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Dblack Send email
Oct 28, 2016

Unfair charges

This is my wife's card that she rarely uses, and hence I don't typically check it to see if we owe money on the card. I paid an $87 dollar balance and I believed the card was paid off. My wife stopped making purchases on the card. I received a call from Macy's a few month later saying that I was late on paying the card. When I looked up the activity on the card I found out that they had charged me a few dollars interest on the card with a $37 late fees (in the month I paid off the $87 balance).. Then each month that followed they charged me this $37 late fee plus additional interest.

After four months of being charged interest on interest and late fees upon late fees my bill on the card was almost $200 (solely for interest and late fees). I am not an attorney, but this seems like a usurious practice.

I had my wife call and cancel the card. They ended up "giving" us credit back for $75, but I will never give Macy's our business again. Sure I should have check my online account, but this was not right.
njchristina1 Send email
Oct 24, 2016


I would like to be added to the class action suit as I am livid! I think it is highway robbery, and Macy's is big fat thugs stealing our hard earned cash thinking they should just get away with it!
I went to Macy's and decided to purchase a dress for a wedding I am attending. Looking to "save" some money, I thought I would use a coupon. That's a laugh in and of itself. No coupon for Jessica Simpson wear. So, no 20% off, no ten dollar savings. But the thing that got me is when I checked my available credit knowing I haven't used my Macy's card in such a long time I couldn't even recall, only to learn it was far less than I imagined it would be. So today I called to check on it. So, into the automated system I went. Long story short. For the last four months, since I suppose I have only been paying my minimum payment due of 27 dollard, they have them been adding between 15 and 16 dollars per month in interest fees back on. Well no wonder I feel like I had not much available credit. I couldn't even near to listen to further history for the fact that I wanted to reach through the phone and grab an associate and shake my money out of them. This is bullcrap! I want them and any other scuz bucket bank to get theirs!!! I work to hard for someone to steal my money . shame on you Macy's . I'm so done with you.
Kperry Send email
Oct 18, 2016


I missed one payment. My mother was contacted, IN ANOTHER STATE!. I never gave my mothers phone #. This was for a payment of 67.71 I called to complain that my elderly mother was called and concerned. My acct. phone number was changed to her home # w/o my consent. Then, when I tried to pay my bill I was told I couldn't. I tried again twice before another late payment was due. I was placed on hold numerous times and was told i could not pay my bill....again???? I finally spent a few hours trying to fix this so I could pay off my entire bill of $482. and then I was told i was a day late and another fee would added? SERIOUSLY? They then said they could take off $19 of the $37 late fee. I TRIED PAYING 3 times!!!! I am cancelling my card and never want any contact from Macy's again.
CMcQ Send email
Oct 11, 2016

late fees on scheduled payment

After getting my credit card statement, I immediately went online and scheduled a payment to be withdrawn from my account on the due date. I received a payment reminder from Macy's a week later and went online to double check that the payment been scheduled. It had. Then today, I received another statement with a late payment charge on it. When I went into my account, the payment I had scheduled was no longer there, as if I had never scheduled it. I called customer service to report this and was told that I had accessed my account on the days I mentioned but that no payment was ever made. I don't understand why the payment was scheduled but then never withdrawn. It seems to be an issue on their end, but I'm still getting charged the late fee. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue.
cyhaw Send email
Oct 3, 2016

unauthorized charges

Last May 6, 2016, I called Macys customer service to ask about my club service charges in my statement that was done in mistake. Immediately after I finished speaking with the customer service, I receive an email from Fraud Alert asking me if I am making a transaction using my Macys American Express Account for SBC Bern . It was in another country and I am holding my card. I was surprised so I emailed back that I am not authorizing it. I felt secured because I thought since they emailed and I responded it was done and over with. But I was surprised when I saw my statement that I was charged for that and it was not only one charge but multiple ones with foreign transaction charges. I complained with them online and on the phone. When I opened online I was advised to file this as a lost card for my protection. I did as advised but informed the customer service that I have my card and its not lost, I just followed the instruction. They gave me a new card number and retained the unauthorized charges on my old account number. I was informed it will take 2 months before it will be removed from my account but it was not removed. I have been following up from their customer service when it will be removed on my old account number and last July 12, one customer service removed the unauthorized charges amounting to 198.49 from my old account BUT she transferred to my new ACCOUNT! They have been promising to remove it over and over but still did not do so...I called again August 26 and the fraud department confirmed that the amount should not be there in the first place. They promised to remove it and send me a letter of confirmation.. Up to now it is still there...I am so frustrated and stressed about this . I do not know where to file a complaint and seek help.
daslo01 Send email
Oct 1, 2016

Charge for not using credit card

My wife gets a 14 dollar charge for not using the card. They say there's nothing to do and they "recommended" to spend 5-10 dollars every month to avoid this charge. Is anyone aware of it? we ave not used the card in months and the balance is just going up and up

Any experience with it, is there anything that can be done?
SAV Send email
Sep 9, 2016

UPDATE- Class Action Lawsuit

In parallel with the class action lawsuit we are filing complaints with I am working with an agent there and we need everyone to do the following....
- Call 855-411-2372 with your complaint
- Then logged onto and file your complaint. PLEASE NOTE: you must have all documents related to your compliant attached during 1st submission, you will not be allowed to attached documents later. The documents needs are states showing the unauthorized $2.00 charge.

If you have any questions please email [email protected] and we will try and answer your questions in a timely matter.
SAV Send email
Sep 9, 2016

Class Action Lawsuit- $2 charge

I am working on filing a class action lawsuit. Please email your story to the following address if you would like to be a part of the lawsuit:

[email protected]

I have been charged the $2 charge with a zero balance multiple times, never received a bill or email notification. I didn't realize it until months later when the delincency of $14- affected my fico credit score. They charged me a late payment of $2 for not paying the $2. When I called Macy's they didn't know what was going on and kept telling me it was NOT a minimum interest charge, which is exactly what it's classified as on the bill. They then apologized and removed the $14- but it has already affected my fico score AND I noticed another $4 payment again, $2 for the min interest fee and $2 for the not paying it. This is fraud, they cannot do this to people. I am working with a few lawyers to see what is the best action to take.
mcandrew67 Send email
Sep 5, 2016

Macys $2 charge

I too am receiving the $2 card, I have not been receiving a statement since December of last year, I have to remember to go in and look. I was 1 day late and received a late payment. I got so sick of it I paid in full and closed account and then received a $2 charge on a 0 balance.
I definitely believe we have a class action lawsuit here. Any attorneys out there want to take it on?
S Stults Send email
Sep 4, 2016

$200 charge on 0 balance

I, too have been having the $2 charge when there is no balance--that's why I Googled this! Sounds like a class action suit to me. No wonder Macy's is struggling and closing stores! I will be closing three accounts right away! I had also called about this, and someone in the Philippines made some lame excuse that did not make sense. It has continued, though, so I am done! I will be writing a letter to Macy's, and I will be waiting for the eventual class action suit to refund my money!
[email protected] Send email
Aug 19, 2016

$2 fee ea month on zero balance

I kept receiving a $2 fee ea month after having a zero balance and a closed account with Macy's credit card. I called 1-800-290-6734 and got a nice lady named Violet who apologized for the fee and took it right off without me asking. She told me I shouldn't receive any more fees and that my account was in fact closed, here's hoping!
I hope this helps someone out there.
Aviva Baum Send email
Aug 18, 2016

Event Payment vs. Regular Bill

1. We have a balance on a 12 month special event.

2. Every month we pay the Regular account for all purchases made so we do not incur interest. We also add a payment to go towards the Special Event. For the last four months, none of the extra payment has been applied to the Special Event --- it is being applied to the new purchases on the Regular Account.

3. We were told that we cannot pay online if we wish to split the payment to Regular and Special Event.

4. So this month, I called in the payment and told Customer Service how to split the payments. Well, it did not happen.

Why can't Macy's get it right? The new Credit Card processor is ruining your business as we will stop shopping/pay off the Event and then cancel the card after 30 years.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 6, 2016

Fee charged on zero accounts

Received bill for $2.00 after having paid off bill well before due date last month. Contacted Macy's asking why they are charging me on a zero balance. Customer service person was in Phillipines and was unable to understand my issue or offer a reasonable explanation. I requested to be sent to a US customer service rep. There, I was told this is a
"Residual" fee from the previous month. I told them I have never had a business send me an additional billing on a paid account. Macy's will not see any more activity from me. I'm done with them. I hope this small charge fraud is worth it to them!576
[email protected] Send email
Aug 6, 2016

Fee charged on zero balance

Received a bill for $2.00 from Macy's for an account which I paid off last month. After spending 45 minutes on phone with customer service (in the Phillipines) and bring unable to explain my complaint or get a reasonable answer as to why I was being charged I requested a customer service rep in the US. I was told that this is a residual interest fee from my last bill. I have never received a request for additional payment after a bill has been paid off and well before the due date. I am done with Macy's. Hope there little charges are worth it for them 01515
Kunal Basumatary Send email
Jul 11, 2016

Not transfer the lucky winner money from coca cola company

This is Kunal Basumatary
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Acc Valid : 05/JULY/2016 To 06/AUGUST/2016
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This web and won amount is can not transfer in personal account because the website is not open
So give me valid websites thanks
exclusivekevin Send email
Jul 11, 2016

Macy's Charging Interest on Zero Balance Accounts

Macy's recurring interest charge still in full effect. This is such a scam. I had the customer service rep go through my account history. I paid off the initial balance in full, then they kept charging me additional interest fees every month. I was paying those off in full. It wasn't making sense to me since my bills are always paid on time, in full. The rep assured me I won't get this fee again for the initial charge. I can't imagine how much money Macy's is scamming people by them not checking their statements.
teeware Send email
Jul 6, 2016

Macy's Charging Interest on Zero Balance Accounts

I googled the information. I was charged an interest even though I had no balance on the account. I had paid the full amount before the due date for both months but was still charged interest. Instead of them crediting the next month, they charged me again. According to an article dated February 05, 2010, this practice was suppose to STOP but it hasn't. Is this Legal for them to do that?

From the Article: Citi spokesman Sam Wang suggested this policy will stop later this month, this was back in 2010.
As if their rates at 24% isn't High enough. This should be listed under Theft of consumers.

My question is "Why hasn't the Attorney General done something about this to help the Consumers"? Why do we need to call Macy's for them to Not Steal from us? Because at this point from 2010 to now it's 2016, it should be considered Theft.
Angel68 Send email
Jun 29, 2016

Can't credit account correctly

I got a Macy's card around the holidays last year. I was careful to not only pay them more than the minimum payment, but to pay them twice per month so I was always in front of the payment due date. I kept a close eye on my Macy's balance to make sure the debits and credits came through correctly and in a timely manner. All looked good.

About a month ago I paid off the balance on my Macy's card. I paid it one day; the funds came out of my bank and were credited to my Macy's account the next day. I had a $0 balance. That Sunday I went to an event at Macy's and attempted a charge which was well below my credit limit; it was refused. I checked my bank account and my Macy's account again as I was standing in the store: funds were credited the day after I paid it and the balanceon my card was $0 with the full amount of my credit available. I showed the girl at the counter--who was on the line with Macy's customer service trying to figure out the issue--the credit to my account and my $0 balance. She handed the phone to me, at which point I was told the funds would not be credited to my account until the 18th of the month...a total of 10 days after the funds left my bank account and were already credited to my Macy's charge. The customer service rep then attempted to push through a $200 credit increase to cover my purchases (a hard inquiry on my credit report I neither requested nor needed) and it failed. I didn't want to stand in the store and argue (and I was furious), so I paid for my purchases with a different card and left with the full intention of getting someone on the phone as soon as I got home.

The conversation with the customer service rep I got on the phone when I got home went no better. I was told since I was making a large payment and it wasn't close to the due date, they had placed a hold on the funds to verify their availability. I explained Macy's already knew the availability since the money had left my bank account the day after I paid my Macy's card off and I had received an email confirmation from them letting me know the funds had been applied. Again she stated the funds would not be available until the 18th. When I asked if I should wait until the 19th before I used my Macy's card with a zero balance and the full amount of my credit available, she said "Honestly, ma'am, I would wait until the 20th just to be sure." I was also advised if I planned on making any more payments larger than the minimum balance I should let them know in advance so they would be prepared to credit it immediately so as to avoid "embarrassing situations like this in the future."

All I did was pay my bill off and they couldn't handle it. They also treated me like a deadbeat. I had never been late, always paid (much) more than the minimum payment twice a month, and had generally been a good customer. This was the service I received for being responsible with the card. Horrible company.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 24, 2016

Macy's erroneous $2.00 charges on a zero balance

I keept getting these $2.00 charges each month on my macy's account when I thought I had a zero balance. Not really thinking about it I kept paying them. Last month, I called them and told them of my frustration and asked them to make it stop and to make a final payment. I asked for verbal confirmation that I would not get another charge next billing cycle. They said that I had a zero balance. No more charges. Today, I got another bill, for $2.00. I googled $2.00 Macy charges and see that this is not only happening to me, but to others. I called and had the charges reversed and closed my account. I am reporting this to the BBB and think it warrants a class action suit.
Karen Hoffman Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Macy's Credit Card


On my 4/8/16, closing date statement I had a (-$26.74 credit). I made an on-line purchase of $56.26 (42.49 +3.82 tax +9.95 delivery) on 4/24/16. I’ll call this transaction #1.
On 5/1/16, I returned, in store, that purchase of $56.26 and received a (- $42.49) credit toward the purchase of $149.99 + 9.68 tax which netted a total of $117.18 . I’ll call this transaction#2.
On 5/ 8/2016 I returned the 5/1/2016 purchase and received a Macy’s cash card. I’ll call this transaction #3.
My next Macy’s billing statement ending 5/10/16, closing date includes the first two transactions and applying the credit I had to that total. It does not record the 5/8/16 return.
On my 6/09/16, closing date statement it still does not record the 5/8/16 return. It bills me for $176.78 including a $ 27.00 late fee and a $3.08 interest charge on purchases that should have been negated with the return of Macy’s merchandise.
Why doesn’t Macy’s return the tax paid on items which are returned?
I have called Macy’s to discuss these bills but I’ve been told that the representatives have no access to their billing systems.
I want Macy’s to figure out their accounting, not me, and not to have this impact my credit in any way!
Macy's sucks9 Send email
May 31, 2016

Unknown charges of $4.98

I first had an issue with the AMEX several months ago. For whatever reason my bill pay at my bank never notified me of an unpaid amount. This is tricky because now you have AMEX and need to be on their site to pay. I don't get a paper bill so I did finally go to the Store in person and pay the entire balance which was not a problem and less than $50. But low and behold I present myself to Macy's to purchase a mattress and guess what? Denied! I have another balance unpaid. Total amount $4.89 and I have no idea where this random amount came. I found the customer service person was awful and as convoluted and sketchy this card is I need to cancel said card. Really Macy's ?
lotfi99 Send email
May 23, 2016

multiple calls from Macyblooming

Received MULTIPLE calls including 4 calls on this Sunday for a credit card overdue account of 108 Dollars NO BILLS electronic or otherwise JL
Mgarcia Send email
May 23, 2016

Macy's fraud department

Macy's allowed someone in another state to charge thousands of dollars in store on my account. I discovered the fraud because my card was declined making a small purchase. I immediately filed a fraud report and have spent over 100 hours talking to their fraud department and representatives who took months to figure things out. Although they finally removed the unauthorized fraud charges I continue to argue with them over late fees and interest which I had been assured would not be incurred. They also reported me as late to credit bureaus. First negative report for me ever. This has been s complete nightmare! I am convinced Macy's is on the scheme. I closed my account I had held for 15 years and they didn't care.
angryandy Send email
May 15, 2016

$2 "Interest" Fee

I am closing my Macy's credit card account. I had last used my card in Jan'16 and paid off the amount I owed in full. I went to Macy's in April, only to find my card locked due to non-payment. Turns out I owed $8 in interest expenses as I did owed them money. But how do you incur "interest" when your balance due is $0? Anyway, I was told by the customer rep that I get a monthly statement and I should check (false, since I have NEVER received a statement from them). I paid off the amount (in full) and was assured I would not incur a fee since my balance was zero. I've not used the card since.

But guess what? I look at my statement today (had to log in, of course), and lo and behold! I owe $2.

Macy's, get your act together and either ditch this damn bank you use or keep losing customers. Obviously you don't seem to care as of now given the number of complaints I see here on that fee.
rmcsherry Send email
May 12, 2016

Interest and Late Fees on a Closed Account

In February I wrote a check and paid my account in full, mailed said check and same day called to explain that I was mailing it and would like to close my account. They kept me on the phone for some time going through canned statements basically asking me to keep my account open. I explained I have perfect credit and why would I keep a card that is 24% interest when I have a card that is 2% interest? No thank you. Foolishly, I took the card in the first place for a discount that was supposed to last three days and only lasted one. Received confirmation code and told account balance is zero and account is closed.

Today, May 11th I received a phone call saying I had a 99.00 balance on this card.Long story short, they decided to charge me a late fee for February of 27.00 and interest on the late fee. This continued unknowingly until they called me in May.

It gets worse, I called to correct this, agreed to pay the one month late fee and that was it. As they were processing my payment the phone went dead right when they were going to give me a confirmation for my payment and confirm account is now closed and at a zero balance. I called back, went through story and as he put me on hold to "confirm that the removal of the additional late charges is okay" waited for 20 min., phone went dead again. Now this is not my phone, both times there was a click on their end and silence but the call had NOT dropped. I called in a third time and was told that I need to call back in 48 hours to confirm that the two removals were processed and then I'll need to call back again between the 28th and the 29th of the month to ensure they don't add the 2.00 charge everyone else is complaining about. She said if they do add it and you call during those days we can remove it, but if you don't call between those two days the cycle will start all over again.

I will NEVER shop at Mayc's again and I strongly warn others from ever getting a credit card with them let alone shop there. Nasty business practices Macy's, shame on you.

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