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Mamajapinga56 Send email
Feb 3, 2018

Ritz Crackers

Did you actually think we wouldn't notice the change in taste? The fact that they crumble before you can open a sealed package. I don't know what you did but these are not the Ritz Crackers we all know, these are some sort of imposter cracker posing as a Ritz but they taste horrible! You have to know this is bad when my 95 year old Mother with memory issues, who LOVES Ritz Crackers says there is something wrong with these crackers and sends them back!! Never buying another box of Ritz or any other kind you manufacture because if you screw with Ritz, you will screw with them all. Way to go!
NotPremiumCrackerImpressed Send email
Feb 2, 2018

Stale Premium Crackers

Lately every time I have bought a box of Premium Saltine Crackers they are stale. Spartan Brand crackers are not stale and I will continue to buy them. What's up Nabisco?
Rwharton Send email
Feb 2, 2018


Totally different saltine. Your quality control needs work. No consistency in the taste. My husband said they remind him of the oyster crackers.
MMG Send email
Feb 1, 2018

New reduced fat wheat thins

I see im not the only one noticing the change for the worse on reduced fat wheat thins. Most remarks are about reg wheat thins but seems same problem. The reduced fat have little flavor are bleached out and are not same texture.they were the healthy version of the cracker already. CHANGE THEM BACK PLEEEASE!!!!!
italienstyle Send email
Jan 31, 2018

wheat thins

congratulations, you ruined wheat thins. they used to be thin, crunchy, and flavorful. now they are puffed full of air and taste bland. not buying any more.
crackerbox Send email
Jan 30, 2018

Wheat thins tast like poo

Oi. I just opened a new box of wheat thins. These things are awful. I'll be throwing the whole thing out. I see I'm not the only one. These things are barely edible in my opinion. I had a couple from an older box and side by side they don't even look the same. slightly different size. Way different color. Seemed like no salt. Yuk.
dfsman Send email
Jan 29, 2018

new 'normal' wheat thins.

The boxes of wheat thins that say original aren't what they used to be. I agree with the other posts that they do not taste good. Its too bad.
gma2six Send email
Jan 28, 2018

Wheat Thing

WHAT have you done to Wheat Thins!??! The box still SAYS 'original', but they are now DISGUSTING! Tried several boxes from different stores... and they are all the same nastiness :( LOVED wheat thins... FOREVER.... but NO MORE!
PLEASE bring back the REAL 'original' Wheat Thins!
KimH2002 Send email
Jan 25, 2018

Original Wheat Thins

Not sure what you did to the Original Wheat Thins, but they taste horrible. We've been avid consumers of them over the years and will no longer be purchasing them if this "new and improved" recipe continues. Please go back to the "original" method as they tasted so much better.
valeriemk Send email
Jan 23, 2018

Wheat Thins

What happened to the Original Wheat Thins? The crackers in this new box are pale and more powdery, with little holes in the top and more air, like saltines. They don't taste nearly as delicious as the Wheat Thins I've been enjoying for years. If I wanted something resembling a whole grain saltine, I would have bought that. Very disappointed.
Bensonbleu Send email
Jan 22, 2018

Stale Ritz Crackers

What have you done to Ritz Crackers and why are they always taste like they are stale? Just bought a new box today 1/20/18 and they taste like crap. It doesn’t matter what Store or what package type they are soft, lack crispness and taste stale. I’ve eaten Ritz since I was a kid but they are not the same anymore. Can you recommend another brand for me to switch too that would give a better experience?

Pissed off in Easton Md.

Bensonbleu Send email
Jan 22, 2018

Stale Ritz Crackers

What the heck have you all done to Ritz Crackers? It doesn’t matter where I purchase, they are always stale. I’m 65 years old and they are not the same anymore. I’ve eaten them all my life mostly with peanut butter or cheese. The quality is no longer there. The crackers are soft, lack fresh taste and seem stale. I always look at date on box to make sure I’m getting fresh but the date doesn’t mean much anymore. I just purchase a new box today 1/20/18 and they taste like crap. What brand would you suggest I switch to if I want quality like you use to make? By the way, are these Crackers now being made in Mexico?

Ticked off in Maryland!

oldguard Send email
Jan 19, 2018

Nabisco Saltine crackers

It had been maybe decades since I bought the subject crackers. I cannot believe how bad they currently are -- no salt, too thin, and too crispy. You can't spread peanut butter on them without tearing apart. This was a very good cracker -- even though I didn't buy it often. Someone must take the responsibility of ruining a legendary cracker.

I will not buy it again.

Jean Steele
bettyedavis Send email
Jan 18, 2018

Half package of premium saltine crackers

Why I can’t find the single small package of the premium saltine crackers?
Tcw11 Send email
Jan 10, 2018


I cannot believe how different the "premium" saltines taste. There is pretty much no salt on the cracker and no flavor either. How can you have saltines that aren't salty? Very disappointed. I've always bought Premium saltines but I think I'm going to have to switch to a different brand. :(
I wonder why the company hasn't relabeled their boxes- it's clearly a completely different cracker recipe. Yuck.
candrweathers Send email
Jan 7, 2018

Wheat Thins

We purchased two boxes of Wheat Thins for Christmas and New Years parties. However, after opening the first box and tasting them, we were so disappointed that we will be taking the second box back to the store. Even though the box states that they are "original" Wheat Thins, they are nothing like the Wheat Thins we know and love. Wheat Thins have been our favorite cracker for many years and used to find it hard not to eat the whole box of crackers in one sitting. However, this last batch is so bad we haven't finished the first box. PLEASE! bring back the Wheat Thins we knew and loved so well!
soBadIsigneduptoComplain Send email
Jan 5, 2018


We bought 4 boxes, at two separate locations and times for a holiday party. Each box was under-cooked. The crackers tasted awful and we were extremely disappointed. We decided to give Nabisco the benefit of the doubt and purchased a new box today, however it was the same under-cooked terrible tasting cracker as the earlier boxes. That will probably be the last box of wheat thins we ever buy. If this is a trend indicative of quality control at Nabisco then we will be avoiding all their products.
Otkd723 Send email
Jan 4, 2018

Wheat Thins

What have you done to Wheat Thins? I bought some to serve with pepper jelly and cream cheese at Christmas and I thought I must have accidentally bought the low fat. I checked the box and they said the were the original ones. I even purchased another box thinking maybe it was a bad box. Yuck! Same thing. Why are you trying to pass of these little squares of cardboard as Wheat Thins?
UnhappyX3 Send email
Dec 30, 2017

Wheat Thins

These new Wheat Thins are horrible! I am bringing them back to the store for a refund. I thought it was just a bad batch until I saw everyone's complaints on here. I can't even stomach them. Sad to see them go. They were one of my favorite snacks. Of course it shouldn't surprise me. I have a son who literally lives off of Ritz crackers. He refuses to eat them now because the quality control is so bad. They are either burnt to a crisp, undercooked, or have no salt. Done with Nabisco entirely, I think.
meekmok Send email
Dec 30, 2017

Nabisco Saltines New Formula

Why on Earth would you change the formula and make these sweet and buttery?! They're awful now! I have been eating these for over 40 years, but I hate this new formula, and won't be buying them again unless you change it back to the old flavor. Everyone I've talked to about it feels the same way. You are losing a lot of loyal customers. This was a very bad idea. PLEASE change it back!!!
SBrown Send email
Dec 28, 2017


Appears Nabisco has contracted out to the lowest bidder. Used to be a quality brand. Don't waste any more of your money - don't buy anything with the Nabisco brand owned by Mondelez Global LLC.
SBrown Send email
Dec 28, 2017

Premium saltines not premium any more.

Last year I bought my usual go-to box of Premium saltines, noticed the pale barely toasted color, then the crumbly pieces, then the taste. I thought maybe just a bad batch, then a month later bought another box- SAME! I figured Nabisco contracted out to some cheap bakery. Seems that's the norm these days. Anyway, they have lost a lifetime customer. Great Value from Walmart are better at a third of the price.
Mfj Send email
Dec 26, 2017

Wheat Thins

Yuck. Wheat Thins taste terrible now. I bought my last box this week though I won’t throw them out like another reviewer did. What happened? They are a weird beige color and look/taste like paste instead of toasty brown around the edges like they used to. Wheat Thins used to be soo good.
Dec 24, 2017

Wheat Thins

What have you done? For a lifetime, it seems, I’ve lusted after Wheat Thins. Just like so much in today’s corporate culture, they suck! And, with deep regrets of giving up another taste of the paste, we will throw the new Wheat Thins into the trash heap of memories and bake our own. This new cracker is crap. Do you really think we wouldn’t notice? What fools you are.
Opitts Send email
Dec 19, 2017

Terrible taste on saltine crackers

The sea salt has to go. And not to update the box to say you have changed to sea salt. I bought 2 boxes thinking 1 was stale. My husband thought I was wrong and tasted and threw up the crackers. Please cease the sea salt immediately. What were you thinking. Did you do any street testing , apparently not.
Ruined 2 pounds of hamburger using crackers in lieu of bread making lasagna. I would appreciate my 10.00 for hamburger ruined and the rest of the items bought and ruined using the new crackers
Everyone uses crackers when they are sick. How many people are you going to upset when sick experiencing the new cracker
Would have been nice to update the box
Unhappy in Virginia. Next stop Facebook
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