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Consumer complaints and reviews about POS MALAYSIA

briancfk Send email
May 15, 2017

Attemp Fail

I am able to track my parcel but with status ATTEMPT FAIL (11/5/2017)
The detail is Unsuccessful delivery. Please contact 1300300300 Delivery on the next working day
The recipient is a house wife that always at home, and I check with her already, she didt go out on that day as well
Why can get the status of ATTEMPT FAIL? and without and CARD???
Usually if fail to delivery, pos laju will drop a card to the mail box, but, nothing at all
Until today, the recipient call me of the status, then I only check the status, then only know about this
davy.lim Send email
May 14, 2017

Self Collect Counter Service Bad

My parcel EH412660664MY was arrived on 12/5/17 but i only able to track on 13/5/17 via tracking website. Online Tracking mentioned parcel arrived at 8.30am 12/5, I went collect on 13/5 due to website only update on 13/5.

At counter , after inform the man at counter the consignment note, they ask to write down delivery address after long que, i inform the man at counter i am using poslaju center address because my residential is empty day time. Then i wait for another 1 hour and seeing all people behind me taking their parcel and go, i ask again tbe counter person but i was ignored like idiot.

Lastly i keep showing the online tracking mentioned the parcel is delivered, together with the consignment note. Then a man at counter mention come again on monday because it is yet sorting out.

Please be kind to upgrade your service, dont give excuses that your side are busy etc, because we pay for the service, and your side should be thankful to us who collect parcel ourself because we are directly reduce your side's workload.

Thank you!
Narita Send email
May 12, 2017

Bad Service !

My POS tracking # EH 55 096 467 2MY. 11th May 08:12am out for delivery and at 11:52am updated as UNSUCCESSFUL while my customer is waiting at home for the whole day. I really think POS Laju is actually hiring bunch of lazy postmen, they said they'd reached the house but seriously they not! Because if they do, my client must get the notification card but she hasn't! She'd paid so much but still need to collect by herself. Embarrassing service by Pos Laju. But, in the end, do POS Laju really take into account all these complaints? Because it just keep happening here and there.
zura95 Send email
May 11, 2017


I ordered an item from kedah . i checked my tracking nmber and it shows the item dispatched out since 8 may , 3 days already and i cant see any update . i wonder what happened to my parcel .
Qibil Send email
May 11, 2017

Consignment dispatch out from transit office??

why still consignment dispatch out from transit office at shah alam??
PutrichomeL Send email
May 9, 2017

Hotline as a bitch line ever

The hell are u having a hotline number or office number but cannot be connected to ur staff?? U have to hire a lot of service officer la... Bodo punye pos laju... 3 hari call x angkat.. Pg mati la. How can i trcked my post parcel after check it through the website if ur not answering the phone call?? Please, upgrade ur system
yyz Send email
May 6, 2017

extra charge of post

The motorbike was sent to melaka but the person to receive was unable because they send later than a week, which was promised. They called and mentioned of extra fee charge for parking after not collecting it for a week. They said no one can take the bike no matter how and they are charging RM5 per day. Now we have to pay extra RM300 to get the bike after a few weeks.
CherylBeverley Send email
May 5, 2017

Parcel sent to the wrong state and address

I ordered a wig on lelong on Thursday, 27 April 2017 and the item was shipped out on the same day from Poslaju Jitra in Kedah with Tracking No. EM767970213MY and it was supposed to arrive in Poslaju Kuching and then to my address in KOTA SAMARAHAN, Sarawak within the next 3 working days. However, by Thursday, it still hasn't arrived yet and when I called the customer service hotline, they said it was sent to KOTA KINABALU in Sabah and said they need to make a report about it.

The seller wrote down the correct address as shown in the attachment.

I really like using Poslaju since it has always been fast and very effecient for me but this time, it was really disappointing. I hope Poslaju can have better management to improve their services.

Parcel sent to the wrong state and address Parcel sent to the wrong state and address

csw Send email
May 2, 2017

Serious racist & Service SLOW

I went to KLIA Poslaju to buy stamp this morning at 9.10am. The staff Cik Nur Anita Binti Zulkefli asked me to queue. I'm ok to queue for 35minutes for a stamp, however, during the time I queueing, she sold a stamp for a Malay woman without asking her to queue. My friend ask reason from her why Malays no need queue but is a must for Chinese. And she din reply the question and ask my friend continue to queue. Poslaju please take action on this! How can this happened? Is a very serious matter!

Serious racist & Service SLOW

Dean Jo Send email
Apr 28, 2017

Service too slow! Very slow!

How come need wait for more than 1 hour to wait foe few people? But the staff keep chatting and ignored everything? Did the poslaju pay for the staff? It seem like the staff waiting for salary and stop working. Such a bad experience and service. Disappointing!
hannahsoo Send email
Apr 26, 2017

Unsuccessful deliveries too many times

When I track my stuff it said its out for delivery but then after waiting until the end of the day, it stated that its an unsuccessful delivery, AGAIN?? What is the point of me giving my address if it keeps telling me to call customer service? I either have to pick it up at post office or have to wait another 2-3 days for the stuff i ordered, and that is on a good day. This is already the third time. I had to wait a week for my item and plus another 3 pointless days​ for my stuff just recently last time. Its very inconvenient. Unless there's a tornado or an actual serious problem for you not to be able to send my stuff, then its not okay. Annoying. Please improve!!!
Jitender Upadhyay Send email
Apr 22, 2017

Pending parcel date 9/4/17

Tracking number RS572960482CN and two tracking number RQ115386124my is pending order not send air bags please information my order information my email
Gokool Send email
Apr 21, 2017

Is there really a call centre?

There are many incidents that I'm trying to give a call to the customer service centre but I have never success to have the chance to talk to anyone. The operator is always busy, wait for 5 minutes also none entertain my call. Is this a sign proving that POSLAJU really has a poor service until the operators are all super busy or the operator simply dare not to pick up the call?

Kindly improve the service plse!!!!!!
rachely Send email
Apr 20, 2017


Similar incident has been happened many times, but this time I can't be patient anymore.
I was at home, but the dispatch was very lazy, don't even press the door bell, they use to drop a undelivered card in my letter box & left!!!
On 18/4 afternoon, I saw a undelivered card left by a dispatch mobile no 019-2761540 again, I called him at 4:25pm to request 2nd delivery but he can't promise what time can deliver, and said will deliver between 8am-5pm on 19/4, so I waited at home during these 9 hours. At 10:07am, he sent me a message to collect the item at Poslaju Bangi !!!! I replied him saying I will make complaint against his bad service, he called me two times to scolding me "bodoh" & threatening me!!! (message & voice record attached)


rachely Send email
Apr 20, 2017

Despatch VERY RUDE & LAZY!!!

Similar incident has been happened many times, but this time I can't be patient anymore.
I was at home, but the dispatch was very lazy, don't even press the door bell, they use to drop a undelivered card in my letter box & left!!!
On 18/4 afternoon, I saw a undelivered card left by a dispatch mobile no 019-2761540 again, I called him at 4:25pm to request 2nd delivery but he can't promise what time can deliver, and said will deliver between 8am-5pm on 19/4, so I waited at home during these 9 hours. At 10:07am, he sent me a message to collect the item at Poslaju Bangi !!!! I replied him saying I will make complaint against his bad service, he called me two times to scolding me "bodoh" & threatening me!!! (message & voice record attached)

Despatch VERY RUDE & LAZY!!! Despatch VERY RUDE & LAZY!!!

FONG Send email
Apr 20, 2017

Damn SerVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is my address not clear enough?
my stated address is clearly enough and even the postman dont know the address can using google map or waze.
my address and the place that have been delivered is so damn far.
and the postman dont know how to press the door bell?
is my door bell not big enough and he cant saw it?
already 3 times in 2 months these suck things happen.
and the postman just shouting poslaju poslaju in front my gate. you though can someone hear it?
now my parcel still on the others people hand. how you gonna solve it?
maslina Send email
Apr 19, 2017


Saya telah dimaklumkan oleh pihak RHB bank yang mereka akan menguruskan penghantaran nombor T pin perbankan internet melalui pos ke rumah saya. Pada hari ini seorang pekerja poslaju telah menelefon saya untuk menghantar dokumen berkenaan dengan nombor t pin tersebut. Tiada sesiapa di rumah. Jadi pekerja poslaju ini telah memaklumkan bahawa dia akan meletak dokumen di bawah pintu depan rumah saya. Dia telah mengambil ic nombor saya. Saya sangka dia telah meletakkan dokumen tersebut. Bila saya balik, tiada. Bila saya telefon pekerja tersebut banyak kali dia tidak angkat telefon. Ini satu perkara yang amat mengecewakan.

Renugah Send email
Apr 17, 2017

Parcel Not Delivered

I was extremely disappointed with Poslaju service in delivering my package.
Poslaju despatch person did not make an attempt to deliver the item where there is no tracking card or note left at home (there were people at home) and claiming that attempt made but delivery were unsuccessful..

Upon query on why no call were made, there wasn any feedback to justify

I had to go over to kepong pos laju to self collect the parcel.
Service not done right and rude attitude,
To the management......kindly check on every delivery and if the unsuccessful delivery remarks are genuine or not!!
Wansarah Send email
Apr 14, 2017

Barang tak sampai

Kenapa postlaju tidak call terlebih dahulu nombor yang ada disitu sebelum menyerahkan barang tersebut kepada penerima. Pastikan orang postlaju yang hantar barang tersebut mestilah mintak ic. Kerana barang saya tidak sampai ke rumah dan bila saya check onlime baramg itu sudah sampai dan diterime oleh orang yang tidak dikenali. Bahkan saya pergi ke postlaju utk check siapa yang terime barang tersebut dan saya mengambil ic beliau. Saya sangat marah pada orang postlaju kerana terlalu cuai dalam membuat tugasan yang diberikan.

No tracking: EN8366669902MY
Ic yang terime : 870310-08-5777.

Pastikan pekerja postlaju tidak cuai dan sila call terlebih dahulu onwer barang sebelum menyerahkan barang kepada penerima. Jika saya tidak dapat barang saya balik. Pihak postlaju harus ganti rugi sebanyak RM75.
nodoka0 Send email
Apr 11, 2017

Parcel Not Arrive Even Using Same Address!!

I order an Item to my place with the usual Address. Usually the parcel is arrived but this one said ADDRESS NOT FOUND. The tracking number is this:


I try to contact the poslaju but no one answer it. Try so many times also no one answer. Wasting out my balance. If I go to poslaju brickfield i will wasting 26RM for grab only to pickup 50RM item.

WTF with the service?? Last time they send the parcel with the same address, now address not found. Cant call customer service. This poslaju service is 'WORSE OF THE WORSE'.
Aisyahnikki Send email
Apr 10, 2017

Customer service

Layanan yang sungguh respect for people...
Grace Chuah Send email
Apr 8, 2017

Always no delivered parcel

This is the 4th times I have no received any calls or any message from the postman to ask me to collect the parcel! Even they already reach my guard house also didn't ask my security to call us to pick up just drop the pick up card or even NO drop any card to us to collect the parcel! PLS DON'T TELL US THE ADDRESS IS WRONG OR CONTACT IS WRONG! IF YES, AT LEAST GIVE US A CARD TO COLLECTION! How many times we need to keep waiting?! Pos office you are collecting people so much money but give people SUCK SERVICE!
whatsittoyou Send email
Apr 8, 2017


I do not understand why you do not call the receiver when you have arrived. Most of the time our phone numbers are written on the parcel. You can't expect people to be home all the time and be able to pick up the parcel ourselves during the day as some of us have work and you close at 5.30. The fact that you close during the first week of every month if it falls on the weekend is troublesome as well. I had my parcel returned to the owner because I couldn't pick it up on time and the only time I could pick it up is during the weekend and had to wait a week extra because you close. My tracking number is invalid too because the dispatcher wrote the number wrongly and when I contacted the HQ all you had to say was you, yourselves couldn't find the parcel and told me to liase with the specific branch whom never picked up my calls though I called a dozen times. I found out on my own that the tracking number was invalid because of the final 2 digits that were written in the wrong order. But the rest of the numbers were correct and you still couldn't just see the parcel that resembles my tracking number 99% and see if my name is written on it or not?
All you did was say, "sorry we couldn't find the parcel, please contact the branch". That is all you had to say? What kind of job are you running here.

On a serious note, tell all your pos laju dispatcher to CALL when you are at the front door (if there is a number written there obviously) In my lifetime I only had 1 pos laju guy who always calls when he arrives. Too bad I don't know his name. He should be an example.
Ruslan Denik Send email
Apr 8, 2017

Parcel is lost

the problem is that I was not at home when courier wanted to give me my parcel. Since that moment the catastrophe has started. I cannot reach my parcel anywhere and the status says I have received it. The courier was highly irresponsible, and I don't know why he put my name as a receiver, although I DID NOT RECEIVE MY ITEM....

So now, I cannot either reimburse my money or take my parcel back. The courier's number is +6019-267-25-68.
I'm not local here, so for me, It's a bit difficult to figure this out.
Item number: 346791238
Tracking number: EM959995770MY
The number on the slip: R5373263964CN(M)
My phone number: 0184717145

Jitender Upadhyay Send email
Apr 7, 2017

Is pending parcel Malaysia airport customs office

Pending data 25/3/17 to not transfer Mumbai airport customs office please fast delivery and tracking number LP00067145744635 please contact domestic post office

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