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Siphelele Send email
Feb 5, 2019

Unpaid uif benefits

I didn't receive my benefits since i signed they told me that i will receive it after tan days but even now i didn't receive it is been more then tan day and over tan days

ID NO:951129 5665 084

Unpaid uif benefits

Nolonwabo Send email
Jan 29, 2019

gear rail

I couldn't attend work because I was sick nothing was said to me and a lady whom we work with claims that she contacted me but I did not receive anything when I send an email that I did not even receive my stipend whereby there was suppose to be a communication that I wont be paid and no written warning but the reply was my contract has been terminated with immediate effect with out any warnings

Nolonwabo Kapie
mack1234Zenithi Send email
Jan 25, 2019

Rude Worker

Good day I would like to lay a complaint against lone of the workers at the New cross road workers who gave me attitude and refused to assist me when I went to submit my UIF maternity claim. His Name is Zukile he was very arrogant as well as his co - worker pity I didn't get her name as she was the very same person who was rude towards my sister a month ago.
I fail to understand why does the department keep such arrogant people working for them while they service their own people in an inappropriate unacceptable manner. The gut was very rude and loud and I decided not to argue with him as I knew I will deal with the matter professionally.
I fail to understand why should we have to travel far to get better assistance where as we have offices in our neighbourhood.
I would like the Labour department to train their staff on how to treat people and especially communicating with them. Instead these people just want to sit around and do nothing and chat within each other.
Mohamed Tawfik Send email
Jan 24, 2019

I have problem in my wifi Two months ago,

I have problem in my wifi Two months ago, there is no solution, i need to take my money and cut off this stupid service
tina1 Send email
Jan 24, 2019

keep on saying my documents short

good day my name is tina van wyk my husband past way on 31 july 2018 we put a divorce on in 2012 but never proceed and in july 2018 we proceed with the divorce so the case number show 2012 so the uif office the they ask me to do a affidavit to say I was married to him from 2007 and we only got divorce in 2018 so they ask the birth unbritch certificates of his 2 kids that we have together so apply with all the document been in office 7 times each time they change and say now I need to submit new document divorce order witch I did 4 times and copy of id witch I submit 3 times and show on kids unbritch certificate I am the mom and also on divorce paper I submit that I am the legal mom and they are in my custody we were divorce by the time he pass away so I apply for the kids for his uif been waiting as from aug 2018 each time I get a new date no answer and keep on saying new documents we want but I submit the many times please can you help me out on this issue the kids need this funds as I am not working at this moment please my no 0635902656
Bruce1 Send email
Jan 11, 2019

Unapproved UIF


I have claimed UIF in July 2017 followed up and was told the claim couldn't be approved appealed and was unsuccessful and I am not satisfied with the outcome because I not at fault, may you please help with the matter.

B. Mosetlha
ID: 7506285492087
E-mail: [email protected]
MmakwenaG Send email
Jan 11, 2019

Maternity leave Benefits (UIF)

My Wife applied for maternity benefits from labour office in kempton park in October 2018.To date She hasn't receive a cent from the department.
We have been to the office every week about the matter but nothing happen.
We are always told to wait for 7 to 10 days.
This year alone we were there on the 2nd Jan and the 9th and told the same gospel.

Where else should we go for assistance if the department is unable to do.

My contact: 074 534 8181

My wife : 061 959 7389
baloyi Send email
Jan 4, 2019



My name is Pertunia Baloyi, ID 8603160507086, Contact 0834570332, I have done a claim in October 2018 and I was told I come check after 35 days, I went to check on the 04th of Nov they said their system is offline I should come back the following week which I did, then they said they don't know why its still pending I should call the next Monday or come on the following Monday, then they said they are approving my claim I should come check 1st week December. I went only to be told it was still pending I should come back on the 24th of December, when I get they told they are close for year end and they are waiting for UI19 from my employer I told them I have already submitted it, that's when they said there is nothing they can do I should come back end of January 2019. I have been of maternity LEAVE for 5months and labour department has just been impossible not even a cent, how can they make people run around for a long time while they have all documentation. Can I Please be help because I seriously don't understand why must I always go there for nothing while I stand on long queues for hours for no results.
Mandyfied Send email
Dec 31, 2018

Waiting for second payment

Hi I signed for my second maternity claim on the 19th of December and still have not received the payment the guy who helped me told me it would be paid out in 6 days it's been 2 weeks now can someone help me thank you
AmandaN Send email
Dec 22, 2018

Pending payment


can any one help me I received my uif payments for the 3rd time,I'm the 13th of December 2018 I signed for my last payment up to today there's no payment please assist.
064 612 1604
Tilla Lotter Send email
Dec 7, 2018

Uif pay out

Good day

I struggle with my uif claim since October and don't get any reply/feedback on any mails or telephone calls.

I did send e-mails with no reply within the so called 24hours time frame and I still have no reply back. On the web page they mention that it take 4 to 6 weeks for a claim to be settled and mine are now over 2 months and nothing yet.

You receive no service what so ever. It seems that their is no boddy working in the UIF offices.

I even send an e-mail to their complainant office and no joy. It is the worst ever service received.

I will aprreciate it if you can give me feedback or update on this matter.

Tilla Lotter
JGwala Send email
Nov 27, 2018

Late UIF payment

I have not yet received my second payment and I signed on the 20.11 last week Tuesday and never been so long waiting. please can someone check for me.ID 8612095779082
My name is Sabelo Khumalo
Charl Groenewald Send email
Nov 8, 2018

UIF Delay

Good day

Can anyone please assist me? I didn't receive my second payment. I have signed on the 26th of Oktober. I anyone can reply it will be greatly appreciated. My Case No : 30001908433

Thank you
Noluthandotyala04 Send email
Nov 5, 2018


My name is Noluthando Tyala ID no:8601031032086, i have applied for my UIF on the 17th sept 2018 and i was told to come back on the 17th october 2018 and before that date i received an sms from labour department stating that my UIF claim was rejected with no imformation as to why was it rejected, the sms only said i can submit a Notice of appeal or a shall call to enquire as to why. Indeed i called and i discovered that they need UI19 from FNB then i went back on the 09 october to submit the UI19 from FNB and the returning date was not changed and still requested to come back on the 17th october2018 and i went still my UIF was not in order as i was told its waiting for an approval so i should come back on the 31 october 2018 again i went with the hope that finally i will get my money as i need to pay my rent and pay other bills and guess what to my suprise another issue arised, in this case i was told my previouse company captured a wrong salary to the labour department system and i did not know if a company can claim UIF on their ex employees behalf and i was told to go back to my previous employer to get my UI19 again and i was so furious as i submitted everything they requested in my knowledge, and yes i called my ex employer for another UI19 and which they gladly send it and i forwaded it to the labour department employee which he printed it out and said to me he sent it to the processing department for an urgent approval and last time was the same promise but nothing happened. My point is you guys you do not know what i am going through not being able to pay for a place to stay and being kicked out because you did not fullfil the arrangement you made with the landlord and on the other hand i will lose the funeral policies i had for yes because its been two months not paying them and being blacklisted because you haven't paid the bills for 2 month and you still looking for the job and most jobs they do not take someone who is blacklisted. i hope this email will get into a person who have a heart and who understand our situation, cause some other people get into deppresion just by reading other peoples email its total frustrating and disappointing to our labour department. I hope to get great news before the end of the week so that i can pay my rent. My email address is [email protected] and the branch i went to in Johannesburg is in Braamfontein.
Zakes20 Send email
Oct 29, 2018


Good day

My name is Zakhele Hlongwane I'm unemployed for a year and on the 10/10/2017 I opened a case regarding my U19 and I've been doing a follow up since then to this day, I haven't found any help. Every time I went to Soweto Labour center they telling it's out of their hands I must go to PTA cause the employer it's in PTA.

One other thing is that when I call them they always giving me numbers of new inspector's to call and this inspector's when call them they tell "sorry im I'm no longer dealing with that case I forwarded it to so and so". To this day I'm still I'm still doing a follow up on my case I haven't found any help I don't know where to go now. Please help me my case number is 850621 and my number is 0787836110
Gift Send email
Oct 24, 2018

Uif claim

Am Johanna Ndhlovu I claim for my uif on the 29/08/2018 and I sign on the 3/10/2018 but I haven't reserve any money on my account I want 2 know what could be the problem my number is 0796634622
essop Send email
Oct 22, 2018

late payment

I signed for my last payment on the 8/10/2018 and up to now still haven't received payment,I tried calling the customer careline and direct office lines but nobody is willing to assist,can you please tell me reason for the delay and get back to me asap..thank you

my number is 0832997340
Emanuel Dikwidi Send email
Oct 16, 2018

UI19 Payment

Good morning my name is Emanuel Dikwidi I have been struggling with my UI19. 2 years back I tried to claim and I submitted all the requirements documents from my previous employers the problem they said was the dates doesn't cross pond with dates on their system and now I came from labour centre at Kuruman and they are looking for the documents that I was already submitted and now those companies are not operating anymore. Please I need assistance.
My contact number:0722375634
ntolashe Send email
Oct 16, 2018

uif maternity payment query

Hi . I applied for maternity uif on the 2nd of October and recieved payment on the 15th october which is R139.17 i have been working for many years and have never claimed .this amount is what i contribute a month i have handed in the ui19 from my previous job which i left in 2016 and was working for 8years anf the ui19 and salary schedule of my current employer .i want to find out how is this possible . What is the point of claiming maternity uif . The sad thing is that i ran around for this money if i knew i would never have bothered. My contact number 073 391 [email protected]
Nitrous Send email
Oct 15, 2018

Payment and help at the department

Have submitted a claim on at the department of labour which they make you get so many document from every place like they know what they are doing and saying then they say we get paid according to the system and we have try work so many year to get they money ect why is that we pay the money it must be paid to us when it's suppose to why are they making all these stories people in the department must learn to do they job and pay us properly and submit the correct document when given to them because they have more time sitting and talking stories and and working they own times instead of helping the people
Zwelile Send email
Oct 12, 2018

No 2nd payout from UIF

I went to department of labour on the 5th October 2018 for 2nd signing, and still today i haven't got the payment. I got the 1st payment on the 11th of September 2018 after my first signing on the 6th Sep, it took only 3 days to get paid. So why now is it delaying?? Will i still get paid for this 2nd time??
Zwelile Send email
Oct 12, 2018

No 2nd payout from UIF

I received my first normal payment 3days after signing, and was given the 2nd date to in which it was last week Friday ( 5th October 2018), i did sign, but still today i haven't got my 2nd payment. What may be the problem because i am expecting the payment after 3days, i was not told if there was any mistake when i was at the labour offices but instead i was given the 3rd return date.

Aai am so pissed.
obakeng13 Send email
Oct 10, 2018


i have just been informed that i 2004 i was overpaid for one month apparently i have to pay it back, what i don't understand is that i have to pay back all the money for the four months why is that.

please help
Leonie Send email
Oct 9, 2018

Rejected claim

Good day

I need your help please my name is Leonie Johnson i was working for an agency for three years and was contributing towards the uif since i was first appointment, i submitted my uif claim on the 26th of last month . Because the company was delaying with my paper work and this morning i received an sms today saying that my claim has been rejected . Im a single mother of three children and i currently have no income i was depending on that money until i find another job, I've been job seeking but i still havent anything yet. I'm pleading with you please help me I've been unemployment for two month and i have been struggling to pay my rent and if i dont receive that money ill be homeless with my children . I dont know what else to do please help me

[email protected]
Nikipillay Send email
Oct 4, 2018

Unpaid uif maternity benefits

On the 13th of august i have submitted all my documents for my maternity benefits i was advised to come back in four to 5 weeks time .i have gone back on the 20th of september only to find out mu claim was rejectef due to staff in department of labour stamping my cerftifid copy of id .stamp apparent wont suppose to be there i was them asked to go bring another certified copy of id which i did.lady that helped said my forms wil only be updated after long weekend because person thats doing is on leave .before the 13th of august ive been to dept of labour 3 other times they made me go up n down keep sayn its taking 2 weeks for my surname to chamge on the system ive been waiting forever im getting frustrated its two months now and surname hasnt been updated therefore my claim is being rejected.this is at dept of labour in durban phoenix

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