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Elinah Send email
Jul 16, 2018


I applied for maternity since March 2018 nd haven't received money .I'm already going to work July 2018.9209170563082.pls assist further contact 0748285153
Palesa2101 Send email
Jul 13, 2018

UIF enquiry

Hi.i already received my first payment so im waiting for the next payment i just went from signing on monday so i want to ask how many days should we wait until the pay get in to my account ID 9101211058081 CeLL:0766696962
msprudy Send email
Jul 12, 2018

UIF Maternity Claim


I have done the UIF maternity claims through a company called Little Monkeys in April. I had to resubmit a few documents but all was approved towards the end of April. It’s now almost the end of my maternity leave and I have not received any single payout. May I kindly get assistant because I contribute towards UIF since I started working, I have been told my claims were sent through to an assessor but how long does that actually take because it has been the entire 4 months.

Prudence Sithole
[email protected]
Natasha Schwartz Send email
Jul 11, 2018


I have submitted my claim on the 3 January 2018, baby was born 26 January. I have changed my surname from Schwartz to Mohulatsi being my dad's surname. The office in Secunda requested that I should submit a bank statement with my new surname and copies of the relevant ID's which I did after I went to enquire as to if the claim was approved, that was 23 March 2018. They informed me to wait for 2 - 3 three weeks as they will submit documents to Witbank. I informed the officials that I will be returning back to work on 03 April. various telephone enquire were made and the response was that the system is not yet updated it states "surnames differ" After talking to one Elizabeth who I was told is the supervisor, she found the documents and while I was on the phone with her she informed me that she is submitted them immediately. she will contact me back after 1 week. 2 weeks went by and I contacted the offices again this time I spoke to Sibusiso (male) who informed me that he will follow up and come back to me few days went by and I contacted the office again. this time I spoke to a Puleng. she looked into the matter and informed that we should re-submit but this time I should collect a new bank form, get a letter of confirmation from the Dept of Homes Affairs together with copies of my old and new ID, which I did last week. Today (11.07.2018)I contacted the offices only to find out that Puleng is on leave and spoke to Zanele. she informed me that Sibusiso will be in after two I should come then. I went there with no luck finding Sibusiso and spoke to Puleng again. On the system is stated that "surnames differ" and "claimant back at work" I informed her but claim and alternative documents were submitted long ago. She was not helpful at all and just informed me that she will again submit the documents to Witbank but cannot say when I should enquire again on the progress of the claim. I am so frustrated as they are here to assist us but have no sympathy or empathy towards the public. Please assist

Kind Regards

ID: 951009 0252 080
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
maritsaP1747476 Send email
Jul 11, 2018

UIF payment

I worked at my company from jan 2013 till oct 2014 and my contracted has ended. i went beginning of nov 2017 to department of labour to claim my uif, after numerous times i said i'm not claiming maternity and paper i did not receive. it finally got proceeded end of jan 2018, only problem as i was waiting for my I.D the bank refused to full in my bank form(even after i gave them the slip of my I.D, my old I.D, temporarily I.D , my marriage certificate and proof of residents. My claimed got rejected feb 2018 i Filed an appeal and again numerous paper work come back call back and wait i got called on the 22 June 2018 my claim has been approved i must come sign. I wen and signed and was told that it will be paid in 10 workings days . i waited and waited and 11 July i called and was informed the form i signed on the 22 th of June was an old i mus come in again and sign a new one......this is unacceptable we have barely made it this last 8 months of waiting being patient very patient .... and now the cycle starts again of being sent around what is my options now????
GrannyNdala Send email
Jul 11, 2018

UIF Maternity

Since i applied for my UIF Maternity leave last year September 2017 at kwaMhlanga government complex, till now not paid no response. Always when i call they dont have internet.
ID No 810926 10060 085
Contact: 079 868 5965
PinkieM Send email
Jul 6, 2018

Unclaimed benefits

I was employed in a 5 year fixed term contact and it expired in October 2013. I stayed 4 months before I got another job but I didn’t claim my UIF benefits. I worked for 2years and 3 months and unfairly dismissed on 31 May2016.. The Labour dispute with the municipality is still continue . I have not claim UIF benefits for this particular employment.

I just want to find out how can I claim for both cases as mentioned above. I am currently unemployed and struggling.

Kind Regards


Email address : [email protected]
PinkieM Send email
Jul 6, 2018

Unclaimed UIF benefits

I was employed on 5 year fixed term contract with the City of Tshwane . My contract e paired in 2013 October and I failed to claim for UIF. I got employed in another Municipality4 months later and dismissed in May 2016. I haven’t claim UIF as there is still Labour dispute of unfair dismissal.

I just want to find out how could I be assisted in both cases.


thembisa Send email
Jun 29, 2018

pending of uif

I did sign for my money and they said said my money will be in within 5 day ,and I don't receive it,I go back and they told me is pen find I will get the money immediately cape town office cluck to that pending
Id no 8512070701087
Cell no 0712559992
kingB Send email
Jun 28, 2018

UIF money not paid

I was dismissed From work last year in April 2017. I started this UIF applications process in November 2017 and till today, I have not received any of my benefits money... I am just being told a different story every time I go back, Its been a year since i got dismissed and i am struggling to make ends meets, and the Labour department isn't making any of this easier... It terrible
Can somebody please help me

[email protected]
074 200 6706 / 062 335 9190
bheki Send email
Jun 27, 2018

claim declined due to late submission

I need your help, I went to claim from my UIF but I was told my claim is late(9months). Therefore UIF was declined in April2018.
Is this legal? I was dismissed from my employment last year(2017-September) , but I have been sick to apply for UIF claims.
Who takes claims if claims are rejected due to these results since you have been contributing all these years? I worked for 10years from previous employer.

Is there any recourse here? I am frustrated!!!
Name: Bheki Ximba
Contact- 0794356534
Edre Send email
Jun 27, 2018

Failer to register a request

On the 7th of June 2018, my fiancé went to the Modimolle UIF Offices to request UIF payment. On the 26th June he went back to enquire whrn it woukd be payed out. Thr Paymaster informed him that the request was only logged on the 25th of June. Almost 20 days after he was at the offices to request his paper work to be registered!!! He has things to pay but it seems the UIF offices Modimolle gets paid to just fill in forms but does not worry to log requests. This is not acceptable!! Some of the Lady's workung there only gets ib to office after 10. And leaves at what ever yime they feel like. What are some of them getting paid to do???
Please advise me asap om this matter!
Telephone number :0659655685
Id number of complaint :7504165295084
Loloh Send email
Jun 25, 2018

Uif Payment not yet received

Applied for my martenity in May never received a payment and now
It’s june still have not received anything and when I went there again was told it’s still pending will receive the money I must come back and sign again on the 19 of July sign again how when I’ll b back at work by than I’m supposed to go back on the 16th please contact me on 0641893149
[email protected] Send email
Jun 15, 2018

Siyaya Status - Not Approved/Refused

i applied for benefits on the 3 may 2018. all documents was submitted. was told to come and sign on the 8 June 2018
when i went to the PE office i was told to come back on the 26 of June. i done understand why. no explanation was given.

I then checked online and noticed the following message: Siyaya Status - Not Approved/Refused

i dont no what it means and would really appreciate it if someone can help.

i was dismissed from my employment on the 20 april 2018.


Hadray Stuurman
[email protected] Send email
Jun 15, 2018

Siyaya Status - Not Approved/Refused

I applied for UIF on the 3rd of May 2018. I was told to come and sign on the 6 June 2018. I did so at the Port Elizabeth Office. When i went to sign they told me i must come back in two weeks without any explanation.

All of a sudden i noticed when i logged on-line that my status shows "Siyaya Status - Not Approved/Refused"

Please can someone explain to me what this means. I was dismissed from my employment and was told to register for UIF. All the documents needed was submitted during my registration.


Hadray Stuurman
des257 Send email
Jun 14, 2018

retrenched and company takes 2 months to issue ui-19 UIF , now 2 months lost UIF claim

I sincerely hope someone here can help me please:

My wife , Michele Wright , Id: 670901002087 , was retrenched on 1 april 2018 , it took her company 2 weeks to send her the first ui-19 form , which was incorrect when she went to the UIF offices the first time , since then she has been back 4 times to UIF with 4 'updated ui-19 forms from her old company and only today , 13 June 2018 , did her old employer get it right wrt the ui-19 form. She was employed for 20 years at the same company. UIF informed her that due to the delay by her previous employer she has now lost 2 1/2 months worth of unemployment benefit , due to no fault of her's but due to the fault of her previous employer dragging their feet to issue a correct ui-19 form.

so , what recourse does she have ? , can she submit 'something' to UIF to get them to pay her for the lost 2 1/2 months UIF ? , we really don't know what to do atm and are really struggling financially , God knows we can really put that lost money to good use.

thank you so much.
[email protected]
Mseleku Send email
Jun 13, 2018

UIF enquiry

I'm sthembile Mseleku I'd 8603260848083 I have received my UIF was supposed to be 6 month as informed but I HV only received it only for 4 months n thy say it finished ...I have contact my employer they you guys must call them on the following number 011 2091387 can you please call them contacts are email address is [email protected]
Madoda Send email
Jun 7, 2018

unpaid uif claim

About late UIF claim of MR Nyantsu Ngcodo ID NO: 470427 5259 086 on behalf of his wife Mrs Gloria Nokuthula Ngcodo ID NO; 591018 0840 089. The claim was made on 25 July 2016 UIF Employer Reference No: 2124077 / 5 and employer approved the claim on the 07 / 08 / 2017.The period of the deceased employment is from 01 / 10 /2011 up to 27 / 06 / 2016. Since then its been quite and the claimant has been moving up and down from the offices but nothing is clear. Claimant cell no: 079 101 5320. He was working at Department of Roads and Public Works, address: 01 Creamery Road Kings Park Queenstown 5320 Tell no: 045 807 6600.

I hope my request will be considered thank you.

Yours Faithfull
Mrs Qondisa Balfour
ZTC Makhanya Send email
Jun 7, 2018

UIF Martenity Payout

Good day

I submitted my UIF maternity claim benefit in April 2018 and was informed that I will receive an SMS or email confirming my application and that the payment will be made into my account in 8 weeks. I completed all the required forms/documentation which I submitted at the Jhb-Alexandra Dpt of Labour office due to the fact that I work and reside in Jhb fulltime.

I am currently home in Dbn for my maternity leave and I recently went to the Isipingo-Prospecton Dpt of Labour to inquire about the delayed payout and informed them that I have not received an SMS nor an email confirming my application and to also find out how long it will take for the money to be paid into my account. The gentleman that assisted me give me a yellow form to complete told me it should not take more than a week for the funds to be paid into my account but I still have not received an SMS or email and I have not received my meternity payout.

I am booked to deliver on the 12 June 2018 and will be in hospital for a few days, which means I will not be able to physically go to the Dpt of Labour to make an inquiry myself.

This presents numerous financial challenges and assistance with this issue will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Zamo Makhanya
073 432 2038
Lawrence Ntlokoa Send email
Jun 6, 2018


In January 2017: I went to the Soweto Labour Centre to apply for UIF. I was informed that I did not qualify due to the fact that I had "voluntarily resigned" from my employment with the NYDA, a long time ago, April 2016 and it was reported like that by the NYDA on the DoL system.

(Just for the record, I had never at any point submitted any letter of resignation to the NYDA).

I the appealed to the DD : LOC Ms A Moeng, who subsequently confirmed with me on 11/12/2017 ~ Ref: 02/10/17, that the employer had completed the UI 19 form and UI 2.11, copies of which were sent to me and I told I could therefore apply for UIF.

16 December 2017: I went to the Thusong Services Centre to submit my UIF application and all the required documents, including the UI 19 and UI 2.11.

31 January 2018: I received an email from a Mr Monyepao John Chueu, Beneficiary Services. This was to inform me that my UIF Application had been declined in terms of Section 17 (2) of the Unemployment Insurance Act.

01 February 2018: I submitted a Notice to Appeal as per Section 37 (1) read with Regulation 8 (1).

07 March 2018: To date, I have still not received any information on my Appeal application.

My life and that of my family is being seriously negatively affected by this long and unresolved matter on what I am legally entitled to, my UIF contributions and other benefits.

Kind Regards

Lawrence Ntlokoa

Telephone: 079 077 9613

ID. 570920 5766 083
vusi nzula Send email
Jun 6, 2018

late payment of uif claim

To whom it may concern

hello, my name is Vusi Albert Nzula of ID no: 901130 5290 08 0. I have applied for the unemployment insurance fund at the labour center in Musina Limpopo on the date of 04/04/2018 and i was given another date of the of june 2018. When i reached the labour office they told me that my ui19 form is missing and that i should come back on the 06/06/2018 which is the date today...they told me that my ui19 form is at ES which i do not understand. the person who i was working with and that i applied with the very same day has already recieved his payment. Please help and return feed back on my personal email address which is: [email protected]

late payment of uif claim

[email protected] Send email
Jun 5, 2018

UIF application not process by the department

Officials and including the supervisor fail to process my UIF application. I started with the process on the 3rd of May 2018 where I apply for my UIF payment. I had many difficulties where I tried to apply for the UIF. The problem started with Department of Labour and my previous company where the documents was not up to date with the department. My previous company sorted out the documentation with Department of Labour.
I am straggling for the last two weeks with the supervisor to process my application. During this last two weeks the supervisor lost my documents and he went back to my previous company to complete the forms again. I visited the department many occasion and I can not remember how many times I visits them. The supervisor have many excuse's every time when I speaking to him about my application. Is there any way that I can speed up the process. It there any person that I can contact above the supervisor to discuss my problem with him/her. I will appreciate if I can get any help. My last interaction with the department was on the 05 June 2018

My information
Ms Lerenchia Horn
071 036 8723
[email protected]

Thank you
Sakshata Send email
May 31, 2018

Non payment of Wages and PF

I had left my job in Roopam on 14th April. But till today I had not got my salary for 14 days. I had contacted lot many times but no response. They have not deposited PF, ESI and PT also from Dec2017. None of the labour officers had a concern towards that. But deductions was made from our salary.
asanda Send email
May 30, 2018


its almost 9 years now am still waiting for my fathers i.o.d peyments,when i check it they said they ddnt recieve my mothers death certificate and i dont understand how, because when i go there i submitt all dotuments at the same time,so how come that death certicate was not there,i dont know what can i do,i use my own money to travel to department of labour but i dont get help my claim number:BOD03712 ID number:6204215980089

[email protected]
faieka Send email
May 25, 2018

UIF declined

Good Day

I have been placed on a temporary disability since December 2017 by my employer ASPEN Pharmacare.
The UIF department says that my benefits are exhausted.
How could it be exhausted when I have returned to work since my last claim and have been contributing monthly UIF payments. Kindly view attachment
Could you urgently assist in this matter as since January 2018 I have not received any income.
Your assistance would be much appreciated.

My contact details are 0632669995

ID: 800 2100 148 087

Thanking You
Faieka Davids

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