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abu80 Send email
Feb 24, 2017

wrong information / late delivery

Barang saya sepatutnya delivery pada 22.2.17..satu hari sy tunggu kat rumah barang tidak delivery..bila sy tracking update unsesseful delivery..WHY???..sedangkan saya ada kat rumah.Esok hari nya 23.2.17 apabila sy balik kerja pada jam 8 mlm ada noted dlm letter box mengatakan penghantaran tidak mesti ke pejabat pos Salak tinggi untuk mendapat kan barang tersebut..kenapa Noted berkenaan tulis date 24.2.17..Sedangkan sy terima noted tersebut pada 23.2.17..apabila sy pergi ke pejabat pos tadi 24.2.17, mereka kata barang sy belum sampai..mereka cakap sy terima noted tu pagi ini 24.2.17..WHAT THE HELL OF terima noted tu semalam..kenapa bertarikh hari tidak puas hati kerana mereka cakap noted itu pagi ini..pagi ini sy ada kat Rumah..posmen pun belum sampai kawasan INI..Macam ini ker pos laju beroperasi..kami bayar utk penghantaran pos laju buat APA..besok sy bekerja..tak boleh ke pejabat pos laju..pos laju buka half day.tak sempat..Ahad tutup..hari isnin baru boleh ambik..hampir seminggu jugak..Pos Lembab..Bukan nya Pos Laju..

wrong information / late delivery wrong information / late delivery wrong information / late delivery

Aida222 Send email
Feb 24, 2017

wrong deliver

Hello sir, my parcel (EH451592011MY) have being send to UNKNOWN PERSON. I have report this issues at facebook but their respond are disappointing and they ask me to make report here. Please take responsibility for this issues. I paid for that item. Thank you.
HaileyJong Send email
Feb 23, 2017

Pos Malaysia: Parcel lost

Refund an item to Lazada warehouse on 16.01.2017, until to-date Lazada refund department still not yet receive the item and they're unable to refund to me. I went to Pos Laju office to clarify, the customer service personnel told me its might be the refund form flew away while transit and so on~ so, they said will do an inspection and give me a feedback.

Check the tracking everyday, the status never been updated. Don't know where is the parcel now~ no feedback and update.

Been waiting, thus, i email to [email protected], there is a lady called me and she just double confirm the details with me and NO feedback already. I called customer services no. 03-2267 2267 and the lady said ask me called 1-300-300-300, push here and there!

I am so fed up with their services! So disappointed to Pos Laju service!

Pos Malaysia: Parcel lost

StagMike Send email
Feb 22, 2017

Lazy Postman

I today received a periodical magazine delivery by being stopped by the gatehouse security as the postman had left this and a letter with them rather than come into the Leisure farm estate and deposit in my mail box, What kind of BS is this???

I don't think it is legal to leave mail with a 3rd party, both the letter and magazine were correctly and clearly address and the house is easy to find with clear road signs and a number on the house also clearly displayed. When I call up the local Gelang Patah office I of course just get fobbed off, and then the phone goes dead!!
Lim Yen Khim Send email
Feb 17, 2017


I had order 3 items from the company Angelland.
The 3 tracking no as below:-
1) EN814898214MY
2) EN814898625MY
3) EN814898245MY

I had received the item one very fast. And expected another 2 items delivered to my house. But wait until today, the two item still not sent to me.

I had called up the helpline to check, the person inform me that the item had been sent back to Butterworth , and ask me to go self pickup at Butterworth Branch.

I informed him why I did not received ANY NOTICE or telephone from Penang POSLAJU for self collection at Penang. He said is my responsibility to check with Poslaju Penang for self collection, And not the postman resposibility, as the Postmans do not have telephone allowance. It is not acceptable, as I had paid the cost, then I need to follow up myself.

It is not fair to me, as I did not informed my your Penang Poslaju for the delivery/self pick up.

Please assist me to investigate.
Joel Chan Send email
Feb 10, 2017

PosLaju, Pos express

Pos Express, should be send in my house dropbox @7 FEB 2017, but until now @ 10 Feb 2017, i did't receive it yet. And today 10 feb 2017, i went to (11, Jalan Industri PBP 11, Taman Perindustrian Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia) for claiming my stuff, but the staff at the store said the item already delivered to my house, but i didn't get it, my item was lost. Not to trust PosExpress, they have no responsibility.

PosLaju, Pos express

Myra Mastura Send email
Feb 8, 2017


Saya pos barang guna poss laju total caj rm6.++ kne extra caj total around rm15.++ dia cakap sebab barang kaca la bagai,sebab dah x sempat nak hantar sendiri di sebbakan busy kerja so guna la cara express esokkan hari nya trace number yg d bagi "unsuccessful" so try call 1300300300 tu tapi mak aiiii lama glerrrr nk angkat nseb baik pakai fon company tu pun x call lagi sama jugak..ble dapat call mintak buat 2nd delivery,hari ke2 esoknya maybe dia nk buat 2nd delivery tu tapi posmen tu call sy bising2 cakap "nak anta barang ni,ade ke tak" what????saya dh start marah dah,actually dia kne call penerima not me right?then bila I trace sekali lagi dalam system also "unsuccessful" then kene collect sendiri. Hari ke3 tu nasib baik saya cuti so bole la p amik,sebelum p amik tu call saya call dlu nak double confirm amik parcel tu kat mne?customer service lelaki cakap based sy punya ni parcel (saya ada bg number suruh dia trace) kne collect dekat seksyen 24,area kpj shah alam so saya pun pergi la,saya dh p sana amik nombor giliran,kat kaunter cakap saya punya parcel bukan collect kat sini tapi dekat seksyen 14 area PKNS demmmmmmm dhlh hujan guruh lagi..bila pergi seksyen 14 org kat kaunter mintak saya tunjuk ic,lepastu dia tnya mne penerima?saya cakap la saya on behalf..ishhh dh jadi 2x keje,pdahal saya nak pos brg tu ke uitm shah alam je pun..
so for what saya bayar service charge semua tu? bayar mahal2 tapi service hampehhhh..


kumara82 Send email
Feb 8, 2017

Long delivery time

Why does a parcel posted at 8am from Shah Alam on a working day, takes 2 days or more for delivery to Ulu Kelang area? If not mistaken, it should be the next working day. My parcel was checked in twice at the Batu Caves Pos Laju on 2 different days, for what reason? If it checked in at 7am, shouldnt it be delivered the same day? Why was it checked in again the next day? If post laju cannot maintain their standards, I will complain to a higher authority. This is not the first time Pos Laju Batu Caves is causing this problem. If it's a problem with staffing, then the supervisor should bring it up and request more staff. There is a reason why we pay for Pos Laju services and its because we expect the parcels to reach us in a short amount of time. If this is the case, i would have paid for regular post. Stop giving excuses, and get off ur backsides to do some work.

A disgruntled customer.
cytan12345 Send email
Feb 6, 2017

Worst Service Ever

I was expecting a parcel from Poslaju, was waiting at home for the whole day for it, in the end i received a slip saying that "no one at home" from Poslaju. Then, I called the helpline and changed the address to my office, then when check the parcel status online, it says "address not available". I called the helpline again, the person told me to go self collect at the PJ Post Office. He provided me numbers of the office to double check before going to collect, however, no one answer the calls for the whole day. Even the postlaju helpline people said they tried to check for me but no one answer their call. So even Postlaju helpline people cannot contact the PJ Post Office themselves. So they suggested me to walk in, and then I did. Then they tell me the item is shipped out at 930am, but when I called at 10am same day, they asked me to walk in to collect, great. Then I back to office and waited for delivery again, then 3pm they said "address not available" again. They cannot even contact the postman to ask what is the problem. So now they ask me to walk in again after 630pm to collect the item, or else it will be thrown away because the parcel have been too long (since 27th Jan until today 6th February 2017). I have waited day after day for this parcel and I still havent received it, and now they told me it will be thrown away! Thanks for the great service!
Agnes17 Send email
Jan 26, 2017

Empty Promises of Pos Laju Malaysia

Dear Pos Laju Malaysia,

U said that contract customer don't have to line up to hand in the parcel. However, your Sekinchan branch post office staff requested me to line up even I had shown her that I'm a contract customer. Two times I went there and being treated this way. I'm feeling being fooled and bullied, and really very angry and disappointed. Is it because its a Kampong area so they provide poor services here? I really can't accept your poor services and the staff's attitude!
ResponsibleCity Send email
Jan 25, 2017

Failed to entertain phone call

At the beginning,the call was said toll free..I had call more than 10 minutes and my balance showed a deduction more than RM5. The issue wasnt about the cost,it was about how the Pos Laju would care about their customers.Imagine one person calling would cost rm5 just to ask simple thing from the customer service,what would it be if there are 10 more calling being made?Easy money yah..I've tried called so many times,the operator said the officer were all sad.what a bad service!
TEVY CHEW Send email
Jan 21, 2017


18/1 call pos laju ON DEMAND PICK UP SERVICES 1300-22-5258 references number BO69452, told me pick up on 2pm-7pm, until 730pm not coming.

19/1 call 1300-22-5258 again and check why 18/1 no pick up, the officer told that the pick up is successful, then i say NOT, THEY TOTALLY NOT COMING FOR PICK UP, and they give me another references number BO75217. until 7pm still no pick up services at all.

20/1 call 1300-22-5258, they apologies and say will replace the pick up services, then they give me POS LAJU CHERAS CONTACT 03-92825463. i wait until 6pm see no pick the item, so i make a call to 1300-22-5258 , the references number is PL 4073958.SAY 9AM -12PM WILL PICK UP. and told I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTMENT, HOW CAN THEY JUST ASK ME SEND MY STUFF TO NEAREST POS OFFICE, IS 20/1 THEY STIL NO COMING FOR PICK UP?

Jan 14, 2017

Failed to deliver my documents

Pos Malaysia nowadays are not delivering on time, my international parcel which consist with important documents lost due to their irresponsible attitude over me. the person in-charge at counter are useless they don't even know how to treat customers (don't care attitude). however, I have sent my documents on 30th dec 2016 and it is being said that it often take 5 days to deliver. still i am unable to get the documents and it may lost, said the person in-charge. the help line 1300300300 is basically useless. nobody picks your call up. even they are not agreed to compensate me for the lost.

The worst service
tks Send email
Jan 13, 2017

Postmen kurang sopan

13/01/17, barangnya sampai (rengit) dan selamat hantar ke rumah saya pada jam 2 lebih, terima kasih post laju.
Pada masa itu ,kemungkinan mama saya ada dalam bilik air tak dengar suara HON MOTOR postmen tu, apabila mama saya keluar bilik baru tahu ada POSTMEN sudah ada d depan rumah saya, Postmen itu dengar nada suara kuat dan tinggi, " MAU BARANG TAK ?..kenapa mau kurang ajar dan kurang sopan sama seorang tua yang berumur 70 macam nie ? adakah ini cara dan sikap perlu ada di seorang psotmen? kalau penat sangat, malas mau bekerja, berhenti aja jadi postmen.
zack.zabri96 Send email
Jan 13, 2017

Timing arrival

Dear Sir,

May I know what actual timing arrival for Pos Laju Parcel?

The process as follows;

10 Jan 2017 item posted over the counter at 12:52:57pm
10 Jan 2017 item dispatched out
10 Jan 2017 item Consignment received and processed
form posting at post Officers at 6:53.00PM
10 Jan 2017 item dispatched out form Kota Damansara at 9:20:15pm
11 Jan 2017 No activity
12 Jan 2017 Arrive at delivery facility at 8:40:35am
13 Jan 2017 still at the same place

I'm refer to the above, until 13 Jan 2017 at 11:50:00am. The item still
not arrived.

My question is, Why Pos Laju Malaysia taking 4 days to delivery the item?

Hopefully, I will get the item by today.

Thank you.

SZJ Send email
Jan 12, 2017

Parcel never arrived

A parcel was sent but neither the recipient nor the sender were informed as to what happened to it.

The recipient who is a housewife at home all day never saw a postman bringing the parcel. A card for recipient was not left even if postman arrived at night (highly unlikely).

Upon tracking the parcel, it was left at the local post office in Puchong but the recipient was NEVER told or informed.
The parcel has now returned to sender's local post office but the sender was NOT INFORMED either.
I guess Poslaju seems to think we are all psychics and customer service is at the bottom of its priority.

Never again using Poslaju.
kumar morkan Send email
Jan 11, 2017

Poslaju man very lazy

hi all,

This reply never answer any of my question. this is very clearly showing that whoever reply this email never read this email carefully.

i never said that i lost my post but a efferent issue.

i think i have bring this issue to a higher level to get a justification.

thank you for your help so far

Kumar Morkan
From: Customer Care <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, January 8, 2017 1:41 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: unsatisfactory service // EM725456957MY // kumar morkan [#8340]

Dear Mr / Ms ,

We thank you for your e-mail dated 19/12/2016.

First and foremost, please accept our apology for the inconvenience may have caused you.

Kindly be informed that the item number EM725456957MY has been successfully collected by recipient on 19/12/2016 and collected by KUMAR A/L MORKAN. Kindly refer attachment :

We thank you for your feedback and comments. For more information on Pos Malaysia’s products and services, please visit

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



Muhammad Syawal Sayuti

Email & Social Media

Pos Malaysia Contact Centre


--Original Message--
From: [email protected]
Date: 12/19/2016 02:26 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: unsatisfactory service // EM725456957MY // kumar morkan


Continues unsatisfactory service

i am Kumar Morkan

Referring to above tracking number i have been fooled by poslaju dispatch person.

i was waiting for this parcel for past 3 days without proper sleep after came back from night shift duty.

finely i realize that this poslaju person have updated a false status that

18 Dec 2016, 05:19:00 PM Unsuccessful delivery. Please contact 1 300 300 300 Addressee not available Caw. Serahan Skudai - JB4
what does this mean ? is he mean that no one is at home ? if no one is at home, he should have left a
ops notes but he didn't ? correct me if i am wrong .

No 1. - i am 100% sure no poslaju man came to my address since i am awake till 6 pm waiting for this parcel.
No 2 - He updated a false status and i was waiting blindly.
No 3 - This made many incontinence a: i have to stay awake for 3 days but wasted.
b: i called poslaju customer care wasted another RM 6+ but line always busy.
c : i have wasted my time and patrol to go to poslaju skudai and waited almost 1 hour to collect.

so for ALL THIS INCONVENIENCE i demand A RETURN explanation and a compensation.

for your kind information i face the same service issue 4th time in last 6 months.
i paid for poslaju to send item to my doorstep and not to collect at poslaju counter.

should this email not been reply within 5 working days i will escalate this case to higher level.

eg : consumer association,KDN, Media, Social media and etx.....

waiting for your reply

kumar morkan
mejaflora Send email
Jan 11, 2017

unable to reach for redelivery request

I have been trying to call Pos Malaysia for days to request for redelivery since 4 Jan and no one is picking up the hotline number. I email 3 times and no one reply, it has been more than a week! How am I supposed to ask you to redeliver??? I paid 8 rm to the seller for courier service, so is it fair that I go down all the way to pick it up? How is your service suddenly so lousy???
Heng Send email
Jan 10, 2017

Parcel lost? Failed to collect parcel

Kindly check the parcel as below,
Tracking no postlaju malaysia :EH192125347MY

How come the parcel never been send out?
Normally postman will delivery parcel on time.
Except delivery unsuccessful .
However shown as collect in post office Kapit, but when try to collect in Po Kapit, staff said the parcel is not there.
Then, where is the parcel actual location? Is it lost?
Why the track history is shown the parcel in the post office Kapit?

Parcel lost? Failed to collect parcel

AbigaelleLaroux Send email
Jan 9, 2017


Since last time I've been complaining that the pos laju posmen never deliver the item to your hand and your house, instead they left a notice to ask you to go collect by yourself at branch!! Today it happen again! The posmen call and in a very rude way that I'm annoying him to send my thing! Hello, I literally pay for your service and salary okay? And he ask me where am I and I said I was home. I told him to send it to my home, and he said he can't leave the van alone!! WTF?! It's not like I'm staying in 101 floor but 3rd floor with lift facilities! How lazy and terrible your service is!!! I don't really thing pos Malaysia will improve it thou cause its a century laziness! No cure!!
Joyce Ting Send email
Jan 8, 2017

Tracking number cannot find out

My tracking number: EH277059612MY. Sender mentioned poslaju sibu already send out by last week, however until today I still cannot found this record from poslaju system. One week ago? Where my parcel?
Tethm9 Send email
Jan 5, 2017

Mail box box

I sent my mum an envelope with three greeting cards inside in, matter of fact it is a P. O.Box and what happen, it is kind of funny and rude that the staff open her mail box , and emptied the mail box, so my mum ask why did you removed my items, the reason is oh you did not pay, so according to my mum she said the rules is you have to have an invoice sent to you then you can pay,
Really wow , that is a stupid thing to do , so if your staff is very lazy

I would like to say something I am staying in USA and several times I have been sending things that she never received, it is very dishonest for you Pos office staff us very dishonest,
KK5210 Send email
Jan 3, 2017

Tracking number cannot found

My tracking number: EM723380535MY. Sender mentioned poslaju cheras has collected this parcel on 22nd Dec, however until today I still cannot found this record from poslaju system. I have tried to contact poslaju but no answer. Today finally poslaju HQ has answered my call, but they are requesting this and that, at the end unable to assist me as well. I don't know why paying so much on postage fee but we received this kind of servic. Poslaju is definitely poor in their service. I would rather go for other courier service in future. I wish I can get update from poslaju on my parcel status.
XOX112 Send email
Dec 31, 2016

Pos Ekpress

Poor service attitude
XOX112 Send email
Dec 31, 2016

Pos Ekpress

Expecting a parcel sent out from Penang on 27 Dec. Based on the tracking the parcel has arrived in Kelana Jaya on 8.05am on 29 Dec.
This was using the Pos Express Pre-paid box.

Call the post office enquire about the delivey and after directed to a few numbers (where nobody attend). And no one can give me any status of the box.

A very poor service attitude without much effort to assist customer.

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