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jsqwe Send email
Oct 3, 2022

Vote With Your Wallet

I used to down your crackers by the sleeve. They were so addictive with Cheez Whiz or some tuna and mayo. They are now brittle, flavourless, and unremarkable in recent years. We vote with our wallets so we stopped buying them for several years. Tried them again the other day: no improvement. Back to buying other brands. Too bad you suits had to ruin an addictive product to save a few cents.
jsqwe Send email
Oct 3, 2022

Vote With Your Wallet -- Don't Buy This Crap

I used to down your crackers by the sleeve. They were so addictive with Cheez Whiz or some tuna and mayo. They are now brittle, flavourless, and unremarkable in recent years. We vote with our wallets so we stopped buying them for several years. Tried them again the other day: no improvement. Back to buying other brands. Too bad you suits had to ruin an addictive product to save a few cents.
Skc Send email
Jul 1, 2022

Wheat thins not tasty & stale flavor

I just opened this pkg. they are not tasty!
ggg4953 Send email
Apr 25, 2022

Saltines tasteless and SO fragile!

We're giving up on Saltines. Being 69yo and 72yo, our household has seen a lot of boxes of Premium Saltines. We ate saltines and sardines for lunch, saltines and peanut butter for snacks and even dessert!, saltines and cheese.... At first we thought it must have just been a poor batch, but can a bad batch last for a couple of YEARS? The plastic wrappers are nothing short of aggravating to open, the taste is gone, and the final straw is that several are in pieces when we open a sleeve and crumble to nothing but crumbs and small pieces if we don't carefully lift to our mouths and try to get it in before it breaks apart. Did someone buy out the company and change the recipe to "save money"? When will companies realize people buy the product because they love the product as it is? We bought Premium Saltines because they were the absolute best. Now they taste and act like a super-discount generic brand. We've decided not to buy this brand again. It's a waste of money.
IZZY2016 Send email
Nov 24, 2021

Nabisco Oreos

I purchased a pack of double stuffed Oreos and when we opened them they clearly were not double stuffed. They were regular Oreos. We were quite disappointed as we do not purchase the very often as they are kind of expensive for our household, but we love them. We really would appreciate a refund or a coupon for another purchase.

Nabisco Oreos

IZZY2016 Send email
Nov 24, 2021

Nabisco Oreos

I bought a pack of double stuffed Oreos at Kroger and when we opened them, they were clearly not double stuffed and I assume packaged wrong. We were very disappointed as we don't purchase them very often as they are kind of expensive for our household, but we love them. It would be appreciated if you could reimburse us for this package of Oreos or a coupon for another purchase. I have attached a picture.

Nabisco Oreos

Jlrif Send email
Nov 24, 2021

Nabisco premium saletine crackers

I have never submitted a product complaint before but am tired of purchasing substandard products. Recent purchases of Original Nabisco saltine crackers with sea salt have come without sea salt, over baked ( brown) and are bland, dry and broken within the sleeves. I do want to hear the excuse of COVID-19 or inflation as the reason for the poor quality control. The company needs to stand behind their product as advertised.
laniergal Send email
Nov 22, 2021

premium saltines

I have purchased your premium saltines all my life. Lately they are horrible, broken, thin, and now worthy of any toppings. They break, no flavor. I will no longer purchase nabisco brand but try for another acceptable cracker.
timbo1955 Send email
Nov 9, 2021


The 6 cookie packs I purchased in a large retail box , with zero apperent damage , every pack has 4-6 crushed cookies turned to dust , its that simple !
Paulmichael Maxfield Send email
Sep 23, 2021

Saltines that taste like chemicals

My saltines smell like chemicals and taste like chemicals. Gross. What do you guys put in them?!? I had to throw the entire package away and they weren’t even expired.

[email protected]
premiumminis Send email
Aug 13, 2021

Premium Mini's

I have been buying Premium Mini's for years now like 4-5 boxes a week. I cannot find them anywhere now. I even ordered them through and they were "lost in delivery".
Have you stopped making them?
If not can I purchase directly from you? or you can give me another business that sells them.
steve4133 Send email
Aug 8, 2021

Premium minis Crackers

Did they stop making Premium minis Crackers? I can't find
them in any store or online. I love snacking on them.
maryca252 Send email
May 27, 2021


I'm not sure what is going on but I have eaten your Saltines since day one, they are my go to. I don't buy the cheaper brands because I love the taste and freshness of yours, however I have been very disappointed the last few months. The taste borders on stale and the cracker it's self seems thicker. Also there is always broken crackers in each sleeve. A couple of boxes the sleeves didn't seem to be sealed well and actually had a hole in the end.

Please advise if you changed the recipe or what is going on. For the price I might as well save money and buy the store brand since they are just as inferior as what Nabisco is now producing, and please don't blame Covid-19
Kurt Shellhammer Send email
May 19, 2021

Same box smaller Saltine packets

Opened my Premium Saltines like I have for decades. The same exterior box, but they have four smaller packets inside. Probably 25 crackers worth. I do not look at price but what I want or need. Substituting smaller packets is your company's attempt to make a horses a&& out of the public. If it costs more to make your product, have the guts and honesty to raise the price. Ritz, Chobani, and countless other companies did this stunt, and I switched my go-to products because of it.
mhoover Send email
Apr 27, 2021

Saltine Minis

Purchased a box of Mini Saltines, looking forward to them. When I opened the box, I notices there was NO SALT in them :(They were not NO Salt...those packages are green and there are none in Minis. The box was stamped AX 10
jpmcquaide Send email
Apr 23, 2021

Nabisco - ginger snaps

I love your ginger snaps. - BUT ! - Your recent package was so hard to chew. It was worse than crunching ice cubs !
Nabisco has always provided good . and was a name I could trust. But now ! - I'm not so sure ! - You are nor forcing me to look for other brands !

Jim McQuaide
Silver City, NM
Joe S Send email
Mar 26, 2021

broken oreos

The New plastic trays that hold the Oreo cookies (regular and vanilla) are too flimsy. When we open a pack many of the cookies are broken or separated. There was very little problems with the Old trays. Please go back to the old style even if it costs a little more.

Thank You

Joe S
MarkieMarc Send email
Feb 26, 2021

Woke = Broke

I am a HUGE Oreo lover...until they decided to tweet out during the confirmation of Rachel/Richard Levine yesterday. Having gone through design school in the 80s I've lost dear, dear friends to AIDS and am extremely open minded to people's lifestyles. However, I do NOT tolerate corporations entering into the political environment and am DONE with Nabisco. I've read from other angry customers that the Paul Newman brand sandwich cookie is far superior anyway so that's where my consumer dollars are going.
So far my household has dumped: Nike, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Heinz, Under Armor, Progressive, Target, Starbucks, CocaCola, Gillette and the list keeps growing.
Landgraf Send email
Dec 6, 2020

Open containers

Purchased [12/05/2020] box of four sleeves of Premium Saltines and found a sleeve open and what appeared to me was that a small animal may have been feasting on the top couple of crackers. WHAT? I threw that sleeve out and when I slide the rest of the sleeves out there was another sleeve open on the opposite side in the same condition! WHAT? Where is the quality control Nabisco? Expiration date on the package is May 13th, 2021.
Very disappointed
cybermerc Send email
Sep 26, 2020

Lorna Doone cookies

As I am now in my golden years, I remember loving your Lorna Doones for as long as I remember anything. Along the way, I occasionally had the urge to pick up one of those tiny packs at a gas station in my travels. They were uniformly stale tasting, but I chalked that up to just being sitting in a gas station for eons.

In recent times, however, you have gone from the box of full sleeves of cookies to those same tiny packs of 4 cookies. Unfortunately, with the same result.

They are stale tasting. Flavored carboard at best. I dson't know the chemistry of why the small packs are so dissappointing, but now that you sell your full boxes loaded with them, I have finally given up that it was a temporary thing or a bad batch. Does the new generation really embrace this pathetic version of your shortbread?

Charles Marino - [email protected]
retired engineer,
who remembers the good old days,
when coke had one flavor,
and Lorna Doone shortbread was the bomb,
and all was right with the world
Rickd1629 Send email
May 14, 2020

Chips Ahoy

I have just purchased my last package of chips ahoy as you have made them taste disgusting. I'll make mine from scratch.
maryannary Send email
Mar 11, 2020

Nabisco Multi Grain crackers

Crackers has a lot broken in box , plus break very easily when you spread anything on them, very disappointed
pete123 Send email
Feb 19, 2020

Fig Newtons

The new Newton packaging (self sealing rip top) makes you think you're getting the same amount of Newtons as the old packaging (two cellophane wrapped rows), but inside you get at least 4 cookies less....maybe 6.
Nobody likes packaging that hides the diminished cookie count.
Foolycooly Send email
Feb 4, 2020

Premium Saltines Suck

What happened to the salt?
Foolycooly Send email
Feb 4, 2020

Saltines no more

What happened to the salt on the saltines? No salt on saltines is stupid and gross! They're just little flour squares that taste like yucky cooked flour! Fix the Premium Saltines, please!

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