I got a 2.00 late charge and the bill increased to $4.00 on a paid on full account.

I called and they stated I got charged the initial 2.00 because I did not pay my account in full by a specific date and I should have known about the fee because of the verbiage on the back of the bill.

I had looked online to see what my balance to pay of the account was and NO WHERE online as I was looking at it, did it say Oh BY THE WAY, it is after such and such a date to add 2.00 to the amount due.

I called to complain and they took off the 2.00 late charge, but not the 2.00 fee. I made one purchase in Dec 2016 and paid the account off in full Feb 15, 2017 and the March 24 bill add 2.00 on it. THIS IS CRAZY RIDICULOUS.

I paid the 2.00 and CLOSED THE ACCT and will be checking to verify I do not get another 2.00 charge on the closed account.

MACY's should be hauled before congress like Wells Fargo, this is BEYOND RIDICULOUS.
tp1075 Send email
Mar 24, 2017

$2.00 Fee After Accunt Paid In Full

MACYS IS A TOTAL RIP OFF. After I paid the my balance in full they sent me a $2.00 statement. I called and they said they would take it off. To my surprise I get another statement for $4.00!! So I called again and now they told me that the statement with the original $2.00 was for unpaid interest. So I asked what was the other $2.00 and she said it was for the interest on the $2.00. Can you believe it!! Macy's charges 100% interest on balances due. My account is closed for sure and I WILL NEVER SHOP IN MACYS AGAIN! Account also closed.
Adm10 Send email
Mar 16, 2017

False Fees

I'm closing my account! No other department store does this! Love Dillard's!
marciaws213 Send email
Feb 22, 2017


I had a zero balance and started getting calls in December from Macy’s that I had a balance of 177.00 of late fees that I didn’t know existed because they stopped sending statements. They said I was set up for paperless and that is why they stop sending statements, which I never requested. The last time I use my credit card was back in August 2016, so why did they wait so long to let me know that then have not received a payment from me. I paid it off in December and they called me back in February that I had a balance again, all late fees. Back in December I told them to remove me from paperless so that I won’t miss a payment again, well that wasn’t done. I paid it off again, filed a complaint with Macy’s, and told them to close my account. I’m done with them, hopefully.
Mruiz62 Send email
Feb 21, 2017

Charging 2.00 dollar fee on zero balance credit card

I haven't charged on my Macy's card since last July when it was paid in full. Then I started getting these 2.00 dollar monthly fees. I called and they couldn't explain why I was receiving these fees but assured me they would take care of it. That was in December, then what happens in January and February? Yep, the 2.00 fee is charged each month on a card with a zero balance. If there is a class action suit I want in on it too. I'm done, I'm sending a registered letter to close my account so I have proof of closing the account.
Elleb Send email
Feb 21, 2017

Macy[s $2 charge

I had a balance that I paid off in full in 2 payments. The next month I got a bill for $2. I was confused but rather than spend hurs trying to rectify it on the phone, I paid it. I wondered if maybe I had paid it ON the due date and somehow generated the charge altho I felt that was not right. The next month, another $2 on my ZERO balance. I thought OK, their billing went out before they posted my payment. Hmmm. So, I didn't pay it. Then the next month I got a bill for $4 ! I tried to get explanation for this an dcould get no answers. I didn't have the time or the patience to mess with it. So, against better judgement, I paid this, too, just to get it out of my hair and to not ruin my credit over $2!!! Zero balance once again. The next month, yep. ANOTHER $2 charge.
When I called Macy's and got someone in Malaysia, she could only keep repeating that I was being charged because I paid my balance in 2 payments versus 1 back all those months ago. Tried to explain that the balance I get billed for should be total balance owed. Not $2 every month forever. She took off the $2. But I canceled the card and told her I would never shop there again. I am currently trying to get my $6 back. Just out of principle. They are ripping people off by the millions.
edsannicolas1 Send email
Jan 28, 2017

2.00 charge

Same problem here on guam, I've never noticed it until i paid my balance in full in december and then when i checked my credit report today it said i had a $2.00 balance from macys. Sure enough I log into my macys online account and there it is the two dollar charge as well as my balance i paid in full on the same statement. and its been there ever since I've started using it in June of 2016. what is going on Macys?
Hirene Send email
Jan 24, 2017

Bad sofa

I paid a lot of money for a sofa and two chairs that looked good in the showroom. When they arrived, the chair had a "dip" in the arm. The arms wore very poorly and when I removed the upholstery I found CARDBOARD where wood should have been.
ethel44 Send email
Jan 23, 2017

Fradulent charges

Can't believe how many people here have the same complaint as I do. Paid my Macys card off in full in June of 2016 and keep getting unexplained charges of $2 and $6 and so on and no one can give me a reasonable explanation. I have called 6 times now to clear up the mess and canceled my credit card. Im furious as I have excellent credit and hope this does not effect it. I will never shop Macys again, no wonder they are closing stores, piss off this many people and bye bye to your business. Very disappointed as I used to be a longtime customer and always paid my bill ontime and spent a lot of money. Good riddance Macys, hope theres a class action suit against them
tpali Send email
Jan 5, 2017

Macy's fraudulently charging 2.00 on zero balance

I have the same complaint that everyone else has. I cancelled my card earlier in the year because of billing issues. I have a zero balance and I have started getting statements for $2 to which no one can explain why. My card has been cancelled for over 7 months and I have not been getting a statement from Macy's until this $2 charge started showing up. Macy's switched my account to an American Express card which I never activated. About six months later I started getting collection calls when all was said and done I owed Macy's over $300 for billing charges/ late fees that I didn't even know existed because they stopped sending statements and they stopped sending me emails all when they changed over to the Macy's American Express card. Up until that point my statement came to my email and directly into my bank account and when I inquired on my statement it would say no bill due at this time. I will never step foot in Macy's ever again! I was a loyal customer for 20+ years.
margaretharr Send email
Dec 25, 2016

Macys $2 Charge!

I am experiencing the same issue! I would like to be added to this class action suit. If anyone has more information on this please let me know, thank you!
Bob Bliss Send email
Dec 2, 2016


Once or twice a year I receive a bill from my wife’s Macy’s account showing a past due amount with a late payment charge of $27.00 plus an interest charge equal to 24.75% yearly rate on the unpaid balance.

Since I always pay the balance in full when I receive my bills, I have always thought that somehow the original bill was lost in the mail and since a lost bill was not Macy’s problem, I thought, I have always paid the bill.

Since I never seem to have the problem with other creditors, I’m beginning to think that the “lost bills” are not actually lost but rather they were never sent. Could Macy’s be so dishonest as to participate such an underhanded scheme to increase their revenues?

Today, I signed up for ebills through my bank on all of my accounts where the ebill service was available in order to prevent the “Lost in the Mail” problem from occurring again. I was successful in signing up for 5 of 6 accounts where the ebill service is available. However, even though my bank shows that Macy’s offers the ebill service, somehow the Macy’s ebill service was not approved when I submitted my request.

I’m wondering how many others are having the same problem but I have no way to find out.
chewy2 Send email
Nov 29, 2016

Macy's 2 Dollar Charge!

I have been a customer of Macy's since the 1970's, and have ALWAYS been a satisfied with them, and they their Billing Services...But as of this year, 2016, I have found every time that I pay off my Balance, then I receive another Statement from Macy's for an Additional $2.00 Dollars?! I have called Macy's Customer Service twice to Complain to them about this Charge, & to ask "What is this For, I paid off my entire Bill???" Macy's tells me its an Additional Finance Charge, I say, "THEN WHY DON'T YOU INCORPORATE THE $2.00 DOLLARS INTO THE TOTAL PRICE OF THE STATEMENT, INSTEAD OF CHARGING ME AN ADDITIONAL 2 DOLLARS??? MY CHECK COST MORE THAN 2 DOLLARS!!!!"

Somebody needs to tell Macy's tell are about to lose a WHOLE LOT OF CUSTOMERS, Unless they Stop this Practice of Charging 2 Dollars AFTER you have paid Off your Entire Bill
Aval2825 Send email
Nov 27, 2016

$2.00 fee

Macys practise is to charge the $2.00 fee, act like it is for some special program they thought was wanted even though it is called a late charge and act like they didn't know you weren't wanting to pay them money for nothing. Every time in the last 2-3 years I have to call to have it removed, every single time. I sat back and thought how 100,000 people falling for this is just a $200,000 bonus to their CEO, but there are probably a higher amount than that, especially those who think they owe it. Just another company scamming people.
ronibel Send email
Nov 18, 2016


I can not get Macy's to stop debiting $2.00 from my mother's bank account even though
1) she has had a $0 balance and 2) I removed her bank information months ago from her profile.
I contacted customer service via email in August and asked WHY did they debit from the bank if I had deleted
and removed all routing and account information.. their response was to contact customer service--isn't that what I had just done?!
To make a long story short they are still withdrawing money from her bank... can't this be considered as fraud
if none of her banking information is on file in her Macy's account and therefore they have no authorization for automatic
[email protected] Send email
Nov 16, 2016


Macy's has been charging me $2 month for the past several months. My account has been closed by Macys and is showing a past due balance which is affecting my credit rating. This was on an account that the balance was paid in full.

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