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Cobie Send email
Apr 13, 2018

"Account code log out"

I can not pay my nanny vir UIF contribution website, they say my account is logged out!
Please can you help me!!!
I have been emailing for 6 months and I phoned several times.
So sad that I can't pay her due to lack of service from your side.

Cobie Van Staden
[email protected]
Thulani Send email
Apr 12, 2018

Failer to put correct dates on U19 form

I contributed towards UIF while I was still a temporary employees, this period is not covered in U19 form and the company is refusing to correct dates on U19 forms
Kyliearthur Send email
Apr 11, 2018

Not being paid

I applied for uif in January 2018, I jad advised thw staff member who assisted me that I had got married, but had not gone to home affairs to update my id or bank account. I was told as long as my paper work and bank account have the same surname (maiden) there will be no issues. I cam back 35 days later as my application was approved to sign for payment... all went well and I waited my 10 working days to receive my payment. On the 12th day ... nothing. I called for them to tell me it was paid but didnt go through because of my name change. I then went into jpme affairs for the 3rd time to find out exactly what the problem was and what they needed me to do (now March) still no money. They informed me that I have to get a new id and change my surname with the bank so they can release funds... a simple process they explained. I asked can I get a temp id in the meantime so they can pay my money as my children were about to be kicked out of school for non payment. They said yes I can use the temp as my documents were processed already.I rushed off, took money I didnt have to get a new id, marriage certificate and temp id. To go back a 4th time (the next day) with my temp id as requested so they can pay me. The goal post was changed again and I must now wait for original id as they wont accept my temp id. How is that possible when a bank accepted it and you told me you would but then changed your mind. With no help and nothing I could do I had no choice but to wait. To go back a 5th time (now APRIL) with my original id on Friday to find out they decided to close the office for Zumas trial... to then go back a6th time yesterday 10.04.2018 for them to have lost the keys, all thinking it was a big joke and funny. We were all waiting from before 7am to be let in for them only to get the keys just before 9am. Anyway so now I wait with all my documents... they submit the forms but have to wait for head office (Gentlemans name is Mahesh Durban office) this is now 10.15 am... he tells me I have to wait until 12'30 to give him time to reply... I wait..... 12.30 comes and I ask when am I getting paid for him to say, they cant find the docs that were swnt 4 weeks ago and he never got the forms sent to him today.... To be told he will try call not even 2 mins later he tells me they not answering anf I must come back tomorrow. His words "hopefully we will have an answer for you" seriously. Is that what u actually telling me. When exactly will I receive my money. I have paid into this fund for over 10 years and now I need to claim every excuse under the sun why u cannot pay. When it boils down to incompetence . Staff who dont actually know what they are doing, who have no manners or people skills and treat you like absolute trash. How on earth am I supposed to live? Can someone please assist me. Im desperate. 0832876481 KYlie Arthur Robben
hlobie Send email
Apr 9, 2018

delayed uif claim payment

I applied for my UIF claim on the 17th of January 2018, according to the sms sent after the application it said progress will be communicated in 35 days. Yet now it is the 09th of April 2018 and still I am being told my claim is still not approved. Reasons for the delay are not given to me by the department's officials, all documentantion was submitted and is in order of the requirements. I do not know where to take this further, I have spoken to the supervisor but none assistance is received. Kindly assist..?? case number: 30000729571.
trevorjhodgson Send email
Mar 28, 2018

UIF Claim Query

I have done the following to try and obtain the reason for the cancellations and still do not have an answer
Case number 30000721432 - payment canceled by Paymaster
Having emailed the [email protected] and not got any response I call the call center and was firstly told never to email because nobody will get back to me and that I must resubmit my claim.
Resubmitted claim Case number 30000982888 and this was canceled by Paymaster on the same day ... still no explanation.

I have again emailed and have spent 30 mins waiting for the call center to answer - also not expecting much more than the last time.

Who can I contact to actually have this resolved?

My cell number : 082 784 1111
Yvette du Toit Send email
Mar 27, 2018


Hi, I was retrenched at the end of August 2017 and submitted my UIF claim at the Department of Labour in Goodwood on 21 December 2017. After the 35 day period has expired I went back to the Goodwood office to enquire about the status of my application. I was informed that the claim has not yet been finalised. Then, in early March 2018 I received an sms to say that my claim was rejected. I then went back to Goodwood's office to enquire as to the reasons for the claim being rejected. I was met with hostility by highly unco-operative worker, named Fabio.

I escalated my query to the office of the Minister, who after several weeks reverted to say that my surname was changed with the Department of Home Affairs to my married name (I got divorced 20 years ago and NEVER at any stage = even during my marriage changed my surname with any department to my married surname). I was then requested to send a copy of my ID document and copy of the divorce order to Abegail Bobani at the Department of Labour who advised that they will take the matter up with the Department of Home Affairs. This was about 3 weeks ago. Eversince, and despite sending a further email to Abegail Bobani to enquire about when I will receive my pay-out, I have not received any feedback.

With respect, I have worked for 26 years whilst contributing to the UIF fund, of which I am by law only allowed to claim for 4 years of that time. It has been 7 months since I was retrenched and 3 months since I have submitted my claim and still have received no positive response.

How does the Department of Labour justify taking money from its citizens and then for all sorts of cockamame reasons (my ID number has not changed at all) and based on records which were updated 20 years AFTER a divorce to the wrong surname, omit to pay claims? This is appalling and the question as to the viability of the UIF fund is becoming quite evident.

My credit record has suffered due to this refusal and omissions making it near impossible for me to find proper employment.

I am quite certain that this is an issue which should be made public so that the rest of South Africa's workforce, many of whom are 'sitting ducks' for similar circumstances, seen in the light of the economy where there is already an extremely high unemployment rate {and rising} to revisit the viability of contributing to a fund which clearly does not act to the benefit of the people who are dependent on it. The Department of Labour is failing to do its duty and protecting the rights and wellbeing of the people who they are responsible to.

It is time that this utterly unacceptable state of affairs and as I see on various sites numerous other complaints relative to failure to pay out UIF benefits to citizens for various reasons, be brought to the public's attention. It is against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for a Department, established to act on behalf of citizens are so clearly and completely incompetent to do so. Just another example as to how our Government is failing to take care of citizens, especially those who have contributed positively to the economy and are now placed in situations where they must received a meagre portion of what they have contributed towards the COMPULSORY funds of this country, just to find themselves in utterly desperate situations.

I demand that I be refunded ALL monies paid to the fund, in the light of the fact that this law is clearly unconstitutional as I am now suffering unduly as a result. If the Department of Labour is not able to even meet their obligations to pay a small portion of what I have contributed to the fund on which I am now reliant it raises serious questions as to constitutionality of the compulsory contributions. (I am not the only person in this situation and I am quite sure that if the rest of the workforce, currently still contributing religiously to this bogus fund, get informed of what is the real state of affairs, it might well render the UIF fund to become redundant and being declared unconstitutional and merely a further manner in which the citizens of this country is robbed of their livelihoods.

Yvette du Toit
email: [email protected]
Hadassah McKay Send email
Mar 27, 2018

telephone communication

Good day
I hope someone in a high position can phone the Dept of Labour in Kimberley and see if the switchboard is answered. Try this nr. 053 838 1500. Is someone being paid to NOT ANSWER the telephone?
koklafire Send email
Mar 23, 2018

UIF Maternity Benefit

REF: 30000479316


I applied for UIF on 10 November 2017 and have been following up since then. Every time I came the system was offline and my contact details were taken and was promised to be called yet no one has called to date.

Could you kindly assist me in completing the process. My son is even about to turn one and I still haven’t received any assistance in completing my application.
koklafire Send email
Mar 23, 2018

UIF Maternity Benefit

REF: 30000479316


I applied for UIF on 10 November 2017 and have been following up since then. Every time I came the system was offline and my contact details were taken and was promised to be called yet no one has called to date.

Could you kindly assist me in completing the process. My son is even about to turn one and I still haven’t received any assistance in completing my application.
koklafire Send email
Mar 23, 2018


REF: 30000479316


I applied for UIF on 10 November 2017 and have been following up since then. Every time I came the system was offline and my contact details were taken and was promised to be called yet no one has called to date.

Could you kindly assist me in completing the process. My son is even about to turn one and I still haven’t received any assistance in completing my application.

zimkhitha Send email
Mar 22, 2018


Hey,I have applied for maternity uif on the 1292017 at department of labour Queenstown till to date my application has not been approved. I've been going there for almost every week and spoke to their supervisers and no one is helping. I went to labour at Malboro and they told me my application was not processed, so they cannot help me because it shows nothing on their system.

Can someone please assist

Kind regards
[email protected]
laurenbr72 Send email
Mar 12, 2018

UIF Maternity Benefit

Good Day

I done an online application in December for my maternity benefit. I've uploaded the requested documents and did not receive feedback even after calling numerous times.I eventually went to the Labour department in Roodepoort where I was advised that I should change my surname back to my maiden surname as I was divorced and change my banking details as well after I had waited for three hours.Nevertheless I did what was requested and took it to the office and sent it through to someone assisting with online. I was told my money would be in on the 08 March and still waiting on their system it shows money paid but my bank account shows no deposit. I was advised I should complete a continuation of payment but I can't if I didn't receive the first payment. What happened to that money. I have since not received an explanation.

UIF Maternity Benefit

rodah Send email
Mar 8, 2018

Late payment

I applied for UIF in December and signed for the money on 9 February 2018 but up to now i still haven't received payment ,can someone please assist me.

Rodah Chikwaya
Mahoko Send email
Mar 1, 2018

Ui19 maternity claim

I submitted my application on 4 January 2018, everything was correct,they gave me a check card for 9 February 2018,when I got there there's nothing on my name so that they send me back to the person who help to do follow up,he said to me he doesn't know what happened,he went his senior to check my application or enquire people in Bloemfontein,I stayed there for hours that lady went out for long when she came back she said the person we ho send application in Bloemfontein he is not there so she won't search his office,I went back home the following week when I get there I was told that there's no respond yet,the guy who help me gave me the number to call them to find if they replied,when I call no one answered I went there again they give me same answer they don't check the system until on the 27 February 2018,that's where I found out that they send application without capturing it first here in welkom,what's hurt is m on unpaid maternity leave and I have policies,accounts,to pay,I don't have peny in my account as we speak nothing to buy for my new born ,I will in my third month of leave without payment,also that application must be send back here for capturing and it can be approved,please help me to speed up that process because I don't want my policies to lapse.
nelisiwe damane Send email
Feb 28, 2018

uif claim rejected

im 2017 earlt in jan i took maternity leave at work and i apply for uif nd was told to come back on a certain date everytime i go there as they were saying they are having systems upgeade this happened until i went back to work and ended up not successfully claiming it and now this year end of january i was dismissed at work and i went again to claim and the first day i forgot my payslip nd checklist and was told to bring it first thing in the morning nd by 7:30 was there by the offices still in phoniex and i was told to wait 10 working for my money in the bank but 5 days later i got this sms .Dear NELISIWE. UIF Claim rejected. Notice of Appeal can be submitted at a Labour Centre. Enquiries contact local Labour Centre . Case No : 30000854640 which i do not understand why because the workers told everything went through and i have 2 kids i need to support i realy need my money can someone call me as i do nt have excess to email. or send text my number is - 0787479278
mkasiyah Send email
Feb 14, 2018

Rejected UIF claim

Goid day.

Dear SIYABULELA BENJAMIN. UIF Claim rejected. Notice of Appeal can be submitted at a Labour Centre. Enquiries contact local Labour Centre . Case No : 30000791790

This is the sms I just received. Being a husband and father of two, receiving this sms just depresses me. When I went to do my submission I was told that all is well at the Athlone branch. Now I receive this sms with no explanation or details of the rejection.

This is so unprofessional and very disappointing.

How does one correct this?

Highly disappointed with this service
Mpilo Send email
Feb 14, 2018

unpaid maternity benefits

On the 12 of December 2017 i went to Department of labour in Soshanguve to claim maternity benefits things went well as i had all the documents they've requested and i submited everything and told that i must return to them on the 19 0f January 2018,and i got the money on the 20 of January 2018 that was the first payment then on the 19 i went back to return the ui-4 document and the time was 2pm i was told that why should i came late its not time for submission i must come before 12 now its time for filling and according to the website the trading hours are from :7:30 to 16:00 i didnt ague as i needed help the lady took my id open the system and took the document from me and she said the branch code written on the document its wrong i must write the one apperring on their system i said to the lady the one thats written its my branch code as i've confirmed with my bank and i asked her which one must i write she turned the screen and that was a univesal branch code i asked that who captured that one and she said its system generated and i didnt ague and she gave me another form to take it to the hospital and return it if i dont do so the application will be rejected then i came back on the 22 of January to return it and i was told that the money will be paid in 3 to 4 days then i waited until the the 9 of February and i found another lady i dont know the names of these ladies as they dont wear their name badges and she said she does not understand whats could be the delay she called another lady and she didnt understand either then i was reffered to the office of the supervisor/manager by the name of Mmama and got all the attitude i was told that i'm disturbing her she's busy and she didnt took lunch and she has the funeral of 1 of the staff to attend i was begging as i needed help and she gave me the ui-4 document again to take it to hospital again i said i've already done that then she said i have to as she does not have the first 1 with her and i must bring the child birth certificate i asked her what the problem with the application is it pending/rejected or what and she said i must just bring the form thats it i felt that they are hidding something for me i took my time for the third time now to go to hospital in order for the Doctor to fill the document again,then i went back today(12 Feb 2018) to return the document i asked the lady who was assisting me whats the problem what happened to the document i have sended on the 22 of January she said to me i must just gave her the document she's not the one who took the document on the 22 of Jan so she wont know, she was not friendly at all and she said the money will take 6 working days.i dont have trust anymore as i was taken pillar to post and not given the correct answears i just wanted to know that why is Batho pele principle not practised to our local government instituation i felt we've been treated a bad way i'm not happy at all with the staff from that Department kindly assit in sorting the problem that i'm having my contact number is 0823029597 and my email address is dimakatsomadue@ as i'm returning back to work on the 1 of March and i was told that if i go back to work they will stop the payment.
Doreen Send email
Feb 13, 2018

UIF Maternity claim rejected

I logged a claim on 03/01/2018 and on 11/01/2018 I received an SMS that my claim was rejected. I went to enquire the same day and they told me that I must come after 35 days. Today (13/02/2018) I went and they told me that It was rejected because I don't have enough credits. What does it mean? My case number 30000672302.

Please assist.
[email protected]
Anlo Send email
Feb 13, 2018

Submission of 2015 ROE correction

We Submitted a correction on our Customers 2015 ROE, it is 2018 and it has not been resolved yet, we have queried and followed up since April 2015, every time the agent on the phone gives us another excuse. On the 12th of February 2018 we phoned Workman's Compensation a again only to be told we have to resubmit ALL of the documents again. We have done this before and also went into the offices to try and correct this. We wont be going in again after 3 years almost start all of it over again. We need some advise on to where to go from here.
tammylk6240 Send email
Feb 13, 2018

Late UIF Payment

Good day

My last claim was submitted on the 24th January and another for the 31st. I still have not received payment for 31 January 2018.

How long does one have to wait?
sdeonarian Send email
Feb 12, 2018

Incompetent staff at Chatsworth uif office

I have been at the uif office from Tuesday 6/02/2018 up until 12/02/2018 for my signing for my maternity benefits I've been given the run around by staff and the supervisor is utterly rude he refused to assist me today 12/02/2018 because he is officially on leave there is no other person in charge and I'm supposed to follow queues that doesn't move staff are laid back with urgency or compassion for us that sit in this long queues on a daily basis ......
Nozipho Send email
Feb 12, 2018

Unpaid uif

Good day I have a complain about my uif since last year I have applied for my uif until this year I haven't got the money they keep on telling me that it haven't approved but to remember the day i have applied for my uif they said after 2weeks I will get the money which it was last year 6th of November until today I have applied at department of labour klerksdorp my contact number is 0812827997 and my id number is 9408140154085
Nozipho Send email
Feb 10, 2018

Unpaved uif

Since I apply for my uif last year on the 6th of November and I have not received the money instill today I called the the department of labour and keep on saying is not approved yet but when I was applying the said within 2weeks the money will be out until today my contact number is 0812827997 and I'd is 9408140154085
Timo838 Send email
Feb 9, 2018

Uif funds

Hi my names Timothy muniz id number-8707095188084 im responding on behalf of my uif money im very unhappy with your guys service regarding my money iv been told I would be receiving my funds on the 1sy of January 2018 its going for the middle of February nw and still havnt received my money iv decided im going to take further action be aware use will receive a letter from the sheriff's department plz call me on -0814589613
[email protected] Send email
Feb 8, 2018

Nature of Business on Letter og Goodstanding

Since 2 February 2018 our company are struggling for help and answers to reqtify a nature of business on our Letter of Good standing. We phoned all the provinces, only the Free State was willing to assist. We mailed all the documents to Pretoria and Free State, but now no one is reading their mails.
It is unacceptable that companies must struggle to get help from Labour, as this delay's causes lost of contracts and money. And this will affect the employees as well, no work no pay.

Is there any person that can assist with accepting our documents, as the company is already registered at coida.
Our company received a 2 year contract, but the Letter of good standing, stating the nature of business, is not correct.
We forwarded affidavits and new WA.2 form. We would just like confirmation that the company will be covered in the case of an accident.

If companies must struggle like this every time they assistance, I think Carte Blanche must be informed.
MRS Oelofse
[email protected]. za

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