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Consumer complaints and reviews about POS MALAYSIA

mejaflora Send email
Jan 11, 2017

unable to reach for redelivery request

I have been trying to call Pos Malaysia for days to request for redelivery since 4 Jan and no one is picking up the hotline number. I email 3 times and no one reply, it has been more than a week! How am I supposed to ask you to redeliver??? I paid 8 rm to the seller for courier service, so is it fair that I go down all the way to pick it up? How is your service suddenly so lousy???
Heng Send email
Jan 10, 2017

Parcel lost? Failed to collect parcel

Kindly check the parcel as below,
Tracking no postlaju malaysia :EH192125347MY

How come the parcel never been send out?
Normally postman will delivery parcel on time.
Except delivery unsuccessful .
However shown as collect in post office Kapit, but when try to collect in Po Kapit, staff said the parcel is not there.
Then, where is the parcel actual location? Is it lost?
Why the track history is shown the parcel in the post office Kapit?

Parcel lost? Failed to collect parcel

AbigaelleLaroux Send email
Jan 9, 2017


Since last time I've been complaining that the pos laju posmen never deliver the item to your hand and your house, instead they left a notice to ask you to go collect by yourself at branch!! Today it happen again! The posmen call and in a very rude way that I'm annoying him to send my thing! Hello, I literally pay for your service and salary okay? And he ask me where am I and I said I was home. I told him to send it to my home, and he said he can't leave the van alone!! WTF?! It's not like I'm staying in 101 floor but 3rd floor with lift facilities! How lazy and terrible your service is!!! I don't really thing pos Malaysia will improve it thou cause its a century laziness! No cure!!
Joyce Ting Send email
Jan 8, 2017

Tracking number cannot find out

My tracking number: EH277059612MY. Sender mentioned poslaju sibu already send out by last week, however until today I still cannot found this record from poslaju system. One week ago? Where my parcel?
Tethm9 Send email
Jan 5, 2017

Mail box box

I sent my mum an envelope with three greeting cards inside in, matter of fact it is a P. O.Box and what happen, it is kind of funny and rude that the staff open her mail box , and emptied the mail box, so my mum ask why did you removed my items, the reason is oh you did not pay, so according to my mum she said the rules is you have to have an invoice sent to you then you can pay,
Really wow , that is a stupid thing to do , so if your staff is very lazy

I would like to say something I am staying in USA and several times I have been sending things that she never received, it is very dishonest for you Pos office staff us very dishonest,
KK5210 Send email
Jan 3, 2017

Tracking number cannot found

My tracking number: EM723380535MY. Sender mentioned poslaju cheras has collected this parcel on 22nd Dec, however until today I still cannot found this record from poslaju system. I have tried to contact poslaju but no answer. Today finally poslaju HQ has answered my call, but they are requesting this and that, at the end unable to assist me as well. I don't know why paying so much on postage fee but we received this kind of servic. Poslaju is definitely poor in their service. I would rather go for other courier service in future. I wish I can get update from poslaju on my parcel status.
XOX112 Send email
Dec 31, 2016

Pos Ekpress

Poor service attitude
XOX112 Send email
Dec 31, 2016

Pos Ekpress

Expecting a parcel sent out from Penang on 27 Dec. Based on the tracking the parcel has arrived in Kelana Jaya on 8.05am on 29 Dec.
This was using the Pos Express Pre-paid box.

Call the post office enquire about the delivey and after directed to a few numbers (where nobody attend). And no one can give me any status of the box.

A very poor service attitude without much effort to assist customer.
Rightback Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Queue is way too long

The queue at the post office in Taman Sri Muda is too long. On a daily basis their queue is about 40 customers, while only 3 of the 5 available counters are servicing customers.

What a shame that Pos Malaysia does not know how to take advantage of a business opportunity and makes its customers queue up so long. It can take up to 1 hour just to buy a stamp !!
tonyy Send email
Dec 28, 2016

International Delivery

My families in Japan send me packages regularly, almost on a monthly basis. They send packages using EMS service. Sadly, it has been less than 50% success rate that I can receive packages with no problem. 50% of the time, they drop slips at mailbox (they don't even come up to door) they don't even bother to ring the bell, they take the packages back to the centre although I was at home. 10% of the time, they don't even drop slips, I need to wonder whether delivery person came and look up the track number myself to find out where the packages are, and disappointed yet again to find out they took the package to the centre. Delivery persons don't seem to bother to come to the door and deliver. And this last time, they sent the package back to Japan without I even knowing that it once landed Malaysia. How ridiculous it would be to get it sent back to Japan without any knowledge of recipient? I can see my families' disappointed faces to have the package come back to them. I guess delivery persons have their better business to do, but isn't this supposed to be their job to deliver? This is truly pathetic and sad. This is Kuala Lumpur. Some nice urban place that look like big cosmopolitan city, even from international perspective. This is no deserted, barren, uninhabited and underdeveloped land that delivery of package would be such a challenge. Why can't they just deliver package normally, in some decent way? I doubt if anyone at Poslaju would actually read this, but this is such a shame. I've tried to complain to their customer care centre but they won't pickup or respond. I think EMS overrate Poslaju. I would complain to EMS and tell them to scrap their partnership with Poslaju. They simply don't meet up to the standards. This is so embarrassing.
jim_my Send email
Dec 28, 2016

Slow Delivery

Posting important documents but PosLaju took more time to delivery it. I am very disappointed with the services and it is not the first times. I dont think PosLaju's customer service and delivery person is ready for their job. PosLaju need to train their employee to be more efficient. Please take us seriously. Again really really disappointed with the service.

Before sending this complaint, confirmed with the receiver that they have not received the document and it is 5:42pm now.

Date / Time Process Event
27 Dec 2016, 09:33:00 AM Arrive at delivery facility at Kuching Mail Processing Centre
27 Dec 2016, 08:30:06 AM Arrive at delivery facility at Pos Laju Kuching
27 Dec 2016, 08:15:00 AM Arrive at delivery facility at Pos Laju Kuching
23 Dec 2016, 05:22:05 PM Item dispatched out Pos Laju Sibu
23 Dec 2016, 09:25:00 AM Item posted over the counter Pos Laju Sibu
JennyYap Send email
Dec 27, 2016


27/12/16 The case of 24/12/16, my parcel still haven't settle. No any reply from POS LAJU about this case.
So i make the call to 1300 300 300 at 10:00am early morning, ringing until 10:13am just have officer pick up phone. Regarding the same case i talk with her, she help me check than told me it was didn't open any folder about this case on 24/12/16. That means i was talking with ghost officer on Saturday 24/12/16.
She help me re-open a new folder about this case, complain and re-request for pick up my item, have been spend until 10:35am just finish call.
After lunch 1:20pm i still haven't saw any officer POS LAJU come and collect my parcel, so i decide call to the center again. Than another officer 1300 300 300 say this case have been open, but only is complain case need spend 1 working days to settle. So i ask when can my parcel be collected to POST? She say that is not her job, procedure are need wait at less 1 working day. So i stop talking with her, because really bull shit, non-use.Than i call to 1300 88 5258, given the same pick up reference, the officer told me that is last time reference, can't use any more. He ask me to re-do a new request for pick up, so i did it again. Updated request come collect before 5:00pm, but at the end the officer come to collect my parcel at 5:30pm. Again still late to collect parcel, HOW WORST OF THE OFFICER OF POS LAJU MALAYSIA?!
JennyYap Send email
Dec 27, 2016


24/12/16 I had requested for pick up at the early of morning, and requested time have been given too.
(First time call) The pick up hotline officer say no problem have been remark and updates. Before the time request (Example : Request pick up time at 9:00am, collected time is before 1:00pm) 30mins before (12:30pm) still haven't come collect item, so call again hotline pick up center for reminded and ask situation now.
(Second time call) The officer say on the way, will come for pick up item before 1:00pm. So i wait...after that 1:00pm reach, still haven't come and collect, than i make the call again.
(Third time call) The officer still say on the way, than i ask for more future information, the officer tell that he only update pick up request, others than that like who was the collected officer or what time officer come collect either where the officer now, he all don't know, some more he ask you (CUSTOMER) just call the outlet POS LAJU for asking.
(Fourth time call) I wait until 1:30pm still no officer collect item, so i decide call the CUSTOMER HOTLINE SERVICE and make the report, wish that officer can come collect my item. But at last report make, request done, but my item still at my side hole day (some more worst is next two day is public holiday, today can't post out that means my item with me for 3 days+).
[ At here i remind that i call 4 times, suppose i had call more than 4 times! ]
At last i didn't saw any officer POS LAJU or get any call from POS LAJU. Problem like this is not the first time! How come after requested, time given so long, still need customer wait?!
**Today 27/12/16 my item still at my side, i also still haven't received any call from POS LAJU about this case!
(I call 1300 300 300 on 10:00am, hear song that until 10:13am officer pick up my phone, at the end the officer tell last 24/12/16 that i call center for request and complain that wasn't open folder, and i need to re-do and re-open again a folder for this case, finally we finish call at 10:35am, but still need to wait...... such was WORST SERVICE !
Nonono Send email
Dec 24, 2016

You are all idiots

Anyone trying to do this or even considering going here is an idiot. It's predatory private lending and you should know that. Grow up, morons. If you don't have credit nor can afford a vehicle, YOU CANT AFFORD TO BUY A CAR. Go to school, idiots.
Spinney Send email
Dec 24, 2016

Rude and lazy postal staff

On 23 December 2016 at about 12+ in the afternoon, I went to this particular Post Office in Kulai, Johor to return a parcel (postage has already been prepaid by the company concerned) so there was no need for any exchange of money or any documentation work. Just receive my parcel and put it with the rest of the other outgoing parcels. Doesn't even take 5 seconds of effort! But NO!....the Malay female staff refused to accept my parcel. She was the only one there and she seemed like she was in a hurry to close up and go home and therefore, found me a nuisance to deal with.
I told her to just accept the parcel and leave it at the delivery department for them to delivery the next working day. She did not want to entertain me and to get rid of me, she simply said I should make 5 photocopies of the return slip. So I asked her why "5" copies? She said, "Satu copy untuk saya. Mana boleh saya tak ada copy?". And she dared continue to ask me, "The company tak bagi tahu you ke that you kena buat 5 copies untuk Post office?"

I think she was pulling a fast one on me just to get rid of me. She obviously wasn't in the mood to serve anybody, so by saying that she needed 5 copies, she felt she could get rid of me... and she did! That made me angry because they think we are so stupid to believe their bullshit and that we are ignorant about the postal regulation.
And so I asked her what about the other 4 copies she needed from me as well? Who and what are they for? She could NOT give me an answer but only kept saying she needed 5 copies.

In my whole life of dealing with Post offices in so many different countries I lived in.... this is the worse by far! Unlike the friendly Western postal workers, these here are so rigid and they will not budge an inch to help the customers!!!!! They will not put in one more second of effort after the post office closes sharp!!!
How can the Post office train staff like this? This is really unacceptable! Right now, my purpose in life is to continue complaining to the newspaper and every media about this Kulai post office.I wished I had video taped her on my cellphone and I would place it on Youtube for everyone to see how rude, lazy, unhelpful this girl was. She has a very poor "tak peduli, not my problem" attitude towards the customer. How can the government progress when these are the kind of backward people they employ to represent them?
Shame on you..Post Malaysia!

From a disgusted Malaysian citizen
noretiqEriqarin Send email
Dec 24, 2016

regarding my box

Dear poslaju Malaysia,

I'm here to complaint about may box.I haven't get.Its suppose to get on friday.My item still at pusat mel nasional.Can i know why?It's urgent.I need the thing as soon as possible.When i can get it.please do double check

tracking no.CD 327582245 MY
CD 327582268 MY
Surin Send email
Dec 24, 2016

Staff refuse to give out my parcel

I already reach post office, barisan panjang, sampai turn saya staff cakap tidak boleh ambil barang sebab orang di belakang marah sebab bongkar?? What??? Sy sudah sampai bebaris almost 1hour then tidak mahu bagi sebab tidak mahu kena bongkar?????? Better pos laju check ur staff... kalau tidak bersedia kerja bagus berhenti!!!!!
Pos laju bandar leila, 24hb Dec 2016, i wait from 11am somthing until 12 smthing but cannot collect my things.
Amit Kumar Manocha Send email
Dec 22, 2016

Regarding Parcel Tracking No.SYBMY19360258

I have ordered an item through Aliexpress. My order is posted via POS Malaysia on 22nd November, 2016 with tracking No. SYBMY19360258. But, I could not receive the same till now after one month. The shipping status of this tracking number on your sight has also not updated after 22nd November, 2016. Kindly help me. I shall be very thankful to you.

Amit Kumar Manocha
#2031, Sector-19/C,
Chandigarh, UT, 160019

Mobile No.91- 9780306370, 91- 9023209234
tehwh99 Send email
Dec 22, 2016

POS Laju Malaysia Failed

Dear POS LAJU Malaysia,

I am very disappointed that I did't not received my parcel due to POS M'sia negligence. When the parcel delivered, i was not at home and I requested the postman to leave the delivery notice and I will collect myself from SS13 Subang Depot. The POS MALAYSIA NOTE CLEARLY STATED - MUST COLLECTED within 14 calendar days. I try to collect on the 9th day and the depot said send to Puchong depot. I called pos helpline 1300300300, the officer advised that it is not 14days, but 7days only! New policy. But the notice clearly stated 14days and he said probably that is the old notice slip.
So, I make clear that it is POS Malaysia fault and negligence, therefore POS Msia shall take full responsibility to return my goods.

After i lodge complaint to care@pos.com.my, the auto reply is will respond within 2 days, and after so many days still no respond.

Common POS M'sia, i think you are representing M'sia image of a developed country and such a small silly mistake could happens? it is shameful !

My tracking number : EN298680861MY

Please response


POS Laju Malaysia Failed

Ashwini03 Send email
Dec 16, 2016

Regarding my parcel

Dear poslaju Malaysia

I'm here to complaint about my parcel. I haven't get. It's suppose to get on yesterday. My item still at klia hub. Can I know why? It's urgent. I need the thing as soon as possible. When I can get it?. Please do check.

Tracking number- Eh251311855my
Lavina Send email
Dec 9, 2016


So on the 9th of December around 7 45pm, in the ipoh headquarters, I wasn't sure of the procedures as i had never been there. I then proceeded to take a number. When the number finally came, i went to the counter and handed my pick up parcel form. She then went on to rudely tell me to put it in the box and called me 'Mabuk'. This is completely unacceptable. I am extremely cheesed off and flabbergasted by this comment.

blackice87 Send email
Dec 8, 2016

very irresponsible service

Dear Pos Malaysia,

i would like to make an official complain regarding the poslaju of my area , which is poslaju kuantan (located at jalan bukit ubi). I noticed that the poslaju in my area has been very extremely lazy. Every single time that the item is being send to my house, the poslaju van never bothers to come, but rather they would just put all kinds of excuses on the tracking list for not being to be able to deliver on that day. For example, wrong address, unsuccessful delivery, owner not in home, when i have been clearly waiting for them since the morning. i find it very extremely irritating, as every single time i have to go to the poslaju office to pick it up myself and wait very long. i am a medical doctor working in the kuantan general hospital and i am most of the time quite busy to go to the office to pick it up, so i would appreciate if the item can be delievered to my home on the day itself rather than the pos man being lazy and finding all kinds of excuses for not delivering it. I find that most of the time, after a few days the normal pos man would just casually drop a delivery slip in my mail box asking me to go pick it up myself, i find this totally irresponsible and lazy. please rectify this problem at once or i will be force to bring it to the high up. M
thank you for your time!!

Sincerely ,
a very concern and unhappy poslaju user
lisamaria Send email
Dec 8, 2016

Poor Customer Service

When I entered the Post Office, 2 persons were being served. When NO.3 staff finished with her customer, the customer that came in after me, was served and this continued for the next 10mins as the customer at NO. 2 was still being served. Is each staff only trained for a specific duty i.e bills? very bad system, customers should be served on a first come basis.
Poslajuneedsjustice Send email
Dec 7, 2016

So Lousy Pos Express

Recently, I posted a card to one of my buyers through pos Express.
I trusted this pos Express because they issued a tracking number.
2 days passed and I checked the tracking number.
WOW! "Invalid"
My customer has not received the item.
Tried calling customer service for 2 hours and that bgm was so annoying.
What is this.
What's the point of using pos Express when the service is like normal mail
Such disappointment
Masali1994 Send email
Dec 7, 2016

Unresponsiveness behavior

Dear Pos Laju,

I want to ask,if we not around at home, suppose you guys should give us an letter for collection goods at Pos Laju Office right?
Is it possible for you guys to give our neighborhood our goods to consign for us when we back? Is it possible to claim our goods with Pos Laju if our goods are missing? Be professional.

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