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Tanya001 Send email
Mar 17, 2020

Mibfa paymemt

Good day sir.

I sent my claim in with registered post and it was received on the
3rd of January 2020 I called on the 10th of January 2020 to confirmed
That my documents was received and was told my claim was opened
On the 8th of January 2020, I was told to check back on the 8th of February
2020. I called on the 10th of February 2020 to check my status and then was told everything is in order it will take 6 to 8 weeks if my tax affairs is in order.
I called back on the 19 of February to check the status of my claim and was told its too early to discuss my claim I should call back in 2 weeks.
I called back on the 4th of march and was told that a email was sent to me and that I need to respond, I communicated with the lady that send me the email and she called me for verification. After I was verified she told me that my claim will now be sent to the checking department. The next week I inquired on my status and was told my claim is at the quality assures for tax. Its been two weeks and tax has still not been requested. Its been 10 weeks and my claim has still not been produced. When I contact the call centre they keep saying check back in two weeks or that my claim is still with the checking department or that my claim is still new and can't be discussed with me.

Sir I am a father with 4 children.
Please assist me.

Kind regards
Muofhe Send email
Feb 6, 2020

Death claim payout not allocated accordingly

My family and I claimed for my late father's pension money in 2019 July and he had 4 beneficiaries which is me and my 2 sisters and mom, but we recently discovered that mibfa has allocated the funds unfairly, because my sisters and I have to get 15% of my late fathers funds, and my mom 50 but the money was not shared equally when it comes to us as sisters and we all got the same percentage and again, is it allowed that if someone was not included in the beneficiary form does he or she get the share of the funds,
Sonofx Send email
Feb 4, 2020

Delay in payments

Submitted my documents October 2019 . Started phoning. Just to be told call again in 2 weeks. So almost 3 months later no payout. Called was told can't get Provident fund because of pension and surplus 1st needs to be payed out to me. So it took mibfa 3 months to see that. Then asked if everything is order. Was told yes phone in a week it might be back from Sars. Phoned again then was told still busy with calculations and my tax number is wrong. Took 3months to see my tax number is incorrect. Sended it in to the clerk. Phoned 2 weeks later tells me if I don't hear from them just email. Emailed week later again for a reply. We still busy with calculations. Reply vented my frustration. Why so long. Got no reply. Did however phoned about 2 years ago asking if I qualify for surplus reason went from pension to Provident fund. Was told no. Now there is surplus. Other pension schemes payout within 4 to 8 weeks. I got nothing it's 4 Months now. There anywhere place person to take this matter to. The net is full of mibfa complaints but no one or industry is doing something about this. We need help. We apply for the money because we need it. But it's a headache to get our own money.
[email protected] Send email
Jan 13, 2020

Still waiting for funds

Good day

I have sent my documents for claim in August 2019. When I called in December for follow up i was told my claim was processed on the 4th November its January now I am still waiting. I make calls everyday I am number 9 on the line. Please assist to get my money.
snmnyandu Send email
Dec 17, 2019

Provident fund

I submuted my document on the 4th of November and the promossed that I would get my pay before the 9th of December .but when I call the consultant to find out they don't talk good with me they come with attidute .and now is the 17of December still no pay out.
Mickay Send email
Dec 9, 2019

Benefit of payment not made 1 ⭐️

First of all when you belong to this pension fund,you’d have to follow up via phone call and pay to make these calls to MIBFA which is not cheap when waiting in line for a consultant. Secondly most MIBFA consultants I have spoken to have terrible telephone etiquette. It’s been almost 2 months and I haven’t received payment. The amount I’m getting is little and is not taxable. I do not understand why it has to take longer than a month. Honestly I’ve got nothing good to say about MIBFA, I wish I did. Service is slow and poor. It’s sad because this is now the impression I have on MIBFA as a whole.
Noxolosongelws Send email
Dec 1, 2019

No payment-MIBFA


I have made a claim at mibfa 5 months ago n I haven't been paid till now, yet I was told that the claim takes months. I am being kicked out of my place cause I can't pay my rent, I was hoping that before the end of November I will be paid the money due to me
Noxolosongelws Send email
Nov 29, 2019

Non payment of a claim

Message: MIBFA
Good afternoon Please help me with my claim at mibfa, I claimed 5 months ago and I was told that it the 3 month but now I am on the 5 month now and there is nothing clare that they are telling me, the only thing the are telling me is am waiting for 2 weeks n I have been doing the since October. I even got in debts now n I do not know what to do. I really need the money.
Noxolosongelws Send email
Nov 29, 2019

Non payment

Good afternoon Please help me with my claim at mibfa, I claimed 5 months ago and I was told that it the 3 month but now I am on the 5 month now and there is nothing clare that they are telling me, the only thing the are telling me is am waiting for 2 weeks n I have been doing the since October. I even got in debts now n I do not know what to do. I really need the money. 0839679717
Noxolosongelws Send email
Nov 29, 2019

Delaying claim

Good afternoon Please help me with my claim at mibfa, I claimed 5 months ago and I was told that it the 3 month but now I am on the 5 month now and there is nothing clare that they are telling me, the only thing the are telling me is am waiting for 2 weeks n I have been doing the since October. I even got in debts now n I do not know what to do. I really need the money.81343
Nomsa Nkosi Send email
Nov 20, 2019

Claimed in 2014 no respond

Claimed from. 2014 for S Zweni no payment
Nomsa Nkosi Send email
Nov 6, 2019

S Zweni

Claim made in2014
Maxi4mum Send email
Sep 30, 2019

No feedback from Staff

I have been dealing with my fathers application since applying in 2015, it has been a very frustrating process, a lot of money spent and to no avail as to getting anywhere closer to an affirmative response or reply regarding. We have processed power of attorney, took a deliberate journey from myself to Portugal where he resides to process documentation, sent it all by post as per request with proof of postage and up until today, still having trouble speaking on his behalf as they say I am not power of attorney.

I tried to register a complaint with them only to be told there is no such department, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there are no supervisors at work, they have all gone home, asked to speak to someone in charge, I was placed deliberately on hold for 18:29 minutes, no one cam e to the phone. I called again and waited 14:57 minutes with auto response that I was first caller, or next caller, no one answered the call. I gave up and dismissed call as it costs me to call from UK .

I have sent an email to agent in charge of his application and remit a copy below:

Dear (I have inserted the agents name here - not willing to disclose at this time until my complaint goes through)

I have just come off the phone from the 5th phone call today to Mibfa in order to ascertain an update as to my fathers application, not surprising that once more it has been difficult to get anything from anyone who works at Mibfa.

I am once more forwarding all the proof of documents with proof of postage of power of attorney documents I sent in March of this year in order to facilitate this communication as my father lives in Portugal and I in UK.. Suffice to say, today, I had another horrible experience when trying to get an update of his affairs and have been told that I am not able to speak on my fathers behalf, that I do not have power of attorney, to send theses documents again. Please see email forwarded that in August I also sent over to a colleague who demanded same and who requested I call in August , which I did and had no problem getting update as to whether you have received the tax directive or not.

Today, I have been messed around big time and It even made me lose my temper, I am not well physically and your agents just like beating around the bush. I have wasted enough time on this, you fail to comply in getting any feedback back thus resulting in a person having to call and go through the experience all over again, its very unprofessional and I will be making queries as to registering a complaint with proof of my experience thus far.

I find it rather appalling the way you and your colleagues treat your clients / their representatives, do not help at all, no appropriate communication. I am still awaiting even the decency of an email from you as to his affairs and how his application stands at this point. You have failed to act and provide this, which is our right to ask, his right to ask and your duty to provide.

On numerous occasions I have written to you, be it to give you an update as to recent documents sent or a process that we have completed required to progress application and as yet I wait for a response, any feedback. Nothing.......

After my experience today and being requested to once more send proof of power of attorney documents, which you were sent a copy of at the time. I am re sending them once more to your attention. I have indicated my father call in today and demand to find out, I hope he was cordially treated and respectively responded to as he speaks broken English.

Furthermore on calling back in to ascertain to whom and where I can address a complaint to, the agents response was that there is no complaints procedure or dpt, I was placed on hold as I wanted to speak to a supervisor or someone in charge, to which her response was that there was no one in charge, no supervisor, that they have all gone home, I was on hold for 18;29 minutes until I decided to call again as felt deliberately placed on hold, this time I was in 1st caller place fro a further 14:37 and when agent got on the phone and I began speaking, he dropped my call.

I am 100% going to forward a complaint through about my fathers application experience with yourselves from start to finish. I will be doing my research to find a body in SA that deals with such and to whom I can address it to.

I expect you to respond with a feedback as to his transfer, last I spoke with an agent at end of August, who confirmed you had received the tax directive for my fathers transfer, it is is your ownership to provide us now with a fresh update as to whether his transfer has indeed been processed or whatever else information you can offer at this time. How much longer is he due to wait?

I await your reply respectively.


I am eager to know where and to whom I can go with the awful experience I have had with them thus far? Can you help?
Sipho80 Send email
Aug 25, 2019


I am the guardian of two kids who are receiving monthly payment of their father who passed on now this month I haven't and they need the money since they are both in school. I want to know the reason why they were not given the money.
Ramone030791 Send email
Aug 2, 2019

Claim not refunded

I have submitted my application for my pension fund and for 8 years I'm been given the run around now I'm told two weeks then 3 day then they ignore you I mean it's not on they quick to deduct but payout is an issue they won't even tell me the amount face to face. Why must I run after my own money for 8 years now.
Rajeeb Send email
Jul 12, 2019


Visited the office in Cape Town 2 weeks ago and read a notice of surplus pay out stopped in November 2018.I enquired and was told that on their system is no claims received.But when I told them in September 2017 I applied for my pension and was given a form to fill in for the surplus which I still have a receipt that was given to me.

I called the surplus office in JHB which told me they have not received any application form and I need to sort out the agent that where I applied.But frankly after a few days when I applied I was asked to provide a letter of confirmation of my name change from JHB office.

It took almost 2 years from the home affiars to provide me a letter of confirmation of name change.What is the next step?
Rajeeb Send email
Jul 12, 2019

No application received

Good day

I visited the office in Cape Town ,2 weeks ago and was told that my application for the Surplus was not receivedand its not indicating on the system.I called the office in Jhb told me they didnt received any application,But in September 2017 I was called by the office to forward some documents which I waited from the home affairs that took 2 years.

I have proof of a receipt that was given to me when I applied for my pension and surplus.

What is the next step?
RonnieRR01 Send email
Jul 9, 2019

Surplus Payout

I have been trying for 8 years to get my surplus payment done
Made ans sent all documents over 10 times
Sent pillar to post,called over a 1000 times always one excuse or another.
I think I have spent more than the payout just communicating with them

Sharith Rabilall Rampersad
Issey Send email
Jun 18, 2019


Dear All

I have to commend the CEO of MIBFA for his swift action. He was very helpful and instrumental in having our claim finalised within 1 week.
PJCEZZ Send email
May 3, 2019

Surplus Payment

It will be very helpful and a great idea to have this organisation shut down as the staff has no business savvy and/or idea as to how to work with clients.
PJCEZZ Send email
May 3, 2019

Surplus Payment

This company has arrogant staff that is never helpful no matter what day and time one tries to get information from them as to when contribution been paid by an individual will be paid out.
PJCEZZ Send email
May 3, 2019

Surplus Payment

I am still waiting for my surplus payment to be finalized,it has been years now for this to materialize.
Florences Send email
Apr 24, 2019



I am a member of Mibfa Provident fund.

We use to receive yearly statements every year, But since 2016 we have not receive any of the statements.
We would like someone to check on that beause that's the only way to see if our money is going through.


PJCEZZ Send email
Apr 18, 2019

Surplus benefits

I am lost for ideas and ways of working out how the MIBFA conducts day to day business as nobody picks up the phones,reply to correspondence through e-mail and also the ANCIENT way of communicating being letter writing.

I had over the period of 8 years, had only one person reply to only one e-mail sent 3 years ago.
The people there are simply prepared to leave you in the dark or they must be on permanent holiday.

The staff at MIBFA has not business savvy or hands-on business skills.

I have therefore have come to the conclusion that MIBFA has no intention of entertaining the refund of members contributions but rather boost their own coffers.
Issey Send email
Mar 27, 2019


My application has been sitting with MIBFA since September 2017. Finally towards the end of 2018 they started indicating that they will conclude the processing but started requesting the one document after the other e.g. Home Affairs confirmation of ID for which you have to go to Home Affairs and a lot of the other documents that was previously submitted but now had to be resubmitted.

Just to give you an idea of what appears to be delaying tactics not to pay out. 1. Got undertaking that funds would be paid out week before 26 Feb 2019, this did not happen. Instead I was asked to submit new bank confirmation. 2. Got new undertaking that funds would be paid out week before 19 March 2019, this did not happen as according to them the bank switched names on banking details and I had to go to bank, just to find there was nothing wrong. I resubmitted and got told of the new 2 weeks waiting period for assessment, then get "escalated to claims" etc another 2 weeks (this process was repeated previous). 3. Ultimately on 25 March 2019 was ultimately told that I will receive a call before 20 April 2019. Can you believe this.

Are these people for real? Is this incompetence of some shady business going on? The only way to find out and to solve this is by way of a sit-in at their offices by all people with pending applications who got promised payouts that did not materialise.

Lets start a facebook page dedicated to this for starters.

Regards, Issey

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