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lindsayds Send email
Oct 27, 2017

Uif rejection

I am very unhappy with the service I received at Goodwood uif offices,I registered on 23rd August 2017 and was told to get all u19 forms from previous companies which I have gathered and took back to them.I was then told to come back in 5 to 6 weeks as my application needs to be processed.The sixth week I went back just to find out that my application is in process and I must wait another 2weeks,anyways I followed their instructions and went back in the 8th week.Hence when I was there,the service that day was so pathetic that the guy just left after receiving a call that he had to be somewhere,people were waiting in anguish,to sit for several hours and just one person that is assisting all these people,the service is utterly pathetic.
I sat and waited about an hour to be called by one of the other ladies who was sitting at the payout section,She then tells me that my application was rejected due to insufficient credits.
What frustrates me most is why couldn't they tell me that at the beginning when doing my application,hence the up and down travelling,I had to borrow money's just to be there and now to hear that my application is rejected.
This matter really needs to be taken into consideration,I am not happy and want to get in contact with the ombudsmen.
Pathetic service and overpromising 32602 people.

Ms L Da Silva
[email protected]
Aaria Send email
Oct 25, 2017

UIF maternity

I have submitted my claim in July 2017, on 15 Sep when i followed up they said my UI19 and UI27 was outstanding yet i have the proof of receipt of all documents, i re-submitted and i got back to work on 1 Oct, then received an sms saying that my claim was rejected, when i followed up they say they dont have my UI19 and a salary schedule for all the years i have worked. had to get my HR dept to fill that form and send it through.......stil waiting :-(
Aaria Send email
Oct 25, 2017

Maternity UIF

I have submitted my claim in July 2017, on 15 Sep when i followed up they said my UI19 and UI27 was outstanding yet i have the proof of receipt of all documents, i re-submitted and i got back to work on 1 Oct, then received an sms saying that my claim was rejected, when i followed up they say they dont have my UI19 and a salary schedule for all the years i have worked. had to get my HR dept to fill that form and send it through.......stil waiting :-(
andygoosen Send email
Oct 24, 2017


This department is obviously up to their eyeballs in incompetence. I have been awaiting ANY feedback or sign of life on my maternity UIF claim since June. I expect to still be waiting by next Christmas! This is definitely a topic for CARTE BLANCHE - I hope one day people will get some justice! Shame on your excuse for a public service department!
Masoso Send email
Oct 20, 2017

maternity payment

Dm Gontse..ive claim my uif on may2017 til nw i didnt get even a cent when i call labour department at mafikeng they just hang up my calls and nw am back to work please can anybody help us because we cant get our money but we ar busy been deducting our money is now six month please help( 0603860857)
mkkg Send email
Oct 19, 2017

UIF rejected

I have been working for a labour broker for 4 years until the end of contract 2011, I was employed on site of their client I have never been to their offices, I only dealt with their site agent until then. So after the end of contract I tried to get them send UI19 but with no success, I have always been promised that it will be send until I had to seek assistance from the labour department, but still the broker did not respond after several emails and telephone calls were send to them.

I had to ask a legal help, which did manage to let them release the UI19, but now the Labour Department still rejected my application for UIF as if all these delays were caused by me. I filled another Appeal Form to motivate why should I be paid whats due to me,but still waiting until now. I really do not know what to do now to get the UIF I am entitled to, as I am not working since then.

Why do we have to suffer for what we worked for and be taken from pillar to post? I would really appreciate your response to this, its 5 years now and am really tired of this

UIF REF:2326055/1
[email protected] contact: 0834941290
TheSunPays Send email
Oct 19, 2017

UIF Employees' particulars

Although my payments through SARS are up to date, there is a critical problem that prevents us from updating our employees' particulars.

Although Ufiling says that Ref Number: xxxxxxxxx, TXXXXXXXX UI7 (UIF) Contribution for September 2017 is active, there is no way that we are allowed to access the account with the generated user account and the password. (I wrote it down, so I know it is correct) The "forgot password" says that the generated user account or our ref no. does not match.

Any attempt to phone the call centre just tells me that there are high call volumes and that I am very important to them, but after, in total, about an hour of waiting on the phone I could not even solicit an answer, let alone solve a problem.
Hopefully this method works.

[email protected]
ruves2000 Send email
Oct 19, 2017


My contract expired in May 2014 and i filed for my UIF at the department of labour in roodeport,i kept on going and they kept on telling me to come back till i could not even afford to keep going back.I eventualy got a job in october 2014.Am i still able to claim the amount that was owed to me during the time i was unemployed.([email protected])
Simone Moer Send email
Oct 13, 2017

UIF Payout

Good day,

I was retrenched in June, I received my first uif payment last month 10th of September equal to the amount of R4980. (3 Months Later)
I went to draw my second payment two days ago and also notify the Labour department that I started working again two weeks ago.
The second consultant said my payment is supposed to be R1100. Why is my second amount so low?
I've also been trying to get in contact with the departments but all these contact numbers are not contactable.
They let you hold for more then 2 hours with no answer everyday.
0800 843 843.
Please help me to find out why my second amount is so low seeing that it is my last.
I was out of work for 3 months with no income and was depending on this income to pay my creditors.

Simone Moeroedoe
Bennie Send email
Oct 12, 2017

Decoder broken

Have a insurance for my decoder at DSTV Miltichoice my decoder are not working well.I went to Miltichoice.
They can only gave me a Rebuild decoder. .That's bad I just left because the lady stated that's the policy of Miltichoice to gave me a rebuild decoder? ???????????
Bennie Send email
Oct 12, 2017

Department of labour a

I am a member of department of labour and still no membership card.Did contact them for 3 month now still no rebly.
They deduct R85 a month? ?????????????
Nonjesh Send email
Oct 12, 2017

labour department in pinetown/head office durban

i started applying in july till today for maternity leave never got even 5 cent,different stories or they say keep on waiting ,waited till cyclone took place in durban,nearly died without having my money.same stories they say as if they are from same mother aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shame labour dep doesnot care about their clients,they are good in tdeducting montly.i waited i cannot be able to count ,ten days ,ten days from july...i wonder what ten days they talking about?i so wish they can give us training about ten days ..mayb the problem wasnot good in counting wrong!!!they are very disrepectful on top of that !!!they want us to praise them in stead of praising God..guys you must do something to train your staff otherwise you will loose your dignity!!!!!!!!!!
cayleb Send email
Oct 12, 2017

maternity uif

Good day. I have submitted my uif forms on the 7 august 2017 at the bellville offices. They gave me a date to phone the 11th september i phoned they said my application was not submitted they are busy with july people. I went into the offices on the 15 th september i got feedback i need to come in on the 27th september. I went in on the 27th september and they told there is a block on my payment becausey surname was not rectified by the bank. Meanwhile my surname was change. The lady ms watt told me she will re issue the payment they still blocked the payment after i phoned after 5 days. I went in to the offices on the 5th october to find out. The lady i was at this time told me i need to wait for my id cause she cant re submit my payment ohk i waited and received my id 12 october and went into the uif offices. When i came there the same lady told me to get another banl account cause the payment will not go through. I went to my bank fetch the statement when i got there she told me there is a pending record of my employer salary had she listen carefully to me the previous week and look at my record properly i would not have this issue.
She went to the back office today and said they will try and remove the pending when she came back she just said we need to send your details to remove the pending we cannot do it here. Of i had not asked i would not have known.

The uif offices are not well organised and i ask you with tears iny eyes the reallyake a plan whoever is the head. I have many collegues who complained about their uif benefits amd now i experienced it myself. I am going to work early next month amd i havent received a cent. The uif offices are easily to deduct uif but when it comes to your payout we have to go through all the drama.

I have a child to look after and other debt to be paid. Your assistance will be highly appreciated


Mrs louw
MiesDamons Send email
Oct 10, 2017

UIF Payment

Good day

I would like to log a complaint regarding my UIF payment that is still pending since Jul 2017. I completed my forms at Oudtshoorn Department of Labour. These forms than get send to George Department of Labour. There was an alteration that the Doctor made on the form and I got a new one (U13), took it to Department of Labour Oudtshoorn which than had to send to George again. I phoned the George branch and spoke to Jeanette who said she would call me back the Monday (09 Oct 2017). Till now I have not received a call from her at all. Apparently they havn't received the new form but the consultant did forward the forms to George branch. It has been months, I'm unemployed and nothing has happened to date. How do we resolve this because it's costing me a lot of money to go to town, just to hear the same story that the forms has not been received.
AERhode Send email
Oct 10, 2017

Maternity UIF claim

I have submitted my UIF maternity forms at the Paarl Office in May 2017 and went back after 8 weeks ( August 2017). They told me that I had an UI19 outstanding which I submitted in August. After a month I called and sent them an enquiry regarding my application. After sending emails to the query department they said that there is a note on the system saying " My top up salary can't be more than 100%" and they don't do any adjustments on the system I have to call the Provincial Office in Cape Town and query that with them. I went to the Provincial Office in Cape Town and gave all the UI19 forms that I've already previously submitted. I have received 3 months full salary and the 4th month 0% salary, so I am entitled to claim for the remaining month. I called the Cape Town Provincial Office on these contact numbers(0214418156, 0214418042 & 0214418000) they say that they will let me know. I'm back at work 01 October 2017 and have not received any payment during my maternity leave.

Can someone please assist and provide feedback?

Email [email protected] 0720165816
Charmaine Sanchez Luyo Send email
Oct 4, 2017

Maternity UIF

Good day.

I have a serious complaint about the UIF department. I started my maternity leave benefits on 3 March. Baby was born 15 June. I went in to "sign" for my 1st payment 27 June. I was told to come back 6 July. Which I did then was told a document was not submitted and to come back in about 10 days which I did on the 13th July. I was then told sorry they forgot to tell me to bring the both certificate and to come back on the 1st or 2nd of August. I did that and 10 days later still no money only to discover that my application was not sent for "approval " I went back and complained that no one answers phones and I needed to speak to some one. I was directed to a lovely lady who tried to help me basically every 10 days with trying to re submit my banking documents however we could not at that stage establish what the problem was and would only discover after 10 days or so after non payment yet again that there was an issue but not knowing what it was. Finally 5th of September we "discovered " that the bank person didn't put the correct bank code....could they not figure that out? I bank with Standard Bank how could the department not tell me after submitting 4x what the problem is?

I went back to the bank and re filled the paperwork and re submitted. 2 visits later yet again no joy bearing in mind I have to travel 10 to 12 days to Pinetown every time. I went to the offices in CBD and re submitted an stamped signed BLANK form which they said they would fill in on the 19th September and today I find out I still have to wait till next week JUST to find out if the paperwork is correct?

Yet when ever I phone which is just about every day I get told different stories?

I have paid UIF for 20 years and never claimed yet why am I constantly hitting a huge wall at every turn

Kind regards
Charmaine Sanchez Luyo .
dibetla Send email
Oct 2, 2017

maternity claim

I have submitted maternity claim in May 2017, even up to date no payment was received. I have been calling Middleburg labour, contact centre of Labour and visiting mobile office at Belfast but all unsuccessful. Sometimes I am told that all my documents are complete and sometimes I am informed that there are outstanding documents. The frustration is that if you do not make a follow up there is no communication. I am already back to work and unable to visit the office hence I need that payment to be made. It is easy for them to deduct for UIF and difficult to make payment when a claim is submitted.
Dibetla 0828476283
dibetla Send email
Oct 2, 2017

maternity payout.

I have applied for maternity benefits in May 2017. I have been doing follow up with Belfast mobile office and middleburg office and never recieved any payout. Always when I went to the office I am told that there are some outstanding documents. Submitted ui19 sixth times and still didn't recieve anything. In July I was told that I will recieve little funds to test the account. I am even back to work but the UIF is deducting while it fails to pay our claims.

[email protected]
Contact 0828476283
Thabo Send email
Sep 30, 2017

Not promvided with uniform

Good day.

I am working for an agent in a warehouse. We employees were never provided with uniform at all,we only received a reflector for ppe. No boots no nothing. Now they are forcing us to buy our own uniform (printed company name). They are even threatening us that if we dont buy it,they will send uwarehous.

What can i do to protect myself because now we are forced to grow their businesses buy selling working clothes to us.
wendeleen Send email
Sep 28, 2017

Maternity UIF Payment

I applied for my maternity UIF payment as from May month 2017 every time when i go to the labour department to find out if the paper word is approve then they send me back ask me to come back after two week go back after two week than its the same thing come back after two week ever time so 26/08/2017 i finally signed but they said i must wait for 7 too 10 days nothing happend so i phone in they said that i must come and signed again so i went back did sign again on the 18/09/2017 same story its too must must story so i need help please i dont know what to do no more can u please assit me .
Bernize06 Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Maternity Claim

I have been struggling for 2 months now to get my last maternity payout after submitting via ufìling. Nobody seems to help or care after numerous phonecalls.
Bernize06 Send email
Sep 27, 2017


I have been struggling for almost 2 months to get my last months maternity uif. I filed everything on ufiling and all went well until my last payout. I have called numerous times and still no help or any payout and on ufiling all shows that paperwork and continuation of pàyment complete. I have already returned to work.

No one seems to care or help.

[email protected]
Dean123 Send email
Sep 26, 2017

UIF Forms not captured since August

Good Day I went to the UIF offices to do my uif all forms was done and i had to go back on the 5th of September to sign for my money but then they couldn't find my papers on the system i had to go and look for it and found it and gave it to the staff to complete for me to go and sign when i got there on the 19th of September it still wasn't done and couldn't sign for my moneys now i have to call them everyday to find out when the papers are ready for me to sign but no one picks up the unemployed where must i get petrol and airtime to call them or go there every week. Please i really do need the moneys and all to be sorted for me to go and sign for my first payment i can be contacted on 0834079425 Regards Dean ID 9001225036085
Junior Send email
Sep 21, 2017


I applied for my Uif in Jan 2017 for maternity .Up to now not yet received the money .Every month its a different story .Why are they taking money gor foreigners .
Sammy1234 Send email
Sep 20, 2017


I have been trying to make a claim for UIF for 8 months and still no luck. When you finally get through to customer services they offer no answers. No one returns your calls or emails and if you ask for a manager or to escalate the problem they cut you off! I need advise on how I can get case 10006317211 paid out as its wrong that we pay into a fund for so long and we are being offered such a shocking service.

Sam Glen
072 657 9027

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