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FERDINAND Send email
Jan 28, 2017


My account was opened 3 months ago, till date I have not received my card yet. Its not acceptable at all. Bad Customer Service. My cell is 0827975938. Regards.
petrom Send email
Jan 10, 2017

fraud and unethical account granting

I petro maswanganyi with id number 8910085799080,i would like to lodge a complain or dispute against truworths.
I lost my identity document on 2011 if i remember,and i reported stolen id,and after a year,i found out that a fraud
was committed with my id through truworths,and they demand that i have to pay for the account with i never had with them.
And again they requested that i must do an affidavit an send to them,which i did,but no one got back to me.
And now i got a letter for their collection agency which is MBD,and they also confirmed that they never got updated regarding
my query.That means they didn't attending to my problem and its affecting my name and credit score also.
so it seems like truworths not interested in following my case but having blind side eye,and forcing me to pay fraudulent account.
I need to challenge this matter and be taken further.

Please kindly have a look in my case and assist me,my contacts are 063 168 4411 and my office number is 011 681 1632/1

i would really appreciate for your res ponce

Thank you
madlomo Send email
Jan 5, 2017

Rude supervisor

good morning

I went to pay my account yesterday at the Vaal Mall branch in Vanderbijlpark yesterday(04/01/2017) and decided to check the baby's department since they have a sale, and I found a baby hoody(Naartjie) and it was among the items that were on sale and it had a red markdown sticker on it for R 149.999.
I decided to buy the hoody so the cashier scanned the item but when I was about to sign I realized it scanned the wrong price so I asked him then he called someone(supervisor they say) his name is Hloni didn't even greet me or anything just said to me the sticker is on the wrong label so the item is not markdown and I'm not going to pay the markdown price.
I said to him but it has a markdown sticker and it was among the markdown items, rudely he told me I can go ahead and phone head office and I must not dictate him on how to do his job.

as far as I know a customer pays the price that's on the item and I'm not willing to pay more than R 149.99 for that item and I want it(its the only one left in the store)

can somebody please come back to me regarding this.

MS Dlomo
082 265 2953
patrick deane Send email
Dec 30, 2016

blacklisting for no reason

I have been a loyal customer for many years. Your company has blacklisted me for no reason as my account is in credit. This has a bad effect on my credit rating as I own two successful companies. After phoning to sort out your mistake I spoke to a lady by the name of Phumza Sitemela who works in Cape town at your credit department. All I can say is it was like speaking to a two year old. I find the whole situation very unacceptable as I have lost credibility with my business banking. Please advise me how you would like to proceed with this matter as I find it completely unacceptable.
pdini Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Unwanted emails

Ongoing unwanted emails received from [email protected] every other day, in spite of the response received from [email protected] last August, see below:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 29 August 2016 12:36
To: Peter Dini
Subject: Truworths
Good day,
Thank you for your email.
Kindly be advised that your request will take effect within the next 2 - 3 days as we have forwarded your query to the relevant department.
Kind regards,
Customer Services Consultant
thabilen Send email
Dec 8, 2016

truworths cellphone insurance

20 August 2016, my phone broke. I had an insurance with truworths, so went to the store and claimed. I filled in all the necessary forms and was told that my phone will be fetched from the given adress within 7 days . It was only fetched in October.
Since it was fetched for repairs, I'm struggling to get progress report. Every time I call truworths, they make me hold for hours before they can respond. When they answer, they tell me they have been trying to call me, which they have not. They say they are not sure how far they are with my phone, so they will call me back to inform me of the updates.
It's been 3 months, I have been calling every week. In those 3 months they have been deducting insurance instalments in my account, but I still don't have a phone.
Thulelenindimande Send email
Nov 7, 2016

Poor quality material

I bought a legging at Truworths in East Rand Mall around the past winter season, a month after the legging started to developed some holes at back and in one side of the leg, well i kept the legging i stopped wearing it due to the holes after three months i decided to take it to the nearest Truworths shop closer to me in Vosloorus, the lady took it and told me that they will take it for valluation if it was a factory damage or my fault, a week after the store called saying that i must go collect the legging because it is not the factory fault for it to have some holes. I got so upset about this the fact that a paid R199 for the legging and after two months i can t wear it anymore. Thule Ndimande 073 365 2252
ros1 Send email
Oct 25, 2016

no delivery 3 weeks later

I ordered something through your store for delivery. I was told it will take 5 working days. Its now 3 weeks later. My account debited. No delivery. No explanation.
Vhutshilo Send email
Oct 17, 2016

Service and quality

I bought a dress at mall on Maponya on the1st of October 2016. I only worn it once when I realise that the stitching was not well made. I went to Orange farm the store manager Nozuko said I must exchange as I didn't find the same dress I was looking for she told me I cantVh return as she can't trust any customer that comes and complain about the quality which means I might be lying. Vhutshilo Mampheu 0798611259
[email protected] Send email
Sep 29, 2016

Returned item

I bought a an Alcatel Pop Star phone on the 30 August 2016, and returned it on the 1 September 2016. The Consultant , one Lerato said the phone had scratches and I disputed that because the phone had no scratches, it was practically new because it was hardly used due to the fault. She sent the phone in for repairs since it was faulty and refused to credit it - against the policy as I was told on the buying the phone that if returned within seven days it will be credited.

It was only on the 28 September that the said Lerato telephoned and told me that the phone was exchanged for a new one and I told her that I had bought a new phone and she must credit the new one , she still refused and referred me to her manager , one Ms Hanley Le Grange who also refused to credit the new phone.

This is a terrible service , if someone does not reply to my complaint urgently , I will take this complaint further.

Khutso Masenya - 0843837747
Sep 23, 2016


I am a 62 year old lady...I have been dealing with Truworths for overs 37years. I buried by Father on the 9th September and are still
grieving from this tragic loss. I received email correspondence from Truworths on 13th September 2016 requesting an outstanding amount of R520.00 (R260.00 for the month end of August and R260.00 for the month end of September? Gee, how does this work? I paid almost double the amount I owed the last time I visited the store. Then I received a reply from their "QUERY" department stating that my query had been noted?? Ref AR93849....on 13th September. This is not a problem...I do owe money to Truworths but since then a have been harassed every morning when I start work...on my cell phone....if I don't answer this call....I am contacted on my company land line immediately.....the same it's read from a script.I am trying to recover from a traumatic experience and really don't need to be harassed on a daily basis...why am I been hounded for such a pitiful amount..I am not going to leave the country either...I will pay each and every cent I owe....but don't make me feel like an absolute criminal......MA BROWNING
Xolani Williams Send email
Sep 14, 2016


Account Number: 10100344864422 XE WILLIAMS
On 2016-06-30 I think I paid my account in full and there was no outstanding amount. On 2016-07-02 I went to Truworths stores to enquire about the account after I received a call from VVM Lawyers from Johannesburg telling me that I am owing them an amount of R600-00 of which I don't know nothing about that. One of the staff members helped me to phone without success.

Today 2016-09-13 when I arrived at home I received a letter from Van de Venter, Mojapelo informing me of the arrangements I have made to pay a sum of R1134.03 that is a balance. I never came to agreement with nobody and I cannot pay the same account twice and I requested Truworths in Zevenwacht, Cape Town to close the account with immediate effect.

Attached, find the slip I have received on the day 2016-07-02 which confirms no outstanding account. Before I can forward this matter to the ombudsman I just want to hear from you what is going on because I don't owe you anything.

Thank you

Xolani Williams
083 3134 123 / 021-360 4823
[email protected]


mampho Send email
Sep 3, 2016

small size item bought store manager doesn't want to accept and credit account

My husband Bought Some items for me at truworths store at protea glen in soweto on 01/09/2016 Around 17:00. I got home around 19:30 to receive the gift 🎁 from my hubby. Unfortunately two of the items he bought me were not fitting because of small size 34. One item was white dress and other item was a dark colour. Truworths store manager only did a credit note for white dress but didn't want to accept d dark dress had make-up stains inside , which we know nothing about the stain.items was returned the following morning to exchange size or credit amount back to account. What upsets us even d most is that the cashier and d store manager are treating us unfairly and just put this as a query. We want to be treated fairly. Because when we bought d dress no one check if d dress was stained or not but when size is a problem store check and accuses us of wearing the item. My questions is when as the item was returned the following morning and couldn't even fit me.

small size item bought store manager doesn't want  to accept and credit account

khanda Send email
Aug 29, 2016

sold a garment without a belt

Good Morning

Sometime in May 2016 I bought a dress at Truworths Rosebank mall from the Ltd Side, there were only two dresses left but different sizes, I took the one which was my size.
After I’ve worn the dress I realise that it had loops on both sides (meaning there is a possibility that it had a belt) but I didn’t pay much attention because the other dress which was left at the store didn’t have a belt as well, so I reckoned maybe it supposed to be like that.( it has a maternity look when you are wearing it without a belt so I use to wear it with a jacket in the past winter).

To my surprise I went to Sandton in Truworths the past weekend and I saw that the same dresses are back and they have belts around the waist , I went to Mall of the South and saw the same dresses with belt around the waists.

I have worn the dress already and I don’t want to take it back because I love it, but I feel I was misled as client into believing that what I bought was the complete package especially because I spend R500 on that dress.

I feel really disappointed because I paid full price for that dress which didn’t even have a belt and the sales people at Rosebank didn’t even bother to warn me or advise me that the dress was supposed to have a belt.

1. I feel that as a customer I was misled by Truworths Rosebank into thinking that the dress I was buying was complete
2. I paid the full price for that dress, and I feel I need to get the best service and wear the dress I love .
3. Truworths Rosebank was supposed to remove the dresses from the display the minute they saw that the belst were missing .

Also Truwoths Rosebank was the only place in which I saw those dresses , I think they didn’t have them yet at the other Truworths store so I couldn’t compare the dresses to any other Truworths because I hadn’t seen those dresses anywhere else,

I am very unhappy about this whole situation and I feel it won’t be easy for me to trust a product that I see first-hand at any truworths store because I might not know that it might me a reject product or something real.

Now I am stuck with a dress that oesnt have a belt and I cannot wear it summer because it needs a belt around the waist otherwise it looks like a maternity wear!!

This has really made me a very unhappy client.

The below is the information of the dress:

Style: 071
Dept: LTLW
Type: 8020
Supplier : 78388
Romantic Bay
Price : R499

I hope you will help me with my complaint .


Nokukhanya Ndaba
tel number: 0822968597
DimaMaloka Send email
Aug 22, 2016

Not Happy with Truworths

My installment on truworths is R840 but only paid R700, I received a call from then & I spoke some lady about arrangements on how I could pay since I could only afford R700 every month. I couldn't believe how I was shouted at as If I was her daughter. Once I'm done with my installments I'm closing my account & would not want anything to do with Truworths.
Posh2901 Send email
Aug 15, 2016

Bad service

I'm very appalled by the level of service received from the Truworths in Polokwane on the corner of Landros Mare. I bought a cellphone on 12-08-2016 for my daughter. In ten minutes of purchasing the mobile my daughter rang me and it turned out that the mobile I had bought was not the right one. I returned to truworths and communicated that I had purchased the wrong phone. The response I got from the staff members was repulsive. The attitude given was extremely disrepectful. I then contacted the truworths contact centre where I was assisted by a lady by the name of Lindiwe. She communicated that a mobile could be returned at the store after 7 days of purchase. I returned to the truworths store where I dealt with a lady by the name of Jane. Jane has to be the utmost disrespectful shop assistant I have ever dealt with. She told me to return the "damn phone " to a store where it would be exchanged because truworths does not do any exchanges nor does it take phones back after purchase. I'm extremely disappointed in how this matter has been addressed. I would like this matter to be addressed urgently as my daughter needs a new phone and as a parent I need to communicate with my daughter at all times
Zanelen Send email
Aug 2, 2016

MBD harasment

Good day

My name is Zanele Nyembe I have an account with Truworths, acc no 101 011 01 6620 11
Due to the fact that I was unemployed I fell behind with my payments which lead my account falling into arrears.
My account was then handed over to the MBD credit solutions by Truworths for colletions, i had no problem with that.
fortunate enough i got a job and started on the 1st of June 2016, which i explained to Truworths and MBD that i will make my payment month end June 2016 when I get recieve my 1st salary, and that I couldn't afford the full balance but i can pay a R1000 a month till i settle my account. I then made an arrangement with MBD to debit the 1st payment of R1000 on the 27th June 2016 which was done and I was happy. I was then called again by a lady from MBD mid July I again arranged with her to debit my account for 2 month being 27 July and 27 August 2016 for the amount of R1000 still because that's all i can afford, but that was not done. I was then called by another consultant from MBD towards end of July 2016, when i told her i had already arranged with somebody for a debit order she told me that was not done, i then arranged with her. This time we had arranged for 3 months, which is July, August and September but that wasn't done either. my account wasn't debited and i had arranged for a debit order. the next thing I receive threatening SMSs from MBD and Truworths, can something be done because this is unacceptable. I have transferred R700 to my Truworths
account today the 2nd of August 2016.
May I please have a competent consultant to call me so I can arrange further payments.
This whole thing is causing me unnecessary interest charges as i have arranged.

Thank you
Sonjahenning Send email
Aug 2, 2016

Melton Jacket

Good Day

After nearly waiting 2 weeks for a Jacket that I bought Fashion request 11042044 I packet my jacked for a function in Cape Town. When putting the jacket on 2 buttons just broke off. It is like cheap buttons that is unacceptable for the price that I paid for the jacket.R1200.00 Can you please give me a solution on what to do as I really like the Jacket but I had to wear a scarf to cover the broken buttons. Can you replace it or must I put on better and stronger metal buttons. Will you be able to give me credit on my account. Please let my know as soon as possible. This is the first time that I had any problems with Truworths clothing and I hope that we can sort this matter out ASAP Kind Regards Sonja Henning, Cell: 0795478833
Knott-Craig Send email
Jul 4, 2016

No Service

I am so fed up with Truworths Somerset Mall and Truworths Head Office’s service or rather let me call it the NO service. I returned a clothing item that was torn (factory fault I discovered the first time I wore it) and as they had no such item in the store. The employee assisting me promised me that she will be able to order it from another store at a cost of R40 and it will be delivered within 7 working days. I asked her a few times if she is sure I will get the item, otherwise I will take it in to get fixed. She promised and said they will call me when it arrives. That was the 20th of May. I called a few times and every time it is the same story – delivery problems, or not sure what is going on. Called probably 5 times and every time they say they will call me back. Well I am still waiting for that phone call. When I received my statement I saw that I purchased something at Malmesbury. To be honest I have never been there in my life, so I contacted Head Office to enquiry. They informed me it was the item that was ordered from that store (that happened on the 18th of May). Head Office said they will make an enquiry and get back to me. They didn’t, so I called them again. Once again they said they will get back to me within 24 hours. No surprise – that didn’t happen. So I called 3 times and I have given up. There is a charge of R520 (for the jersey which I never received) and R40 (delivery fee) still on my account, for items and services I did not receive. When are they going to correct this error on their side or just call me back??
Pathetic. I have been a loyal Truworths supporter all my life, but after this service I doubt I will never buy anything there again. They just don’t care about their clients. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Calling doesn’t help. Head Office is of no assistant and does not care.
ashwinorie Send email
Jun 9, 2016

Fashion Delivery

Fashion Delivery terrible service

I have placed an order at the Truworths in pavilion for a shirt to be delivered to my house, its been more than two weeks and i still have not received the item yet i have been charged. The last time i had ordered a sandals it took them three weeks to deliver and they delivered a shoes instead of the sandals. This is terrible service, i have called in several times to head office only to be placed on hold and transferred from one person to another. How does it take almost two weeks just to receive the item??????
madeine Send email
Apr 14, 2016

not qaulity

Style no: L100124 was purchased on 29/09/2015. Was worn for the 3rd time on 10/04:2016. When gotten home,realise the flower patern(leather) is torn. I know the policy states 30days but I would like a refund or return to be I am very unhappy with the qaulity of product. I would just like a positive outcome in satisfying my unhappiness as a client.

Please contact me on 0849291237

Regards,Madeleine Kennedy
lvlevern Send email
Apr 11, 2016


Went to the store at the V&A waterfront in cape town. When walking in the security immediately followed me and my husband like we were the only people in the store. Never felt so victimized in my life. We were actually there to purchase goods. I did verbalise to the staff that his making us feel very uncomfortable. We were not the only people in the store. Does not mean I'm colored I'm a thief. Me and husband are honest people with a honest living.
mjacob Send email
Mar 30, 2016

Account fraud

My truworths account was not used by me for a very long time, the last time I used it was to pay my account which left my account at zero, this was earlier last year and my limit was R2750 on the account and I did not authorize an increase in limit and neither did I request it, last month truworths and their collection agency contacts me to say that i owe them R8000. I informed truworths and sent an affidavit to them and was told they will look into it and in the meanwhile my credit score is terrible. My contact details have not changed for me yet unauthorized changes were done on the account. These purchases were fraudulent and truworths acts as if it was my fault that their internal controls are weak and account changes and purchases can occur without the account holders permission.
megan.coetzee88 Send email
Mar 10, 2016

29 Phonecalls in one day!!!!!!!

Seriously!!! We are not the only people currently struggling in SA and like many, yes some accounts are in arrears BUT we try and we make arrangements to do payments, which we always keep. All the other companies are friendly and understanding and accept promises to pay smaller amounts on our instalments. AT LEAST we are putting in some effort and paying something.
But Truworths, this is now RIDICILOUS!!!!! Today alone, 29 phone calls. YES 29 phone calls in one day. Every time you have to confirm all your details, explain why you cannot pay your full instalment and and and...... Truworths management, here's a tip, use the money you’re wasting on your telephone bill and develop software to record these details the first time. WHY do I have to explain my financial situation to a call centre consultant, are they trained professionals???? IF I need debt counselling, I will definitely get help. I honestly do not need lectures from illiterate rude call centre agents. I made an arrangement for a third payment this month, on Monday already, today is Thursday but they do not stop phoning, why??? I tried to explain that if these calls doesn't stop, I will most probably also be unemployed soon, what then. NO ARRANGEMENTS AND NO PAYMENTS!!!!!!!!!!. I need help, please. Can someone please advise on what I can do to make these calls stop before I lose my work because of all these private calls every single day.
mmathabo Send email
Mar 8, 2016


I am out of breath as I submit this complain to you with the hope that it will be followed up. I took out insurance when I opened my account in 1996, in /Hyde park Johannesburg. it has been a wonderful journey ever since until last year 2015 when I was retrenched, I submitted my retrenchment letter and followed up with all documents requested but to this day nothing has been done. I have been paying my account and insurance all this years and this is the treatment that I receive? what has happened to my insurance contributed throughout the years, this is daylight robbery at its best.

I have struggled to get hold of the insurance people as I never had their contact details, luckily I went online and contacted head office, and they gave me their number in Johannesburg, as im writing this email im still waiting for a response from them.

please assist
078 456 0819

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