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TLawrence87 Send email
Sep 13, 2023

Martenity leave application

I have applied for martenity leave payment since 22 June 2023 at department of labour Mogwase I still have not received my payment
[email protected] Send email
Apr 27, 2023


Ho my name is ilzd pieterse
Is 8802250158089
I am located in welkom in the free state and I am women alone walking 10km distance to go and sign for my money I got robbed 2 times they took everything and still when iou phone they don't answer the landlines and if you go in sorry we can not help you I am waiting for my payments from December last year they calculated wrong so they paid me in the wrong amounts and know I don't get anything
Tintswalo Send email
Feb 28, 2023

Blocked payment

I applied for uif for martenity last year 16 November 2022 I did get paid 3 February 2023.i did go and sign on 09 February I did the follow up they told me that my payment is blocked, what does this mean coz I suppose to get 4 payment
Tintswalo Send email
Feb 28, 2023

Payment blocked

I did apply for martenity last year 16 November 2022, I got pay 03 February. I did go and sign on 09 of February 2023 they said I will receive my last payment within 5 to 10 days. So today when I call for follow they told me that my payment is blocked. And back to work I don't have money for transport. What does this mean payment blocked

Please contact me on this number
0738222702 or email me at [email protected]
Jayne0308 Send email
Feb 13, 2023

Non Payment of UIF Claim

I applied for unemployment claim, all was approved and is currently with the paymaster . I call the call centre twice a week and I get no answers other than it should be paid within the next 7 days this has been going on for 3 months.

I have visited the local office in Benoni to no avail, refused access to make an appointment with the manager or supervisor to discuss and find a solution in order to get payment.

I am still unemployed and need the payments to start happening. I have done everything possible.

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated. I can be reached on email at [email protected]
Steph W Send email
Feb 6, 2022

Maternity claim

I applied online in Feb 2021 for maternity benefits, i have called in every day, submitted all my documentation countless times, sent mail after mail and received the same answers, it was escalated, flagged and i requested call backs from the team leaders but nothing ever happened.
Yesterday 05 Feb 2021 i receive an sms to say my claim was rejected, AFTER AN ENTIRE YEAR OF STRUGGLING TO RECEIVE MY FIRST PAYMENT IT WAS REJECTED!! Alk the agents i spoke to confirmed all my documents that were needed was there and there would be no issue, and look now!!!
Please review and pay me the money due to me!

Case No : 40001261768
Steph W Send email
Feb 6, 2022

Maternity claim

I applied in Feb 2021 for my maternity benefits, sent my documentation countless times, called in every day and sent mail after mail after mail, always got the same answers, it is now Feb 2021 and i just received an sms to say it was rejected with NO reasoning! AFTER AN ENTIRE YEAR OF STRUGGLING to receive my FIRST PAYMENT i get rejected!! i was told by all call centre agents all my documentation is there and there should be no issue getting my money and look now, no one can assist, no escalation, call back request or flagging of my claim has helped me, how can you expect us to pay for our uif every month and give us service this bad???
Please review and pay me the money due to me.

Case No : 40001261768
Zlaatoe Send email
Dec 9, 2021

Maternity benefits siyaya status - not approved/rejected

It would appear that all the complaints here are based on the lack of response or reasoning by DOL.

I submitted my application for maternity benefits beginning November 2021, on 6 November it indicated that it's been sent to assessor. After constant follow up I was told to send additional documents which I did on 29 Nov. Today I get an SMS to say the Siyaya Starus - not approved/rejected. And zero reasoning.

What is the DOL doing, after paying UIF for years, when you need to claim you get this nonsense.
I also doubt any response will come from this but I am hopeful.

Can government institutions just do their work properly already
CTITUS28 Send email
Nov 23, 2021

waiting so long for UIF

Trying to apply for UIF since my Maternity Leave , but had no luck at all and this was from May 2020 until now. In Feb this year my employer terminated my contract and still when I applied for my Unemployment nothing instead I was told to review the Maternity first and then the Unemployment. So I did just as I was told 8 months down the line still no solution. I have kids to take care of and the support from family and friends is not enough.

Case no: C-20210623-000429
andreavr84 Send email
Nov 10, 2021

Maternity benefits

Case number: 40000829133

I applied for Maternity benefits, online. If I did not check my status, I would not have known that it was declined.

1. Why was it declined
2. what does this mean? Siyaya Status - Not Approved/Refused
3. Why was I not notified about this. No communication at all.

Please help
Andrea Mc Cloen
[email protected]
Zerilda Send email
Oct 28, 2021

UIF non-payment

I applied for UIF in September 2020 as our company closed down. Since than been given the run around (had to re - apply) 3 Times)because closed because they said I application did not say I was not working. I has now been more than a year and other people who worked with me have received their payment but I still have not received anything from them.

There is no correspondence or communication from them saying way not. I have know lodge a complaint, companied on their but do not think twitter and face book pages I will have any luck.

This is know my last resort. I have been contributing to this fund since I started working in 1996 and first time I need to claim. I am very disappointed in our labour department and hope you can help.
Zerilda Send email
Oct 28, 2021

UIF nonpayment

I have been contributing to the UIF fund since I start working in the 1995 and never claimed. Now that I am without work and need to claim I have been given the run around.

Complained on Facebook page and still no response.

I see today my application stats paymaster -close but have not had any corresponding's from them why and have never received any payment.

I have lodge an appeal know but do not think I will have any response.

This is now my last resort. Please help!!!!
Palesa Rose Send email
Oct 18, 2021


CASE NUMBER 30005621833
[email protected]
CarolynNosipho Send email
Sep 21, 2021


Application for Benefits Siyaya Status - Approved 2021-06-28 13:47
30005811346 Application for Benefits Completed by Assessor 2021-06-28 12:37
30005973096 Continuation of Benefits Payment - Done 2021-02-19 14:51 NO Payment was ever done.
30005973096 Continuation of Benefits Sent to Paymaster 2021-02-14 07:21
30005973096 Continuation of Benefits Completed Continuation 2021-02-14 07:21
30005973096 Continuation of Benefits Received from Ufiling 2021-02-14 07:21
30005811346 Application for Benefits Sent to Assessor 2021-01-13 21:11
30005811346 Application for Benefits Completed application 2021-01-13 21:11
30005811346 Application for Benefits Submission from UFiling 2021-01-13 21:10
30005811346 Application for Benefits Received from Ufiling 2021-01-13 21:10



Kwandie Send email
Aug 16, 2021

UIF benefits not paid

I have been applying for UIF benefits since February 2021 and to date, I have not received any payment. In February 2021 I submitted the required documents and I was told to wait for 35 days. I called after 35 days and I was told that they are busy with financial year-end then I must call two weeks later.
I called again in April where I was told that my application could not be processed because the employer's address on the UI form is different from the one on the government's system and I must go back and get the form to match the PO Box they have on their system, I was given an email address to submit the form which I did.
In June I was finally told to restart the application again which I did and I was given an email address [email protected] to send my documents again. I received a reply confirming receipt of the documents and that they were sent to the assessor and again I must wait for 35 working days.

I called again on 3 August I was told that documents have not been captured yet and the call centre agent promised me that he will forward them for capturing.
I called again on 11 August 2021 when I was told that my documents are still not processed, the call centre agent asked me to hold on so she can talk to her supervisor - when she came back to the phone she told me that I should not contact them for the following two days, they will send me an email either 12th or 13th August. There is no email as at now.

The following cases refer:
#30006331415 February 2021
#40000303260 June 2021 and
C-20210617-001139 June 2021.

The UIF contact number 0800 030 007 is not longer available since Friday the 13th of August 2021.
I need to be directed to where I can get speedy help. I have been a contributor to UIF from 1 April 2006 until 31 August 2020

Please help me.


Liliso1 Send email
Aug 11, 2021

Uif claim rejected /not approved

After going back and forth to
Labour offices I checked online my status shows rejected on 27th July but I never received any communication(email or sms) advising this.

Can someone get back to me on [email protected]
Case number is 40000433711

I need a reason for my claim being rejected.

Anonymas Send email
Aug 2, 2021

Low pay rate

A company called Metro File has a high production and pay employees very little, people earning R21 per hour for scanning and preparing boxes of documents for various companies. High profile companies, increases are very little there is no growth and people get victimized for speaking up or threatened with being dismissed. They don't even consider peoples well being as the chairs that are used has been there for more than ten years. People also sit for long hours and don't even get acknowledgement from seniors for work well done or incentives. Data capturers have High targets and get paid like R30 per hour
UIFcomplaint Send email
Jul 20, 2021


The state of the UIF department is truly shocking and look at all the complaints. I've waited for over 6 months for UIF and I got one payment two months ago and am still waiting for the paymaster to pay the continuation of benefits for over a month. No emails get responded to and the call centre says we must just wait.

This country is in serious need of some proper leadership because technically the UIF department taking monthly money from people and then not paying UIF when it's the persons right to get UIF - is stealing... What's new in this country.
Charl1986 Send email
Jun 28, 2021

UIF benefits payout Pathetic disgracefull

Utterly disgusted that i have not received any payments from department of Labour. I applied on the 22 March 2021 for Normal UIF benefits after being retrenched. Ive been calling almost every centre agents keep telling me B.S they changed over to new system in may so now there are back logs. When I actually applied in march case number: 20210526000563.. PATHETIC DISGRACEFULL GOVERNMENT.HOW YOUR UIF GETS DEDCUTED EVERY MONTH WHILE EMPLOYED BUT ONCE YOU ARE RETRENCHED....MAJOR ISSUES GETTING YOUR MONEY
Nettie Botes Send email
Jun 28, 2021

Need the Ombudsman for Department of Labour

I have been appointed by various clients to assist in their claims, which the call center obviously refuse to assist me in, as I am not a labor consultant (who the hell has the money to pay for one of these, if you are unemployed)?

Some clients have been waiting since Marc 2020 for pay-outs, then the rules changed, we have complied with the fact that they (DOL) requires documents to be uploaded with a certain link, however to date, nothing.

Then, I don't know who is pocketing the money that they are not paying according the the Government Gazette and their website link, because some of my clients have not received all their money.

I need the contact details for the Ombudsman for DOL, maybe I will have some luck with him/her?
Simiso Send email
Jun 3, 2021

Department of labour

I'm on maternity leave I received first payment on April went back to sign for 2nd payment on the 19th of May after few days I got a message saying claim approved submit request for payment after 15 days case no 30005998772...Why did I receive this message?while I'm waiting for money to be in my bank
deidre76 Send email
May 30, 2021

Poor service from Department of labour

I have put a complaint through hellopeter and waiting a response.

However i would like to share my story with you as this has been going on for 7 months now.

I applied in Nov 2020 for normal uif and i have been declined, siyaya status rejected etc. I have been through all of these which reflects on my online status. Until today , my status shows paymaster cancelled after a filed and appeal in March 2021. After March no feedback from the uif after many calls , emails. I received an email from numerous people who works at the Department of Labour but no one gives me the aswers i need to when i will receive money. I have send all my UI19 and salary schedules to them.
I found out my previous company received Ters money in my name but after i contacted them i received a proof of payment from the Hr department that the money was refunded back to Ters on 30 March 2021. I have sent the proof of payment directly to and until today nothing.
I dont know what is happening but it seems we , who contributed money towards the uif fund is getting the cold shoulder. Why? i would like to know.
Why is people suppose to wait so long for a payment.
I see many who applied in March 2021,receiving money by the end of March 2021.
THe department of labour is not fair at all when it comes to people who has been waiting since 2020 for money.
I am the breadwinner and have been working for many years and due to Covid i was retrenched. I would still be working today if the pandamic never happened.
Is our uif money been utilized to pay for vaccines or for other?
Why are we been treated this way.
Be fair to everyone and not just to some.
We all have families to feed and bills to pay.
Months is passing and UIf just dont give a damn.
My contact number is 068 023 5935 if anyone will even bother to read my complaint.
8701270620086 Send email
May 25, 2021

Martenity UIF CLAIM

I applied for martenity UIF on the 4th of this month and all my documents were submitted but today I have just received an sms saying that my application was rejected. When I went to check on line it said something about siyaya status not approved which I don't know what it means, please help me, I could go into labour at any moment.
My number is 0810381749
Vgqauza Send email
May 18, 2021

Enquiry about martenity benefits

My name is Vuyiswa Gqauza and i have been trying to reach out but no one can give me a straight answer.

Can you please give me someone whose gonna assist me abt my martenity pay outs, i was on martenity leaf from aug- till october but the money i got payed was too little compared to the money i saw on my profile... Can you please refer me to someone whose gonna elaborate the calculations done on my pay outs coz i feel that i derserve to get more than what i got frm labour.

My cellphone no is 0878405273, i am really not happy with how they give out their service.
Lylanievh1@! Send email
May 3, 2021

UIF incompitent

good day.

it is with great anger that I have to state that since 18 January the UIF have not even processed not payed any funds out to me due to being retrenched.
every time they come up with a different story.

this is theft . why do we pay uif if the don't want to pay it out when needed.

theft is all I can say, blatant incompetence and theft.

feel free to contact me 0787856062

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