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Consumer complaints and reviews about DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR

stuart brown Send email
Mar 23, 2017

Claim Rejected

I lodged a claim for UIF in February 2017, and was to come back on the 1st of March 2017.I was told my previous employer, before my last employer, did not submit any documents when I left them in 2008.They said I must come back on the 15th of March 2017, they will investigate this.A couple of days later got an sms that my claim was rejected?Tried calling so many times and left messages to no avail.I tried t get a UI19 form from that company but this company says they don't have any records for me anymore, too long ago, and they have been taken over by another company.I have been paying UIF for 30 years and now I can't claim,this is a shocking state of affairs and now I need help, get nothing.

Case #: 10005951533

Mrs A H Brown
shyamal Send email
Mar 22, 2017

management not approved the maternity leave

I am worked at Berhampore Rabindra Nath Thakur Diagnostic & Medical Care Centre , My wife also worked at same . she apply for maternity leave on April for 6 months against new bill, but management not approved that.

Can we please take a action or see the matter please.

Regards Thanking you
Shantanu Bose Applicant

Mail-Id- shantanu.parts@gmail.com
oniccah824@gmail.com Send email
Mar 21, 2017

UIF not paid out

Good day

my sister passed away on the 08 Sept 2013 since then my mom had claimed the UIF from department of labour a months after her passing and till today she has not receive a payout...


Naknyezi Send email
Mar 17, 2017

Maternity Leave

I applied for Maternity leave last year August and submitted all the required documents. still I haven't received any payment. I have query this more than 6 times no valid reasons received.

Your help will be Highly Appreciated
My Email address is Nkanyezi26@gmail.com for further info
Zkadir Send email
Mar 14, 2017

Unpaid UIF for maternity

I have been on maternity leave since the 18th January and have submitted all documents to the UIF department in my area. Since then I have not received any confirmation of maternity claims and no payment. I have been to the office 3 times to query and I keep getting told that this has been escalated to provincial office and nothing can be done except wait. I have called them 4 times and still no joy. I have liaised with Zandile cele and Ronnie pillay who advised of this. I am 2 months into my 4 months unpaid maternity and received no payments. I am very concerned that the people who process the UIF claims do not take their job seriously as being a mum at home and having no money is very hard. I thought that claiming for uif whilst on maternity was an easy process however this has become very stressful and this is the worst service I ever received. I would like some help urgently.

My Details are:

Zahira abdool kadir
Alu@2016 Send email
Mar 10, 2017

Maternity UIF

Tjo hayi labour is failling,November 2016 and now its March 2017 I applied for msternity UIF but still havent received anything from labour they keep saying its been processed and I'm going back to work already in two weeks times kanti isnt this money suppose to help you in those months you bot working. Whats soooo hard nah cz this is my money not their money.
Maraki Send email
Mar 8, 2017

2015 UIF claim not approved

I have a complain about a UIF application that I made in July 2015 that was not approved as I was told that my employment history did not make sense. In the middle of my application process I got a job at the University of Pretoria that lasted a week in August 2015 and I also submitted UI19 forms for it but was told that the system reflects that I worked until September. The HR at UP submitted letters that proved and explained how their claim system works in order to clarify why the dates were in that order but nothing was done at labour department to rectify this matter. Even the supervisor was clueless with what needed to be done.

I am still sitting in the dark with regards to what happened to my uif claim and would like to ask for a way forward in order to complete this process as I'm still unemployed.

Portia Motheo
Contact: 0839375763
Email address mmotheo10@gmail.com
Sgcoal Send email
Mar 7, 2017

D of labour Middelburg negligent

We have been reporting that we've been working for four years for Sg coal and we are not registered. Labour in Middelburg mpumalanga don't care they take bribes
mokibamagakwe Send email
Mar 6, 2017

Struggling since December

Can somebody please take care of our Labour departments!!!
I applied for my uif maternity in December 2016 in sasolburg and was told to come back 22 January 2017. When I went to sasolburg in January I was told that my papers where not captured and that I must come back 22 February,but then on the 20 February I received a payment of R148.8, I then went to sasolburg in the 22nd Feb with my baby's birth certificate and the ui4 form. But a week later I received a call from Bloemfontein to say that need a ui4 and birth certificate!! I told the last that i went to sasolburg so that can send them m to their offices. I then called sasolburg to ask if they sent my papers but NOBODY could give me an answer!! All they would do was take my ID and telephone number to say they'll call me back,which they never did. I called there all day everyday but nobody did Nothing! I again called Bloemfontein and asked if they had recevid the papers and Susan said No and aked sasolburg to call her back, They Never did. I kept calling and the lady who anwserd the phone said my parpers want to Pepcell by mistake but then they corrected the problem and they sent to the right place but till today Bloemfontein says they have not received my papers still!!!!. Please HELP!!!
My number is 0734713365, please help

LE Magakwe
Anelia Send email
Mar 3, 2017

UIF payment issue / Case - 1000585946

I have just submitted this story to Carte Blanche with regards to all the pathetic service received.
Why are you employing people that can't do the job. Something is seriously wrong at UIF / Department of Labour
David matibidi called me a liar, after promising to call me back within 20 minutes....AN HOUR later, calls me a liar!!!
I've paid UIF for over 20 years and now you want to delay and delay and delay payment BECAUSE YOUR DEPARTMENT CAN'T CAPTURE THE CORRECT INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so my claim keeps on being declined since logging it 5 January 2017.
What are you going to do if someone committs suicide because we can't call for jobs (no money for cell phone) / can't get to a possible interview (no money for petrol), can't buy necessary medication - ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR A PERSON'S DEATH???????????????????????????????????????

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aerassie Send email
Mar 2, 2017

UIF payment issue / Case 10006158292

Good day,

I am having a problem with my uif claim.

I applied for UIF and completed the Continuation of payment form. This was successfully done and submitted on the 24th of February. Then on the 27th of February the status shows "cancelled by paymaster". I phoned this morning to hear what the problem was and I was told by a very rude lady that my UI19 states that I resigned but if you look at the original UI19 that's attached it clearly states that I was dismissed. I phoned again at 10:13 where I was on hold for 16 minutes. Again the lady I spoke to put the phone down in my ear when I was trying to find out what was going on. Another thing I spoke with my previous employer and they confirmed that my UI19 is correct as per attached.

I really need that money as I am currently still unemployed. Please correct this and advise on what I should do.

Kauthar Arnolod Send email
Mar 1, 2017

UIF payout

I had gone to sign on the 8 Feb. 2017 and was told I will receive my UIF benefit in 10 working days.
I followed up yesterday only to be told that my signature on my first application was different from the one on the 8 Feb. I was not informed about this. i had to phone and find out.
Today i spent all morning at the Labour Depart only to be told they offline. I am a single parent.
thembani Send email
Mar 1, 2017


I applied for uif on 19 January 2017 and i was not on the system which surprise me cz i have paying uif for 8 yrs bt they did try to put my claim and they says i was wait until 21 January bt still i have not receive even a cent so plz help
Rose-Ann Send email
Feb 27, 2017


Good Day

I handed in all the required UIF documents to the Pinetown branch on the 1st of February.
I have not received any sms, when i checked on Ufiling, nothing has been captured on the system.
I have tried on numerous times to contact the branch there is never an answer.
My signing date is on the 2nd of March.
Please assist me with finding out what it is going on, my contact number is 0717687135

Thank you

RUBIN Send email
Feb 27, 2017

Boss not deducting uif

Buhlez Send email
Feb 25, 2017


My name is Buhle Stewart Qwabe,I applied for my UIF on January 10 & my signing date was February 13. When I went to labour was told my docs weren't scanned I needed to wait 2 weeks which I did,when I called still there was no progress & now they are talking about March 9. My case number is 0005886351
Marlene du Plessis Send email
Feb 23, 2017


Case number 810005849029
Why don't you just come clean and tell us what's going on!?
Just received a sms, claim rejected, no explanation!?
Paying UIF for 30-years, this is shocking!!
They have been sending me around the bush since December 2016. My paperwork was 100% correct from day one, but they kept making me come back with lame excuses, sorry we are offline, second excuse, sorry we haven't captured your details yet, 3rd excuse sorry come back a different date...Finally you just receive a sms, claim rejected!!??
Lourens du Plessis 082 089 1279
Why do companies even still deduct UIF from employers if UIF can't pay out!?
Puseletso Send email
Feb 21, 2017

Uif claim not Captured

y name is Puseletso Boshielo case number 10005450936 I have been signing at the labour offices from the 29 November 2016 -12 January 2017- 13 February 2016 in Mamelodi.I submitted my documents late in October 2016 I was assisted by Ignatius Ntlaleng. My complain is that all this time I was going into the office n standing on queue from 6 am I was always told its not yet approved they need to update your employment history 1st before they can approve but to my surprise when I went to the office's in Pretoria I was told that it hasn't been captured yet by the data capture's . I was stunt when tshepo Moloisane told me that I have not yet signed for 4 months I have been sitting thinking n knowing that my application was captured. Tshepo Moloisane sent me back to Ignatius Ntlaleng to assist me and what Ignatius told me was that "I did my job so I don't know what you want me to do , what More can I do because where u are from now they are the ones who are suppose to help you. I will send an email later so you go and come back next week to check if its alryt or what" he said.What puzzles me is that why didn't they tell me that before in November than for me to come every month thinking its gonna be approved where as it hasn't even BEEN CAPTURED YET?? I have debts I have 2 kids to take care of I can't apply for SASSA because of the Labour Money , I have been a parasite for Months living off people to help me and my kids every month its still the same No I'm waiting for UIF Money, surely this month I'm gonna get it.Can somebody please help me resolve this.Regards
TriumphTalk Send email
Feb 17, 2017

No Payment

Well I have not seen such a hard thing to handle than these UIF payments via the ufiling process.

I am still waiting on my payment for this month that was submitted on the 1st. I have tried phoning the help line and get answered straight away and then end up listening to the recording telling me how important I am for over an hour and still nothing.

I send email to the email address listed and once again not a thing, no replies no help nothing.

To think I have been paying into UIF for over 40 years and this is what I get back, shocking!

Case No 10006011893
Patrick Ndou Send email
Feb 17, 2017


I submitted all the necessary documents for UIF claim in November, including copy of email from my employer. Was asked to come back for payment on the 15th of Dec 2016. When I got there they said no email received from my employer. I told them when I came in Nov I showed them that's why they asked me to come back on the 15th of Dec for payment.
I showed them hard copies of email sent to them. They changed the story and said UI -19 has a scratch and it is not allowed. Went back to my employer for correction and forwarded to UIF. When I went back to them 2 weeks back, they said they want latest payslips which i provided last year already. I had to resend. I went to them again today, 17 Feb and they said they received documents but will capture at their own time without giving me first preference. What kind of service is that? It is now 4 months now without income while we are forced to contributed to UIF.

Email: patrick.ndou@gmail.com
ID: 740108 6020 081


JackieRoos Send email
Feb 15, 2017

No payment of my basic salary for January 2017

I was on a 6 month contract with Venovi Marketing and my contract came to an end on the 31 January 2017. I was I formed on the 10 January that my contract will not be renewed. However I did not leave on the 10 January I worked the whole of January up till the 31 January 2017. When the 31st came I phoned my boss Johan Abrie at about 15:00 to say my salary is not reflecting yet and asked when am I getting paid and promptly told me that I am not getting paid because I didn't work my notice. Which as far as I know I didn't need to as the terminated my contract not the other way around. If I knew they weren't going to pay me at the end of January my basic salary I could have started looking for new employment. I sent them a letter of demand from my lawyer which they completely ignored and to this day after sending them a follow up mail have not had a response from Johan Abrie or his lawyer. Now my car payment is behind and my insurance has lapsed because they did not pay me. They deleted me off the work group a week before my contract came to an end and deleted me off my sales app before my last day. They refused to take my calls. They refused to reply to my message request and the ignored the lawyer. So I would like to come lay a charge against them so I can get my salary I worked for. What do I need to bring with when I come on Friday? What documentation do you need. They did the same thing to another sales rep at the end of January too. Please help!!
princes@ Send email
Feb 14, 2017


I applied for uif and waited for a long time and after seven months of waiting they paid me one payment of less than 8000and said that its the only payment I will receive and the is nothing they can do after i paid uif for over 10 year id is 8602105444082 and my cell number is 0796321961
moucymel Send email
Feb 7, 2017

UIF payment just hot happening

I have applied on 14Nov2016 via Ufiling for UIF. I then applied for the continuous payment on 14Dec2016 as per what is written on U-Filing webpage. I never rec'd any correspondence from the UIF dept as I needed to still submit forms.
On 10Jan2017 I logged in and saw that my application was cancelled, without anybody getting in touch as to say why.
The 19th of Jan 2017, I went into the Port Shepstone dept where I then submitted the forms and my ex employer then had to send in my wages report which they did. The consultant who assisted me was very helpful and told me he will scan all the docs to Charles or a Collin at payment dept. He said it will take a few days then I will get a sms telling me to come back and sign. He then said that after I have signed, it will take 8 to 10 days for me to go back and collect my payment.
I waited for the contact but nobody got in touch. I called Port Shepstone and spoke to same consultant. He then said that it was strange that I haven't rec'd the sms. He said he will forward a mail to Merriam Moitsa at payment dept.
It is now the 7th of Feb 2017, and I am yet to receive any correspondence from them.
Another thing is that nobody, even the consultant, never told me that I must fill in a unemployment form and bring it it and sign the registrar. I assume when he told me that I will receive an sms to tell me to come sign that he meant I must fill the form.
I have tried to call the labour dept on numerous occasions, but were holding on for ages without anybody answering. I am still unemployed and its been months now and I can't afford to hold on for ages till someone answers the phone, as I'm using a cell phone and its costly.
I don't know who to contact anymore as the consultant can't assist further as my claim is with payment dept.
I just have a feeling that they have cancelled my claim yet again.
Pls will you look into this matter and get them to inform me and all the others, what is happening!

case; 1000560879
adanster Send email
Feb 3, 2017

Maternity UIF

My Name is Antonette

i Applied for a maternity UIF last year on the 3rd of February 2016 i submitted all necessary documents but was told so my excuses why my claim hasn't been processed first it was a missing u19 which i re submitted, then something about a deletion of a date. I used to enquire with labour department every second week and every second week i get a different story.

Now they saying a claim that i made in 2003 is affecting my claim. Somehow the labour department lost the information of that claim i made in 2003, but i'm the one who has to suffer, i tried to retrieve the information from the company that i was working for but they say they don't keep information that's more than 5yrs in their system, i have been so patient regarding the matter i mean one year is a long time.I understand that the labour department has changed their systems from 2003 but now I don’t know why I have to suffer for the transformation.I would highly appreciate it if my claim can be approved and paid out as I have submitted all the necessary documents. what saddens me is if this is not resolved i wont be able to claim any uif because of this issue i'll keep on contributing but i cant claim.

This is my second cry for help to the Complains Board. Please help me resolve this matter.
My email address is d.antonette@gmail.com
efraim@telkomsa.net Send email
Feb 3, 2017


The service at the UIF is terrible. Nobody can assist you and I've have no payment for December due to the holidays. I'm only expecting one more payment, but it has not been done despite being sent to the paymaster 11/12/2016. Nobody responds to emails. My case number is 10005762374

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