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chase dunn Send email
May 7, 2018

provident fund payout

I have submitted all documentation requested from mibfa regarding my provident fund claim in December 2018. To date I still have not received my money. everytime I call I speak to different agents who are incompetent and cannot five me a straight answer regarding the claim. eventually last Friday-04.05.2018 I was put onto the agent handling my case. he advised that he was waiting for HR from my previous company to confirm that I am no longer employed by them. this morning I emailed him to confirm if everything is in order. he has ignored my emails the whole day.
Siphokuhle Send email
Apr 23, 2018

Provident fund

I put a claim on the 24th of January 2018 till today I have not received and money and I went back two weeks back and I also called. They said I must wait for 10 working days. 10 working days is finished now.I was helped by a guy of a surname Chabalala. What surprise me more is the I made a claim on a same day with my collegue just we were attended by different personnel and he got his money a month ago. My number is 0640221918
samuel mtshwene Send email
Apr 23, 2018

how long does mibfa pays provident fund?

I applied for provident fund the past 8 months,which was last year august 2017 until now april 2018 and I submitted all document they needed.i want to know how long it takes to pay provident fund? please email me at [email protected] for your answer
cheyhanneviljoen Send email
Apr 20, 2018

Death Benefit

I lost a good friend to death. I was nominated as his beneficiary but now the board needs to decide who else is entitle to a pay out.

Why do you nominate a beneficiary if the board must decide for you. Surely this is the right of a person to make his own decision.

Where is the human right to own choice?
psibeko1000 Send email
Apr 18, 2018

provident fund

Good afternoon
I applied for my provident fund since from 16 Jan 2018 and I have been given a run around the staff at MIFBA in johannesburg saying there technical problems which they were experiencing the first 2 weeks of february and been asked to come after 2 weeks,its been 4 months now and they still saying i should come after 2 weeks meaning the 1 st week of May now their excuse they have this week just sent confirmation email to my previous employer and when I ask whats the delay now they said take it up with guys up stairs...imagine what a terrible service
I dont know maybe you can help or otherwise my contact number 0717896385/0630809893
Gary Petzer Send email
Apr 9, 2018

No Payment - Why?

Dear Mibfa

Gary Colin Petzer
I applied for my surplus payment I believe in 2015 I have supplied all documentation requested to your Johannesburg office including a Hanis verification form which I submitted to the surplus helpdesk in 2017, I have called numerous times the call centre and have been told on 3 occasions all was in order and they would send a note requesting the speeding up of my payment however up to date I have not received the payment of Rands 100,199.98 as per your surplus statement date issued 2016-08-25.

Please could I have some assistance with the above request for my payment as I reside in Cuba and basically return once a year also each time I call your call centre it’s at quite a cost, should you have the need to contact me please do not hesitate via e-mail or my mobile contact number as below in Cuba.

Thanking you kindly in advance


Gary Colin Petzer │ Representative Cuba
T: +53 (7) 8011 180 M: +53 (5) 2643 098 F: +53 (7) 8011 181
A: C/ Lamparilla No.2, Lonja Del Comercio, Piso 5, Oficina D3, Habana Vieja, La Habana, Cuba
E:Mail - [email protected]
nichola7 Send email
Mar 29, 2018

Payouts of Provident Funds

Hi, my name is Nicholas Mashaba and i worked for Videx Mining Wire Products for three years. I Submitted all required documents to MIBFA and after two to three months,Mr Mlungisi Meira send me again blank forms for APPLICATION FOR REFUND OF CONTRIBUTIONS on the 18 July 2018 telling me to reapply again which i did.
How long should i wait?if there is an explanation here is my Email address: [email protected] and number is 0829394851.
Dougv Send email
Mar 23, 2018


Hi all.

My brother put his claim in for his surplus in September 2015. After having to submit and re-submit documents over and over again, MIBFA eventually got to the point of telling him that his money will pay out in three weeks time. This has been since December last year. My brother has been living with cancer for the last five years, and i get the feeling they will try delay payments till he passes away hoping they will not have to pay out. Three weeks ago I went with my brother to the MIBFA offices in JHB. when we got to the counter the person who assisted us was absolutely rude. obviously either racist or has a serious lack of training and work ethics.
Instead of her greeting, she just asked for his ID, which he gave to her promptly. After checking something on the system, she abruptly asked , "What are you doing here" at this point i was already quite frustrated and irritated by the lack of assistance and the overall atmosphere within the department, and i replied by saying, what do you think he's doing here, he wants to know when his money is paying out, as he was promised he would get it in December. the response i got was as follows:- Keep quiet you have nothing to say, he can speak for himself. After a bit of an argument, i told my brother, let's go, we're wasting our time. the employee looked at me and said yes you're wasting your time.

We left and went to the head office at MIBFA and requested to see a supervisor to try sort out the problem. My brother spoke to the security downstairs and explained what had happened, and requested to see a supervisor. the security phoned someone and gave the phone to my brother and told him that he can speak to the head of the department. My brother explained the whole history of how long he has been waiting for his surplus to pay out. The Head of the department a MR David Moloko promised the money would pay out in three weeks time. Three weeks have gone by and once again no payment.

I believe its time to organise a march on there head office in JHB. AS NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THE LACK OF SERVICE AT MIBFA. This is most likely due to fraud and misappropriation of funds.

From looking through all the MIBFA complaints it seems as if there is really nobody at MIBFA that can help resolve any of the payouts.
if you've been told your money will pay out in whatever time period and it has not happened please feel free to contact me at the following email address. [email protected]

If we can get enough people together and all put in a little money maybe we can afford to get a lawyer collectively. this might seem extreme, however there does not seem to be any other way to get your own money from MIBFA.

If anybody has got suggestions on how to resolve this any other way please let me know.
Lizanieman Send email
Mar 23, 2018

Struggeling for 4 years now

I have been struggeling with mibfa for 4 years now. December the said that they where going to deposit the money butstill waiting. Call the yesterday and now they know nothinb.

Frederik Stephanus DuToit

Struggeling for 4 years now

mabus Send email
Mar 8, 2018

provident fund





HIS ID:7503235617087
Sipho Makhubo Send email
Mar 8, 2018


My Mother has been in an out of MIBFA for pension fund of my late father, she was told to update letter of authority and she did that, now suddenly the system is down for the past two weeks they told her that. Can someone do their job in the government, whats wrong with this South Africa: Call centre agents sounds like tsotsi's themselfs: everytime she's been told that the system is not working and we need to call back. Last time she was told: late fathers ID number: 6108285322082 (cell 0838934292 Rachel Makhubo)
macalvo Send email
Mar 2, 2018

My Grandfather'S Pension

am so disappointed with the service of the MIBFA consultant I don't know whether they taking people for granted or what .This must be closed and new institution to take over. This is institution is nothing but frustrating .....
Bongani Mabaso Send email
Mar 1, 2018

taking to long to process our money

mibfa it's taking to long to process our money..we have kids nd accounts..they have come up with the better way than gng to my 5th month now.
Estrolete Send email
Feb 27, 2018

Pension fund claim

Good day.
Hi have been waiting for my money for 7months now and I'm at wits end at the moment. I'm about to take legal action if nothing gets done. I send all the necessary documents to mibfa and each time there is a delay. The lady working with my claim told me 3 weeks ago that payout will be this week. She is now avoiding my calls and suddenly the system is offline. I need you to do something urgently or else because this is absurd to say the least. Poor service from mibfa and the way I see it there are a lot of complaints against you so do something or I will definitely.
My ID number is 8910110154087 and my contact number is 0734592914

You are giving mibfa a bad name. Do what you are getting paid for.
avantond Send email
Feb 26, 2018

Death Benefits


I would just like to ask that the clerks working on these claims be more understanding towards the nominees/beneficiaries, I do not understand why we cannot have any information as to how the claim was decide and when payment will be made. It is hard enough losing your loved one. I am also trying to understand why the members wishes are not adhered to and that The Board of Trustees decides as how the claim will be allocated, is this not denying the deceased his wishes?
Wendell29 Send email
Feb 16, 2018


Good day

I applied for my pension payout last year October and to date nothing has been received? I have made numerous follow ups but to date no one has given me a reason as to why my funds have not been paid out as yet.
Please urgently advise as this is my funds and i want it paid as it is due to me.

My contact number is 0653359523
Wendell Joseph
Geralg Flagg Send email
Feb 11, 2018

Provident Benefits Application

Good afternoon
I am Gerald Freddie Flagg with ID number 5609035209082. I want to start off by stating that the staff at MIBFA is not helpful at all.
My late wife Karolina Dorothea Flagg with ID number 6003140214089 who sadly she passed on without receiving anything on May 2017, and I submitted forms for surplus payments in 2012 at Cape Town branch - both my wife and I have received a surplus benefit form from you to update our contact and bank details which has been forwarded to you in order to process my benefits pay-out. I have been going back and forth ever since. On 14/06/2014 I emailed you again and is informed with reply "Thank you for enquiring about the surplus apportionment. For further assistance regarding your benefit claim kindly contact our Pension/Provident Funds department on 0860 10 25 44." from Jennifer Kganyago of Surplus Department
I send an out of office surplus payment query. I have also phoned the customer care centre on several occasions to enquire the progress of mentioned benefits payment, but has been placed on hold many times now incurring huge phone bill costs. I would like to know the status of my surplus benefits and when payment of such can be expected. Last time we enquired via third party I was told to contact your office myself and not to make use of any third parties. On 20/04/2017 and again on 18/08/2017, I forward surplus query email and again I was informed "We are currently attending to your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible."
In November 2017, after I called the call centre a few times; I went to Cape Town branch again and they stipulated that there is funds for both. I was informed that I need to make an application to the Masters for the Letter of Authority to the deceased. The trouble I have gone to at my age of getting all the relevant information and all this costs money. On 19/12/2017, I made my way again to your Cape Town branch. When you enquire you speak to arrogant individuals that either give you a load of excuses saying they have received certain info or the copies are poor when it is not. On 02/02/2018, the consultant informed me my claim will not be accepted as security measure because I cannot recall the company I worked for in 1985 of which I cannot find any records at Labor Department or SARS. Although the company is listed on the MIBFA system my application cannot be submitted without me verifying the name of the 1985 company. You cannot speak to anyone further up because they will reportedly tell you the same thing wrt the security question. I have submitted all the documents requested of the deceased application. I don’t know what I am more disappointing about, the fact they play a game and waste your time for something my you have worked for or the effort I had gone through with calls, postage, affidavits, certified bank statements and more.

Please help!!


Gerald Flagg
[email protected]
Thembathoko Send email
Feb 10, 2018


I'm TL Zwedala I applied my funds 2017-10-13 I haven't received my any knowledge about it.I want my funds.
0715073073 Send email
Feb 8, 2018

no payout after claim

I vt shabangu have putout a claim for my provident fund from 19/10/2017 until today i haven't received my money instead i've been sent from pillar to post
Please assist
Mojalefa Send email
Feb 4, 2018

Death benefit claim

It clearly shows that MIBFA at johannesburg doesn't help, with all the complains. Is there something being done about all the complains here?

My father passed away last year February and this month it marks his anniversary and I was told by this time the money will be all paid out, but still there's nothing

The hardest thind is that you can't even get hold of the seniors there like managers. Or we have to do this via our lawyers.
lohsogmy Send email
Jan 29, 2018


The person who name called Frank Tan from Los Angeles California (phone no : +1(661) 239-9110 pilot united state airline, say have a little gift to me and inside have bags, jewelry, i phone 7 , Mac book pro . i told him no need he insist want to send for me and he told me just a little gift so i didn't take it serious. the 2nd day he told me inside the parcel have USD20K don't let the courier service know and take the money pay the clearance, balance ask me donation and take some to tidy my family. I text him and say no don't do like that. 3rd day when the parcel docked the agent called me ask to pay RM4500 due to import taxes and clearance and weight is 35.05kgs. At first i was curios and that day i'm buy didn't think so much i do the payment. After paid, they told me inside parcel have foreign cash.

"Good Afternoon Madam this message is to inform you that your parcel was scanned and the security agency system detected alot of foreign cash in your parcel and is illegal here. So you need to contact the sender and request for the anti terrorist cert, provide the money has been legally willed to you. If he don't have cert. we can help you to provide one with under our company with a fee. Fee for apply it is RM18600 so please contact the sender as soon as possible. Thanks.

The agent threaten me said that if today i'm not gonna settle this i will receive letter for court case charge me seledup duit masuk. I feel something wrong i go to request the details from sender and he told me ask me to do payment to settle the anti-terrorist. After that he gave me the airway bill i'm not able to find the forwarder in website.

I decide to do police report to hold this bank account.

Malaysia Agent
FastDrop Logiatic
Voo Shirley
Hong Leong Bank 055001413185

Call people :
No : 016-5080306

Fastdrop express service
Fastdrop postal logistic
Melen Send email
Jan 29, 2018

No customer service, Ill mannered staff





Foso Send email
Jan 24, 2018

Surplus payout

My father applied for his surplus last year and submitted all needed documents... then he was adviced to wait for mibfa to call him to cofirm the banking details after 2 weeks, they called after 8 weeks for confirmation of banking details which was last year 18 november he was told to wait for 3 weeks then funds will be available on his account its 24 january 2018 and still waiting. We called them to find out but the call center is just useless because they kept on putting you on hold and hang up immediatly after they asked for my dad's id number

We need assistance please!!!
Kubashie Send email
Jan 15, 2018

Provident fund application

Good day

I urgently need help. My application was opened in November. All they ask me to do is call in 2 weeks.All documents are in order.Now they say the system is not updated yet.Ive called when they ask me to but with no help.
chantallm Send email
Jan 12, 2018

surplus not paid

Ever since Tuesday the 8th Jan everyday up until Friday 12th Jan I have sent the documents my mother has been struggling to get feedback since 2016 she first applied at the Cape Town and had to submit her documents twice, after that I offered to scan and send everything via email straight to JHB thinking it would be a help as she does not have access to email or fax so I as her daughter have to assist by sending these documents on her behalf I also send the documents earlier in 2017 my mother was never told that her id must be certified and signed according to the agent it was said that all the documents were received and my mother should just wait on a call, my mother has been going into the Cape Town every month and no proper feedback was given, my mother has been calling for the past few months and they said they needed a signed and certified copy of her id which I emailed once again along with everything else then my mother calls back to find out if the id was received and then they tell her that my dad’s id must be sent and signed instead of giving all the information at once they keep waiting for my mother to call back. My mother was told by Friday 12th 2018 she must call back and that her documents would be updated on the system, when she does call agents are telling her they can’t see the documents after myself as the daughter sent it 4 days in a row and prior to that since 2016 emails were sent by me, all of the documents have been submitted,
death cert.
marriage cert.
proof of emp.
proof of address
moms id certified and signed four times
dads id certified.
banking details
letter of authority

5701275114088-deceased. i have been sending emails since 2016 and my mother has been querying about this for almost two years

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