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Salizwa Send email
Apr 10, 2017


Good morning

There is something that I don’t understand with my credit

I received a sms informing me about the sale and that I had R4900 to shop.

On the 4/4/2017 I spent R509 – Cape Town branch

On the 5/4/2017 I spent R334 - Wynberg

And on the same day my mom spent R1637 – Canal Walk but I had to pay R530 because the cashier said I don’t have enough credit.

I went to inquire about this at Wynberg shop and they told me I had R1100 credit available… now my question is that why did we have to pay R530 if we have credit available.

The store manager put me on the line with someone at HO and she told me that the credit was not mine – it was a credit that Truworths gave us for certain time and we didn’t use it so they took it away.

Now my question is why truworths didn’t send me a sms telling that this credit will expire if you don’t use within these days.

Why do I now have credit available if they took it away?



Account number 10101118230492
Mar 24, 2017


Truworths account number 20200100268235, I payed up all my outstanding amounts but didnot recieve any letter cornfirm my payment upto today. This has caused a huge damage since I was supposed to resume a new employment but have to be onhold due to these missing payment evidence from your company.

my details below.
ID 8812316100155,
pOSTAL ADDRESS..bOX 6099, Mbabane,
[email protected],
employer .... FINCORP

Mr Vusani Mabuza
Sakila Send email
Mar 22, 2017

Poor quality of garment

I have purchased a garment from your gateway store in Durban. I have been a loyal customer for many years but I have noticed a decline in the quality of your high priced garments. I have purchase on 2 occasions dresses and after 1 wash the fabric seems to fray and become fluffy. I purchase a dress for R700 last week and after 1 wash it looks terrible. My name sakila dawlat my contact number is 0761819272.
KHUDUGA77 Send email
Mar 16, 2017

Double charging by Truworths

Truworths account number 10100528339584(2)

Around November 2016, I paid all money due on my account. I never bought anything since that date. i am aware that i took a policy to cover me in case I an retrenched or deceased with a debit account. The policy is is subject to an active account with Truworths. During December 2016, I argued with one of consultants that my statement cannot have debit balance since I never bought anything since last payment, she could no give a proper explanation. I do not have specific date of the call but since you say calls are monitored, you should have those records. Recently I received a telephone call from one of your consultant informing me to pay R209.99 estimation, on 03 March 2017, I paid R211-00 via EFT, on the every same day another consultant called me and I informed her that the account is paid via eft and that would like to close the account as soon as the funds reflects on your side. I also wrote an email attaching proof of payment with strict instruction to have the account closed. One customer service consultant replied and said "closing an account is permanent and it means you have to qualify again in case you re-apply"- On 8 March 2017, I receive an email showing that "wait a minute, your account cannot be closed, there is a debit balance of R104.98. i replied and say at the time I pay the last amount on the statement, there was no debit account. the new amount only came after settlement and communication to close the account. I GAVE INSTRUCTION TO CLOSE THE ACCOUNT. WHEN DOES TRUWORTHS STATEMENT RUN, MONTH END OR ON THE 07TH DAY OF THE MONTH. IF IT IS MONTH END, I WILL PAY. BUT IF THE 07TH, I AM NOT LIABLE


Carren Send email
Mar 15, 2017


I am a good payer...... ALWAYS...Last month my daughter was admitted to hospital and my bills have been unbearable. I short paid my account by R400, and it is my final payment... I spoke to a gentlemen on Wednesday 8th March 2017 explaining my situation and confirmed I would pay the balance of R400 at the end of this month, he accepted my office. Since then I have received 3 sms's threating me I will be handed over if account was not paid by the weekend of 11th March 2017. I have received a phone call every morning and every afternoon this week requesting payment! I have explained to them I made an arrangement and they MUST STOP CALLING ME.... BUT THE CALLS JUST KEEP COMING........
I am extremely stressed out regarding my daughters health, the financial stress..... TO HAVE YOU CALLING ME EVERYDAY AFTER AN ARRANGEMENT HAS BEEN MADE!
This is ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!! Over R400 ??????????? WHEN IF YOU LOOK AT MY PAYMENT HISTORY I AM A GOOD PAYER!!! I am going to take this further.... I will be forwarding this email with proof of sms's and amount of phone calls to the Credit Bureau Ombudsman.
SICK OF THIS! STOP THE THREATS! Will be interesting to see you in court over R400.... and a claim from me for my hospital bills because of the STRESS you are adding to my life after I have done the right thing by making an arrangement! I will be reporting Shirley and the rest.... for the harassment!
tidimalokung Send email
Mar 10, 2017

Price Difference on Puma Sneakers

Good day

I walked in into Truworths Southgate yesterday afternoon, 09.03.2017, and saw Black Puma sneakers sizes 4 and 6 on display for R525.00 (both sizes).

I then asked one of the ladies to please give me a size 6 of the sneakers so I can go and pay.

Upon her return with the box of sneakers, she then told me the price on the box was different from what was displayed on the sneaker.
I then told her that I would like the sneakers with the price that it was displayed with, as per the Consumer:

"30(1) A supplier must not advertise any particular goods or services as being available at a specified price in a manner that may result in consumers being misled or deceived in any respect relating to the actual availability of those goods or services from that supplier, at that advertised price.
(2) If a supplier advertises particular goods or services as being available at a specified price, and the advertisement expressly states a limitation in respect of the
availability of those goods or services from that supplier at that price, the supplier must make those goods or services available at that price, to the extent of the expressed limits.'

She then went to other lady to get authorization (I assume supervisor), who then told me they will sell me the sneaker at a price I saw, however since the difference was too big they needed the store manager to authorise the transaction and the store manager was not around.

I was then told to leave my details and I will be contacted because the store manager is only available on Saturday.

I thought that was quite far fetched that the store manager was not around, regardless I left the store and I told them I will personally come Saturday to collect the sneakers.

This in not a complaint but rather a notification of an incident and to ensure that the Southgate Truworths Store delivers as promised, failure to do so will result in me taking this matter further.

Tidimalo Kungoane (Account Holder)
083 450 4927
Enzile Send email
Jan 19, 2017

Fraudelent happen on my account

It was the 21/12/2016 when I receive an sms statement from truworth stating my due amount and the balance owing ,this came as a shock to me as I have settled my account and the remaining balance was zero.I then quickly rush to my nearest branch store vryheid to make enquires, I was told that some one has purchase item that cost 3500 . At the shop they advise me to do an affidavit stating that I have a fraudelent on my truworth account were some one might have used my account to purchase item. This really confuse me cause the card is with me and I normally do purchase by my self _ I hv never sent someone with my card in my entire life - yet I'm owing. I don't know whether if could be that I hv miss place my I'd but what surprise me is that I'm having a smart card now issued on Oct 22 , I wonder how is it possible to produce a green book when thAt person is now having a smart card. Somewhere some how I feel like the cashier are neglected or mybe it could be a connection. I'm so broken I'm not even sure how long the investigation will take place.

Fraudelent happen on my account

TRS Send email
Jan 11, 2017


Poor Quality of Clothing

The first time last year when I had to return a top, because after one wash it had a hole in , I didnt think it was strange..... BUT since then I have bought TWO tops that have holes in . I do not want to return them , because the store does not have another one in my number.
To buy at Truworths has always been expensive, but I do it because I want quality clothing! What has happened? One piece of clothing that has a hole in can be excused, but THREE???

Hope to hear from you soon.
ninrud7 Send email
Jan 2, 2017


I agree that if you plan to stay with a cheater don't try to find any information. However, in my case I needed it in my state in order to file for a divorce and come out of the relationship. You can't just say I think courts want proof or you end up spending a lot of time and money to fight it out! Finding out was hard, but I was relieved that I wasn't crazy and it's making my divorce go a lot smoother. He would never confess; therefore, I did the best thing for me...find out, no doubt, move on!!!contact [email protected]'s a professional and will surely help you out,tell him from Ninah
elih44 Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Bad goods & poor service

I bought a Huawei GR5 Mini on 24/12/2016 at Truworths Somerset West Mall.After 3 days of use the screen became blurry with colour streaks allover.I phoned in to report matter and lady said phone will be exchanged as it is still within 7 day warranty.However,when I got there I was arrogantly told by the person that phone will not be exchanged as I damaged it and will be send off to service centre of which I must pay a fee.I am very appauled by how disrespectful they treat their non-white customers.What is the point of a warranty if u must still pay for substandard goods as is the case with Truworths Somerset-West Mall.I bought many cellphones at same branch and never had any problems.But now when I got a defective product I was told I damaged it while there is not even a scratch on device.They don't honour their agreements nor respect loyal customers...

If management do care about customer service and not just want to pocket profit they should go check and see whats going on in their branches & EDUCATE the staff.

Acc Nr 10101111510902
bencher99 Send email
Dec 26, 2016


For all forms of hacking. with PROOF to show our level of expertise as the case may be before any payment is made. Spy on cheating spouses (emails and mobile phone)/ Change grades/ Clear criminal records/ Public and private databases/ Private investigations/ All forms of social media hacks (Instagram/twitter/Facebook etc)...
Call 302 365 0924 or visit
Aggrieved client Send email
Dec 23, 2016

Poor service

I've been with truworths for over 8 years and never had issues until about 6 months ago where my balances will be messed up and nobody can assist me, I am not someone to complain though but I expected better from the customer service department that deliver no service! I received a call to increase my credit limit and I went ahead after it got approved. They requested for documents to be sent, which I gladly emailed, but was concerned that it was never received. I called and they advised that I should resend via whatsapp which I did. No response. What I am mostly pisses about is whenever I call, several consultants make commitments to call me back and check what happened to my documents, but no call backs. I've asked to speak to a manager, but conveniently the managers are not available. I am fed up with the service and will start naming and shaming the consultants.

Fix your service department!
sarena Send email
Dec 21, 2016

fashion deliver

About 3 weeks ago , I put in a request for fashion deliver at the Bay side mall in Cape Town. first I drive to the mall for nothing the manager at the Vaungate mall confirm that they had the size that I was looking for is at Bay side mall I when there the nest day drive about 30 km stood in the line for 1 hr because only on assistant was helping on the other one was busy opening new account. all the manager did was apologize for the inconvenience which was not really helping.

finally got to the till and was handed the incorrect dress I'm size 42 they give me size 32 please now the assistant that took the call was clearly dyslectic. I when as for fashion delivery got the slip and I'm still waiting.

that is bad service coming from shop like TRUWORTHS its not worth having an account with you people.

disgusted customer who is going to close her account.
helenj Send email
Dec 20, 2016


I was introduced to [email protected] because i really wanted to know what my husband has been up to lately as I seem not to be getting his attention.
Joe was able to hack into my husband’s Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and above all gave me full access to his mobile phone remotely and emails. I couldn't help but to introduce him to those who have their spouse cheating on them and want to spy on them. [email protected] will help you out with any hack related issues, tell him Helen refered you..thank me laters
helenj Send email
Dec 20, 2016


I was introduced to [email protected] because i really wanted to know what my husband has been up to lately as I seem not to be getting his attention.
Joe was able to hack into my husband’s Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and above all gave me full access to his mobile phone remotely and emails. I couldn't help but to introduce him to those who have their spouse cheating on them and want to spy on them. [email protected] will help you out with any hack related issues, tell him Helen refered you..thank me laterg
2Blessed Send email
Dec 15, 2016

Settlement Letter

I am so irritated. I requested a settlement letter on Monday, I have not received it. The only thing I got was the statement. I had attorneys to pay the amount now they are on leave. The lady that called me for payment request on Monday or Tuesday I also informed that I need a settlement letter. I need to close the account urgently.
Now I must pay the R400 and the attorneys were going to settle the full amount. Where must the R400 come from.
I have been holding on the customer care line for more than 10mins this morning. Until I ran out of airtime. What must I do now! Am so bored.

My Id 8101270368085
Roshal Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Pathethic Service

I have an account with truworths which I hardly use. I use use it from time to time to do fashion delivery.

About 3 weeks ago , I put in a request for fshion delivery via their online fashion delivery website. 2 days later I received a message to say my account was in arrears and fashion delivery request was cancelled. I then went into the Truworths Middelburg Mall store on the 18th November and paid the outstanding R80 of which was for 2 fashion delivery requests that were cancelled. Imagine I had to pay for 2 items I ordered yet never received, 1 of which I cancelled because I found the item elsewhere and the other which was cancelled by truworths.

I also on the same day at the middelburg store confirmed all my details from phone number to address and placed an order for the shoe that was cancelled by Truworths at the store with a receipt printed from the store.

I called the Middelburg Store and Customer care on the 30th November and was told after many calls back and forth that the item was found and not charged to my account and they will process the request then and I will receive the item before the end of the next week ad they apologise for any inconvenience and they will not charge the delivery of R40. Imagine had I not called in, I would probably still be waiting for a call from Truworths till today expecting them to tell me that my item is at the Middelburg store for collection AND OF COURSE I SAVED A WHOLE R40 of which you already took R80 for items i did not receive.

I then received a call from a gentleman from Truworths Head Office on 01 December 2016 saying that he is calling in connection with my fashion delivery and wanted to know if I still wanted the item. IMAGINE THAT. HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO CONFIRM THAT I NEED A PAIR OF SHOES?????? IS MY ENGLISH NOT CLEAR. I was then promised that I will receive the item before the end of this week(09 December 2016)

Today I get a call from Desiree from Truworths MIDRAND, saying that i must come into the store to verify my details becasue my account is blocked. WHAT THE HELL.



Letz Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Shelf price changed at paying point

Good day,

I was at truworths on 12/05/16 at truworths clearwater mall at 18:45. I found a DH jacket that was on sale from R1599 to R109.90, i was told it was human error and that it won't be sold to me at that amount, but R1090.90 which i refused. This manager didn't bother to apologies on the stuff fault but rather told me nonsense and they started making remarks about Xhosa blood which they were referring to me

Now as we know you buy anything in a shop with the shelf price but this was not the story with me.

I took pictures of the jacket and asked them to keep it aside as i needed to investigate this thoroughly, i stood in the queue for long and for nothing and no remorse was shown for this.

I am a very good and loyal truworths customer but if you don't deal with this i will be closing down my account with you.

Bayanda Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Refuse of exchange

I was told i can not exchange my child's cloths wich was one size smaller without the debit bank card i used to ever they told me they will reverse the money to my account within 2 day of which it never stupid is this...its not like i wanted a refund just an exchange same item.disappointed
Mamafahla Send email
Nov 25, 2016

I feel ive been treated unfairly

My name is Lebohang i ws so disappointed today at Truworths Vaalmall,aparently i have a credit limit of R7750 n my balance is R1167.95,bt i ws told i cant buy anyting before i pay the hole amount,in the meantime im having R6583 in credit to buy,i felt bad n humiliated i was embarrasd and i dont wish for this to happend to anyone im so disapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!
tumilic Send email
Nov 22, 2016

Triple Advanced Investment

Good Day been getting calls from someone saying I must pay truworths or I will be handed over . I had truworths account years ago which was closed . now they telling me about settling account as truwoths has handed me over to them. when I tell them am going to talk to truworths they say I must not contact truworths n deal with them . please check them out This is a friendly reminder to pay R200.00 on your Truworths account to avoid further action. Ref: TAD-000282514 ... tell them to stop harassing me. please email me on [email protected] if in need to contact me.
doski Send email
Nov 8, 2016

blacklisted for closing Truworths account

I am so disappointed in this company of Truworths I think I paid my account in full and close it ,nw dey put me under credit bureau saying I am in arrears with their account I am so f***en pissed I don't think I'll ever think of opening accounts for my kids Der NVR.
tholsie gounden Send email
Nov 8, 2016

exchange of item purchased

dear sir /mam
a shirt was bought for my dad for his birthday by a relative who visited from New so happened that he received 2 of the same color. I asked the Pavilion branch where it was purchased from if I could just exchange for color but the request was denied by area manager Charmaine Moodley. yes I did not have the docket but all the tags were still attached to the shirt. surely you guys can check whether or not the item was purchased at your store and assist. it was not like we asked for a refund , we only wanted to exchange it for anther color. Truworths is one of the only store that gives us such a hard time when it comes to exchanges , WHY? do you think it is still possible for me to have this shirt exchanged? please let me know asap.
martiemct Send email
Nov 3, 2016

Shoe Attendant

This is by far the best Truworths in the country by far, but one person makes this whole place an unpleasant shopping experience. On 3 different occasions the lady working at the shoe department of the Vaal Mall Truworths, were too lazy to go check for shoes in the back. You can choose any shoe on the shelf, when you ask her for a size she answers you straight away NO. So my husband has chosen any shoe on the shelf to test her, and she still said no. So for a big Truworths like the one at the Vaal Mall they only have 1 size for all their shoes displayed. Why display shoes if you only have 1 size in the first place. Other stores the ladies will have the decency to go and check or double check for you in the back, but at vaal Mall the answer is NO FOR ALL SHOES ON THE FLOOR. What an embarrassing experience!!!
cbmthegreatest Send email
Nov 2, 2016

Amount Refund after robbery.

My girlfriend was robbed at gun point and asked for a pin for a Capitec Bank card. The criminals then ran and went to swipe for R4000 at Truworths using the Capitec Bank card and pin. I would like to know that Truworths will refund the amount back to the bank account as we have a case for this and this was not a legal transaction.

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