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Consumer complaints and reviews about U-MOBILE

Aufa Send email
Oct 23, 2017

U mobile

Kenapa internet saya lambaat sangat2 sampai xda signal langsung. Roomate saya okay aje signal umobile nya. Pagi2 okay tp malam2 langsung takda signal. Ikutkan 2 tahun ni dah masuk 3kali dah saya beli simkad u mobile. Lepas ni kalau masih takda signal saya akan tukar kepada simkad yang lain. Susah hidup.
Jossette Tan Send email
Oct 23, 2017

Rude staff

I went to U Mobile Amateur Success at Jalan Raja Haroun, Kajang a few days ago to get my phone checked to see if the sim card is spoiled or whatsoever and the staff was so rude!

1. No greetings from one of them. No smile on the face. Heavy sigh came out when i asked the chinese girl to check my sim card first if it really is spoiled.

2. She was so rude. Doesnt look at me while talking. She’s talking like a robot. Emotionless. Making me as a customer VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

3. I asked her nicely on which part of the form to fill out because her instuctions was unclear at first. She continued to making faces and said “buat saja mcm mana saya ckp, lain x payah isi” rudely. RUDE.

You can talk nicely to us customer, right? I’m not used to this kind of matter which is why i asked her which part to be filled in.

Is this the kind of staff you want to keep to entertain your customers? You should send them for training and see first if they are capable of doing what they get paid for.
honeydew Send email
Oct 23, 2017


Kenapa ur coverage area Putrajaya terutama Presint 3 dan Presint 18 asyik E saja???xpernah lak nak H..
Tolong arrr pihak U Mobile baiki masalah ini. I amek plan UMI30 xdapat langsung nak cek email. Kuota
mmg banyak tapi line hancussss.. Line Internet terlalu teruk hampir keseluruhan kawasan.. even di KL.
i pun dah start bosan nak langgan dgn bayaran yg sama, tp servis yg paling teruk .
Harap pihak umobile dpat membuat perubahan dlam msa terdekat....
honeydew Send email
Oct 23, 2017

xada coverage 3G

Kenapa line u mobile teruk sangat di Putrajaya lebih2 lagi area presint 3 & Presint 18???
I amek pakej UMI30 tapi hampeh...serius nak cek email pun line lembab mcm kura2.
Kuota punyalah banyak tapi langsung xboleh nak guna. Ramai kot yg komplen kenapa pihak
U Mobile x nak baiki??? Rugi arrr i mcmni kalau lama2..Upgrade arr line internet tu plz..
Promote iklan bukan main, tapi hakikatnya hampehh sgt!!!
sepoiajiking Send email
Oct 22, 2017

line u mobile teruk gila

Line telefon/ internet sangat teruk. Dah report banyak kali tapi masih serupa. Data masih banyak ( UMI30) tapi Internet servis lembab macam kura2. Dah sampai expired date korang stop padahal data masih banyak sebab tak boleh guna Unfair!!!!!!!! Kalau masih tak ok juga, saya nak balik duit saya. Korang nak untung je pengguna rugi. Saya akan buat report ke tribunal pengguna. Boleh blah U mangkuk.
Bayu Send email
Oct 17, 2017

connection what happen???

Dear U mobile, I have been using u98 postpaid since last year. Initially, I find u mobile internet connection satisfying for YouTube. However, I couldn't do my internet banking at times and I have called to u mobile call centre before regarding this matter last year I believe. The person in charged told he will make a remark of my problem, and I found the line was going OK already, I figured it happens sometimes so it was okay. However, again I found at times it was hard for me for internet banking and googling. I was on and off so I just ignored and figure I just keep on using mobile even though I was quite frustrated for the services given. Moving forward, the escalation of frustration is leading me to feel tired, I couldn't even buy flight tickets using my internet that I have purchased with. I ended up going to cyber cafe, thinking why did I even continue using u mobile. I payRM 98 + gst for this every month, and I pay for what when I can't use it when I really needed to. Currently, I am using my mother hot-spot u mobile RM 78 to submit this. I pay more than hers, and I cannot even use mine. I am seriously thinking of switching to other telecommunication company. I seriously hope you can look into this matter. Thank you.
iming Send email
Oct 13, 2017

umobile sucks!

chacky86 Send email
Oct 6, 2017

Call emergency

I'm was using internet(umobile data) doing my Assignment online that provide you 30 minutes only. I just read the question only. I going to answer it. Then guess what? I try to answer it but still can't answer the question. I thought it just the server of that website on problem(server down) . But then i realised that, website changing into T-Rex that only occur when you dont have internet. I check my Internet, and the bar(line) of internet was gone. I fail to attempt that assignment that give me probability chance to FAIL that subject. I dont blame you but please give me an announcement or sent a hint or sent me notice that youre going to maintenance. Then i can told my LECTURER to give an extra time or changing the due date of Assignment. I dont want to fail. Please notice my complaint😢
abambeduk Send email
Oct 5, 2017

Line Teramat Slow

U mobile line sangat teruk sejak dua bulan lepas sampai sekarang di Bandaraya Shah Alam, Selangor... walhal line untuk 4g penuh... main online game pon disconnected, apatah lagi nak buat hotspot...Kalau masih tiada perubahan dalam masa terdekat, byebye U mobile....
ckl_1912 Send email
Oct 4, 2017

Invalid of Charges

U mobile being charges a international roaming without any reason for 3 times.

I'm working in Singapore and on my mobile data every day when I go to work.
But, U mobile anyhow charging me the roaming charge of RM 10/-. I have to chase and follow up month by month and they did no even bother you. If I never call to U mobile or make a report on it. Is they going to keep quite and take whatever users pay!!!

The worst part was, when I reaching JB, my hp already switch to U mobile network as my hp already shon "U mobile" on the top of the left hand side of my hp. But, U mobile still charging me a roaming charge and mentioned that I already use 1 MB for roaming.

As a user, since the hp switch the network to it, how I;m going to know it was still in other network.
The custom service still ask me to off my mobile data wherever I in Johor Bahru which near the boundary between Singapore and JB.
Why U mobile never go and study their system instead of blaming user and request user to do it and that.!!!!!

What a such a lousy network mobile!!!!!!
Sharmi76 Send email
Sep 27, 2017


UMobile abruptly suspended my line today at 11am. No prior notice, no courtesy call, nothing. No outstanding bill from my end. So when I called them, they informed me that management decided to suspend my account and will never activate it ever as I've been blacklisted as a high usage user. My plan is an unlimited call plan to any network btw. So what do you mean by high usage? You said it is unlimited!!!

So the lovely customer service agent "Zai" said, "yes unlimited but limited. Didn't you read your T&C". What the hell!!!

And conveniently the Supervisor/ Manager wasn't around to attend to my call. I'm waiting for a call back from them.

Anyone else experienced this?
Helenhelen Send email
Sep 25, 2017

Dont simply penalty

Dear All,

Previously i'm old user for Umobile, and l shift from Umobile to Digi. After few months or a year, i wan to apply another line but cannot. i had been told that i had blacklisted from Umobile. After that i going to check why they blacklist me. They said i had a contract with Umobile. But previously before i shift my line to Digi, i had check with center that i had no more contract with Umobile, then only i shift to Digi. Now Umobile say wan to penalty me because of breach of contract, its not fair to customer because customer had check with center that had no contract. If there had a contract, Umobile shall let customer know that still had contract and not allow customer to shift the line. If customer insist want to shift the line...they shall ask customer to compensate first before let it go. Now is Umobile internal fault and ask customer to compensate the such big amount, is not fair to customer.

Can any professional to assist for this case?
Jhontrabota Send email
Sep 22, 2017

The line is very2x low

Why at my place umobile line like a pukimak..
I pay u money for a good line..
What i got??
Every month i buy internet 10gb..
But line still low at my place...
If this still like this i thik i must change another line..
Now umobile like stupid line...
U tell me why at terengganu line umobile so low...
Pengcawang lu takde ke ap kat sini...
Akai tara ka..
Babi tol..
lee36 Send email
Sep 21, 2017


Thursday 21 Sept 2017: Today I received HARRASSMENT FROM YOUR PROMOTER PEOPLE. I'm not a umobile user, but going to 7Eleven and even to a 99 Speedmart your promoter guys were tailing me nonstop to ask to sign up for umobile sim card and take my photo.

I SAID NO THREE TIMES. Yet the same people still continued to harass me and follow me throughout the stores. Then suddenly one of them TOOK MY PHOTO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

I've asked the stores for cctv footage and am bringing this to police and court. I'm never signing up for umobile, nor will my friends or family.

If this is the kind of harassment service umobile provides, who the hell is going to want to sign up?
Apithuruhara Send email
Sep 20, 2017

Line internet teruk

Line U Mobile teruk. Line 3g plak tu. Slow sngt. Aku ingt line umobile wlaupun unlimited laju, slow gile. Kuatkn line 4g di seluruh daerah.!! A.S.A.P!!!
Tangsuwen Send email
Sep 19, 2017


Worst service in the world !!!!!!
and charge me additional 1month bill !!!!!!!
Fxxx oxx!!!!!
Won't suggest my frds n family to support u-mobile any more !!!!


Budrish Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Line Problem

Please Upgrade Line Service For All Umobile user At Penang
jane29 Send email
Sep 14, 2017

u mobile terrer thursday reward

This is just a waste of time. Service always down on that morning. Always cant log in to get the reward. Once you are able to log in the only answer is "fully grabbed, try next time". What for giving the reward but disappoint people every week. How many vouchers each week and seriously how many people can get this. Feel like being fooled and it is just a waste of time.
geraldyei Send email
Sep 5, 2017

Stupid U Mobile Galaxy Note 8 Pre Order Campaign

I am very disappointed with this pre-order campaign. This mornig about 10am read the term and conditions and confirmed that this promo is applicalble to both new and existing subscribers. Very happy and start to register on line. After fill up all the informations but can't go to the next page for payment and found out the reason is because i didn't select a new phone number. Immediately called up to customer service and was informed that on-line registration is for new subscribers; if want to retain existing number must go to U-mobile center (advise me to go to Taman Molek U-mobile). Immediately drive about 45 minutes to Taman Molek U-mobile for the pre-order. Shocking me, the staff there told me pre-order must make on line and can't do it in the centre, worst still existing number can't be retained but must change to a new number. Very angry and called up to customer servise again; freaking me now the officer said this campain is not allowed to retained existing number which is contrary to what I told earlier. Complained to her supervisor over the phone but still not allowed to retain the exising number. What the xxxx, there in no black and white in the campaing FAQ as well as in the Term & Conditions saying that retained existing number is not allowed. If I know earlier I would not go for this pre order, It also doesn't make sense at all asking the existing subscriber to change to a new number. This make me feel that this campaign is to attract new customer and try to make difficulties to old customer form taking up the pre-order. Wasting me few hours of my time, petrol money and end up going back with empthy handed and full of frustration. U Mobile, I have supported you for so many years the first day you started this new Telco, but today you treating me this way. You owe me an answer........................
Xenon Send email
Sep 3, 2017

Terrible Network

Recently I just opted to Hero Unlimited Plan since I was attracted to the unlimited data. Even though it was capped to 5Mbps, I think it's not bad but what I got was less than 0.5Mbps most of the time. Took more than 30 minutes to load a 480p video in YouTube. Besides, the signal just keeps on fluctuating from full bars to nothing frequently. I wonder what's the point of having unlimited data while the network is terrible than the other Telco. I regretted for choosing Umobile.
Peng hong Send email
Sep 2, 2017

Extra money charges and bad customer services

There is suddenly a monthly charges in the bill statement and I call back the service centre on 2/9/17 the stupid operator name naim said I declare on that charges (but the truth is I totally not in condition and there is no 1 to tell me about this) and I wan to make a report he keep on saying invalid...and he was talking rudely to me..are u sure this is the way u mobile handle customer?plz..if a company didn't provide an excellent service to deal w customer how the customer continue to support ur company?I do really disappointed with the service offered by u mobile and the operator name NAIM
Kelly Tiong Send email
Sep 2, 2017

International Roaming

I went to oversea to Sri Lanka on 10tg August 2017, when depart from Malaysia, my mobile phone was in Mobile Data OFF status. But after I landed in Sri Lanka, I receive 2 SMS at the same time (1236H, MY time) stated: 1) You have been using more than 1MB mobile data, 2) You have been using more than RM300 on data usage. But I was still disconnected from mobile data and receive no signal.
The total bill for the roaming is >RM 432 within one minute.
That's crazy and after I came back to Malaysia, I make few calls and drop emails to umobile, but the case still in pending n checking after weeks. They are not actively reply ad taking this case seriously. The WORST service I received in umobile indeed. What they replied me was I need to pay because the bill is valid, also they will just reply u, you can make termination as well but payment first.
They didn't solve customers problem and just ask for payment only.

International Roaming

Kennyyyyy Send email
Aug 31, 2017

P70 user : Unstable speed

I subscribe Umobile since 2015 and I wish to say it's time to switch either Maxis or Celcom.

To Umobile, with your line, I can't even send email, do banking transaction most of the time. The amount of frustration you have caused to my life is uncountable.

Your RM10 add ons for 1.5GB looks like 100kbps, finished within few hours of browsing Google website. I was in SEA Game closing ceremony to make a live video but your speed internet is totally sucksss i have lost a lot of moments to share with my friends!

My hand phone number : 016-5130656
cegoh78 Send email
Aug 31, 2017

service terminated without notice

I have one registered line with U-Mobile which is a prepaid account and i have token balance for this line RM43.34 when i top up the service at Jun 8 2017. I registered this account since Sept 3 2016 as a prepaid customer, right before i received SMS from U-mobile for the service termination i will top-up the service so that i can continue to use this line to receive calls. This action has been done until last top-up at Jun 8 2017. At Aug 5th, i received an SMS from U-Mobile for service upgrade and since last week, i noticed that my U-Mobile service is only able to receive emergency calls. Today Aug-31, I called U-Mobile, the operator said my service has been terminated because i have not yet top-up. I told the operator to check for me but she said she cannot check since my record already been deleted from their system. I would like to have U-Mobile help me to get back my balance and restore back my line for me.

U-Mobile # 011-39778424.
Current #.

I still keep all the SMS from U-Mobile.
Jason yap Send email
Aug 25, 2017

Line slow

I have been using umobile for 2 years and I was glad that umobile promotes the best mobile internet package, but it has the worst internet speed and internet coverage. The internet speed start becoming extremely slow 2 weeks ago that I can't even make searching and watching YouTube. I have just sign the UMI30, and it costs me RM30 but now cant even use my data. Its time to change internet service if this umobile don't fix this problem immediately.

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