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Consumer complaints and reviews about MIBFA

Anton. Send email
May 19, 2017

Provident fund not paid out

On 30 of March I did give all my forms in to pay my provident fund out, they said on that day they got everything what they needed to pay my provident fund out and they give me a receipt to say so , Because I resigned and my next employer doesn't use a provident fund, but a pension fund. I did phone mibfa they say they do not have my banking details and my proof of my residency. I waited almost two months for payment and still today they didn't pay the funds out. I do not have time to take off from work because it is a new work. They should have advised me from the beginning all the documents that they need. Now they do not even want to give me an email address so that I can sent them the necessary documentation that they apparently does not have. I did gave a bank stamped from the bank of my account number and I also gave them my proof of residency.

If you need the receipt, I will scan it and email it.

Please can you help me with my inquiry.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
Anton Stephen Engelbrecht.
Martinnel Send email
May 17, 2017

Surplus Delay

My Complaint is not as a result of any problem i have it is the way you are doing it and i will explain so i can get help or be helped in a way it makes sense I applied for my Surplus in May 2016 i was requested documents which was send then on 2017 March i called to hear i was told no you need to prove to us you are who you are via the Hanis online verification and as the documents stated "We therefore request the Department of Home Affairs to assist the fund by providing Mr./Mrs NEL MARTINUS JACOBUS Hanis online verification." I called home affairs and they told me to go to my bank and obtain verification there as if i need to open an account with FNB it is all linked and the only way i can obtain a bank account is to be verified so i opened a new account got FICA at the bank with my home address and ID verification and proof on DHA as verified. I made copies of all the documents and send it MAY 2017 i called them after i received a sms they received my documents . I was then told no i need to complete a new form which will prove my home address to them as the info i send is not good but remember a bank opened an account on my proof as FICA so they will resend me this document so i can complete it but now i need to drive all the way to JHB to hand in my documents and i need to bring with the form of proof of address and the Hanis online verification that i need to go to Home Affairs again to prove i am who my ID say which i had done at the bank already so in all this i new have to redo all go to Home affairs to obtain the same document send to them already and then take it to them when i asked why i need to drive there the lady said to prove your address to us and when you get to the office just tell them you here to provide proof of banking now people in all fairness if you have all the documents required from an institution recognized by Home affairs to prove i am who i am with address why do i still need to do all of this now for the 3rd time and then drive all the way to JHB to hand in the same documents again doe sit make any sense or is it just to delay payments to me or to stuff me around because they can. A note a friend died we requested his surplus before his death his Widow send documents to claim money after his death to her account and was paid out so now i ask the question why do i need to do all this 3 times and still do not get my money

Martin Nel
Martinnel Send email
May 17, 2017

Payout of Surplus

I have made a claim in 24 May 2016 with all documents required from us i did not hear from any one till i called in 2017 March when i was told i need to prove who i am by sending a Hanis online verification which needs to be done via the Home Affairs office we have done this even proving the DHA result sheet from the bank on the bank account i had to open, I resend it all again on the 24 March 2017 nothing i called again and was told they received it but its not accepted as my address needs to be verified and i need to bring in all the send documents i have been sending costing me money every time as well but now i need to take all the documents including the Hanis online verification and proof of my address which was used to open a FNB bank account with verification on the home affairs that was send via post to the head office in JHB , I now need to take all the documents and drive all the way to the MIDFA office to prove who i am to have my money paid out to me , i do not understand the on and off delays the information send was done as requested one can not open a bank account if not verified via fingerprints that you are who you are i have been FICA at the bank on my address and verified with all the documents i have send to MIBFA but after all this i still have to drive with the same documents to the head office to ensure as the lady said to verify your bank and address. I am prepared to do all this but it just seems that the way and delays of paying out money is made very difficult where they have all the info dated stamped by SAP and Bank and home Affairs but no i need to drive the same document to the office which i feel is ridiculous as they have the ability also to ensure that what they get it not fake. All that needs to be done is verify what you have and pay out the money as it is due to me and they have all the proof and copies that is accepted by banks but not by them i would dearly like someone to explain the real delay and reason for now driving all the way when all documents was posted 3 times.

Mr M J Nel
ahnele Send email
May 15, 2017

Wrong information

I have been working for this company from 2008 and i claimed my provident funt this year. the problem is that they put fewer days on the thant worked on the form, for example instead of 26 days worked they put 20 only for the last three months worked. and i believe this had a huge bearing on the amount I received! how do i get this reviewed?
Duduzile Send email
May 12, 2017

Disgusting inadequate service

I've been in contact with these incompetent individuals for the past month for a claim that was submitted in September 2016 already.
Not only are the staff members rude but their incompetence hails supreme.
NO ONE IN THIS DEPARTMENT ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Fire the whole lot because clearly they do not value their jobs!! Your department acts as if it takes 10 years to update someone's banking details and just process a bloody claim! I work at a bank and the amount of excuses and negligence your company possesses is disgusting, appalling and just down right unprofessional. Review your work ethics all of you before someone chooses to burn your buildings down.
cindzo Send email
May 11, 2017


Does it help complaining. they ignore us as if we are dogs. I think we should arrange a march to there offices.
BenLombard Send email
May 8, 2017


Receiving no reply on a registered letter sent by our firm regarding the surplus amount and received by Mibfa on 22 March 2017;
Our clients have been struggling and waiting years for the amount and to get it paid out, after being told that they need to obtain a Letter of Authority from the Master so the clients instructed our firm of attorneys to obtain the Letter of Authority from the Master, but in order for us to do this, we need the surplus amount to state same in the Inventory to the Master.
Without this amount and a certificate from Mibfa confirming the amount, the deceased estate cannot be reported and the Letter of Authority cannot be issued.
We URGENTLY request that the surplus amount together with a confirmation letter/certificate from Mibfa be sent to our firm.

contact: Carien Louw Incorporated Attorneys
082 322 8869
Annelize nel Send email
May 2, 2017

waiting period and original documentation

Last year December 2016 I submitted all completed documentation to my company and they have send it trough to MIBFA 3 times already. I have spend hundreds of rand's phoning MIBFA because they just don't care about there clients. I have phoned them last week Monday(24/04/2017) to follow up again, which they again informed me that they did not received my documents. While I have proof of acknowledgement that they did receive my documentation early in the new year of 2017.
Now its been 6 months already, and I just cant help to think who is benefiting from this company? is MIBFA claiming interest on the clients money to enriched there own well-being????? I think this is really unprofessional and ridiculous of such a big company.... Can someone please advise me what is my next step in order to get my claim?
When i contributed to MIBFA there was no waiting for you(MIBFA) to get your money every month, but now that i want my money i have to wait for more than 6 months to get my money back.
Dinomuniz Send email
Mar 31, 2017


I am currently bussy for three years with a claim from the surplus fund. This morning I have spoken to zanale ,Simon and ALU all of which had a different version of my claim. One says there is a ln outstanding amount payable to me in the provident fund the other says there is nothing available but they can see that there was a claim opened on the surplus claims. Why are they so confused if they all ask me to give my ID number and are seing my details and information. All of these people have tried to put me through to surplus line but invain. I dought if this complaint will assist me as I have tried to resolve this matter for way too long now. I have spend countless hours on the line waisting so much time and money I don't know if it is worth the effort. I was told there is no turn around time. I must be patient.
Could someone please assist in this regard. Contact details are
Dino Muniz
Knox Abrahams Send email
Mar 23, 2017

Payout of Surplus

I have been calling MIBFA for the last 4 since 2013 to date, have submitted certified copies of bank statements, proof of ID, and all other that was required. Every time I call I have been told the claim is with the supervisor. Today I was told it has been paid out in 2014. There is no proof of this payment and claims department refuse to provide me with any payment details. We have been sending paperwork to MIBFA continiously, but still knocking against a brick wall. Question, is there some one who can escalate this beyond the customer service or supervisor. When asked to speak to a supervisor I get told they have left the office. I am repeatedly requested to submit all certified documents time and again. How ever number of ocassions that I have submitted it seems to be the same story that they have not received paperwork. To who has this money been paid to? Will this complaint fall on deaf ears or does one have to take this further.

L Abrahams
njabulojoyous Send email
Mar 15, 2017

provident fund


I made the application 18 November 2016 till now I am not paid I went to home affairs four times because I was told my ID is not clear
I must get the hanis home affairs told me they don't put the id photo on the Hanis. But home affairs told me if my finger prince is there
shoudnt be a problem. I have been waiting for Ester to call me since two weeks now to come back to me and tell me what are the auditor saying about my Hanis.

Please assist me I need the money .


Njabulo Gumede

Bhekumuzi Send email
Mar 13, 2017

Have been waiting for my provident payout bt nothing

I have been waiting for my provident fund payout, I have been told to wait two weeks but nothing, and again gave them a call again and was told to wait another two weeks. What worries me are the accounts I have that need to be paid,the bank and to feed my family but with no income I fail to do such things and soon il be black listed n have a bad record. I dont know what to do. I really need help. It stresses me alot

Your truly
Mr Bhekumuzi Manana
antjies1 Send email
Feb 19, 2017

death claim

Hi i just wanna know how long do i still have to wait for my fathers death claim money to pay out i really need that money urgent before 23feb2017 please. I put in the claim 23november2016 and they said 2months its going in for3months now. Please guys i need it ASA
PVZ Send email
Feb 10, 2017



My father died at age 80 (not working any more) whilst still receiving a pension. I am the only child and he was divorced from a second marriage. My own
mother died years ago. I am the beneficiary in his will.

Please advise if his pension is transferrable to me and what forms should be filled with MIBFA/MEIPF

Thank you
Your urgent answer will be appreciated.

Roxzaan Send email
Feb 7, 2017

Waiting on my late fathers surplus

Its been a very long time my mother is struggling to get my fathers money. Everytime we phone they have another story. Phoned in yesterday they cant find my mothers bank form. She told me they going email her a bank mandate form. That was yesterday and still nothing. Please my mother really need this to be sorted out.

Roxzaan Carelsen
chanslo Send email
Feb 6, 2017

I need my claim paid out pleasw

Good day Mibfa, I have submitted my claim on the 4 of Jan 2017, I do know it's not been a long date to wait,but me and my family do need the money as we do not have anything to eat, I called your jhb offices thrice one guy said it'll be paid in by the 10th of Feb 2017, the I phoned again today and was told it will be paid before the en of this month then I called again just to make sure, then I was told that it will take 7 to 14 days, I just need to know when it will happen because we now have to borrow money from family just to get by and something to eat...

Kind Regards
Christopher Hanslo
I.D 8406275234087
Jacques.smit Send email
Jan 31, 2017

Surplus fund

Good day,

I applied for my Surplus claim payout, I hand delivered my documents to the JHB branch. on the 29/06/2016. I was advise to phone in a months time by the NOT SO FRIENTLY STAFF for the following 4 months the answers I got was the Fax is down we are of line phone in two weeks. Mibfa will email me my Bank Mandate form for two months I waited and phoned to get my Bank mandate in October 2016 Justin Paul <JustinP@mibfa.co.za> emailed me the Bank Mandate form
I then post the Bank Mandate to Mibfa on the 01-11-2016 I received an sms by Mibfa to confirm that they received my bank mandate form for assessment I waited a month no answers from Mibfa I then phoned on the 8 of December 2016 and the reply was it is in the proses and I should get my money in the next couple of days I then phoned on the 20 Jan 2017 and the answer once again it is with the finance department for payment I was told over the phone to call back in two weeks. when I phoned this morning 31 Jan 2017 I was once again told by Langa That I must phone back in two weeks Langa the representative of Mibfa told me I must just remember that I am not the only person waiting for my money there is other people also waiting for there money and that the finance department is doing there best now. I am not sure but I think 4 months is a very long time.to give me a direct answer

It looks like Mibfa is delaying the proses on purpose if you ask the operators to put you through to the Finance department they will cut you of put the phone down and refuse to transfer your call to the finance department

The latest is I will be contacted by Mibfa to confirm my banking details when ask when we don't know but soon

MIBFA is doing everything to avoid paying out this money

If you read the complains list on Mibfa web site it is clear that not just me but a lot of other people also complain exactly over the same thing Mibfa is delaying payment .In October 2016 I took my forms in to the JHB branch the staff of Mibfa was not very help full a specially if you can not speak the staffs language

juanon Send email
Jan 30, 2017

MIBFA - Surplus Claim Payout Delay

Good day,

Did apply for Surplus claim payout, and hand delivered all docuemtation to your Johannesurg offices on 06/05/2016. After one month off submittion I a start to follow up, and for the next 4 months I will received answers like it is esculated, phone next month, system currently down, phone tomorrow, file is open they busy working on it, evertyhing is approved - it wil takes about 3 weeks for payout.... When I phone back again after a month and by the 5th month already past from submittion date, they advise me they want a Letter of Authority that states the Suprlus Amount and not the Letter of Authority I did submit - in your docuemtation it only state "'Letter of Authority"?

While I did awaits the revised Letter of Authority I spoke with 3 diffrent Agents to confirm how to submit the Letter of Authority - and all 3 confirm I can fax the documentation and supply me of a fax number. I did send you the fax on 05/01/2017. On 06/01/2017 your Callcentre Agent confirm that they did received the fax, on 12/01/2017 I phone again to follow up, and the Callcentre Agent said the next step is a telephone call from your offices to verify the banking details, and payment should not take longer than 3 weeks.

When I did not received that call from your offices, I phone back on 27/01/2017 just to be informed that faxes are not excepted anymore, I must submit or post the Letter of Authority. Really???? Everytime it is something else - everytime the "rules keep on changing"??? This will be now the 3rd time I need to go to Johannesburg - It appear to me that MIBFA doing evertything to avoid paying out this money, and I want to know why because we going now for 9 months.

I awaits your answer

Thank you
Jerome Send email
Jan 30, 2017

Surplus Claim: Estate Late KP Lottering

Good day

I have submitted my claim as the Executor of my dad's estate for the Surplus Claim due to myself and my brothers, over 5 years ago. I I have on numerous occasions been in contact with the fund. I have had to send documents several times and I even made the long trip from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg to submit the documents personally - to NO AVAIL...... All the call center agents can tell me is to phone back after 2 weeks. It is now 5 years and nothing. I was given the number of Mr John Adam except I unfortunately misplaced it and now am back to square one and no one can assist me.

PLEASE could someone contact me urgently and give me the latest update as to the status of my matter.

Thank you
Jerome Lottering
0824136869 (jerome.lottering7@gmail.com)
PATRICKM Send email
Jan 20, 2017



mduduzis066@gmail.com Send email
Jan 17, 2017


TG Gericke Send email
Jan 10, 2017

Pension calculated inaccurately - payment stopped

I have applied for my Pension withdrawal in the middle of 2016. In November 2016 I received confirmation from Joyce Moerane that I will receive my first pension at the end of December 2016. Since I did not receive it, I contacted the MIBFA offices on numerous occassions - Joyce on leave... The callcentre contacted me back after a week, saying that the pension was wrongly calculated (a fault on their side) and now the whole process should start again. When trying to contact them to start everything again, they just take messages and don't return your call.

This is unacceptable as I am relying on this income.

TG Gericke
robertmhizha Send email
Dec 14, 2016

Marcom Plastics

Hi, I applied for my provident fund benefit in September 2015, in December I called in MIBFA and was told I will receive my money before end of the year, I started calling weekly for the next 6 months until I was referred to a Supervisor who said that my claim was stopped since I started contributing again. I told them I need the money and they told me resubmit my application since I was no longer working again, I resubmitted on 20 July 2016 & upto now I am calling everyday only to be told the same story that you will receive the payment. Please help since I can't start a new job before getting this payment. My name is Robert Mhizha robertruzvidzo@yahoo.com
CindyOormeyer Send email
Dec 9, 2016


Good day
My dad passed away in may 2015, I filled out application forms for his Surplus and Pension in August 2015. Payout for Pension was paid out in December 2016. Then in April 2016 i received a letter and statement for his Surplus to be paid out and was informed about the required documentation. In April 2016, I gathered and sent all requested documentation via e-mail and registered post. I have been doing follow ups on a regular basis and each time I am informed that it is in progress.... In July 2016, I was informed that I will receive a call by end of July 2016 to confirm proof of certain information and payout will be made. I am being told to call back 2 weeks later to 4 weeks and each time I call they have the same story that everything is still processing. By now the frustration has been building up. Apparently I cannot speak to anybody in the death claim department, and apparently that is where the documents are, but nothing is being done. It has been escalated several times and till now, still nothing. They even flagged me on their system as being rude!!!
It is December 2016, and up to now, empty promises have been made and no contact from MIBFA have received, unless I call them.

I am also being told that there is a backlog, but honestly, that is not my problem. If they do their work as they should, then everything should run smoothly, and many of us will have no reason to beg for claims which are legally ours and left by our loved ones.

Who can I contact or what can I do?

Cindy Oormeyer
Junior Joubert Send email
Dec 7, 2016

MIBFA Surplus Fund Payout

I made a claim for my payout in early 2014 submitted all the documents about 5 times - they must have received all the document to have opened the file to allocate a case number etc. Then received bank mandate for completion in 2015 after many many phone calls to them. Since then nothing - last call to them at end of October 2016 lady confirmed all documentation and payout will be done at the end of November - called again first week December - reply we don't have all your documents so payment cannot be made - on 6 December documents were again delivered to their office in Johannesburg - we have signed confirmation so it will be interesting to see if payment will now be forthcoming. Junior Joubert - email address - nickyj@absamail.co.za

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