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Sophia12 Send email
May 23, 2018

Illness benefits payment delayed

Case number:30001003741
I went to submit my application at the department of Labour in Maponya in february , I was told to correct the documents, i went to kempton park to submit the forms, i fell ill, an ambulance was called then taken to Waterfall hospital that was in March, i was told to comeback on the 18th of April, when i arrived i was told some documents are missing, i gave them the forms, i come back on the 9th of May 2018 to sign for payment. I was told my payment will be made and will be in my account within 7days. No payment was received. I phoned again on the 22nd to enquire on of the guy took our ID documents and told me some documents are missing and yet all documents were submitted.
How long does it take to receive payment
Why do.they lie to us. We use our own money to travel to department of Labour but we don't get help.
My numbers 078 012 5423
Florence Adams Send email
May 22, 2018


Due to a double payment in February 2018, no part of mine, was not paid as yet. If the problem was at the payment department why do I have to suffer for the department's mistake? I enquire immediate action thereof.
For more than three weeks I have made calls to the Bellville and Cape Town offices and was told to phone in.
However this has been an on going situation without any feedback on the subject!
I was requested to down load the 2.8 document for the completion at an institution of choice and yet no communication thereof.
How many times does one have to do the running around and yet not your fault at all?
This had really incurred cost to amounts of funds not available!

FM ADAMS - 084259786
[email protected]
Mpho Pete Send email
May 16, 2018

uif payment claims


Since i have applied for my UIF claims since last year and have been following up since then. Every time when i contact my previous employers to update my information because they sent the wrong information, they have been avoiding my calls since they don't want to answer me so that they can update my information so that the process proceeds.

Could you kindly assist me in completing this matter as i have been going up and down with no progress. The company that i was working was steers in wonder park shopping mall. I have been not working for 1 year and 6 months and still have not been assisted in completing my application. So if i could get assistance because my previous employers do not want to do anything about it, so if there is anyway forward on this matter to be resolved, also the CCMA has failed to help me on this issue as it is very annoying to me.

my cell: 076 720 4804
email: [email protected]
Laruje Send email
May 15, 2018

UIF not paid out

I applied (on line) for my UIF after some 30 years of service.

My status on the Dept of Labour's website reflects "Approved" yet I have not been paid anything to date. I made enquiries to the uifcomplaints facility but to no avail
faieka Send email
May 14, 2018

unpaid uif

Good Day

I was placed on medical board since december 2017 and returned to work in late April 2018.
My claim was rejected based on a claim i made 3 years ago.
Is this fair practice and what rites do I have to appeal?
I feel that I have been unfairly disadvantaged financially as I did not receive a salary during that same period.

ID: 800 2100 148 087
E mail : [email protected]

Miss Faieka Davids
zano Send email
May 14, 2018

Still waiting for my UIF money

Its almost 2 years, I am still waiting for my UIF money. I have worked 8 years for the company VVB CONSTRUCTION, I have paid my monthly UIF.
The company don`t exist any more. They own me more then R250,000. They did not give as retrenchment letters exct.
I went to the CCMA. Then I went to department of labour (Carltonville). The friend that was working with me, had already received his money. I must wait for the board exct. Can someone help me,please?
My cellphone number is 0832560291
My e mail adres is [email protected], my details I.J. Nel
You can contact Natashia le Roux (Carltonville)
Tharosha Send email
May 10, 2018

Maternity Leave UIF - No Payment

Good Day

I had gone through a company called Baby Benefits that had submitted my claim in January 2018. I have still not received payment to date. I have been calling the company and emailing but I never get any responses.

I am not sure who to contact or where to go from here to follow up.

Please could someone assist me.

Thanks and Kind Regards,
Tharosha Pillay
[email protected]
Tharosha Send email
May 10, 2018

Maternity Leave UIF - No Payment

Good Day

I had gone through an agency called Baby Benefits and they had submitted my claim in January 2018. I have still not received my first payment.I am trying to follow up with the company and they do not take my calls or emails.

I am not sure where to go from here.

Please could someone assist me.

Kind Regards,
Tharosha Pillay
[email protected]
DineoSishi Send email
May 8, 2018


Good day
My name is Dineo Sishi, applied for the martenity benefit UIF in January 2018, I have been taken from piller to post firstly the held up was my surname issue, they said their system shows that I am single and still using my Maiden Surname, I submitted my marriage certificate and ID copy, it took about two weeks for it to be sorted, when it was sorted, I was told the payment will be made to my account, I stayed for two weeks, no payment, no communication. I was assisted by a lady named Nozwelethu from Benoni branch, I called her to follow up, she told me that I need to come to the office and fill in the resubmission form, which I did and supplied my banking statement and bank form for payment, a week after I called her to follow up, she told me that she has submitted with Germiston which moved to Boksburg branch, and she can't assist further, we have to wait for them, I followed up with Boksburg they advised that they sis not receive the forms yet, I was asked to come to the office to submit again, which I did but till today my payment is still blocked, can't get through to the finance department to get the exact reason by my payment it's blocked, they keep on saying I should check after certain days and when I do, still no help.

I am losing my petience and now thinking of asking Radio 702 and daily sun to help me in this regard

I hope to get a prompt reply, my number is 0739495569
DineoSishi Send email
May 8, 2018

UIF payment delayed

Good day
I applied for UIF application in January 2018, I have been taken from piller to post, first they told me that I applied as Sishi and their system shows that I am Mokgoateng and not married, I submitted my marriage certificate and ID copy, that was sorted, after they told me that they will make a payment, two weeks passed, no payment. When I call to follow up, at Benoni offices I was told that I need to come complete re submissions forms, I did that, two weeks down the line, still no payment, I called Benoni to follow up, they told me they don't know what's the delay all about, because they submit their things at Germiston so they can't help me on that note, I called Germiston which has now moved to Boksburg, they told me to come and fill in re submissions forms, I advised that I have done that already, they told me, it does not appear, so I went to do it again at Boksburg office, I still have not received my payment, I am told that they are busy and I should wait. I am really losing my patience and thinking of involving radio 702 and papers maybe I will be assisted
Moni8 Send email
May 7, 2018

Unpaid uif payments

Andile Moni
If no.5912175687087
Cell no.0731963473
samke Send email
May 1, 2018

Reject uif

I have problem i was going to sign they say my application is reject they say the year of 2016 they dont saw my last payment and date then i go back to office at work to tell them thi problem at work yhey say they dont see me at the system on 2016 so even now no one help me i still need thi money
khidoh Send email
Apr 29, 2018

uif delay without reason

Good day, my name is Nellie Sereo . I applied for uif on the 28 June 2017. Since that date i was i've been signing every sixth week without receiving payment. Its been 11months now and i spend R80 for transport to the DOL offices. The staff always told me to be patient and says they dont know the reason why im not getting paid and encourage me to keep on checking . My number is 0842375662
Portia123 Send email
Apr 24, 2018

Uif no payment

Good day

I went to submit my application at the department of Labour in Kempton park on the 5th of March, I was told to come back on the 6th of April 2018 to sign for payment. I was told my payment will be made and will be in my account within 7days. No payment was received. I went again on the 16th of April to enquire on of the guy took our ID documents and told us the payment will reflect before end of business that day as they made immediate payment. On the 23rd I went again to enquire they told me no payment was made and cannot confirm when it will be made.
How long does it take to receive payment
Why do.they lie to us. We use our own money to travel to department of Labour but we don't get help.
My numbers 0634268755
Portia123 Send email
Apr 24, 2018

Uif no payment

Good day,

I went to submit my Uif claim application on the 5th of March. I was told to.come sign for payment on the 6th of April which I did and they told me I will receive payment within 7 days, no payment was received. I went back on the 16th of April when I was told they did an immediate payment money will be in my account before end of the day, no payment was received. I went again on the 23rd of April when I was just told no payment was made, they don't know when they'll pay me.

My numbers is 0634268755
yolande1968 Send email
Apr 23, 2018

uif double payment

a DOUBLE uif payment received in March 2018, Next payment hanging on their side because of this mistake, April no payment received, now we call UIF dept Cape Town, they advise to call their Finance Dept, still no resolution found, the lady tells me we could not receive a payment for May as the problem has not yet been resolved. One of their ladies went Pretoria and still no resolution. Now tell me what happens to the people, how are they suppose to survive, Yes i understand human error we all make mistakes but come now its already the second month. what are we suppose to do, how do we live.
Buyee Send email
Apr 20, 2018

Uif rejected

Good day

I' m experiencing challenges on my uif claim. I submitted my claim in March 2018 and given 18 April 2018 to come back for signature. I was told my application has been rejected due to insufficient credit limit of which i'm quite unaware of that and was never been disclosed. So they told i will not get any payment from them until i get another job. I even visited their website, unfortunately i couldn't get this kind of information

I'm sending this to seek assistance or advice on this matter

My number is 0730075643
smiley1024 Send email
Apr 19, 2018

UIF Payment Delay

Hi I've signed the first time at Germiston. Received my money. They told us we must go and sign the next time at surround areas. Germiston would not be open. I went to Boksburg to sign on the 28th March. They said we can expect payment between the 4th and 10th of April. I went back on the 12th of April 2018. Spoke to a women person whom confirmed we will receive payment no later than the 14th of April 2018. Payment was done on the 7th. I went back on the 16th of April 2018. Then I was told, they had a financial system problem that was resolved and I can expect payment by no later than the 24th of April.
My question is, if this system was sorted. On the computer at the UIF offices it shows the money was already paid out. Why is this then taking so long? I will only maybe receive my money by no later then the 24th. And if I didn't receive it. I can go and lunch a complaint. Can someone please go and investigate and provide me with proper feedback.

My ID number: 840801 5175 083
smiley1024 Send email
Apr 19, 2018

UIF Payment Delay

Hi have signed the first time in Germiston. I have received the money. Then they told us the next time we need to go to surrounding areas to sign. Reason was because they are closing down. I have signed the second time at Boksburg on the 28 March 2018. Still haven't received the money. I was there a couple of times. They told me payment was made on the 7th of April. We should receive this by no later than the weekend of the 13th. I went back to the UIF offices on the 16th. Then they told me they had a financial system problem that was fixed on the 14th. I should be getting payment at latest on the 24th.
Something I don't understand is if the system is fixed. On the UIF systems it shows payment was made. Why is this taking so long?
Potso Send email
Apr 17, 2018

Unprocessed uif claim

I claimed uif in February 2018. Submitted birth certificates in February but till today the rustenburg office does not pick up the phone. When I finally it an answer I was told that my documents were scanned but don't appear because their scanner is not working. The lady told me that I need to complain at head office and on social media to be helped. Ref 3000872604
Cobie Send email
Apr 13, 2018

"Account code log out"

I can not pay my nanny vir UIF contribution website, they say my account is logged out!
Please can you help me!!!
I have been emailing for 6 months and I phoned several times.
So sad that I can't pay her due to lack of service from your side.

Cobie Van Staden
[email protected]
Thulani Send email
Apr 12, 2018

Failer to put correct dates on U19 form

I contributed towards UIF while I was still a temporary employees, this period is not covered in U19 form and the company is refusing to correct dates on U19 forms
Kyliearthur Send email
Apr 11, 2018

Not being paid

I applied for uif in January 2018, I jad advised thw staff member who assisted me that I had got married, but had not gone to home affairs to update my id or bank account. I was told as long as my paper work and bank account have the same surname (maiden) there will be no issues. I cam back 35 days later as my application was approved to sign for payment... all went well and I waited my 10 working days to receive my payment. On the 12th day ... nothing. I called for them to tell me it was paid but didnt go through because of my name change. I then went into jpme affairs for the 3rd time to find out exactly what the problem was and what they needed me to do (now March) still no money. They informed me that I have to get a new id and change my surname with the bank so they can release funds... a simple process they explained. I asked can I get a temp id in the meantime so they can pay my money as my children were about to be kicked out of school for non payment. They said yes I can use the temp as my documents were processed already.I rushed off, took money I didnt have to get a new id, marriage certificate and temp id. To go back a 4th time (the next day) with my temp id as requested so they can pay me. The goal post was changed again and I must now wait for original id as they wont accept my temp id. How is that possible when a bank accepted it and you told me you would but then changed your mind. With no help and nothing I could do I had no choice but to wait. To go back a 5th time (now APRIL) with my original id on Friday to find out they decided to close the office for Zumas trial... to then go back a6th time yesterday 10.04.2018 for them to have lost the keys, all thinking it was a big joke and funny. We were all waiting from before 7am to be let in for them only to get the keys just before 9am. Anyway so now I wait with all my documents... they submit the forms but have to wait for head office (Gentlemans name is Mahesh Durban office) this is now 10.15 am... he tells me I have to wait until 12'30 to give him time to reply... I wait..... 12.30 comes and I ask when am I getting paid for him to say, they cant find the docs that were swnt 4 weeks ago and he never got the forms sent to him today.... To be told he will try call not even 2 mins later he tells me they not answering anf I must come back tomorrow. His words "hopefully we will have an answer for you" seriously. Is that what u actually telling me. When exactly will I receive my money. I have paid into this fund for over 10 years and now I need to claim every excuse under the sun why u cannot pay. When it boils down to incompetence . Staff who dont actually know what they are doing, who have no manners or people skills and treat you like absolute trash. How on earth am I supposed to live? Can someone please assist me. Im desperate. 0832876481 KYlie Arthur Robben
hlobie Send email
Apr 9, 2018

delayed uif claim payment

I applied for my UIF claim on the 17th of January 2018, according to the sms sent after the application it said progress will be communicated in 35 days. Yet now it is the 09th of April 2018 and still I am being told my claim is still not approved. Reasons for the delay are not given to me by the department's officials, all documentantion was submitted and is in order of the requirements. I do not know where to take this further, I have spoken to the supervisor but none assistance is received. Kindly assist..?? case number: 30000729571.
trevorjhodgson Send email
Mar 28, 2018

UIF Claim Query

I have done the following to try and obtain the reason for the cancellations and still do not have an answer
Case number 30000721432 - payment canceled by Paymaster
Having emailed the [email protected] and not got any response I call the call center and was firstly told never to email because nobody will get back to me and that I must resubmit my claim.
Resubmitted claim Case number 30000982888 and this was canceled by Paymaster on the same day ... still no explanation.

I have again emailed and have spent 30 mins waiting for the call center to answer - also not expecting much more than the last time.

Who can I contact to actually have this resolved?

My cell number : 082 784 1111

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