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SANDY ROSSI Send email
Jun 12, 2018

Substance on the mini saltines

I always buy the mini Saltines at least two boxes a week the last two boxes have not been fresh but this last box that I just opened has the mini Saltines with little particles on them hard stuff that is attached to the Cracker I did make a copy of it a picture of it I should say and I am sending it with to you hopefully you could tell me what it looks like also the bar code is 04400 001-7774

Substance on the mini saltines

Dee2018 Send email
Jun 9, 2018

Premium Saltines

You had to know your products were the best I would think and I believe you knew if you changed anything customers would complain. Obviously, you don't care.
Susan A. Send email
Jun 8, 2018

Premium Saltines

Same complaint as everyone else. I will not be buying Nabisco crackers again unless I see something indicating the old recipes are back. Oreos are also not worth eating anymore.
Parrywink Send email
Jun 5, 2018

Premium Original Saltine Crackers

Why did you feel it necessary to take the best tasting saltine cracker and reduce the taste and quality to that of cardboard? Like others posting here, I am no longer a customer unless you return to your previous OUTSTANDING recipe. I do not think it is your responsibility to change your products to make them healthier for is my choice to indulge or splurge on occasion as I see fit. After all, I am an adult and fully capable of making decisions on what is best for me. You already offer a lower salt option, so why did you feel it necessary to alter the "Original" ... which it is not. No truth in labeling here!
junkfood Send email
Jun 2, 2018

Bad, bad Premium Saltines

We have been eating Nabisco Premium Saltines for years. The last few boxes have not been fit to eat. Taste stale and have a weird texture. The box does not say where they are made so must not be in the US. I will not be buying any Nabisco products in the future.
Mark marcia Send email
Jun 1, 2018

Honey Maid Grahams

The honeymaid individual serving size must have shrunk in the box???they used to fill the box,now there's an empty space on the sides and top!!!stop ripping us off!!! You have lost another lifelong customer....keep sending our jobs to MEXICO and you may as well sell them there too!!! Don't make me go Rosanne on you!!!
Birdie7 Send email
May 26, 2018

Ritz Crackers; Graham Crackers

What on earth has happened to the old, trusted Nabisco brands? We will not be buying Ritz crackers again, nor will we buying Graham Crackers. Color, quality, and TASTE of both have seriously deteriorated. Not sure what we'll do about s'mores this summer, but perhaps another brand.
Folks, did you really need to make these in Mexico to "save" a few bucks? Very disappointing and disheartening.
Sharonk Send email
May 26, 2018

Wheat thins

PLEASE bring the old ones back and let us choose! You’ve lost another [email protected]!
crackerman Send email
May 17, 2018

ritz crackers

New Ritz forumla = New Coke. Big Mistake!!
crackerman Send email
May 17, 2018

ritz crackers

New cracker formula = New Coke debacle.
The new formula for these crackers is terrible. Now I know that when I see the foil pack- do not buy. I came across an old box in the store with the plastic packaging and original recipe and was happy. bought more thinking I'd score the old cracker- no such luck! Two foil boxes sitting in cupboard.
Jackie Q Send email
May 16, 2018


The Premium crackers I have eaten for decades used to be bigger, have noticeable chunks of salt crystals, came in a cardboard box and had flavour. This new recipe is SHITE...tastes like they are stale and a flavour /texture like it is fat free.
YUCK YUCK YUCK... please, please change it back, I can live with the new packaging and the smaller biscuit but PLEASE give us back the old recipe. I no longer have a favourite cracker.
SURELY you have lost sales!!!!
Na2lee Send email
May 14, 2018

Sour Tasting crackers

My husband eats Premium Original crackers every night with ice cream. He accused me of trying to pass off cheap off brand crackers as Nabisco Premium crackers because they taste so bad! I mean rancid! I don't know why Nabisco screwed with a good thing, and don't care since I know you won't fix it, but we will no longer buy these crackers.
Mandate Send email
May 6, 2018

Absolutely disgusting

I having been buying the Premium crackers for many years until last year when I bought a packet that I thought tasted off and perhaps because I had bought a different flavour. I thought I would give them another try and this time buy the plain crackers as I always had. I realised then that it wasn’t just the packaging that had changed but the cracker itself - it was definitely not the same cracker. The taste was off as well as the colour and texture. WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN!!!
StacyS Send email
May 3, 2018

Nabisco Saltines

Bring Back the old recipe!!! These crackers SUCK! I have been eating Saltines with tuna for years and you can tell a big difference in taste and texture. It has also ruined my "Fire Cracker" recipe that I use Saltines with.
Swampdonkeydad Send email
May 1, 2018

Swiss Cheese crackers

Why have you switched from a plastic inner bag to a foil pouch. The foil pouch cannot be opened with out tearing down the side, Plastic can be resealed with a clip and maintain the freshness, whereas the foil causes the crackers to go soggy and stale, This will not make me buy more instead I am less likely to ever buy the swiss cheese crackers if this continues to be an issue. Also why are they now more narrow, too small to put a small piece of cheese on and still taste them with the cheese, Raise the price don't make them smaller.
Gideon300us Send email
Apr 22, 2018

What did you do to the recipe??

I've eaten Premium saltines for 50 years and now somebody changed the recipe. Now they have no taste and have lost the crispy
texture. They are terrible!!! Please go back to what they were and fire the idiot that recommended the change! Remember what happened when they tried to change the Code recipe???
Julie A Beber Send email
Apr 22, 2018


I thought it was just me! This brand new box is gross stale tasting and not at all like they used to be. I HATE them. They were always my favorite. Every time I bought a new box I kept thinking how can they be stale? Never again. Another box goes to feed the birds.
joeh Send email
Apr 14, 2018

Primium Original Saltines

How can you call these the original saltines? - They taste nothing like the originals.
How can you call them saltines? - I cannot taste any salt on them.
How can you call them Premium? - The amount of crushed crackers in each box bespeaks rejects.

Needless to say we don't buy these crackers anymore.
jumpinjackflash Send email
Apr 8, 2018


My wife and myself have been dieting lately, so that includes a lot of salads and what goes better than anything with a salad, crackers! Usually the package is so difficult to open you tear the wrapper but that's not what this complaint is about. Yesterday my wife bought a new box at her work (she works at Wal-Mart) to go with her lunch. She came home that evening with a zip-lock baggy of crackers and said the package must have torn when she opened it and for me to get a new pack for my lunch. So when lunch came around and I pulled out my pack of crackers, to my surprise, I found that my package was not sealed but on both ends (pic in closed). I called home to and ask my wife to check the other two packs, still in the box. She found them both to be the same way, only sealed on the ends and not down the middle. She stated that hers yesterday where still fresh and not stall and I said mine are too but they won't stay that way long. That being said, this has to have just happened at whatever location they were made and packaged at, must be in or close to Texas to still be so fresh. Get ready because if you haven't had any complaints yet, you’re going to get a lot more like this!!!


Cindybegley Send email
Mar 29, 2018

Nabisco Premiun Saltines.

This is the 3rd box of saltines I have bought in the last few months that smell like paint. What is going on? The expiration date is along way off. Threw them out and have now gone on to another company... I am spreading the word. Discusting!
Aimee Kerr Send email
Mar 24, 2018

Go back to the old saltines recipe!

My son and I noticed our box of Saltines were stale and crumbly. We thought it was the box so I threw them away and bought another. Same stale crumbly taste. I stopped buying them for several months but recently with sick kids in the house I gave them a try again. They are terrible!!!!! They taste like the Krispy crackers- not Saltines, so disappointing. Fix the recipe or lose a customer. They were our go to when we were under the weather. No longer unless the old recipe is brought back.
Stumeat Send email
Mar 17, 2018

Premium saltine crackers

I swear. I thought it was just me. Thought I got a bad box a month ago so I bought one more. Better fire your idea man who came up with this turd. If it was to save money, I can guarantee it will only be the consumer saving it by not buying your product anymore. Your ritz crackers also slid off the main road into the shit ditch. Wanna save money? Print your boxes in black and white and then stick em in the generic aisle next to the 3 for a dollar movies. I'll end this with sound advice from Hillary on election night. Sombody better fix this shit!
adfsghddsafg Send email
Mar 16, 2018

New Recipe

Absolutely horrible change to the recipe! I bought 3 different boxes of your premium saltine crackers because I was convinced they were just bad batches! But all 3 boxes tasted like they were saltless, completely stale and burnt. They immediately went in the trash. I literally couldn't even stomach them. Which is funny considering that is why I usually buy the crackers in the first place! Will not ever be wasting my money again if the recipe isn't changed back!
marineimaging Send email
Mar 16, 2018

Quality and Taste degraded

Recently your premium saltines have become third world. Seriously, we have eaten the Nabisco Premium Saltines for 100 years between us. As a go to for tummy ache and as a midnight snack with milk. Since the new products of salt-less and sea salt, and a change in packaging and the reduction of numbers in the sleeves your quality has taken a dump. Please fix it or we will go find something else. These crumble like they are stale, the cooking is inconsistent, the salt is either slight or none. It is as if you are having them made in a foreign country with no quality control.
marineimaging Send email
Mar 16, 2018

Saltines turned horrible

My wife and I have been purchasers of Nabisco Premium Saltines for almost 100 years collectively. It seems that in the past few months somebody has ruined them. For my wife these have always been her "go to" for an upset tummy. For me, these with milk have been my midnight snack since I was a kid. Well, unless something happens to return them to their former self, we say goodbye Nabisco. She says that since they began using sea salt and making salt-less crackers, the Premium Saltines began to suffer slightly. What ever happened in the transition of a new product destroyed the wonderful, crispy, perfectly cooked taste of heaven we knew. Bean counters? The cook died? What ever it was, fix it. NOW!

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