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Consumer complaints and reviews about Celcom

visa Send email
Jan 2, 2017

Celcom pospaid

Good day,

Recently (24 Dec 2017) I went to Celcom Store at Jusco Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru to buy a new postpaid number. We attended a by staff name ' Li Mei ' , Staff code 832. She helped me by showing possible numbers to choose a number from the list and I choosed '019....' .She registered this number under my husband name and print the receipt as attached below for us to do the payment and asked us to wait at least 1 day to activate the line. After few days, she (called/ whatsapp ) me by saying the number I choose previously is sold to another customer and asking me to choose different number. When we went direct to the shop another Chinese guy said the system 1 Malaysia can use… My question is let’s say if 1 Malaysia use the system how come the number was choosed by me still can appear in system..? But when we checked the number in Taman Molek Celcom centre the staff said the number registered on 25th Dec 2016.. That mean 1 day after we registered .. I cant understand how a staff can sell one postpaid number to two different customers. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


Celcom pospaid

arsya90 Send email
Jan 1, 2017

Speed internet slow macam siput

Saya amat tidak berpuas hati dengan speed internet dan line celcom pada masa kini yang agak teruk dan slow berbanding sebelum ini. Saya melanggan internet rm50 untuk 10g tetapi dengan kelajuan yang agak perlahan membantutkan saya untuk melakukan kerja online dan berhubung sosial. Harap pihak celcom mengambil langkah sewajarnya mengatasi masalah ini sebelum ramai pelanggan nanti yang akan bertukar kearah internet provider lain. Terima kasih
AirForce Send email
Dec 31, 2016

internet burung hanyu

saya nk internet burung hantu saya balik
Farid Abdullah Send email
Dec 30, 2016

Poor internet service

Poor and low quality service but do not has own honesty or self integrity to reduce charges. If customer fail to pay, celcom would terminate service. What about celcom poor service? Do Celcom CEO and board of directors dare to give discount to customer? Never happen in Celcom history? Real broad daylight robber disguise as gentleman. No excuse for poor service although currently is under going mandatory upgrading as instructed by Malaysian Govermnent Authority.
keroro#1 Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Celcom Charge me over my credit limit without notification

I dont know why and when my mobile data will be turn on and charge me RM2400++ which already over the limits.
Celcom really like to shock people with the bill like this. Really dissapointed.
faesri Send email
Dec 27, 2016

0mb add on bal???

I just subscribed Add-On for late Night internet. Deducted my rm7 but the balance is still 0mb? Why? I'm confused. Why is still 0mb but took my credit?

pengguna celcom yang kecewa Send email
Dec 26, 2016


Celcom tipu pelanggan dengan mesej yang mengelirukan. Saya buat langganan unlimited call+internet monthly tetapi saya punya data dah habis. So, aaya buat subscription guna *118#, kemudian pilih internet. Dulu ada option untuk add internet quota. Sekarang dah takde yang ada cuma daily, weekly dan monthly. Saya pilih yang daily sebab ingat nak add on untuk sehari sahaja dimana ingat nak guna internet pada hari tu sahaja tetapi saya tak sedap hati so saya call customer service 1111. Saya tanya customer servis adakah unlimited call masih ada lagi. Mereka cakap ada tapi pakai taip SMS. Saya ok lah kalu camtu. So saya tanya masalah saya yang saya tambah daily internet adakah akan effect unlimited call saya sebab option add internet quota dah takde. So mereka cakap yang unlimited plan saya subscribe tu will be replace with daily means. Saya cakap ada cara tak retrieve langganan saya yang dulu sebab celcom tiada buat sms announce dan ini adalah technical error. Mereka minta maaf sebab mereka tak dapat nak pulangkan pelan saya subscribe yang unlimted call which mean automatic terbatal. Saya rasa kecewa dan bercampur dengan marah sebab seolah-olah celcom sengaja mengelirukan pengguna. Perkara ini bukan berlaku sekali sahaja,dulu saya subscribe internet, duit sudah potong tapi internet belum dapat lagi. Telefon celcom katanya system belum update. Perkara subscription ini bukan berlaku pada saya sahaja tetapi berlaku pada suami saya juga. Internet line slow tapi quota selalu cepat habis. Saya mohon pihak bertanggungjawab sila jalankan penyiasatan terhadap telco celcom ini. Mereka seolah-olah ingin scam pengguna dengan tipu helah pelan mereka. Terima kasih.
hmm123 Send email
Dec 24, 2016

connection problem

ini kali ke dua saya kat sini,kita bayar duit kat celcom untuk dapat perkhidmatan yang baik bukan yang macam taik ok?line slow sangat nie nak online gaming pun tk boleh,dulu ok terbaik smooth gila maxis pun tak boleh beat,tapi sekarang nie serupa haram J,tolong la update bagitau customer kalau ada apa2 ganguan connnection atau pun yang lain,kalau bab nak mencekik duit pandai pulak nak hantar msg bagai,tolong la bangun celcom baru nak naik baru dapat beat telco2 lain dah buat perangai,nak naik susah tapi kalau nak jatuh senang,teruskan buat macam tak lama lagi jadi la macam maxis,tolong la bangun nak masuk 2017 dah nie bagi kejap skit ok?
Ars Nova Send email
Dec 24, 2016

Where's Burung Hantu and why do you increase the price?

Looked like the new update that you guys put out no longer make any option to subscribe to Burung Hantu, and instead now we got Internet Larut Malam. I'm okay with that still but why the f*ck do you guys need to increase the price from Rm5 to Rm7 for a 10gb subscription?! It's bad enough that asking for a Rm5 credit loan would only resulted in us getting Rm4.50 and the 50 cent get paid as a freaking service fee (What service fee? You guys are just using bot to finish the damn job!), not to mention that we still need to pay Rm5 full by the next time we make a reload but now, you guys are going way out of line, bleeding us dry. You people at Celcom also gotten rid of free basic internet that were supposed to be there after we make a subscription that had a limited quota for high speed internet. Man, Celcom has clearly deteriorated way too much now throughout the year. I hope you guys are happy for angering every single one of your customers that used Burung Hantu which is already affordable enough at its original price and also for trying very hard to make us all poor. I wish that every one of your subscribers realized that they are being duped by such a greedy company and that may all of them purchased a new sim card that isn't provided by you. Please have a bad day and f*ck all of you.
ruslati Send email
Dec 23, 2016


On 9 November 2016, I ported-out my CELCOM no. 013 317xxxx to other service provider and settled my CELCOM bill accordingly.
On 22 December 2016 the new service provider highlighted that my name is blacklisted by CELCOM. I was surprised as I did not receive any notice from CELCOM on the outstanding bill and also blacklisting issue.
As a COMPENSATION to this unnecessary DAMAGE done to me, I seek CELCOM to :
1) uplift my name from the blacklisting (my name is now blacklisted by all telcos, which I don’t deserve!)
2) rescind the blacklisting and delete it from the database, please take this SERIOUSLY eventhough Celcom staff implied this is not important
3) waive the charges of RM47.70 (was paid on 22 December 2016) and should be returned to me due to the following reasons:
 I settled all my bills when I ported out my Celcom No. and CELCOM FAILED to inform on any other hidden charges.
 CELCOM FAILED to notify me on the outstanding amount neither via e-bill nor SMS
 The CELCOM website - Customer Service Online system also FAILED to show any outstanding
 CELCOM FAILED to inform me when the blacklisting took place – customer has the rights to be informed first before any action takes place pertaining to the customer’s account.
 The billing dated was on 8 November 2016 and ported out on 9 November 2016 (less than 24 hours but unfortunately CELCOM charged full month!) CELCOM is manipulating customers and cheating them. CELCOM is taking customers’ money without renting any service! CELCOM FAILED to play integrity role.

On 22 December 2016, approximately 12 noon (CELCOM - can check the telephone recording), we spoke to Khairul Ashraf and Liesha from Celcom Petaling Jaya Branch and Liesha was very disrespectful and did not want to pay attention to the customer’s issue politely. She was very RUDE! She directed us to pay otherwise the blacklisting issue will be prolonged. She did not care and did not want to listen what is the issue faced by the customer. She should NOT be entrusted to be a manager, the choice of words used are rude and discourteous. She FAILED to handle and manage customer wisely! She took the blacklisting issue very lightly and said this is not blacklisted by the bank it is only telco! What nonsense?! Put her name under the list, see whether she likes it or not.
Having said all the FAILURES CELCOM MUST compensate to what has happened. I had difficulties with other telco because of CELCOM blacklisted my name.
We have also submitted our complaint via CELCOM website but no response.

Please investigate and we hope to get favourable answer from you within 7 working days.
Thank you.
Zulhairie Send email
Dec 23, 2016

Low internet speed ..

Please fix the lagging , slow internet .. I change to celcom because it has many benefits to me earlier .. But now its really dissappoint me .. The network is so slow .. Even chat in whatsapp cannot be send due to the slow internet .. Pleasa take your action Celcom ..
nadhirah Send email
Dec 22, 2016

speed for internet

Dulu line celcom laju je. Knp skrg makin lama makin slow kelajuan internet dia. Seriusly nk buat apa pon xblh dgn line mcm ni.! Kepada CELCOM pls fix it asap!
amatx3 Send email
Dec 22, 2016

Line celcom internet 3g celcom hampeh

Aku punya rumah bukan dekat bahagian pusat bandar (kita tahu pusat bandar susah nak ada prob).. Jadi kawasan perumahan aku ni dulu line celcome sebenar cantik je.. Sebelum pakai celcom, aku pakai maxis, line makin lama makin cam sampah.. Putus2 je.. Aku tukar la celcom xpax burung hantu (lama dah, masa baru2 keluar plan tu).. Memang sedap, dengan masa tu unlimited (100gb) quota burung hantu tgh malam.. Tapi sejak dia limit kan 10gb dengan kata upgrade speed internet kasi berdesup (turbo).. Makin lama makin cam haram jadah, aku asyik restart phone / on off data je pasal line net 3g sangkut, x bergerak.. Dah tu putus2.. Walaupun signal tunjuk full bar, dan cuaca baik.. Aku rasa dah macam pakai maxis dulu.. Sial betul.. Sekarang average speed 40KB ke 70KB dan putus2.. Susah nak dapat 300KBs keatas dah, kadang tu speed tak sampai 10KBs, apa yang nak buat dgn speed under 10KBs tu?.. Kejadah nya..
Rayyan Send email
Dec 20, 2016


My sister using celcom xpax turbo same as me . Tapi saya punya internet slow gila nak mati ! My sister tu dah habis quota internet still laju gila . Saya dh la pakai iphone , pastu internet pehh , cam hampeh .. Shame on you la celcom . Mula saya tertarik sebab famili sy semua pakai celcom and diorg bgi feedback dkt saya ckp celcom laju bila surf internet . Tapi bila saya pakai je , memang unbelieveable langsung ! Serious saya menyesal gila pakai celcom . Kalau tau bende camni jadi , dah lama dah stay pakai maxis . Hampeh ..!
Azamkj Send email
Dec 20, 2016

Network cam #$-%+$&&

Baru top up data tapi xleh nk pkai pon internet celcom.
Internet bknnya slow tpi xde lgsung!!! Bila nk call customer service dh la busy , x smpat nk ckp ngan customer service dh kna mkn top up..hadoiii menyesal pkai celcom...
Kiiiki Send email
Dec 20, 2016

Can't add on plan

I can't add on plan,like video tube or facebook or anything,i can't use your internet at all,wtf
MUSTAFA Send email
Dec 19, 2016

customers service celcom macam haram jadah

Saya menyesal betul pakai celcom merujuk perkara bertarikh 19/12/16 saya telah menhubugi customer service nama norani untuk bertanya berkenaan masalah line internet....saya ad beli pekef internet 48 ringgit tapi tak masuk dalam akuan pun dh tolak.......lepas tu trai topup lagi 30ringgit dan beli lagi pekef internet pun masih sama jugak....jawapan yang saya terima masalah ganguan internet. .saya pun tanya la mcm mna degan yg saya langgan....jawapan yang dia bagi tu amat megejukan dia kata hanguh....uhuhu..padahal masalah celcom saya amat kecewa saya minta sambung kan saya dengan meneger alasan yang dia bagi menger sibuk saya minta sambung kan jugak alasan lain pulak yg dia bagi menege sibuk la menege tak la ap macam macam saya betul2 kecewa tolong hubugi saya dengan segera 0175062037
Muxxie Send email
Dec 19, 2016

First gold plus

Recently on the 17/12/16 I upgraded my package from first gold to first gold plus. They had me pay RM130. After several hours, my line stopped working as I am unable to make a call (call dropped when dialling) and my internet was disable. Until today my problem is not resolved. When I called them, it is always that they make a report la, IT is still fixing..bla....bla. I am thinking to port to other telco and demand my money back. Celcom IT department is lousy and you have third world customer service. Damn you celcom for ripping my money
Amirul Aizam Send email
Dec 19, 2016

network coverage sampah

Dear Celcom. Thank you so much for giving me the 'best' internet services. Ive never felt so happy like this before. Im paying RM108 every month for 40gb data but the connection was extremely slow. Its like living in the beginning of internet era. Loading a video will takes minimum 10 minutes. And the quality hurmm so 3gp. If download any document? Malas nak cakap. Nak download file in whatsapp kena pergi ruang tamu sbb situ yg strong.* tupon amik masa few minutes just to load a single image*
Lama dah bersabar in hoping that your team gonna do something about it as there are so many negative complaints unfortunately no action and changes have been made. So im changing to the other telco now. Yeah maybe it won't affects your profit pon. But yeah if somebody asking me which telco offering the best service, I'll never mention your company so that the person won't suffer just like me. Buat ads kemain usain bolt 💁🏻 Line macam sloth. Shame on you Celcom.
hmm123 Send email
Dec 19, 2016


line sangat slow kebelakangan ketika bermain online game,tolong selesaikan masalah ini dengan dengan secepat mungkin kerana ia merugikan wang ringgit pengguna...
justinangsm Send email
Dec 18, 2016

Celcom is a joker

i am paying Rm169 monthly for your highest and most expensive package but in return i am suffering for your turtle speed data speed for few months. still doing your fxxking maintenance and calibration work? still needhow many years to be completed? i am losing my patience same to thousands of celcom users! please act fast before we move to your competitors!
Izady Send email
Dec 18, 2016

Celcom 4g slow

Tolong la ye maintenence celcom untk baiki line dikawasan sungai besar..4g 5 bar tapi nk sent whatsapp pun xboleh.line 3g pun sme xboleh buat pape...dah sebulan dah msalah ni kerap brlaku..rugi qoata kami...
George-san Send email
Dec 18, 2016

Why the f did you limit the speed for?

Line is slow af. Pls fix this. Jangan makan gaji buta 😒
Daz Send email
Dec 16, 2016

Unwanted messages

Why does celcom think because you have a contract with them it gives them the right to send you unwanted messages at 2~3am in the morning.

This it totally unacceptable.
Maybe you can find better use of your time like trying to improve your service to your customers rather than harassment.
Anon1000 Send email
Dec 15, 2016

Line teruk

Celcom, kenapa line lembab sgt ni ?! Bila check internet kuota banyak lg, cuaca ok punya laa panas terik. Ni yg buat lg bengang ni. Please celcom, tolong perbaiki coverage or line etc anda. Sy duduk shah alam area seksyen 7 dan bukan pedalaman pun tapi stil line mcm taik kucing. Tolong perbaiki if not terpaksa tukar telco yg lg berbaloi n line bagus. ! 😬😡

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    Hi Iam malaysian concern citizen,i went to this Nail salon...
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