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LorieAnn Send email
May 7, 2016

No Bill, late fees

I just had the most frustrating call with Macy's... Long story short... bought something for around $40 in late December and got phone calls from Macy's this month. I'll be honest, I completely forgot about that purchase ... I never got a bill! So when we got the calls, we thought it might be a scam - we knew we hadn't bought anything at Macy's in months. I didn't remember the purchase until the customer service person mentioned it - YIKES! Certainly would never just NOT pay a bill! Maybe not pay in full, but $40?!! Well, you can imagine the late fees... the bill was over $130 and they were getting ready to charge another late fee today (5/6). So I readily offered to pay the initial balance of $41.38 and asked them to waive the late fees. Ma'am, we can only remove 1 late fee ever 12 months. Seriously?! But this is a different situation I said and explained in detail again - I received no mail OR email. Ma'am we show that we sent the emails to you. Do you really think I would damage my credit score by getting $35 late fees every month on a $40 charge and just HOPE they would be waived?!!! That is ridiculous. I explained how I had been a customer for years - didn't matter. I Checked my email while we talked, nothing from Macy's since 2013. I checked Spam and deleted mail - still nothing. I.DID.NOT.GET.A.BILL I asked to speak to her supervisor... Ma'am, no one can get rid of the late fees. I asked for another number to call... there is no other number. I have put in a complaint on their customer service and also intend to write a letter. I don't know what will happen but it looks like I'm not the only one that has been treated this way.
[email protected] Send email
May 5, 2016

No Bill, late fees and ding on credit score

I have worked years to build my credit score to 846. In November I bought a present from Macy's for my daughter. It was a $35.00 charge. I never received the electronic bill notice. Come February and no bill still I call Macy's and they say I owe $169.00. I explain I never got a bill and they agree to waive one month's $39.00 late fee. I become livid and they hung up on me. Eventually I call again and they again only agree to take off one late fee.So I pay the bill over the phone and close the account. I also demand they send me a paper bill by mail. Next month I get abill for $2.00 on my closed account. I did not bother to call and fight anymore so I decided to send then a $3.00 check. Last month my bill showed a $1.00 credit. I will wait and make them send me a check for $1.00. Not much justice.

In the mean time I find my credit score has dropped from 846 to 769. Of course Macy's changed my account also without telling me Not sure if that is why I never got notice. My wife and I have agreed we will never shop at Macy's again.. Would love it if someone would bring a class action lawsuit.
Tedwards Send email
Apr 23, 2016

Macy's $2.00 charge on credit card account

Got yet another $2.00 charge on my account even after my balance was paid in full. Never carried much of a balance on this account but apparently because I made a partial payment one month and carried a small balance over to the next month, on the third month my stmt showed the balance paid in full but was still charged $2.00 fee. I called customer service and by using the automated service, one option was "if you're calling about a waiver of interest or fees, press _ now." When I chose that option, it responded "your fee has been waived and will appear on your next statement." Evidently, there have been so many complaints they have added this option. I then called back and spoke with a live person and closed my account. Goodbye to Macy's! You've lost a long time customer. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
[email protected] Send email
Apr 16, 2016

Interest incurred due to no billing statement

I made a purchase totaled $11.73 in June of 2015. Since I have multiple credit cards and the amount was so small, I completely forgot about it. Of course, Macy's NEVER sent me a statement....until February 2016! I searched my entire online mailbox and was unable to find a statement from Macy's before Feb 2016. My bill in Feb totaled $256.78...sent to me from the Collection's company. I called Macy's and the representative told me that it is the customer's responsibility to pay for their bill...even in the a absence of a billing statement. What a joke! I wrote a repeal letter, and they setttled for 50% of the bill, which I am still reluctant to pay. I have no idea what Macy's is doing with their business. Macy's is going downhill, and they will lose all their customers if they continue to practice this way. I am very disappointed with Macy's, and my credit score is probably ruined.
Lawsuit/Macys Send email
Apr 10, 2016


Macys allowed criminals to charge thousands of dollars on my stolen card 02 9/22/15 after the card was reported stolen. Despite multiple report submissions, we are still attempting to resolve these fraudulent charges seven months later. We have been told "call on a weekday" and waited more than 20 minutes (listening to horrible static/music) and on many occasions, we are disconnected before connection with a representative. When we dial the numbers listed for the Fraud Department, we are always routed first to collections, and another lengthy delay (or disconnection) results. We have been turned over to collections agencies and our credit rating has plummeted . I am starting to wonder if the perpetrators were working FOR Macys. It is clear by the many entries and complaints on this site that Macys and their financial partners are complicit in their shady and incompetent business practices. There must be legal actions
we can take against these companies. Clearly, Macys and Citibank/Wells Fargo do not care to keep us as customers. Macys and Citibank have shown zero motivation to resolve these issues or treat their (former) customers fairly.
Ronbocc Send email
Apr 3, 2016

Macys Card Services online & on phone

Is anyone else getting as annoyed as I am when I'm called ma'am repeatedly on a call with the Philippines, Macy's customer service or credit center. I refuse to deal with them. It's not their fault it's the way theyre trained.
Recently I had to deal with the credit people in the Philippines, and was told that I need to delete my entire profile online on Macy' to fix the issue I was having; only to find out that I'd been given the wrong instructions and now there is no way to create a new profile , Because the CITI(shitty) programming on their Macy' site for the credit card is disallowing even THEIR tech people or customer service people to reset a password, or unlock an account from unsuccessful attempts to get in.
Also if you think you're going nuts because your CORRECT answer to your security question is not accepted- you're not crazy! there is an issue on the Citibank (fabulous) site where it does not recognize your security answer, even if it is correct?!
Too bad for me I overused the card , so have a lot to pay off, because when it is paid o ff this time --it is done ---the Macy's American Express is gone and closed, by me.
cgrimes Send email
Apr 1, 2016

Mysterious $2 Charges

I've always paid my Macys card in full from the first month I received it (4 month ago). But from the beginning, I started receiving these mysterious $2 finance charges on my account. Yesterday, I called customer service and was routed to their debt-collection department. I was told that the call was recorded (good) and that this was "an attempt to collect a debt" and any information covered in the discussion was for that purpose. They then proceeded to tell me that I was delinquent on my account to the tune of $4, and asked me for my bank routing number and checking account number to pay off said debt.. I said that there was no way on earth that I would be providing that information, and that I wanted my account closed. Once they confirmed that the account was closed, the chucklehead then proceeded to ask me to provide my cell phone number so they could add it to the contact information for my account. I said that was not likely to happen, seeing as how she had just closed my account. I then went to my local Macys store, took 4 whole dollars out of my pocket, paid the "outstanding debt" and let them know that their dishonest behavior was not something that I would put up with, and that I'm sure many (many) other folks feel the same way. It's a scam.

P.S. I stapled a copy of the receipt for the $4 payment to my statement because I fully expect that the account is not actually closed, and for there to be another statement next month with the $4 charge and an $35 late fee. Stay tuned.
H clark Send email
Mar 31, 2016

Macys Credit Card has gone downhill

I've been long time fan of Macy's. I've spent thousands with them. This past year someone took me off the paper statements and put me on electronic. They used to be visible in my WellsFargo bill pay page. I didn't mind because I'd get an alert on there when I had a balance. At some point the statement wasn't viewable anymore. I didn't know I had a balance they contacted me by phone I paid it in full and asked they resume the paper statements. A month later I received another call I had another balance which I thought I paid in full... turn out all of these balances were 2.00 fees on zero balance then penalties for not paying the 2.00 fees. I made them take off the fees. When I went to use my card tgey had limited me to 100.00 credit so I closed my account. I was so angry at how poorly managed this card has become. I will be shopping at Dillard's from now on. I'm worried they damaged my credit and if I had kept the card open it would have been worse. They are costing their store big time and they lost a loyal long time customer.
Llacy Send email
Mar 15, 2016

Interest fraud

Closed my Macy's account in the summer of 2015. I made sure it was at a zero balance, of course. Four months later, out of the blue, I received an email saying, "Your statement is ready." What?!! I pulled up the 'closed' account, and there was an interest charge of $12.00! I called, and they would not reverse the interest despite documentation that I had a zero balance and a closed account just a few months prior. After over 45 minutes on hold, I decided to just pay the $12.00 and move on. But there is NO moving on apparently, because EACH month after, Macy's continues to charge $2.00 interest on a zero principal balance on my closed account. If they are doing this to me, they must be raking in tons of money doing this to countless others!!! This is illegal and needs to be stopped - even the Macy's credit agent admitted on a recorded call that this is happening to "lots of people every month due to a system glitch." This is absolute robbery - corporate powers versus the little guy, and they hope we will all just pay since it's such a small amount. Collectively, Macy's can potentially amass millions running this interest fraud scam!!!! I am going to call the credit fraud agency at my state level immediately. If this is happening to you, please do the same - please report this fraudulent practice!!
aallencolorado Send email
Mar 8, 2016

Company overcharging customers

I signed up for a Macy's credit card approximately four months ago. Because we have excellent credit scores, my husband and I were approved quickly. We pay our bills in full each month. On the last two statements, I noticed we had minimal interest/fee charges that should not have been there, as our bills are paid before the deadline. I paid my last bill ($7.57) in full on February 8, 2016 and received an email confirmation that the bill was paid in full. Today (3/7/16), I received a bill for a $2.00 interest fee. Ridiculous! Their fee was an "automatic charge" that was removed per the customer service agent today. Card was cancelled. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND CHARGING ON THEIR CARD ANYMORE!!!!
Bandit2011 Send email
Mar 1, 2016

$2.00 Monthly charge

Paid my bill in full in January - got a $2.00 fee after I paid my bill, the same happened in February....guess I'll be canceling my credit card.
RUCookie Send email
Feb 23, 2016

$2 Carry Over Minimum Balance Fee

So let's be clear - I finally paid off my Macy's balance 2 months ago. And as with typical credit card processes, the following month I received a bill for $11.30 for the residual interest. I never like this, but it is standard business practice. The problem arose this month when I received another bill from Macy's for $2. I called immediately. What could I have a bill for? Well, I was told it was because I had a balance - but I did not, in fact, have one. My account was $0. She said she removed the charge but that these were the rules... so I asked if next month I could expect another $2 bill since this month had a $2 bill, I was told that "I removed the charge ma'am, what else do you want." Crackerjack customer service there Macy's. This is insane. If this is your new business model, this longtime customer is walking. And no, it's not over $2, it is over the fact that you have scammed your customers.
Bquesada Send email
Feb 19, 2016

Macy's Furniture Fraud Policy

Macy's furniture has a policy to commit fraud. They deliver damaged furniture then force you to purchase a new set if you want an us damaged set. They then stated it was company policy and If I wanted any type of refund, they would have to schedule a pickup and after it return and records received in their warehouse it would take an additional 21 days or more before a refund is processed. I spoke with store management, Macy's customer service management and they said no one could do anything about it as it is their store policy. Even their white glove delivery service apologized and said there was nothing they could do. Please bring justice to so many others who have been defrauded.
geoffreymg Send email
Feb 17, 2016

Macy's Credit Practices

I take care of paying all of the bills for our household. One month , two years ago, I forgot to pay the Macys bill. Bad me. 30 day late notice on my wife's credit, it's her card, but not only that, Macys lowered her credit limit and each month after that she has an over limit on her credit. I didn't know they lowered the limit for a couple of months (my bad again). Anyway, I got a 0% card for balance transfers and the first card I thought of zeroing out was Macys. I asked for the balance transfer and found out that Macys doesn't accept EFT's. So my bank said they would write a check to me and Macys to I could pay off the balance. I took the check into Macys and they accepted it. I went home and checked my balance and it was $76.00. Interest. So I paid that. The next week I got a notice that my bill was ready!? I looked and low and behold, they had returned the check I gave them for the balance because, apparently the check used to pay off the account wasn't in my wife's name!?? So I then transferred the amount from the 0 percent card to our checking account so I could pay the balance. Can you believe it, this process took 17 days from the date that the first check was returned and they charged another interest fee. $100!. I will be closing this account based on the message about the $2.00 fee and the absolute, almost usury, this company employs. I mean it's bad enough that they charge over 25% interest on the card.
alyssaparian Send email
Jan 12, 2016

Macy's Fraud Department

When Macy's forced to switch to the MACYS AMEX card, I said I don't want it, I only use it in Macy's but it was the only one they offered. Well a $40 charge was made in JAPAN not in a Macy's while I live in the US. I have been attempted to resolve this with Macy's fraud department to no avail. They have mailed me a fraud form which I have filled out and faxed back now 6 separate times and they continue to say they haven't received it despite a confirmation receipt that it was successfully faxed. Unclear why there isn't an online form since it is 2016. This is all over a $40 charge, despite being an upstanding cardholder for > 10 years. This issue is still not resolved and now the collections agencies are calling me. Macy's has lost my business and that of my family. I have convinced 6 of my family members to also cancel their Macy's card based on this horrid experience.
justjoan52 Send email
Jan 12, 2016

Macy's $2.00 Charge

I have been a victim of Macy's practice of adding a $2.00 "residual" charge. My account was paid in full in July. Unbeknownst to me I was accruing a $2.00 charge per month. I went to purchase items on the day before Thanksgiving and I was told my card was declined. The clerk got a customer service rep on phone and she explained that even though my card had been paid in full in July, the now $8.00 charge was over 90 days and had to be paid. Reluctantly I pulled out a $20.00 bill and paid the $8.00. The rep told me my account was clear to go. I went to another department and tried to purchase some clothing and again told that my card was declined. I told them, no it's been taken care of. The clerk called another credit rep, who asked what the total of my purchases were. I said $120.00. She said you are over your credit limit! Because I owed $8.00 they reduced my limit from $2500 to $100! I was livid and paid cash - although , I should have walked away. The woman on phone asked if I wanted a credit increase request and I said I want it back where it belongs. She put me on hold and the came back on and said it had been denied because of "derogatory" reports on my credit. The only derogatory report was from Macy's! ( I checked my credit score when I went home). The woman told me that my buying habit showed I don't purchase much and suggested that I start buying up to my new amazing $100 credit line and then pay it off for a few months and start a new "buying pattern". I said I have had a card since 1985. I also paid cash for the majority of my purchases! I told her my new buying pattern was to never walk in their store again. I went home and decided this is wrong and called another number ( each subsequent phone call was a nightmare getting to a person) this individual started to chastise me and told me various ways that I could pay my bill. I asked for another representative and she said that wasn't necessary that she could handle my call. She asked if I wanted a credit line increase and I said 'yes' just to get to another person. I was transferred to a credit line person who told me she couldn't increase my limit and I told her that I just wanted to close my account . She was going to transfer me again, but I said no. I went online and paid the initial charge that I had made that day to insure that my balance was paid in full. Several days later I received my "decline" letter for my "credit increase request". I called the number on the bottom of that letter and talked to a very understanding woman that immediately reinstated my credit limit - and apologized for the actions taken and the poor customer service. I should have just closed the account immediately. . I received a "form" apology letter several weeks later that the "derogatory comments" had been rescinded from the three main credit bureaus. Yesterday, 1/11/16 I received an e-mail that my statement was ready. Knowing that I had no balance, I still thought I better go on line and check. Voila ! I have a @@##++ $2.00 charge! I immediately called the toll free number and after many prompts came to one that was " if you are calling about an interest charge, press 1." The message that came on was they would remove the $2.00 interest charge within 24-48 hours, but to avoid this, please make sure that you pay on time!! THIS IS SO WRONG! It's not the Magic of Macy's it's the Tragic of Macy's and their ability to charge $2.00 on an account that has been paid in full even before payments are due. Is this a class-action lawsuit? ugh..
Nagesh58 Send email
Jan 11, 2016

Macy's Credit Card

It is extremely difficult to make online payment of Macy's credit card. The website is really awful. When I called the so called 24X7 costumer service #, they promptly asked my card # and the last 4 of my Social. Then the recorded tape goes on and on without any answer. If anyone answers the call, they are not ready to provide any help and would tell me that they are going to connect me to their technical department. Then the same recorded message is repeated endlessly that all the customer agents are busy to handle other calls.....
Macy's is a great place to shop. I felt really proud to have a Macy's credit card. Unlike the other credit card payment systems, Macy's credit card online payment system us really very bad.I have credit cards from all the prestigious banks. Their payment systems are really very smooth and customer friendly. Macy's MUST pay attention to this bad patch on their chromatic profile.
I shall wait for sometime before I decide to close my credit account with the Macy's.
levell82 Send email
Dec 24, 2015


I had a May's card for 10 years with a limited of 3,500, I always paid my bill on time and paid off several times, I went to purchase my son some pants and my card was declined ,when I call customer service they stated that my account have been closed, the representative was in shock she could not understand why they would close my account when I had a perfect record with them good by Macys I've moved on to something better
crussell Send email
Dec 3, 2015


I too received 2.00 late fee and paid my bill before payment is due. I did not buy anything fo two months and received notices for late payment. I log on to my account and notice incurring charges of 2.00 which amounted to 4.00. I paid the bill and asked to have my card canceled. I asked for a letter showing my credit care was cancelled. Two weeks later, I received a letter stating my financial institute sent them a letter stating that my account has been closed that is used for online billing. I checked my checking account and my account was fine, so they did not cancel my credit card. I stayed on the phone for 45 minutes to have this card cancelled and being switched from person to person. I am frustrated with Macy's and will never shop there again.
kabrms Send email
Nov 30, 2015

Deactiveted account

As my card was never sent to me I looked up my account with the ID and SSN. I made a payment of $120 dollars (as it was a pre paid card) and by the time I wanted to make a purchase the account couldn't be found. I called the credit line, was transferred five times only to learn that the department that can fix it is open Mon-Fri. (I was shopping late on Friday) So I waited two days and called on Monday- was ON HOLD for 54 min!!!!!!!! The operator told me to call back in 30 min, I did and after being transferred three times I'm on hold AGAIN (it's 35 min now) THIS IS RIDICULOUS! If my account has been deactivated WHY was I able to make a payment on it???!!! By this time I want my money back!
knight Send email
Nov 9, 2015

Payment made to account, being rebilled to me, proof of payment sent NO RESPONCE from Macys

I paid my bill at the Memorial City Macys store, received receipt and proof it cleared my bank account. Macys said they did not receive my payment. I have contacted them by phone 4 times, email 3 times and faxed copies to the payment research office. No one can clear my account, and have not even replied to me, Awful customer Service, also said if I do not pay min fee I will be charged. IAM NOT PAYING ANOTHER PENNY. I have proof of payment, Macys need to get their act together, and realize they have lost another long standing customer.
win Send email
Oct 27, 2015

Macy's credit practices

I have not yet received a response to this letter to various Macy's corporate departments outlining a horrifying waste of time phone experience and fraudulent billing practices:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am absolutely appalled by your credit card practices. I had a zero balance in August of this year and got billed $2.00 on the next statement. I called to complain and was told it was an error and would be removed. I then received an email a month later saying I owed $4.00 and my bill was "overdue." It took me over 50 minutes to get through to a "live" agent by phone about this matter who was unable to explain the charge to me. The agent was also barely intelligible and their headset kept cutting out.

I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for 12 minutes and the agent got back on the phone and said no supervisor was yet available. I then authorized them to take $4.00 out of my checking account so I could get off the phone, and told them to cancel my account. I then shredded my Macy's card.

I used to shop Macy's fairly routinely and brought my son with me to shop there also. I will no longer go into any Macy's store, nor will any member of my family. Additionally, I will make sure all of my friends and contacts in this area in Marin County are aware of this practice of fraud.

I see numerous complaints online about this $2.00 per month charge and note, for example, a column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about this unethical billing practice. I can't believe Macy's thinks they can do something like this and not incur repercussions, and I also can't believe you think it is good practice to lose numerous customers due to trying to bilk them out of $2.00 a month. Absolutely shameful, and I would think, business-wise, it is ridiculously short sighted
bills63670 Send email
Oct 4, 2015

$2 Interest Charge

Like others, I am livid Macy's charges a minimum interest charge despite a customer carrying $0 balance. I, too, called their customer service and cancelled my card on the spot after giving them their final $4 payment. My immediate and extended family will NEVER shop at Macy's again as I feel this is a fraudulent and deceitful business practice. I will be contacting lawyers to see if a cause of action exists.
timlynngarfield Send email
Oct 2, 2015

malicious late fees and interest charges

I have also been charged late fees and interest on my Macy's credit card. I recently changed my Macy's American Express card to just a Macy's card (that is another story), so I received a new card. I guess I charged $36 or so on it 2 months ago but I never received a bill for it. Obviously, therefore, I never paid it. When I went to use my card again, it was denied because I was late on my payment. I still haven't received a bill, but I'm told my bill is now $62 because of late fees and interest. They have my correct address so it wasn't sent to the wrong address. I may sound paranoid, but I think they purposefully create situations to cause people to have to pay late fees and interest. I try to avoid using my Macy's card if at all possible because something like this always happens when I use it.

The Macy's American Express card is scam too. I signed up for a Macy's card and I didn't realize the card was also an American Express card. I accidentally used my Macy's American Express card at Target (they are both red cards). When I got the bill, I saw that is was from Macy's so I used Bill pay and scheduled a payment to my Macy's account. When I looked at the details of the bill, I noticed the charge was from Target, which was odd. Then I noticed it was a completely different account number! If I wouldn't have noticed it was a different account number, I would have been late on my Macy's American Express account and been charged a late fee and interest. Again, I swear they do everything they can to cause situations so they can charge people late fees and interest charges!!!! I wish someone would investigate them.
D.E. Freed Send email
Aug 29, 2015

Late Fee Fraud.

Did not receive paperless bill as requested and small balance of approx. $15 . After attempting to get on line to find out where the statement was and what my balance was, I was told of this late fee included in the balance. I have been unable to speak to someone in the United States to attempt to straighten out the problem and pay off my acct. to no avail. . I have no way of even canceling my card . I refuse to pay the late fee so another fee will I am sure be added. Their womens clothing that I ordered on line and have purchased in store the last year, has been so shoddy and all made out of country. I have no reason to do business with them any more. Too bad. Used to be a good store.

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