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Jwine08 Send email
Sep 20, 2016

Ntta toll

I went to register my car and was informed I needed to contact NTTA for an outstanding bill that I never received. I called to take care of and I also informed them that I never received a bill. I don't have a problem paying but how can I pay for service and I don't know how much I'm supposed to pay. I was also transferred to so many different reps and they all gave me a different amounts.
Shockers69 Send email
Sep 19, 2016

NTTA Violates the FDCPA

NTTA violates the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act)

!) I received a bill for $12,760.00. When I called NTTA they stated this is incorrect because they don't charge those fees anymore and my total bill was actually $5824.66 ($3104.66 tolls, $2660.00 in fees).They continue to send me bills for $12,760.00 even though they say that is incorrect and they say they cannot send me a corrected bill. Why not? (I'm not disputing the tolls, I take responsibility for them). This is a direct violation of the FDCPA which I have posted below:

§ 807. False or misleading representations
A debt collector may not use any false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:

(2) The false representation of --

(A) the character, amount, or legal status of any debt;

They also violate the FDCPA by posting a list of habitual violators on their website with their name and amount due in an effort to shame them into paying. Once again I provide the FDCPA violation below:

§ 806. Harassment or abuse
A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:

(3) The publication of a list of consumers who allegedly refuse to pay debts, except to a consumer reporting agency or to persons meeting the requirements of section 1681a(f) or 1681b(3)1 of this title.

As you can see, the NTTA violates Federal Law yet for some reason they are allowed to get away with this. Any other institution would have been prosecuted for either of these violations. Why is NTTA not held to the same standard?
Bnapier1985 Send email
Sep 6, 2016

Bills not sent trying to collect fees

I travel for work and when I got home this weekend I had a bill from ntta. I opened it up and they said I owed $78.51. $8.51 actual toll fees. This was the first time I have received a bill from them. It's been at least 3 months since I was in Dallas. I called customer support, they told me they would waive the lesser of the two fees and I would "only" have to pay $43.51... I told them this was the only bill I had received. I told them I would send $8.51 the man laughed and said we will send it back. I mailed them a check for $8.51. I guess we will see what happens.
jnewsom1 Send email
Sep 3, 2016

Over billing for Josey Main Lane Gantry

The Josey Main Lane Gantry on 121 is over billing customers and charging them as if they have more than 2 axles. I found 6 over charges in August alone and one of them was for a 6+ axle charge!!! I spoke with a friend who also drives a Ford F-150 like mine and he ALSO had over charges.
thrlmccoy Send email
Sep 3, 2016

Toll booth not working

My complaint is with the fact during the month of Nov 2016, my wife and I stayed at hotel on the north side of Dallas. The issue come from the fact on US-72, there were toll booths that were not working. I paid to get off at my exit but yet the booth never register my payment. So because of that pulled off and yet the camera work.

the NTTA send me several bills and I refused to pay it because I did and returned their bill demanding they send me an official copy of the repaired logged of that particular tollbooth but they refused to provide it knowing that I can use their own data as proof against them that they are collecting millions of dollars unfairly for the fact their tool booth are not working and charging $40 for not paying a $0.75. Which means they are making money when people paid a toll and booth is not working than bill them a $40 for not paying the tool. This is no more then unjust.
Etaylor1083 Send email
Aug 27, 2016

Admin fees

Administration fees for a system that prints out an automatic bill it's unethical! I understand adding a late fee if a bill is late, but to add late fees AND admin fees to send out a computer generated bill is obnoxious! Who collects this admin fee? Where is our money for the toll going? I'm so sick of the NTTA and their greedy values they need an intervention and a complete overhaul of the company from TOP to bottom! Something needs to change with them! If they treated people with respect and dignity knowing not every family can afford $25 on top of a toll charge just to send a piece of paper saying you owe "this much" people wouldn't resist them like they do! Not to mention NO BODY TRUSTS THE COMPANY ANYMORE BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN CAUGHT SO MANY TIMES DOING THINGS ILLEGAL AND RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!!

Admin fees

Keith8286 Send email
Aug 21, 2016

NTTA Last Notice Billing

I was told that the NTTA would be able to bill me using the toll-tag they provided, no matter what vehicle it was placed on and should register my new vehicles with them. No problem for me. i spent easy several thousand dollars the first year (2015) thru this tag. Yet one thing became a huge problem for me - I had begun receiving third notice zipcash bills towards the end of the first year - all of which were 'in collections' and included atleast 50% 'unremovable' late fees. All of the bills were for vehicles I owned and had the tolltag in. I gave them my information when they asked it, paid the first few mystery bills, and then began asking why. Why do I continue to receive last notice bills with huge late fees which NTTA refuses to remove and increased rates they refuse to change?

They have my information, how can they be so fully backed by the government to charge me an increased rate when it was their own billing errors which caused the mix up in the first place even after I tell them of this error? And then add late fees? And then stop vehicle registrations? And charge misdemeanors? And be the entity to prevent the use of the only place designated for a highway in the area?

Roads are for people not business
Business is for money not people

Please free the road and the people that use it from this demon called greed (business - NTTA).
d fury Send email
Aug 18, 2016

ntta & txtag billing do not work

I have a ntta toll tag. When I got it I was assured it was good anywhere in texas.
I drive 130 out of Austin often. My last trip I got a bill from txtag.
When I called to tell txtag I have a ntta tag I was told ntta would have to fix the bill since they are two separated companies.
Ntta says they can not do anything about it since it is a txtag system error.
I am very disappointed in ntta & txtag.
I will sit in traffic on 35 in Austin before I drive a toll rd in texas again.
furibe60 Send email
Aug 7, 2016

False Charges

I received a ZipCash Toll Bill yesterday. It came with a black picture with 4 light dots. You can't see anything else there. The bill shows my Florida License Plate, states the vehicle in the picture is a 2016 Lexus, and it is related to a toll in Chisholm Trail Parkway in January 15 2016.
I have not been in Texas in 2016. My car has never been in Texas. My car, in January 15 2016, was not a 2016 Lexus. Florida's SunPass system shows that on January 15 2016 my car went thru toll in South Florida two times (9:20 am and then 6:50 pm). What a scam!!!!
LizLope Send email
Jul 1, 2016

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Chiefschick Send email
Jul 1, 2016

Fraudulent Toll Charge from alleged 11 months ago

I received a pink "2nd Notice" bill for a toll NTTA said my tag plate drove through. They said tolls are no longer paid to people and that the company takes a picture of the tag and sends a bill. 1. What a waste of tax payers money. Tax payers are paying for employees to process these bills. 2. Then the cost of paper, letters, postage to mail the bills, all for an alleged $5 toll? 3. My bill was allegedly from a dare of August 8, 2015! This is July of 2016! 4. My bill states that this is my 2nd notice, totally $40.34. But customer service said they sent two bills, September 2015, and October 2015. Then I don't get another bill for 9 MONTHS? 5. My bill says "2nd Notice". Wouldn't this be my 3rd notice then?
I paid the damn thing because the bill threatened a class C misdemeanor, fines, vehicle registration block, vehicle ban on NTTA toll roads (big loss there)...
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! I will NEVER go to Texas again! Hell, I haven't been to Texas in 3 years! I don't even live in Texas!
Reeka79 Send email
Jun 14, 2016

NTTA & Zip Cash

I haven't been to TX in over a year and received a 2 bills from this company for unpaid tolls. The first bill had the wrong vehicle type. I will try to call NTTA but feel like I'll get the run around due to previous comments. I'm highly irritated and don't want this scam screw up whatever it is to affect my credit. Any feedback or advise is helpful.
Reeka79 Send email
Jun 14, 2016

Bill for something I didn't do

I pay all bills online so I early go thru my mail. I just did and opened to Bill's from Zip Cash. I like in OKC and haven't been to TX in a year. The first bill had the vehicle type wrong. I don't think I should deal with this BS since I'm not at fault. These companies need to get their crap together. I'm highly irritated to say the least.
allfor1ranch Send email
Jun 8, 2016


I have a Toll Bill from this company stating I went thru a toll in Texas in March 2016 , the problem is I live in Florida and was at work at the time of the toll run.The pictures does not show the back end of the car, just a plate number and black around the sides, they are guessing on the plate number since they cant make out the plate clearly. I told them I live in Florida and never been thru Texas, I asked the girl where's my decoration border tag on this plate picture , she said I dont see that in the picture I said EXACTLY, so SOMEONE is committing FRAUD here.... Oh and I drive a SUV BMW and she said oh this picture is a car tale lights.... So they have it under a advisor and will clear the fine, I said I better not get another bill from your company in 3 weeks or your being sent over to Rick Scott our Governor of Florida. This is a private company.....
RonE Send email
Jun 4, 2016


Received an invoice from ZipCash for a $3.19 NTTA charge. Picture is completely black for vehicle. License number does not contain a single number for my vehicle's plate. Supposed toll occurred two months before I purchased the 2016 vehicle, and actually before the build date of the vehicle. Based on other complaints registered against NTTA, this is an unscrupulous attempt to defraud anyone who is unwilling, or does not have the time, to fight the bogus charges. Clearly something should be done to protect consumers from this "out-of-control" agency.
TopHen Send email
Jun 2, 2016

Car is wrong, can't read license

My father go a bill for $9.90 from NTAA for an unpaid toll on Mar.31,2016. No picture of car. Sent them a letter stating Dad is 89 years old and in a nursing home and can't drive. The license number provided is on a car that has broken rear struts and hasn't moved since April. 2015. Got a bill in return for 19.90 with a black picture of what looks like a Chevy SUV and you cannot make out the license plate. Dad's car is a Buick Regal and couldn't drive on any tollway if it tried. What a scam!
Bmizell Send email
Jun 2, 2016

NTTA toll fee

I traveled through DFW last August and just received a bill in the mail for toll fees that were due. I never once even saw a toll booth to pay or didn't even realize the roads I was traveling were toll roads. I am from MO.....are they trying to scam out of state drivers? Is this a legit fee?
db6310 Send email
Jun 1, 2016

toll tag bill

received a bill in the mail with a picture of a license tag on it with toll charges. the bill itself looked like a scam, so it was thrown away. received another in the mail with late charges on it. tried to call the 2 numbers on the bill and neither one works, had to schedule a call back from their customer service. seeing how the tag was on a business truck and i have never been to the Dallas area i had to have explain how this toll worked. most states with toll roads have toll booths, but apparently they just have signs on the roads stating they are toll roads and unless you have one of the passes you will get a lovely bill in the mail. when i see toll road i figure i see a booth. quite a way to milk money out of people that would not expect to get in the mail for this, but see a booth. i think this is crazy. of course we know now the bill is legitimate and not a scam, but i still think it is a crappy way of doing it. especially if you are not from the area and not expecting it to be like this.

legacy95 Send email
Jun 1, 2016

Bill Payment

I think that it is rip off for the NTTA to charge me $40 every two days to pay my bill....I called and asked could I pay my tolltag bill by being sent an invoice instead of using my credit card and the representative who have no customer service skill whatsoever, told me the only I can pay a tolltag bill is with a credit card. Otherwise I would have to either send in money or money orders or some other foolishness. In other words I can't get a paper bill or even an electronic bill to pay my bill...I have to use a credit card.

Sad that they are ripping folks off....If I didn't need to ride the tollway I wouldn't...
amchester08 Send email
May 4, 2016

Unjust Zip Charges when I have a Tolltag

I had changed my license plate in September of 2014. I then updated my toll tag account and have since done it three other times with the changed license plate number for the same toll tag. When I received a Third Notice letter with over $310.00 in fees for only $78.00 in toll tag charges I was threatened that they were going to take me to court. That my drivers license would be suspended and that they would not work with me since they verified with the postal service that only 1 letter returned to them but the others were delivered. I in so many words was not very nice on the phone after an hour of explaining that while I would pay the toll fines at the higher rate even though my toll tag was charged yesterday for the same vehicle but they needed to negotiate the admin charges. They told me that if I did not pay for everything that I would be pulled over for a ticket/warrant because I have to pay the entire invoice amount and if I do not then I will have to go to court and pay to not only get out of jail and not have my license suspended but also pay court costs. I have had a toll tag for over 5 years. Why would I not pay the first invoice that they state I received and just spent the $10.00 in invoice charges but yet go for over a year and waste $310.00 when they are actively taking money out of my account for my toll tag.

It is really surprising to me how rude they are and not willing to work with anyone. I know that they receive the I did not get the letter excuse all of the time, but when you have a toll tag that automatically takes the money each month to replenish your account so you don't pay for invoice charges why would I just ignore them when I supposedly received the first invoice? I paid the $393 dollars and am filing a complaint with the Attorney General and State Boards as in reviewing on line it seems everyone is getting billed over and over again but yet never receive and invoice? I honestly don't think that they send out an invoice only a 3rd notice and tack on $300 plus in fees to justify extra income and also to overcharge for fees. Then what choice to you have - NONE! They threaten with suspended license and jail time or being sued and incurring more charges. I find it hard to believe that while there are some drivers who do not pay for toll-fees and claim they did not receive anything there are over hundreds of complaints about the 3rd Notice letters and everyone is telling the same similar story that I never received the first notice and I am calling regarding the 3rd Notice immediately once I received in the mail. It does not make sense at all!
thacker316 Send email
May 3, 2016

Paid wrong company on bill pay

I pay all my bills on line with bill pay. I went to pay off my NTB bill $548 and accidentally paid it to NTTA, which I owed less than $10. I discovered the mistake when I went to pay NTTA and noticed that I had sent them the $548. I contacted NTTA's custemer service and explained to them what had happen. The rep stated that the funds had not been deposited to my NTTA account at this time, although the funds had cleared my bank 5 days earlier. I asked the rep how long it would take to get my money back, less the $10 I owe NTTA, and was advised that they don't issue refunds but put it an a account for future use. Needless to say I got pretty hot. That is not even legal and I advised him that I have no problem in taking them to Civil court. I have heard many horror stories about NTTA's ethics and can't believe that a Class Action Suit has never been filed against them. Needless to say, I will get my money back. They jacked with the wrong redneck.
kenallen Send email
May 3, 2016

updating creid card informatin

I received an email from ntta that my card date was coming to an end and dwould I please contact them via their on- line site and update my card information. I spent over an hour trying to do this and was constantly sent into a loop requiring me to reenter information that they needed to accomplish this simple task. I was put on hold several times so I could listen to often repeated things that I would enjoy that they could supply until a representative (who was very busy) could get to my call. When they did (it too was a recording) I was again and again required to reenter information that I had already entered several times. When I did this I was again sent into the loop.
Bad computer programming, overloaded system, or lazy customer service people. Where are the supervisors???
jennyb2530 Send email
Apr 22, 2016

Billing/fraud offers

Soooo I received a bill which includes a late fee of $10 for unpaid previous bills. Yeah, I've never received even one bill prior to this. I'm new to Texas from Wisconsin and this is all new to me so I'm like ok whatever and proceed to pay it including the unjust late fee. On my letter it says purchase a Texas Toll tag a save 38.66, cool! So I go online and put in my info and there it also says purchase the toll tag and save the money. So I go for it. At the end of my transaction I pay the full zip cash bill AND for a toll tag. I'm thinking they are gonna credit the 38.66 to the toll tag or something so I agree and process the transaction but still see nothing about the 38.66. So then I send an email explaining the situation and get a response of we can not help but call customer service. So I do just that. Wow! Waste of breath. I talk to a rep, he says he can't help and can't refund because I would have had to call to get the discount but now that I've paid there's nothing he can do. I then speak to his supervisor who tells me the comp had no way to know to give me a discount. ... Although the computer offered me the same discount 38.66 as the invoice. So then I ask if they can just credit or refund the money. She continues to decline and continuously tells me I accepted the amount. Yeah, I guess I did.. but it was very misleading and I assumed there'd be a credit somewhere to compensate for the "deal" offered. NOPE WRONG!! The NTTA is scamming people into purchasing the Texas Toll tag and will not take responsibility for the crap of a computer system they have which the customer service supervisor so kindly informed me did not have a heart and was not human so therfore couldn't offer me a deal. Haha it offered me a deal going in but didn't follow through. I've gotten many coupon and code discounts online so perhaps only the NTTA does not know how to properly install it's offers online...

In any event I was RIPPED OFF by the NTTA and they refuse to refund me. They did offer to help me save a whole $5 on my current bills though. How kind :-)
acsnel Send email
Apr 8, 2016

NTTA Billing Issue

I switched to a Toll Tag after getting my new car a few months ago. I paid all the zipcash invoices I had received prior to enrolling and everything should have been squared away. However, several months after paying all invoices I get another that is somehow late even though I never received an initial bill. I try to pay online immediately but cannot login using the account/invoice number provided on the invoice.

So I try paying by phone. I wait on hold for over an hour and am not able to reach anyone. I do this daily for a week with no luck trying to get anyone on the phone. I'm already past the due date and don't know what else to do.

Today I get ANOTHER late invoice and have officially been charged $35 in late fees for a $5.45 ZipCash bill. This is complete unacceptable!

I call the number and wait on hold for 30 minutes.... I get online and after 10 failed attempts I'm FINALLY able to login using the account number provided on the invoice. This is not user error, I entered the account number and my license plate number into the same fields several times and repeatedly received the same error.

This method of conducting business is unacceptable. I should not have to pay late fees when they send me bills after they are already late and then give the individual virtually NO way to pay the bill. I could have paid by mail, but who knows how long that would have taken to process and I may have received another bill in the meantime!!

This is ridiculous and there is no reason to treat customers this way. Taking the toll is an OPTION, not a REQUIREMENT. And I will no longer be taking the tollways to get anywhere in Dallas.
ldfalcon2004 Send email
Apr 5, 2016

Billing Issue

I received a bill from them for allegedly not paying my bill that shows for over a year that I didn't receive one statement from them during this time period. They are nothing but crooks and I know they had my address on file because I've received a bill once from them before which I paid. So you can't tell me they didn't know my address since I've gotten something from them before because I always check my mail and pay my bills on time.

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    I am being charged over and over again without my...
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