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Marlin Groce Send email
Apr 29, 2020

US Bank Relia Bank get your S--- Together and answer your F---ing Phones

I trying to Activate my Sister's card for my sister's behalf but for 3 days and going 9 hours nothing much music. I am so done hearing about Pandemic and Enormous call volumes BS Just stop screwing around and feeling overwhelmed with these daily call volumes just answer the phone and get this done for me and my sister and for everyone else. US Bank Relia Card Sucks A-- and needs to get their website and contact info revamped period. Creating a website to make activate our cards and email address to get back to us about whats going on as well during such difficult times right now. I am done screwing around waiting 9 hours a day listening to that stupid music. Reps Suck it the the hell up and Answer the F---ing Phones already.
blkout69 Send email
Apr 29, 2020

USBANK (reliacard)

The only thing that can be done to get any results is to go to your local news agency and report it, get on TV and rip USBANK reliacard a new a$$. Until you do that USBANK will continue to screw people and laugh at the on hold lights they have on their phones.
pissedoffrabbit Send email
Apr 27, 2020

real #### customer service

My fiance Amy Harmon has been waiting for a replacement usbankreliacard with a balance of 287 dollars never arrived and we are not able to real a live person to explain our situation.We need this money to survive like everyone else but everyone else problems are now effecting my family and at this point i am tired of all the god damn excuses we get from everyone who is to ### lazy to answer phones like its real hard.I worked physically demanding jobs my entire life that are physically demanding as well as mentally these people act like they work so hard is complete bullshit by lazy people in charge of government responsibilities.Our numbers are 208-401-6547 I am Shane or Bear as im also called and Amys number is 208-960-8329
Joann Ellis Johnson Send email
Apr 25, 2020

Please help

I have tried getting in touch of ReliaCard sat on hold for 5 ho0urs only to get disconnected. I had a ReliaCard over 10 years ago and it is now expired I am really hoping they are not loading it too this card. I have been out of work since March 16 and I have over 3000 on an account I cannot touch and it is very frustrating. I have a diabetic daughter and this is causing some major issue. I have emailed the Ohio governor and he actually emailed back asking for my numbers and he is going to check on his issue. I did not have direct deposit due to the fact the system was overloaded and kept kicking me out when I filed. Please someone please help my child is over eating peanut butter sandwich and ramen. I am at my wits end and I hate my daughter seeing me like this . 513-835-5501
Please I am begging at his point or some answers. My next step is the fraud complaint through the government I don’t want to go that far all I want is my money and apparently along with a lot of others from what I have read.
shadenshadow Send email
Apr 25, 2020

no card recieved and cant report lost or stolen card

never received new card cant report old card lost cant contact this ridicoulous bank. some one needs to call me asap or if money comes of my lost or stolen card since u wont let me report it after weeks of time and hours of dumb music ill just sew for lost amount plus intrest.. I sure am glad this bank doesn't handle any other bank stuff for me even forien banks are better then this bank tell ur employees get to work stop ### of and answer ur damn calls.this is my proof of third week cant report card lost or stolen or even get response from ur bank lets see how much longer I have to wait
EvB Send email
Apr 24, 2020

Lost Card & Unemployment Extension

I received an email on April 2nd saying that my replacement card had been shipped and I'd receive the new one in 3-5 days. I still haven't received it. I am unable to access any of my unemployment money. I haven't had a card since mid-March. I MUST get a replacement card. I've been calling every day for two weeks, but the calls drop around hour #4. It's insane. Please help!
ccurtis0212 Send email
Apr 24, 2020

Never received a card

I have 4 weeks of unemployment on my reliacard and haven't received the card in the mail. I been on hold for a total of 65 hours in a week and can't get ahold of anyone. Please help my bills need paid now. 3306858745
Derek Linkowski Send email
Apr 23, 2020

Cannot access unemployment benefits

The money is loaded on the card. Was able to use for few weeks until it locked up. It says transaction denied by bank, yet the bank says it has nothing to do with the reliacard! We need this money for bills and food. What is the problem? I have called everyone. Left messages for the governor. Have called the numbers referred to for customer service, getting nowhere even after being on hold for hour after hour!!!! It's ridiculous!!!!!! Please help us! 330 630 8346
ABybee Send email
Apr 23, 2020

No debit card/ Withholding Funds

It has been weeks, to be exact it’s 1 months tomorrow that I have been approved for unemployment but haven’t received my debit card from US Reliacard. Called many days for over 8 hours to speck to customer service representative but not once have I gotten through. Same for Ohio unemployment, seeing if I could change to direct deposit, yet again no answer! I have ran out of savings and is in need of my funds that is being held due to no debit card. I’m in need, do anyone know what we can do? I have no food, no toiletries and I need my funds released.
Jerome310j Send email
Apr 21, 2020

Unemployment no answer

I've have been put on hold for hours waiting on your service, i need to get a replacement card to access my money, this has been going on for 3 plus weeks. you can call my number at 937-*825-5145 jeroime harris

thank you
Cheryl Lynn Boardman Send email
Apr 21, 2020

restricted card

I got my relia card on Thursday April17, 2020 and by Friday it was restricted. I have called the number on the back of the card several times without ever getting an answer. I have been on hold anywhere from 16 to 20 hours over the last 5 days without anyone ever answering the phone. I need to get my money off my card to pay bills.
Sc100688 Send email
Apr 21, 2020


I have over 10 weeks of unemployment SITTING on this f*****g card and it has not come in the mail! I had a claim in 2016 and I just know they wouldn't load to an expired, unused card from over 4 years ago!

I have been calling for 1.5 weeks and holding for anywhere from 1 hr to 4 hrs and nothing but music!

I literally need this money, like everyone else this is so disgusting and unacceptable!
unop Send email
Apr 21, 2020

US Bank Reliacard

Ohio, Unemployment distribution for Covid pandemic.
I have not received a Reliacard to register. The phone numbers for a US Bank Reliacard are not responded to, the automated service requires a account number, I do not have.
The US Bank credit phone number could not help me at all. There are not an address or email address to contact US Bank Reliacard. For a professional that is handling ohio unemployment Benefits, this is not acceptable. 4 payments $ have been deposited into an account I cannot access or contact anyone concerning. Frustrating but now struggling with money oweded!
unop Send email
Apr 21, 2020

did not receive Reliacard

I have not received a Reliacard, but my unemployment deposits are being made. How do I withdraw the money? The Reliacard phone number does not give an answer through automated servoices and the Representatives do not answer, the wait times are hours if you get to a wait, and then there are not answered. April 2020
Anne_G Send email
Apr 19, 2020

Can not reach customer service

Has anyone talked to a person in the last three days? My card is frozen and I have been calling since Wednesday... So no I am wondering if there is actually anyone there or if this is a waste of effort? Has anyone seen any statements from reliacard about how they plan to fix this?
wayneman1234 Send email
Apr 18, 2020

Reliacard with no money

I get this RELIACARD from the State of Oregon, and I have had it a week and a half, and still no money has been put in it.
it should be 539.00 , but I have never received it. Way to go US Bank, your service sucks, just like the way you lost 125,000.00 of my fathers money. He is a veteran that is 89 years old. I wish all veterans would walk away from your banking establishment. Your disgust me.
Nita.taylor Send email
Apr 18, 2020

Card Frozen for three days

I have been trying to get information to get my card unfrozen and can't reach anyone at the number on the back of the card over a hour on each day. I went on line and was told to call a customer service number listed and finally got them and they said they couldn't help me to call the number again on back of card. this is the worst time for this to be happening. What is going on? who can help?
Nikki_silvey Send email
Apr 17, 2020

Being locked out and spending LITERALY 6.5 hours all togather in 1day on hold

I was locked out of my account and was told online this card wasn't active. If been on hold ALL day today
ltv Send email
Apr 17, 2020

Card never received - even after 3 payments confirmed

I have 3 weeks of unemployment pays and I never received my US bank ReliaCard. I called and called 855-282-6161 day and night but never got a human to answer the phone. All I got was the music. I stayed on the call for up to 3 hours and the music just play. No message to wait or anything. US Bank ReliaCard customer service department closed permanently?
Gary Dodd Send email
Apr 16, 2020

cards frozen

so just 2 days after i got my new unemployment card and 2 hours after my unemployment money was put on the card they froze it so now i have no money cause i cant use my card so cant even by food or pay my bills or anything and the only way to resolve it is calling of course but ive been on hold for 3 days and haven't talked to single human being i called a little late on Tuesday so i was on hold for only 2 hours but the next day i was calling all day with 3 instances of being on hold 2 hours then an hour and a half then followed by 5 and a half hours before they just hung up on me and as of today ive been on hold for and hour this is ridiculous its such a simple fix but i cant even talk to somebody to fix it so while there sitting on their asses twiddling their thumbs i haven't eaten in 2 days cause they froze my card
Wowthisisbull Send email
Apr 15, 2020

Activating my card

This is the worst customer service on the planet. I have been unable to activate my card for the third day now. I have been hung up on, listen to music for hours on end, then dead silence. The online site has been under maintenance for I don't know how long, I have ONLY been trying for 3 days. In a time when the service is needed the most US Bank has failed miserably. Horrid! I am am going to file a complaint with my state benefits office to cease using this organization and also with the BBB.
Wowthisisbull Send email
Apr 15, 2020

Activating my card

I have tried for 3 days to activate my card. The menu gives directions to enter your phone number, which you do, then it says it must be a 10 digit number. People I know this and that is what I entered. Then it says enter your 16-digit card number, you don't have enough time to do that before they are saying something else. I finally think I might reach a customer service line and all I hear is music for hours on end. I never got to speak with any one. For three days I have been going through this. I understand that these are unprecedented times but shouldn't you have enough people to help the citizens of this country who are going through hell just to feed their families. This unbelievable! FIX IT!!!
Patriciashirkey Send email
Apr 14, 2020

Unable to get my unemployment money

I am starving to death and so are my children because all of my unemployment money is on a debt card that I never received that was issued on a d claim from 2012 it took me 2 weeks to get threw to usbank for them to tell me that I can’t get my money or a new card until I fax them a current I’d with my address on it that matches the one that has already been updated in there system by unemployment but I have to wait 5 business days from the time that my address was updated in there computer before I can send the fax and then once they process my address verification that is already updated in there system then 4 hours after that I can call back and request a replacement card that will take another 7-10 days to get it took me 2 weeks of being on hold 9-12 hours a day too only be hung up on daily too get threw too these people why wasn’t I informed of all of this and not given a new card but they just assumed that I had this card from over 8 years ago this is unfair to the American people and they need too be sued and prosecuted for there actions
RoxanneBaker Send email
Apr 11, 2020

Inability to contact to reset my pin

I was locked out of my account on line due to to many attempts. When I tried to reset it the system said " call the number on the back of your card" I have called the number on the back of my card for 3 days straight and listened to music for greater than 1 hour each time. I am not sure of their hours
bowers7 Send email
Apr 8, 2020


I actually left my phone on hold for OVER 3 HOURS.... the representative answered, then very quickly said, "I can't hear you. I'm disconnecting this call." Click!
I, too, only am calling to activate a card. This is ridiculous. I contacted the State Distribution Unit, and their reply is they have nothing to do with ReliaCard operations.

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