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Derrick523 Send email
Jan 27, 2023

Claim Payout

I'm fed up with MIBFA and their never ending stories. I'm still waiting for my payout which I submitted in September already but up until today they are still spinning me stories regarding MY money. Customer Service is pathetic but I swear they won't hear the last of me. I'm about to go the legal route to get my money from them. They'll be hearing from my lawyer soon.
Speterson Send email
Jan 16, 2023


submitted my documents on the 9th of November 2022.
I was told to call back after 6 weeks , I called back, and I was told its still in progress.
Today 16/01/23 I called back and again I’m told its in progress and that I should call next week. Today its 11 weeks and to my understanding in the duration of the 6 weeks payout was supposed to be made.

The service is pathetic and every person I speak to has a different reason/excuse. I am fed up with these people. They are causing me nothing but stress for MY OWN MONEY!!!!
Speterson Send email
Jan 16, 2023


I submitted my documents on the 9th of November 2022.
I was told to call back after 6 weeks , I called back, and I was told its still in progress.
Today 16/01/23 I called back and again I’m told its in progress and that I should call next week. Today its 11 weeks and to my understanding in the duration of the 6 weeks payout was supposed to be made.

The service is pathetic and every person I speak to has a different reason/excuse. I am fed up with these people. They are causing me nothing but stress for MY OWN MONEY!!!!
ZaheerRykliff Send email
Dec 7, 2022

Claim Payout

I applied for my provident fund back in August until today I am still going back n forth with mibfa I've been up and down .
Mibfa is causing me financially& emotionally strain . The guy who has been assisting me has absolutely no clue what his doing .

First issue : The bank mandate is a copy and not original I sent them original documents and it still wasn't good enough
Second Issue: Thyme bank account is not valid due to bank stamp BUT on the thyme bank confirmation letter there is a stamp
Third Issue: Need to open a new bank account went to open a new bank account especially for Mibfa
Forth Issue : I need an affidavit stating Im no longer using Thyme Bank im using Capitec
Fifth Issue : I sent them the affidavit they wanted another one
Sixth Issue: They need a marriage certificate
Seventh Issue: The original application form is a copy they need the original one and this needs to be delivered to the branch

at this point i feel like mibfa is refusing to pay me my money
i warned them i will be taking things further this is unacceptable
they on purposely making things difficult
Dietsman Send email
Oct 11, 2022


Mibfa is the worst company when it comes to telling lies!!!!!!!
Bad customer service aswell

Who can I call to find out what is happening to my claim??

Dieter MArquardt
Dietsman Send email
Oct 11, 2022


Mibfa is the biggest liars and gives the worst customer service ever....
Deffirent story everytime I call them and still I am in the dark because I dont know what is going on with my pay out..

What can I do too find out cause nobody can give me an answer

Dieter Marquardt
Eucledus Send email
Jul 4, 2022

Profident funds

Scribante consultant they deduct monies from my 4 night salaries last year but never payed me and said I don't have privifident funds but it reflected on my payslip.please help
Edwardwv Send email
Jun 22, 2022

No payout of unclaimed benefitd

In 2016 I have discovered that my late father have unclaimed benefits at MIBFA as he work in the industry since the 80's to Early 2000
First they needed a letter of authority.
Got that sorted.
By 19 May 2021 I hand delivered all the documents to MIBFA in Anderson street Johannesburg.
I waited until July then I started to contact them.
I received a email stating that the case is with a assessor but the whole process will take 12 Months.

I let it go till January this year. Then I asked for the contact details of the assessors.
SannaM is the assessor. Very fast was I informed that some documents were short. So I did send it to here.
That was by March , now if I try to contact he. She doesn't respond.

If anybody can assist please WhatsApp me on 0764340328 or email [email protected]
Sesana Send email
Jun 13, 2022

Delays in reinstating my mom

My mother was not paid in April 2022. When I enquired I was told she needed to submit proof of existence. You just don't cut off a person without notifying them. Any way I did submit the form on the 26th of April. I have since been making enquiries about payment because I was told I needed to wait for 3 to 4 weeks. It's June now and I am still waiting.
Itumakwela Send email
Apr 26, 2022

No payment

My father passed on in 2018. March 2019 we applied for his death benefits. All documents were submitted but we still have not received his full benefit. Marco an agent from Mibfa has different stories each time we follow up.
Itumakwela Send email
Apr 26, 2022

Still wawitn for death benefits

My father passed on in 2019. We applied for his death benefits March 2019. Everything was sent through till today we haven't received his full benefits. MIBFA agents have different stories each time we enquire.
Pappade Send email
Jan 16, 2022


I am complain on behalf of my niece who applied for payout 2 years ago for my late brother everything has been summited. we were told to wait and its been almost two years my brother passed away two years ago.

We have been calling every month and we are told wait its been sent to the board we getting no feedback at all and child need uniform for the new year its been almost two years since we lodge the claim. Can anyone assist please we are i desperate situation now any help is welcome because MIBFA has no plans to do this payout.

My late Bother Name is Bafana Jikingqina, ID Number :8903146149080 he was NUM shop Stuart at Kusile Power station.
Mamoya m Send email
Nov 12, 2021

Little payout

I'm writing on behalf of my aunt..her son passed away September 2020,and she made a claim in June 2021 ..she got a payout of 23000 she was told that's the only payout she won't be getting more,she's not happy with what she got even though her son was not working at the time of his death but he has been in the metal industry for over 15 years contributing to the provident fund and as far as we know he never claimed while he was still alive..we still has payslips of the contributions. So we would like to understand how come he got so little.
Heno Send email
Nov 9, 2021

No update of my claim

I have applied for my engeneering pension fund have not revieved anycallback nothong from mibfa .its been 3montha now
[email protected] Send email
Oct 26, 2021

provident fund claim

I have submitted my provident fund claim in September 2021 I did a follow up today to as how far my claim is, only to find out today after 6weeks that my claim has been put on hold due to my I'ddocument I did application with my new I'd and they want the old I'd document that's not in my possession that I lost years back I got a copy still of that document and sended and wasn't good enough I'm currently unemployed and they insist for a new I'd that I should go for and resubmit my application
Green Send email
Oct 5, 2021

Non compliance

I have applied for my profident fund since June. Was told to get certain forms stamped and send via courier witch I did. Then I was phoned again and told to send some more stamped forms witch I did again and courier by Aramax..2 weeks later I phoned and a lady cayleigh told me they lost my documents,again I was told to send some more forms,I did again..then I got a email from seanne saying "Wrong Papers""What email is that? I did all they asked for send all the right document after ""they lost my documents"" and could not even tell me. I have to date send Cayleigh 2 emails and Seane 17 emails and still no response. How in the hell are these people in the positions they are if they cannot do their jobs?? At least awnser a person back.!
JT van Jaarsveld Send email
Jul 6, 2021

Progress on payment

Hi there , I applied for my pension fund pay out in January this year , at the 19/01/2021 was received, on 08/03/2021 phoned again , at auditing department , on 25/3/2021 need banking details so i send that via fax, then a problem on the two bank accounts mention on application , need Affidavit, send with banking details from bank , affidavit not stating the other account not to be used send again, and again at 06/06/2021 , ever sins send e-mails phoned no response, now received e-mail that it will be send to post department for claim, if some one can contact me via email at [email protected]
We are now at 7 months and nothing is happening

John Thomas van Jaarsveld
ID 6509155056082
Wanda7 Send email
Jun 29, 2021

Unclaimed benefits

In March I discovered my father got a pension fund with the metal industries which was never claimed. He worked the in the 1990's. He passed away 4 years ago, in 2017. I sended my documents in, everything went fast. They then requested documents from my sister, which she sended in. I received my first payment end of May. I phoned them and said my final payment is at payout and I will receive it soon. One week later when I phoned them, the claim is back with the board of trustees. Its a month later and its still wkth the board of trustees. This is unclaimed benefits that belonged to my father. For 20 years they didnt try to trace him to pay it out to them or even trace us. Up until today we dont know how much money it is. They are not allowed to tell us how many money is lying in the fund. This is really unacceptable. This money has been lying there for 20 years, why is it taking so long to pay out and why are they not telling us how much it is. I need alk the help I can get to take this futher.
My fathers details
JC Dreyer
Id nr 590915 516 4087

F I dont get feedback within 24 hours,I will go to the media wkth this.
[email protected]
Wanda7 Send email
Jun 29, 2021

Unclaimed benefits

In March 2021, I Wanda Dreyer (id nr 831126 0004 083) discovered my father got a unclaimed pension fund with the metal industries. He worked there in the 1990's. And he passed away in 2017. I sended through my documents, and everything went well and fast. The asked for my sister also to send in her documents and she did in May. End of my I got a payment from them, which I was told that was the first pahment, and I will receive the rest shortly. Since then me and my sister has been phoning them, and all feedback we get is that it is with the board of the trustees, they dont know what is going on. Its been more than a month now with the trustees. And this is not a normal death claim. This is unpaid benefits that was never claimed. He passed on in 2017, and no ne ever tried to get hold of him since he left 20 year ago. And now they take so long to finalize this. They cant ven tell us how much it is. Please sort it out or I will take it futher with my lawayrs.
May 27, 2021


My aunt ceased from receiving her pension fund since February 2021. I tried numerous occasion to call the office, the person who response hang me for number hours claiming to be transferring me to the relevant office. It happened for number of days where I find myself wasting a lot of airtime, secondly I emailed required documents but ended up with zero response. I further posted a fast mail documents but nothing up to now.

Please assist to track the progress on the matter.

Track by pension number 7007/0006/00079462/02.

Should there be additional information required please contact at my email address for further contact details.

Yours Faithfully

Khobani M.M
Janboshoff Send email
Apr 9, 2021

Non payment of existing pension

Good day everyone my dad is 82 he always received his pension fund from mibfa then February nothing I his son contacted mibfa response was my dad needed to fill in forms that he is still alive done all necessary paperwork only response from mibfa is updated still no money please let us know what's happening thanks Jan
Janboshoff Send email
Apr 9, 2021

Non payment of existing pension

Good day

How is it possible that at 82 years old I have received my pension from MIBFA and now for the last two months no payment received . After numerous emails and countless phone calla of which all is useless as there is no help no replies no results I am trying this route. I have contacted the adjudicaters for MIBFA with also no joy. When I paid my pension premuim every month it had to be on time but receiving my money back is a huge problem. Im in need of medical treatment every month and I do have to eat its been over 2 months now .please can someone respond to me . I wait in earnest for a positive reply

Thank you
Vincent Sitwayi Send email
Mar 17, 2021

Taking long to pay my money

Hi good people
My concern is that, if you check there are lot of people struggling and complaining about MIBFA but we are not doing anything about it. Guys this is our money we talking about here, it's NOT SASSA money it's our freakin money, this bloody government can't do this to us. I mean they've been taxing us thousands of Rands for crap and now we struggle to get something that belongs to us. No man let's expose MIBFA to special assignment or Speak out, if not let's much to their bloody office in Johannesburg. Kanti fanele senze njani na kulo rhulumente, why our government is working against their poor people?
Juds Send email
Feb 9, 2021

Ill health bennefits

I was boarted because of my lungs worked 24 years in motor industry as a spraypainter they only paid out 17 000 nothing more hom must i live cant work because of my health please help me 0763067200
Kele1475 Send email
Feb 4, 2021

Claim payment

Good day

In 2019 I claimed for father who past on 4decades ago...To my surprise the system picked him up and I was asked to proceed with claim at first I was told the claim would be a death benefit.

They came back again and told me that my father had absconded from work therefore the claim would be paid as a withdrawal benefit. I then wrote a letter to the board of trustees asking the claim be put on hold as I wasn't satisfied with the findings they had made I argued that my father died on a Sunday which the previous Friday he was present at work.
Mibfa took it upon themselves to correct the claim which was redirected from a death withdrawal to a death benefit claim I was then issued an estimate statement of the monies due to the claim. December 2020 they wrote me a letter stating that my father had 3 months outstanding payments towards his provident fund therefore he doesn't qualify a death benefit and the estimation is incorrect which is much lower then the one they had provided me with.
I wrote back to them stating my dis satisfaction and a lot of inconsistencies dealing with them I then ask for a accurate statement that is due to that claim since 12 December 2020 till February 2021 I haven't heard nor communicated with Mibfa.... As I could see there was something dodgy with the claim... As I only wanted them to provide me accurate information and they have since gone quite.. As I have all the relevant papers to show how I wrote the board of trustees...

How can I take this matter forward to force Mibfa to do right by my father's claim

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