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vanwlthr Send email
Jun 1, 2018

ATM Malfunction

My account was charged $300 for a withdrawal I attempted to make but the ATM failed to disbursed the funds because the money got 'stuck' in the machine. Upon entering the bank, the Assistant Manager advised that I had to contact US Bank Reliacard to have them expedite the 'credit' to my account because it has to go 'bank-to-bank'. Upon contacting Reliabank (what a joke), I was advised there would be a claim filed with a provisional credit issued in 10 business days. The manager at Citizens Bank provided a phone number for Reliabank to call and verify that the funds were at Citizens and had not been disbursed through the ATM. Again I spoke with a representative at Reliabank who advised the transaction would be expedited and the funds would be returned to my account within 24 hours. Unfortunately that 'drone' said what was necessary to get me off the phone at the time. Maybe it was the end of his shift and he just didn't want to deal with it. The bottom line is that both banks were pointing the finger at and claiming the onus is on the other. In the meantime, no one at Reliabank had the 'customer service skills' necessary to actually help the CUSTOMER by making a simple phone call and make the effort to escalate the issue to the next level. No one there knows who actually has oversight of the company (or won't admit to knowing); and none of the so-called supervisors took the initiative to actually RESOLVE THE PROBLEM. Further, there is no Consumer Complaint division to address such issues when they arise; you get a corporate P.O. box number in Florida which is most likely a drop box where letters go before they make it to the 'round file.' This is most likely an issue for a class-action lawsuit, which I would GLADLY take part in. Without a doubt I will be making contact with the news media to attempt to initiate a consumer investigation. SHAME ON THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA for contracting with such a poorly run financial management 'company.' Lastly, to all those employed by Reliacard who are in positions of 'authority' and lack the vision, knowledge, skills and capabilities inherent in management, my prayer is that you experience the same hardship (exponentially) you've stood by and indifferently watched your customers endure.
MI211 Send email
May 30, 2018

Would Not release my payment

My money was released by unemployment on 5/25/18 the treasury sent it to US relicard 5/26/18 they have record of US RELICARD receiving the payment but us relicard would not post the money in my account. They kept my payment. This company is a rip off. if you receive unemployment I highly recommend to use direct deposit. open a bank account or use netspend. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE THIEVES.

Michelle Pottstown, PA
Customer Complaint Send email
May 1, 2018

Terrible Customer Service

I was traveling to another country so called ahead of time to verify I could use my card internationally. Was told yes, but only as a debit. Tried to use as a debit and apparently my pin was incorrect? Called to get my pin info and was told because I tried to use a wrong pin my account was frozen for 24 hours. What? I'm giving you ALL of the security questions correctly. You know it's me. What does 24 hours do? Unfreeze my card now! Let me reset my password! This is my money and I should not have to wait 24 hours to have access to it. HORRIBLE customer service. Gave me the run around for a very long time (did I mention I was calling from another country?) Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on permanent hold. No one ever came back on the line... I will never bank with US Bank because of my experiences with them.
Customer Complaint Send email
May 1, 2018

Frozen Account

I was traveling to another country so called ahead of time to verify I could use my card internationally. Was told yes, but only as a debit. Tried to use as a debit and apparently my pin was incorrect? Called to get my pin info and was told because I tried to use a wrong pin my account was frozen for 24 hours. What? I'm giving you ALL of the security questions correctly. You know it's me. What does 24 hours do? Unfreeze my card now! Let me reset my password! This is my money and I should not have to wait 24 hours to have access to it. HORRIBLE customer service. Gave me the run around for a very long time (did I mention I was calling from another country?) Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on permanent hold. No one ever came back on the line... I will never bank with US Bank because of my experiences with them.
Steven Wilson Send email
Jan 24, 2018

Non received shipped cards

I would like Pa. To find a local bank within the state to Handel Pennsalvania unemployment transactions , because Florida , and Inndianaplois are not providing professional and or time,y services. My card broke as it sat in my wallet , called for a replacement, was told I would receive another card in 7-10 business days, but my card never arrived. So I called the next day was told that the weekends don't count , I requested a United Paecell delivery, $16.00 was deducted , I was told to call back the following morning at 9am , to receive my tracking number. When I called I was told to call back 9am central time, so I did. At 9am I called and was told UPS wouldn't place a tracer on the card until it was on the truck, as a former UPS worker , I knew I was being misled, I called throughout the day, no supervisers or other obtions for delivery were provided, except it was UPS fault, so I went to UPS Shippping and receiving who searched for my back age with out a tracer number ( name , shipped address, they found no orders placed. The company had me wait the entire business day at home, just to tell me to call back the next day for a tracer , then wait two more days to call back and reorder another card that would take an additional 5-10 days , bringing my total wait time to 14-20 days without an income.
USBankInsider Send email
Jan 7, 2018

US Bank Relicard CSR contacted through alorica

This is not a complaint but more of a insight to why everyone is getting horrible service.

I currently work for Alorica which is contracted by US Bank to take relicard calls, as well as many others, the CSR you speak to has to handle unemployment and child support for all states, retail gift cards, AT&T, cricket, and many many more cards, randomly as they come through. So right from the get go they have try to locate some info about your card because your not able to nor aloud to remember info for each card as it's all different as far as rules, laws, processes, etc. For something as simple as a card replacement, we literally have to jump through hoops and dig for the info on if we can send the card, what we have to verify first, what verbatims we have to say, what we have to change, what kind of message we have to send or who we have to call, etc. and mind you all this stuff we have to find is not in the same place nor is it in a easily understandable format. Something that should be as simple as a click of a button is turned into having to read 15 pages from 8 different books and submitting info on 7 different programs, all while getting yelled at by the cardholder and belittled by supervisor. Oh and don't forget the high turnover rate and only 2 days of training before taking calls. The training is basically a quick run through of 1 program that You use to look up different books to locate different programs to locate different cards, they CSR is not training on how to handle call, operate any programs used to assit cardholder. You are almost guaranteed to speak to a newbie with less than a month experience almost everytime you call. The CSRs seems incompetent because they have no idea how to help you, no knowledge about how your card works, what your card looks like, they have to read up learn about your card during call, then the info changes and update all the time, even during the call. This is almost always why you will be put on hold and for so long. I'm not defending US Bank or any of its sub contractors, I'm again just giving insight into why your experience sucks so much.
Tiff86 Send email
Dec 27, 2017

Money put on expired card/sent new one that was frozen

I lost fmy job 11/13/17 and filed unemployment as I was supposed to. Didn't receive card in 7 days as they stated I would, called and was told it was put on a old card from 2014.Low and behold I find the old card, went to the store, made purchases and card was expired. Ok so I calle dand was told another could be out iin 7 days which would cancel Christmas for me and my family and not to mention my Mother died 11/20. So I paid 10dollars to gfet it expedited sooner because now all my bills are past past due and I am in kepopardy on being homeless and car less. So I get the card today, calle dto activate it and system doesn't recognize the 3 digit code on back. I tried twice then called. Was told I had one more time or card would be locked and I would have to try again tomorrow.Mind you I made promise to pays with all bill collectors for today, gas, electric, rent and car note.Oh and my kids thought today they would get their Christmas gifts as well which definitely is not happening.She asked me where did I get the number to activate my card since it was different, I said on the front and back of the card is where I got the number. She first said it wasn't one of their numbers then that it was, Just totally screwed me around and I do not appreciate it..All they keep saying is sorry, no shut up telling me that lie cause you are not sorry for what you did but you are sorry far as your company and processes go.So I have received none of my unemployment payments and they are sorry. Yesm, SORRY is the word for this company. Its a fraud.
dmfm1976 Send email
Dec 15, 2017

Card was to be mailed but never showed up!

December 1st spoke to a representative was told my new card was going to be issued and I should receive it within 7-10 business days. On December 15th I still had no card. I called customer service got an extremely rude person who agreed it was they’re fault that they forgot to issue / send me my card. Yet she then refused to overnight me the card at their expense- since they told me it was being sent out 15 days earlier but didn’t send it. I asked to speak with a supervisor she then got extremely snotty with me and placed me on hold for 33 minutes - finally I hung up and called back. When I called back I finally got a notification ce empathtic representative that did the right thing. Dang it’s Christmas bad enough I got laid off and with four children. Sad. Just sad.
Jonsiedlecki Send email
Nov 19, 2017

Card frozen

My dr. Office reimbursement got put back on my card. They said they needed to put the money back on the card I used to pay. Now my card is frozen from them putting a reimbursement on my card. Plz un freeze
Denisestuber16 Send email
Nov 11, 2017

I'm for sure getting a law suit going

I hurt myself at work and a few surgurys and 4 yrs later my settlement has come in. Yippy!! NOT! I was planning g on putting no st down on my own price of property. But decided on a new car bro vs my other o e just broke down. I live in a very remote town in Alaska. So I researched th internet for my dream car and found it in Lakewood wash from. So I call reliacard and get it set up to draw out a big money with drawl they said I have to use bank of America when I get down to the lower 48. My husband and myself and two dogs start out long trip on a seaplane first off the island we live on. Thee we catch a ferry to the higher air port. . we then wait at the air port for 5 hrs before loading up to go to sea tac. We finally get to our hotel the taxi ride was over $100. (Blew me away)! The next morning I'm super excited to finally get my car. I go to is bank just the they told me too and pull out the money ( it was a privet seller) he is at his bank drawing up some paper work with his loan office. The kid is in the military he just got home the night before from deployment and he had to take the day off work, that wasn't planned. We planned for maybe an hour. Well reliacard transaction and locked my card. They said that I can only pull out 1000 dollars a day. I was passed! At that point and told them its my money why can't I have it. They flat out told me I cant do anything for you. I couldn't even pay the talk that was over $170 at that point. I was on the street with my luggage, husband, and two dogs. In the ran and cold. I went to the other guys bank where the car was to expand to him what was going on.. How humiliating that was. So I couldn't get my car. No money, no cat stranded on the streets down town tacome don't know what to do. My mental state was not good.. So I try and rent me a car to get to a hotel and my card was declined there so to went to a different one. The same thing. Delia card said the would up my limit to what.I needed and fix my card.. I called three times a they would not answer it just kept ringing. I finally got a hold of them crying the whole time. Scraping up money for a taxi too. They told me the would put in a mother message to Jacksonville because there the one that up my limit. And the will do it by the end of the day. Well it's almost 3 am I can't sleep still posses and upset. That I can't even have my money that's owed to me. Its my money! RELIACARD and I had a vernal agreements is the same as signing a contract. We had a contract peiriod with this card company that's scamming all of us. Its our money we should start a law sute. They are de fraud us. I know its illegal. I never got and terms or agreement with my card never signed any papers saying the can do what they want with my money. Nothing! Ill spend all my money that they have on a attorney if that what I have to do. We shouldn't be bullied like this! I'm done with this card bull shot!!!!

I'm for sure getting a law suit going

[email protected] Send email
Oct 6, 2017



kikela25 Send email
Sep 8, 2017

Conflictiing Information

I have been given NOTHING but the runaround by these incompetent people! I am definitely taking this WAY further to complain and will not stop! I called to dispute charges on my card due to fraud and had my card deactivated. They informed me a new card was on it's way. I asked 3 times and they said yes. I changed my address (actually had to do it like 3 times because no one could seem to enter it correctly) I faxed in all the information I was told to, waited 10 DAYS and still had received nothing. I then called and it took FOREVER to even get past the recording which was irrelevent to what I needed so I just pushed random buttons for 5 STRAIGHT MINUTES before I was connected to an actual person! I asked them about my card and they said one was never requested!!!! Are you serious?! Why in the hell would i deactivate my card and not get a replacement?! So no I have money locked up that I NEED for bills and I can't get it because I have to wait LONGER because they SAID they requested another card. I will have to call back and go through this EVERY DAMN DAY to make sure these people actually DID something! I want my card TODAY!! Your business is a total fraud! Feel free to call me IMMEDIATELY if you have a competent person who can actually do something to help!!!!!! (507)402-6248. Contacting the BBB immediately and every other outlet I possibly can! Because of your failure to do your damn job, my kids can barely eat this week!
Haleydawn Send email
Sep 1, 2017

Relicard is a joke!

They are never consistant with payments! Sometimes its one day, two days , and other times its 5 and 6 days before you can access your money after the state has made the deposit!! And in the mean time its the children that has to do without! Im a single mother thats diabled so i need this money for my childs needs! And customer service is ridiculously unhelpful and i hate to be ugly but they are down right STUPID and clueless and rude when you call asking about YOUR money that they holding! How can these people still be in business with ALL OF THESE COMPLAINTS!? I WISH THE STATE WOULD GO BACK TO CHASE BANK!!! As soneone has mention in previous comments, i think a class action neede to be started with these people! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH HOW MANY MORE COMPLAINTS SO WE NEED TO GET SOMETHING DONE!?!?
SHHHHHH Send email
Aug 22, 2017

Can You Read?

I used to work for the customer service department for US Bank Reliacard as a manager, and EVERYTHING that you are complaining about is explained in the TERMS & CONDITIONS. Literally, when you recieve your card, why not try READING the little packet that you get with it? ACH Transfer times? -> TERMS & CONDITIONS!! Fees? -> TERMS & CONDITIONS!! Replacement Card Timeframs and Fees? -> TERMS & CONDITIONS!! Dispute Process & Form (if you wanna fill it out then send it in instead)? -> ReliaCard WEBSITE!! Change your address? -> ReliaCard WEBSITE!! Replace Your Card? ReliaCard WEBSITE!! Read & Do Research. But if not, don't worry World Class Customer service is available 24/7/365 to assist you with your concerns! :)
justalittleadvice Send email
Aug 4, 2017

Us Bank ReliaCard!

SOOOO instead of coming on here to complain and essentially waste more of your time why don't you people get your funds directly deposited into your personal BANK ACCOUNT, it would make your life easier just FYI. Also, reliacard does not put the funds on the card and has anything to do with how or when funds are put on the card. NOTHING AT ALL, there is no way for CSR's to see the funds before they come on the card. If the funds are missing CSR's have no way to find them!!!
ccbnr1965 Send email
Jul 13, 2017

Reliacard Customer Service HORRIBLE

I had unauthorized charges on my child support US BANK Reliacard. I called in to dispute the charges and felt like a criminal when I was the victim. When asked to verify my address I was told that I did not give the correct address and my address was some place I had never heard of. I advised the rep that was NOT my address and never had been and she acted like she did not believe me! She then put me on hold for what she said would be a minute or two and then came back 10 minutes later stating she could put in my correct address per her manager. Once transferred to the Fraud Dept., I was read a script and once again made to feel like a criminal. I had to argue my address once again with another rep. She read the paperwork word for word, most of which I could not understand what she was saying. Bottom line, I asked how long this process would take to get the $34.99 that was charged to my account without my authorization. I was told it takes 90 days!!! So not only could they not tell me how or why my address was changed on my account, but they also did not fax the fraud paperwork as they stated they would. How I am supposed to trust sending in my ID and SS card when these people don't even have correct information in their system already and question my true identity?? They need to hire and train people who actually know what they are doing.
Solly Send email
Jun 28, 2017

Inconsistent loading of funds especially during the summer

This has been going on since 2008. My son's father has child support taken out of his check weekly and reliacard is not consistent with loading payments. Ive noticed over the years that summer is worse. Ive called my caseworker at foc and they always tell me that the money was sent over, but US bank will say they hadn't received payment. Someone is not telling the truth.
Mgentry321 Send email
May 31, 2017

Money disappearance

Apparently there is a money lala land! Because no one knows where your money is! Child support says they already sent it (5 days ago) but us bank says that they have no idea where the money they receive actual is. Customer service is a joke with cookie cutter answers that are no real help. I wish child support would have stuck with Chase! At least they have strait answers!
Mgentry321 Send email
May 31, 2017

Money disappearance

Once health and welfare releases funds I guess your money goes into a magical land that no one can access because Customer service sure cannot tell you where it is!( even 5-6 days after it has been released!) When one agency sends funds to another that first one shouldn't know where the money is! They released it to a separate agency! The fact that no one can tell me where my money is, is outrageous!
Kenshi99 Send email
May 4, 2017

Where do I begin??

The US Bank Reliacard is the ONLY card either credit/debit/preloaded that takes an AUTOMATIC 10-20% gratuity on purchases they " feel may be a higher rate" Gas Pump/ Hotels/ Dining of any type/. This is unheard of in any card industry. Once the actual price is established and paid for off the card, you get your money back in 7-10 DAYS. So, go to the gas pump and put $30, the card will charge $80! You get that $50 back in 7-10 days or LONGER if the gas station you used does not close out that payment that night!!!! Since when do you leave a tip at a GAS PUMP or HOTEL??? and why is it up to this card to dictate how I spend my child's support money? I had to have a cab driver listen to customer service on Relicard's "gratuity policy" and she was so shocked she let me have the cab ride for free! Told me to get a different bank! Why is this company allowed to do this??

My child support is loaded in 3 increments- WHAT??? yes my ex sends it same time every month between the 1st and the 3rd. The money is then spread out between the month ( nothing he has done or the child support agency) RELIACARD gets me the money between the 9th and 25th!! How am I supposed to pay what my children need this way? If there is ANY kind of fraud on the account, they debit the card $15 to expedite it to you.....I forgot my PIN once and they shut down the card for three days....change your address? Send them a copy of your drivers license or it goes to the old address...even if thats across the country and NOPE that envelope with the new card will not forward!!

Customer service varies from super helpful to super stupid, I usually have to speak to a manager and be on hold for HOURS to get anything done. This card service really needs to be shut down, its totally useless and just a money making machine in fee's and associated BS for the company, Pretty shameful to use someone's money for the children by robbing them of it! Ive tried explaining the actions of this company to my ex and my children and they didn't believe me until they had to deal with it themselves. Shameful and criminal!
mandisatt Send email
Mar 24, 2017

Replacement Card

I entered the wrong PIN for my USReliacard at a Kellogg Credit Union ATM and they kept it - refusing to give it back. I called USReliacard and they kept me on hold for over 20 minutes unable to help me. Then they indicated that I would have to pay $15 to have a new card FedEx'd to me. Luis Curtis refused to give me a phone number of any manager after 20 minutes of holding on the phone!!!! They really suck!!!
4speedude Send email
Feb 10, 2017


Someone withdrew $1000 off my card. Did Reliacard contact me? Hell no. A week later I discovered the theft, reported it to them and was told if I wanted this fixed in a timely manner I need to include a copy of my drivers license and SS card with the dispute fax. Like a schumck, I did it. Now they tell me they didn't get the fax. Funny thing, I have the return fax document stating they got it. I called later to follow up and was told they had my fax and everything was in order and a new card was in the mail. I got a new card. I validated it , tried to use it to pay our car insurance and guess what? DENIED. So again I called UnRreliacard and was told they didn't receive my fax. So somewhere out there is a copy of my drivers license and SS card and NO ONE is accountable for and they insist I re fax it to them. WFT??? Its been 30 days without any benefits. What am I supposed to do??
NYMack Send email
Feb 4, 2017

Fraud Dispute Poor Service

On Dec 26, I saw a bogus charge of $288 on my unemployment Reliacard. I called customer service, they said they'd send me a dispute form. 10 days later, I called again, they finally sent it. I sent it back On 2/3 I called to follow up, having heard nothing. They said they never recieved the form. I asked them how to send with a receipt, they said there is no way. So basically they can keep telling me that they never received my form and keep my money and there is nothing I can do about it.

This card is horrible and I will never ever allow it to be used for any purpose for me again.
jenorr3773 Send email
Jan 31, 2017

Inconsistent Loading onto Card

Ok so, my ex husband and I chose to do it this way even though he is more reliable than "ReliaCard"! We are better friends than most divorced couples and I really wish we would have not gone through FOC. I am now looking into opting out of this service because of how inconsistent it really is and now after see all these comments, I see it's a problem for many others as well! We all have a budget and this horrible inconsistency is definitely not helping!! It's very stressful in fact. The name "ReliaCard" is a joke. What is so reliable about it? One week I get half of my money and then have to wait a whole week to get the rest or sometimes 2 weeks. Not cool.
katefin31 Send email
Jan 4, 2017

inconsistent loading dates.

I am so grateful to have my reliacard. I have very, very little income and I look forward to my card loading each month. I am frustrated, however, that it never loads on the same day each month. It always loads within the first week of the month but I can never be sure when. I'm struggling at this time in my life and I really need this help. It's just very disappointing that I can't count on my card loading consistently. While I'm waiting I often have to borrow necessities or make good on some kind of damned hustle, which doesn't do much for my morale. I am working hard to come up, but there are so many things that make getting on my feet unreasonably hard.

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