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Tommymac Send email
Nov 19, 2019

Premium saltines much thinner

They are much thinner now. Many in each box are cracked and many will break as you put peanut butter on them. Why cut corners?
paisleybooks Send email
Nov 5, 2019

Nabisco Fig Newtons

Seriously? What's with the dumbing down of the Nabisco products? Now the Fig Newtons have gone 100% Whole Grain. They're smaller - the package is a ridiculously smaller AND the price has gone straight up. On top of that, they have designed the package with a total photo emblazoned, easily torn, weird cellophane cover. I guess I thought if we could see through the package as in the old days - so we couldn't see the nasty, dark brown, whole wheat covering on the cookies. Why screw with a good thing? Younger people must not give a rip - they keep buying inferior junk. Nabisco is probably hoping that the next generation doesn't question quality or product value.
Jena Morgan Send email
Oct 30, 2019

Nasty crackers

Yes!! I agree 110% this is my third post now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut out the nasty boxes 01MAR20 AZ 2 01-3 19:00 gross... 01MAR20 AZ 2 01-04 18:57 GROSS.... 08JAN20 AZ 01-02 06:39 GROSS... 04SEP19 AZ 01-02 18:05 GROSS... 04FEB20 AZ 3 01-022 03:25 GROSS and thats just the boxes I didn't throw out already 06FEB20 AZ 201-3 23:29 is the only box ive3 bought in the last 3 months that was good and tasted like they use to
Jena Morgan Send email
Oct 30, 2019

Nasty crackers

Yes!! I agree 110% this is my third post now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut out the nasty boxes 01MAR20 AZ 2 01-3 19:00 gross... 01MAR20 AZ 2 01-04 18:57 GROSS.... 08JAN20 AZ 01-02 06:39 GROSS... 04SEP19 AZ 01-02 18:05 GROSS... 04FEB20 AZ 3 01-022 03:25 GROSS and thats just the boxes I didn't throw out already 06FEB20 AZ 201-3 23:29 is the only box ive3 bought in the last 3 months that was good and tasted like they use to
[email protected] Send email
Oct 7, 2019

Premium cracker

What happened to the consistant premium cracker? I keep buying boxs that the crackers are over cooked and too brown on the edges..taste is no good and sometimes they dont have enough salt on them. Pay attention employees and machine operators as well as Nabisco supervision..... you're losing customers. People are buying off brand products instead on yours!!!!
Linda M Green Send email
Oct 1, 2019

Nabisco saltines/graham

Nabisco saltines have changed from the best to the worst. The store brand is better. Go back to the old recipe, and DO MAKE A FULL SIZE GRAHAM CRACKER!
justsayin Send email
Sep 24, 2019

Saltines original

Ditto to all the complaints. Smell bad and taste bad. All the people who have been buying this product, should instead give the same amount to their favorite charity. At least that way their money does not go down the garbage disposal.
tnichols62 Send email
Sep 10, 2019

Saltine Crackers

My sister and I used to love the Premium crackers in the 60's and 70's. We both noticed how awful they are now. It's unfortunate that they would rather cut corners than sell a good product.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 10, 2019

Fresh Stax Saltines

Why on earth would you change from the freshest saltine available to one of the worst; what could you possibly be thinking? This product is not over-priced, non-fresh, and lousy-tasting. What possible reason could there, if you're not making money on the product, simply raise the price. Why would you totally ruin the taste and freshness of the best saltine available?

This product has now been relegated to the likes of chain-store brand crackers such as Kroger's own brand and Walmart's own True Value, low quality stuff. This irritates me to the point that I am now buying other brands of cookies and snack crackers too. There is simply no excuse for making this move because it demonstrates Nabisco's lack of commitment to their customer base.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 4, 2019

honey gragams

I just purchased honey maid graham crackers and was disappointed it is the same size box but the bags inside were smaller. It amazes me that companies are giving less food but charge the same.
NanaErnie Send email
Aug 1, 2019

cookie packaging

We have purchased hundreds of packages of Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies over the years and you'd think after all these years someone would come up with a package that was resealable. I get so mad because if the cookies aren't eaten quickly they end up getting stale because of the horrible packaging! No matter how careful you try the shrink wrap stretches and tears when you open the package.
Dissatisfied with Nabisco Send email
Jul 29, 2019

original premium saltines

Sigh... I can gather from seeing the vast number of complaints and the fact that Nabisco had to make a whole section for complaints that nothing will be done, but for the sake of an old yet now ending product relationship I will add my two cents.

I have noticed over the years the quality has gone downhill on what used to be a wonderful cracker has become hit and miss, mainly miss. A Saltine implies a salted cracker, especially when the name is "Original Premium Saltines". But is there?? Rarely.
I also used the saltines and soda for a stomach remedy, but it is hard to choke them down without the salt.

So, I bid a fond farewell to an old favorite and will actually end up saving a ton of money on a cheaper cracker that at worst will be the same as Nabisco's are now, at best will actually be better for less!

So, Thank you Nabisco for making me stop buying your Saltines and switch to a cheaper brand!!!

A Former Customer
Lyris51101 Send email
Jul 1, 2019

Premium Saltine Crackers

The last couple boxes of saltines have been terrible. I thought the first box was an aberration - perhaps somehow, some unsalted crackers had been put in an Original Premium Saltine Cracker box or some machinery at the factory had malfunctioned, producing soft, not crispy crackers with almost no salt. I ate one sleeve and tossed the rest. I recently bought a fresh new box, just opened a sleeve and ate a cracker. Terrible. Tasteless. Where did the salt go? Where did the crispiness go? I've been eating these crackers all my life. They are my go-to, standby quick meal with peanut butter or cheese or served alongside tomato soup.

They are the preferred thing to eat with 7 Up or ginger ale for sick kids (and grown ups). They were a lifesaver when I was prepping for my first colonoscopy. Licking the salt off the yummy, crispy amazing saltines was the only way I was able to keep enough of that horrible prep liquid down and undergo the procedure the next day.

I am devastated. It seems that plain old saltines no longer exist. This is unthinkable. Saltines have always been a staple on my shopping list - bread, milk, bananas, saltines.... Such a basic, classic, tasty product is no longer edible. There is no good alternative. I will be tossing the rest of the newly purchased box since they are not edible. I'm so sad. Who ever dreamed that such a basic staple as saltines would join the extinct list along with other childhood staples like Dutch Apple pop-tarts (the only flavor I ever ate) and giant Snickers (the big ones in which you can put birthday candles). Very sad. I'll submit this and then throw away my uneaten saltines and put the cardboard box in the recycle bin. I will never buy saltines again.
Miranda2019 Send email
Jun 20, 2019

Premium plus salted cracker

I have been buying premium plus salted cracker for many years. But recently the taste is getting worse. Even my kid is complaining. The quality can speak! The package quality from my last buy is even worse: some individual bags were broken, some bags were stuck to the inside of the box, very roughly packed and disgusting. I wonder what happened to this company: bad guys took over the ownership? No matter what, what I can do is just not to buy this product...
Ezylemon Send email
Jun 15, 2019

Burnt crackers

The saltines I bought taste burnt. They have dark brown spots and taste terrible. I am on a really tight fixed income and I can’t afford getting sub par food items that I won’t eat.
My receipt is long gone so I can’t bring them back. I guess I’ll have to buy a different cracker than Premium Saltines by Nabisco.
shirley tredup Send email
May 22, 2019

soda crackers in general

I've eaten soda crackers all my life because I love them. The last five or more years they have tasted so bad or even stale. And that goes for all the brands. What happened?
Bpete Send email
May 17, 2019

Saltine crackers

The premium saltines now taste like cardboard- what happened?? If it’s not broke, DO NOT CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Joan Drake Send email
May 10, 2019

Ritz Toasted Chips

I recently bought Ritz Toasted Chips - Original. They were overly salty and even my husband who can't get enough salt was turned off by the saltiness of these chips.
The production number on the bag was: O5DFC19BD38B
PremiumCrackerHater Send email
Apr 30, 2019

Premium Saltines

Add my family to those who will no longer be purchasing Premium Saltines. They are thick and tasteless. Nothing like the originals. And no response from the company to complaints.
[email protected] Send email
Feb 26, 2019

Saltine crackers

The crackers are terrible. Why the change. Been eating this crackers forever and now you say the original sea salt. That is not the original. They taste terrible. I am not going to buy any Nabisco products if this is what your doing .Had to change brands but nothing compared to the original saltine crackers , not the sea salt they are horrible. Nabisco has lost me and I am sure countless others.
[email protected] Send email
Feb 23, 2019

Premium saltine crackers

Hey - what a pleasant surprise. I tried Premium Saltines one more time of Premium saltine Crackers I bought are back to great taste and crispness.
# on the box 26JUN19XKS311. If the trend continues I will go back to them . I had to switch to Keebler back in 2017 when the crackers became burnt, hard, tasteless.
I hope the old crackers are back to stay.
julock Send email
Feb 19, 2019

Ritz and Oreos

Flavor and quality of both products have changed to the point I will be changing products. Flavors are awful and the crumbling Ritz can't hold up to you taking a bite, let alone a piece of cheese. You say it was changed in order to sell them in NY & California? Bull!!! You changed them when you started manufacturing your products in Mexico.
Same thing Hostess did to twinkies, they're no longer worth a crap either!!
Hawaii50 Send email
Feb 19, 2019

You changed the crackers

I bought a box of premium plus crackers and even I looked at the cracker I knew they had been changed. When I tasted them they were thick and tasteless. I have been eating these crackers for 60+ years and i want the old ones back!
j.wesley Send email
Feb 14, 2019

Nabisco Premium Crackers

Just bought the crackers and they do not taste the same. I honestly thought I had sprayed counter cleaner on them when I was cleaning the kitchen. But, I opened another pack from the cabinet and they still taste horrible. Guess I will buy Keebler’s now. 1st Oreos were changed and now this? Cheap.
Larry_cgy Send email
Feb 12, 2019


What ever you did to the premium plus crackers is horrible. They have been a staple in my diet for at least 40 years. They are horrible thick and tasteless. Never to buy them again. Why ruin a good product? Are you trying to go out of business??

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