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Anucha rose Send email
Aug 22, 2018

IRP5 Form Assistance

I have been waiting since the 24 of July for my IRP5 Form they told me it would take 5-7 working days I am growing very impatient and there customer service is pathetic.
On the forms they state that you can request your IRP if you need it so why not have it ready on there system per request.

Mark Rose
smbekushe Send email
Aug 15, 2018

No assistanct

I have submitted a claim for my grandfather three months ago and I was advised that the process would take a bit longer because the post office was o strike. I have called two weeks ago and was informed that all documents were received but need to be scanned. I again called after two weeks to check the progress and the documents are still being scanned. I was getting assistance from a lady called Lebogang Tshabalala, she is the most rude person I have ever spoken to. When you remind her of your previous conversation or ask why your emails havent been getting attention she simply calls you a liar. Today I asked when should I call again, she just told be she doesnt know. When I asked should it be within a week or everyday, she said "how practical would it be for you to call everyday... I dont know when you must call". The people who work there are just simply rude.
Hannes Bronkhorst Send email
Aug 1, 2018


I have requested my IRP5 on 4 July 2018.
The opperator told me it will take 5 to 7 working days.
Several calls later and still noting and it already 1 August 2018
What do I have to do to get my IRP 5
Tiran Send email
Jul 24, 2018

Surplus statement

I have been going to the surplus department for very close to 4 years now.The ladies who work there are pathetic.They drag their feet,sit on their phones,and help you as if they are doing you a favour.They pull their faces once you ask a question.All this time Im being told,"we've submitted your request".I ve been sending emails to them,with same reply.They have requested my details countless times!!!I am now fed up.Can you please just do your work.I understand there are a lot of people,but it cant take so long,to get a statement!!!
Matiso Send email
Jul 23, 2018


Dear Sir/Madam

I have requested for my IRPM 5 at MIBFA four weeks ago.
I have send and resend emails at MIBFA, I have also consulted the offices direct, emails were confirmed received. But there is no progress on theirs side.

SARS need the IRP5 in order to give returns to me, I have all IRP5's from except the one at MIBFA.
I travel every week to check progress all they say, just wait for our call.

I am un employed and I do have have revenue SARS, I cannot get it because MIBFA take forever to print out my IRP5.

I hope my concern and request will be considerd very soon


Mandisi Matiso
083 951 2983
EonPrinsloo Send email
Jul 17, 2018

Provident fund surplus payout

Up to date i have been waiting more than three months just to obtain a statement of my provident surplus fund in order to request a payout mandate.How long will the payout process take if only requesting a statement takes this long.This is ridiculous.
avantond Send email
Jul 16, 2018

Death Benefits

I am waitibg 18 months for death benefits to be paid out, I was the nominated person and I have to wait for Mibfa to decide if I get the benefits. Why do members then fill in nomination forms if their wishes are not adhered to?

Has anyone thought of getting Carte Blanche to investigate????
Kevinks Send email
Jul 11, 2018

No service

I had to visit Cape Town branch 3times before all required paperwork was in order. If they requested everything the first time it would only be twice.

Been trying to find out what has happend to my funds but every time the same story. They are understaffed i should try phoning the following day between 2&3.
I do so only to be told they are unable to help me and i have to phone jhb branch.

I phone jhb branch and only reach a recording stating that there are 9 or more callers before me. Takes 20-30 minutes to reach number one in the queue and then they simply end the call.

Have tried contacting cape town branch to explain what is occurring everytime and once again im told they are unable to help me i should call back the following day between 2&3.

Yes, i am keeping a copy of this complaint only to show my next employer that i refuse that any of money goes towards mibfa ever again.

Unfortunately, as i am told every single time when i phone them i have come to the conclusion that mibfa does this on purpose to avoid payouts because claimers become to annoyed and give up on trying to retrieve their funds.

They should be investigated after reading all the other complaints
Kevinks Send email
Jul 11, 2018

No service

I have handed in all requested paperwork and was told if i havent heard from them in 10 weeks time i will have to contact the number on the slip handed to me. Spent three days just to get my paper work sorted correctly, everytime they just add another request instead of requesting everything the first time. Yes i have repeatedly phoned and am told they are short staffed and suggest i call the following day to speak to a consultant.
Yes i have phoned the following day only to be told to they are unable to assist me and i should phone jhb.

Everytime i contact jhb im told that there are 9 or more callers before me. Get to be the first caller in line and the phone gets put down. Dial back and then they are too busy to accept any calls at the moment.

Phone Cape town again and explain that their is no co-operation from mibfa at all, ask them whats the solution.
Unfortunately i cant assist you i have a customer in front of me try phoning between 2and 3 tomorrow. So everything i done last week they expect me to do all over again this week. I have come to the conclusion that they do this on purpose so that the claimer gets so annoyed and just gives up and forgets about the claim.

I am taking a screenshot of this message and keeping it for future references. Wont ever allow another employer to deduct money from my salary to pay mibfa toward pension fund again.
zakhelemzoko Send email
Jul 10, 2018

Request for an IRP5 2018

Dear Sir/Madam

I hereby wishes to apply for the IRP5 for year 2018, I am Zakhele Israel Nicholas Motha id number: 760108 5424 081 and my tax number:1888001672.

I will be glad should you please e-mail to [email protected]

Shelly19960602 Send email
Jul 6, 2018

Sick leave

I went on maternity leav on the 13May my HR send al the paper work in to them and it is almost. 2 months Know and still did not get money if you call them they say the power is off
cathy123 Send email
Jul 4, 2018

Surplus benefit pay out

My Dad is waiting now 3 years and six months for MIBFA to pay him his surplus benefits.
MIBFA have been given him the run around all this time requesting documents that he
already submited.
They told him that the money will be paid out on the 10th of June 2018 and to date he is still waiting.
When he phoned this month they told him to come in and sign then they will payout when he
gets there they sent him from pillar to post and he leaves there empty handed with no assistance.
What would be the next step and who can he contact for assistance?
kgoalcor Send email
Jun 23, 2018

6 years unpaid provident fund

mibf is useless and serious action need to be taken against them . i claimed my 6 years provident fund during 2016 i never received a cent. i also wrote complain and send it to pension fund adjudicator. Mibf and my former employer where found guilty and ordered mibf to do calculation and send it to my former employer . Actually my former employer deducted the money from my wages but never sent it to mibf, is their responsibility to collect the fund from employers and to make sure that registered employers submit all members funds .Now i stuck in dark.
Florences Send email
Jun 20, 2018

Provident/Pension Fund Claim

I am also a member of Mibfa.I have contributed for almost 13 yrs now.My work colligue has applied for his provident fund payout from October 2017 and he still not paid.I feel scary to hear so many complains about the slow on the payout and nothing is getting done.Whats the point of joining you (Mibfa) if at the end we have to suffer like that.Please that'ts our money why do we have to suffer that much for it.Do something.or else we goner stop contributing with you and Invest our money with the Banks.
edenfebruary Send email
Jun 11, 2018

Awaiting Payout

I am helping my father as he took early retirement at work due to him not being able to work anymore. I handed his documents in March 2018. They said they will process the documents. Then they kept calling for verification. When that was done they called as his Tax Number was incorrect. He sorted that out and I sent them the documents and the guy busy with my fathers claim assured him everything is in order and that my father will receive the payout within 2 weeks. Then after 2 weeks they call again to say his ID Number is incorrect as his old ID number shows on the forms and they need his New ID number. This has been almost 3 months now and he never received any payout as yet. What are those people doing there? They need to let people know what is still needed but now you need to phone every time to ask when pay out will be received , then you will hear there is still things outstanding. Its ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[email protected] Send email
Jun 1, 2018


I handed in my resignation form on 15/2/18 to MIBFA, 42 Anderson Street, Johannesburg to them personally and gave them all documents they needed. I have phoned numerous times and are getting no where as to when they are going to pay me out. Today is 1 June 2018 and I have received nothing. It has now been 3.5 months????
mbizo Send email
May 29, 2018

profident fund

We should put EFF on mibfa one time they thieves stealing our money
Dirk van der Westhuizen Send email
May 24, 2018


I have tried to contact the provident fund centre,,,,,, I get transferred from to a consultant:
"Welcome to the Provident Fund... Florence speaking.... how may I assist you?"
I gave her my ID number and last action I had with the Fund..... my phone went quiet.... hope they recorded the coversation as I waited for 9 minutes and nobody came back on the line. I called again and same story.... accept this time... she did not give her name but the phone went quiet again......
Kathryn Olivier Send email
May 23, 2018

No assistance

I am trying to assist my 86 year old mother to get her Pension payout from MIBFA. First they delay by asking for power of attorney, which i have submitted, and now they say they need it hand delivered. How am I supposed to take more time off work for this. Surely the emailed copy which i sent which is stamped by a commissioner of oaths should be sufficient. Everytime i submit something, they come back with another delay or piece of paper that is outstanding. My mother deserves to have her money paid out before she dies. Please help.
dayron Send email
May 22, 2018

surplus benifits

hi I aplied for surplus in march 2016 at the bargaining council submitted all the forms they told me I must wait for 6 months then they gonna contact me for my banking details its almost 2 years now and im still waiting I need help immediately please

David olivier
Waynes6212 Send email
May 22, 2018

Payment of surplus

Hi please can somebody help. I’m trying to get my payment fro
The surplus found I’ve got my statement in March after 7 mouths
Then gave all the documents requested and was told about
4 weeks then they would pay and it is now 8 weeks later still
Nouthing I’ve been calling them every week and the only answer
I get is they are still busy.
Laeeqah Send email
May 18, 2018

Still waiting for my payout

my husband applied for his provident mid Feb 2018 and till today he hasn't received any payment, he calls in every week and all he gets is attitude saying they tried to call him he must just6 wait, he waited the waiting time of 8-12 weeks called in and was told he just needs to wait if he doesn't receive it within 3 weeks he must call again, called again he was told his claim hasn't been processed yet as they not getting hold of him.............HOW......why is he being made to feel like his a beggar for his own money and the agents are rude............with out deductions from his salary they wont have a job..........his cell no is 0735566676
Christiaan Send email
May 18, 2018

No pay out

Does any one do anything, about provident pay outs. Is there someone who can take this matter to court, regarding pay outs. The longer you wait the more you should get in interest. Maybe we must consider recruiting juluis malema to assist us. We need to be heard.....
Wiekus Send email
May 15, 2018

Still waiting for my payout

Goodday im still waiting for my profident funds pay out i apply for it the 21February2018 and still waiting every time i phone there is another story.As im goig through the complaints looks like everybody got the same problem so can someone do research for is please we need answers ASAP

Fortunepeter Send email
May 8, 2018

Still Waiting

I have submitted a claim on the 8th February 2018. Every time a person follows up its a new date for the payout or something else they need. It was confirmed that the claim has been processed and they advised that we count 30 working days from that date. After that we called again, and then they said they needed to confirm some details again. We confirmed and they said 2 weeks. 2 weeks later, nothing received and decided to followed up again and they said claim was submitted to the payouts department, 7 working days from the 23rd April 2018. Still nothing. This is really messing a person around. What more does a person need to do to speed this process.

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