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Davejae12 Send email
Jul 28, 2020

Relia bank Card

I filed for PUA benefits on July 1, 2020 and I am yet to receive my debit card. I have been calling and have been on hold for 2hours and 20 minutes. I have yet to speak to a Customer Representative about this matter. Are debit cards on a stand still? Even if someone told me that it was, it would be helpful to communicate this through mail. Leaving me or anyone in the dark is very unprofessional.
RebeccaSimpson Send email
Jul 26, 2020


Our card was compromised and we had to cancel it on July 14th. It is now July 25th and we STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN OUR NEW CARD!!!! This is unacceptable! This card is our unemployment and we will be 3 weeks without any access to our funds! We have 4 kids to feed! We have massive bills piling up thanks to Covid and my Husband being laid off! I am so angry with the incompetence of this company!
Still job searching diligently but kind of hard when we dont have any fuel for our vehicle!!!
Zee816 Send email
Jul 26, 2020

Terrible process

I called three weeks ago to update my address and request a replacement card after I received a statement indicating that a payment had recently been sent to the card that I have not used or had in many years. After holding for 2 hours, I finally get a rep on the line, give her the new address about 4 or 4 times, even spelling it phonetically and was told to call back in 5 business days to request a replacement card. Called back, on hold for 3 hours, get a rep who informs me that the first rep spelled the address wrong and didn’t include the apartment number. So I go through the process with the 2nd rep as far as updating the address correctly and is told again to call back in 5 business days to request a replacement card. Call back and after holding for another 3 hours, and several call drops, someone gets in the line to tell me that they aren’t able to access accounts. I call back the next day, on hold for another 3 hours before I gave up. Called back 2 hours later, on hold for over an hour then get a rep on who tells me that although the last rep updated the address correctly, they have to send a “ticket” to their Offline Dept. to actually update the address on the account for a new card to be sent to me and the Offline Dept. hadn’t gotten to updating my account yet. So as of now, I’ve spent a total of 11 days, 11 1/2 hours just trying to update my address so I can get a replacement card and still have to call back with no ETA of when the Offline Dept will get around to updating my account. This is the most INEFFICIENT PROCESS I’ve ever encountered. The fact that someone has to wait hours on hold to speak to a rep WHO CANT EVEN COMPLETE THE REQUESTED PROCESS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING IVE EVER HEARD OF. One would think that with call volumes so high, and other depts being so backed up, that someone in upper management would say, “ well how about we allow our reps to complete things like address updates while they have the customer, ( who has waited on hold for 2-3 hours) on the line, and ship the replacement card out so ( and try this one on for size) the customer won’t have to call back”. It’ll take 2 mins and done. FIRST CALL RESOLUTION! WHAT A CONCEPT!! Maybe, just maybe, part of the high call volume is due to customers having to call back multiple times for the same thing! So now over the course of I don’t know how many days, I’m going to have to call daily, wait on hold for multiple hours, just to find out if the Offline team has finally gotten around to updating my address and PRAY that’s it’s actually updated correctly or I’m right back at the beginning of the process, so I can get a card to be able to use MY money that’s on that card, because ( insert sarcasm), I don’t have anything else to do with my life except call ReliaCard Customer Service multiple times a week and hold on for multiple hours so someone can complete a 2 min process.

Bright side ( because I’m a bright side kind of person) at least the reps I spoke to were professional. The very first rep I spoke to was a little dingy and has probably contributed to this mess by not updating my info correctly the first time, but she was nice and the last 2 guys I spoke too were good and did their best at explaining what went wrong, apologizing and telling me what the next step is. The last guy kinda caught my frustration over this 11 days, 11 1/2 hours and counting matter but he remained professional.
FOTA Send email
Jul 25, 2020

Retracting complaint

I left a negative review (under FOTA) on July 24, 2020 for US Bank's ReliaCard because I was not able to use it.
Today I was able to and all now seems well. So I went back here hoping there was a way to take down my negative review or at least edit it, but there is not. I am therefore posting this here as a means to retract my negative review of them. I want to be fair.
FOTA Send email
Jul 24, 2020


Good Grief! Who slept with whom to get the deal from our PA govt. to now put all funding on these completely unreliable cards instead of mailing out checks or doing direct deposits like they used to??? I realize PA took this step to avoid consumer fraud, but now PA is being defrauded by the worthless Reliacard company. Someone's getting a kick back, anyway!
This unreliable card says I have a nice-sized balance on it, but it doesn't work. I tried to make a purchase by phone today and the card was declined. Then later I tried purchasing groceries at the store and pin did not work.
Called customer service and there was a one hr. wait. Girl who eventually answered was friendly enough, but without seeing her, she sounded like a bubblegum chewing highschooler on the other end and not very informed about how the card works.
C'mon PA.,you are being scammed by this worthless company.
eunice50 Send email
Jul 23, 2020

REliaCard keeps Declining

I received my card and it keeps declining no matter what I do. I go the Allpoints or Moneypass ATMS and still nothing. I used it once after that I keep getting denials. I tried to make a purchase and declined. My friend used her card and I can't even take money out to give her money back, What is going on with this card? Where can we go for help. You can't even go to a bank to take the money out. All of my bills are due? Please let us know where we can go for help?
Hydratedjesus11 Send email
Jul 23, 2020


what do I say?

They literally are incompetent at everything.

1. Customer service does not work. Each call is at least an hour and if you don't have a card or if you're replacing a card, your options to reach a live agent "specialist" are gone. Not joking. Try it yourself. Terrible automated AI that responds to 3 orders.

2. The ACTUAL card does not work. For the last couple months I have been transferring the funds from reliacard directly to my netspend card. Usually only takes 20 hours and I just got a new card because the transfer business was getting tedious, BUT NOW I REMEMBER WHY I LOST THE CARD IN THE FIRST PLACE. If yoh have 2 transactions declined, your card will be locked and no notification on your phone or their app will tell you about it. You just have to try out the card and have it fail. Hopefully not in a bad spot...although they usually are. I had 3k on the card and I literally spent 8-9 hours between 3 calls talking to hack "specialist" after hack tell me my card should work and it never did. They do hold your money. I really wouldn't be surprised if they're doing shady stuff with held funds and I'm not a conspiracy guy.

3. The app is pointless. It has 3 functions. Woopie. What's the use?

4. How did they get the contract for this? Who's getting a kickback/returning a favor? Clearly this company was not chosen because of their efficiency. They literally all suck. Every employee sucks.
Robbrown Send email
Jul 12, 2020

Card frozen, no customer service

Card was locked 2 months ago and ive ried tried sporadically to call customer service and been on hold for hours at a time. Now im hungry, really need the money that is srill on the card, and still no answer from customer service.
[email protected] Send email
Jul 11, 2020

My Reiacard/Customer services

my UE money was going to reliacard and I thought they would have been sending me a new card, once I got in touch with customer service they tell me the money went to a old card from 6-7 yrs ago and now I have to wait for a new card , but I had to call back after a week and come to find out the first person didn't sent it so now waiting again for a card it has been over 2 weeks and I haven received it yet after 3 UE payments went on there so cant pay my bills and they don't even give a up date on your delivery. So now I found my old card so trying to contact them to see if they can change the money back to my old card so we need to eat
Era Merkl Send email
Jul 9, 2020

Poor Customer Service

Unbelievable negligence and irresponsibility on behalf of US Bank
amarshall84 Send email
Jul 9, 2020

### customer service

I called Monday and spoke with a live person to have a new card issued was told they would expedite the card informed them of my new address was told everything was changed and taken care of sat all day today waiting for my card it never showed called back to find out they never changed my address and my card was UPS’d to my old address where I no longer live and I am the only one that can sign for it. So now I have to go sit at my old address and wait for my card to show up. They never gave me a tracking number either. Then was told they aren’t going to waive the fee out of inconvenience. This place is a joke and unemployment needs to rethink whom that bank with!!!!
amarshall84 Send email
Jul 9, 2020

Customer service

Spoke with customer service on Monday was told they would expedite my card gave them my new address told me they changed it. Sat all day waiting for my card to come to find out they sent it to my old address anyways and now I have to go sit at some random persons house waiting for my card tomorrow this is straight bullsh*t the customer service is straight rude and told me they are still going to make me pay for the card to be expedited!!!! Unemployment needs to change their banking company cause this is BS!!!!
terecoin Send email
Jul 8, 2020

they do not answer their customer service phone

Trying to file a dispute on a fraudulent claim, I've tried multiple times of the day and night, I have reached out to US Bank, they are horrible, I even spoke with their Fraud department and was transferred to Relia Card customer service number LOL LOL LOL...seriously what a mess. As a long time US Bank customer I'm very disappointed that they are treating not only their own customers but also those poor folks that are stuck with the US Bank Reliacard and no one is helping them.
cmyers Send email
Jul 7, 2020

Overall US Bank just SUCKS!!!!

So this horrible excuse of a bank keeps denying my transfers from US Bank to Bank of America. I've now been holding for the waste of my time to speak to a "specialist", 3rd try!!! Why the third try? Because after holding for 44 minutes and 31 seconds they hang up, back to back calls. Kind of interesting after wasting 44 minutes of my time TWICE this is how they operate. I should start billing you for WASTING MY TIME!!! By far the ABSOLUTE CRAPPIEST INCOMPETENT SORRY EXCUSE FOR A BANK!!!!
ImNotHappy Send email
Jul 2, 2020


I gave pa treasury my account info and they chose to mail checks anyhow. Then about 4 weeks ago I started receiving letters about ReliaCard instead of checks. Eventually they told me by letter they would mail a card. They never did. This is a scam
SMECG Send email
Jul 1, 2020

Beware.... US Bank Relicard

US BANK and Reliacard…. What an ordeal this has been and thought I would share. PA Unemployment started putting everything on to these Reliacard… Promised I would have my card by June 29th…. Starting June 25th I waited through over 700 callers in front of me and actually spoke to a person. Told this time my card was mailed verified address and mailed to an old address that I moved from in mid 2018. Sent fax providing my address, identity and all…. Actually sent fax twice June 25th to make sure it was received. Called again (waited an hour) to verify they received and told it takes 4 hours for someone to look at fax! Sent fax again to be positive. June 26th called told I am sending it to wrong fax number gave me the new number, when I asked for date card was mailed (thinking I’d run to old post office) told mailed to me in February 2017, I never activated so assumed I didn’t needed a card. Back and forth through at least 9 calls (each on hold for over an hour) left 4 messages for a supervisor to call me back and 8 faxes and I somewhat insisted she call fax department while I was on the phone to verify they received my fax(s). I faxed 11 pages….my unemployment dashboard with correct info, checks unemployment mailed to me (right address) voter registration card, bank account, ERIE insurance bill ALL with correct address, driver’s license, court order changing my name back to my maiden name…. All of this not enough to get things straightened out, they would still not help me and get me a card so I could have the $1,000’s they held hostage. First fax I sent was on June 25th talked to them on June 29th and told it’s my fault for not waiting 4 HOURS, I waited 5 days and that is not more than 4 hours on their clock? Also my fault because I did not write the card number, of the card I never received, on my faxes. Also my fault for not changing my address on their APP that requires you put in your card number to enroll. Not until I threatened to call my State Legislatures did anyone help me. They now say they mailed me a new card and are charging me $15.00 for a replacement card because they were too inept in their job to send me one and simple correct my information unemployment provided them with. Moral of the story….Expecting a card? Don’t wait call them today, be a pain, threaten them with your State Representative today DON’T WAIT!!! THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT HAVE UNEMPLOYMENT CONTRACT…they are a JOKE and will hold your money hostage too. Best wishes to anyone dealing with this company.
nittakc Send email
Jun 30, 2020

fake account fraud alert

I received a relia card in the mail today,and also a letter verifying an address change. I did not apply for a card. I did not apply for unemployment either. This is a fraud.

My name is Katharine Nitta the card sent was4912880210452508 DO NOT ACTIVATE!!! Please call me immediately 9497355044
charlespitts Send email
Jun 25, 2020

Unable to activate card

Applied for unemployment with state of Colorado, indicated preference for direct deposit, received USBank Reliacard instead. When I tried to activate card, website would not accept final "enter". Now website says I have already activated card, but never bothered to send temporary PIN number. Trying to call customer service is a non - starter, as noted in complaints above. Is this whole thing, in essence, some type of fraud??
Redshoe Send email
Jun 23, 2020


All I want to do is activate a new card. I was informed that I have a balance from several years ago when I did have an active account. On paper, I have a balance. The phone system says zero balance. So, is this a screwup, or is company deliberately sending bogus cards to stay in business? Cannot get thru phone system or online to active card, or to find out if I even have the right balance on so-called account. And, after calling different numbers listed and punching random numbers thru auto system, I had a live rep. Poor connection, and I got cut off after giving last 4 digits of card no. Is all this a joke? I want answers.
Michael789 Send email
Jun 13, 2020

usbank does not work

got card in mail tried using it , then called number on back of card it said I have $0 in my account. I did activate card , I can't get anyone to explain what is going on.
caitichromatic Send email
May 30, 2020

Card keeps Getting decline and I keep getting hung up on!!!!!

I am absolutely fuming right now. WHY can't i make purchases on my debit card? i wait on hold for over an hour, was told to call back in an hour due to their systems being down and was told, very rudely, that it wasnt her fault. Like, okay i never said it was.. Every single time ive tried calling back, i get hung up on. No matter if i wait 5 minutes, 10, 50 minutes... Is your support team just hanging up on the hold lines? Like what is going on?
CaptainKirk Send email
May 23, 2020

Reliacard not received

Have 3 weeks worth of unemployment deposited to a Reliacard that I have not received. Have tried and tried all routes to get a live person to talk to about this issue and get stonewalled at every turn...
Please resolve this...

MACIE Send email
May 13, 2020


The OCSE told me I was issued a reliacard back in 2015. I was totally unaware of that. There is money loaded on a card for my child support that I have no access to. I never got a card in the mail so I don't have card numbers to enter into the website. I have called and sat on hold for days, hours, and nothing. Just need to get in touch with customer service rep to have it changed to direct deposit. Please help!

email- [email protected]
bsmith25306 Send email
May 12, 2020

never recieved my card

hello I have not received my card yet I have been trying to call but they put me on hold for 2hrs or so and then they hang up on me I need someone to plz get back in touch with me as to I can still not get a hold of anyone as of now I been on hold for 1 hr and 16 minutes and this is everytime I call u can email me back @ [email protected] this is getting to be a bit much when I applied on march 17th 2020
Lovewise17 Send email
May 11, 2020

Reliacard/ PIN Never received in Colorado

I have been waiting for five weeks for my ReliaCard to come in the mail with my first two weeks plus $600 bonus for each week attached to it. There is no way to contact unemployment or US bank other than a phone number for reliacard. The connection is bad and I have been on the phone for hours and hours trying to get through to somebody to track my original card Or even to report it lost or stolen so I can have a replacement sent out original I never received. I cannot believe there’s not even an email or a text or any alternative to getting through to somebody on the phone which is impossible. I know that US Bank is a terrible thing and wished that I had set up direct deposit from the get go. I am very angry frustrated and disappointed That it is this hard to get my mind that I desperately need! Please email me at [email protected] ASAP!

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