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Rdaily1972 Send email
Nov 23, 2016

Poor work skills of us bank reliacard for child saport payments

I have never seen so many people in one group that can't do their job and have such poor customer service skills in my life and they pass issues to some one else instead of doing their job and they sound like robots with the theripy talk o I'm sorry I understand how that could frustrated you and at the end of the day how may I help you DO YOUR JOB RIGHT and I would never have to call in COME ON learn your job or let some one else have it you I even had 3 way conversation with myself merchant head and a card employee and they still couldn't do a job what is wrong with people and on one call over a hour mostly on hold and ask me if want a call back I gave put in for call back several times have NEVER EVER gotten a call back at end of call I'm about in tears cause can't speak to any one with a ounce of logic this card is a living hell and no choice of another way to get child support payments it's a circular nightmare
Dalinams25 Send email
Nov 11, 2016

Didn't expedite my card

When a woman divorces there is usaully a change of address and a last name change. So when I couldn't use my card due to the "Wendy's Data Breach" I don't eat at Wendy's by the way..... They mailed a card to my last known address in another state. I had updated it through child support but you have to do this through them too. I didn't know that. I have an online bank account and text alerts, through them. They have my email too. Why would they just mail it? A text or email would have been fine. If a card has a US Bank logo that implies that you are a customer of US Bank. I work for a bank and they send out emails and texts or even call about this stuff. Not mail a letter. I asked if I could go into a branch, show my ID and get my money out before my personal bank account which I keep separate wouldn't be in the negitive. Nope could not do that either!! I had funds 11/2. I'm not getting the card till the 15th or 16th. No gas, no money for food for me and the kids and my account over drawn cuz the checks I wrote for school pictures and other bills bounced. I called with the new address and faxed in copies of my state ID both maiden name and married name with my current address on it. Plus a copy of the card. Days ago and I was told by 2 supervisors it would be expidited. Nope. It didn't get done. I can't get the fee waived until I receive the card and call them again. Working overtime with 2 kids? I don't have time for that. Text and email and access to bank branches would be better. Or they can call ahead to let them know we can come get funds as a one time deal. If they are hoping to get more customers that's NOT the way to do it.
Tsmith32 Send email
Oct 27, 2016

Card turned off

I went to use my card and it was declined. I called customer service to be informed it was deactivated due to a Wendy's compromise. They stated a new card was issued in September in which I never received! I asked why I was not contacted in regards to the compromise since every time I call to check the balance it asked to update my number which was correct. The first person I spoke with stated no one tried to contact me. I then asked to speak with a supervisor who stated someone did try to notify which I knew was a lie! I also have been fighting with them for 6 years trying to get my name changed on my card because I got married 6 years ago! They informed me that a card was issued to a wrong address and it would take 5-7 business days to verify my address and then another 5-7 days before the card would be mailed that's almost a month for a new card! Completely unacceptable they can verify the last name change since its sent thru child support and my last name is correct thru them and social security number matches the current last name! I now have over $700 sitting on a card I have no access too! Reliacard sucks and their customer service people are rude!
Nnniiitt Send email
Oct 4, 2016

Not loading funds

Usbankreliacard does not load money in a timely manner. Child support sent funds days ago funds still not loaded. Will contact the Attorney General.
Amysell Send email
Oct 2, 2016

Transferring money

I usually have no issues with this card.....unless I have to communicate with customer service. EVERY time I have to wait on holds lasting up to 45 minutes. Completely unacceptable!!! If they are unable to correct this apparent reason (as many reviews state), they should have more locations.
alecia.S Send email
Aug 27, 2016

Card is crap and customer service is too

These cards are a JOKE!!!! Go to use it and it's declined. Money on it but wont go through. Then call to talk to customer service and it's a bunch of retards. Get your crap together!!!!! Seriously how hard is their job?
Shaunda Send email
Jul 15, 2016

Cancelled my card

Relocated has canceled my card due to a Wendy's scheme so they say. They want me to pay 20$ for a new card to be sent out after they just canceled my card without any type of notice. I've been on the phone with them over an hour and the rep Mrs. Montgomery hung the phone up on me. Call back only to get hung up on again. This is not the first time I've had issues with them after I get this card I'm pulling all of my money off and going back to paper checks for my child support payments. Now all of my bills that were scheduled to come off the card will have late fee's. This company is horrible along with their customer service. If you bank with them get your money and run fast this is all a big mess. Michigan child support needs to end their contact with them.😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
http.jasmineclaire Send email
Jul 13, 2016


I get child support on my US Bank Reliacard and the past few days I've tried using it at the atm or the gas station and each time it has been declined. At first I thought it was the magnetic strip and that it had been fried but then my boyfriend told me to try buying something online with the card. So I tried that and it was declined this has happened before in which my account had been frozen. So I have tried multiple times to call cardholder services and every time I am put on hold for well over 2 hours and it's starting to annoy me. Does anyone know an easy and quick way to get ahold of them so I can figure this out. I know have 90$ on the card and it expires in October also by then does anyone know if they will automatically send me a new card or if I have to request it? I'm really hoping to get ahold of them before October I need to buy my daughter school clothes soon and I know what to do. Please help.
Chelsey_96 Send email
Jun 24, 2016

Bill Pay and Customer Service

On 6/22/2016 I tried to pay our Mediacom bill online. The site told me FOUR different times that my card had been declined because of something, I then looked on my account page and noticed that I had infact been charged. So, I called mediacom and asked them if a payment has been made, they told me no that the last payment was from the previous month. So I then called Reliacard Customer Service and after being on the phone for 30 minutes the lady I spoke to gave me the steps to go in and cancel it myself since it hadn't been processed yet. So I did those steps, and the payment still shows up on my account as "Bill Pay Transaction." There's nothing else that shows up for it, no refund like I had been told, nothing. Although I was told 5-7 days and it's been only two, I will patiently wait the remaining days. But if NOTHING happens like I was told it should, I will be calling back and ripping someones head off because clearly then the steps I was told to do didn't work.
stano1995 Send email
May 17, 2016


Terrible customer service, rude and condescending. U.S. Bank has messed up deposits of unemployment for four weeks now. I called today on fourth week and was advised it could take up to another three or four days. Really? When the state paid you why are you holding my money when it has showed several times deposited. Think there is enough for class action suit here as I know there are many more victims.
Keytra Send email
Apr 18, 2016

Money transfer from reliacard to bank of america

I received my child support funds on sat and decided to transfer the funds to my personal checking acct due to atm fees charged when i go to take money out. The process of doing the transfer only took five mins however no where on their website does it say that it takes 3-5 business days to complete the transfer but it only took them five mins to take the money out my acct. I contacted us reliacard customer service to verify that the transfer went through because I didn't see it post to my other acct and that's when the lady informed me of the 3-5 day wait period. So I asked to cancel the transfer and was informed that because it was done on a sat that I would have to call back on monday morning. Well here it is Monday morning I called them at 7:58 est thinking I would be able to complete the cancellation of the transfer and get my money back instead I was told that the representative I spoke to was misinformed by her supervisor sat and that led her to misinform me of the cancellation policy. I asked to speak to a manager I was transferred to a supervisor who then told me I would still have to wait the additional 3-5 days because their computer system won't allow her to go back in and cancel out any transfers from sat. Which i felt was a load of bull because if you are a computer savy person you know there's always a way to go back and cancel out something put in. So I stated to the supervisor that how is that possible if they can go in and process the transactions from sat then they should be able to go in and cancel it as well...she told me they can only process but they can't cancel any transactions from sat. I told them I would be contacting an attorney because it's blatent fraud against the customers by way of the government. They are a prepaid debit card company soley for the government to use to disburse government funds to customers to get away from using paper checks and yet they're the main people ripping the customers off who need their funds.
garrisimms Send email
Apr 8, 2016

ACH Transfers time NOT disclosed

I needed to transfer a large amount of money, since I cant get it from US Bank, so I transferred into my personal checking. Now, i am told i have to wait 3-5 business days! Are yo kidding me?!?!?!?! NOWHERE on the site did it say there was a wait. Its Friday today so now I can not access MY money until maybe Wednesday or maybe NEXT Friday! I am furious!

That is RIDICULOUS absolutely ridiculous!
Karilove1980 Send email
Mar 15, 2016

Atm dispute

Using the US Bank Visa reliacard I attempted a deposited $100 cash and received a failed transaction receipt. The receipt had a number printed on it for me to call To file a dispute because the machine kept my cash but didn't credit my account. when I called the customer service number on the back of the card and the one on the receipt no one would help me and I went into two different US Bank branches twice and no one would help me. Card services refers me to the branch and the branch refers me back to the card services people on the phone.
unhappyebonee Send email
Sep 3, 2015


I always transfer funds to my main account from my reliacard. I typically do this from my local branch. Due to surgery I decided to do the transfer online. NO TIME DURING THE TEDIOUS ONLINE TRANSFER DID THEY INDACATE IT WOULD TAKE 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS TO COMPLETE. I called customer service and the lady was very rude and said she could not cancel my transaction. Now my funds in my main account is short meaning my bills will be paid late. The lady kept me on hold forever claimed to talk to a supervisor then very rudly told me I had to wait....and said have a nice day!!
tderby93 Send email
Jun 13, 2015

This place is a Joke!!

In March 2015, I got a notification on my phone that $271.77 was used from Target from my wonderful Reliacard that my child support gets deposited onto. I was no where near a Target. So I called them and told me the transaction was made in Brooklyn NY ( I am from Vermont never been to Brooklyn NY) and that I needed to call the store and tell them I did not authorize the transaction but they couldn't tell me which target in Brooklyn NY so I needed to call all of them. Of course no one could help me. So I call them back and talk to someone they say they have to wait for the transaction to clear to start a dispute and then I'd get my money in 1-10 days. Well that came and went still nothing. Then they told me that they had to send me papers to sign and I had to get it back in 10 business days well it took them 9 to get the papers to me and I got them on a Saturday and when I called the extremely rude customer service lady was like ahh I'm sorry you have to get it here there's nothing we can do, not our problem it took so long to get there. In fact it is your problem lady. I asked to speak to a supervisor she hung up on me. So I called back the lady I spoke to told me the paper work was only for the provesinial credit meaning to get it that day and it wasn't necessary to get it to them to get my money back that I would still in fact get my money but it would take a little longer. ok. Well I called the week after the next lady I spoke to was all you need to send in them papers or your not getting your money so I did. Then I get a letter saying they didn't see anything wrong and I wouldn't be getting my money back, well after fighting for an hour they reopened the dispute and told me it would be 90 days still from the march date, then today I call because I have yet to receive my money and they proceed to tell me that its going to be another 2.5 months before I get my money back!!!!!! I informed them that that is not going to happen I will get it sooner and I am contacting the better business bureau, filling any and all reports against them that I can so this can't happen to anyone else because its like I am being punished for my money being stollen from me!!! Actually it was my children's money. I will be contacting any kind of legal person that I can because they can not be taking advantage of people the way they are. I have done everything they have asked me to do and they are sending me through many hoops and I'm getting nowhere.
mchrisine1980 Send email
Feb 3, 2015

us bank is scum

I went to the gas station i got 4.00in gas they pre authorized for 68.04 then said the couldn't release my money. Are they mentally ill . Gas is 2.20 a gallon im going to 6 on your side and getting a attorney.If you call customer services they charge 2.00 to talk to them off your card but won't release a pre authorization.what scum
DB28 Send email
Feb 28, 2013

Horrible, Rude, Condescending Service

I used my reliacard to withdraw my unemployment funds from a US Bank ATM. The ATM malfunctioned and no cash came out, but the money was deducted from my balance. The bank manager was extremely helpful, he called the Reliacard people and tried to get them to email or fax him the required affadavit to certify that no cash was dispensed. The initial operator was willing to do so, but her supervisor refused. They said the form had to be mailed snail mail, filled out by me and sent back to them. Then they would contact the bank to confirm no cash was released and a credit would be put on my card WITHIN THIRTY DAYS.
The supervisor could not have been more arrogant. I would love to know where this ***hole works. What a joke.
I strongly recomend direct deposit!!!!!!!!!!
Shawnta Send email
Mar 27, 2012

New card

I lost my card and when I call the customer service number they say that the adress is incorrect. I called my child support worker and he said that thats the address he has on file. Im so confused. I just want a new cars.

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