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rejrock Send email
Mar 8, 2017

Tolls not deducted from toll tag

I have over $500 in my toll tag account however after today finding out that my registration is blocked NONE of my tolls have been deducted and all have gone to zip cash...for 2 years...and they will not remove the zip cash or additional fees eve though the fist zip cash bill was "printed" in 8/2015 after I had already made 2 toll tag payments! I never received a bill or notice just kept paying because I figured my account was low. How is this legal?
joeyhinton8 Send email
Mar 6, 2017

excessive "administration fees"

I am active duty military, stationed in Arizona. I deployed to Qatar/Afghanistan in July 2016. Wife made a few trips to Dallas and up to Oklahoma in our vehicle that is registered in my name. The actual toll fees totaled $42.82. By the time I returned(Feb 17) I had a bill of $147.82, and it was in collections. I called customer support, thinking they might understand that I couldn't pay, if I wasn't aware of a bill. The response was that the bills were being delivered, so I was obligated to pay. They explained that I should have had my mail forwarded, or held. The bills look like junk mail, with Zipcash on the envelope, so wife didn't bother to open, since they were addressed to me. They did a "one time courtesy waive" of some of the fees, and I ended up settling for $72.37. I feel like I should've pushed the issue a little farther, but was starting to get really annoyed, and didn't want to take it out on the cs rep. This system seems seriously flawed, and these practices are very scam like. Let me drop my $0.50 in a bucket and drive on.
bdmoorebsn Send email
Feb 17, 2017

fraudulent charges

This is in response to your “THIRD NOTICE OF NONPAYMENT”. This bill was originally paid on time. Bill was paid when I received in the mail. These continued last notice charges are fraudulent charges. The “first” late notice you send me was returned in the along with of copy of my received bank copy of check showing you that the bill had been paid, and a copy of Ernest Moore’s death certificate.
I AM NOT going to pay any late fees for something that was not late. What I am GOING to do is file a formal grievance, contact state, contact federal, and my attorney fraudulent harassment billing charges. I in good effort tried to correct this situation, even called, unfortunately, couldn’t understand the person on the phone, and they refused me a supervisor and hung up on me.
Irene-J Send email
Feb 1, 2017

Fraudulent Billing

Dear sir/madam,
I am writing to complain about the fraudulent bill the NTTA sent me. I received a bill from the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) that was due 12/01/2016 for $2.30. This bill was paid on 11/29/2016; the date that I travel out of the country. In my absence, another bill was sent to my address for $10.68. On my return, I called to find why I was being billed, since I had already made the payment of $2.30 prior to my travel out of the country.I was told that they will waive the $10.00 as a courtesy, but I have to pay the $0.68. I then told the representative (Carlos) that I do not owe them the amount they were billing me because I was out of the country, and no one was driving my car while I was out. The supervisor spoke with me and told me that the $0.68 bill was a result of my car going through a toll road on 11/11/2016. My question was that, wouldn't the $0.68 be included in the $2.30 that was due on 12/01/2016? He couldn't convince me that the $0.68 is not included in the $2.30 bill that was due on 12/01/2016 and paid for; instead, he insisted that I have to pay the amount. This is not about the money, it is about fraudulently billing customers by the NTTA.
Please help me solve this mystery bill, so that these bills will stop coming.
Bperfect2 Send email
Jan 23, 2017

Obviously not my car in toll photo..

I bought a cash car in May of last year from a dealership in Katy. About a month later I started receiving bills from NTTA. I would call them every time and say , that's not my car in the photo and I have never even been to Dallas. No matter how many times I spoke to someone and seemed to get it straight they would start back sending me letters. NTTA even sent the so called unpaid toll fees to a collection agency , and now I have received a letter saying they will impound my vehicle. This is crazy and I am confused on what to do. If anyone can help please let me know.
tlhwebster Send email
Jan 21, 2017

non delivery of invoices

Today, I received a notice that I owed the NTTA $71.22 for unpaid tolls that I never received a bill for. They are from September and October of 2016. They say they sent out 3 notices and I have not received 1!! They have now sent this to a collection agency. I think somebody there is not doing their job or their automated processes are not being done. Please investigate this and find out if they have been not billing people to collect fees. Thank you.
cmoore08 Send email
Jan 17, 2017

NTTA did not accept my money!

I received a bill from the NTTA which stated I owe $2018.40. Most of the bill was administrative fees that was added because they felt that I owe them. They have blocked the registration of my car also. I called the company. I explained that as a consumer, my car registration is a matter with the State of Texas so why would the NTTA have the authority to block this registration? I explained that I intentionally do not have a toll tag because I don't trust the NTTA to correctly indicate when I use their roads.

Additionally, how can they set up so many stipulations related to a State of Texas matter such as registration. Why do they have this type of authority to make these decisions as a private company? Is the State of Texas aware of the stipulations that they have placed on consumers? I feel strongly that my civil rights have been violated.

Car registration is a state government issue. The NTTA is a privately owned company and not a division of the government at all. Yet, I can not get my car registered, I have to pay the fees that they say that I owe, and I am in jeopardy of criminal charges if I do not follow their rules. THIS IS INSANE. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE. I will file a formal complaint with the Office of the Attorney General regarding this matter.

I am currently unemployed. I explained to a rep with the TER Group that I had $200.000 that I could pay now. She told me to hold on to the money because it was not $388.00 which is the 20% minimum that is required for them to allow me to register my car. She told me to save that money until I had the 20% minimum available. I asked if I could pay what I had and she told me it would not be enough to get my car registered. This is an abuse of power. This feels very unethical. In essence she was saying that it is 20% or nothing. But yet, this is a State of Texas matter.

Our lawmakers have a fiduciary duty to make sure that companies are acting within the law. The NTTA is setting their own rules and destroying the lives or consumers. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.

I will file a formal complaint and contact a consumer, investigative reporter with the news stations.


An Angry Garland, Texas Resident
[email protected] Send email
Jan 7, 2017

Got bill even though toll paid on time

CTRMA sent me a bill for overdue toll . I paid the toll bill 6.84 through echeck and was shown to have delivered on 12/15. i got a whopper bill from CTRMA on 12/23/16 date for over due change to amount of 21.84. They do not have a form on their website to dispute payment already made, so I have been on the phone for hours waiting to talk to a phantom. Incompetent.
gzernich Send email
Jan 4, 2017

The bill is not mine

I live in Las Vegas and have not been anywhere in Texas for 20 years. The present vehicle that the NTTA claims to have the plate number provided in the picture has never been to Texas, or anywhere within 500 miles. And, the picture is very dark, but I can clearly see they have recorded the wrong numbers. The last three of my plate is LFG, but the picture shows LEG.
On the bright side, I called the customer service number and after a long wait got through to a representative who looked at the picture and agreed with me and supposedly got it unassigned from me and to the other person. Unfortunately, she said she didn't have any mechanism to send me an email to confirm the charge being unassigned to me. I'll just have to hope to not receive a future notice.
Willcoop76 Send email
Dec 20, 2016

Overcharged late fees

They have charged me and my wife for administrative fees for what amounts to up to $14.51 of
Charges that to be quite frank with looks like they took pictures from the internet of my car but anyway they charged us$140 administration fees
For $14.51 now there saying it's in collection and are threatening us with citations from the dps
I need help this is highway robbery and there has to be a class action lawsuit started to bring this evil empire down
TexBruce Send email
Dec 14, 2016

NTTA Zip Cash Rip Off

I bought my daughter a new car a few months ago. She attends college out of state and visits every 4th weekend. She received a ZIP Cash invoice for $12.12. 30-days later another invoice came with +$10 in late fees. Thirty days later when I saw it another invoice came with +$25 in late fees. I paid it, then another invoice from another trip home came for $13.25 with +$10 in late fees. I don't know what happened, but $25 in toll charges and $130 charged to my credit card later and am now caught up with ZIP Cash. This is ridiculous.

Needless to say, my daughter now has a toll tag and I pay ZIP Cash invoices ASAP to avoid these late fees. It's literally highway robbery. I hope someone in authority is reading this. Somebody is making some money here. I hope like Robin Hood they are using this money to feed the poor. I most certainly feel ripped off.

Merry Christmas NTTA ZIP Cash.
shula Send email
Dec 7, 2016

Unfair Toll Charges

I live in Arkansas and visited my daughter in Dallas over the 4th of July 2016.I received a bill for $18.10 from a company named NTTA on 9/19/2016, who I have never heard of.

I checked it out on the Internet and there were several sites stating that this is a scam, do not send any money. Yesterday I got another bill for $18.10 + a $25 late fee = $43.10. There was also language on the order to pay talking about impounding my vehicle and worse, on the bill. I called the number on the bill and talked with a customer service person.

I told her I never went through a Toll Booth to pay any toll. She said they don't have Toll booths in Dallas anymore, they just mark a Toll Road the the letter "T". I explained that we don't have toll roads in Arkansas and I was not familiar with their toll road coding system in Dallas. They said it doesn't matter, pay up!

I did pay, but will be the last time my family spends a holiday shopping in Dallas with family ...Legalized robbery.
Kgoen Send email
Dec 7, 2016

Plate from previous owner

I bought a used vehicle from dealer with plates from previous owner. These plates were turned in, and new plates were issued. I keep getting toll bills for this old plate despite the fact DMV has confirmed the plate was turned in. The reason I keep getting billed by tx toll authorities is because a vehicle with bent plates is causing computer to bill on this old plate number. I keep calling the toll authorities, they do remove the charges confirming that there is an error. But i keep getting new bills each month, which I have to get charges removed. This is driving me crazy. DMV is partly to blame for providing info on plates that no longer exist.
AlR091487 Send email
Dec 6, 2016

charges assigned when vehicle is no longer in possession

July 15 my family did a private bill of sale (we sold it ourselves - not at a dealership) transaction selling a motorcycle to another private party. After the transaction had been completed we then a few months later received notification that we had outstanding toll charges. I contacted the NTTA main office and stated the aforementioned information to them and was told that if we submitted proof of our bill of sale that it would warrant having the toll charges dropped. So i faxed in the bill of sale to the main dept as of Nov 11 to show proof that we indeed were no longer in possession of the charged vehicle. Then less than a month later my family was sent another letter from the NTTA stating that we were on the third notice of nonpayment and that we had been sent to collections due to not paying the alleged charges of $132.42. I contacted the NTTA and was then told that our private bill of sale was not considered a legal document and that I would need to contact the Dept of Motor Vehicles to get proof that the title had been switched through the state. I obliged and not only went to the main dept of motor vehicles Vehicle Titles and Registration Division where i picked up a notarized copy of the Texas Certificate of Title swap, once again providing proof that we were not in possession of the vehicle. I took the documentation up to the NTTA office in Fort Worth TX off of Hulen St, provided it to the supervisor who then told me that the charges had begun as of July 15... the photograph we received in the citation in the mail was photographed at night, our bill of sale shows when the transaction was made, so there is no physical evidence of either myself or husband on this vehicle... i asked the supervisor why when i was clearly presenting legal tangible documentation that they would not reduce the fees or at least waive the administrative fees from the periods of July 15-29 when the DMV had officially changed the title . The supervisor told me that even though i had documentation that they would not waive any fees, accept any bill of sale not through a dealership (which was never previously mentioned to my family even after we faxed in the documentation) and that we were therefore still responsible for the new owners fees.... I contacted the fort worth police dept who then gave guidance to contact the District Attorneys office regarding civil court matters as well as search out an Investigative reporter to look into why fraudulent charges are being assessed towards my family. The NTTA supervisor I had previously spoken within person today told me that NTTA is not only NOT required to accept our legal bill of sale, even though if the private purchaser was contacted the above information would be confirmed, that they also ARE THE LAW AND THEREFORE ANYTHING THAT THEY ASSESS AS CHARGES IS LEGITIMATE IN THEIR EYES... so now we are being told that my family will have to take this to a civil court to dispute these charges if we dont want to be assigned one of the 6 potential infractions ranging from additional administrative fees upwards to a class C now a few thousand dollar retainer potentially to fix a $132.42 charge... Sadly when I called the customer service office today after all of this the supervisor told me that they even though the DMV shows evidence of the title change, and that would mean the bills charged to us were incorrect and shouldnt have gone to collections, and that the tolls were backdated to the bill of sale that even then there was absolutely no reason they would provide any further assistance in trying to resolve this issue and we could either pay the bill or take it to court or be subjected to 1-6 ramifications...
jts Send email
Dec 4, 2016


I have to go to court on a criminal violation of not paying my bill. For 2 plus years I have sent them letters, called customer service etc. I told them I was not receiving a bill. So they wait for 9 months and send me to collections. I finally sent several letters asking for an administrative hearing which is their policy. After several letters they finally send me a form for the hearing. I fill it out and mail it back and they do not contact me. I started sending letters again because they aren't notifying me of the hearing. Finally I get a ticket from the DPS that I am being criminally charged. The laws won't change because the NTTA takes in hundreds of millions of dollars every year and they contribute a lot of money in taxes. Why would the government want to change anything? I can't wait to go to court. Wait till they get a load of me. I am looking at the possibility of counter suing for false accusations and charging me criminally. [email protected]
ChrissyL Send email
Dec 2, 2016

False charges, Never on DNT, Live in Tennessee

Just got a statement from NTTA for a toll charge of $8.46. I live in East Tennessee and have never been on the DNT. Picture of the car on paper is not mine.
thatsoccermom Send email
Nov 22, 2016

Was billed $25 for late fees when I only got my bill 30 days ago

I was down in Dallas for one weekend back in June 2016. We noticed the sign saying that we might be on a toll road, but we didn't know what that meant. I didn't see any booths anywhere for us to pay a toll. Well fast forward to October 22, 2016 and I received a bill in my mailbox for using the toll road for $21.92. I put it in my pile of bills to pay next month and went on with my business. On November 1, 2016 I received a 2nd notice of nonpayment -- 10 days after I received the first bill (With a $10 fee attached to it) I got upset and called them and they agreed to waive it. Tonight, November 21, 2016 I sat down to pay all of my bills. I logged into the website provided on the bill and entered all my information and then saw it. They charged me $25 late fee for the bill being over 60 days old, when I have only had it in my possession for 30 days This is what it said: SECOND Notice of Nonpayment (60 days past due) $25.00 fee. I wound up paying $46.92 for my bill that I had for 30 days. I paid it because I was afraid that my bill would be even higher if I waited. Is there something I can do about this? This seems very unreasonable?
cmk Send email
Nov 22, 2016


I Owe 630 in Admin Fees, and tolls was only 330. That is INSANE!! Now, I can't get my car registration due to them placing a hold from NTTA!! And, Ntta is not willing to waive any fee. They said since its out of 90 days of invoice they can't waive the fees. I can not believe they can get away with this!!!
LTurner Send email
Nov 21, 2016

False Invoicing

Hello NTTA Staff,

RE Wrongfully Received a Non-Payment Notice

We received a pink ZipCash Toll Bill Notice of Non-Payment from NTTA from the Dallas, Fortworth, Irving Area.

Please note several bullets below.

- We have wrongfully received a Non-Payment Notice for traveling a tollway in the Dallas, Fortworth, and the Irving area which we have not traveled on. We live several hundred miles away and have not traveled out of our city in the last two decades. We do not have any toll booth in our area. - We have never used ZipCash, nor heard of it.

- The picture displayed on the Nonpayment Notice is not our make and model or style car. The make and model is of a different car. The picture is very dark, but you can just make out enough details.
- Also noted the picture does not have our "Texas style plate" pictured.Thus the photo of the car taken might be from another State?

Helpful Suggestions.
Better camera equipment for night shots.
An error free way of reaching the correct customer of your toll booths.

Thank you.
Kathleenlavender Send email
Nov 17, 2016

Excessive administrative fees

I am being charged 200.74 for late fees for 35.00 zip cash toll fees. Highway ROBBERY!
melanim Send email
Nov 15, 2016

fraud, mail fraud is a federal offense

I received a zip cash bill , stating 2nd notice for $63.91, yes i have a tag. i never received the 1st notice. I called ntta who said my balance is +15.35. $1.49 i was supposedly received , plus 10 $ administrative fee. plus an additional $11.52 in toll charges, which they were unable to find my usage of the tollway even given the date reporting "no transactions are on your record for that date". plus the second $ 25.00 administrative fee. NTTA has no record of ever sending me this bill and all the administrative fees, EVEN WHEN GIVEN THE ZIPCASH ACCT ID AND THE INVOICE NUMBERS...they repeatedly said, well you owe us NOTHING, so don't worry about it. Besides, i had enough in the account to cover both basic charges...anyways i owe them zero.

SECONDLY, i first spoke with Bobby, then with supposed manager Deborah Bentes. Bobby did not want to transfer me to a manager saying first he couldn't find one, then saying they'd call me back either today or tomorrow, he found Deborah Bentes. Can i talk with someone who can conjugate a verb, please? she likewise could find no record of the bill, tho i had all the info and numbers. She was unable to effectively listen to short, objective data, and process it. Both were poor communicators and rude. Deborah was giving lots of leading and misleading statements. Paper tags, nope...same plates for 5 yrs. Then Deborah said, do you remember when i spoke with you back in September, i corrected her saying i've never spoken with you before today, she said you don't remember? (gaslighting). I re-emphasized that i'd never spoken with her before today. Come on, the nuances of the English language for native speakers.

Unprofessional rip off NTTA. when is this supposed to be free? didn't we pay the construction costs off last year? and don't our gas taxes provide for road maintenance? or is NTTA the cash cow that keeps on the real world, i would not do business with someone who has such poor performance and little accountability, and apparently no oversight from the larger forces. their fee system is one sided, and NTTA is run by mental midgets, orchestrated by the elite. also, why do i have to give them my driver's license number, when they look up my plates /name/address thru the DMV. i do not trust them with having my vital statistics...knowing the way they run their operation.
alexg Send email
Nov 5, 2016

adminstration fees

Administration fees for NTTA. NTTA are charging almost double the the toll fees! Making it impossible to pay these outrages fees they now also place warrant out for your arrest and block registration! Never have i experience such scam. I ask if what if you are indigent or elderly or handicapped to pay theses fees. Her response was it applies to everyone. How can they be getting away with this. NTTA says they work with you but that is false they give you a amount to pay and place you on a payment plan but only to profit them. The first payment is so high not everyone can afford.
mickster02 Send email
Oct 21, 2016

False Billing.

Called customer service ( if you can call it that )
#1 I've never been on your toll road
#2 I do not, nor have ever, owned the vehicle being billed
#3 I do not, nor have ever, had that tag number
#4 You bill me to an address that I have not live at in over 10 years.
Customer service:
TXDOT says you own that vehicle, so you owe us. You have to prove you don't own the vehicle.
So...a trip to the DVM and in seconds they verify that I don't own that vehicle.

NTTA is a bunch of idiots and I feel the Texas AG should be looking into their practices, especially after reading all the posts on this site!
intelichick Send email
Oct 16, 2016

ripping people off with exorbitant fees and fines

Cannot believe you people. What you're doing is illegal. This is not a for-profit corporation. The administrative and late fees are exorbitant. They're worse than a bookie would charge. Hard-working people who are using the toll roads. And Cedar Park we were originally told that they would not be toll roads and then mysteriously right before they open their toll roads. I have a friend who has over $5,000 just an administrative and late fees in one and a half months worth of using the tools. It's where she never got the original bills. And then I was done she gets a bill for $6,000. Are you guys freaking kidding me. Our legislative needs to be doing something about you people right now. And I suggest that you not pay it one time. Because he's trying to go through you people and all you say is OK instead of $6,000 paid $5,000. Are you freaking kidding me. Our taxpayers money pay for half of this crap. And then you're going to try and make a profit on us. I don't think so
Jackiem214 Send email
Oct 8, 2016

NTTA fraud

NTTA is a scam! How this company is allowed to charge unruly fees is beyond me, the money they make are not from toll fees it's from administrative fees $25 per piece of paper mailed out, maybe they should limit the amount ofetters they send. I hope and pray they get sued, they have already paid the highways off and now they are seeking money. I was told by somebody who works for them that they are a scam!

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