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melissalevy455 Send email
Dec 11, 2017


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mosetsana Send email
Nov 23, 2017


Morning my name is cornelia nkabinde it is said to start this beautiful morning with a complaint, I was in Southgate truworths yesterday for pre black Friday as truworths invited me. I collected all the items I needed and went for payment, unfortunately the service was not pleasing at all from the cashier by the name of Mahadi or mohadi as when she scanned the other item the price was not corresponding with the one on the price tag, I kindly asked her why the price is different she gave me a bad attitude to say that means its a mistake and she didn't bother to go to the floor to check the correct price. I asked for her surname she refused and she was whispering to say she never started working at truworths yesterday so for me by taking her name it doesn't scare her. so I left all the items there and they were worth R650 so next time I will take my business elsewhere. After being happy for truworths being revamped 0836969772
Joyce2 Send email
Oct 29, 2017

Paid up letter not received

I have an acct at truworths and foshini I was handed over last year and I did pay the balance but am still waiting for paid up letter frm last year until now plz help bcs at de store they say I owe dem. My Id is 8407180795089.TAMBANI email is [email protected] send it.
Weshy Send email
Oct 24, 2017

Return without slip

I bought a dress with a gift card on 1st October 2017. Want to retun it as it too short, lost the slip. Im told that i cant get the dress exchanged.

Please assist. I still do have the gift card though.

Cell: 0633159930
email : [email protected]

davidotero6188 Send email
Oct 23, 2017


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samhoffman3 Send email
Sep 30, 2017

how they helped me

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Nessie Send email
Sep 17, 2017

Kids clothing - Earthchild , Naartjies

Hi, hope somebody pays attention, not only my opinion, but all my friends who buy or shall I say used to buy Earthchild and Naarjies clothing for kids. Since the take over by Truworths, designs in both shops are no different from any other shop in SA, I can say worse actually. We used to go to those shops for something different , more creative and more interesting and didn't mind spending more money for beautiful, trendy and good quality clothing. Not so anymore, while Earthchild is still OK, partially because old designs in new colors are being used, Naajies clothing is dreadful, designs are basic in ugly colors, I just can't believe that is the same shop. Asked the shop assistants and they said that Naarjies designers were gone and that's why the clothing looked like that. Bought a pair of sandals at Eartchild which I never checked carefully, because I believed that all in the shop is from natural products (that's why the name is Earthchild) only to find out at home that sandals are not real leather at all, but plastic and the front part peeled off after one wear, same as her Truworths sandals from last summer! So if you have taken over the shops to make all in them look like Truworths, why bother? Why spoiling the only different and trendy choices we had locally - BOTH OF THEM!
MICHELLELOPEZ3323` Send email
Sep 17, 2017


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alexis778 Send email
Sep 13, 2017

how [email protected] helped me

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alexis778 Send email
Sep 13, 2017

How hackers are good

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Ayesha jogi Send email
Sep 2, 2017

Bad service cresta branch

I hate it every time a customer returns an item how it becomes a topic of discussion. I am indian an i vaguely understand the Zulu language its becoming a habbit for the Zulu speaking assistants to GOSSIP about customes right infront of them. I understand when that happens and they think we dont hear it!!! Its rude very rude makes me want to close my account and never open it again. Even if a customer brings back five items shut the hell up and stop gossiping about it. Besides returns even a purchase there is always something to GOSSIP about why?? I am very close to making this a big issue in a store and embarrassing them i think that would help!! Truworths come on teach your staff some cutomer service and respect!!!!!
Obakeng molefe Send email
Jul 12, 2017

Manner of approach

Hi. Im not happy with the manner of approach I always get whenever your consultants call me. I try by all means to negotiate and be try by all means to be as polite as possible but because of the way they talk to me oli end up having to defend myself towards them. Please make sure they have manners towards your clients because at times it will be like we as clients are impossible and don't want to reason but its not so its because your employees don't know how to speak to us.
Cgunnning Send email
Jul 8, 2017

Exchange policy

I was given a jacket as a gift and it was small. It still had the tag on it. When I tried to return it I was rd I had to have the slip. Now have a R800 jacket that is too small!
Suzy111 Send email
Jul 5, 2017

Disappointed client

I've never had a problem with my truworts account until last weekend. I went to clear water mall in Johannesburg when the cashier told me my card is blocked. They phoned head courters and the lady ask me a lot of questions which I answers to the best of my knowledge. I gave them my I'd book so that they can check if it correspond. They could see it is my card untill the manager decides to see if my signature on the back of my card is the same as the one on the slip. The 1 cashier said yes but stil the manager decides that it's not. I'm so disappointed in truworts I don't even want to buy there agen. I always pay my account an I do have alot of credit. What is the use of having one when they decide when you can buy on it.
auriel Send email
Jul 4, 2017

Poor Service

I bought a few items including Ginger Mary Boots at your East Rand Mall Branch with my credit card. The Tops was small so I went to Campus Square Mall and exchange it. The lady kept the original slip. The boot look like a stitch but it is actually glue and its coming loose.
I want to return it , and phoned your head office and your East rand mall branch, they cant help me without my original slip. For me this is
not good service at all. What do I do now. I do not want this boots because its damaged and I did pay a fortune for it. Please assist.
valencianokulunga Send email
May 30, 2017

settlement letter

I need a settlement letter agent plz help my id num 8108265960081 when I call they don't wanna help me so the is a company that want to pay for me the amount that I owe u so plz help me
valencianokulunga Send email
May 30, 2017

settlement letter

I just need a settlement letter to settle my account so they said they don't do settlement letter and the is a company who want to pay all the amount so they can't help me without a Letter plz help me my number is 0729714325
msezanen Send email
May 24, 2017

Manager`s Attitude (Zinhle)

I've been with truworths for years and never had issues until last months when i returned a shirt to maponya mall, i bought the shirt at Northgate mall and returned it to Maponya Mall where i was told that they will not be able to assist me with it because the time for me to return it is long over due. i asked to speak to the manager because i was surprised of the fact that they say they wont be able to assist me...what hurts me most is the attitude that i got from the manager yoooh i was shocked and wondered that as the manager she was supposed to be more pilite and more accommodating but she was worse that the first person i spoke too i told myself that and nobody can assist me, i called customer services they gave me a ref number and promised to call me in 48hrs but till today nothing has happened i called them on the 10/05/2017 till to date im still waiting I am not someone to complain though but I expected better from the customer service department that deliver no service! consultants make commitments to call me back and give feedback but no call backs. I am fed up with the service and will start naming and shaming the consultants.
msezanen Send email
May 24, 2017

Bad service Maponya Mall

I've been with truworths for years and never had issues until last months when i returned a shirt to Maponya mall that i bought at North gate mall when i returned it in Maponya Mall i was told that the date of returning it was long due and they will not be able to assist me, i asked to speak to the Manager and i was so surprised because she gave me more attitude call the callcentre up and nobody can assist me, I am not someone to complain though but I expected better from the customer service department that deliver no service! What I am mostly pisses about is whenever I call, several consultants make commitments to call me back documents, but no call backs.
RoseRamothoka Send email
May 16, 2017

Treated like trash

Truworths mall of the north i was treated like trash when i was in the shop shoping and all of a sudden when i want to pay they tell me that they have closed the tills,how do they close the tills when there are still clients in the shop,we waisted our time by going up and down doing shopping in the shop the next thong when we want to pay we are told that they have cashed up for the day. Were they not suppose to check if there are customers in shop 1st. And i even spoke to the manager (i think his name is hendrick) he didn't even care and the stuff were rude saying we waisting our time because they want to go home. I am so disappointed and hope this issue will be resolved
A55106 Send email
May 14, 2017

Poor Quality on TLD Products

Last year on winter sales bought a winter jacket code 697162988019. Reason I got the code is that yesterday was the first time I wore it for two hours and removed the labels. Do not have the skip but it was bought on my account.
Today wore it for an hour to be embarrassed by a guest telling me that the sleeve is coming apart. Would like someone from Truworths to call me on 0848111427 (maria) to discuss who I take this jacket too to get it fixed or get a refunded. I know it was a sales item but it still cost me R725. its unacceptable that a sleeve seams comes apart on two wears. Love the jacket but am extremely disappointed. ALSO do not want to go into Alberto Branch and get upset. YOur URGENT assistance will be appreciated.
Spikz Send email
May 8, 2017

No ITC after 2 months

This is really bad service at its best!!!
Ive paid my Truworths account in full on the 15/03/2017 into MBD and received my paid up letter from MBD on the 22/03/2017 which is ok as i am aware of the process that needs to be followed and that it took a few days for the money to reflect in the accounts.
I was then told by Suzan Mokoto of MBD that Truworths would update the ITC.
Ive contacted Truworths and i was informed by the call agent that i should wait until month end as this when their updates takes place.
Ive contacted Transunion 4/04/2017 and their was no updates on my account and was advised to send the proof of paypent through to ********** and 48 hrs this was resolved.
I then followed up with Experian and i was advised by them that my account reflecting is 5 months in arrears.
According to Truworths the file was sent through and eventually after spending hundreds of rands on airtime and i eventually found out that the file was sent through but it was rejected on the Experian portal due to errors on the file as per Winile Butelezi of Experian.
Robyn of Truworths has tried her best to assist me however i know its out of her control and her management is not willing to assist.
I was told by Winile that Truworths could request an urgent update on my account and this could be resolved within 48 hours however Truworths has decided to ignore my request after they have made the mistakes from there side and now due to this i must wait up to 7days.
This is absoultley SHOCKING SERVICE!!!
Why cant Truworths just request an urgent update as they made the mistakes and due to that i must wait 7 days. I want this updated ASAP!!!!
Please see the below correspondence by Robyn (TruworthsLegal) Winile Butelezi (Experian) and myself

Hi Robyn

As per our telecom, you will need to request an Urgent Update on my account to be sent from an authorized sender to the Experian Admin department.
I need this to be done ASAP
Good day,

I have received notification that Truworths has confirmed that Experian can proceed with the update
Thanks Robyn, can you please advise who
Was the authorized sender as i know Experian
Will request this info in order for them to trace the mail

The email was sent to her at 10:55.

Please tell her to check her emails thoroughly as it was sent

Kind Regards,

Hi Robyn,

Attached is the email I received from you which states nothing regarding a request to call centre to update Mr ............... account.
We require an email from an authorised person at Truworths requesting the admin centre to update the account.
Please provide them with the relevant information.
Email to: **********
Hi Robyn,

As per our telecom, you have confirmed that no emergency update will be done. Experian will load the production file in 5 to 7 working days.
Please also clarify this with your consumer to avoid any misunderstanding.

Good day,

That is correct.

Management has confirmed that the file must be actioned and there is no urgent request from our side
Motso Send email
Apr 30, 2017

bad service

I was my Fiancé earlier today (Sunday 29 2017)
at lakeside Truworths to pay our account, this is what happens, I take out money from my purse it was R200 to pay an installment, so normally we're ask how much are we paying so she just took the money .. so when my fiance is about to say R160 she made 200 payment and she blamed us that we didn't say how much are we paying, I told her she's suppose to ask ... and she's was like she's not talking to me. she's talking to my fiancé because he's the customer.. lol this woman was so rude and she went on saying it's not her problem that we didn't say how much are we paying. the issue here is not the money its her attitude!!
Apr 15, 2017

Ongoing harassment for paid account

I was away on holiday so paid my account of R230 late after receiving a barrage of threatening sms's and emails from Truworths. I paid the R230 on 12 April 2017 and sent an URGENT URGENT confirmation email to Truworths with my proof of payment attached.

Since then I have received another 5 threatening sms messages and 3 emails with the last one received this morning. WHAT CAN I DO TO STOP THESE MESSAGES? I am sure this harassment is against the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT.

I know that Truworths is known for TAKING A VERY HARD LINE and treating customers very badly for outstanding accounts, but this is out of control - all for R230 which HAS BEEN PAID.
Apr 15, 2017


Please, please HELP me. I was away on holiday so paid my account of R230 late after receiving a barrage of threatening sms's and emails from Truworths. I immediately paid the R230 on 12 April 2017 and sent an URGENT URGENT confirmation email to Truworths with my proof of payment attached.

Since then I have received another 5 threatening sms messages and 3 emails with the last one received this morning. WHAT CAN I DO TO STOP THESE MESSAGES? I am sure this harassment is THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT. I know that Truworths is known for TAKING A VERY HARD LINE and treating customers very badly for outstanding accounts, but this is out of control - all for R230 which HAS BEEN PAID.

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