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Consumer complaints and reviews about POS MALAYSIA

Nee Send email
Aug 21, 2016

Bad Services

Last month, I go for online shopping and they use POS Malaysia as delivery source.

After the stated promised day (15 days), I still haven't receive my parcel, then I email to POS about this problem.
Then I just receive a notice that I don't have stay at the place when they delivered.
The truth is I stay at my house whole day long but the POS haven't call me or message me about the delivery information.

Then fine, they ask me go to POS office take or request for secondary delivery.
Of course I will request for second delivery.
Then I give them my full name, address and phone number for second delivery issue.

After that, they promised a date that will arrange for second delivery and i think that day I will receive it.
Unfortunately, I fail to receive it again.
I ask another times about this issue, they give me another date.
As you though, it failed again.
It really disappointed me.

I ask them why the problem will occur but they don't answer me.
I ask few times already but none of an email answer me what's the problems is.

After the failed delivery, I ask again, then they just tell me that my parcel already send bank to sender after 15 days stay in the office.
I felt very angry about it because, in previous email, they just tell me that they will arranged for second delivery to me but not to sender.
Until I ask and ask, they just tell me that the parcel already send back to sender.
Why? Why? Why?

I ask again about why this will occur and what's the meaning for yours to take my full name, address and phone number but not delivery the parcel to me.
They don't have answer me what's the problems is and why this will occur?

What's the means that you stated a date for delivery but none of it is true?
Is you play fool with me?
The date you stated just a decoration?

If you don't want send the parcel to me in the beginning, then why you ask my full name, address and phone number and ask me request for secondary delivery?
Is yours do in other use?
I felt threaten for your action.

Why in the end, you send my parcel back to sender but not me?
But ask my details?

Can you please responsible for your job respectively?
What's the solution that you had done?
Any compensation for yours to offset my lost?

Now I am trouble in receive the parcel due to yours mistake.
Why yours can do until that (Can't solve customer problems but have trouble to them such as me? Don't answer customer question such as me?)?
Then what's the meaning of exist customer services?

Before I write at here, I already mention that if I don't get answer, I will just questioning and complaint at here.
They still don't want answer me my question but said other not much related to my questions.
You don't care it will ruin your reputation, why I care about it.

Now your company trust to me is lower and lower, almost none.
This is because none of a date you said can be trusted.

What's the means that you apologize but not solve my problems?
I think this customer service is very very poor to answering questions.
Please learned how to answer questions okay?
I am very mad after email few times but none of am email answer my questions.
Don't answer other nonsense things to me.
I just need straight to the point.

Please take action but not just apologize but no result at all.
If apologize can solve all problems, then what's the meaning of exist lawyer and police?

I need answer.
Please answer me.
I had lost all my patient for keep waiting for the answers.

I need answers.
I will keep emailing, questioning and complaining until I get a reasonable and satisfied answer.

Please take it seriously.

Thank you.
Jkc9090 Send email
Aug 19, 2016

Worst customer call center ever

minggu lepas, saya ada buat postage motosikal dari batu pahat ke pulau pinang. Semuanya diuruskan oleh bapa saya. Pada mulanya ianya nampak berjalan lancar. Setelah beberapa hari menunggu, saya cek barang melalui tracking number menunjukkan motor saya telah sampai ke penang. Untuk mendapatkan kepastian, saya menelefon Penang poslaju call center. Setelah memberi butiran postage, kemudian si penjaga call center tu tanya saya alamat. Then masa tu otak saya hang kejap. Kemudian saya bertanya balik alamat yang yg mane. Last2 saya kene marah balik sebab dia ckp x tahu alamat. Kene marah kaw2 pnye.Kak penjaga telefon tu, lain cakap tu biar terang and senang nk faham. Kalau cakap ALAMAT PENERIMA kan senang, xde nak gaduh2nye. Ni x mention ALAMAT je.bukannya alamat saya ade satu je kt msia ni.aduh hang palace otak. Serik dh pkai poslaju. Aku sarankan pkai la courier service lain. Biar mahal janji puas hati, daripada murah tapi service mcm jilakee.
jmbsemantanblock Send email
Aug 12, 2016


Dear Customer Service,

Greetings from 10 Semantan Block B!

We regret to inform that your sending of Letters thru normal post takes too long and often takes a month or two. It is only a normal post with 60cents stamps.

We have to endure our clients' dissatisfaction and disappointment over the mail which is not delivered or takes too long to deliver.

How long will a normal post can reach the destination?

We are Condo Management and most of the owners rely on Posting to receive their bills.

Our envelopes (200++) in total not even reached their destination up to date:-

1. Invoice sent on 02-04th July 2016 (a lot of owners has yet to receive; some complained that it takes one month for them to receive); Post in Sri Damansara and Bangsar

2. Our AGM Notices sent on 23rd to 24th July 2016 (few owners received); Post in Sri Damansara

3. 10 Semantan Block B Berita sent on 28th July - 30th July 2016 (until now no owners received). Post in Sri DAmansara

Why it takes too long for the Post Office to send? It will really affect our business. Please look into this matter seriously. We are very unhappy with your service, if there is any other normal post company, we will not use Post Office to deliver our letters.

We hope for your reply.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Best regards,
Building Management
Jbhp Send email
Jul 25, 2016

Superb low efficiency

Items sent from singapore friend from the same day to malaysia sarawak and also taiwan to another friend..yet taiwan friend received the parcel on second day after the date sent by my friend..to sarawak malaysai..even almost a week i still havent get my parcel..my friend paid money for post laju service and yet what we get is post lambat services..can you please be fast for delivery items? If i am in hurry,i sent my things through post laju and i get it late then why i have to sending muly items using pos laju??? Please answer my question and you stated there your customer service from 830am till 8pm and yet i make a caled to you by 745pm..no people is answering and keep entertained me with your nice music
Stanley Koh Send email
Jul 21, 2016

Missing mail

I have notice that my bank statement, invoices from telco and mails have not being send to me for more than a month. Can someone look into this. I am getting penalty for late payment. Please help.
Patrictheo@yahoo.com Send email
Jul 17, 2016

Tardy post delivery services

We, residents of Taman Megah Mas , Petaling Jaya, Selangor (post code 47301) wished to lodge a complaint regarding the tardiness of the postal delivery services in our taman. Quite a number of our Taman residents' mails have been delivered to the wrong addresses within our taman. This has been going on for the past 1 month or so.

We hope our complaints would be looked into expeditiously as we are afraid some important mails , bills (eg. Bil Cukai Takisiran),shares allotment forms ,etc might be lost or arrived too late which could result in monetary losses, potential or otherwise.

Thank you and looking forward to a speedy resolution.


Sincerely yours,
Malaysians Send email
Jul 5, 2016



SuperAnnoy Send email
Jul 2, 2016

Lost Mail

My lettee were 90% lost at this point of time. It all started from early 2015 when i realised

1. my Magazine and Cosway catalogue was not received by me since 2015 till now June 2016.

2.Then i realised that out of 13 dividend voucher expected for the year 2015, I only received 4.

3. I totally stop receiving Astro Bill since early 2015 till now .

4. Letter from Income Tax also lost in transit for year 2015.

5. Cukai Tanah was not received for year 2016

6. Insurance Statement was not received

7. Bank statement only occassional months.

8. Credit card statement was not received regularly.

9. Chinese New Year cards and Birthday Cards... never received any since early 2015 till now.

10. Now waiting for 2nd half of Cukai Pintu. Not sure i will received it.

11. Promotional material.... don't received anymore since early 2015.

Let me wander whether my area are still under Post Malaysia coverage.

Can we sue Pos Malaysia for financial loses incur from their failure to deliver the mail????
E.S.C Send email
Jun 27, 2016

No Efficiency at all

The service at Pos Malaysia Sarikei is totally not efficiency at all. I'd been waiting more than 30 minute just to pay the electrical and water bills, I believe that some people waiting for more than an hour to pay the bills. Among 8 counter, only 2 counter operate and the other 6 counter is empty. I suggested provide a Kiosk Machine so that this will bring convenience to all of the customer and operate at least 4 to 5 counter. Seat also should provide more seen I saw many old people stand there for waiting their turn to pay bills or other. Efficiency of the Pos Malaysia Sarikei STRONGLY need to be IMPROVE !!!
sierra11b Send email
Jun 3, 2016

Lost registered mail

On February 2016 I sent a registered mail (yes, the most secure) from California to family in KL. The package was valued at $3700 and the item inside was a irreplaceable. It was a vintage wristwatch.

A month passed and they had not received the package. So I went to my local USPS office and got an chronological list of each exchange from from Sacramento all the way to KL. The last scan was at KL.

So my cousin (the recipient) contacted POS Malaysia and spoke with so-called investigators and they did nothing. The laziest people on the planet. Finally, instead of doing actual legwork, they claimed that the item was still at my local post office and had not been received by them even though I sent them that list from my post office documenting the whereabouts of the registered package -- that's why I sent it registered mail!

So now 4 months have passed and one of those Malay crooks is wearing my grandfather's watch. Disgusting.
truth003 Send email
May 25, 2016

Bad Service from Post Malaysia

Bad Service from Post Malaysia

I have never experienced such a lousy services from a courier service company. I supposed to receive my items sent out through Post Malaysia but until now I still not receive my item. Upon checking, I found out my item has been returned back to the shipper and the staff giving excuses when I asked the reason on why my item was returned back. What is happening? Why Pos Malaysia giving such a bad service? This incident already happen twice. What the hell is happening? Can someone do something about this? How are customers supposed to get their items ?
Christine123456 Send email
May 12, 2016


I posted a birthday gift to Brazil from Penang, tagged along a birthday card in the parcel. When my bf received the parcel, there's only the gift but they took out the birthday card for no reason!!! There's so much hand written notes in it and they just removed it from the parcel. WHY?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
yuwc1972 Send email
Apr 21, 2016

Super slow delivery for items shipped via air mail from overseas

I buy my CDs from UK mostly because the local suppliers do not bring those in. Usually it takes 1-1.5 weeks for the CD to be delivered. Sometime last year, I noticed it took more than two weeks. That was middle of last year. Now it takes three to four weeks to get delivered.

I checked with the seller from UK and I understand that the delivery is still via air mail which takes about 2 -3 days to arrive in Malaysia.

Twice this year, after waiting for three weeks plus, I have gone to the local post office to enquire about my CDs. Both times, the postal officer went to check and brought out the small packets from UK.

On one of the occasion, there were two packets available even though they were shipped two weeks apart.

I politely explained and asked if there had been a change in the delivery timing but he was not able to provide any clarity.

Is a shortage of staff force that is resulting in a delay on delivery of items from overseas?
raflei Send email
Apr 13, 2016

bad services

amat mengecewakan saya no beli sampul prabayar pon kena tunggu no giliran
padahal bayar n bagi kite je x sampai 1 minit services yg terok pos
jaya gading
raflei Send email
Apr 13, 2016


nk beli sampol prabayar pon kena abik no
kite nk beli pagi petang hantar terok punya services
perbaikilan services
pejabat pos jaya gading
starzling Send email
Mar 14, 2016

poslaju labuan

kotak hancur,bungkusan luar semua terkoyak,ini lah kali kedua,i pernah track dari johor ,1 hari dah sampai labuan,lepas 2~3 hari baru mereka hantar barang saya, sebelum itu tak pernah begini,dari tahun2014~2015 ,tahun ini 2016 saya akan hantar barang lagi,harap barang saya selamat dapat sampai kepada bapa dan adik saya.......pernah sekali mereka hantar mesej dengan nombor bungkusan,suruh kita pergi poslaju angkat barang sendiri.....poslaju labuan tak cukup orang kerja kah?setiap tahun saya akan pos dua kali barang balik kampung saya di labuan,kadang pos rm80~rm100 lebih,lagi sekarang dah naik lagi,tapi saya masih suka guna poslaju,sampai tahun lepas saya ternampak kotak saya hancur begitu.....heartbreak.......sorry if i had write wrong anyword i spoke,i just wanna say,poslaju keep going,be malaysia the best.
ysmnzaini Send email
Feb 1, 2016

Some items have been taken out

I'm a Singaporean student studying in KL. Last week I had posted out a parcel containing three makeup items to a Carousell buyer in Penang. Two of the items are of a cheaper nature and one is high-end. Firstly it took longer than necessary to reach her (more than 7 days). Secondly, which is the most appalling and most disappointing part is that there was only 2 items inside the parcel. No surprise as to which one was missing! And there was a tape on the flap which I DID NOT PUT when posting out. This is so irresponsible and not professional at all. So what does this mean, PM? Your mailboy ripped open my package and did a lil shop eh? Even when I was purchasing the envelope and stamp, the worker behind the desk took like 10 minutes before he took my money. Extremely slow and poor service. Now I have to reimburse my buyer for something I didn't do. Disgusting and shame on you Pos Malaysia.
Arwa Send email
Jan 29, 2016

Lost Packages (incoming)

very poor service they lost my packages come from Saudi Arabia I suppose to receive a call or any notification they did not do and they say it was delivered? how come and who is take my packages?! can you answer me ?!
weewee Send email
Dec 28, 2015

attitude of staff on duty

The staff on duty at counter 3 at post office setia alam with her name Mariia (name being blocked and no display clearly) showing her impatience and raise her harsh voice to customer. Customer was asking how much stamp she should purchase just enough for the local area postage. The staff replied the customer how many stamp you need instead of answering the question with an impatient tone. The staff works in service line should be passionate and patience enough to perform the job. If she doesn't have the positive attitude suggest to change her field
Chai Fong Ying Send email
Dec 21, 2015

Pejabat Pos Seri Kembangan, Belakong

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly investigate on the staff working quality of Pejabat Pos Seri Kebangan Belakong.
I have called exhausted since last afternoon until now. No one pick up the phone call.

How can I arrange the second attempt.

Please investigate and train the staff PROPERLY!!!

Thank you.
Auntie Send email
Oct 20, 2015

No answer call & stuff belum sampai

Today 21hb.Oct.2015, saya call pejabat pos lahad datu dari jam 3pm sampai jam 4.45pm, langsung tiada kakitangan yg jawab panggilan. Saya call kerana ingin double check barang yang dikirimkan dari segamat, manatau tiada yg jawab, saya call terus ke helpline untuk check barang tersebut suda sampai ke belum...operators lelaki tu jawab..."barang dari kemarin lagi dah kena hantar, masalahnya penerima barangan tersebut tutup... " ada ker macam tu postman tu bagi jawapan sedangkan kawan saye ni companynya tak pernah pun tutup...pasal company tu kja guna shift...offcoz la susah nak tutup...tdr ke apa postman tu..?atau tak tau tempat...kalau dah mcm tu..mana layak nak jadi postman kalau nak hantar barang pun tak tau, lagi nak bagitau lagi tempat tu tutup...tolong la pihak2 berkenaan, jangan makan gaji buta..sama2 kita susah...barang kita kirim pun guna duit bukan guna daun..selesaikan masalah ni...sebelum pelanggang lain terkena...sekian.
neverlmore Send email
Sep 18, 2015

Defected PC due to bad shipping

I traveled to Malaysia for my university and after a while I called my father to ship me my high end PC only to get a defected bad shipped PC
suelane Send email
Sep 8, 2015

bad service

when the parcel no reach once, will no second chance, they ask us to go to the local postoffice to collect the parcel. That's still ok if just drop the note and collect. but is not like that, their servise too poor, when they get the notices they usyally find the parcel more then half hour per person. so usually lots of people stand and wait outside the door for a long time. sometimes when they cannot find out such more, they hold the left, and said 'tunggu, tunggu masih banyak belum dicari'.

the reason i get is, they are not enough worker who proses the parcel. the parcel inside the room seems mecy and untidy, the organizer ia weak also.

hope to improve soon, thank you.
yamini choudhary Send email
Apr 7, 2015

lost parcel

I sent one parcel to india new delhi on 3 rd of march by normal mail at post office sungei wang plaza kualalumpur in counter no one told me and guide me properly about tracking no its been a month my family didnt received parcel i went to post office they said they can not do anything they need tracking no to track i told them i have this bill its not showing anything and they didn't tell me any thing about this please help me to find my parcel they said they can not only thing you can do is go to near post office in your india address and try to find there ........
I am sorry to say this is not the way you should be responsible for people stuff we are paying you for service and what you are doing loosing our stuff its very disappointed
Its my request please help me to find my stuff

Yamini choudhary

011 36507735
Ezrah Rahim Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Lost Mail (outgoing) and Lost Packages (incoming)

Dear Posmalaysia,

Get your act together!!! My company has not been receiving important mail sent to us on more than one occasion... namely bills. It is becoming a nuisance because we have to spend unnecessary time & effort to address these problems when the company bills are not settled on time with the respective creditors because of posmalaysia's inefficiency. And now for me to write this Letter of Complaint on my company's behalf to you when I could be doing something more productive! Last year I had an argument with Astro for a late bill payment. Astro accused my company for being incompetent for not settling on time but as a business all payments made by a company have to be accompanied by an original invoice. How to settle if no invoice/bill is received?

And this week again the same thing - my husband did not receive his AMEX bill for Jan 2012 & now he is being charged RM50.00 for late charges by AMEX through no fault of his. I only realised that the Jan 2012 bill was not received when my husband received a reminder for payment of a rather inflated amount recently. Posmalaysia should be settling that RM50.00 on his behalf as compensation. Receiving bills should be like clockwork, an important reminder that payments are due.

Just 2 weeks ago, I found 1 Astro bill & a letter on the tar road several streets from where I live in Bukit Jelutong, which I subsequently deposited them into the relevant letterbox. Every week at my office shop lot at 3rd Mile square, Jalan Klang Lama, I have been doing the postman's job as I have had to distribute the mail to my neighbours as they were all conveniently placed into my company's letterbox.

On another occasion last year, my husband while driving, stopped his car by the highway to pick up a letter which he witnessed fly out of the postman's saddle bags. We made our way to a post office and posted it out again & hopefully this time it arrived its destination. That letter contained a cheque from an insurance company for the recipient. These are important mail & posmalaysia has no excuses whatsoever to be slip shot about your service. You have the monopoly & that gives Malaysians no choice but to rely on you.

So posmalaysia, I would appreciate a reply to these complaints, not a standard one but one that is constructive & that will rectify these problems. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Ezrah Rahim

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