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Consumer complaints and reviews about DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR

TriumphTalk Send email
Feb 17, 2017

No Payment

Well I have not seen such a hard thing to handle than these UIF payments via the ufiling process.

I am still waiting on my payment for this month that was submitted on the 1st. I have tried phoning the help line and get answered straight away and then end up listening to the recording telling me how important I am for over an hour and still nothing.

I send email to the email address listed and once again not a thing, no replies no help nothing.

To think I have been paying into UIF for over 40 years and this is what I get back, shocking!

Case No 10006011893
Patrick Ndou Send email
Feb 17, 2017


I submitted all the necessary documents for UIF claim in November, including copy of email from my employer. Was asked to come back for payment on the 15th of Dec 2016. When I got there they said no email received from my employer. I told them when I came in Nov I showed them that's why they asked me to come back on the 15th of Dec for payment.
I showed them hard copies of email sent to them. They changed the story and said UI -19 has a scratch and it is not allowed. Went back to my employer for correction and forwarded to UIF. When I went back to them 2 weeks back, they said they want latest payslips which i provided last year already. I had to resend. I went to them again today, 17 Feb and they said they received documents but will capture at their own time without giving me first preference. What kind of service is that? It is now 4 months now without income while we are forced to contributed to UIF.

Email: patrick.ndou@gmail.com
ID: 740108 6020 081


JackieRoos Send email
Feb 15, 2017

No payment of my basic salary for January 2017

I was on a 6 month contract with Venovi Marketing and my contract came to an end on the 31 January 2017. I was I formed on the 10 January that my contract will not be renewed. However I did not leave on the 10 January I worked the whole of January up till the 31 January 2017. When the 31st came I phoned my boss Johan Abrie at about 15:00 to say my salary is not reflecting yet and asked when am I getting paid and promptly told me that I am not getting paid because I didn't work my notice. Which as far as I know I didn't need to as the terminated my contract not the other way around. If I knew they weren't going to pay me at the end of January my basic salary I could have started looking for new employment. I sent them a letter of demand from my lawyer which they completely ignored and to this day after sending them a follow up mail have not had a response from Johan Abrie or his lawyer. Now my car payment is behind and my insurance has lapsed because they did not pay me. They deleted me off the work group a week before my contract came to an end and deleted me off my sales app before my last day. They refused to take my calls. They refused to reply to my message request and the ignored the lawyer. So I would like to come lay a charge against them so I can get my salary I worked for. What do I need to bring with when I come on Friday? What documentation do you need. They did the same thing to another sales rep at the end of January too. Please help!!
princes@ Send email
Feb 14, 2017


I applied for uif and waited for a long time and after seven months of waiting they paid me one payment of less than 8000and said that its the only payment I will receive and the is nothing they can do after i paid uif for over 10 year id is 8602105444082 and my cell number is 0796321961
moucymel Send email
Feb 7, 2017

UIF payment just hot happening

I have applied on 14Nov2016 via Ufiling for UIF. I then applied for the continuous payment on 14Dec2016 as per what is written on U-Filing webpage. I never rec'd any correspondence from the UIF dept as I needed to still submit forms.
On 10Jan2017 I logged in and saw that my application was cancelled, without anybody getting in touch as to say why.
The 19th of Jan 2017, I went into the Port Shepstone dept where I then submitted the forms and my ex employer then had to send in my wages report which they did. The consultant who assisted me was very helpful and told me he will scan all the docs to Charles or a Collin at payment dept. He said it will take a few days then I will get a sms telling me to come back and sign. He then said that after I have signed, it will take 8 to 10 days for me to go back and collect my payment.
I waited for the contact but nobody got in touch. I called Port Shepstone and spoke to same consultant. He then said that it was strange that I haven't rec'd the sms. He said he will forward a mail to Merriam Moitsa at payment dept.
It is now the 7th of Feb 2017, and I am yet to receive any correspondence from them.
Another thing is that nobody, even the consultant, never told me that I must fill in a unemployment form and bring it it and sign the registrar. I assume when he told me that I will receive an sms to tell me to come sign that he meant I must fill the form.
I have tried to call the labour dept on numerous occasions, but were holding on for ages without anybody answering. I am still unemployed and its been months now and I can't afford to hold on for ages till someone answers the phone, as I'm using a cell phone and its costly.
I don't know who to contact anymore as the consultant can't assist further as my claim is with payment dept.
I just have a feeling that they have cancelled my claim yet again.
Pls will you look into this matter and get them to inform me and all the others, what is happening!

case; 1000560879
adanster Send email
Feb 3, 2017

Maternity UIF

My Name is Antonette

i Applied for a maternity UIF last year on the 3rd of February 2016 i submitted all necessary documents but was told so my excuses why my claim hasn't been processed first it was a missing u19 which i re submitted, then something about a deletion of a date. I used to enquire with labour department every second week and every second week i get a different story.

Now they saying a claim that i made in 2003 is affecting my claim. Somehow the labour department lost the information of that claim i made in 2003, but i'm the one who has to suffer, i tried to retrieve the information from the company that i was working for but they say they don't keep information that's more than 5yrs in their system, i have been so patient regarding the matter i mean one year is a long time.I understand that the labour department has changed their systems from 2003 but now I don’t know why I have to suffer for the transformation.I would highly appreciate it if my claim can be approved and paid out as I have submitted all the necessary documents. what saddens me is if this is not resolved i wont be able to claim any uif because of this issue i'll keep on contributing but i cant claim.

This is my second cry for help to the Complains Board. Please help me resolve this matter.
My email address is d.antonette@gmail.com
efraim@telkomsa.net Send email
Feb 3, 2017


The service at the UIF is terrible. Nobody can assist you and I've have no payment for December due to the holidays. I'm only expecting one more payment, but it has not been done despite being sent to the paymaster 11/12/2016. Nobody responds to emails. My case number is 10005762374
efraim@telkomsa.net Send email
Feb 3, 2017


My husband has been on illness benefits and is owed one last payment. The continuation of benefits was completed 2/12/2016 and the medical certificate was scanned on 8/12/2016. It was sent to the paymaster 11/12, but nothing has been paid. I called and was told we were still owed 18 days, but we should wait to complain until they open on 15/1/2017. I have sent numerous emails and called on numerous occasions only to be told each time that they will send through to the paymaster. I got so frustrated I have send my medical certificate again, but nothing. I am going to report to radio 702 and the Sunday Times to investigate after seeing all of these complaints. How are people supposed to survive with incompetence of this level. Please could you investigate this matter. I will give it another week and then I can promise you the media WILL be involved.

Also it takes a minumum of 30 minutes for them to answer the phone!!

Kind regards

G Efraim
dsnkunzi Send email
Feb 3, 2017

Follow up on complaints

Are there people that attend to these complaints though because last week I submitted a complaint here regarding my maternity claim but I have not head anything yet from the department except for a lady with a newborn child who is a victim just like myself.

My no. 0762016165
Gavin334 Send email
Feb 2, 2017

Unemployment benifits

I put mu UIF claim in and was given a date of 26 January 2017 to report at Charles Morkel Stadium.
on arrival I was simply told that payment has been made.
I phoned the department of labour offices and a unhelpful clerk told me that I must come to the offices
after sitting for more than 4 hours I was told that my claim is still open.
I am unemployed my bills are running and I need money from my UIF
please help me
ID 6610095169082
Carolp Send email
Feb 2, 2017

UIF Claim


My husband put a claim in on the 11 Th October 2016 to apply for UIF and up until now (2nd February) we have not had one single payout.He has been unemployed since the 15th September 206, and we have not had any finances coming in.

When we submitted our claimin on the 11th October 2016, we didnt hear anything for over a month,so we went back to the offices in December whereby we were informed that the his previous employee didnt register him for tax so we were told to get a UI-19 filled in,which we did.We went back to the offices on the 20th December and handed in the UI-19 form,and were told they were closed until the 15Th Jan 2017,up until now we have had no correspondence back from the Wtb offices and we are now living in Pta with family,and we STILL havent had any feed back from the UIF department.Can you please investigate this matter as my husband is still unemployed and we desperately need to receive payment from the UIF offices.Please email me as soon as possible if you need any further details or our claim number
letanie Send email
Jan 30, 2017

Unacceptable service

I called from my company on behalf of our client. Three consultans have assisted me and have been very friendly and heplful.

Except for one consultant, with the name Onika.
She took my call twice. She has NOT been helpful at all and was very rude and seems to be extremely lazy. I don't understand how "employees" like these, manage to stay employed, while there are people out there, who are wiling to work and really wants to work. Please make a plan with these incompetent parasites, who obviously should NOT be in a field where one has to deal with people. I am highly annoyed with this poor service and this is ridiculous and unacceptable!

Thanx to the other consultants, who assisted me in a professional and friendly manner, especially Winni Selowa. These are the eployees who take their work seriously, and show pride in their work.
dsnkunzi Send email
Jan 28, 2017

maternity claim

My id no. 860807 1288 080
Email: dollienkunzi@gmail.com
Cell: 076 201 6165

On the 07/11/2016 I submitted all required documents for maternity claim , a month passed I never received my claim after I was promised to wait for 7 to 10 working days, I have been going to Richards Bay branch to follow up every after 2 weeks but until today I have not received a cent, and the consultant do not tell me exactly why the delay,
Please assist.
mncedisi7.tshabalala@gmail.com Send email
Jan 27, 2017


I have just received an SMS notification alerting me that my application for UIF was rejected. I submitted all necessary documents required on 12/01/2017:

Case number is: 10005900934
Name: Mncedisi Tshabalala
Contact E-mail: mncedisi7.tshabalala@gmail.com

I don't understand as I've been contributing to UIF for more than 13 years and never claimed a cent. I'm unemployed and depend on this UIF to support my Family. Somebody better respond urgently. We are tired of this incompetence.
Jgorrah Send email
Jan 27, 2017

Maternity benefit claim

I have submitted all my forms in the beginning of December 2016. It has now been almost two months and still this claim has not been finalised. I have called the Cape Town branch on numerous occasions and each week I am told to follow up the following week and when I do so there is just a new excuse! I have confirmed with the consultant that there is nothing outstanding from my side so I do nog understand why there is such a delay! This behaviour is unacceptable from the people working with these documents and this type of " I don't care" attitude needs to end. This is not TCF at all! Please can we work together and get my claim finalised.

Janelee Gorrah
TCHlophe Send email
Jan 27, 2017

UIF claim Rejected

I really cannot deal with the incompetence of Government Employees, while I was ready to call the Presidency's Office to complain that I submitted all my documents in December 2016 and was given a form to come back with on the 23rd of Jan 2017, when I went back I was told my funds are not processed because the person that does the processing was on leave I must come back on the 30th of January, last night I get a message that the claim is Rejected....

Case number: 10005842538

Typical of Government Centres
42nhlanhla Send email
Jan 26, 2017

Uif rejected

I have just received an SMS notification alerting me that my application for uif was rejected. I submitted all necessary documents, my case number is: 10005892353

I would really appreciate your assistance
My email address: 42nhlanhla@gmail.com
zwaiakanolie Send email
Jan 23, 2017

UIF final payout

I was shocked that I will receive the final payout this month since I was not informed last year November when I last signed. Today I was informed that, it was a final. I was shock because the 1st payment was in May last 2015 and today I visited where I was told that it was my final claim. I am really shocked since one of Labour employee last year when I submitted my 5th claim he looked at as he was capturing and said yho you have a lot to claim but today 8th claim was the last one. I really like to be explained by Labour department about UIF final claim. My cell 0789655648 or email zwaiakanolie@gmail.com

M. Fatyi
Mario Meissenheimer Send email
Jan 20, 2017


FYI....correspondence im not happy with below after i have forwarded my views and concerns. Just feel my current situation and concerns has not been taken in consideration. This is the reason why happy families are broken up and suicide steps in. Leniency counts alot for some reasons and concerns. Honestly believe my contributions are due to me no matter time period.

Below my correspondence......

To: pamella.salusalu@labour.gov.za; Gregory.schneeman@labour.gov.za <Gregory.schneeman@labour.gov.za>; eric.nyekemba@labour.gov.za <eric.nyekemba@labour.gov.za>; Sithembele.tshwete@labour.gov.za <Sithembele.tshwete@labour.gov.za>

Mario Theodore Meissenheimer
13 Yvonne Street
Mitchell’s Plain

Regional Appeal Committee
Refusal Number: 3667346
Refusal code: R646
ID Number: 7005275155085

To whom it may concern,
With reference to your letter dated 10/11/16 stating I do not qualify for benefit due to my late application as I did not apply within six months from date of termination of employment.
As per my legal expert whom I have approached and discussed following were raised whom I would also like to share with you….
• Have I received and signed any legal binded documents stating that I will forfeit my benefit if I do not apply within stipulated time frame as per letter received. Which I did not get and agreed on.
• This benefit is like any other insurance and should have been made clear to me to avoid me from losing out on my benefits.

Without prejudice, I would like to view my concerns….
• I have been working for 25 years and not once claimed for UIF benefits which I think it’s not fair towards me. Time , commitment and effort has been sacrificed to support my family and what do I get in return?
• Myself and my family are presently suffering now due to no income.
• My eldest son is at varsity and I am battling to get a bursary for him this year to continue his studies. My second eldest son has matriculated last year and that is another concern.
• I would like to know what is going to happen to MY money while I am unemployed.
• In actual fact what is the UIF going to do or what are they doing with all the benefits that has been forfeited by late application.
• I truly believe that money that has been deducted belongs to me which I have earned through wind and rain to support my family. I would not even take Section 17(2) in consideration.

On conclusion please take my views , concerns and situation in consideration on appealing for my UIF benefits.

Mario Meissenheimer

Below correspondence received....

From: Jackie Jacobs (CPT)
Sent: Friday, 20 January 2017 9:36 AM
To: 'mrmeissenheimer@gmail.com'
Cc: Merriam Moitse (UIF-HQ); Teboho Maruping (UIF-HQ); Mawele Ntamo (CPT); Vuyo Mafata (CF-HQ); Jan JJ. Van Tonder (CPT); Marina Els (CPT); Nosintu Tshona WCO; Mawele Ntamo (CPT)
Subject: Appeal: MT Meissenheimer 7005275155085

Dear Sir,


Your appeal e-mailed 18/1/2017 refers:

Please be informed that your claim has been refused in terms of Section 17(2) of the above mentioned act which reads as follows:

“The application must be made within six months of the termination of the contract of employment, but the Commission may accept an application made after the six month time limit has expired on just cause shown”

Your application documentation was scrutinised and no evidence could be obtained to allow for the “just cause” ruling to be applied therefore the claims officer has no option but to dismiss your appeal base on the above mentioned section of the Unemployment Insurance Act.

Should you have any evidence/documents to substantiate the “just cause” ruling kindly submit this as soon as possible to the Department of Labour ensuring that your identity number appears on these documents, failing which the matter cannot be considered favouably.


Jackie Jacobs
Assistant Director:Operations
Telephone: 021 441 8202 Fax: 0866 987 963
Website: www.labour.gov.za
e-mail: jackie.jacobs@labour.gov.za
molelekeng Send email
Jan 19, 2017

Company contract is terminated and the employer don't wanna pay

I anonymous who was working at Born to protect security services from the 01/10/2013 until the 15/12/2016 was not payed my salary from the start of the contract the behind days because duty roster only started on the 21 of every month and was also not payed my annual leave salary an the days that are b behind because I've worked until the 15 because of the termination of their contract with the DOJ. When trying to get oursalaries we're told that the company won't be paying us because the DOJ never paid them which is a lie.I would like to be helped with this issue.

Company born to protect
manager.Simon mapalakanye
HR. Nkosi
person also in charge. Happy mapalakanye
I was working in vanderbijlkpark magistrate court
Sasa Send email
Jan 19, 2017

Dept.of labour

I applied for an uif in January 2015 and I was told it was going to pay for nine months but to my surprised it only paid for seven months. How can I be sure that I was not robbed of my payment.
Neo Send email
Jan 18, 2017

recalculation of credits

I have applied for UIF last year a February 2016 and received my funds sometime in mid-April 2016, unfortunately I was paid with incorrect credits as I was told by one of the employees at Labour Dep in Ga-Rankuwa Branch

I was told to bring another UI19, salary schedule and a letter from my previous employer confirming that they have made a mistake on my first UI19 and I provided them with the required documents That was in August 2016 and In October I went back to Ga-Rankuwa Branch and a Call was logged and waited for four weeks and went back on the 15 November and they logged a call for the second time still no response

I went back on the 12 December 2016 still no response, even on the 17th of January 2017, I am so tired of coming to the branch I waste my time and money that I don't have to come there, money that I should be using to look for a job

I am not happy with the service at all and the next thing your employees tells me that there is nothing they can do, so how long must wait is been more than four months now ( 8502145850084 Cell 0796546341 Neo)
Indira Reddy Send email
Jan 18, 2017

Re: Abysmal service

I am totally appalled by the poor service delivery at the Department of Labour in Chatsworth. Their staff are incompetent. On the 17th January 2017 I went to the Department of Labour in Chatsworth to submit Uif docs in respect of retrenchment only to notice there is no system in place to assist individuals. Individuals that stroll in last are seen to first and those that are first are in the queue for hours on end. Upon my return to the office the said day I was told the office closes at 2pm every day. I returned to the office on the 18th January 2017 at 8am, and there was just one staff member present and that too he was only allocating payments and was not willing to assist. Upon querying with him, he indicated other staff members will be in between 09h00 and 09:30. I amongst others waited and yet again I had to leave. I there after attempted to fax my documents to the number provided on UI19 form but to no avail as the fax number provided does not seem to work. I further attempted to contact your offices but had to follow voice prompts and eventually hung up due to no answer. Can someone assist in resolving the above matter? Can I email / fax my documents to the relevant persons / department who can assist me?. Kind refers: Indira Reddy - 081 0903 455 / email: ireddy500@gmail.com
Wim Send email
Jan 16, 2017


I was at the department of labour ( Pretoria) on the 07 Nov 2016 handed in the necessary documents,thy told me to com back on the 13 Dec 2016. Sheryl handed my complain and told me that it is confusing that I was working at one company (ABI BOTTLING SAB ) it is one company SAB affiliated ABI my uif Employer No was 2328904/9 and 0310287/5 .My first Case No:10005558206 and the second Case No :530906 . I have tried to phone this Tel No:012 309509 but in vain . HR at ABI did send Sheryl and Email to explain but no response the UIF side ?Dos it relay have to be so complicated !!!!!!!


7908060128086 Send email
Jan 16, 2017


Good Day

I had submitted a claim for maternity on the 15/04/2016 and a claim for retrenchment on the 17/10/2016 and I haven't received any response regarding my Claims.

My details are as follows;
Rika Liezel Vry
ID no.7908060128086
cell no. 078 101 4345

Your urgent response regarding the above will be appreciated.


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