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D Nix Send email
Feb 12, 2019

Premium Plus Saltine Crackers

I, too, have been purchasing Premium Plus Saltine Crackers for more than 40 years. No other brand even remotely compared to Premium in my opinion. However, for the last year or two, they literally taste like you're eating a cardboard box. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAS HAPPENED? As others have stated, I thought the first (and maybe second) bad box was just a fluke. Nope! Have stopped wasting my money on Premium. Seems as if Zesta has done the same thing. They used to be my 2nd favorite, but they have also changed their recipe and stopped salting their saltines, too. Please let us consumers decide for ourselves just how much we with to eat. There are no-salt versions for those who choose to reduce their sodium intake. Since saltine crackers are a snack favorite of mine, I will continue to search for a good tasting cracker, but looks like it will be not be the Premium brand. Maybe the less expensive store brands will take the place of Zesta and Premium--may be a win-win for lots of consumers who are serious about their crackers!!
Galli61 Send email
Feb 7, 2019


I just bought my last box of Saltines. For too long now every cracker is burnt. I thought this was something that would get fixed but Nabisco obviously doesn't care considering the volume of complaints. It's a shame that a product I've eaten for over 50 years is now the worst of its kind on the market. Since you've moved production to Mexico however, I'm sure you're making boatloads of cash and that's all that matters in corporate America anyway. Goodbye.
Marny Ritchie Send email
Feb 4, 2019

Premium Plus Crackers

What have you done to these crackers??
They are horrible & we will not be buying them anymore...bought a 2nd box thinking it was a fluke but NOPE, the new ones taste the same.

Not sure why you would do this to a winning product that has survived for so many years...dumb move.
duncan Send email
Feb 4, 2019

Premium Plus Crackers

It is soooooo….disappointing you went and changed a product that was our favorite for decades. I sure hope you go back to the original recipe. Don't mess up with a good product.
Trudy heerema Send email
Feb 2, 2019

Swiss chesse crackers.

What have you done to the Swiss Cheese crackers. They were the best cracker around. I just bought 4 boxes today, only to find the inside bag was different and then my biggest disappointment the crackers were changed to an awful version of my favorite cracker. PLEASE CHANGE THEM BACK.. THIS IS BY NO MEANS AN IMPROVEMTENT. I DON'T LIJKE THEM AND WILL HAVE TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE. hopefully YOU HAVENT CHANGED THE BACON DIPPERS.
coppercreek59 Send email
Feb 2, 2019

Premium Plus Crackers

Why on God's green Earth would you change a product that was perfect the way it was. I am referring to Premium Plus Crackers. I (and my husband) have been eating them since we were kids and loved them. We have five children (now grown) who have consumed hundreds of boxes of Premium Plus crackers over the years. The new recipe is disgusting. They are no better than a no-name brand and are no longer worth buying. We are not alone in our opinion of the new recipe. Everyone I mention them to agrees that they are gross. Please change back to the old recipe.
Mrs.Q Send email
Jan 26, 2019

Premium plus saltines

The new cracker tastes very bland and the texture is off putting. When I am sick, or nauseated, or need a mid night snack, they have always been my go to. After numerous surgeries, this was one food I could count on. I do hope you will go back to the original recipe.
John A Send email
Jan 22, 2019

Premium crackers

It's too bad that someone decided to change a product that people have loved for so many years. We won't buy them ever again. Very disappointed.Make that extremely disappointed.
John A Send email
Jan 22, 2019

Premium crackers

Why , Why Why did you change the recipe??? /It's too bad that someone decided to change a product that people have loved for so many years. We won't buy them ever again. Extremely disappointed.
cricdun Send email
Jan 16, 2019

Christie's Premium Plus Crackers

Why have you changed the recipe for Christie's Premium Plus Crackers? The new recipe is terrible and I will never buy them again. There was nothing wrong with the original recipe which I have been buying for the last 50 years. Please explain why this change was done! Guess I will have to look for another brand as this new recipe is discussing.
KH1 Send email
Jan 10, 2019

Nabisco Premium Plus Crackers

We've been buying Premium Plus Crackers for many years. Suddenly the recipe has been changed, and what for? Why take a good product and suddenly change it? The flavour and consistency are completely different, and not for the better. The crackers are too hard, have lost thier flakiness and the flavour is almost burnt or like pretzels. It's too bad that someone decided to change a product that people have loved for so many years. We won't buy them ever again. Very disappointed.
DJMcRobert Send email
Jan 8, 2019

Premium Plus Crackers

The taste of the crackers is awful. They are tasteless and tough. Sometimes you should not listen to the shirts in the ivory towers and realize that change is not always good. Go back to the original salty, crunchy, flakey little squares of goodness. But advertise when you do because I will not be purchasing any more now.
B Dunlop Send email
Jan 4, 2019

Christie Premium Plus Salted Crackers

I bought a box of Christie salted Premium Plus crackers a month ago and was amazed by how terrible they were. I actually thought there was a manufacturing slip-up in that the crackers had next to no salt, were too thick and hard, and tasted flat and stale.
Figuring this was a one time error, I bought another box yesterday only to find the same awful poor quality crackers.
Having happily purchased salted Premium Plus crackers for at least 40 years, I'm very disappointed to now find that they've been changed and changed for the worse no less.
Looks like another classic example of "fixing" something that wasn't broken all in an effort to rake in more of the almighty dollar. Remember the Coca-Cola fiasco?
With so many consumers taking the time to write complaints about the "new" salted Premium Plus crackers, I can only hope that the original recipe will be brought back.
Is anyone at Nabisco listening? Does anyone at Nabisco care?
Dbjmorris Send email
Jan 2, 2019

70 year tradition Broken!

I an very sad and disappointed in the latest Premiun Saltines! They taste burned and flat. You have reduced the salt on the surface and I think you cut back on a tiny bit of sugar in the recipe. Now they are tasteless and bland. I tried several boxes and found them all awful! Now I am looking for another brand to take the place of my favorite snack. Please bring back the perfect cracker!
[email protected] Send email
Dec 18, 2018

Premium soda scrackers

I feel that your crackers are a disgrace !!
They are tasteless, and certainly not the same taste as the ones I have been purchasing over the last 58 years!
We have waited, knowing many would complain of this dreadful version of your soda crackers. I have waited long enough, and know that I will not purchase again!
Istorey Send email
Dec 15, 2018

Ritz crackers flavor

Andy Griffith used to say everything sits better on a Ritz, good cracker, good cracker. If he we alive today and tasted these Ritz crackers he would resign! These new crackers are terrible! I just threw away 3 full stacked because they tasted rancid. Ritz used to be my go to crackers but no more. I now buy Keebler’s Townhouse crackers. The elf’s have it.

I. Storey
Rico50 Send email
Dec 14, 2018

Chrisries premiun soda crackers

you went and changed a perfect craker
The new recipe is garbage. I will never buy theses again which is sad because I've been eating your crackers for over 40 years
Bad call guys
Elaine Eska Send email
Dec 10, 2018

Poor quality

I’ve been a consumer of premium saltine salted biscuit for 30 years. I’ve just purchased a box of your crackers and I’m so disappointed!!
They are thicker than usual and the bottoms are very dark. They are supposed to be salted but they have very little salt on them
They actually take quite a force to make them break but the crackers in the sleeve are cracked although the box is not damaged. They are lacking the taste and texture of the “ olde “ saltines
Ritanothappy Send email
Dec 8, 2018

What used to be Great now terrible

The past boxes of your crackers taste awful. At first I thought it was just a bad batch but the two boxes purchased after that were the same. So white and pasty. No taste.
Why have you changed the recipe?
Your crackers were always our family favourite, for 2 generations,and my husband and I are in our 60’s.
Please go back to original recipe.
We hate the new ones and will not be buying any more boxes until you do. Thank you.
mmd Send email
Dec 2, 2018

Nabisco Premium Saltines

I have been a lifelong purchaser of Premium Saltines. Always the best saltines out there. The last 10 boxes that I have purchased have been absolutely awful. They have changed their recipe. Now the crackers appear burnt, have basically zero salt and taste stale. It is completely disappointing. I have tried boxes from many different stores and it is all the same - awful. I am just about to try and find a different brand of saltines. Nabisco needs to change their saltines back to the original. Such a disappointment - I'm sure it is to save money but they will be losing many customers over this.
japholmes Send email
Dec 1, 2018

premium plus crackers

I didn't know that premium plus crackers had changed their recipe when I bought the package. When I opened the box you could tell right away be the way they look - flat and with large holes. When I tried the first one it was awful!! I will NEVER buy this brand again unless they change back to the original recipe. I loved these crackers before, why change a good thing? Please, please bring back the original!
lmaltby Send email
Dec 1, 2018

New Recipe

You have taken the perfect cracker and completely destroyed it. They are beyond awful and we will no longer buy them. If the change was to reduce salt intake, you always offered a salted top and non-salted top giving consumers a choice. Now what you consider "salted" really has no salt, if you can find a speck or two it is rare, and the cracker itself tastes stale and overcooked. No words can describe my disappointment after eating these for my entire lifespan of 53 years. Hopefully someone will discover your original recipe and make them under their own label.
nanlcry Send email
Nov 29, 2018

Nabisco chocolate wafers

I Have been making cookies with Nabisco chocolate wafers with whipped cream for 50 years. My Mother made them for special occasions and my children grew up on them. This Thanksgiving I made the cookies from 2 boxes. One was fine but one was really different in flavor and not good. Did you receive other complaints? My kids also tasted the difference immediately - it was definitely the cookie and not the cream since I used the same for both.
Neil1968 Send email
Nov 25, 2018

Premium Plus Crackers

The recipe change I’m sure is around saving money. Now I get to save money by NEVER buying this chemical tasting cracker ever again. Let me know if you ever change back
2244995 Send email
Nov 23, 2018

Premium Plus Crackers

I've been eating these crackers my entire life. When I am sick, they are often the only thing I can keep down, really the epitome of comfort food. You've changed the recipe recently and they are AWFUL. I've never not had these stocked in my house before but the new ones are bland, have no flakiness, and taste stale fresh out of the box. Please change them back!

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