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SolCare Send email
Sep 24, 2020

Reliacard declined Still after ID Submittion

To all this may concern, I have been using this card since June and all of a sudden it stops working without any warning. Then like a lot of other clients I called both the employment division and reliacard customer service and was on hold for 3-4 hours and I only own a government funded phone so by the time my call was answered we was talking about all i had to do and i was asking why is my card deactivated then my minutes ran out so i had to go to my neighbors home to use their landline phone and was on hold again for 3hours or more just to go through the same thing. I have faxed everything they asked for and still my funds are not available. The state says that they don't have any idea of what is going on with US Bank .They know nothing of any investigations or freezes on our cards. So what is next is the question that we all would like to know.
oaktree Send email
Sep 24, 2020

relia card

I faxed over all the documents they asked for ands even went to a U.S. bank and did it! They still have my card blocked and me and kids are going to a shelter tonight because i have not one cent to my name because of this card! they should be very ashamed to do honest ppl like this!
Bfinch1212 Send email
Sep 22, 2020

My accounts been frozen for thirteenndays

My account was frozen why I have no idea I submitted documentation of my ID via fax they claim they never received it after six business days of no contact and letting me know that they didn’t receive it so I resubmitted it again I have three children and due to the Covid I have been unemployed unable to work and provide for my family right now so I rely on my unemployment which is put onto my US Bank reliacard it is now been 13 days they received my information guaranteed on Friday and it shows that they can see that it was uploaded yet they still have yet to unfreeze my account telling me that I’d still have to wait five business days so it takes me to Friday so if and when it is on frozen on Friday that would be nearly 17 days with no income because U.S. Bank reliacard Are assholes I’m not even gonna mention the shitty customer service and how they disregard tearing the customer fairly I spoke to numerous representatives and out of about nine or 10 of them I maybe can say one was helpful and delightful on the phone getting shitty with me because I have no income right now to feed my children and I’m calling about the status of my card
asstastic187 Send email
Sep 19, 2020

Reliacard card locked

Us bankreliacard locked my account I faxed all my documents and was told 10 to 15 days and then I start getting automated calls to use the website document upload. And then they call 3 more times to upload the same documents and no one can give me answers and still no resolution and my account is still locked
I will be filling charges against us bank and usbankreliacard for lying to customers and
Making my family homeless I hope your real proud of yourselfs
jimpmarino20 Send email
Sep 19, 2020

Bank Transfer

Huntington bank transfer from card on 8/31/20 never went thru- it had all correct information submitted. I called many times and got nowhere. Over 2 weeks have passed and still no results. How do you dispute or examine a transfer?? The bank never got it.
where did the money go?
Fukrelicard Send email
Sep 19, 2020

Us Reliacard unemployment

I had $600 of fraudulent charges on my RELIACARD . I've been on hold no less than an hour everytime I call & been hung up , disconnected & only spoke to 2 nice customer service people. Rude unsympathetic people & nobody knows anything! Haven't gotten my money back yet and I get lied to and they wont issue new card or reactivate my card even after sending W-2, SS card & driver's license so they can see it's me! I have thousands of $'s adding up and I NEED TO PAY MY BILLS!!!! Its like there holding MY MONEY HOSTAGE!!! I AM THE VICTIM HERE, AND BEING TREATED LIKE A FRIGGEN CRIMINAL! I talk to supervisors and they cant tell me why or who to talk to!! I'm stuck here with no money! I'm filing for my unemployment benefits but I cant get to it! Wtf is going on!!! I've filed complaints with the news station, state rep, attorney general, CFPB and FTC. ThIS IS FRIGGEN DISGRACEFUL! RELIACARD, US BANK, CARDHOLDER SERVICES.... YOU'RE ### WTH PEOPLE'S LIVES!!!! GET IT TOGETHER!!!! I email my info everyday & still no notifications of wtf is going on or what I need to do to reactivate my damn card so I can pay the bills!
Donnadye01 Send email
Sep 18, 2020

Dakota McCune

I lost my card. Now I can’t talk to anyone without my card number. Duh! The card has the number on it so I don’t have it. Spent 2 hours on hold. I faxed info to verify who I am and got a robo call telling me they need more info. Just go onto the usbank website. I can’t because I don’t know the card number. These are my unemployment benefits and now I can’t access the money!
S0510976 Send email
Sep 13, 2020

Frozen accoun

I have been using reliacard for 5 months now. I have my unemployment benefits loaded onto it every two weeks. Everything has been great until now. I checked my balance on September 3rd after that i went to get gas and my card was declined. I called customer service and was told my card was sent to the fraud department. When i questioned her as to why it was flagged for fraud she said there were no notes on the account that showed specifics. That was the point i started to think something was a little fishy. My card was canceled and i was told to fax a copy of my license. I did that immediately after i hung up. 3 days of calling and waiting for hours to talk to someone later my fax had still not been recieved. I happened to be on the website and found a link to upload documents online. I submitted it again and this time it was recieved. I was told to wait 5 business days for the status to change and then if i have to get a card mailed i will have to wait 7 to 10 business days. So this whome ordeal will take an entire month to be resolved. This is the only income i have now. I had to collect unemployment because my sons school is closed down and he does virtual learning and i cannot afford a fulltime babysitter at the moment. So i rely on this money to pay bills and feed my son. Needless to say it has been a rough two weeks and i have two more hard weeks to get through. What bothers me is that there is no way to get ahold of this so called "offline" team to ask for specific questions. There is absolutely no way to get access to your money. I asked if i could cancel my card and transfer the funds to my REAL bank account but was informed that i would have to wait until i get the new card in the mail just so i could cancel that one and have my funds transferred. So essentially they are holding my money ransom for as long as they like without having to give me a reason as to why they are doing it in the first place. With the amount of similar complaints on here it wouldn't surprise me if they are taking all the money and putting it into an account somewhere to gain a little interest off of it under the guise of a fraudulent investigation . There is a reason it is called reliacard. You can Rely on the fact that it will take being on hold for 16 hours to get ahold of somone that will give you the same scripted speech the last one gave you. You can Rely on the fact that it will take a month to conduct a fraudulent investigation. You can Rely on the fact that your money is their at all times and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. As soon as i get my new card i am withdrawing every last red cent and canceling my account.
Stonecrazy Send email
Sep 11, 2020

Relia Card

I don't know what in the unprofessional hell is going on with U S Bank Relia card customer service! I have been trying to get a replacement card since August 17th! Today is September 11th! I've held on the phone 3 separate times for an HOUR each time! Only to have them keep telling my card is coming soon! I asked the 3rd person helping me if they are answering phones from home because of the unprofessional attitude and background! Dude was obviously in the background doing something else, and constantly asking me the same shit over and over! I'm so annoyed!
sammie Send email
Sep 11, 2020

Card account deactivated

I was getting my payments no problem then my account was suspended because the state/reliacard? all of the sudden needed me to fax reliacard NOT PAUC but the bank my dl ss card and w2 as well as # of my card Which I did They never acknowledged receiving fax I had to call and inquire which they say they did receive BUT STILL my account is deactivated
I understand the fraud I read the news accounts BUT WHEN A REAL citizen complies with everything asked of themWHY IS THE CITIZEN still punished
nothanks23 Send email
Sep 8, 2020

Frozen Card

I transfer money from the Relicard to my bank twice a month. Once for mortgage payment and once for bill payments. Been doing this for months. Now card is frozen by US Bank. Called and waited on hold for 3 hours. Had to fax my information and was told 10 to 14 days for a decision to unfreeze my card!

How in the world does it take 10 days for a verification? Bills are due and customer service is no help. Seems if you are using your money US bank will freeze your card.
yarmada Send email
Sep 6, 2020

No assistance

For two months in a row I have not been able to access and transfer my money to my bank. Twice I have tried to transfer money and within 24 hours my money has been returned to my reliacard. Nobody can answer my questions or tell me why I can access my cash. They have had me upload personal info to identify myself and said they would call and never did. I am struggling to buy food and cannot get my money..I called US Bank and they informed me that they have nothing to do with Reliacard and that they only hold the money. There is nobody to help and I am lost.
Cynblount Send email
Sep 6, 2020

Fraudulent Purchase/Charge on Account

I went online today, September 5, 2020 to check my balance and realized there was a POS purchase on there for $657 taken out of my account at 1:08 am on September 5, 2020. I was not awake at 1:08 am to be making any purchase. I DID NOT make this purchase.
I called ReliaCard and got thru to customer service within 30 minutes. She said they would need to cancel my card and send me a new one and I would need to be transferred to the fraud department to report the fraudulent charge. She transferred me 3 hours ago and I am still on hold. I don't want to hang up but his is ridiculous.
I should not have to be transferred anywhere, the customer service agent should have been able to take care of the charge while I had her on the phone.
I tried calling back using my husband's phone, since I'm still on hold with my phone, and you can't even get thru the automated system because she cancelled the card so now it does not recognize the number or me.....uggghhhhhhhhh
I looked online and there isn't even an email or any other way to contact them, you have to call this number.
I don't know about you but to me $657 is alot of money. This was just about all the money I had in my account to live on and now the little bit that was left on the card, I cannot get until I receive the replacement card in the mail.
So tell me what is a person to do if you cannot get thru when you call and you can't access what money the scammers didn't get????
Trac Haller Send email
Sep 5, 2020

Card frozen

My card has been locked due to an attempt to transfer money to my bank account Unfortunately I tried to transfer an amount above the limits this card service allows. So I transferred a lower amount and it seemed to go thru. It didn’t !!! So I called to see what is happening and was told the fraud dept locked card. I was instructed to send proof of identity which I did. I asked for confirmation of received paper, I have yet to hear a word. So I called again today after I tried to use my ( MY ) account to purchase groceries.
Purchase declined. I tried again .... declined
Now embarrassed, I tried to call, on hold for over an hour

Listen, these are my funds that us Bank puts limits on and lockes funds up without even notifying me!!! Totally unacceptable!!!

Now I called today and was told 10-15 business days until investigation is completed. Again unacceptable
I never received any communication from us Bank that you locked my card, not even to see if I tried to do the transaction

This is so bad !

I want it resolved immediately!

Traci Haller
1018 Elizabeth Ave
Laureldale pa 19605
[email protected]

There is all my information
I want a call to resolve this immediately
wwaller49 Send email
Sep 5, 2020

Transfer of funds

submitted a transfer on 8/29/20 as of today money has not reached my account.9/4/20 money out of my account. You can not reach anyone. I am mailing my info Tue.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 31, 2020

no answers

people are not availblle to help you,,or any one I cant get help to change my password,, or get help someone to put back my security questions,,, this really sucks, you cant thousands of people with this card mess ,,you all rot what you do and dont care about people how they are suffering,, God will just you all. you can spend 4 hours waiting with no results.
TaiCur3 Send email
Aug 29, 2020

Customer Service

Customer service representatives were beyond unhelpful. They talk to you as if their reading from a script and can’t give feedback uniquely to your account and needs. Just received my 3rd third that they keep making inactive after I activate it and can’t explain why, I have paid for expedited shipping and still can not use my card and they take the money out my account directly. No empathy towards your time or needs. My representative today sounded high.
ramseyr77 Send email
Aug 22, 2020

Us bank reliacatd

My usbankreliacard has a hold put on it the beginning of August. It has been an absolute mess trying to speak with someone about what I need to do because Everytime I call they either say there is no hold on my card or I need to speak with a supervisor. Still haven't talked to one and apparently I didn't need to because they tell me I need to fax my info no prob did that and waited 4 days and called back only to be told I have to do it again this time different fax number this time. I have been laughed at and hung up on. I dread having to call back but I must I'm still behind in rent and bills. This is so confusing and frustrated they don't care and I don't know what else to do to get some type of results. Rent is coming again and I don't have it and I'm don't want to be homeless.
eeeb0917 Send email
Aug 22, 2020

Mo Customer Service

Someone hacked my account and withdrew over $1000 from my account. I called while it was still pending, and was told I could not appeal until it posted. Plus there were another charge I had to talk to them about. So far, I have been on the phone, on hold, for over 2 hours.
dpriest1966 Send email
Aug 21, 2020

Still have not received replacement card

I reported a lost child support card and it has been almost 2 months and still no replacement cards. I can not get through to card holder service to see why I have not received my replacement card. No way to access my money. This is unacceptable and something needs to be done. I just want to transfer my funds to my own bank account and do away with US bank reliacard altogether. Horrible service!
Toddmax Send email
Aug 19, 2020

Customer service

Been calling for a week I haven’t talk to a live person yet
aldrisang Send email
Aug 18, 2020

Useless Lost/Stolen Card Department

I've been trying to get a replacement card sent for over a month. The Lost/Stolen Card Department (accessed by pressing 0 from the main #'s menu) supposedly reports lost cards to Cardholder Services, and I had reported my card lost twice (they somehow didn't do the first time correctly) to that department. Only today after waiting an hour and a half on hold to speak to Cardholder Services itself did I find that not one word about my lost card had made it to them from the lost-card department. There is some kind of deep and unsettling break-down in communication with ReliaCard's departments, and this is a profound failure during a pandemic!
ssylvia Send email
Aug 15, 2020

Amegy Bank ATM

I went to the ATM to get 800. the did not disputeit say transaction declined .tranaction number 2590 the money but it was taken off my card i call customer service and was told that the will be back on my card in 10days still no money retruned card ending in 8249 time 8;08 date 8/03/2020
7221ogolly Send email
Aug 8, 2020

no answer from us bank rlia card

Fraudulent charges on my reliacard that I saw on my account within a couple of hours that were pending. I got on website and canceled card and now have been on phone waiting for a "specialist" to answer. to tell about the fraudulent charges. Read all the above complaints of the same thing and am literally scared that the bank will never answer now. And that i will never receive a new card with my money on it. This is the US BANK THAT ISSUES RELIACARD FOR UNEMPLOYMENT.
krislmart Send email
Jul 29, 2020

US Bank Reliacard

Why have I been sent 2 different reliacards within 3 days of each other????
Activated the first one - NO FUNDS despite many weeks of transactions listed on PUA site
Can't activate the second one.
On hold for 2 hours trying to reach bank

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