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Mikara Send email
Feb 12, 2024

Customer service

I have posted on social platforms and emailed Truworths head office about my rude, unpleasant and unprofessional experience at Truworths Pavillion, firstly no one assisted me because I was purchasing Revlon products and apparently I was not important enough ,secondly no one assisted me and thirdly when I asked for help I was just brushed off , there were no stuff on the floor my sister wanted assistance with Estee lauder foundation and another worker says " the counter girl for Estee lauder is on lunch " so you telling me such a big store and no one else could help us????? This was the worst customer service , I work in retail and I know how to treat the clients and customers that are purchasing from us ! It's truly appalling. Anyway I decide to go pay and wanted to leave one item behind and the cashier calls for a supervisor to authorize and no one came ,I stood there for 30minutes waiting, eventually I had to leave everything as I was getting late to do the rest of my shopping ... I'm so disgusted!!
Mphoenhle Send email
Dec 5, 2023

Paid up letter

Hi my name is Maria I had a Truworths account and was handed over so I finished paid my acc but it's still shows im still owing a certain amount,I was promised that they'll send me a paid up letter from April till today and it's affecting my credits with other shops please help me
Phumudzok Send email
Nov 14, 2022



My fiance bought me a perfume from Truworth on the 17th of October in Truworth Gateway Mall in Durban. Imagine buying a perfume that cost R1650 with no smell and a print coming off from the perfume that cost that much. I am so disappointed!! We need a refund on this.

They even gave us testers for the perfume which smell great but the main bottle has no smell at all. Why would you make us pay so much for FAKE PERFUMES. I thought you were a trusted brand.

Phumudzo Khakhu
Phumudzok Send email
Nov 14, 2022



My fiance bought me a perfume from Truworth on the 17th of October in Truworth Gateway Mall in Durban. Imagine buying a perfume that cost R1650 with no smell and a print coming off from the perfume that cost that much. I am so disappointed!! We need a refund on this.

They even gave us testers for the perfume which smell great but the main bottle has no smell at all. Why would you make us pay so much for FAKE PERFUMES. I thought you were a trusted brand.

Phumudzo Khakhu
SAVICH101 Send email
Sep 22, 2021


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DBENSON Send email
Jul 29, 2021

refused entry

I went to truworths Welkom 29/7/2021 only to be refused entry because I have to use my own medicated sanitizer(I have a skin disease and cannot use no-name brands that i do not know what the chemical content is)
But the security guard was walking up and down past me; while I waited for more than 20 minutes for a manager, with his nostrils flaring outside of his mask.
The manager refused me entry because i use a medicated sanitizer; I showed her my skin but I was still refused entry.
If truworths insists that their sanitizer is used there should be a sign/notice informing customers and truworths should have a medicated sanitizer available for those with skin problems.
But instead truworths insists that their 'truworths sanitizer is used and there by discriminates again people with skin diseases.

I have glad i dont have an account at Truworths because I am disgusted in Truworths. The problem was not the manager but the policy that refuses people using their own sanitizer.


Sinokuhle Send email
Jul 29, 2021

Settlement letter


I had Truworths account which I have paid for in 2020 and I haven't received the paid-up letter even today if I call they tell me to call the head office when I call the head office I can't get through to them, I sent an email to lawyers and the confirmed that the account is closed on their side I have to call service provider which is Truworths


[email protected]
tracyjeanfranco Send email
Mar 2, 2021

Telesales constant harassment

Good day,

Truworths telesales has been calling daily as I accidently short paid them last month and I had to pay R250.00 this month which i did on the 26th March 2021.
The month of February I can't count how many times they called me, it was so stressful as they can be quite rude on the phone. I express every time during the month that someone has just contacted me, I explain I did make payment and that all the calls are stressing me out but then next telesales calls.
I feel Truworths complete lack of customer service is appalling, especially that I have been a valued customer for so many years and with my husband on 50% of his salary I am having to assist with debts.
I never asked for a payment plan as I did not feel it was necessary just a little leniency for me to pay then the outstanding amount or full monthly instalment including the arrears which came to R250.00.

I can express my frustration and even asked that they put on the system that I have made the payment but they still call me.

I am a loyal customer of many retail clothing stores not just Truworths and I never get harassed like I do by Truworths.

It is not worth my health having to deal with Truworths and I WILL close my account first thing end of this month.

There are a few Truworths telesales which verbally abusive and cold when calling me has made my stress worse and I will not tolerate this anymore.

If I was a customer that had a bad track record of paying accounts or their accounts then understandably do what you need to to get the money but this has done so much damage to my stress levels.

I need action to be taken as again today twice even after the first telesales person called me and I begged them to stop, that i have paid, that it is now enough I cannot handle it anymore as soon as she put down the following called.
She was very rude, it's just not on.

Tracy Franco

Telesales constant harassment

Ruby1604 Send email
Oct 5, 2020

Gift card

Truworths must make a large profit on gift cards. I received a gift card and only used a portion of it. There is no date on the gift card.

I tried to use it recently and was told that it had expired. They suggested that I contact their Head Office to ask for a concession. I phoned the number that they gave me on numerous occasions and never got a sensible answer. They kept putting me through to the fraud department. I would have thought that customer care should have handled my query.

I then eventually found an email address. I am told that it says that it is valid for three years. However, as mentioned before there is no date on the card.

I hadn't used the card as I didn't see anything that I liked and now when I wanted to use the card, I'm told that it has expired. Does Truworths really not have any ethics when it comes to gift cards. So I can only imagine the amount of profit Truworths makes on these so called expired cards and maybe the retail ombudsman should be informed about this process.
Mabis Send email
Aug 4, 2020

Terrible customer service

I received a call from a Truworths collection Agent tday 4th August, extremely rude no courtesy, morals or interpersonal skills whatsoever my 4year old son has more respect.. I owe a balance of R600.. This pandemic is affectn me as I am self employed (sell alcohol) the president restricted alcohol sales, this agent and truworths should call the president with this cruel atitude and insist on an arrangement, this rude agent told me I have to make an arrangement..was soo personal and cheap wat kind of agents do url hire... Url fetch them off the streets?. . I owe Mr price way more n they so calm and humble agents to speak to that it even encourages u to go out ur way to try and pay. TRUWORTHS YOU NEED TO SEND YOUR AGENTS TO MR PRICE FOR COLLECTIONS TRAINING..... so pathetic experience during such an awful time in our country..... From...Bradley Bisram....8407025058081
Dejongh Send email
Jul 30, 2020

Refund Due

I accidentally paid R10 000.70 onto my truworths account instead of R1000.70 and now they giving me a run around about getting my funds backs.

I have been to Westgate store where the service is pathetic and got no assistance there.

I have sent an emails and called several times with no luck.

I hope this will get me some joy.

Candice De Jongh
Tierstan Cochran Send email
Dec 27, 2019

[email protected]

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patricia k. Send email
Dec 24, 2019


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Zee Johnson Send email
Dec 19, 2019

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Kaybee Send email
Sep 5, 2019

I haven't received my Truworths account card

Good day and to whom it may concern.
I am a valuable Truworths customer, since I have had Truworths Account I haven't received my Truworths account card and I wonder why. Because I have lodged a complain with one of your call centre employees and I haven't been assisted to a point where my issue is resolved.

I would like to be assisted in as much as I am your valuable customer, just like the way in which you are able to call me non stop for me to pay my account.

My details.

Name Kabelo Kenneth
Surname: Mokhako
Email address: [email protected]
Cell no: 083 238 0746
Physical address: 1645 Ext2 Geluksoord
Town: Christiana
Postal code: 2680

I hope you'll respond as soon as possible.
Hope you find my complain in order.
86Tumi Send email
Jun 25, 2019

Treated as criminals


I went to truworths from yesterday to do an eye shopping and I asked the security if it's okay to take a picture for only two items , firstly when I was communication with my husband he asked me to take two pictures of those two items and as I was waiting for his response , they watched me as if I'm criminal ,these items where a Jacket and Puma Sneakers, today we went to truworths shop together to buy these items he wanted, as we got into the shop we were followed as if we criminals ,everywhere we go they are here , first of all certain clients are not being followed, as I was keep asking myself if we are criminals , I feel we treated as criminals from the day 1 since I set my foot to your shop and they way things got carried on as they were showing it that we are indeed suspects , Even now I'm still offended and Im no longer interested shopping at truworths ,I' am going to get rid of this account I will not be humiliated as a client that is actually paying ,Truworths staff and security are not well trained Im so disgusted!!!!!!!
basia Send email
Jun 18, 2019

sms i received

Good Day

I have called the (011) 560-5035 number to advise that the sms that they keep on sending to me is to wrong number payment reminders ref:0278000689307101, its very annoying as I am still receiving reminders after I have informed Truworths
Robert87 Send email
Apr 4, 2019

Not excepting exchanges

My name is Robert telephone number 0620160204.

My mother bought shoes for me at truworths store @ garankuwa, now when I try to exchange them in mamelodi they refuse to instead they will return the amount to my mom's account. Don't you care about your sales even sores you do not care about your customers and their right. I have never worn those shoes and I did not want a refund. All that I wanted was an exchange for the same value!

Thise is totally a valuation of my right of exchange as a consumer. It will be a great pleasure hearing from you
Ilse Send email
Mar 13, 2019

Non-compliance with CPA

Truworths is currently advertising their Naartjie range if you buy 2 items you get 30% off the cheapest. It does not stipulate that you have to be a loyalty member. When I arrived at the till the salesman told me. I said that is fine, but I do not want to receive marketing material. I was advised by the consultant Lesley Dube that I don't have a choice, his supervisor Lebo Motsamai confirmed this and the store manager Daniel Mohlaui confirmed this. Every consumer should have the option to opt in and out of any marketing material in terms of the Consumer Protection Act. Further to this, I believe it is discriminatory that I have to be forced to receive marketing material in order to qualify for the discount advertised in your store. Lesley and Daniel were extremely rude and unhelpful, so much so that I was advised that they refused to sell the items to me. I find this quite disturbing, especially from such a big retailer. Non-compliance with the law and just pure bad service.
THANDEKA Send email
Dec 19, 2018

faulty devices

I took my phone in to the Truworths in Eastgate Mall, on the 2nd December. When I called the MTN follow up centre on 0839000564 was took that the phone was only taken to the centre on the 7th meaning that the process was now delayed. I was promised weekly updates but none where provided. Everything I called the store I was told that the Cellphone lady is on lunch and I will be called back but now call back was provided. I am highly disappointed with the service that I have received. This is the second time that I have purchased a phone from the store and they end up being faulty. Why does MTN provide Truworths with faulty devices. I now have to pay the monthly instalment for a device that I do not have in my possession. Meaning that I need to purchase another device to have Truworths then returning the shitty Nokia N7plus back. this is incredibly unfair. I request rapid feedback and a proper phone
spaceimpact Send email
Nov 24, 2018


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spaceimpact Send email
Nov 24, 2018


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Neeshani Reddy Send email
Nov 9, 2018

Disappointing service

I am a loyal truworths customer. I would like to express the disappointing service that I recently received.
I went to a truworths branch in monte casino. I found a beautiful pair of Ginger Mary sandal that I liked. But unfortunately they didn't have my size. The consultant did a store search and located the sandal in other branches. She said if I wanted the sandal she can order it and they would even deliver it to my home for an additional cost. I agreed and this was done. She did mention that it would take around 2 - 5 working days for the sandal to be delivered at my home. This was done on the 28/10/2018 (Sunday).

I waited until the Friday (5th working day - 02/11/1018) and decided to give the truworths customer care a call to check on my delivery.
I was notified that my account was credited the very next day prior to my order (Monday - 29/10/2018). The consultant mentioned that my parcel was with the courier. She also said that it will be delivered no later than Tuesday (06/11/2018). I said perfect....I will receive it before going away. I waited until Wednesday and called again as I still didn't receive my parcel.

This time a spoke to the courier supervisor (Johan). I explained the situation to him and he said that he will look into the matter and will call me in the next hour. Several hours passed by and i was still waiting for the supervisor to get back to me!
I had to call again (u can only imagine how irate I was at this point).
When I finally got hold of Johan he said that the parcel is with the courier and couldn't give me a exact date as to when it will be delivered. At this stage I said please cancel the delivery and credit my account accordingly. I also asked him to send me confirmation of this via email (I needed to be sure that this was reversed).
He immediately said that he will do this and I will receive confirmation early this morning. It's now the 09/11/2018, 3pm and I haven't received the confirmation or any other correspondence regarding this matter.

I would like to express how disappointed I am with the service that I received.
This delivery service that Truwoths offers - very bad & disappointing.

Another thing: if a complaint was forwarded to magement (supervisor) would think that u will receive immediate assistance.....
Well I guess not...

Sonia Hernandez Send email
Jul 3, 2018


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doriskalinowskii Send email
Jun 23, 2018

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