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Constance Pienaar Send email
Aug 19, 2015


I have been a Truworths Account holder for over 30 years! I am sick and tired of the SMS's I have been receiving for the past week now informing me that my account is in arrears and that I need to pay R310 when in fact I have paid the last the 28th of July - we are now only sitting at 18 August and I have accidently shortpaid them R30!!!!!!!! Now they claim I must pay R310 IMMEDIATELY. Is this the way Truworth's treat loyal customers of 3 x decades????!!!! This is PATHETIC, UNCALLED FOR AND AGGREVATING to the 10TH degree!!! I WILL not make another payment before the end of this month before the payment is due and I will NOT TOLERATE THIS SMS ABUSE that is on-going on a daily basis!!!
melvina Send email
Jul 25, 2015

order of item and incorrect info given by all name is melvina. I have a truworths account. My son saw an adidas takkie (R750) in truworths. I then went to the Pinetown store on 17.07.15 and asked then to check whish store has size 8. They advised bridge city has a size will take 3-4 weeks to come. However I don't have enough credit to order the shoe. They said I can buy for R507 but the shoe costs more so they can't order it. I said to the cashier by the time the shoe comes I will pay the diference of R250 in my acc in order to buy the shoe. She told me point blank it can't be done. I felt lyk they were underestimating my ability to buy. The manager then advised me to go on the internet and send them an email and I will only be able to order it that wat. He also gave me the style no n type no. I foned another store and got a list of about 10 stores that have the size 8. I sent them about 2 emails on the internet and 2 emails from my email address and receive no response. I foned them on 21.07.15 and spoke to shannon at head office explaining everything and also gave her the stores that have the shoe to make their work easier. She told me that they will order the shoe n I told her the diference of R250 will be paid before the shoe comes. She even asked me where to deliver and I said Pinetown Truworths. On 25.07.15 I received 2 calls from Bank City Truworths second 1 being from Eva who now tells me my credit limit it only R292 and I need to pay R500 if I want the shoe as they cannot order it due to my credit limit. I now had to explain all over again the entire story and I was not impressed. She kept saying that every1 is giving me incorrect info, incl Shannon from head office and that I was told I have R507 credit because it was for that day only. I know that's not true cos I was given that credit limit on several occasions by diferent truworths cashiers. Even the till slip says I may still buy for R507. This is not the first time I have been misled. Previously when I opnened my acc. The cashier told me I will get my vouchers in the mail with my card. When I wanted to redeem them I was told they suppose to issue them in the store. To date I have also not received my truworths card despite several complaints to them. I am very dissapointed in the service I am receiving from truworths and their staff. All I want is for them to order that size 8 that my son wants and by the time it gets to Pinetown the balance will be paid.I also want that same credit limit of R507 that was given to me as I was not told that its only for that the way my calls at work are recorded so I will have the conversation tha shannon from head office and I had.
Mashadi Send email
Jul 24, 2015

Poor service

I would just like to express my utter, utter disappointment towards Truworths, [email protected] Carnival. I arrived at the store with my mom at around 18:45 pm, 23/07/2015. When we got there, the trellidor was half way closed and when we asked the security why was the door closed at that time he said it was because the store has closed for the day and when asked what time does the store closes, he just mumbled his words and we just entered the store. After finding the dress and blazer I was looking for, I then went towards the fitting room to fit the clothes and was told that I cannot go through as the fitting room was closed. Apparently, when the door closes, so does the fitting room. Irrespective of the store being full of customers. There were people in the store. Truworths CUSTOMERS at that. How the does that work exactly?. How do you guys expect me to purchase a clothing attire without fitting it? It wasn't even 19:00pm. Never have I ever experienced such ill service. If this is how Truworths treat its customer, then good luck. You just lost a loyal customer. By the way, the dress that I took had a tear on it. I took it because I really needed a dress ASAP. We paid at 18:58 pm.

By the way, my mom was in the store earlier looking for a dress for me. I went to the store for fitting and to make the purchase.
Heidi Birch Send email
Jul 22, 2015

Returning a gift

I have been a loyal customer of Truworths for 18 years, held an account and kept it up to date. I received a gift for my wedding / kitchen tea with the gift tag but the price obviously removed. I was not sure who I had received it from. As I am allergic to the satin material I returned it Truworths, well had the intention of returning it to Truworths and asked if I could swap it for something else. They said I had to ask the person for a receipt or a gift receipt. No other store in any other shopping centre has this policy. Futhermore, how rude is this to ask someone who gives you a gift to ask them for a receipt. I find it absolutely shocking and offensive especially for the person who has bought the gift. How are they to know your particular tastes and you do not want to offend them. I did not ask for the money back, I simply asked to swap it for something else in the store. Hence I have closed my account and will never buy from Truworths again, let them be THE only clothing store in East London I will drive to Port Elizabeth to do my shopping. Am bitterly disappointed with the service from a well known countrywide store.
Ashwin Send email
Jul 14, 2015

Refusal of buying on credit

I was at the Truworths store on Frday (2015/07/10) at Liberty Mall in Pietermaritzburg. I was refused a purchase on my card by there Head Office simply because I do not have any permananent proof of identification. I informed Amelia (the person i spoke to on the phone that everything of mines was stolen but she simply refused. I told her I had my temporary drivers licence with ID number & photo but she still refused. I asked her what happens if my ID document takes up tp 6 months to be replaced, she said I will not be able to purchase anything. I think that there service or policies just suck. I will be closing my account with them as soon as I can contact the relevant people!!!
Geraldine Ruzzier Send email
Jun 24, 2015

Call Centre Harrassment

Well I don't know how many times Truworths is going to waste my time by sending sms's to my phone. After paying my account on the 25th of every single month, one or other of their call centres will call the very next day to ask when is my next payment going to be, I don't even reply back. Use your common sense Truworths, I really wonder who does steal a persons money, me or you. Then the next sms is they have handed me over, well be my guest go ahead. Oh and don't think it ends there, then there are call centres calling from Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town all in one day, wow. Then also the clothes you purchase at Truworths, are definitely not of the best quality besides being expensive. Somebody really in Truworths does not know what the hell is going on in their accounting system. Every time someone in the call centres have a different answer to your question, when its the same question being asked every time. Makes me wonder, please CLOSE MY ACCOUNT I will never ever buy at Truworths again. They really have bad customer service
wilma Send email
Jun 12, 2015

Bad service

Good day,

i requested the settlement letter from Natasha singhn at the head office, as i had the problem with the settlement letter that i received last month. when i spoke to her over the phone she promised to send me the settlement letter before the end of the day(110615), when i try phoning her she told the consultant that she knowns that its me and she will send the settlement letter as she promised.

i went to truworths store hoping that she will send the email as promised, i waited for the letter for almost an hour hoping that she will email the letter whilst i am at the store, even now i am still waiting for the letter.

she is very rude, and unhelpfull.

my contact numbers :0733412724
Mkhize Send email
May 26, 2015

Paid up debt but not updated


7 years ago I had a truworths account, this account was supposed to be paid up and closed. However it is now affecting my bond application.
The bank has advised me to speak to truworths and provide feedback or a letter. I am really disappointed as this negligence is now affecting my life and my family.

Please can you contact me as soon as possible as I am not getting any help form you Truworths branches.

Contact No. 0766906266
Email: [email protected]
charlion Send email
May 14, 2015

complain about the product

My name is ME Mthembu.its just an hearthbroken,each time I see the blue chinos trouser I bought for my man in the shop at jubilee mall. about 2 months ago. It got fade away and look very old in just two times washing..truworths used to be the best shop..and I did hand wash with sunlight laudry soap.its not the only one I bought the others still look better
ASC Send email
May 5, 2015

Bad service

I would just like to say that I am not at all pleased with the service I received in the Truworths store.
I bought clothes from Truworths and as it did not fit I had to return them.
I went in 35 weeks pregnant with my 18 month old on my hip, stood in line, waited my turn and when I got to the front the person helping me said that they cant return my package because all the managers are busy. I asked her what does she mean? I want to return clothes that I bought at the store , how can someone not help me...
She said they are busy on the computers. I asked her so now I must wait until they are finished? How long is that going to take?
She said it is going to take very long I must come back later!
Now you see. I do not have the time to sit around and wait for someone at Truworths to decide when they are going to help me and do their job. I do not live in town and also work.
I am very unsatisfied with this type of service!
Thembekile Send email
Apr 29, 2015

bad atticude and misrepresantation in pricing

yesterday i walked in at truworths in maponya mall as i saw a shoe that i loved was on say , asked the sales rep for my size and i got it as is was the only size remaining, when i walked to the cashier to pay i was advised that the price that i saw which was R250 was not it the price is R330 and i told her that since i saw it at that price she must sell the shoe to me at that price she refused and i asked her to call her mananger. The manager told me that if i was a " Customer" i would have know that the sale starts tomorrow today at 12 and she cannot sell the shoe to me at the price that i saw.
sureya Send email
Mar 28, 2015

I ordered

I odered a jacket one week back and I seems like I'm not gonna get it and I went to truworths to ask about it but was told mybe its missing,but was told they are gonna request it help help help help I need that jacket
[email protected] Send email
Jan 30, 2015

They keep Debiting my account

On the 25 Jan 2015, I paid my truworths account at Sandton city R1500, my husband also paid my account R750. Truworths then debited my account on the 27th Jan 28th Jan and also my husbands account. I then called them on the 29th and was told there was a problem it was being sorted the money would be put back into my account within 48 hours. Which was all **** as on the 29th they deducted again from my account and also R750 again from my husbands account. Then I called was told I need to send bank statements for them to investigate. Why should inconvieniece myself when they are ******** money from me. I sent the banks statements and now waiting. Hopefully they will take this serious and do their job.
The person I sent it to's email address is [email protected] I want the R3000 you owe me back in my account and the R1500 you owe my husband back in his account stop ******** our money and making it seem like it's not a big deal. Sort you systems out and give me some proper honest service don't ****that all is sorted then I find out it's still doing the same thing and have to call you back again. Absolutely disgusted with truworths service.
mamosa Send email
Dec 31, 2014

Rudness,Bad attitude and Pathetic service

I went to truworths vaal mall on the 30 November 2014 around 14H00 to change a pair of shoes that was bought on my mom's account and when I ge to the till I was told by the operator I can not do the exchange in the absence of the account holder though I had a proof of purchase,then the operator called the supervisor and the supervisor told me the policy has changed and when I asked when because my mother was told at truworths at Sebokeng(Thabong mall)that if I don't like the shoes I can change them at any truworths branch and the supervisor instead of responding to my question she went like to the till operator in a sacarstic way“ mmm I dont want to loose my job because she wants the T shirt ,get her a manager).The store manager by the name of Simon came,I am still shocked even this morning that he is a store manager ,he was very rude,he gave me bad attitude eg when I ask him if the policy of truworths differs from store and his respond was,Its your opinion and I cannot speak on any one's behalf ,pathetic service“ininstead of assisting me he left me with the till operator and went to speak with his friends”I may not have an account with Truworths but I am a loyal truworths customer but as of yesterday I have a second thought about truworths
anneline Send email
Dec 24, 2014

poort service an return policy

i purchased an outfit from the truworths in the phoenix plaza on the 11/11/14 together with a pair off shoes. The following week i went into the store to return it an couldnt do so because i wasnt in posession off the receipt. I asked the cashier to view the prushase history but she stated that the systems where offline. the manager wasnt availlable to confirm this as he/she was too busy on what seemes a personal. I then went on the month end off november to a store in durban central and they stated that they only sell males clothing an id have to take this to the branch where is purchased it from to which i accepted. All this time no one informed me about a 30 day policy so on the 22nd i went into the same branch in phoenix an now i am told they cannot accept it due to a 30 day policy. The store manager didnt even come forward an explain, however the cashier who was like a broken record continously mention the 30 day policy: i am not someone to make an issue off something but i have no idea how you guys found this unprofessional mannaer to assit your clients. The items have never been used and further because each store has a target which is what i have heard from a sales consultant its now very difficult to return stuff. Leave alone my expierence upon visiting the big branch in durban cbd, the manager thier seems to be a maniquin because is never around the assist a single client upon my 2 hours waiting for him/her. I would like to return this clothing and i honestly i am pissed off now because off the reason why this colthing cannot be return. I am eagerly awaiting your call for some solution. My contact number is 0846253231: Id number is 8703170119086 and my name is Mrs A Naidoo. Thank you for your time going through my complaint.
mrs mavis henniker Send email
Dec 4, 2014

new faulty mtn cell phone

Mrs M Henniker. Phone 0823632489 acc 10100328667676 daughter wanted a sony m2 cell phone. I phoned truworths cavendish square on saterday 29/11/14 and ask the guy at the cell phone counter if they have. He said no, there is no stock. I ask if they will get stock in. He said he don't know, because its now festive. Without asking the manager or some one. I ask if they have the E1. He said yes. I went sunday and bought the E1. He explain that if there is something wrong with the phone within 7 days, the phone must be return to the store, and it will be replaced. Whenever my daughter use the phone it freeze and don't charge fully. On wednesday she took the phone back to truworths and told the lady at the store what is happening. She say she can't find any fault with the phone. They gonna send it to mtn for repairs. The fault must be identify in store. The guy did not explain that to me when I bought the phone. I phone the manager and complaints, the manager say, she is sorry bbut will speak to her manager in the morning. I said how can a new phone go for repairs, if it give problems in the 1st 2 days, then there is a problem with the phone. It will then give problems all the time. Mtn is the worst service provider. Truworths must end his contract with mtn and get vodacom on board. I am gonna end my account with truworths because I don't need any complications. If the customer only pay late then they phone. Gail the lady that assist my daugter at the store kept the original papers of the phone instead of making a copy. Give us the service we pay for. Treat all customers with respect. You are losing customers. I hope one of your professional staff wil give me feedback regarding this matter. Awaiting your response.
TTR Send email
Oct 20, 2014

Unprofessional debtors controllers

Payment was made to Truworths as promised. i received a call from Truworths debtors controllers the next day harnessing me as they could not trace my payment. i did give all details regarding the payment i made, controller was extremely rude. the same evening i received another call from a Truworths debtors controller harassing me and speaking to me in an unethical tone because she could not trace payment. i had to to go through all details with her for the 2nd time in one day which is totally unaceotable!!!!!! do trustworths not make notes on their system????? after all this the debtors controller cuts the call on me!!! this is not on we are the consumers who pay their salaries. this employee has no work ethic and does not know how to treat customers and should be dealt with accordingly. this service sucks!!!!!!!!
Ekebergia Send email
Oct 8, 2014

Wrong Cellphone Number

I am receiving demands via sms for payment on an account which I do not have.
bev Send email
Sep 28, 2014


Sept 20th I called truworths customer service to complain about the goldfield mall truworths store.How I was insulted by their rude store manager.I was told I be contacted with ref no17434 til this day still no hear of truworths my item is still left at store waiting for area manager call.unfortunately I am forced to go in that store as I luv the product and had no idea why the staff in that store is so dis engaged with customer as the leader has no sense of customer service.Confronts a customer with hand on hips with such an attitude and bad body languge made it feel lk I am the 1 been difficult I really felt insulted and embarress infront of customers.her behaviour was un acceptable she must control her odds instore and nt make it the customer problem.
kimmy.reddy Send email
Sep 5, 2014

gift delivery order

So i ordered a gift through the online delivery service on Wednesday morning.

1. I did not get an email confirming my order - just a pop up to say my ordered had been submitted
2. My order does not even show on ur online system - it shows as - "no orders"
3. Today - Friday - I phoned he call centre. A lady answer (I HAVE THE CALL AS MY CALLS ARE RECORDED) - I explained how disappointed I was in urls service, she cared a dam, didnt even apologize. Just told me to hold on - she is checking for my order.
4. Came back on the line - said she is still checking - put me on hold
5. came back - said the order is dispatched and will be del today or tomorrow


UR SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MMelissa Send email
Jun 18, 2014

Accounts deparment

To whom this may concern

I sent my account query online AND to [email protected] to NO Avail.

On Tuesday 27 may 2014,I paid R190 as per my account statement.

On the 9th of June, I received an sms that my account is in arrears - which I wasn't aware of.

On Friday, Friday 13 June 2014, I completed an additional payment anyway of R250 just in case.

How is it possible for my account in arrears and my statement didn't reflect arrears on 27 th May?

Why does your collections centre still phone me saying that my account is still in arrears after the 2nd payment too?

And lastly, the customer services is terrible as it's taken almost a week for

any of you consultants to return my call.

Please advise urgently and have a accounts manager contact me. Or provide alternative email address.
CliffordlionelDamons Send email
Jun 11, 2014

Warranty Assessment

I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 on account in Dec 2013. And on 14 May 2014 i handed in the handset with all its accessories as required for a warranty assessment. The lady that helped me ticked all including battery, earphones. usb charger, normal charger. After signing the form i was advice that it will took about 2-3 weeks. I visited the store on 31 May 2014 to follow up as i heard nothing since the 15 May. I was then advice that there was a call back on the phone as the battery was missing. The contacted me on my number but spoke to my wife during which she was advice that we need to bring in the battery. During my visit at the store on 31 May i nformed that it was the first time heard they looking for the battery and that they did speak to my wife about it. It was just strange that both me and my wife are working and each one has a cellphone. I was then advice that i must call the following Monday to speak to the lady dealing with MTN. On Monday, 02 June 2014, i visited the store again. The lady of MTN was there who attended to my query. She confirmed that she called my number and but spoke to my wife on both occassions asking that we should return the battery asap as MTN rejected the claim. I assured the lady that i handed everything as the battery was one of the defects that i recorded. She assured me that the store dont have my battery. I feel it strange that the form was ticked in my prescence the battery was included in the box, but somehow when she wanted to submit the warranty to MTN is was suddenly not there. She again said both the times she phoned me, she left a message with my wife. A bit strange that every time they try to contact me, she end up speaking with my wife during working hours. We worked at different companies.
Neverheless i again told that Truworths lost the battery and they should take responsibility. She then advice that she will talk to higher powers and try and secure a battery in order to re-submit the warranty assessment. To date no one have contacted me. This is unacceptable from Truworths. What if MTN rejects the claim due to prescription. What then. They should either replace it with a new handset or alternatively take it off my account. As i will not spend any additional cost on this phone. Clifford Damons
antoinette de greeff Send email
Feb 16, 2014

frustrating continuous smsses

My son get constant messages on his Namibian cellphone number for a Ms. Murokua who apparently lives in Lotus River south africa. He took it up on numerous occasions even with heaf office in CT. I also phoned CT several times. SA have 081 tel numbers. If it is a namibian acc it is 0026481 and SA 002781. Is it so hard for Truworths to understand it. Also thi ms murokua's account was in arrears yet she get more credit. What can we do to stop the smsses.

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