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edgar.charuma Send email
Oct 30, 2015

Worst customer service// Abusive staff

Good day,

I do hope this complaint gets to the intended recipient but I am certain all will be done to voice my dissatisfaction with the service received from your organization since opening up an account.

It all started when I did not receive statements from you. In the beginning, I was making payment without these statements until I continued receiving snotty calls from your staff demanding payment. When indicating that payment was done, they would respond that it was not enough as it was short by maybe a hundred rand or so. I raised the issue that I was not receiving any statements, then they all would promise to look into it but all in vain.

I asked for the complaints department email address but it's like squeezing water out of a rock because each time I was handed over to a supervisor although I advised this is not what I wanted.

The supervisor would try and help but each case not to my satisfaction as I wanted a simple email address for complaints. When asked why, I outlined the reasons. The staff were very rude, shouting as if I've committed a crime by skipping payment. Refused to listen to the reasons why payment was not made. Very unreasonable and arrogant staff. Obviously someone is at fault. In this day and age, posting statements in my view is just a recipe for disaster. The Postal services are always unreliable. Why not email statements to clients and have proof when it was emailed in case of non payment? I find the service so disgusting that I am considering closing that account.

For such a big organization to fail to have a dedicated email address for complaints is just unacceptable. It's not only a failure in customer service but so ancient. Having made numerous requests, not even once did I get a satisfactory answer.

Same thing happened today. Received a snotty call from one of the agents from your organization. He did not even have the decency of introducing himself and where he was calling from. Went ahead and called me some surname that I do not even know although having phoned me. Very rude! Doesn't take time to listen and demands payment! Disgusting. These idiots needs training. Respect is very important. If you want to be listened to, introduce yourself. Demanding payment will not make me pay but taking time to listen to the reasons why I did not pay will make me pay in future.

So I leant that his name is Wisewell. Very disrespectful. Asked him for an email address so I can email proof of payment, that wasn't good enough from him. So shallow minded he was that he even advised that he was calling to know when I was going to make payment. Did he take time to listen to me? No! Because if he had done so, he would have figured out that there is no proof of payment I was going to send if I had not paid. His conduct was very much below par. I did not appreciate it.

A few days back, got same call with payment demands. The agent was quite calm and collected. Had respect. Spoke to him and advised payment was going to be on Monday 26 October and also took the time to tell him why I had not paid. Owing to non-receipt of statements, he then asked me to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor went on to tell me that I can view my statements on the website with only an account number as will be required. This was not the case. I went to your website and nope; an ID number is required. So I put my passport number being a foreigner with no RSA ID. Nope, system rejects it. A couple of times I try and finally gives up.

Went to festival mall to purchase mobile phones. A very tiring process. It took over an hour to get the phones. Come RICA time, I was told same could not be done in store. Ridiculous! Because I use a passport. I find this unacceptable and discriminative.

So today, spoke to a supervisor after escalating the case about my statements and questioned why I can't get an email address for complaints. Even offered to take my time email her my proof of payment. She seemed uninterested in giving an email address so she offered a fax number which I initially refused. Again, ridiculous! No email address to email her proof of payment? I don't believe that and although I have taken a fax number later, I'm not faxing any documents and Truworths can deal with that. No! If this is how you want to do it then look elsewhere because I don't have the time.

It has now reached a point that I want to close this account. I cannot stand such staff incompetence and abuse. Loosing one client is no big deal for Truworths so yes, I will close it. Besides, you seem to be doing so well even with all these complaints and customers being abused at the hands of your staff. I refuse to take such crap. If this is how you conduct your business, then you can go to hell.

I will take this complaint to all the websites I can find which accepts these complaints. This is just the beginning.

Pissed off customer.

Truworths - 10101111027896

Then i receive this reply from some agent. It left me wondering whether they can read at all or not because none of my queries were addressed. So its ok that their agents call and shout at customers...........

Good day

Please be advised that you can SMS ‘BAL’ followed by your 14 digit account number to 31580 you will receive an SMS update of your balance as well as the available credit on your account.

You can pay your Truworths account online by setting Truworths up as a payment beneficiary on your bank account. For your convenience, Truworths will automatically appear on the bank's pre-defined list of payment beneficiaries.
Please ensure that you use your 14-digit Truworhts account number as it appears on your statement so we are able to match the payment to your account. As your monthly instalment may fluctuate from time to time, we suggest that you monitor your statements to prevent your account from inadvertently falling into arrears.

To find out more about Internet payments, please contact your bank at one of the following numbers:

ABSA 0800 41 41 41
BOE/NBS 0860 13 13 33
Capitec 0860 10 20 43
FNB 0800 111 722
Nedbank 0860 555 111
Permanent Bank 0860 555 222
Saambou 0860 139 555
Standard Bank 0860 123 000
Mercantile Contact local branch
We are sorry if you felt that our collections process was in any way offensive and not handled correctly, and confirm that it was certainly not the intention of our consultants to cause you any unneccessary frustration.

Kind regards,

Customer Services Consultant

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From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2015 08:51:59 PM
Subject: Re: Truworths Account Number: 10101111027896

Dear Wasela,

Thank you for taking time to respond.

I must note however the fact that this issue must be taken to your management as noted major issues regarding your staff conduct below have not been addressed in your response.

The feeling I have now is that it is acceptable for your staff to shout at customers this way which is not happening to me for the first time.

I am a very unhappy customer and am sure I'm not the only one. If this is not the platform, maybe I have to consider other websites to voice my disappointment until something is done to this.

I will take it to whoever listens the fact that Truworths employees are allowed to phone their clients and abuse them this way. The newspapers or whatever.

I want to hear of your action plan because I find this very offensive and unprofessional. One of your agents called me yesterday afternoon. Even though I had dealt with his colleagues in the morning. From the same number, appears there is not even the slightest communication in that department and for me it's unacceptable.

Going forward, I want this account closed so I can give business to those who care about their customers.
I will go to the shop to pay the outstanding amount and have it closed. So what if you have lost one client, your staff don't care.

Thank you.

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On 29 Oct 2015, at 13:01, [email protected] wrote:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email and allowing us the opportunity to respond.

Upon reviewing your account, we have established that you have spoken to one of our Supervisors with regards to your account query. We can confirm that your account is up to date with a balance of R154.54.

We have inserted the option for you to receive your statements via email in the future.

Kind regards,

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From: [email protected] [[email protected]]
To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 02:36:23 PM
Subject: Truworths - feedback

Feedback from
Name:Mr edgar charuma
Email: [email protected]
Contact number:
Account no:10101111027896
Staff member:
Store name:
I have a complaint. I never receive my account statement in time. When your agents call me for payment, i raise this issue but i have encountered some who are very rude and shouts at me like i have committed murder. Something i do not appreciate at all. I just want my statement on time because most times i am outside the country making it impossible to approach a shop to check that. Besides, i should not be asked to go wait in a queue to check my statement. I am a very busy person with lots of travel and mostly outside the country. I was advised recently to log onto the system using my account number but does not work with me. I have tried it numerous times with no Joy. My passport number is XXXXXX which is what i try to put when asked for ID number. I am now on the verge of asking to cancel and close this account because i hate to receive snotty phone calls from your staff some of whom do not have the slightest degree of customer service.

I need to know the way forward on this issue. I love Truworths products but do not appreciate the conduct by your staff and when i ask for an email for the complaints department, no one wants to give that to me. Please check my profile, i am not a difficult person in terms of paying for what i have taken. All i need is a statement on time. The previous statement was only emailed to me on 14 October. Not right.
Francis Blackie Send email
Oct 29, 2015

Exchange of clothing

Where in the terms and conditions does it say that truworths cant't keep a clothing for you for more than 2 days.
Madelein du Toit Send email
Oct 24, 2015

Truworths South Africa

Today, 24 October 2015, I closed my Truworths account after 14 + years.

I thanked the staff at the Bedfordview Bedford Centre for their friendliness and professionalism.

But, I just could not handle the ongoing calls from your account department claiming that I did not pay the latest amount and needed to make other arrangements to ensure payment. Explanations and patience from my side were to no avail, the attitude was clear from 3 (three) different call centre contacts: pay up or bail out.

The bigger picture is this: I have always (and I mean ALWAYS - please check my account history) paid more than the monthly amount asked for. I have always (once again, please check the history) paid up what I owed in 6 months time.

I understand we live in difficult times, I also understand YOUR bigger picture, but seriously? Has it EVER been necessary for Truworths to shout at me specifically for non payment?

A casualty of war, I may be, but thank goodness no more phone calls, text messages or emails with attitude. Life in SA is stressful enough right now.

I shall miss the Bedford Centre staff in Bedfordview.

Madelein du Toit
[email protected] Send email
Oct 21, 2015

A very disapointed customer

I have been a loyal client to Truworths since I’ve been a teenager (I am 34 now). Truworhts has always been my favourite clothing shop, since the clothes are off good quality and always very fashionable.

Since I’ve been a teenager my mother has spoiled me every year with a birthday present, being clothes from Truworths.

Every year she would send me with her Truworhts card, accompanied with a letter giving me permission to buy on her card, a copy of her ID and my ID. Reason for this being that she can obviously not choose clothes on my behalf. Every year the letter was correct and Truworths had no problem with me buying on my mother’s card.

Yesterday I went to Truworths, chose some outfits for summer and found the most beautiful outfits one of which I was suppose too wear to my daughters price giving, but to my great disappointment the letter of permission was not accepted by your Manager: Shop 72, Diamond Pavilion Mall, Oliver Road, Kimberley, 8301, Northern Cape, South Africa

I pleaded with her but she just refused to assist me. When my mother applied for the account she filled in a form with her ID, her cell phone number etc.

I pleaded to her to phone my mother, but to no avail. My mother is on holiday at the West Coast and is no where near technology to send another letter.

When I asked her if she can keep the clothes for me until my mother returns next week, she simply replied that she may only keep the clothes for 2 days. I almost cried.

In what world is that financially viable for Truworths? I simply can’t understand this and I am extremely disappointed and upset. I felt like she was treating me like a criminal and there were lots of customers behind me in the line. This was a very embarrassing experience for me; I feel that you should teach your Managers to treat your customers with respect. I definitely did not feel any respect coming from her and she made no effort to assist me.

I felt that I should share this experience with you and I hope that you will respond in some way for me to feel that I could ever return to Truworths.

A very disappointed customer.
Tina van der Merwe

[email protected]
Malcontent Send email
Oct 6, 2015

Unethical conduct & appalling service

After receiving SMS'e for more than 2 years saying I must activate an account with Truworths and will get R300 in discount vouchers, I eventually did so in February 2015. I made two purchases: 11 March and 12 March. It was then when the R300 vouchers came in dispute and all sorts of terms and conditions came into effect (standing at the cashier obviously with a queue behind me) - terms and conditions that I was not informed about at time of opening account. Turns out, you have to ask them to redeem the voucher (it doesn't automatically happen). And all sorts of other criteria like only R100 per month is allowed, on a minimum spend per purchase, etc etc.

On the 12th of March 2015 my voucher-issue was resolved after the branch (Ladeside Mall, Benoni) called Customer Services. They, in turn, guaranteed me that they will honour the full R300 in discount vouchers on the purchases made the 11th and 12th of March. Matter closed, move on with my life... but, then my nightmare began.... fast forward 5 months and 100's of emails decision by Truworths' Credit Department was to honour R200 only (this was yesterday, after much confusion around whether it would be R100 or R200). Point is: it is not R300 as was promised when I opened my account and when I spoke to Customer Services on the 12th of March.

Today, I get an email (in response to a complaint) that they are prepared, as a "gesture of goodwill", to give me 2 x R100 vouchers, BUT I must purchase at least R350 worth of goods by end of November and a further R350 by end of December. I do not see this as a gesture of goodwill. I see this as a slap in the face and a sneaky attempt from Truworths to turn an unfortunate situation into their favour by getting a distgruntled customer to spend even more money at their stores. I don't want goodwill and favours, I want Truworths to honour their obligation in terms of the initial vouchers.

In the bigger scheme of things, the amount in dispute is neglible. I have spent more energy on this than what it is worth. But there is a principle to this and because of this, I am taking the matter further.

1) Just how transparent is Truworths in their advertising campaigns? Are customers made aware of the terms of conditions when they open accounts based on these marketing campaigns?
2) Why don't they deliver on promises?
3) Why do they give you the run-around and pass the buck for 5 months? (Is it a tactic to hope you will just leave it? Is that how disputes are dealt with? Is that what a customer is really worth to Truworths?)
4) Why does a corporate such as Truworths, with the amount of resources they have, not bother to get to the bottom of an issue? But rather spend all their time and resources in snubbing a customer, brushing them off with: case closed, take-it-or-leave-it-attitude? Does the customer not at least deserve benefit of the doubt?
5) Why when asked that a matter gets resolved amicably through an internal Truworths process, the request is ignored? Leaving a customer to find (and spend more time, energy and money) other ways to deal with disputes? What could have taken 1 hour has now gone on for 5 months (longer now since I am lodging the dispute externally and at an expense to myself - which none of the vouchers will actually cover in the end)?
6) Is ignoring an initial obligation by replacing it with new terms and conditions really "goodwill" or breach of contract? How is this ethical, or even legal?
7) What is the purpose of the recording conversations, other than when it is to the benefit of Truworths? They decide when and which ones they will listen to and use to their benefits. Stuff the customer.

PS: In the last 5 months, [email protected] ignored all of this (leaving the whole matter to [email protected] - I use email addresses, as this is how Truworths corresponds: faceless and nameless and customer-serviceless. I once asked a person on the phone who I was speaking to her details and she refused to give me her surname (it is not Truworths' policy). But when they want your details for opening an account, they want all your information and they pry into your personal life. When you query something later on, the first thing they ask is: who did you speak to (name and surname), when, where etc. Apparently what goes for the goose does not go for the gander.

Debbie Mortinson
[email protected]
[email protected] Send email
Oct 1, 2015

Fraud on my account 10126100046735

Good day,
I am a very disappointed customer of truworths.
Today I went to pay for my account and to my surprise my debt was R9000 more than what I am aware off.upon enquiry I was advised that someone is using my id to buy on my account.
to my shock this is very disappointing because I am of the opinion that you have a proper verification in I have to run around opening cases and what not due to your incompetence.
I hope someone will invesigate the matter properly.i also demand that I be sent a thorough statement with the actual transactions.

kind regards
Strydok Send email
Sep 29, 2015

Bad Customer Service

I ordered goods online from Truworths on 9 September 2015. ORDER: EWGS5QHCAY

To date the order has been duplicated, double billed AND not delivered.

I received bad service from Kashifah, Lindelwa and Waagied.
Shannon tried to assist, but was only able to register my complaint Ref 24291. She also preferred to close my account.

Please help. It does not matter to whom I speak, they are unable to help or cancel the sale. They can only cloce accounts

Karin Strydom
Acct 10100164605836
Cel: 083 556 3803
RAJA1 Send email
Sep 27, 2015


Hi.My name is Mr R Pillay.On 20/09/2015 I went to Truworths at 203 Church Street Pta and ordered a sneaker.I was told that it would be at the store by 28/09/2015 and that I would receive an s.m.s regarding this.On 27/09/2015 I tried calling the branch from 09h00 until 11h00 and the telephone was only ringing.I called the Truworths Customer Care number and was told that they are also trying to reach them on their landline but to no avail.Surely Head Office is suppose to have the contact details on management at their branches.I don't want to go all the way to the store to be told that my goods did not arrive.This is really poor customer service.Truworths should rather spend their money on training their staff then to send
to customers reminding them to make payment after the payment is done.

khanyo Send email
Sep 23, 2015

trueworths musgrave

my name is nokukhanya shoyisa

I bought an mtn white sony experia from Trueworths Musgrave on 20th of September 2015 and within one week the phone was giving me problems, finishing up the battery, and airtime even if there are internet bundles.
I went back to trueworths westreet after going to mtn and checked my mtn they said no the phone was faulty I must take it back to trueworths. I did exactly that and the guy from trueworths did few things on my phone and said no the phone is ok. on my way home I purchased R30 mtn airtime and I recharged and after an hour the airtime was finished again. i had to go back to trueworths and the lady (malsha) from Musgrave said I must come to Musgrave and I refused because they said I can go to any trueworths if there is a problem since i'm staying in Vryheid, luckly I was still around so I went to west street.
i'm very disappointed to trueworths, they refused to cancel the transactions or give me another so furious and I'm going to take this far. the world will now that you are selling fake and Chinese phones at R1500 just because its trueworths and fail to satisfy your customers. according to costumers act you must make returns within 7 days and worse now the act has been amended to 15 going to take this far I promise you. and you will pay me every cent I'm going to spend.
mokgadi Send email
Sep 14, 2015


I had an account with Truworths I couldn't pay the handed me to their lawyers now I want to pay I keep calling their lawyers with no answer when I tell them they say its my fault
cherry Send email
Sep 14, 2015

credit increase wANTED

paul325 Send email
Sep 11, 2015


My name is Paul. I'm paying my account 3 days after due date but the smses and emails that I'm receiving are irritating please stop that. I paid R580 on the 9th September 2015 so why still many stupid emails
pelo Send email
Aug 30, 2015


My name is Tshidi and I have an account with truworths, I undastand my account was in arreas but I have managed to pay them what I owe them, so they have given me a number at 1 of their stores to call but its bin a week now since I've bin calling and have to received help. They keep on telling me they will call me back whenever I call the number.

I am unemployed and don't have money to keep on paying them the debt I no longer have if this is their way of making me pay more.

[email protected]
BIANCA02 Send email
Aug 27, 2015


lulu Send email
Aug 10, 2015

Poor quality

My name is Thembi i bought a jacket at Heidelberg Mall in June for R600 . I washed it twice separetly but it looks like i slept on it. For a R600 i expected a good quality jacket but thats not the case. I wasted my money , if Truworths keeps this they are going to lose more customers
botlhale Send email
Aug 1, 2015

fraudulent cards

I'm a very unhappy customer I get to the shop to pay for my account only to find I owe a huge amount of money I know nothing about someone used a fraudulent card to buy with my name n I have to go thru all this process of police station and all while truworths do nothing what I wanna know is don't u teach your employees how to spot a fraudulent card you are very incompetent you don't care about you customers safety at all n I know I'm wasting my tym complaining to you couz u don't care u only care abt ur money but you will care couz I'm taking this matter to my lawyer drag ur name thru the mud u must go thru wat I'm going thru it's not fair at all u should be able to protect your customers couz without us there is no truworths period you should start acknowledging tht [email protected]
Nomsa28 Send email
Jul 3, 2015


Truworths handed my account over to their attorneys because I missed 1 payment! !!! my payment was due on the 30th June 2015 and they handed me to the attorneys on the 3rd of July 2015 (in 3 days)
This is the first time this is happening.

I mean like really now! this is going to affect my credit record.. only because of 3 days! what kind of company is this now?

I will pay them and close this account, I know it might not make difference but word of mouth is powerful!

I am so disappointed! and to think this was my first account

Nomsa Radebe
Selat Send email
Jun 15, 2015

Settled account and now they refuse to close it!

On Wednesday 10th June 2015 I phoned the call Centre at 10:24am to get a settlement amount and also to close my account. I was told I need R5, 968.97 and if I am paying via EFT I should call the call Centre or go to my nearest branch after 2-3 days to close the account. At 10:29am the same day I settled the account. On Friday 12 June 2015 at 12:02pm I phoned the call Centre again and I was told the money is not yet reflecting and I must call again on Monday to close the account. Today at 14:55pm I phoned yet again and I spoke to Tasneem who said she cannot close my account as there is an amount of hundred and something that is outstanding! I asked her what that amount is for because I expect my account to be zero balance and she said its interest! I said I will not pay and she put me on hold for six minutes! When she returns she says unfortunately interest cannot be reserved I must pay for it! I refuse to be robbed like this, I am not paying. I expect them to reverse this as it’s not my fault. As I customer who has never defaulted on my account I feel I will NEVER do business there! This is daylight robbery. My details: S. Selepe - Acc no: 101 015 3582 2912
Neilg Send email
Jun 5, 2015

exchange item

To whom it may concern

I'm Neil George.i bought a pair of boots at one of your outlets in Parow on 2015/04/04
The day I bought the boots I noticed after I fitted it at on at home that the left side boot is killing my feet and the other side fits perfectly. surly there is a rejected on it. ..
I then went to the shop where I bought it after 4 days and said? I want a bigger size instead. .
After 3 days they phoned me in saying they can not and will not exchange the boot, nor credit me for it. ..because they examen the shoe and won't be able to replace it for me. ..and that I should come to the store and collect the same shoe that I bought.
I've spoken to the store manager, which referred me to a lady who act as a team leader at the call centre. .and said she would sort this ordeal out and would call me or email me regarding this matter as she first have to speak to her superior which will take at least 3 days and get back to me ,up till today 2 months later ,no one called me and strangely I've already been billed for the boots. .
I've been very patients with this whole situation ,and would seek for legal advice if this matter is not being dealt with. In a speedily manner. .

Neil George
Kmohube Send email
May 27, 2015

Jewellery only available in one size

Yesterday 26/05/2015 My Husband wanted to buy us both lovely Sterling Silver Rings with Cubic's, we were told by a consultant at the store that we can not buy the rings as they only come in one size only and can not be adjusted, For 13 years we have been loyal client to Truworths, we have bought clothes from a size 28 to a size 40, but why cant we get Sterling Silver rings with Cubic's in our size, is this brand saying that they only sell Jewellery to people with thing fingers. this is so wrong. I am very disappointed,

Kagiso M
079 952 0247
cindyq Send email
May 25, 2015

Bad Service and Staff

I’m very displeased to say the least on the 28 February 2015 I have purchased a Bad Girl watch from Thruworhs River square mall, on the 16 April 2015 I took the watch back because the silver was fading from the watch, which is not rite. I gave in the watch the two gentle men that works by that branch is so rude and disrespectful they don’t even ask what they can assist with not even polite at all. I gave in the watch they told me I must wait for 3-4 weeks and on the 17 May 2015 I went back because I heard no feedback from then again the same gentleman was rude and didn’t even offer to assist me, they told I must wait the repair people is closed on weekends, they will phone me with further details regarding the watch. they didn’t take my no didn’t check in their book for any records what so ever.... Today the 25 May 2015 the branch phoned me and asked me what type of watch was it that I send back because they can’t find any records of the watch and don’t know what type of watch it was????? I mean really come on what type of service is Thruworth in the mall servicing us with.

I feel very unhappy regarding this matter and hope to hear feed back soon because this is BS!!!!!!!!

isn’t the first thing you must teach your employees when you employee them that they must serve customers and be friendly and polite????
please get in contact with the branch and these incompetent staff of yours before you lose a lot off customers and wound be able to make your turn over for the month.


Yolande Swartz
082 835 5347 / 078 915 6636
Praksha Send email
May 22, 2015

Truworths Cresta - Liars

I ordered a pair of Ginger Mary boots - size 3...on the 8 May 2015. I even have a proof of the order. And no one contacted me yet today is 22 May 2015 I was told I will get it in a week.
Today when I come to the store. I am told that they are sold out. And the manager here is on the phone with Head Office for over 20mins.
Is this the type of service you provide.
Why do you take orders when a size is not available if you can't live up to what you say.
Seriously considering closing my Truworths account.

Greatly appreciate if someone can contact me ASAP.
debz Send email
May 17, 2015

bad service

Hi truworths,i am very disappointed because I opened an an account about a week ago and on Thursday I got an sms saying my account is approved with free vouchers and I must go in with my I'd book,i only managed to go today wich is sunday and the lady who helped me said that I should have gone there on Thursday then they would have given me the vouchers,she said in order to receive the vouchers you have to go the same day that you got the sms,witch did it did not say that in the sms,and after she activated my account I got an sms to say that it's activated and I that I received the vouchers witch I did not,i feel like closing the account!! Please contact me on 0713999506 debbie
antonetreid Send email
May 12, 2015

Dress exchange

Good day Truworths

My name is Antonet Reid we stay in Swaziland and piet retief is our closest truworths branch, i only shop at Truworths i love the clothes.
Anyway we went shopping in Ermelo 3 weeks ago and I bought a dress for my daughters winter dance at school...unfortanetly, when
we tried to fit it at home it was too small ... a size 34, which was quite suprising to me cause shes only 14 and of medium size built.
I never removed the price tags off the dress, and unfortanetly i lost the receipt, but seeing as I had returned clothes to Truworhts before, i was at ease
cause you could clearly see we have not worn the dress, as the price tags and everything was still in tact. And the previous time i wanted to
return a dress i had the receipt for they warned me to not remove the tags as otherwise they could not return it...which i understood..

I then went to Piet Retief branch 3 days after our purchase in Ermelo and asked if I could return the dress, they refuse...i assured them that
I would defnitly buy for the same amount in the their truworth store, which the manager refused me on.. I pleaded with her to at least then change the size 34
for a size 36... to which she replied.."no, I will not do it, I exhanged a dress for you the other day without the tags, and now this its like its becoming a trend??"

I was so shocked at her reaction...for the previous time she assured me if it only had the price tags on it would be oke...!

Im sad to say that this type of treatment infront of other clients was very degrading to me and she humiliated me infront of the whole shop.
We support Truwoths quite alot I do not buy from any other shops....I only buy cash, because of fear of credit card debt... why should I be treated this way??

I think that Truworths should take better care of its customers....She actually said no to a R500.00 exchange, which in actual fact would be minor if I made R10 000.00 purchase
dont you think?

Im a regular customer. Please respond to this email and give me your thoughts on the matter so I can make up my mind what my future relationship
with Truworths would be

Thankyou very much
Antonet Reid
cell: 00268-76814500
Charmaine Smit Send email
Apr 20, 2015


20 April 2015
My name is Mrs Charmaine Smit I am a new customer and sorry to say but I am VERY unhappy with your service...

Truworths send me the following sms twice in a row
FASHION ON SALE @ TRUWORTHS now on. Winter fashion at reduced prices! Mrs Smit you
Have R1,021 to shop SALE

After the second time I received this sms I thought okay they increased my credit limit and maybe I must go and see what there are for sale and buy on my account.

On Sunday 19th of April 2015 I went to Truworths, Potchefstroom spend about an half an hour to pick my clothes and another half an hour in the row because the shop was very busy, ONLY to hear that I have only got a balance of R71 to buy for……!!!! I showed the lady the sms on my pone, she then phoned head office and guess what! The answer was “the sms is not valid anymore it’s only for a certain time”!!!!! I mean why didn’t they also note that on the sms???? I am VERY CROSS!!! In fact I Feel like closing my account…

So PLEASE DON’T SEND ME SMS’e with False detail because I haven’t got time to waste, and Could you please remove my cell number from your system?
ID 6903130043085
072 375 1632

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