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vanessa104 Send email
Nov 22, 2018

Disgusting now

I keep waiting for these crackers to return to their previous state. They're disgusting now. WTF happened? These have been my favourite crackers my entire life. So disappointed.
SueM Send email
Nov 20, 2018

Premium Plus Crackers

Why did you change a great product?! They’re thick, bland and tasteless, I bought salted tops....were is the salt? It just makes them more disgusting! They’re thick, undercooked and fall apart, my family has bought Premium Plus for decades but sadly, we won’t be anymore.
Why did you change a great product?!

I can only hope you take note of all these complaints and go back to your original recipe!
Andrew Send email
Nov 20, 2018

Changed the recipe??

These new crackers taste gross! What have you done?!? Why would you try to fix something that's not broken?? Bring back the old recipe... After tasting these I don't plan to buy this brand anymore which is sad as there were always a favorite growing up.


Unsatisfied customer
Crackers Send email
Nov 18, 2018

Christie premium plus crackers

Loved theses crackers all my life.... Hate them now!
May never buy again .... What have you done?? Do you people that changed them really believe they are good now?!
Why would you change them after all these years of being perfect crackers to a stall tasting piece of crap??
Will not buy anymore !
Michael Straker Send email
Nov 17, 2018

Premium Plus Saltines -- New Recipe

For decades, my family preferred Premium Plus saltines over all other brands. Now they taste like crap! The difference is not subtle.

Please change back to your original, much-loved recipe or I'll never buy them again.
HarmHarm1 Send email
Nov 15, 2018

Premium saltines

Please change your recipe back. These new saltines are tasteless and stale right out of the box. Why change something that didn’t need changing?
DBustraan Send email
Nov 6, 2018

Fresh Pack of 8 = 7 ???

I recently purchased a fresh pack of Nabisco Saltines ( 8 individual packages ) and there were only 7 packs in the box. What a unique and innovative way to make more profit. In addition, one of the remaining 7 packages was open. The box itself when I purchased it was factory sealed. I wrote a complaint letter to the company and nothing . . . .

Fresh Pack of 8 = 7 ??? Fresh Pack of 8 = 7 ???

less4more Send email
Nov 1, 2018

No Salt on the crackers

lot number 18mar2019ke3303
I have been buying Premium Fresh Stacks for a couple of years now. I buy them because the premium originals went so far down in quality that I wouldn't eat them. Stale and a lot less salt. Now it appears you are doing the same thing to the fresh stacks. I purchased 5 boxes and after eating 2 boxes I sampled the other three and threw them in the garbage. Are the food police on your back or are you just trying to make more money by taking cost out of the product? I do not buy products based on price. I buy based on quality. Saltines have SALT on them and are crisp.
Dennis55 Send email
Oct 31, 2018

Premium Fresh Stacks have changed

Why would you change the best tasting cracker on the market (in my opinion) when they are selling so good that you cant keep Walmart shelves stocked? Very strange! I have used these crackers for years, one to two boxes weekly, and have never gotten a stale cracker until recently. The last two boxes of crackers I purchased were totally different. They were not tasty like before, thinner and not baked as evenly, and even tasted stale by comparison. The entire product has changed and I will not be buying this product any more till it changes back.

Obviously I am very disappointed about this, but you know who is not? ZESTA, that's who.
Joan Klingbile Send email
Oct 28, 2018

Premium not any more!

I am totally disappointed in your changed crackes, I have been a loyal consumer of these Premium saltines since I was a child, like 50 years ago but these new ones are terrible. No taste or flavour, just small thin dry things. I noticed the box wouldn’t fit into my tupperware container I’ve been storing the whole box in for 40 years so I had to remove them from the box, no problem but when I opened the one stack, yuck! Thinking I was going to relish a deliciously tasting few crackers with butter, it was a total disappointment. I’ll use some for a meatloaf but sadly the balance will be thrown out. I’ll never buy these again. I’m totally disappointed in the bad downward change to your crackers.
Joan Kl.
Laurel Tolomei Send email
Oct 26, 2018

Ritz Crackers Garlic Buttery

Always bought Ritz crackers for any event to serve snack / appetizers. Was throwing a surprise party and new Ritz Cracker Buttery Garlic came out. I though that would be yummy and perfect for what I was serving. Opened the box and the individual packages inside and they crumbled to the touch.
I had to do a switch of plans on my appetizers because the crackers would not hold any kind of spread, and would crumble while holding them.
I was very frustrated. Sad that I could not serve what I had planned.
I wanted to use them up some how. But the only way was to crumble them in a dish or to mix them up with something. The rest of the box sits in my kitchen pantry. After this complaint I am going to go and throw them away. Will never buy them again.
Jay Ell Send email
Oct 25, 2018

Premium Plus classic soda crackers

Just bought my first box of the changed recipe. I didn't notice anything on the packaging to indicate a change, but the product definitely seems inferior in all ways. That's a real pity. These have been a trusted pantry staple for many people for decades. I guess I'll be using up this box in things like meatloaf and crumb coatings. I'll probably wait a few months and try again to see if the original recipe has returned. I hope the whole wheat ones aren't going to change in the same way or I'll have to start hunting for different brands. The packaging problem from a few years ago that resulted in stale crackers was eventually corrected so hopefully the manufacturer is willing to respond to this ill-conceived attempt at cost savings as well.
beverleyC Send email
Oct 24, 2018

Premium Plus

Every product that Mondelez International has touched it terrible.
They take products that have been successful for ages, tweak the recipe and then they taste horrible. They must cheapen the ingredients. Saltine crackers are the latest! Garbage.
Arrowroot cookies, graham crackers, cookies all of the recipes adjusted and the taste gone.
Last time I ever buy Premium Plus.
jmckenzie Send email
Oct 23, 2018

premium saltine crackers

this recipe change is a disaster, bought a second box thinking the first was a bad batch, same same. change it back or lose the business
Helencayce Send email
Oct 19, 2018

Nabisco was Change in premium fresh stack quality

I have recently purchased a Nabisco premium fresh stack cracker from Walmart. I have thoroughly enjoyed the older version of the Freshh stack which had a thicker packaging which kept the crackers fresher and the buttery taste that the crackers had as well. I am very disappointed to see that my new purchase of four boxes contains a thinner wrapped packaging as well as very dry and thin crackers. Nabisco crackers have been my staple in the mornings for multiple years since the first fresh stack cracker was available. I highly recommend that the Nabisco reconsider their current change in both recipe as well as packaging. Unfortunately, I may not continue to purchase these crackers because of their Quality as well as packaging. Helen Cayce

Nabisco was Change in premium fresh stack quality

LTS20469 Send email
Oct 18, 2018

Premium Original

Premium 'NOT' original as they are quite different to the good old original recipe. I thought it was just me but look!! heaps of people agree. And the packaging!! How frustrating!! Four per pack that's if you can get into the pack in the first place.
Major blunders in my opinion.
Salada Biscuits look like becoming my new favourite if Premium Biscuits stay like they are now.
Langfamily Send email
Oct 17, 2018

Christie’s Premium Soda Crackers

Really????? Your Christie’s Premium Soda Crackers taste like stale bread now. I hope you have some customers for these crackers, I’m not one, just bought my last box.
For years I’ve eaten those crackers, had them on tomato soup. Loved them with peanut butter and jam. They were great with cheese.
But, no more. Change the recipe back and fire the idiot who thought that changing the recipe was a good idea.
Manz Send email
Oct 15, 2018

Opening Mini packs

The mini packs are very difficult to open. Majority of the time I break the crackers. This is very painful especially when on the go.
I preferred to old recipe of Original.
Teeke200 Send email
Oct 15, 2018

Zesta Saltine Crackers

If Nabisco will not take care of the stale zesta crackers problem ( when you buy a new box) I am changing saltine cracker product finding one that is not stale ! I grew up on Zestas since 1964. SORRY Zesta but you will go out of business if you fail to recognize the customers feedback unless you correct it like the old day recipe. Why fix or change something when you have a great product ? Zestas always cost a bit more but yeah...I will pay it for the freshness and crispness. Terry in Salem MO.
egmelanson Send email
Oct 14, 2018

premium plus saltine crackers

i have loved these crackers all my life and you go and change the recipe! they taste like stale pieces of carboard! please change them back. sincerely all cracker lovers
Trgland1 Send email
Oct 12, 2018


WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE .. the BEST Crackers in the world! We ate your consumers WE are not stupid.. WE notice EVERY change. These crackers use to be the best I used them all the time for my catering business.. now they come right out the package no salt, HARD, and STELL! I’m so disappointed! Please change it back.. it doesn’t matter how much you charge. WE will pay for quality!
Landon Muzio Send email
Oct 11, 2018


c burwash Send email
Oct 11, 2018

christies premium crackers

Please tell me what have they done with our christie premium soda crackers they taste terrible smell awful. Eat these soda crackers for over 50 years no more unless they go back to the old recipe that we enjoyed.
ron morley Send email
Oct 11, 2018

new premium cracker

I guess I'm like everyone else on the change to the Premium Crackers. I was very disappointed in the increased hole size which is clearly aimed at giving less for more. And then I realized the cracker itself was not the same. Why must you mess with great products that are well received? Like many others that are experiencing the same thing, we will simply move on to another cracker that we will enjoy. Why would you so carelessly discard so much brand loyalty?
Deb Mason Send email
Oct 10, 2018

Change the Saltine Recipe Back!!

Whatever have you have done to my saltines!! You need to change them back. They’re awful! I’ve been eating them by the row for forever! You’ve ruined them! Stop it!

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