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Aug 31, 2020

Reference numbers 368886082

Good day ESKOM

Company ;

It’s been 2 days trying with no luck for assistance from your call center and no response from SMS . I hope now I will get assistance. My meter box was stolen on the 18 August early hours and Cosmo City Police were notified however they advised that its an Eskom issue, and requires to be reported via Customer Care Service Centre.

Required Support : Replacement of the meter box and Connection

Attached find the receipt for further details that you may require. Even now , I'm still in the dark , NO ELECTRICITY to date.
Even The following are my details :

Account number
meter number: 07108289070
Pos ID : 8000299301
Txn ID: 2168029738

Address details: house no 24 Mauritius Avenue
Stand no 7725
Cosmo City Ext 6

Contact details: 062 513 5024 ( Sibongile)/ 0788948048 Emily
Jeanious01 Send email
Jul 31, 2020

terrible service and gross incompetence

Your organization is highly incompetent and your customer care people don't know what they are doing except dish out endless reference numbers without any actual assistance being done or follow ups done to make sure that the logged call is completed and closed. If all they do is dish out endless useless reference numbers , utilise computers; you don't need people getting paid for NOTHING. Stop using lockdown as an excuse to close down offices and down tools. You need people at a physical office, so that we can drive there, speak to managers or supervisors (if they exist). You don't need to all stay at home and literally do nothing.

You are quick to disconnect remotely but are unable to connect remotely. Its now 3 days since you disconnected my electricity and in spite of the payment being done, my electricity has not been connected within 24 hours as you claim. My students have been unable to write their online exams for 3 days. All my food has gone off. I have spent 3 whole days on the customer care line where I've been met with gross incompetence and no help whatsoever.

Going through to a different customer care person is problematic .They overwrite the previous comments and generally stuff up everything and write absolute rubbish. Its best if one customer care person preferably the initial one who logs the call sees it through to completion and closure. We should be able to speak to managers or supervisors especially when no action is being done wrt your logged call.

Your service is atrocious and getting worse. you don't give a damn about inconveniencing people. You overcharge people shamelessly for electricity to make up for your trillions of debt!! I seriously think its time for privatisation and letting people who know what they are doing run the company. If only all of south Africa could go solar!!! I know I am definitely going that route.

Take these complaints and suggestions seriously. We are trying to help you by thinking for you. I also want compensation for all the spoilage and missed exams etc. and the 3 days of stress and inconvenience.

pertunia Send email
Jul 29, 2020

terrible service and corruption

I have logged a call with their call centre on the 1st july, I did follow ups on numerous occassion and they always give different excuses all the time.on the 29th when i call for an update as they promise to send a technician, to my surprise the case was closed on the 3rd and I was not informed.They said I should take it up with North rand office as they are handling the case.The call centre agent can't give me the contact number or address for that specific office as she doesn't know johannesburg.Its shocking that the technicians are willing to help us if we contribute per household to pay them, but when you go through correct route they are busy with Audits.why do we have to suffer for the service we pay for, the electricity its expensive and we don't get value for will our kids study online without electricity and how will we avoid getting flu using cold water.Its sad how we suffer because of corrupt people incharge, as its clear the only way out is to spend money that we don't have.No wonder the organisation always needs to be rescued all the time, cause people earn salaries and still want extra cash on the side.I don't think any member of the public will decide to temper with meter box, its the very same people that works for the company.
Is there any platform we can escalate the problems, as the call center its useless while you hold for almost 20minutes to be served.
EWolmarans Send email
Jul 27, 2020

Stolen Transformer

On Monday, 20 July 2020, our transformer was stolen from the street pole. We have reported the case with Eskom on even date. We received an email stating that the Lanseria technicians are waiting for a transformer, but in the meanwhile, the case was closed on the system. We received 2 sms's stating the power was restored as per field staff and if there is no power, we have to report again. I have a total of 6 reference numbers, but no power. No water as we are staying on a small holding, relying on borehole water supply. We pay thousands of rands on capacity charges, but no service from Eskom!
EWolmarans Send email
Jul 27, 2020

Stolen Transformer

We had a transformer stolen on 20 July 2020, a report was done and a reference number received. We received an email saying they are waiting for a transformer, but in the meanwhile the system shows the case being closed. We have reported numerous times since Monday, and each time the same message on the system. 2 Sms's were received, saying: "Dear Customer, Power should be restored as per field staff. If your power is not on, please report it again"
We stay on a small holding, relying on a borehole for water, but without electricity no water supply! I received 6 reference numbers on this matter, but no power. Eskom are quick to take your money for all capacity charges, but when it comes to service, Nothing, NADA, Niks!
Lizzm Send email
Jul 22, 2020

No electricity

Since from last week Monday my area dies not have electricity. This is the second week. I've logged more than 6 calls but nothing happened. The refs are being closed as electricity has been restored but no electricity. This is the second week now all house in my are does not have electricity. I have a child who uses nebulizer, how do I use it when no electricity. My area is Kaalfontein Ext 5 midrand. Eskom does not care about people. The problem the ward counsellor came on Sunday and said electricity will be restored latest Tuesday 22 July. Even today we still waiting. Eskom is rubbish they only know how to do fraud and robbing people. Taking money from people. Sk as a community we must buy them to come and fix electricity. We have been struggling with our transformer. When call them they dont come just close the calls. Even last year 2019 we had the same problem where the commended up striking closing roads. I guess they want the same thing.
Hlelo8209 Send email
Jul 17, 2020

No electricity

We dont have electricity since yesterday we have been trying to phone you but with no respond till now , meter no: 04074134877 , this thing to phone you when ever we dont have electricity doesnt work because you dont answer the phone so its very useless and wasting our airtime
Mlondi Send email
Jul 13, 2020

No electricity

if you are going to do loadshedding I think this should be done equally amongst residents you cannot cut the power on 1 street and leave the other without power for days. we have been having this problem for months now same zone just few houses without power while the rest has power.

zone 6 meadowlands, please look into the issue and assist
Nolusindiso Send email
Jul 2, 2020

Meter move

good Morning

Ref number 345591219
payment Ref No 8673838 034
Amount paid R400
payment date 14-09-2019

I requested a Meter move from 2019 already but till today nothing happened .I've been calling for follow up but still no luck
My House been demolished now with that box inside. Technicians inspect twice and promise to come the following day but not even the single one who came the next day.
They keep on closing the new reference numbers before they resolve the matter
I really need assistance in this regard

Contact me on 063 802 1083 please
Nombusoh Send email
Jun 29, 2020

No electricity

No electricity for more than a week since from the 20th of June to date. I am essential worker I am supposed to be working home due to no electricity I find myself leaving to work at the office. I stay with an asmathic mom which her life depends on nubiliser now is always struggling to breath because of no electricity. I am a paying customer and I am not happy with the service. I am busy with my online exam with Unisa which is a struggle because of no electricity. Reference number 357530247, meter number 01026514743.
MamakaSbuda Motahane Send email
Jun 19, 2020

No electricity

Please note that we have been out of electricity for 7 days now, can you please send someone to have a look urgently.
Orion Street, Ext.20. Ekuruleni
[email protected] Send email
Jun 18, 2020


urgent live electrical cable exposed for over a week numerous referenses and nothing has been done lots of pedestrians and school children walking past the exposed electrical cable accident waiting to happen acc no 6702811481 last reference number 356455280
tsholok Send email
Jun 18, 2020

no electricity

We have been without power since last week Friday i called on Saturday and was given a ref number 356059181 i was told technicians would come on Wednesday the 17th June but we are still waiting and as paying customers it is really unfair what they are doing because it is like they are punishing us.
Chris Monotoe Send email
Jun 9, 2020

Power outage

Good day,

I am an essential worker and I am supposed to write my UNISA exam TONIGHT at 6pm.

We do not have power and it has been out since yesterday at 6pm. I tried calling you and I was on hold for too long.

Metre Number: 07167037535 (Braamfisher).

Please call me back on 078 918 5390 (Chris)
[email protected] Send email
Jun 2, 2020

Bad Customer Services

I have been out of electricity for over three weeks now, and still no assistance.

I have been been calling and e-mailing and I am told different stories all the time and at some point I am told to wait till the technician comes. I do not know how long should I been waiting for, even tried going to the offices and I am told the will open in September.

Reference Number:

This has been really frustrating.
Legaetj Send email
May 5, 2020

Poor electricity service by eskom

As a resident of protea Glen and paying customer of eskom. I find it unfair when the refuse to assist restoring power and using lockdown regulations to do so. It's been three weeks without power in our Area due to blown transformer. Numerous attempts have been made to contact eskom but they still ignore us.
Legaetj Send email
May 5, 2020

Poor electricity suppy

I am a soweto resident living in protea Glen. We have been without electricity for 3 weeks now. Eskom is refusing to send its technicians to fix the transfomer problem we have in the area. We have been told eskom does not work during lockdown regulations. As a paying customer it's really unfair for eskom to give us this bad service.
Ernestn Send email
Mar 17, 2020

Bad service by technicians

Good Day

Our electricity tripped around 16h00 on Sunday the 15th of March. I reported the fault and was given a reference no 348740354. Up to today, we still sitting in the dark. They came to check and asked for extra man power yesterday morning around 08h00, and additional technicians only arrived around 16h00, and could not restore our electricity. They left around 20h30, this means the whole day yesterday nothing was done and we have to suffer.

Please take us serious and restore our electricity urgently.

yonelanoganta Send email
Mar 12, 2020


Kindly assist my mother electricity was disconnected in december 2019 ,to cut story short she recently bought the house private sale and she as told to make paymnt which did on January 7th was told reconnection will be done within 14days till today shes without electricity Ref 333925153,Ref 342632716,Ref348419892
Lerato Sitole Send email
Mar 2, 2020

Electricity Supply Problem

Initial Ref. No (28 Feb 2020): 347654205
New Ref (02 Mar 2020): 347654266

Contact Numbers:
Lerato Sitole: 083 393 8285
Velaphi Nkosi: 067 628 3837

Please URGENTLY advise WHY my initial reference number 347654205 was closed with no resolution??
I called your contact centre today and i was advised that the meter has been replaced yesterday. NO ONE CAME TO MY PROPERTY AND NO METER WAS REPLACED!

Please urgently advise on who the technician this job was allocated to as he provided false information on my call and closed it without finalising it.
He only came on Saturday morning and told me that he will bring an inspector to check my connection cable because they do not work on weekends.

Whoever this reference number (347423205) was allocated to, was incorrectly handled and must be resolved IMMEDIATELY!

New reference number opened this morning to be handled as an escalation: 247654266.

Lahliwe Send email
Feb 26, 2020

Switch board

My meter board but doesn't allow the lights to function I called at Eskom numerous times but no response
Poshlen Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Meter nox

Good day
I have bought a house and move in on the 10/10/2019. On the 30/10/2019 , I bought electricity and the eletricity did not get through. I went to Eskom offices and found out they are offline for 3 days. I went back on the 25/11/19 that is Randfotein offices. The gentleman who assistant me check through the computer and found out that the previous owner did not pay for electricity since 2012, I should pay R6052 for reconnection i asked him what did they do since 2012 since the eletricity was not paid cant they trace the previous owner. He was not interested he gave me the FNB account number that i should deposit the money. I did not have that money by then. On the 02/12/19 i deposited the money went to Randfotein offices with a proof of payment and assistant by the lady this time who then asked me why did i pay so much money because i was supposed to pay R1300 for the change of name nonetheless she log a call and gave me the reference number and informed me that fieldworkers will come the very same day 02/12/19 and they did not show up after 2 days i went back to Randfotein eskom offices, the very same guy who assistant and request that i should pay R6052 log a call again and tolde that the field worker is coming the very same day 05/12/19 waited nobody came. I tried calling the customer service with no success. I then went to Zola eskom office they also tried and assist log cal and same thing the field worker will come today, nobody showed up. Friday the 13/12/19 went back to Zola office again the guy explained that besides loadshedding Dobsonville gardens experienced bad eletricity connections for the past 2days but it was sorted, he also log a call and same thing fieldworkers are coming same day and they never showed up till today is the 16/12/19.
Please assist i dont know what else i should do.
Cell number: 0731883500
Email: [email protected]
Kyleryanvictor Send email
Dec 11, 2019



Please could you urgently assist me.
I hope and pray you can help me.

I have been sitting without power for 3 days now, due to a sparking lamp post outside my home, and a meter that is broken, the technicians were at my property 5 mins ago but cannot fix the meter. There have been numerous technicians on my property over the last few months and not one of them have been able to fix it. I have to deal with load shedding because I don’t have a choice. But why must I deal with this. Nobody comes back to a person. I have two 80 year olds and a 6 year old that are in my care. I am exceptionally frustrated where I am sitting now. I have logged this online repeatedly. I have more reference numbers then I have cash in the bank, and still no power.

What do I do now as nobody in City Power are capable of resolving a problem.
I have now logged this online again. Please can someone see to this matter. I would like to cook a meal for my family tonight.

079 3708 240
079 9103 652
083 7213 147
MHLANGA Send email
Dec 10, 2019


I very been calling Eskom about a faulty electricity problem since Sunday morning.I was given reference numbers and no action.They kerpbon lying the problem is been resolved yet not.We are very much unhappy about Eskom actions and treatment.

My name is Salaminah Dikeledi Mhlanga

Victor Valley Mhlanga
Ref number 327645636/328106579
Sthembiso Send email
Nov 16, 2019

Reject 13

Hello, I'm Sthembiso Masuku, as I was recharging eskom box it responded by saying "reject 13", then I have put formal complain but I don't get a respond so now I don't know what to do when the units are finished. My meter number is 37019707389.

My number is 0727952843

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