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Petunia Send email
Nov 23, 2017

Refund Monies

I recently changed the automated billing payment system to prepaid in June 2017. I submitted requisition form for refund on the 27/06/2017,however I don't seem to be getting help from any of the staff members at Rivonia. Every time when I make follow up they send me from pillar to post. I went there five times trying to get my money with no success. They don't communicate with me via email or at least call me when there are some outstanding documents,they only wait for me to come to their office only to tell me they need marriage certificate.I submitted marriage certificate three times. The first time my husband submitted marriage certificate to the lady at the office and the money did not paid out. My husband went there to follow up and they told him the lady is off nothing they can do,he must send marriage certificate to [email protected] We did sent it but still did not receive any respond to confirm they have received it. We waited until we had seen nothing is happening, my husband went there again and spoke to Ncumisa Ndabeni and she said we must send her marriage certificate. We sent it after that it went quite again. The last time we went to follow up was on the 21/11/2017 and spoke to Ncumisa Ndabeni again. She told us that they did not paid it out because my bank refused. I requested to speak to the person in charge of the payment, she said it is not possible. She even denied us to speak to someone higher/supervisor/manager so that we escalate the matter. she said we must call the call centre and still it will end up with that person, meaning the buck stop with that person. The lady was so arrogant,rude,no professionalism in her. She just eat the muffin while speaking to us, there is no customer service etiquette in that office

She told us we will wait forever.I have attached the form I submitted to them which shows the correct account details. I am highly disappointed on how they treat customers, their service is pathetic. I have been waiting for six months to be credited my monies. I would also want to be compensated for this inconvenience as I have been sent from pillar to post and having to go to their office now and then because of their incompetency

REF: 208118013

Kindly urgently resolve this matter

Petunia Mathebula
Qhaki Send email
Nov 16, 2017

Prepaid Reimbursement

Good Day,

My father in-law has been having endless problems regarding the prepaid electricity that he bought and has not been reimbursed to him.

What occurred is that he bought electricity for (whatever the value was) inserted the prepaid onto the meter during the day, and in the evening the lights went off. That specialists that came changed the prepaid meter box the following day and advised his that the new electricity box will be credited with the amount the was in credit. To date nothing has been credited and this is total inefficiency from Eskom’s side. I need to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Account holder: Mr Samuel Maropeng Makhura
ID. NO. 380301 5396 082
Cell no: 078 385 9484

The box was changed on 07/10/2017
Old account number: 0422 7794 767 (old meter)
New meter serial no: 3719 6927 448
Should receive : 413,19 units

He has been waiting for over a month to be credited the units that he bought, when his electricity meter box encountered a problem and had to be replaced.

I would also want him to be compensated for this inconvenience as he has been sent from pillar to post. Being told that there is no units currently to be given to him. (which I really feel that he is being taken advantage of since he is old and unable to resolve this matter on his own)

I called the call centre and was informed that I should expect a call within 5 days whereby they will contact me to try and assist. (what kind of service is this) after holding to speak to an advisor for 30 minutes and get told I still have to wait another 5 days for help. This is totally pathetic service.

Ref: 221656932

Please urgently resolve this matter.

Kind Regards
Qhakazile Makhura
Shaun. Send email
Nov 16, 2017

Power out in uitkyk area

Why is the power still out in the uitkyk area. Every time it rains a little the power goes out and your excuse always is that there is a problem and u are working on it. I just think u are using the rain as an excuse to put the power of in some areas. Please put the power back on in the uitkyk area
Vicky80 Send email
Nov 14, 2017

Poor service

It's been a year since i paid for upgrade at Eskom, from 20 amps to 60 amps, I visited their office several times they only give empty promises they don't write message or call atleast to let us know what's happening. My ref no is 9522126768
mzukwa Send email
Nov 10, 2017

4yrs of waiting for Electricity installation

Dear sir/madam

I would like to do a follow up in an installation of my electricity Box and pole at my home Chaba Village Engcobo Eastern Cape  I did this application from December 2013 I phoned on quoterly basis to check how is the process? 1 call takes approximately an hour to be picked at Eskom I leave sms's that was never been answered up until today my home is dark, after 21 years of democracy I am still using wood and parafin to cook ‎I am using candles to put on the light. In those house breakings,robberies,thugs, rapist that are roaming around in my village on nightly basic I dont no how do I survive because in my village I am the only one who does not have electricity.when I started building my home electricity was already installed in my village then I applied for mine at eskom immidiately I finish building my home that was December 2013 till today I do not have electricity.

Kindly regards 

Frustrated customer

                                                     C P  Mzukwa
                                               Cell: 083 5450 121
mzukwa Send email
Nov 10, 2017

Eskom Reffrence Nr 197656751

Dear sir/madam

I would like to do a follow up in an installation of my electricity Box and pole at my home Chaba Village Engcobo Eastern Cape  I did this application from December 2013 I phoned on quoterly basis to check how is the process? 1 call takes approximately an hour to be picked at Eskom I leave sms's that was never been answered up until today my home is dark, after 21 years of democracy I am still using wood and parafin to cook ‎I am using candles to put on the light. In those house breakings,robberies,thugs, rapist that are roaming around in my village on nightly basic I dont no how do I survive because in my village I am the only one who does not have electricity.when I started building my home electricity was already installed in my village then I applied for mine at eskom immidiately I finish building my home that was December 2013 till today I do not have electricity.

Kindly regards 

Frustrated customer

                                                 .......Signed by .......
                                                     C P  Mzukwa
                                               Cell: 083 5450 121
bestrooms Send email
Oct 22, 2017


The Eskom technicians turned on me after I complained. They would cut my power off at my guesthouses. This was done over long weekends to cause maximum financial loss. This went on for about two years.
It nearly bankrupted me. Beware these people are very dangerous.
Gatvoller Send email
Oct 17, 2017

No Response to Complaint

Account number 65761812 has logged a complaint with reference number 206961039 on 14 June 2017 via telephone call. This was followed up by SMS on 2 August 2017 and again via SMS on 22 September. A complaint form was completed on 29 September 2017 with the promise that feedback will be given within 5 days. This was once again followed-up on 11 October 2017 and still no feedback or even any response received. My complaint is that according to my contract for energy supply, Eskom undertook to read my meters four time a year or every three months. It is now going for 11 (eleven) months without any reading taking place. Meanwhile, I keep my part of the contract by paying even before the due date. This is a disgrace and cannot be called Service Delivery - why state on your website that within 1 hour you will respond to MSM messages and within 5 years (I mean 5 days to e-mails)??
Siyambonga Heleba Send email
Oct 9, 2017

Moving a meter box

Ref No 200304342

Since Feb 2017 I have requested Eskom to move a meter box from an old, dilapidated structure, into a new one in the same yard in the Eastern. The first step, I was told, was to register the meter box in my name as it had been in my deceased mother’s name. The name change was eventually done at the end of March 2017 after countless follow-ups. To actually move the meter box I was referred to an East London branch as the property is in the Eastern Cape, and I was given the branch’s contact number. After numerous attempts to reach the branch I established that the branch can only be reached by an internal Eskom call. This was funny and infuriating at the same time. I then enlisted the help of my cousin who works for Eskom in Cape Town. Through her I was told an amount of money had to be paid to move the meter box. The money was paid into an Eskom account number on 23 May 2017 and receipt of payment was acknowledged few days after by Eskom. I was then told that it would take 90 days (until 23 August) to move the meter box. Until today (09 October 2017) and after countless follow-up calls by my cousin I have not received the service which I paid for from Eskom. Today (09 Oct 2017) I lodged a complaint with Eskom Customer Care service and was issued with this ref number 217519571. I have very little faith in Eskom speedily attending to my complaint. That is despite the fact that I made it very clear that the request to move the meter box was because the structure hosting the meter box was in bad condition and posing a health hazard. With summer rains having started, the structure could collapse at any time. It is really sad that there seems to be no appreciation of the role this company plays to the economy, and a rude reminder how monopolies are not only bad for the economy but very frustrating to the service users. The problem is compounded when a monopoly is badly run with no consequences for those mismanaging them. Clearly in this utility the rot at the head has filtered to the tail.
PalmSprings Send email
Oct 6, 2017

Poor Service Delivery

We the only house in Palm Springs that has had no electricity since Friday the 29th of September 2017. To this day we have not received any assistance from Eskom. It has now been a week without electricity. We have tried numerous times to contact Eskom by means of call centre line, e-mail, and even went to the offices directly but still no assistance. Our ref number 216845291. This kind of service is inappropriate and not fair at all. ESKOM SEND SOMEONE TO RESOLVE OUR ISSUE.
GladysV Send email
Oct 5, 2017

error message- meter box

I am really disappointed with Eskom. I phoned the call center on the 24/09/2017 reporting meter box.( ref no: 216956708)
Today is the 5th October 2017, no sms reply, no e-mail reply, no phone call, no technician. Each time I call I am given a new ref no. The latest ref n is 217086986. Am I ever gonna be assisted?
Philile Send email
Oct 3, 2017

Invalid Eskom Electricity Card

Good day,

I am very disappointed in the service you provide to your clients.

I have tried calling your Call Centre (086 00 37566) for close to half an hour and no-one seems to have any urgency in picking up the calls. Secondly when I called the Head Office Switchboard at 15:37 (011 800 8111) the gentleman that picked up the call, after I explained the reason for my call, asked me if I was valid…??????????? (The explanation I provided was that my card states that it is invalid when I try to purchase electricity at mobile machines) I mean seriously. Is this how your “trained” staff consider good telephone etiquette let alone professionalism.

Oh and should you require that call recording, I will gladly provide it to you, because I am sure if I requested it from you, you probably would not find it! Or something or another

I am appalled, shocked and disgusted that this is the kind of service that any one has to put up with when calling and requesting for assistance.

My request is as follows: I recently moved into a house that had has a prepaid meter installed in it. Since I have moved in I have been unable to purchase electricity using the ESKOM CARD however I use the slip – the print out.
If I attempt to purchase electricity with the card am advised by either the Cashier or the Machine that the card is invalid.

Please may I be advised on how to sort this issue out as it is very problematic especially if the garages are out of electricity themselves.

I look forward to hearing from you
bmashilo Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Stolen Cable

Our cable has been stolen on the 3rd of September 2017. We reported the matter to the police and then reported to Eskom. we were given the ref number and told it will be done within 14 days. to date nothing happened and when we call they tell us they are waiting for the cable. I even went to customer service in Rivonia on the third week, and the agent was not as friendly. She only said she has send the email and hopes they will respond. She was busy playing on her phone, I had to ask if she was done.
I also send an email to customer services on 26th September. no response or any indication that it is being attended to.

It seems Eskom is taking advantage thinking there's nothing we can do about poor customer services. We are totally being neglected and are struggling without electricity.
Can someone please assist with this matter?
Eskom Ref:213766783
Cable theft ref:19013

Please help!
Melaniestokes Send email
Sep 18, 2017

Inaccurate accounts

I have a big issue with eskom. I have phoned and emailed several times. I get no responce or solution. They put our account on hold for 3 years. I paid every month. I received no estimates. This year march i get a account of R63000. All the fees included for 3 years. I paid it...then june i received another account from june 2016 to june 2017. Everyone keeps tellings me its due to estimates...but there was never estimates and apparantely the system at eskom and the statement that i receive each month is 2 different things. I should ignore my statements because its not accurate. I have to pay another R43000 because i am a risk and need to pay R10 000 deposit also but im only renting the house.....they came and switched off my electricity about 2 weeks ago!please help as eskom cant assist me.
Collen Send email
Aug 30, 2017

Poor Service and Unprofessional Stuff

i bought my mom a house, in may 2015 and registration were finalized on the 09112017 and she managed to move in on 31Jan2016. on the first week wen't to Eskom in Diepkloof to create a electricity account and i was assisted by Lucky Sithole, who told me that before i could do that i need to provide copy of my Tittle deed, electricity compliance certificate and my ID copy of which i provided,then he gave me a form to complete and advise that i should wait for few weeks, then i asked him, how should i pay my electricity since my mom has already moved in and he advise that i should wait for the account to be changed to my name first. weeks went by and i had to take time off from work and go there to make a follow up and he advise that it is still in a process i should go back, 2 months went by then again had to go again, and another consultant ask for my copy of the tittle deed, COC and ID and i advise him that i have already submitted those document to Sithole then he advise me to come back when Sithole is back at work.

when i went again the next month Sithole was there and he advise that he has Misplaced my documents, had to come back after a month again, while i was to get time off from work to go and submit Eskom technician were sent to come and disconnect electricity.

when i went to Eskom A consultant by the name of Lucky Motloung to the initiative to assist and change the account to my name, even though i have Incurred debt and he advise me to pay R3000 to have my electricity connected again of which i did the next following month.submitted all the prove of payment but still the electricity is not ye connected since March 2017 till now the last time i went i was advise to pay an additional R800 for connection fee of i paid on Monday 28/08/2017.
and i submitted prove of payment to Lucky Sithole who promised that the technician will come and reconnect till now they haven't came, today 30/08/2017 i called him to make a follow up and he was rude and told me that if the technician didn't come and connect that's not his problem, as he office based.

find his behavior very unprofessional as he is a front desk assistant that deals with customers on a daily basis.
i have no choice but to seek an intervention from the PP office:
Service from Eskom is very pathetic and very unprofessional
Buang Leballo Send email
Aug 29, 2017


I reported cable theft on the 9th of June at Garankuwa zone 15,the first thing I did was report the matter to police then went to Eskom Garankuwa.They told me that the matter would be solved before or after 7 days but even today the 29th of August haven't received any help from Eskom. I am sick and tired of the lack of services they provide.I am very angry because its now 3 months without electricity. Even buried my late brother without any electricity,called customer services many times even today I haven't received any help.Eskom m failed me its poor services is disrespective because we buy electricity we dnt get it for free.Attend my matter ASAP
LADY N Send email
Jul 26, 2017

Very bad service

On the 25 of June 2017 I went to police station to open Cas of my stolen meter Box and some of my belongings,I then went to Randfontein eskom to report the matter carrying a affidavit written a meter no of a stolen meter Box and a Cas no ,the LADY who was helping me told me that my meter Box did not buy electricity the whole of 2016 I then sad yes because the is not one was staying there as in now I'm at my sister's place, because they are building the house and out side rooms and as in now the is no roof they still busy with it and I even show her photos of the house,I then ask her that can't she check on the system that the units that were there was moving or not since 2016 till now maybe that can help also it was like I provoked her or I've sad something wrong, she then gave me an attitude and told me that they will send a surveyor to come and check I then sad no problem,she then sad I can live now after the surveyor has surveyed the place they send me an sms till now,I was not given a reference no or anything until today I'm still waiting for eskom and now I'm stacked cause my electrician can't tupe electricity in the house because there is no meter Box and by the time I reported the matter the was a cable they stole on a meter Box and now the cable has been cut also.and now I don't what to do anymore.
sense Send email
Jul 20, 2017


Everytime we have an electricity supply problem and I make a follow up with the reference number that I'm given I'm always told that the technicians came and fixed the problem whilst the problem hasn't been sorted out. Then i am given a new reference number meaning that the delay in service is prolonged. I don't understand how they would close a jobcard without even going to check what the problem is. This is the second time its happened.
[email protected] Send email
Jul 12, 2017

Electricity box burnt

Good day,

How long is it going to take for Eskom to sort out a burnt electricity box. Since
Tuesday, 11th July 2017 round about 02:45am, an electricity box burnt down, a complaint
lodge, ref 208661791. Today 12th July 2017 08:50am, still no news from Eskom. We still have
no electricity. I am not happy with the service, why do we have to beg and plea people to sort
out the problem we have. This is very unprofessional, frustrating and totally unacceptable.
Motsatsi Send email
Jul 10, 2017

No Electricity

We have been having problems with electricity since Thursday and till today we still have no electricity. Here are all the reference numbers that we logged and they just close the query without coming and assisting us: 208475086,208482629,208546975,208547840,208619813,208651465. I don’t know what needs to be done before we could get some real help because it seems like we need to constantly log request and get no help. Can we please get some help.
Mashudu73 Send email
Jun 19, 2017


Still no reconnection
I received a call from Eskom on Saturday asking me if I am reconnected which I say no . I asked the agent why is he calling because he is supposed to know if I am reconnected instead of responding he asked me what happened and I had to repeat the same story again 😳. He then tells me that I should be patient the reconnection takes 7-14 days . The other urgent on Wednesday told it takes up to 30 days . He cannot confirm when because they are not in control of installers and he also cannot give me installers contact details .For the life of me why did he call ?

I am really exhausted with Eskom . This is inhumane.
Mashudu73 Send email
Jun 16, 2017

No connection

Ref No:206529082

My meter blew up in the morning of the 10th of June 2017 around 430am and part of my house was badly damaged. I called Eskom around 6 am to report the problem . I was given a reference number and was told a technician will arrive between 4 -6 hrs. The technical only arrived at 2pm . All he did was to take pictures and tell me that he might or might not come bva hi to install the meter . He refused to give his details but his name is Zachariah. To cut the story short he did not come back . Sunday morning I called and was told that I was buying electricity illegally so I should visit their offices on Monday . I went and gave the lady all my proofs of purchases but was told they cannot pick up the purchases so I need to pay 6k and I paid because arguing with someone who does not care does not help.Then I was told that unfortunately I am not a priority for reconnection because of my purchases irrespective of that I paid the fine . Was told my branch is Randfontein and was provided that is invalid. Monday no luck . Tuesday got a call that Eskom ppl has arrived and was happy with the turnaround time ...oops they were there to remove a meter that is burnt to ashes and not to install . I got annoyed called Eskom and first I have to repeat the story of what happened maybe 3 times to the agent then she finally gets it and then tell me about illegal connection and I told her there is no such . I was told I should wait . I then told her that I find the s funny that I was charged 6 k and I still have no power but no one is asking who sold the power to me . And the urgent just continue talking and not even get what I was asking .she only got it after 30min and by the time I was tired talking . Wednesday I get a call from Eskom following up on the quirry but not for my connection but what happened . Still no connection. Today I call again give ref number , same story had to repeat the story and was told if ur still disconnected call us after 4 . Called after 4 to repeat the story again and the person is looking at the screen and apparently the information is saying my house was vandalized, there was breaching of electricity,tampering with the meter I am like that is news to me . After talking to few agents got to speak to the supervisor repeat the story again and she checked who I s allocated the installation she can only find a landline but no cell number 😳. I still have no power and is weekend again . Kids are writing exams it is cold but Eskom does not care . I even asked to source my own meter I was told I will pay another 6k if they come to my house and find another meter 🤦🏽‍♀️
Nomzamo.Hlwele Send email
Jun 9, 2017

Application to remove pole

Good day,

I refer to my complaint submitted on 30 May 2017

REF Number: 164 573
Quotation Complaint ref: 205 450 191 148

Please find attached images of the pole that needs to be removed from our yard. I have send numerous emails to Eskom customer service, they read emails but no response is being given have contacted the Customer Service line as well.

Kind regards

Application to remove pole Application to remove pole

Bilixem Send email
Jun 7, 2017

Powerless Winter Night

What is the use of being a paying customer if I have to watch people who don't pay enjoying electricity while I sleep in a cold night with my children. After reporting power outage I am tod that I must just sleep and call again in the morning for a technician to start attending to my problem.

Is it not better to join the rest and just remove the meter and steel the power in order to enioy uninterrupted supply.!

Meter number: 04239909999
Pole details:Mv Pole MC 88-5-3-2
LV POLE 04 A03

Thank you for unsatisfactory,
Paying Customer.
Miss H Send email
Jun 5, 2017

Black Cable on the groud

I have really run out of ideas on how i can get Eskom to come and sort out their mess,I have logged calls numerous times but not solution has been granted,December 2016 i had low voltage power they came to rectify the issue by installing a cable from the pole through my neighbor to the house ,the cable is one the ground which looks like a ezinyoka thing which is dangerous for the kids and cars its even starting to show bit of sparks.Please help urgently this is a serious life hazard.No use trying to call the call centre no of 086 003 7566 as they just issue the query to lenseria office and they never able to resolve the issue.Try calling the headoffice no of 011 800 8111 to lay a complaint against the lenseria office & their email address is [email protected] but they never respond to that email address. The ref no for Dec when the put the cable is 190391170 and 190647503 then the ref no’s for Lanseria to fix the fault are 195728803 , 199087506 , 199249889 , 200734332 but the issue is still not fixed

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