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Cody K Send email
Mar 21, 2012

Product charges and fees

This is still going on, as the same things are happening to me right now. Don't use a Macy's card. I thought I paid it off right after I made the purchase, but something didn't go through and then they "had my address wrong" and I didn't hear about it until a few months later. Tried to pay it off again and that didn't go through, so now I'm just going to the store as their customer service line is less than worthless.
Mrs. Shuman Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Credit card fraud

I It happened to me too! The Macy's credit card fraud. What should I do about this?

"It works like this, when you buy any products from Macy's they ask you if you want to signup for their card service, if you say yes, they try to put your new purchase on the new card so that it gets activated immediately and you become liable to use it. I had given them my existing credit card, I dont know why they put the charges on the new card." With me they never told me that they would open a credit card in my name. The sales person just told me I would get a discount coupon.

I talked to Macy's customer "support" who told me to call the FTC and report it. Even though I asked if they could just send me a bill and close the credit card. When I called the FTC complaints line I never get through, the phone options circles back to the beginning each time I hit "1" to file a report, etc. What is seriously going on here? Anyone?
Signol Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Charges and Fees

@ heath2011 + starlet
I've been using cards for 15 years and have more cards than i need. You think I don't know about penalty and fine print? How do you like for being given a parking ticket for $5, 000? I can tell you, well next time don't park illegally. You've never made a mistake in your life before? And if you did, you'll take any penalty given to you no matter how ridiculous it is? Bunch of square heads.
SylviaMD Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card fraud

Until my recent irritating Macys experience, I didn't realize that their credit cards were such an issue. My story is that I had a $58 balance on my card and normally I pay through a 3rd party website, but with Black Friday coming on, I decided to pay directly from the Macy's website through my account. I made the payment and then went to Macy's a couple days later and before making a purchase, i asked a sales associate to confirm if my account reflects a 0 balance. she said it was still showing the $58 and said that the online payments usually take up to 5 days to process so I said no problem as I would be making a bunch of purchases that day so I would make another payment at the register and just have the other $58 applied to my purchases that day. Everything went well that day and I made all my purchases and then about a week later, I checked my account online (recent card activity) and it still didn't reflect my online payment. I checked my bank account and both payments had been deducted from my bank account. At this point I'm thinking - OK, give it a little time. Another week goes by and still not reflected on my card activity. I decide to chat with a Macy's associate online and she tells me that my card must be connected to my online account in order for a payment to be applied to it. I'm shocked at this because my online account can tell me the balance of my card and recent how is it not connected? She then says, I must have my bank fax them confirmation of the payment deduction. Ok, no problem, I call my bank and they said they won't fax my personal banking information but will do verbal confirmation if I'm on the phone. So I call Macys and yes, I get some guy from India or the Middle East and he tells me that they need a fax (not verbal) and I can fax in explaining what the problem was and that I would need to send a copy of my statement so they can "research it". I told him I could give him everything that my online bank statement says over the phone and if he could research it now I would appreciate it. He said he can't take that information from me and it needs to be faxed. I asked for a supervisor and he refused saying that his supervisor would tell me the same thing. What the? I have just faxed them a letter and a copy of my bank statement ... after this, no more Macy's for me.
Signol Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Charges and Fees

I shop at Macy's store once in a while. Every time I pay at the register, the sales clerk usually tries to entice me to sign up for the card to get extra discount. After a few of such attempts by the sales clerk, I finally agreed to apply for the card. The trap has been set.

I later made a purchase at the store worth of $30 and put it on my Macy's card. Here's the mistake I made. I have many credit cards and am on top of making consistent payment. I don't use the Macy's card very often, so i don't really check my statement every month. A a result I missed my payment. The late fee? It's a whopping $27 on the $30 I owe - that's a 90% increase. This is a sure way Macy's can make a profit kill fast, and forget about selling the products.

And unfortunately I missed my next monthly statement. So now I'm charged $37 fee because I owe them the inflated $57 from previous statement. The total I owe now is $94. By this time I realized what was happening and called in to resolve the situation.

I wanted to pay off the entire balance over the phone. Oh by the way there's a $15 charge to make a phone payment (no kidding). After my plea, the phone payment charge was reduced to $5. So made a total of $99 payment over the phone.

A week later I got a call from Macy's collection dept. saying my last payment attempt didn't go through. Why? Because the last agent didn't put the correct info into the system. So they got a return check. Oh by the way, a return check will cost me $25. So now I owe $124!! Unbelievable.

Today I gave Macy's collection dept a call and try to square this off. The agent wanted to charge me yet another phone payment fee of $15. I was furious, and told the agent that this is supposed to be making correct for my last payment, not a new phone payment. He agreed and dropped the charge.

Conclusion - It is just not worth the potential trouble you'll get into applying the Macy's card to save some money. No, in the end, I lost a whole lot more than I save. And Macy's has just lost a royal customer. This is a loose - loose game, Macy's.

For those of you shopperholic, maybe the card does you great savings if you are really on top of it making full payment every month. For there rest of us, my advice is just use your regular credit card and gain milage rewards on your card instead.

Macy's vulture policy makes sure they won't loose a penny to anyone and can make a good profit kill at the same time. In the end, they also loos some customers for good.
Starlet317 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Charges and Fees

You're an idiot.
Ex Macys Shopper Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card fraud

MACY'S IS RUNNING A SCAM...I SINCERELY HOPE A LAWSUIT IS FILED AGAINST THEM...DON'T GET THEIR CARD!! IT' NOT A REAL CREDIT CARD!! THEY LIE THAT YOU HAVE CREDIT SO YOU GO TO PURCHASE AND THEN THEY DECLINE AND TELL YOU IF YOU PAY 90% SOME OTHER WAY YOU CAN USE YOUR CARD!! I'VE HELD their credit card..(Foleys first) FOR 15 YEARS. I had 4 accounts with close to $10, 000 in credi TOTAL...In 2008 they knocked my credit to $700.00 and told me if I want to purchase anything I have to "Ask Permission first" by calling them from the store?? THEY JACKED UP MY INTEREST RATE and the other day I was told I didn't have more than $5.00 credit because I owe a balance???
I called corporate office and spoke to Julia and she said it was my fault because of my credit...HUH??? I've had worse credit in the PAST WHEN THEY WERE A DECENT STORE and was treated fine...NOW MR. MACY WOULD FIRE ALL OF THEM INCLUDING THE CEO IF HE KNEW WHAT FALSE PRACTICES THEY'RE USING...

That_ Guy must be a Macys plant...
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card fraud

Macy's Credit card fraud

It happened to me, the Macy's credit card fraud. I am writing this to alert anyone reading of this Macy's fraud department.

It works like this, when you buy any products from Macy's they ask you if you want to signup for their card service, if you say yes, they try to put your new purchase on the new card so that it gets activated immediately and you become liable to use it. I had given them my existing credit card, I dont know why they put the charges on the new card.

I called their customer service to remove the charge from their card and put it on my card. They went ahead and closed it and put a balance on my credit report. All without informing me or contacting me.

I paid their card balance in full this is after they charged me a hefty penalty fees they wont send me a itemized bill. The penalty amounted to 271$, for a charge of 46$. The Macy's customer rep said that I should not have paid without getting a itemized bill, completely side stepping the issue.

I think I am legally entitled to an itemized bill. Please can anyone reading this advise me.

Macy's really hurt my credit score.

And now after having paid them for an year, they wont update my credit report. I call them get transfered from department to department.

I am also writing to find out if there any thing legally. In retrospect , any card which is offered in a Shopping mall is risky, this is to all teenagers and youngsters.

Hope that helps
Concerned Consumer.
Expilot Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Credit card fraud

Three days ago I signed up for a new Macy's card to get the 20% discount on a $260 purchase. Today I went down to use the card again and my $260 charge was disapproved; only $95 was approved as my limit was $300. I have never heard of $300 limit. My credit score is over 700 and I have owned my house for 21 years. My income is over $100, 000 with no bills. What's up with them?

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