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Consumer complaints and reviews about Truworths Head Office

mgray Send email
Mar 5, 2015

Selling factory faulted phones to consumers

My mum bought a Blackberry Z3 phone on the 15th February 2015, phone was not used after 2 to 3 days only. Then i started using the phone and suddenly on sunday the following week a voice promp is activated, not sure how but then the phone freezed and i could not access anything because of this voice that was activated. went to the store and explained to the consultant what had happend but he told me that maybe i pressed something wrong. i then challenged him on that and told him well for a brand new phone it was suppose to have the capability to disable what ever was enabled. but now the phone stopped working properly i mean for a brand new phone. he then said he will send the phone to mtn and let them investigate and so forth which i totally understand. but my problem is he had an attitude from the start. i am not stupid and he will not make me a stupid, they sell phone which they know is ******up. we spend so much money on buying the phones then after that the phones start giving you problems, same as the blackberry that i bought by them before the new phone. i want them to know i will not take that phone, they must credit the money back, they will not rip us off again like with the blackberry 9720 which was a model they made us consumers stupids with. i am not going to except this i am very sorry but its either you credit the money back into my mothers account or i take this further. now they keep on phoning my mother but when she asks them what the results was of the investigation from mtn they dont answer her. i know they will say its the clients fault but i know what happened with that phone.

I will show them because that sales consultant is not doing me or my mother a favour.....my mum pays her account on time and she can buy what she wants...i never want to deal with him ever again and i will never buy a phone there ever again.

I want feedback before close off business today i will put this on all the media and will go to the ombudsman as well.
Nerika Send email
Feb 22, 2015

Horrible service

Ivé now for the third time encountered horrible service at Identity in Cavendish square Claremont capetown! Im sorry but managers need to ensure that staff are doing what employed to do and are given training. They are disrespectful to customers as I have experienced this when I was there. I needed help and the sales assistant actually said his off to lunch sorry.. I asked his colleague for his name its Ethan. I hope that this will be addressed.
Francyd Send email
Feb 4, 2015


I had a Truworths account back in 2003, and when i couldn't pay them back i was handed over to lawyers whom i paid to the last cent, when i was supposed to get my settlement letter i did not until today, now i have been handed over to other lawyers not the same lawyers, for a different amount. I never got a settlement from those lawyers and it has been 10 years, and it's only now that they say i still owe them money? I request a full statement of account for all payments made and interests and how they got to the amount still owing. It's time that it doesn't become just the customers duty to keep deposit slips , things get burnt, we move houses and lose other items, because we trust when we are handed over a record is also kept of all payments we make to the lawyers.

Kindly look into it and i will await statement as i refuse to pay my hard earned money on an account that has no statement but just a balance owing.

I will own up to the debt but pleas show me how it got to that amount. I need a full history of my account. Sad that i do not even recall the account number, had that card cut a long time ago.

You can contact me on email address : francyd2009@live.com
FARANAZ sayed Send email
Jan 31, 2015

Truwoths stealing my money

Good day

I went to the lakeside mall to pay my account on the 25/01/2015 using my cheque account for an amount of R330.00 only. To my surprise I get an Incontact message on the 29/01/2015 of r330.00 and again and another one on the 30/01/2015 of which showing that truworths has debited my cheque account again without my card being present. And when I went into the lake side mall branch on the 31st January the store manager literally told me to get lost as there is nothing he can do. Not an apology or when truworths will be crediting my account with the R660.00 which they stole.

I want my monies back and I surely will be closing my account with a pathetic intuition. Are they into stealing people's monies now.

My account number 10100124919188
Can someone call me asap and let me know when my monies will be put back into my account as I have debit orders that will be going off.
janinelangsen Send email
Jan 26, 2015


I made a payment two days after I opened my account my limit is R900.00 I bought items of R860.00 and I paid R500.00 at the end of that same month I was called to make a payment because on their side it shows I owe. what nonsense is that. because I paid more than my instalment two days after I opened the account. than I only paid December around about the 20th and on Friday the 23.01.2015 I sae on my ITC truworths listed me as a slow payer for what I am not a slow payer when I paid so much money. I am supposed to pay for 6 months and this month is only the 3rd month every month I made a payment. please correct my ITC. I want it corrected by the beginning of the new week in February. you people are really forcing me to close my account because this is complete nonsense. I made payment on the 20.01.2015 I am sure before the 7.02.2015 you going to want more payment check your systems correct and stop listing people on ITC FOR NONSENSE. some of us opened an account with you to build a credit record but instead you do this to us.
jvermeulen Send email
Jan 22, 2015

Bad Service & Harassment

Dear Sir/Madam,

I Juanita Vermeulen ID nr 8304280047083 has been a Truworths customer for 11 years to date. I paid a R 220.00 short on my instalment of R 850.00 this month. I get harassed every day for the short payment via phone calls and SMS's. I mean seriously, I pay all the time, and due to short payment of R 220.00 I get harassed so much. The problem of the short payment was, my husband went to pay my account, and only let them swipe R 600.00. It was really not done on purpose, as he does not know what my instalments are. I'm not a convict, and have stuck to my payments regularly. I do not appreciate this convict treatment. Stop phoning me unless I stop paying!
And I will probably be black listed for this right?
You know what.... YOU HAVE JUST LOST A LONG TRUSTED CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will pay my account until clear and close the account. I really don't need this.
prudy007 Send email
Dec 12, 2014

i need a settlement letter

i was promised to get my settlement letter, its so funny when one owes this account, iget calls left right and centre but now that i closed the why cnt i get my letter
cleocm Send email
Nov 18, 2014

Terrible service

To whom it may concern,

Terrible service
Name of the complainer: Christina Mondlane
Acc no: 10101108169264
Rude Employee no: 2006466 (found on the receipt)
Branch: Sandton City

I am writting this regarding the terrible service I received from one of your employees. He was very ignorant and rude towards me.

I got to the Truworths at Sandton where I got this guy, then explained that I was returning a t-shirt that I had bought last weekend, he asked if I had a receipt and I told him I had lost it. He went on telling me how important it is to have the receipt in a very rude manner, I just looked at him and gave him my drivers licence. He then went on asking me my ID. number, where and the date I bought it as if it wasn't my card. What annoyed me the most is that a white lady came and spoke to him and he became so nice and all smiles and calling her mam, while I was standing in front of him, he was acting as if I was invisible, he even offered to help her and told the other lady continue with me, the lady told him to finish with me first . He took about 10-15 minutes just to help me, he was busy talking to that lady, when his lady colleague who was overiding for him called him to order asking why he was talking to that lady while I was there and why he was taking so long. Guess what, he just gave me my drivers and receipt and turned away, with no "Thank you". Its the first time that I received such bad service from Truworths. I want him to be dealt with, and I would like to get feedback, please check the footage for the 17/11/2014 around 11:30-11:45.

What annoys me the most is that he didn't even feel any remorse even when his colleague was telling him he was doing wrong, and didn't care what I felt or thought, I tried ignoring him but he kept on getting worse as if he wanted me to feel his negativity and rudeness. I want to be last person that he treats this bad. And for a man to do that Gosh. I'm so dissappointed and feel bellitled and undermined. I want this guy to be dealt with, he is an embarrasment to all his other colleagues who always give great service and our nation as well. I work in customer service and know the do's and don'ts. He doesn't deserve that job at all.

Can I please get feedback on this matter.

cleocm Send email
Nov 17, 2014

bad service

you". I'm so dissappointed and feel bellitled and undermined. What worries me the most is that he didn't even care, I tried ignoring him but he kept on getting worse as if he wanted me to feel his rudeness. I want this guy to be dealt with, he is an embarrasment to all his other colleagues who always give great service and our nation as well. I work in customer service and know the do's and don'ts. He doesn't deserve that job at all.
jennywilde Send email
Oct 23, 2014

Harassment by means of calls/ sms

Good day. My name is Jenny and I am not a Truworths customer. My friend Judith van Nelson is a customer of yours. Details: MS JA VAN NELSON, TRUWORTHS acc 10101328235020. She gave my no as reference only. However for the past year I received smses and calls from your collections department. Everytime I explain that I am not the account holder, yet they continue to harass me. I'm sick & tired of this. I've been promised to have my no removed, yet nothing happens. I would like to have the no 0720981785 immediately removed as reference to this account with immediate effect or I'll be forced to take legal action. Her contact no is +27 76 904 2223. Please update your details. Waiting to hear from your as a matter of urgency. Regards, Jenny
Lady K Send email
Oct 7, 2014

blacklisted by mistake

I have account with truworths when I try to pay it they said I have to call the truworths lawyers now I'm confused cause I still wanna use it. My account no:10101108183240
Azwimbavhi Send email
Oct 3, 2014

I was wants blacklisted

I wanted to buy a car but I can't becous they said I was not paying u guys nice what I want is u guys to clear my name becous I finish paying u long time ago can u pls clear my name please my I'd number is 8505156187080
pmosetse Send email
Aug 21, 2014

Highly irritated by your service

My Name is Palesa i previously had an account with Truworths and I bought my mother a cellphone from one of your stores in the Glen Mall, then months later the phone gave her problems and I had to take it back to the store for repairs and that was in January the 20th 2014, up until today I still don't have my mom's phone, and no one communicated with me on what is happen, when i gave them a call in July still no one knew anything, and i was told that my phone was couriered to the wrong branch and they don't want to release it,,,,,,,,,,,I am very furious , I am mad , i feel like suing you guys for the expenses you guys have caused me.

7004195270082 Send email
Aug 20, 2014

Consistant Over charging on monthly basis


I am Reginald Adam Claassen,ID 7004195270082 AND GOT A TRUWORTHS ACCOUNT. I've been complaining numerous times verbally to Rustenburg Waterfall Mall stores and even they were surprised. I always choose my selection on a twelve month basis but my payment irrespective if its at R15000 I own them and or R7000 I always pay in the region of R1500 to R1600 a month consistent because my monthly statement show so.There was times where I did not even buy anything, its still the same. I recently bought perfume about 3 months ago on a twelve month basis when my account was paid up to R7000.00 owing Truworths left,but the perfume was about +- R2000 and I was still paying R1500 a month, so my account would have been paid in full over 7 months with a 12 month agreement. Please check,this is ridiculous and its still going on and on, rectify and reply on e-mail address rclaassen@platmin.com.

Kind Regards
ZumaC Send email
Aug 19, 2014

poor service

Your service fromm call centre is shocking
Chosen1 Send email
Jul 21, 2014

Bad Service

Yesterday me and my husband went shopping at Gauteng Johannesburg THE GLEN mall it was 16:55 the door was still opened, as soon as we walked in two sales assistance (ladies) who were standing by door immediately closed to door, one told the other that they had already packed for the day and they don’t want me and my husband touching the clothes because they will have to clean up after us. Also claimed that its 17:00 they are going to take their bags and go home leave us there because they are tired. We continued shopping but then security and the two ladies followed us around, retouching the clothes we touched etc. We left with a lady who was ready to pay for her clothes but because of their attitudes left them there. they made our shopping uncomfortable and plain awkward. They were rude. My husband and I are going away for the weekend we couldn’t even shop for the clothes we need because of them. Please take your staff for customer services lessons before you lose loyal customers
mushai Send email
Jul 14, 2014

Damaged boots

My name is Mugodo MV, Acc no : 10100152930359
I have been using Truworth account for more than 20yrs, on the 20/06/14 I bought a pair of boots for the amount of R1499,00.The 2 strings that were seemingly attached to the boot by glue become unattached to the boot and the elastic attachment on the other boots where showing some signs of worning out.I took the boots to Thohoyandou store wherein i was told to wait for the manager as she is still receiving stock and when she later come out, I showed her the boots and tried to reason with her and she told me there is nothing she can do,I will have to wait for a month for my boots.I asked her how am i going to cope without my boots for the whole month in this winter, and she told me she did not know as she does not work with damaged product only the quality people in Cape Town will attend to my problem.As a customer i felt i was not treated fairly and i also felt that the procedures of dealing with the damaged product are also not fair for the customers who had to wait for the whole month for a positive respond if lucky or negative response for that matter??
My contacts:0728960578/0827840989
Bhekakuphi Send email
Jul 2, 2014


Please check this account for me,it was closed but still deducting from PBC ADMINISTRATION.Check and arrange backpay,make sure it taken off from the list of my creditors.Thanks.
need help Send email
Jul 1, 2014

no help from truworths

i bought a pair of underwear at truworth pinetown on 19 june 2014, when i noticed in two days that they are tearing and the cotton is loose , i returned them on the 28 june 2014 i was told by manager that there is a no return policy on underwear , she is prepared to exchange them , but in her store i had no size , and she told me that it will take up to 3 weeks if she can request from the other shop and she can not send me to go and collect from the other shop. she refused with the area manager number and gave me the call centre number to use out of her shop as she said she can not help me . when i use my cell phone to call , the guy said she can not tell the store what to do , she can only take a complain , she than gave me his manager (Widaad) who register (referance 15986) my complain and i was told they will come back to me within 48 hours , but it now after 96 hours no one has called me . please help 0826465668. and
Ambrose Send email
Jun 28, 2014

Refunded Item

On the 21st March 2014 my mother in law purchased a denim jeans for my husband as a gift for his birthday. At the time we were staying in JHB because of my job. He tried on the pants and it was too small. So we decide to take it to our nearest truworths store for an exchange. Unfortunately Truworths Man does not cater for the XX men so he couldn't find anything that he liked and we asked for a refund. The lady at the counter explained that they cannot refund the item as my mother in law purchased for the item with her credit card and its Truworths policy that the card holder must be present for refund items on cc. We took the pants back and decided that we will return it when we back in Cape Town. 3 months later we drove straight from the airport on our return from JHB and drove to my in laws who resides in Vredenburg as we are here to say hello and visit for the weekend before we go back home.

Luckily we have the pants in our suitcase and decided that seeing that we are here, we go to Vredenburg, Weskus Mall to exchange the pants at the store where it was purchased. At the store, the cashier very friendly explained that Truworths has a 1 month return policy which means no cash back. So we said, that`s fine, we fully understand but there is nothing in the store that he likes, can we get a voucher in return. ( Take note, that none of the people in the store wheres a name badge even). So this guys who we assume is a supervisor came to the desk and explained us the same story we received from the cashier. We asked ; " can we get a voucher in return then?" He`s response he needs to find out by the manager. We asked to see the Manager. She comes and explains to us the same thing. So we asked again, can we get a voucher seeing that according to Truworths we only have a 1 month to return the item back for a full refund. we don't want the money back , just give us a voucher instead. She immediately gets snobby and says: Well, there is nothing i can do". at this time, i was getting a bit annoyed because How can this manager just tell a customer that there is nothing she can do? She raised her voice, we raised our voice and she is the one to say first: " NO need to get rude with me". Now at this stage i havent even begun to be rude to her. I get the feeling and impression that she is racist because my husband is white and i am coloured and we gay. Her whole attitude changed when i started talking to her and she became very dismissive towards me.

I asked for the name and number of the Area Manager and i was told she is not allowed to give it. If she was a well trained manager, she would have said: " let me contact my area manager and find out if we can give you a voucher or not" instead she just dismissed the whole thing. We left the store and left the pants in the store with tags and everything still on at TRUWORTHS MAN - 561. This is the worst service i have ever received at any TRUWORTHS STORE. As a long supporting customer, this is the service i have received?Is this how Truworths deals with customer complaints instore?? When phoning the Customer Service Number on the back of the slip, i had to wait 30 minutes before some one answered. Now i understand why your Support Service is so busy because of all the complaints you get. If the pants was damaged or even the tag removed, i would say, i fully agree with the store manager but everything is still intact on the pants. The tags,, the price tag everything. she blatantly dismissed us and didn't even make an effort to assist us. I want answers and i want Truworths to address a personalised apology letter from this Store Manager at Branch 561 to myself and my pensioner Mother in Law, (who lost R399.99) apologise for her rude behaviour. I was a Store Manager for 6 years in a retail company and i have never ever experienced this type of behaviour and never treated my consumers like this. The Customer isn't always right, but whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong.

I hope that somebody will get back to me on this and my faith in Truworths be restored.

Ambrose Terblanche
Lindokuhle Send email
Mar 14, 2014

Inconvinient Service

I've open a Truworths account earlier last year but I never got a Truworths card thought I now requested it twice but still can't get it ever since I opened that account I use my Identity Document to pay and buy products and I'm totally not happy for using my ID because it getting damages bit by bit everytime I use it.
TUMI Send email
Jan 29, 2014

Minstreatment by the store Manager

My Name is Boitumelo Matloko, account no 10100167920244.
Contact Details - 082 687 2471
On the 23rd January 2014, I called Truworths Vaal Mall, spoke to a lady by the name of Palesa. I requested her to set aside a DH skirt for me, susequent to that i called Head Office ( Wazilwa - 021 4602982) requesting her to process the item through fashion delivery . Wazilwa then called me back allerting that Vaal Maal is saying the item is damaged, i assured her that i am willing to buy the item as is due to the fact my intention was to alter the item. The item was size 40 as 38 and 36 was sold out. my right size is 36.

I have been continuously calling Vaal Maal to find out about my garment, i was send from pillar to post. This morning i called the store again and spoke to Palesa personnaly who displayed a don't care attitude towards me, to add salt to the wound the manager also took the line from Palesa and displayed the same attitude. He even gave me his full name and work number if i want to report him. His name is Simon Makume - 9213627.

I am really frastated by the attitude displayed by the manager at Vall Mall, more especiaaly if its true that he is the manager. All i am asking is for Truworths to source the below garment for me due to the fact I bought a jacket already for that skirt, unless i be given authority to the return the jacket even though the time has lapsed.

Item No Style 1930, Type 227

Malotanaj Send email
Jan 5, 2014

Truworths sold me a DAMAGED MTN cell phone

On the 13th of December I bought a blackberry and Nokia for teenage cuzins that were visiting me before Christmas. The Nokia works fine but the Blackberry did not work we were told we have 7 days to come back to the store if the phone did not work and we came back 3 days later where we were told we should have come back the same day. Truworths happily took my money and told me that I damaged the phone. This is unacceptable as they sold me a damaged phone. I am not a technical expect when it comes to phones but if its damaged and they want to hide behind technicalities it is unfair practice to steal customer money.
Dorah Send email
Mar 20, 2013


Good day. I have an account with Truworths which I last paid an amount of R400 towards, during December of last year. I just want to enquire whether I'm blacklisted or not. I'm currently looking for a job at a bank and would like to know whether my recent non payment will affect me getting this job. please reply at email marasidorah@gmail.com
ndumiso.mkhize Send email
Mar 14, 2013


hi, imNdumiso and i happened to have an account with truworths that ive never openned before, reasonbeing the fact that someone openned it using my id. Last year November i submitted to Truworths@ the Pavillion in westville an affidavit that had a case no. as well. Please reply to me on 0838636442 or via my email -Mkhize.ndumiso@yahoo.com

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