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stefan Send email
Nov 17, 2016

Surplus pension claim

Hi my name is Stefan the surplus fund phone me to come and do my claims money in Marchall str in JHB.I did went there and we did all the paper work,they gave me a paper with the amount that must be paid out to me and said i must phone them back in two weeks on this number 0861504455 to find out for the payout date,they said im on the system and must call back in two weeks.Now when i phone them for the last six weeks all they say is that they wait for the supervisors signature,i must phone back in two weeks,HOW CAN IT TAKE SO LONG FOR A SIGNATURE,PLEASE I NEED HELP
[email protected]
[email protected]
sbumenzi Send email
Nov 15, 2016

provident fund

I submitted provident fund claim two months back they always tell me to fax a copy of id.unfortunately every time when i fone back to check that they have receive a fax they say no how come coz now its for the fifth time i send them the cipy of my id.
Alanhedley Send email
Nov 11, 2016

Payment of Benefits

I applied in early 2014 for the benefits of my late husband, A.H. Warren- 580627 5115 082. I received a letter from Metal Industries Provident Fund, dated 2015-01-28, acknowledging receipt of my application. In July 2015, I was advised to open a late estate account as payment was due to be made. I was also sent a bank mandate form to complete. On the 13th of July 2015 a late estate account was opened. I received a letter from MIBFA dated 2016-01-25, with surplus statements and bank mandate form to be completed and returned via post to MIBFA. To date I received no payment and it is costing me to keep the late estate account opened as well as to make calls regarding my claim. I am a pensioner and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Each time I call, I am told that my claim is ready for payout and to call back every 2 weeks to check. Please help me in this regard. I cannot understand what is taking so long. My contact details are as follows; [email protected] and my cellphone number is 083 329 2719.
Rmorongwe Send email
Oct 28, 2016


Hi I wanna know if its possible for a minor to get a payout before he reaches 18? Cos now my brother is 18 n my mom went to your offices a year ago to claim on his behalf in order to buy him school uniform,and she was told they have already payed out his shares. I still don't understand how and why, could you please help me understand this cos um confused.

Thank you
[email protected]
tyranfourie Send email
Oct 19, 2016

Submitted Application 3 times still not received

In 2014 I sent my application to claim my provident fund just to be told it was never received. I have since re-sent my application twice. I have posted and hand delivered. How is this possible??????
[email protected] Send email
Oct 14, 2016

Unpaid mibfa surplus

I have applied for my surplus in 2012 last year I went to query from January and in May I received a phone call to say my application was approved and they wanted confirmation about my banking details. My details was changed and I went to the bank with a form from mibfa. I went the Saturday morning to submit the documents and was told that the bank mandate form was incorrect. I got a new form and went to the bank to complete and went back to mibfa. After two weeks I phoned and were told to just fax a copy of my I'd signed twice and the money will be released. After 3 weeks I received an sms that my signature did not match my application in June;July and August the same thing went to the police station certified the id document again signed twice .Today 14 October I phoned and spoke to Ray Raymond and asked him how is it possible all these years I have signed the same and now it differs.he went to speak to his supervisor Tsidiso and he said that it's not my signature but my barcoded id that does not scan.I told them that I went to vote with my I'd opened a bank account this year no problem. I went to their office again for them to scan my I'd and they will release the payments. The supervisor Pumzile spoke in her language and said how can Raymond tell me to get my I'd scanned as they have no scanners there. SHE told me to submit another copy of my I'd and if this does not work in have to go to home affairs to get another id .those agents that sit there are rude and it is if they pay you the money out of their pockets. There is such alot of unemployed people that want to work and those arrogant lazy agents does not want to help.even if you phone they drop the call after you hold on for 15 to 20 minutes. THEIR SERVICE IS POOR.I have read all above complaints and it seems we are heading to a dead end.I hope someone out there will help [email protected]
sherrymohamed Send email
Oct 13, 2016

pension payout

A claim has been made against my late husbands estate for 5years. We are repeatedly told docs not received. Emails not recvd. Fax.not recvd. Registered mail not recvd. Weekly ph calls is costing me so much due to being unemployed. I Have proof of everything since application. In Jan 2015 i was told i will rec payment. Now its 2016 another year. No payment.
Late husband. U.J.Jacobs. Id.6604075160088.
Mrs A.Jacobs.0629948116
Charmaine Lourens Send email
Oct 10, 2016

Unpaid Surplus

We have submitted the surplus claim of my late father David Stephanus Wagner, ID nr: 8510120109087 in 2013 and it has not been paid to date. Every time we call they say the application is ready to be paid out. The same answer for 15 months now!!!!!! How can this be. My contact nr is 072 853 9880. Email address: [email protected] - Regards Maureen van Vuuren.
Carol Simelane Send email
Sep 29, 2016

Non payment of MBIFA provident on death claim

We have submitted death claim documents of the late Richard M. Simelane on the 25th of April 2014 and we were told it would be paid out before December and it has not been paid o date.Its been 2 years already.
Pusetso Send email
Sep 26, 2016


we have submitted the surplus claim of my late mother Jostina Malekena Kheswa - 3912230283080 in 2010 and it has not been paid to date. Every time we call they say the application is now ready to be paid out. We had to use our monies to erect the Tombstones for my late mother in 2015 cause we were told it will be paid out before December 2016. I called this year again in May 2016 and i was told to re-submit the confirmation of the bank account, which is did but still nothing happened.
I have used the airtime of the amount of R2000.00 to follow up on this matter. The calls center agents are like programmed machine because they all say the same thing call after 4 weeks. Nobody knows what is happening and they cant even transfer the calls to the relevant department.
We end up falling in the hands of scammers due to such poor customer services
theo Send email
Sep 24, 2016

surplus payout

I have applied last year August for my surplus every time I get told come back in 4 weeks after a year I phne to check up whats happening they tell me to phne back in 4 weeks I phned after 4 weeks only to discover I have to send them an affidavit cos in 2010 ive changed my banck account and the call centre agents are so rude and full of them selves its a disgrace how they speak to people and I really dont think they know what they doing so im fed up with this poor service pissed off
sonnette Send email
Sep 19, 2016

metal industry surplus claim

It's now already two months did already a confirmation waiting every time I phone they say if the money is not in by two weeks phone again.
Carolesbend Send email
Sep 14, 2016

Provident Fund

Good day I hope I can be assisted I handed my documents in at mibfa on the 18.08.2016. I called 2 weeks after that my documents has nit been scanned today I call my id is not clear and my documents has only been scanned yesterday. No one calls u do they realize that I do not have money now I have to wait guess another 4 weeks. I am at home with no money how in heavens name can I claim take 2 months???? I need this to be sorted out. I need to settle come debt and interest is building on. I do not even have money for airtime. If someone can please help thus us bad service. [email protected] 0790953419

Provident Fund

Michaelv Send email
Sep 12, 2016

No comutication between branches

I have sunmited my papers in jully for my provident and reseved a ref num for the claim but if i call they tell me that they have not reseved the papers from the klerksdorp branch or there is a problem by my previous employer but i was informed by my previous employer that i am removed from the system the papers was submited the day that i finished at my previous emplyer i my self whent to mifa in klerksdorp to submit it what can i do becose they keep telling me 4 weeks to 6 months i need te wait for my money but i need the money and dont get answeres if i call mifa
FUNAMI Send email
Sep 10, 2016


Complain about my payout
My name is Funami Johanna Mkhonza .
I applied on behalf of the late Mbambeni Johannes Mkhonza
And I got the statement of how much I was supposed to get.

And after that I received the fund, but the fund in the statement does not match the fund that I received.That is where my complain is, after deductions I was supposed to get xxxxx but to my surprise it was far to less than in statement. Could you please explain to me how it happened.

My file is with mibfa as I cannot reveal my information in this page.

From FJ Mkhonza
Contact number 073 977 5756
[email protected]
EbiJ Send email
Sep 9, 2016

Surplus Pension Benefit Statement

After reading this list of complaints I have definitely lost any confidence or hope in MBFA. My story is similar to each and everyone of these complaints. I am starting to wonder if these call centre agents are prepared before hand to just hand down the same BS to each member that has been waiting. It's a disgrace but then what do you expect when Customer Service is non-existent and they know that our hands are tired because who do you complain to fir a resolution???
coolair Send email
Sep 8, 2016


I am waiting now for months for MIBFA to pay out my surplus money. Every time they say phone back. The service sucks and the staff is rude

John 0836271675
Moses Mbuyisa Send email
Sep 1, 2016

No Payment Anytime Soon

My name is Moses Mbuyisa.

I have been waiting since March 2015 for my payment from MIBFA. I phone them every month to follow up and every time they have the same story. The claim has been approved, they are just waiting for their supervisor to sign it and that you need to phone again in 4 weeks time...

Whenever you phone them, you speak to someone different, so you have to explain everything to them from scratch. I am fed up with all their lies and empty promises. Same old story over and over.

I am currently unemployed and have a wife and children to support. I am thus depending on this money.

This strongly believe that this whole thing is a farce. You duly comply with your monthly instalments, but when it comes to them having to perform, you wait for years for your money (if any). I can't help but believe that we are blatantly getting robbed by these entities.
Selvans Send email
Aug 23, 2016


I wright this on behalf of my brother and sister they still waiting for their money. We are 6 children in total and 4 already got their claims been paid to them and only half of the total which is due to us. My brother (Leon) and sister (Mandy Scheepers) still waiting for their first payment which was proms to be paid last month already. they have call sins and every time this lady with name of Tenslin on 011 870 2319 keep on tallying them a story to call back the following week. Please' all we want is to pay which is due to us, My father work hard for this money all his life for us to benefit from it. Please help us who ever this mail is going to, you may call Leon on 071 292 8771
Mark olivier Send email
Aug 20, 2016

Pay out of surplus

My father completed all the forms in 2013, they told him to wait 18 months and to call them if did not hear from them. So he has been calling since 2015 just to be told to call back the following month. We are now in 2016 and still the same response.

Please assist.

His son

Mark Olivier

delton Send email
Aug 18, 2016


I have submited my forms they email me then I fone them to confirm they told me I send in a copy and that I did not signed my bank paper I was so shocked how can u tel me its a copy if u emailed it to me and the bank manager was called to verify if its correctly filled in and the staff is so rude u can't get a nice audable answer common I smell a snake
Eugene1979 Send email
Aug 16, 2016

Mibfa withdrawal taking to long

Good day. I am fedup with mibfa pensionfund. I have applied for my pension witdrwal in june 16, mibfa admitted that they have recieved all my documents and everything is in order. Mibfa started to work on my withdrawal on 9july16. Now 5 weeks later i am waiting for a answer, i am the 1 buying airtime to phone them, i spend 100s of rand worth of airtime to phone them, with every phone call i make to mibfa i get a different consultant, and everytime i get a different story. I do send email direct to the supervisor of the withdrawal department Sharonn Ngodweni just to get the right answer but she ignores my emails. I am unemployed ans stuggeling, while mibfa sits with a lot off my hard earned money.. All I want from mibfa is a real answer where is my money and how far is my money from payout. They promised to phone me back everytime gess what, 5weeks later im still waiting. Eugene McLeod 0745198203
Zain Send email
Aug 16, 2016

Still waiting

I'm waiting more than 4 months for my provident fund payout... all empty promises and everytime I phone the say I must call them back in 2 week... Then after the next 2 week I must call them back in 3 weeks.. se vice really sucks... please reply 0783583177. Mr pj knowles
Eugene1979 Send email
Aug 15, 2016

Mibfa withdrawal taking to long

Good day there. My name is Eugene McLeod. I have send all the needed documents in june month to mibfa for withdrawing my pension. They admitted that they have recieved my documents and started to work on my payout on july 9. Now 5weeks later no word from them, I spend a hell alot of money to phone after them, just to get a different story every time from different consultens answering the phone, I do send private emails staight to the supervisor at the witdrawal department but she also ignores me, my debt have been handed over to collections department, i am unemoloyed and stugeling, I want mibfa to answer me straight and tell me what going on. 0745198203
[email protected] Send email
Aug 11, 2016



Initial claim handed in April 2014.

After I missed the verification call from your office I handed the form verifying my identity (Department of Home Affairs) as well as W&L Account in beginning of June 2016.

I have been awaiting payment for the last 3 months.

I have phoned numerous times over the last 2 1/2 years. I don't receive feedback any more even when i phone i am told there is a backlog and i must just wait.

How long must we still wait?
PS Wiehe

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