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vvv CCC Send email
Aug 14, 2018

Premium Plus

Whatever Nabisco did to change the recipe for Premium Plus Saltines has been an abject failure.

The new crackers are bland, taste stale and lack the saltiness of the original cracker.

Whoever came up with, and approved the "brilliant" idea of changing the cracker ought to be fired. The company needs to step up and admit it made a huge mistake by changing the recipe.

I used to be able to eat an entire sleeve of Saltines in one sitting. Now I can't stand them, even by adding cheese or other toppings to the crackers. The box of Premium Plus Saltines I recently purchased has been thrown out into the garbage can. Unless Nabisco changes the recipe back to the original, I will be buying a different brand of salted soda crackers in the future.
CrackerAddict Send email
Aug 10, 2018

Premium Plus Unsalted

Changing a Soda cracker into the recepie for a Water cracker is unacceptable. Still calling it Soda is false advertising. I used to eat an entire box a week due to them being an excellent source of carbohydrates while also acting as an antacid, and tasting great. The new formulation limits the first feature, and utterly destroys the latter two, while also making them into a bland, powdery mess. To the latter issue, your current method of heat-crimping the end of the packs cannot deal with the ease of crumbling, and half the sleeves are wide open on one end (with powdered crumbs melted into the plastic). For you to pull this, while increasing the price again (second time in three years), is unbelievable. Fix this or I will have to abandon you after 30 years of advocacy. There are plenty of other crackers that taste as bad as your current version, and some that probably taste slightly better.
sdruggett Send email
Aug 9, 2018

Premium Saltines

Whatever you did to your crackers, you need to change them back. I ate them every day and they were so good. Since the recipe change and bigger holes, they taste totally different. They lack flavour and taste stale.
If they are not changed back, I will never buy them again.
Why were they changed when they were the best crackers as they were?
BMallan Send email
Aug 8, 2018

Premium plus crackers /change awful

My child is in tears yet again because I can't find a " good" box of Premium Plus crackers anywhere, they all taste,"yucky ". What happened!!!! Why would you do such a horrible thing they are awful I must agree with him! Bring them back or we are done and he used to live off of them!!!!
JaredA Send email
Aug 8, 2018

Recipe change/ pattern change

I have recently purchased your crackers which I have been eating for 30 years. I immediately noticed the change in taste as well as the change in the pattern of the cracker itself (bigger holes, lighter cooking techniques).
The changes that you have made to a perfectly good product that was delicious were uncalled for and unwelcome.
I unfortunately will no longer be sponsoring your products. Hopefully you’ll return to creating proven quality products and use new methods with new products only.
Katkins Send email
Aug 3, 2018

Premium Plus Saltines

I really enjoy Saltine crackers, turning to them instead of chips to appease a salt craving...however this last box I bought is leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth...literally. I noticed the difference in the texture and taste right away. I'm assuming the recipe has changed, as I noticed the change in the "shape" as well. The more I eat them to more turned off I get. Just saying, I really miss my saltines, so if you decide the make a change, let me know and I'll be back ;)
jmills Send email
Aug 2, 2018

Nabisco - Premium Plus Saltines

Nabisco - I've been buying these for years, but the new formula is terrible. Will be the last box I ever buy.
ASeals01 Send email
Jul 31, 2018

Chocolate chip

I purchased 2 boxes of 12 chocolate chip cookies and the expiration date on one box is 7/14/18 and the other box was 7/18/2018... these cookies are no good to my family .. I’m glad I looked at the date before my baby took them to school to eat and they probably would have made her sick ... I still have the cookies and I took pictures of the date
DerpMeowWoofBorkBark Send email
Jul 24, 2018

RITZ Crackers

I have loved these for a long time, but today that all changed. Opened a pack up(which had a hole under the seal)and I get bland tasting crackers that are the thinnest of the thin. If they don’t taste good anymore and are thin for now on, I ain’t eating any of your crackers(besides RITZ bits, which I love) these days.
llund Send email
Jul 22, 2018

Premium Saltines

I grew up on Premium Saltines and would often eat a whole sleeve for a meal. Many years ago I noticed how terrible they tasted so I stopped buying them all together and started searching off brands. I found a few that served the purpose, but I miss Premiums. Please change the recipe back!!!
llund Send email
Jul 21, 2018

Premium Saltines

So glad to see I'm not alone - I used to eat a sleeve of original saltines as a meal as a younger person. Been trying so many off brands and have found some that I like, but I miss the old saltines. Please bring back original recipe - I'd love to get back to my sleeve eatin' ways!
Pamela J Gray Send email
Jul 20, 2018

Ritz Crackers

So disappointed with the changes made with ritz Crackers. The flavor is bland, fragile crumbly cracker and not as many in a sleeve. This also effects recipes I use! PLEASE change them back. I’d rather pay more for quality. My favorite cracker is gone!!!!
Pamela J Gray Send email
Jul 20, 2018

Ritz Crackers

So very disappointed in the changes made to the Ritz crackers. They are too thin, crumble easily, and does not have the same flavor. Please, please change them back! My favorite cracker is no longer.
dholt Send email
Jul 18, 2018

Saltines are stale

We used to love premium saltine crackers, but now they are crumbly & stale tasting! We will be changing brands until you decide to change them back. Evidently you don’t care, so I’m probably wasting my time.
DCKincaid Send email
Jul 17, 2018

Premium Saltines

I see that I am not the only one to complain but, not only has the taste been altered but the crackers are crushed in every box I have bought recently. I assume that is due to whatever change you have made to the recipe. It's unfortunate but I'll change brand and I've been a loyal customer for 63 years.
Shalouky Send email
Jul 15, 2018

Wheat Thins

I have always loved Wheat Thins! But I bought a box the other day and to my surprise they are awful!! Can't even cover up the strange taste with toppings. Sad to say that will be my last purchase of Wheat Thins if they stay tasting like cardboard.
charlesgrodin Send email
Jul 12, 2018

Premium Plus Saltines

Not a fan of the new recipe. Somehow you made bland taste bad. You owe me a box of crackers and a can of tomato soup. I'd ask you to clean my sink, but I obviously have nothing better to do.
jmagda41 Send email
Jul 12, 2018

Nabisco Premium Saltines

It's been for a few years now, Nabisco's Premium Saltines changed their recipe. No longer are they light and crisp with that salty bite. Now they are... softer? Like they are stale. And the taste is almost a sweet taste. I now buy Keebler or Sunshine to get that traditional tatse you used to be able to count on from Nabisco.
jmagda41 Send email
Jul 12, 2018

Premium Saltines

It's been for a few years now, Nabisco's Premium Saltines changed their recipe. No longer are they light and crisp with that salty bite. Now they are... softer? Like they are stale. And the taste is almost a sweet taste. I now buy Keebler or Sunshine to get that traditional tatse you used to be able to count on from Nabisco.
2012Escape Send email
Jul 8, 2018

Premium saltines fresh stacks

Recently bought the Original Premium Fresh Stacks Crackers that I purchase every month. The taste has changed dramatically from the ones I got last month. I ate just a few then threw the box away. Must be a new recipe but after buying these for years, I will never buy them again. These have best used by 10OCT18BD20 18 4:22:21. Too bad as I loved the old recipe.
Dgui Send email
Jun 28, 2018

Premium Saltines are really bad

I have been using Nabisco Saltines for more than 70 years. I like to put so many crackers in my soup that you could walk on the surface, I enjoyed sardines and crackers and I dunked buttered crackers in coffee. NO MORE! The change to the crackers is terrible. They are thinner, denser, seem stale and bland. I’m changing brands or will simply stop eating crackers altogether. Fire the idiot who conceived the idea for the change in the recipe and or process.
ccalvert23 Send email
Jun 25, 2018

Inconsistent product

We buy the Nabisco Premium saltine crackers regularly. Over the last couple of month, we've thrown away 1-2 tubes out of the box due to different reasons. Once the crackers were very brown over cooked. Other times they were hard assuming undercooked. At any rate, going to move on to another product. Just wanted to share our frustration.
heidi harper Send email
Jun 20, 2018

Premium Plus Saltines

What is going on with your saltines? I thought maybe I had a bad batch as they taste different - even the holes in the saltines are different... but now I see that I am not the only one ...


Or I guess I have to find a new cracker...
Greg0006 Send email
Jun 20, 2018

Premium crap crackers

What is wrong with you people, you take a recipe that the whole world loves and change it. Now they taste like crap, i don’t understand why you people feel the need to fix things that are not broken. I will not be buying any of your products again.
Kclay1230 Send email
Jun 15, 2018

Ritz crumbles

For the last 6 months, maybe longer, every box of Ritz I have bought regular and wheat have been nothing but crumbles I may get 2 whole crackers out of each sleeve. Just when I think I've seen a bad box the next one's just as bad. What in the world is going on. I have never been a Townhouse cracker person but have resorted to those. Please correct whatever is wrong.
I am soooooo dissatisfied!

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