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Consumer complaints and reviews about Celcom

JDMC Send email
Jan 26, 2017

line internet

sy bli internet rm50 untuk 10gb. sy merupakan pminat celcom sbb dlu laju, sy sndri pakai dua no celcom.. tpi knpa internet lembab nak mampos strt masuk 2017???? apa yg sy perlu lakukan supaya kmbali laju balik.. kalau beterusan cam ni sy boleh declair boikot celcom... lembab oo... nk tngok u tube kmbab, download voice kat whatapp lmbab... mati lah nak
leelia Send email
Jan 23, 2017

Impolite worker

Dear Sir/Madam.

Good morning,

Yesterday (23 January 2017) I have received a phone call from Celcom worker/officer (01255655*4). I do not remember her name and she called me to inform about my bills that I need to pay by the end of January. I really appreciated the effort she did to call me for reminding me about the bills, and I understand that she only doing her job.

But what I am concerned here, is her improper language, the high voice intonation she used when she talked to me. She also did not give me any chances to talk and she used the sarcastic language to communicate with me. I am feeling offended with her attitude. I hope she can improve or change her attitude especially if she deals with people because people have feelings and you need to provide an excellent service for your customer to take care of your company corporate image.

thank you for your time and consideration.
RHonlow Send email
Jan 22, 2017

Content Download??

From my understanding, Internet Roaming cost RM 38.00 per day but when i received my bill, there is an additional item "Content Download" which is RM 38.00. I had activated the internet roaming for only one day and I was charged International Roaming-GPRS Usage (RM 38.00) and Content Download (RM 38.00). RM 76.00 in total. My question is, what do you mean by "Content Download"? I thought it only cost me RM 38.00 when I activate Internet Roaming? SO ACTUALLY IT IS CHARGING RM 76.00 INSTEAD? I DID NOT SEE ANY STATEMENT SAYING SO, PLEASE SHOW IT TO ME IF YOU HAVE STATED ANY SENTENCE REGARDING THIS KIND OF CHARGING.
CelcomNeedtoFixThis Send email
Jan 19, 2017

Data Roaming charged when it's off

I was travelling in Japan, thought of will be off Malaysia for more than a week, people could have reach me if they have any emergency, so i requested roaming service turn on before my departure. I was charged with RM38 for a day internet data roaming service by using 24kb/s data. What i can do with 24kb/s? I'm confirmed that data roaming was switched off on my phone throughout the journey. This happened on 2 of my family members as well.

Service crew replies was
1. when your WIFI is not strong enough, it tends to use data to boost the internet.
2. you can avoid that by not using WIFI when you're at overseas
3. or you can turn on Air-Plane mode when using WIFI at overseas (which no phone call allow)

It was totally defeating the purpose of roaming service when people contact for emergency. Celcom should have at least set an allowance for data roaming charges. 24kb/s for RM38? Definitely ridiculous. Think twice with Celcom roaming when you're at overseas and not plan to subscribe the data plan.
geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Send email
Jan 18, 2017


Dear Celcom,

Please, do tell me everytime you had terminated my internet. It happens like almost everytime. I'm so confused when I can't really use my social networks and the only thing that could work is the Google. And when I'm calling your customer service, he said that I didn't buy any of your internet plan. But the truth is, I did buy it a day before at 1833 and it's been terminated at 1356. What on earth is going on? I mean, if I already finished using my data, DO TELL ME! Send me a message or whatever that say "oh, you didn't buy any of our plans" something like that. So, I will not being an idiot by calling your customer service and my 50 cents gone just like that. Please do not make any simple mistakes like this again. Thank you.
Chingren Send email
Jan 17, 2017

Celcom Prepaid Extension of Credit Validity

I had reload RM100 in July 2016 & also subscribed to Extend my Credit Validity for 2 years at the cost of RM50. I used the CCSID which prepaid users used to check their mobile status and dialled *118# choosing to extend for 2 years.

Just last week i realised my mobile has no connection & called Celcom Customer Care. As usual, Customer Care dont always pick up your calls to care for you. So this is bullshit service. Prepaid Users are also your customers...Not just Post Paid users...if this is how Celcom discriminates its users.

The Customer Care staff mentioned my Celcom Prepaid was terminated on 9th July as i had Not Reload an additional RM 30 upon extending my Credit Validity. The person also mentioned a SMS was sent to my mobile which obviously i didn't receive.
If i had knew, i would have surely top up another RM 30 to keep my line for 2 years.
The option now is to show proof that the prepaid number belongs to me & register it as Pospaid.

Firstly Celcom had charged me RM50 to extend for 2 years & had NOT sent me a SMS informing me that i am required to Reload an additional RM30. So where did my RM50 go for paying for this service? FYI all my balance credit has also been wiped out.
Is this the type of SCAM Celcom uses to take their customers money. CELCOM cant be that DESPERATE to gain Postpaid Customers right? Times are bad but SCAMMING is cheating.
Also, NO NOTICE was sent to me via SMS or email when i extended thr validity. Is this how CELCOM does business?

Secondly, why should i reclaim my prepaid number and register as a Post Paid account? In the 1st place the reason i extended my credit validity is due to my low usage. So please dont offer a service and SCAM your customers money.

Also, if you staff mentioned that nothing can be done as its an automated system and i cant retrieve my prepaid mobile number back...excuse me...the system is made by humans. So its not acceptable if you have animal brains doing business.

Total bullshit....the issues i am getting from Celcom.
Dont SCAM out money..it makes no difference from robbing people..especially your customers which has stayed loyal to you for years.

Useless CELCOM

rafiezawawi Send email
Jan 15, 2017

The Hidden Cost

Dear Sir/Madam

Pada 14/01/2017 bersamaan hari Sabtu yang lalu, saya telah melanggan Plan Prepaid Celcom First Gold serta 'SIM Card Replace'. Saya mendapati bayaran yang dikenakan kepada saya amat mencurigakan serta tidak munasahabah.

Servis yang saya terima adalah seperti berikut :

(1) Plan Prepaid Celcom First Gold 20G yang saya langgani iaitu satu pakej yang berharga RM80
(2) Penukaran serta Penambahbaikan SIM Card dari 3G ke 4G yang berharga RM10

Bedasarkan butiran berikut saya sepatutnya dikenakan charge sebanyak RM90 iaitu RM80+RM10. Namun, berdasarkan resit yang saya tampilkan di bawah bayaran untuk hanya dua servis berjumlah RM110. Jesteru, saya menuntut penjelasan RM 20 LEBIHAN YANG SAYA BAYAR ADALAH UNTUK SERVIS APA?


(1) Adakah kos 'SIM Card Replace' berharga RM30? Tetapi kenapa ketika saya bersetuju untuk 'Sim Card Replace' Encik/Cik yang bertugas di kaunter itu mengatakan servis ini hanya RM10.

Please investigate and we hope to get favorable answer from you within 7 working days.
Thank you.

The Hidden Cost

Mat9021 Send email
Jan 14, 2017

Coverage Celcom Slow

Saya muhamad dari taman tabung haji,kepala batas jitra,alor setar kedah darulaman..untuk makluman,coverage untuk celcom terlalu slow.jika berada didalam rumah langsung tiada coverage.jika perlu call atau bermain internet kena keluar depan rumah baru ada civerage.memohon dari pihak celcom mengambil tindakan atas pemasalahan ini.coverage untuk telco lain tidak ada masalah.
farihahfzn Send email
Jan 13, 2017


Lately, i used the Panggilan Suara or in other name called Panggilan Tanpa Had for either 7 weeks package or 1 day package. And i have proof that today (13th January), i have subscribed the rm7 for 7 days Panggilan Tanpa Had. And when i called one of my friend(which i already add his number on Senarai Nombor, my credits are still deducted from the call I've made. And he's using celcom too. And i try again to subscribe the rm1 a day. Also the same thing happened. Weird thing is why the subscriptions for the rm1 are available while I'm still subscribing the other Panggilan Tanpa Had package. Celcom need to work this thing out. I have been with celcom for more than 2 years. Is this how you treat one of your loyal customers?

Karimpanjang Send email
Jan 13, 2017

My credit gone on 31/12/2016 and i dont know where..U work like shit

I purchase some in app purchase for zgirls use google play using,celcom billing on 31/12/2016...and i check my credit phone from rm26.46 ,get to rm5.47...I want to know where my credit the rm20.99 go away..i has all the evidence
Shakir21 Send email
Jan 11, 2017

Line putus2

Line mcm sampah...menyusahkn pengguna..dh la cll center kene bayar...service mcm sampah...tp mkn duit pengguna..line putus2 ..menyusahkn pengguna je..aku oenggua celcom dri 20006...kalau berterusan mcm ni..aku akn tukar line...aku akn ckp kat kwn2 aku...line celcom is sampah...
Shakir21 Send email
Jan 11, 2017

Line putus2

Kenape line selalu putus2 ..dh la bayar mahal...menyusahkn org lain je..sy pengguna dri tahun 2007...kalau mcm ni berterusan..sy akn tukar no lain...line asgik putus2...menyusahkn org lain je
Amiey92 Send email
Jan 11, 2017


All of sudden cannot send whtapp even though line signal working properly(4g,Full bar).
Unable to use internet all day even after turn on/ off. Tried contact celcom but unable to reach.
As your loyal customer since 2008, this is very disappointing. Please improvise.
Khadijah97 Send email
Jan 11, 2017

Bad signal

Signal is bad. Many times i off my home internet, i will not get internet at all on my phone. This is celcom.

When i am out if house, hoping to be able to access the internet, NO SIGNAL, NO INTERNET! And this is CELCOM,

There is no point having data when you cant even access to internet.

CELCOM, please do something to improve

Rgds; mck
filzah Send email
Jan 8, 2017

Celcom Failed Connection and sudden No Service

It been 2 weeks, Celcom is giving me lots of trouble.I don't understand why. I am using Celcom prepaid, and I paid RM 50 for 1 month internet subscription. I am having hard time to get Celcom line connection at home, living in 16th storey. Celcom line connection was never full. From 4 bars 3G connection, will suddenly reduced to 3 bars. Then it will turn 'No Service' for 3-10 min. It will then shows back to 4 bars 3G connection but there was NO internet connection! I can't even load my whatsapp messages.I have to wait for 3-6 mins to get internet connection. However, the internet connection don't even last long, not even 5 min! It will then gives me the same 'No service'. From being 'No Internet Connection' to 'No Service', it get worst by giving me 'Sim Invalid' status! I have to restart my phone several times. It don't even resolve after restarting. My weekend was ruined when I have to wait for 3 HOURS just to get Celcom line connection! Please do something. Fixed the problem. For goodness sake, Im living in a KL city not somewhere i can't get access to any network!

Celcom really disappoint me!
flufflepuff Send email
Jan 7, 2017

All of the sudden zero MB

My data usage just ran out as i just suscribe internet of 5GB permonth i just used about a few mega bytes of data and the after 2 days just 2 days i have zero data but my usage of data was just 800 mb in just 2 days then all of the sudden i have no subscription wtf man
i was so blon away by this pls do fix this problem or i will come for you personally.
visa Send email
Jan 2, 2017

Celcom pospaid

Good day,

Recently (24 Dec 2017) I went to Celcom Store at Jusco Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru to buy a new postpaid number. We attended a by staff name ' Li Mei ' , Staff code 832. She helped me by showing possible numbers to choose a number from the list and I choosed '019....' .She registered this number under my husband name and print the receipt as attached below for us to do the payment and asked us to wait at least 1 day to activate the line. After few days, she (called/ whatsapp ) me by saying the number I choose previously is sold to another customer and asking me to choose different number. When we went direct to the shop another Chinese guy said the system 1 Malaysia can use… My question is let’s say if 1 Malaysia use the system how come the number was choosed by me still can appear in system..? But when we checked the number in Taman Molek Celcom centre the staff said the number registered on 25th Dec 2016.. That mean 1 day after we registered .. I cant understand how a staff can sell one postpaid number to two different customers. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


Celcom pospaid

arsya90 Send email
Jan 1, 2017

Speed internet slow macam siput

Saya amat tidak berpuas hati dengan speed internet dan line celcom pada masa kini yang agak teruk dan slow berbanding sebelum ini. Saya melanggan internet rm50 untuk 10g tetapi dengan kelajuan yang agak perlahan membantutkan saya untuk melakukan kerja online dan berhubung sosial. Harap pihak celcom mengambil langkah sewajarnya mengatasi masalah ini sebelum ramai pelanggan nanti yang akan bertukar kearah internet provider lain. Terima kasih
AirForce Send email
Dec 31, 2016

internet burung hanyu

saya nk internet burung hantu saya balik
Farid Abdullah Send email
Dec 30, 2016

Poor internet service

Poor and low quality service but do not has own honesty or self integrity to reduce charges. If customer fail to pay, celcom would terminate service. What about celcom poor service? Do Celcom CEO and board of directors dare to give discount to customer? Never happen in Celcom history? Real broad daylight robber disguise as gentleman. No excuse for poor service although currently is under going mandatory upgrading as instructed by Malaysian Govermnent Authority.
keroro#1 Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Celcom Charge me over my credit limit without notification

I dont know why and when my mobile data will be turn on and charge me RM2400++ which already over the limits.
Celcom really like to shock people with the bill like this. Really dissapointed.
faesri Send email
Dec 27, 2016

0mb add on bal???

I just subscribed Add-On for late Night internet. Deducted my rm7 but the balance is still 0mb? Why? I'm confused. Why is still 0mb but took my credit?

pengguna celcom yang kecewa Send email
Dec 26, 2016


Celcom tipu pelanggan dengan mesej yang mengelirukan. Saya buat langganan unlimited call+internet monthly tetapi saya punya data dah habis. So, aaya buat subscription guna *118#, kemudian pilih internet. Dulu ada option untuk add internet quota. Sekarang dah takde yang ada cuma daily, weekly dan monthly. Saya pilih yang daily sebab ingat nak add on untuk sehari sahaja dimana ingat nak guna internet pada hari tu sahaja tetapi saya tak sedap hati so saya call customer service 1111. Saya tanya customer servis adakah unlimited call masih ada lagi. Mereka cakap ada tapi pakai taip SMS. Saya ok lah kalu camtu. So saya tanya masalah saya yang saya tambah daily internet adakah akan effect unlimited call saya sebab option add internet quota dah takde. So mereka cakap yang unlimited plan saya subscribe tu will be replace with daily means. Saya cakap ada cara tak retrieve langganan saya yang dulu sebab celcom tiada buat sms announce dan ini adalah technical error. Mereka minta maaf sebab mereka tak dapat nak pulangkan pelan saya subscribe yang unlimted call which mean automatic terbatal. Saya rasa kecewa dan bercampur dengan marah sebab seolah-olah celcom sengaja mengelirukan pengguna. Perkara ini bukan berlaku sekali sahaja,dulu saya subscribe internet, duit sudah potong tapi internet belum dapat lagi. Telefon celcom katanya system belum update. Perkara subscription ini bukan berlaku pada saya sahaja tetapi berlaku pada suami saya juga. Internet line slow tapi quota selalu cepat habis. Saya mohon pihak bertanggungjawab sila jalankan penyiasatan terhadap telco celcom ini. Mereka seolah-olah ingin scam pengguna dengan tipu helah pelan mereka. Terima kasih.
hmm123 Send email
Dec 24, 2016

connection problem

ini kali ke dua saya kat sini,kita bayar duit kat celcom untuk dapat perkhidmatan yang baik bukan yang macam taik ok?line slow sangat nie nak online gaming pun tk boleh,dulu ok terbaik smooth gila maxis pun tak boleh beat,tapi sekarang nie serupa haram J,tolong la update bagitau customer kalau ada apa2 ganguan connnection atau pun yang lain,kalau bab nak mencekik duit pandai pulak nak hantar msg bagai,tolong la bangun celcom baru nak naik baru dapat beat telco2 lain dah buat perangai,nak naik susah tapi kalau nak jatuh senang,teruskan buat macam tak lama lagi jadi la macam maxis,tolong la bangun nak masuk 2017 dah nie bagi kejap skit ok?
Ars Nova Send email
Dec 24, 2016

Where's Burung Hantu and why do you increase the price?

Looked like the new update that you guys put out no longer make any option to subscribe to Burung Hantu, and instead now we got Internet Larut Malam. I'm okay with that still but why the f*ck do you guys need to increase the price from Rm5 to Rm7 for a 10gb subscription?! It's bad enough that asking for a Rm5 credit loan would only resulted in us getting Rm4.50 and the 50 cent get paid as a freaking service fee (What service fee? You guys are just using bot to finish the damn job!), not to mention that we still need to pay Rm5 full by the next time we make a reload but now, you guys are going way out of line, bleeding us dry. You people at Celcom also gotten rid of free basic internet that were supposed to be there after we make a subscription that had a limited quota for high speed internet. Man, Celcom has clearly deteriorated way too much now throughout the year. I hope you guys are happy for angering every single one of your customers that used Burung Hantu which is already affordable enough at its original price and also for trying very hard to make us all poor. I wish that every one of your subscribers realized that they are being duped by such a greedy company and that may all of them purchased a new sim card that isn't provided by you. Please have a bad day and f*ck all of you.

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