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octavia Send email
Oct 31, 2018

power cut

From: Lesele, O. (Octavia)
Sent: 31 October 2018 10:11 AM
To: '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>
Subject: REF NO:259768082 AND 259707621



there are guys that came yesterday and told me that they can’t open the meter outside how possible is that if they working for Eskom . so now I really don’t know what to . sending this to you CEO I am hoping I will get an answer as ap. And by end of today my mom will have electricity . I feel Eskom is very incompetent especially the call center and the lady from Zola offices . so I am looking forward from hearing from you . it’s been 5 days now without electricity and the last time I check turnaround time its 4 to 7 hours I really need assistance that is why I iam sending this to you as I am very desperate now . we have a small child at home that needs milk all the time and other need that we need to use electricity

Shardow Send email
Oct 24, 2018

Electricity crisis

Hi its been 6 days without electricity. I've laid a complain to Eskom but they are busy giving me different reference numbers the first one is 259202010, second is 259208290 and now it's 259349958. I am writing this email in the dark using a candle, even now the power has not been restored. I'm angry because we are paying electricity but the treatment we get from Eskom is not good at all. Please check the calls that I have made to you guys using these reference numbers as they say ''they are been recorded'', they are telling me about people who are not paying but why must I suffer on their behalf? I'm so angry its not even funny, the call centre people are not helping at all, they say the technicians are on their way or they have attended the matter but nothing has changed. Does Eskom want us to do (izinyokanyoka)? because this thing is not working for those who are trying to obey by the law.
kusion Send email
Sep 17, 2018

New Reticulation

We applied at Eskom for a new point and we were told that there is no reticulation in that area so we need to pay for that so as to get a point because Eskom has to get a transformer there, so I asked why must we pay for their transformer why they can't pay for it because all we want is electricity, we were told no since we the ones who want a point there seeing that there's no reticulation we must pay for it. I then asked after paying does that mean that Eskom will re-reimburse us if someone wants to pull from there as we paid for the transformer because I said to him if I pay for that transformer then it is ours or they must re-reimburse us or atleast compensate us for bringing the reticulation there, we were no whoever comes after us will just be connected there. I feel it is unfair that i should pay for Eskom reticulation because it is their responsibility to provide us with electricity and we must just pay for the pulling from their transformer not that we should pay for the transformer plus pay for the point.

Eskom is just a let down and they just taking advantage of us and taking advantage of us needing electricity.
Esme Send email
Sep 6, 2018


To whom it may concern

Our electricity has been cut due to tempering. We paid the fine of R6052.00 on 13 August 2018. Proof of payment was taken to Eskom Bellville office. When my mother asked when reconnection will be she was not given a contact number mor a waiting period but instead the person told her not to phone because if she should phone they will take longer. It is 6 September 2018 they have proven their point which is we must just wait we were in the wrong.

I have been phoning since 16th August 2018. Everyday someone gives me a different story and another protocol that Eskom has and up till today I really dont know what it is.  I respect and understand each company got a protocol to follow but hard to understand if alot of people at same company give you different protocols everyday.

Upon yesterday phone call the 4 September 2018 i phoned. Told the guy it was tempering and he jokingly said that with tempering they take their own time and we must wait and we may even wait till December. He said that he is just being realistic in saying it because this is what happens and it is just for them to come switch on electricity. He said ee can go to offices in Bellville to a Zurina Booysen and cry or beg for them to reconnect us.

I was upset yes and feels its pathetic for a call centre person to serve the public in that manner. I even told him he could have been more sympatheyic he tells me he just being realistic. Of all the calls to Eskom that was the worst.

Eskom van drives up and down in our area every day which mean there was no paper work given to them or are we in a pile of paperwork of people that is on punishment for tempering?

We paid our fine so how long more should we wait?

We were given two reference numbers: 250409046 and 252692022

Please advise
Ayandar Send email
Aug 30, 2018

No Power

I had smoke coming out of my main switch in the house, i thought for some reason, it was the heater or the stove. I stopped using them for a while but the problem continued. I then asked an electrician to check what is happening. When he tried to open the cables were burning inside, then he stepped back and we cannot do anything we have to phone eskom, so that they can assist as he is afraid.

Eskom arrived and cut my electricity and took my meter box and told me to pay R6052.00 because i was tempering with their box, regardless of the cables burning, so i was supposed to die.

Paid that amount the day after they had cut me off and sent through the proof of payment which was on the 23rd Of August 2018. i have been phoning all these numbers, 0860037566 0117112000 011411580 0114116500 01198952 0114116533 0114116599, and no one is able to help me. We have been in the dark from the 22nd of August until today, they keep on promising and lying to us.

I paid the full amount for trying to save my and families lives, and i still cant be helped. what do i do please advise somebody. Everyone i phone says technicians will be coming today, i get the same story everyday and still nothing happens.

Ref number = 251745382

Ayanda Radebe
Ayandar Send email
Aug 30, 2018

No Power

I had smoke coming out of my main switch in the house, i thought for some reason, it was the heater or the stove. I stopped using them for a while but the problem continued. I then asked an electrician to check what is happening. When he tried to open the cables were burning inside, then he stepped back and we cannot do anything we have to phone eskom, so that they can assist as he is afraid.

Eskom arrived and cut my electricity and took my meter box and told me to pay R6052.00 because i was tempering with their box, regardless of the cables burning, so i was supposed to die.

Paid that amount the day after they had cut me off and sent through the proof of payment which was on the 23rd Of August 2018. i have been phoning all these numbers, 0860037566 0117112000 011411580 0114116500 01198952 0114116533 0114116599, and no one is able to help me. We have been in the dark from the 22nd of August until today, they keep on promising and lying to us.

I paid the full amount for trying to save my and families lives, and i still cant be helped. what do i do please advise somebody. Everyone i phone says technicians will be coming today, i get the same story everyday and still nothing happens.

Ref number = 251745382
Cami Sardinha Send email
Aug 29, 2018

Ridiculous Bill

Still no technician has been onsite. Multiple references logged over the last 4 months!
An 'actual' (NOT estimated!) reading for 2 months of electricity use of R35,500. 2 adults and 2 kids.

To actually find someone in Eskom who understands that technically it is IMPOSSIBLE for a standard house on a 60 amp breaker to consume R35,500 of electricity in a 2 month period. Multiple calls logged, multiple references and still the threats of disconnection occur. Why must i pay R450 for an Eskom meter to be tested when i have NO meter on my property, all the houses on the street lead to a box.

250 150 997
246 069 111
Nicia Send email
Aug 22, 2018

Fraudulent accounts

Eskom issued me ridiculously high ESTIMATED accounts and now threatens to disconnect my electricity if i dont pay regardless of me lodging an objection and paying what i can afford. How can Eskom be allowed to exploit customers in this manner and generate their money in this manner? My account no is 8469530883.
VeraCRYPT Send email
Aug 14, 2018

Eskom Employees demanding cash from citizens

I am writing this complaint as a concern citizen of this country (S.A), and a member of a Diepsloot committee.
I don’t know if Eskom Management is aware of this issue continue to loom amongst their employees. The past month or two the residents of Diepsloot experienced electric supply shortage due to Transformers (Explosions) disfunction.
Complaints were lodged with Eskom followed by streams of reference numbers. Last Friday (the 10 of August, 2018) workers from Eskom come with a truck full of Transformers, about six of them, as happy as we were, it came as a shock when we supposed to pay for the installation of those transformers.
They charged the residents between R5000- R6000 per Transformer Installation. Out of resident’s desperation and waited for electricity for that long, they took to street collecting from house to house a small fee in order to accumulate the requested amount.
This has left us very confused as to why do we have to pay Eskom the duties they have to carryout to the community, and still have to buy electricity vouchers for household use from them.
Eskom is a big company, and being into operation for far too long. We use to be happy to see their vehicles on our neighborhood for their outstanding services to the community, now it has became a different story to see some of their employees, un-called for and illegally connecting and charging some of the community members to the transformers at which they are not belongs to, well-aware by so doing will lead into transformer carrying too much load & eventually bursting, the very same Transformers that we as a community have to donate for installation out of their demand.
Please guys this is a serious matter and should be addressed to your employees
FransM Send email
Aug 8, 2018

Eskom employees running private business with Councillors

I would like to register my disappointment at some ESKOM technicians who use Eskom time and resources to perform their private business of installing electricity in RDP house in Madibeng areas. They are working hand in hand with Councillors, so we local contractors are not able to source these works as they are reserved for Friends and families.
We unemployed locals cannot compete with such people as they have ESKOM bakkies , tools and other resources like pay to can bribe Councillors ...where is local empowerment.
I have all names and details ... I just want us to address this formally so ... I expect your procedure to be posted where to go and whom to contact to further my complaint.
mbaleigh Send email
Aug 6, 2018

Network > Local Area Network

There has been an issue with the transfomer around klispsruit and we called the whole week with eskom busy saying they will come but they haven't. The has been smoke coming out from the transformer and little children go there to see out of curiosity eskom just doesn't care if children are safe or not.
Matwa1087 Send email
Jul 27, 2018

Shortage of power

We have been without electricity for the entire month now. I have a pike of references nd sms that I sent nd recieved from eskom but no one is helping us. What's amazing is that an eskom employee is running a tarven right next door to us and he never had a problem with electric. Is eskom punishing us for being innocent citizens. Because this is going to lead to us stealing electric like everyone who is already doing it. What's the use of buying it if other ppl get it for free.
janhalgryn Send email
Jul 27, 2018

New application for electricity

We struggle the hole month to get someone to help us We get a lot of reference numbers The last one was 247874477
We are moving the end of July to a house on a farn and they must according to a Eskom worker they must put in a new transformer and smaller one because he said the old one is leaking oil. The charge us R6500.00 for the deposit and R25 000.00 for connection fees. IS IT POSSIBLE to pay that much only to rent a house on a farm. WHY did other people it for free but we must pay that much THAT is "APARTHEID"
Is there someone who can help and explain everything
Mondi Send email
Jul 19, 2018

Electricity connection

I'm disappointed the way Eskom handled my application for Electricity, since 2016 till now 2018 Me and my neighbours we don't have Electricity.

Your respond by action will be highly accepted.

Mondi Matsane

Ref: no 169812946 Contact 063 661 4630 or 076 890 7512
Moustaki Send email
Jul 13, 2018

electricity outage

We live in Farmall, Johannesburg and our electricity supply is via Eskom.

Three days ago we had an electricity outage that affected all the six plots in our subdivision.
A number of complaints by the various home-owners at Plot 11 were lodged with Eskom and various reference numbers were given.
Suffice to say that, three days later the fault has still not been fixed.
This morning, Friday 13th July 2018, I lodged another complaint and was told that the technician was despatched from Lanseria depot at 09:22.

At a crawl I could get from my house to the Eskom Depot in Lanseria in 20 minutes.
At 10:30 I went up to the electricity box at the main road and the technician was still not there.
I called Eskom again, to be told that the complaint had been rectified and the power had been restored! They said that the technician is not coming.

They have told me at least four times that they will call me back and not once have they done that.
I have lived here for 20 years. I know whether or not the electricity is on!
The lies are the worst. I have been told at least six times by the contact centre that the cable fault has been fixed. It is clearly still not fixed.
Every time I have phoned I have requested that the technician, before he leaves, checks the six separate electricity boxes to see if there is power. Not once have they done that.

The service from Eskom is quite simply disgraceful.
enhle Send email
Jul 13, 2018

no power for more than a month

Still no technician has been onsite

Please advise who can we speak to with regards to this issue on Wednesday we logged a new incident after the last incident was resolved as “issue resolved “

We are in Mid July , we’ve been having this issue since the beginning of June

Today I have contacted the Eskom Customer service and received a new ref number

By the close of business the incidents will be resolved again and No one is assisting

Can we have some please look into this issue

New Ref number - 246948652

Wednesday ref number – 246774988

Monday ref number 246500155

Other ref numbers 246500158, 246500155
Ingridt Send email
Jul 11, 2018

Poor Service

Last week we were without electricity for 50 hours in total(from Tuesday to Thursday night) I logged the following calls
1st SR: 246071362 – which was closed and we still had no electricity
2nd SR 246121086 – Also closed without service
3rd SR 246253077 – fault was resolved

Last night electricity went off and this morning I logged
246775907 – I just did a follow up now only to be told SR was cancelled without a reason
Now I’ve logged another service request 246796368
[email protected] Send email
Jul 11, 2018



Every month for the last few months, when I try to submit my meter readings via the website, I have experienced difficulties.

Today for instance once again.

I logged in at 11:00 am.m for a start
Went through the login procedure and submitted my readings.
At 11:04 - I was advised by a Window "Kana Enterprises" that the system was experiencing problems - I again logged in
At 11:06 am - "kana Enterprises" system experiencing problems - I again logged in
At 11:07 am. - "Kana Enterprises" system experiencing problems - I again logged in
At 11:09 am. - "Kana Enterprises" logged out too much time elapsed
At 11:11 a,m - "Kana Enterprises" logged out, too much time elapsed
At 11:14 am. - "Kana Enterprises" system experiencing problems
At 11:16 am. - "Kana Enterprises" logged out, too much time elapsed.

Then I phoned Eskom on 0860037566

I held on for ten minutes and still was not able to submit my reading.

Last month I sent an SMS with my reading total and everything was recorded incorrectly by Eskom on my account.
I again contacted Eskom and was told that they would correct it. They gave me a reference number 244-229-220 on 20.06.2018 and told me that they had corrected my meter readings. I asked for another account to be emailed to me and it still had the incorrect reading as Eskom had on my previous account received.

How can this problem be rectified? I called at the offices of Eskom in Vereeniging and was assisted by a woman on the counter who could not correct the mistake. What more do the public have to do to get proper service????

My contact telephone number is 063-445-8558
Elize Viviers
Jul 11, 2018

poor service from technicians

technicians around grasmere have a tendency of accepting bribes collected by corrupt electricity consumers. it has been a full week now after one technician came to our aid, he only took photos and promised to help us in two days. fridges are off and the food is rotting in the fridges. my metre number is 04044518886, and the reference 245750629. please help
[email protected] Send email
Jul 9, 2018

poor service

Good day

Can we kindly get someone to assist us with electricity ,we have been without electricity since Saturday 07/07/2018 06h00am. We reported the fault Sunday 08/07/2018 08h40 am and we still don’t have anyone to help us , we have been calling : 0860037566 several times and hear the same story since yeaterday we have been told to wait 6 hours but now its more than 38 hours now.

Ref : 246374492

Contact : 0730190277
SannahL Send email
Jul 9, 2018

Electricity fault

Good day

I have been experiencing electricity fault from the beginning of June ,every week or second week the power is off whiles everyone on our street , this is very inconveniencing as i normal buy meat in a bulk and my fridge is broken due to this issue .Here are all the reference numbers i have called and technicians are send out however the power get off even after the matter is fix.
Ref:242904565 ,ref number :242945030 ,Ref 245021914 ,ref number 245123510 ,ref 246482351 and i called this morning to report again ref 246482351 and was told this will be escalated to the Supervisor of the area which is Palm Spring ,which the Lady i spoke to refused to give me the contact number of any of the supervisor for me to communicate with. Can i please get assistance as is really not far as I buy electricity every month .

Eskom Bad Customer Services

Lefosa1 Send email
Jul 4, 2018

No power at a nursery school for 5 days

The creche had no electricity since saturday 30 june 2018. I have reported to eskom reference no 245172388 and have done follow ups. No one has assisted us up to so far. I have called again and I was given this reference no 245719588.

I passed the technicians just sitting along the Conner around our area. One of them is Mxolisi from rietvallei. They just sit around and report to eskom that the electricity is ok without doing nothing. It is a pity that now creche are not given priority at this stage.

I may be contacted on 0715401326.
Desiree Ratshidi Send email
Jul 2, 2018

Request for electricity connection

We have been requesting electricity connection for over 4 year. We went to the Ramotshere Munucipality in Zeerust, couldnt get help or clear steps one follows to get electricity connection. We tried to get help from the councellor. Still not help, we couldn't even meet with councillor as he didnt pitch for our meetings.

The municipality then told us to go to eskom Mafikeng. Who wanted a figure we couldn't afford to connect us. We asked why we need to pay a connection fee, as we understood that eskom needs to provide electricity and we then pay for that service. They told us that's how things work.

After 4 years we gave in and started the process to pay the connection fee. We were told the process takes 90 days from day of request. We were given a quotation with amount required and other documents needed. We paid and sent proof of payment together with the required documents. When asked what next step is we were told someone will call us but they can't tell us how long the process takes. 180 days went by still no electricity or clear communication from eskom as to when this will take place.

Everytime we call the call centre, we were given a different story but were assured that a supervisor will contact us. We still wait. The last call we asked for our money back as we are not getting service. Still no clear steps on doing this.

We are beyond frustrated and angry.

Tshego Ratshidi
[email protected]
Sphula Sipho Send email
Jul 2, 2018


I have reported a cable theft at my residence in April I have provided the case number, I received a ref number: 238102463 and it was closed as resolved without any work being done, I logged a new ticked and I was given a new ref number: 238328361 and I have been calling and requesting for assistance since April and I am yet to receive any.

It seems the call centre guys are doing what they need to do but what happens in the background is something else.

S Malinda
076n325 1197
Ref: 238328361
TP Diu Send email
Jun 21, 2018

Poor Eskom service

I reported low voltage electricity on 2018-06-05 at around 08:00 and given reference number 242017990
The technician did come and promised that he was gonna come the following day which is 2018-06-06, he delayed coming that day and I called him on his cell phone number 079 150 4109 which he promised to come to change the box around 15:00 the very same day. 2018-06-06 as he was on workshop.
I had to leave my office to go and wait for him and as I am writing this email it is 21:09 and the electricity is not yet fixed.
I phoned eskom customer care again and was given the second ref no. 242373506. The other technician came on 2018-06-08 late at around 16:00 and informed me that he "THINK" the problem might be the underground cable (which is contrary to the first technician who came and also closed the call without assisting me).
The second technician who introduced himself as Mr Maile said he will come back again on Tuesday 2018-06-12 as he will be writing an exam on Monday 2018-06-11 and he also closed the call saying the power was restored. I was pretty much surprised as to how Eskom is treating their honest and law abiding customers.

On 2018-06-12 I was given the third ref no. 242918612 and the very same day I went to Eskom offices in Mmabatho and met the manager/supervisor who introduced herself as Rudy and she tried calling the Technicians who took her frm pillar to post but ended up promising her to come and assist me but they did not come and closed the call again without assisting me.
On 2018-06-16 I was given the fourth ref no. 243783328 wich was also closed the same day without assistance. On Monday 2018-06-18 technicians came after I received the fifth ref no. 244033829 and promised to come on Wednesday 2018-06-20 to change the cable but still they did not come as promised
As an Eskom customer who pays for eskom services I feel very much belittled and not being taken into consideration by your technicians.
It is very cold and my kids bathe with cold water as if I am an irresponsible mother and they have to eat bread because I am unable to cook for them or keep food in the refrigirator.
My child has a Urinary Tract Infection because we are now using the neighbour's outside toilet as we are unable to pump water for our toilet. My food decayed in the fridge. I am very much disappointed at the way Eskom is relaxed about my issue. I buy electricity I don't steal it and I am treated like a thief or a beggar. That is how I feel. Like a beggar. I tried all the channels of reporting my problem but failed to be assisted. The amount of airtime I used to report is over R1000.00
This is totally demoralizing or probably because I stay in the village that is why I am not valued as a customer who pays

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