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elsawy Send email
Jun 25, 2014

unpaid benefit by HWU

I am a Canadian Citizen. I worked for Heriot Watt University HWU in Riccarton Campus, Edinburgh, UK, based on TWO CONTRACTS, as a Teaching Fellow.
The First Contract: a one year term employment based in Riccarton Campus, Edinburgh, UK, during the academic year of 2007/2008. I was governed by UK EMPLOYMENT LAW, ‘Employment Rights Act 1996’, and all other collective agreements applied that time. This is stated clearly in the First Employment Contract. Also, I obtained ‘UK Resident Visa’ and I was paying ‘UK Tax’.
For the duration of that year, 2007/2008, HWU sent me to Dubai in three separate teaching assignments, each of which lasted for a moth. Subsequently, I was entitled to daily travel allowances (by law) for three separate months assignments spent in undertaking the teaching assignments for HWU, away from the Riccarton Campus in Edinburgh, UK, which was the base of my employment.
Since 2007/2008, I have been requesting getting paid for my “Daily Travel Allowance Entitlements”. My request has been denied, frequently, with no justified legal ground. The First-Contract ended naturally at the start of The Second Contract.
The Second Contract was a TECOM, Dubai based contract, in 2008/2009, and 2009/2010. My employment had been terminated on February 19, 2010, with wrong dismissal. My employment termination was based on false accusation by Dr D. A. Greenhalgh (the previous Head of EPS in HWU). At the termination of the Second-Contract I was offering unfair and unexplained lum sum on the basis take it or none. I am not discussing the wrong dismissal herein.
The First-Contract ended naturally, but HWU still owe me my Daily Travel Allowance Entitlements for 90-days that incurred in the duration of the First-Contract, 2007/2008.
My Request:
Mediation between myself and the EPS at HWU, so that the school administration pays me the past due amount of my “Daily Travel Allowances Entitlements”, for the academic year 2007/2008, while as I was governed by UK Employment Law.
The numbers of days entitled for “Daily Travel Allowance” for three teaching assignments in Dubai Campus during year 2007/2008. are:
Total of Days Travelled = 31 + 31 + 28 = 90 Days
Total past due payment of Travel Allowance Entitlements (2007/2008) = 90 Days X (GBP 164.88/ per day) = GBP 14,838.90 (Plus accumulated interests)
Current Head of EPS School, at HWU:
Prof. Steve McLaughlin
Head of Engineering & Physical Sciences EPS, at HWU,
Tel: +44 (0)131 451 3082
Email: [email protected]
•DB 3.23, David Brewster Building,
Engineering and Physical Sciences EPS,
Heriot-Watt University HWU, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, UK
My Contacts:
+1 (416) 605 7828 | [email protected]

Required supporting documents will be furnished upon request

Thank you for your time and consideration
jameela86 Send email
Jun 25, 2014

maternity claim

I submitted a claim nearly 3 months ago and up till this day have not been paid a cent. The employees at UIF are totally useless. I have made hundreds on calls and have probably 200 emails going back and forth between UIF employees and myself. I am being sent pillow to post (like the rest of the people on this site).
They always seem to have an excuse as to why the claim is not finalized. Every time they ask for a document, it is sent through but it seems they are to lazy to do their jobs as I have to keep sending the same documentation through. I don't understand why it is mandatory to pay UIF when you cannot claim for it when you need to. I have paid UIF for almost 10 years and haven't claimed since. Where is my money going to? Why is UIF stalling? This is so unprofessional and unacceptable.
These consultants obviously don't understand that we have bills to pay and looking after a new born baby is not cheap.

I hope someone can get back to me ASAP regarding my complaint.
stacey Send email
Jun 24, 2014

Nobody works at department of Labour

Good day,

I have spent the majority of the last three (3) working days - as can be confirmed with the cell phone print out, trying to get hold of somebody / ANYBODY at numerous branches of department of Labour. I have made numerous calls - but guess what?! Nobody works at any of the branches, because nobody answers any of the phones. EVER!

I have phoned Western Cape, eastern Cape and Gauteng and the same story nation wide. Nobody answers the phone.

I am wishing to apply for a exception against one of the Labour Laws (there seems to be a loop hole in the "domestic worker being paid a farm workers wages" law). Yet, perhaps once the Inspector comes around and wants to penalise / fine me for not adhering to the laws, as expected - perhaps then my requests can be answered by someone.

Seriously. Close all the Labour office phone lines and set up a call centre with trained, informed people. This sort of service is non-compiling with the RSA ACT nor the RSA law for the responsibilities undertaken by the Labour department.

Makeshift1009 Send email
Jun 19, 2014


Dear Madam/Sir, I have recently registered with ufiling and have ample time tried to bulk upload the employees for Makeshift. I get a rejection email every time. I have phoned numerous times but I never get the opportunity to speak to anyone as the phone just rings and rings. I have numerous time also emailed your [email protected] but I have till now not received a response.

Please can you assist me with my dilemma.

Employer : MAKESHIFT 1009 PTY LTD
UIF Reference : 0705541/0
Alecia Send email
Jun 12, 2014


After weeks of waiting , i call the department to follow up on my application. And was "greeted" by a rude, impatient government workers (no surprise there) and was told they have a backlog of applications they they need to get before getting to my application (i submitted my application more than 5 weeks ago) ..... So automatically this becomes my problem ??????
My money that i now have to wait on, in my time of need. for all the years i have worked , and first time that i have to apply for this benefits i am treated like someone they are doing a favor for (theses government workers now).

This is after having to sit a day in the queue to hand in my application (5 weeks ago) and getting the run around to get this , do this , etc......, i have no problem waiting on their given time for it to be processed , i understand and accept it , ..... just the services is so very bad ..... its like they all have to be this rude , short tempered , impatient , too in a hurry to help, etc people.

They get paid a salary for doing their jobs ...right, .... they work decent hours .... right. If they do not like , enjoy their jobs ..... they should get something else. Seriously , why don't management fire the lot , or are they also in on having these bad attitudes.

Disgusted at their behavior ... they render a services to the public , should they not undergo some sort of training to deal with customer , should they not posses the qualities of patients , should they not sympathies with people coming for help , assistant , questions, etc??? who employs these people , are they so from beginning or end up like that after working for the government ........ i just don't see how , they work decent hours , and none of them work after hours or weeks .... strictly 7.30 to 4.30 , with their tea breaks and hour lunch . .... why does retail shops (woolies, edgars, etc) have better customer service than a government department ..... government should surely be on top of the log.

I know this has been said over and over again ...... so why are we still sitting with these incompetent, ungrateful government workers, argh

Seriously do something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
madelein Send email
Jun 10, 2014


I claimed maternaty uif 2 months ago and still havent recieved anything they full of excuses and nigel branch keeps blaming Germiston branch? what the hell are they playing for time not to pay out or what is the story? Now asking me but they see im getting a sallary.. hallo im claiming for the month i wasnt at work I had to go back to work beacase i wasnt sure how much they going to pay or even when they going to pay...
ancas Send email
Jun 4, 2014

Unpaid & now asumed overpayment of UIF

I am not even sure were to start this letter - & I hope it manages to get to the right authorities as my attempts to contact them has proved to be futile. I was on maternity leave from 23 Jan 2014 to 23 May 2014 & returned to work on 1 June 2014.

Department of labour paid me a sum of money for Feb & March, but because I received a bonus from my company they have now refused to pay me my monies for April & May. They are also demanding that I pay back the monies that was paid to me.

Firstly every month UIF is deducted from my salary so I am entitled to this money from them. The department is full of incompetent people who have thus far given me the run around. All I know is that I am not a FRAUDSTER as they have made me out to be & I want my monies as I have numerous bills to pay & thanks to the department of labour I have now got outstanding debts.

Awaiting URGENT feedback.

Fanamotaung Send email
May 28, 2014

Unpaid maternity

In 2008 I went on my maternity and to date I have not received a cent. Again on the 24/03/2014 went on maternity, likewise I'm moving from pillar to post for my money. When you go there Nicole is either not in or something. So I ask what exactly do we have to do. I can't provide for my baby and I. That place is full of incompetent people. Please do something about the issue it's really frustrating. Thank you!!
mogwase Send email
May 28, 2014

UIF nt paid acording to the aproved form I signabour

I was working fidelity group for 20years and retrenged last year
I claim uif at Rustenburg and was aproved for 8 month bt I only
paid 5 month on 24 April when I supmit I was not paid and I
supmit again on 19 may I was not paid again when I quiry I was
Told that is Panding. I'm still in the sistem as I working they have
To take me out of the sistem , how long it take to remove
The person frm the sistem? Who must take me off frm the sistem?
Me or the compony I was working or is labour departmebt
Must do it ? How long must I wait for my past 2 month payment?

Looking forward you replay

France T Mogwase
Atlastfarm Send email
May 21, 2014

UIF loophole

I recently was retrenched, however I am unable to claim / or been told my application will be declined bed on the following information:

1) my u19 form and documents from work all have my maiden surname.
2) my bank confirmation letter has my maiden name
3) my ID book has my maiden name
4)nothing has been changed into my marriage surname as I am still waiting for department of home affairs to send me my new ID book and have been advised it can take up to 8 months.
5) the post office and or bank institutions cannot open a bank account in my marriage surname, based only on my marriage certificate, they too need the new id book with my married surname.

Therefore I am unable to claim my money and I must suffer even though accordingly to legislation I am entitled to my uif.
Department of labour refuses to help me because my name on the system is my married surname and my documents are in my maiden surname - no one is ingested in helping me or assisting in this loop hole has UIF has and has not yet rectified, as I believe I am one of Manu cases of women in this same situation.

[email protected]
Ash Send email
May 20, 2014

Boksburg uif department clueless and unhelpful

We have submitted my UIF forms to the Boksburg department in January and were told that everything had been submitted, we didn't know we needed to receive a receipt of submission. After several revisits and 4 months later I have received no payment and we have been told that I get paid sufficiently and therefore they cannot process my forms. What crap is this? Sounds like fraud. Awaiting feedback .... But not expecting much back. We pay our taxes and uif every month and this is the treatment and result!
hennie Send email
May 20, 2014

No payments

After loosing my job I went to the UIF offices in Vereeniging,I waited in line for two and a half days.They submitted my forms and asked for my previous employers UI-19 forms.They received it in Febraury and haven't esubmitted it till today its been 4 months.Ive been going there twice a month with no success.Ive laid complaints numerous times.They just dont care
candice.debeer Send email
May 9, 2014


Although i submitted all my forms on time i have now been back at work for over a moneh and have still not received a single UIF payment for my maternity leave.
The 6 month cut-off is approaching and i am going to be in a situation where i am unable to claim these funds at all soon.
I dont know what to do or who to call as all avenues that i have explored have been unsuccessful.
We depend greatly on receiving those funds.

Hopeless, please help.
nikiwe Send email
May 6, 2014


Department of Labour
Complaint description I SUBMITTED my documents for UIF Maternity at Department of Labour Alberton on the 06/03/2014 was advised to follow up after 28 days which I did but I got no feedback till I returned to work in 22 April 2014. my debts are in arrears I need that money to pay them as I will only get paid month end of May. This money is meant to look after me and the baby while I’m at home with no salary.Solution description I want them to give me my money. I have been paying that money and its rightfully mine!!. Regards
brendaramouthar Send email
May 2, 2014

Maternity benefits

Because of the laws of our wonderful country, Being on maternity leave means I only get 50% of my salary and the other half I have to apply and sign for maternity unemployment benefits. I was 38 weeks pregnant and had to go join a queue to apply, only then to be told they cant do it now because they might loose my forms and i must come back next week... the ffg monday i had my baby so my husband had to go join the queue again to do my application. He did and after confirming everything was okay I got a form stating i must come back on the 28th April(which was a public holiday!!) to sign. I had to leave my 6week baby with a friend, went to the dept offices, stood in the queue for , wait for it , from 08h00 to 15h30, yes for 7.5 hours, i cant believe it myself, only then to be told its not processed and i must come back on the 14th May. What nonsense is this?? what do i do now to pay my debts and buy food for my baby. The officials in the dept office couldnt care less, as long as they getting paid at the end of the month, they couldnt bother about anyone else.
Being a civil servant myself its very dissappointing
vmava Send email
Apr 26, 2014

Unpaid UIF for Maternity

I'm a mom of a 6wks & a 4 yrs old, & I'm on maternity leave since the 20th of February 2014. I've been waiting for the letter of confirmation from the department since then, when I went there for enquiries they told me I should wait for at least 8 weeks from the day I submitted my forms. Why is the waiting period is this long? When ever I call the number (041 506 5000) which they gave to me for enquiries, there's no one answering the phone. Now that the baby is born & I don't have a nanny yet, I can't keep on driving to the dept of labour with the baby for enquiries. My most concern is that I'm financially broke, I can't even pay my depts. I think all this & the way department of labour is handling this matter is not right & it's definately not fair...
vmava Send email
Apr 25, 2014

Unpaid UIF for Maternity

I'm a mom of a 6 weeks + a 4 years old, & I have not receive my UIF money yet only because I'm still waiting on the letter they told me that I will receive within 8 weeks from the day I went to submit my forms... My maternity leave started on the 20th of February 2014. When ever I call the number (0415065113) they gave me for enquiries, nobody's picking the phone up & I can't keep on driving over to the department for enquiries with a 6 wks old... My most concern is that I'm broke financially & I can't even pay my debts, it's really stressing... I don't even understand why the waiting period is too long, it doesn't make sense because we really need this money & our employers do not wait to deduct this money each & every month from our salaries... I think this is not fair...
Motshedisi Send email
Apr 10, 2014


I would like to raise my concerns regarding the department of labour in Vereening - firstly the staff are extremely rude, from the security guards to the helpdesk agent who i unfortunately always get through to - he never even mentions his name, and secondly i have been sent from pillar to post regarding my maternity UIF and i have not received a cent of the money that by the way i have been contributing monthly - nobody ever has an answer for any of my questions

My forms keep getting misplaced, i have submitted them to the department three times already since December - with still no luck. What fraustrates me more is the fact that i need to keep calling 016 430 0000, using money i do not have. I was on unpaid maternity leave, could not keep up with any payments forcing me to return to work a month earlier.

I was told to call back in two weeks the last time i was there and when i did call Nicole Kisten back in two weeks so check if my application was approved, she told me i did not submit my forms, which i hand delivered to her and that i should resend them again.

This is getting annoying as it is money i do not have to keep calling and driving there, i have lost all hope of ever receving the money and catching up with payments, my credit record stinks thanks to their staffs incompetency, not forgetting how we constantly have to endure their rudeness, quiet frankly im appauled by their attitudes - i hope someone can SOMEDAY, ONE DAY soon do something to change the current situation at that department, its fraustrating to say the least
cindy01 Send email
Apr 8, 2014

They refuse to payout martinity benefits

Good day

My cleaning lady went on martinity leave in January 2014, we have submit all the forms to the office, and every month she wants to claim they been telling her they did not received any of my documents, its been send by email, which I have proof of that it was send. try to call them, but was given diffrent numbers to phone, I phone all the numbers, nobody is picking up the phone.

Can somebody please tell me what must we do, so she can get her money.

I feel very sorry because she got a small baby and nobody
lindy Send email
Mar 14, 2014



hlongwro Send email
Mar 7, 2014

Maternity UIF unpaid

I have applied for maternity leave on the 05 dec 2013 and was told to check the first payment on within 4 to 6weeks which I did and was told to bring the confirmation letter from my previous company which I did and it was on the 28 jan 2014 .I kept on calling them and they kept on telling me to give it a week or 2 till today I haven't received my first payment .when I call them again yesterday they told me to come today which I did and the woman who was helping me was very rude she didn't even bother to check my files or to check on the system she just told me to wait till month end even though its 3months already and she told me to leave because there is nothing that they could do.
Wanita Send email
Mar 4, 2014


One of our ladies who lost her job as the company went into liquidation went through to the Randburg Offices.

There she was informed other forms were outstanding.

Due to the fact that no one answered the phone in Randburg, we called the Roodepoort office and a lady by the name of Elmarie assisted us. After advising me of the forms needed in order to claim UIF I was given an email address together with a fax number. She confirm that she received all forms via email but unable to print as the printers were out of order.

Eventually sending the forms again on the 25th, they were not given to the name (Elmarie) market on the front covering letter. One can call 300 times a day, and only 5 times will they answer.

Today, 3rd March, she stated that she will have a look for the fax and call me back within 20 minutes (as she always says) - and then se doesn't. Try calling and the number eventually get disconnected.

We all contributed monthly towards the UIF and if we did not need our "returns" we would not have applied.

Thank you
phumzile Send email
Feb 20, 2014

Bed service from the Help Desk- Labour

On 19 February 2014, time 9:30 am at Department of Labour in NEWCASTLE. I have receive the bed service from MR NYANDENI he was working in the help desk.
I greet MR NYANDENI I tell him that I come for the first time to apply for the UIF, after that he go out about 5 minute without helping me or inform me that his coming back. I wait for him he cam back and ask me what I was saying. I told him again that is my first time to came to apply fore the UIF. He just look at me and after few minute he told me to go back to the line, to start a line again with no reason why have to go back to the line. I never get help in Help Desk I end up going home and I will never go back to that place. Department must put the employee who knows how to communicate and respect people in the HELP DESK. We are all equal no one is better.
From: Phumzile Maureen
LizGray49 Send email
Feb 18, 2014

Unfair overtime not compensated

I have been working for a Company called Omnia in Bryanston. I have almost 1000 hours overtime, week day, Saturday and Sunday time, which they refuse to look at and come to some sort of an agreement about. I need some advise on what to do. I have the normal standard contract, which does include overtime, but nothing has been stipulated, as to the overtime hours to be worked.
sekais Send email
Feb 15, 2014

Non payment of salaries

Advisor Progressive college has branches in Nelspruit Wit bank, Middle burg. the college has a high tendency of not paying the workers, the workers are paid half salary most of the time, than salary owed to workers accumulates each month. Employees are given fixed term contracts, when your contract is about to expire or expires and you are owed salary balances the employee is not paid instead your contract is not renewed, and you are replaced, with a new employee and the process continues again. This process has been going on for 7 years. Some report the matter to the department of labour, some times they get their money sometimes not. Surely this is human exploitation and should not be allowed in the new south africa. The relevant department surely must investigates the matter and enforce the labor law that govern non payment. If you report the matter to the wit bank labor office it takes long for the matter to be resolved, as such workers from this college are discourage from reporting their cases

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