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Slow service Send email
Aug 13, 2016

Always delay n slow service

Ur ktm service is very suck n slow.. Still the same.. Ur train always delay like 20-30minute.. but suprisely ur ticket charge is increse.. Shame urself please.. Ur board of director please shame urself too.. Seat at ofis like a puppet doing nothing.. If u say u doing something than show us?? Prove it.. Or u just a useless puppet 😪
tbkm Send email
Aug 10, 2016

Touch and Go

I like to highlight to the KTM managers that is plain stupid of your company to ask passengers who are using touch and go getting off at Sg Buloh station from KL sentral to Tanjung Malim route to walk all the way to the main station to use the touch and go machine there and walk back to the other side so that we can get out to the jalan kuala selangor. People who are using normal ticket can get out much easier because they are KTM staff checking the outgoing ticket but not to those passenger using touch and go,

Please be considerate to those to have walking disability passenger who are using touch and go but need to walk all the way to the main station and back simply because your company did not install a touch and go machine on the other side heading out to jalan kuala selangor road. Is that to much to ask your company to install a touch and go reader there.
Frequent Traveller Send email
Aug 8, 2016

Timetable/ Train schedule and Fare

KTM komuter service is getting worse when the route has change from Sungai Gadut-Rawang to Sungai Gadut-Batu Caves. Train doesn't arrive timely, for example there used to be a train arrived around 7.45am and the next train arrived at around 8am at Nilai or Batang Benar Station, but now the timing had changed to 8.16am instead of 8am. Did you noticed that I use "around"? The reason is that KTM is never on time. A 15 minutes interval is good but why change it to 30 minutes? A 30 minutes difference makes a lot of difference! This is affecting the traveling time of people working in KL city. This change is not reflected in the schedule. What is the resonale for having its passengers to wait for 30 minutes during peak hours. Other things to note,
1) what is KTM's definition of peak hours? Just make it simple and list down the exact time!

2) what is the train schedule for weekends? Please do not tell me to look for it online at KTM website because the arrival time of the train is never the same. What is the point of having a train schedule when it is not followed by KTM?

3) The ticke price / fare had been increased to approximately 60%. Passengers wouldn't mind to pay for it if your service is up to par. We are paying high prices for lousy services.

There are more areas KTM berhad needs to improve which I may list down in the next form. These matters need to be addressed very soon. Management should look into these matters and take action.
alice91 Send email
Jul 28, 2016

Ticket Scalpers Issue

Dear Management Team,

In regards with the subject titled, i would like to write a complain on the issue of Scalper Tickets from Johor Bahru to Singapore(Woodland) & Singapore(Woodland) to Johor Bahru. As one of the common customers who purchase tickets through legal/usual path, either purchase at the counter or purchase online, it is getting more and more difficult to get a single ticket. Yet, there are numbers of scalpers who sell out the KTM tickets in higher cost at market price just for own benefits. Imagine that, a RM5 ticket can be sold in SGD6 which is equivalent to RM16-18, with a profit of RM11-13/ticket. In order to do their "business", they tend to purchase more tickets to be sold out to the other customers who failed to purchase the tickets. This has actually caused the us in facing difficulty for ticket purchasing as the tickets are crazily selling fast.

Dear sir, I appreciate on the new policy in needing IC/Passport needed to for the tickets purchase however I believe this policy is not fully obeyed by the ticketing staffs themselves. It would be much appreciated if this policy would be fully obeyed to avoid the ticket scalping issue.

Yours understanding is much appreciated. Thank you.
wng Send email
Jul 26, 2016

Online Ticket Purchasing Issue

I tried to purchase the ticket online at KTMB website but failed. It kept popping up the error message saying that the seat (e.g. Slot C - 1A) has been locked, please choose other seats, and the seat number prompting out is not the seat number that I have selected. Even I have chosen other seats, similar message prompted too. This is very frustrating, I can't make any purchase at all. What is going wrong? I need the ticket urgently, appreciate any assistance or information from you.
papu Send email
Jul 25, 2016

Suggest LRT from Ipoh to taiping

l would like to suggest LRT from lpoh to taiping for convenience those working in taiping and lpoh.
thank you.
papu Send email
Jul 25, 2016

ETS service from Ipoh to butterworth/pdg Besar

I would like to suggest frequent ETS service from Ipoh to north, where now there is only from 5.30am and next is around 9.15am. We are frequent user of ETS to work. Would suggest next around 6.00am and 6.30am or 7.00 am for those are travelling to taiping, parit buntar to work. I hope that management will look into it.
Shahariar Send email
Jul 23, 2016


Hi, i am a regular screen timetable train no come so every i feel problem.i visited 5times india.Everyday indian train just time( tv screen)come.i want this problem solve...................your reguards to shahariar.
neonlym Send email
Jul 21, 2016

Online ticket booking system

This has been happened for a very long time until I faced twice this issue within 4 days.

First, by the time I entered the train I realized there is a person sitting on my sitting. After understanding the whole situation, I believe there is duplicate tickets and the train officer requested me to change seat. However what I'm really concern is the person has told me that she bought the ticket 2 days ago (and I bought the ticket one week ago), which is really not make sense. I will have to conclude that the officers do not update their system frequently.

The second issue is I do not get the seat that I've bought. The ticket I've bought is coach D 13A, but the train that I'm on is the new train (one coach only have 11 set of seats), again I was redirected to another empty seat by the train officer. By the time I bought the ticket via online there has the seat number and end up I was required to change seat. This has further dissatisfied me that KTMB does not take initiative to improve the system in order to fulfill customers' need.

Therefore, I would like the KTMB officers to take into consideration on improve the system and make sure the seat has been published on the system matches the train we are going to sit.
123456789 Send email
Jul 18, 2016

Extra Charges.

From Sungai Buloh to KL sentral it charged me RM26.+ for touch n go.
Incorrect usage of touch n go usually charge RM30? I don't understand why it charged me RM26.+ but I did heard the beep sounds!
Yongni Send email
Jul 10, 2016

Bad service and management of ktmb

To the management of ktmb,

As per above matter, I sternly would like to make a complaint that your management as well as announcement system for the train departing gate and platform is really bad and I would say worse. Due to your bad announcement system from one of your ktmb staff as well as the misleading information shown in the train information screen, I have miss my train which suppose to depart at evenhough I came early for half an hour and waited for my train. Your ktmb staff announcement through the voice speaker can't be heard clearly. Most of the passengers had miss their train as well due to your poor management system. The worse thing if your ticketing staff still put the blame on us as customer with their annoying face. So, is that how your customer service treat the customer? I would say this is really unprofessional and they do not possess the ethics as a customer service. Us as a customer need to foot extra money to purchase a new ticker for something that is not out fault. Your ktmb ticketing staff even tell me that we should not trust the information screen and will need to ask their personnel in charge. So, what is the use of that info screen. I would suggest your management to throw it away if that is the case. Is wasting our time as well as money for this ridiculous system. Please improve your management system. If this complaint is ignored and no improvement on this, I would say this complaint forum page is of no use at all and can be discard as well. Your management is making us as customer having a miserable journey. One of the family who miss the train as well is force to purchase ticket which have a different depart date. Refer to your slogan or mission which say ktmb will make us as passenger to have a pleasant trip or convenient and easy trip, I would say this mission or vision is not achievable and is just put out for saying with your customer service ktmb staff performing this way as well as the ridiculous system.

Annoyed customer.
Vaishini Send email
Jul 8, 2016

No more safe for ladies in Ladies couch

Ladies couch, a good intervention and care for ladies but it doesnt seems to follow as how it was planned. Especially foreigner males, they might dont understand language spoken by the speaker, asking them to move away from ladies couch. Yes they just stay in ladies couch. Not enough staying but must touch to taste the figure of a lady when the train overcrowded. Do you know how many ladiez has been harrassed by the foreigners? Please ask your security officer to do their job! Is this how the care for women made by the management of komuter? There is no security in ladies couch anymore! Not at all. I hope this can be change if your management felt to secure the womens. Thank you.

Sincerely by victim in train.
Daebutt Send email
Jul 8, 2016

Use of ladies coach

I've been using KTM since high school up until now.. And there isnt once that I've been using the service that I havent seen not a single man in the ladies coach.. I dont know if these men are being dumb, or ignorant, or both.. If they arent Malaysians, we women will probably understand the situation but to Malaysian men, it is just plain rude.. The ladies coach are meant for women only so that we women could feel safe.. Instead, we feel the opposite of safe.. There has been a lot of complaint lodge on this topic, I'm sure of it.. But what actions are being taken by the management? I see none.. This is a really bad service, KTM.. Really.. What is the use of the ladies coach if men keeps on using the coach? Do take action, dear top managements of KTM Berhad..

If you have no idea on how to handle this matter, let me suggest some:

1. Place a conductor or police officer in the ladies coach to keep the men out of the coach
2. Make the ladies coach in other colour, like pink perhaps to help none malaysians understiod the different usage of the ladies coach
3. Attend an officer at every station to keep track of the attendees in the ladies coach

A lady passenger
vvwei Send email
Jun 14, 2016

KTM schedule useless

Delay delay and delay.
How can people give good comments to you. Timetable for useless and didn't following the schedule at all. Always apologize for technical problem, why don't you make improvements instead of apologize on the problems.
And for this complaint board, the company related please follow up with the reviews instead of created it and leave it aside. Thank you very much.
vvwei Send email
Jun 14, 2016

Not follow the schedule at all

Delay delay and delay.
How can people give good comments to you. Timetable for useless and didn't following the schedule at all. Always apologize for technical problem, why don't you make improvements instead of apologize on the problems.
And for this complaint board, please follow up with the reviews instead of created it and leave it aside. Thank you very much.
lindambbsg Send email
Jun 12, 2016

online ticket


What happen to KTM website? Have tried to log in to the website but to no avail....its happen many times and this is caused inconvenient to commuter...
Why always server error?? No notification was given by higher authority?? Have you people noticed it???
Or can't be bothered....
Come on please be more responsible please!!!!!!
Open your eyes and put yourself in your commuter shoes....
Kindly reply and we demand for an explanation!!!!!
Jhon lamh Send email
Jun 5, 2016

Sucharge of RM30 and LCD screen

On June 5 2016 11:00 i buy a ticket for Bank Negara to Kepong Central and go down to platform , and looking at the LCD screen and it's written Tg Malim 11:15 minute and i set down and read news , when the KTM train arrive i just get inside and sit a bit far from the door continue to read the news i am listening for kepong central so and so on, then the train stop and i stop reading looking around, i saw Batu Cave , Oh no how can i took wrong train that was in my mind , how ever i need to go out and ask them , i started asking i want to go kepong central but now i am batu cave station, what should i do? i go back and wait again one more time to Tg Malim line or do i need to pay here bank negara to here batu cave .how much is it? the staff answer me you need to sucharge RM30 .he bring me to the counter and asked me rm30 and i have only rm40 so i asked him that how can i know BATU CAVE or TG MALIM he said to me that you only need to see the train, what is written . telling need to buy a ticket from batu cave to kepong central. I ask them why i cannot just go back and wait another or buy another ticket bank negara to batu cave i have no time i rather take taxi from here . and the staff answer me again i call police or you sucharge , LAW IS LAW , SO...... I NEED TO PAY RM30 and buy another ticket, to go back home cheras . my appointment is Kepong medan putra at 12:00 o'clock. first my question is what is the use of LCD ?second it was my first time more over i am a foreigner student. so i really didn't understand ktm system and staff . i had a feeling that KTM staff really disturbing to customer .not only that another one is i didn't remember the date time 6pm my friend and i from setiajaya to bank negara. the setia jaya counter was closed so how ever we took the ktm from bank negara staff me asked ticket we have no ticket to show . telling him that there is no body the counter was closed .and then the staff asking to us that where is the prove how can i know why don't you take picture and give us information . that time me and my friend pay rm60. if possible i may like to get back rm 30 i can tell their name or you guy can check today 11-12 who had duty there in batu cave . i want you to reply in my email before my media group out [email protected]
Angry munmy Send email
Jun 3, 2016

Delay .. Delay .. Delay..

Always delay.. Why need to waste people time. We also need to go to work n go back to see our kids on time.. People use public transport to save time , to avoid jam not only because its not everything.time is please help us. Be systematic!
waiwai881124 Send email
Jun 2, 2016

Train Interval downgrade?

KTM, may I know your timetable is downgrade?
The train very slow sincee May 27th.
last time i wait the train about 10-15min to both place, but now I wait about 1 hour everyday rto KL sentral, and another 1 hour waiting time just to ride a few minutes to Midvalley.

When you gonna fix this problem? I don't want lost my job because of you this lousy service.
Kath Send email
Jun 1, 2016

Time table

Saya tak puas hati dengan jadual baru.
Saya habis kerja pukul 6 malam sampai kl sental pukul 630.dulu train 630 direct sampai rawang.sekarang train 630 sambil sungai buloh selapas tu rawang pun nak tukar lagi! Selalu tukar ,tungguh lama ,kos naik,lambat sampai lagi! Dulu balik tanjung malim pukul 8,sekatang pukul 9 pun belum sampai!
Very waste time !!!
balachi Send email
May 22, 2016

penjaga kaunter tiket

hai.. saya tak berpuas hati terhadap penjaga kaunter ktm kepong yang kurang sopan sewaktu saya bertanyakan soalan kepadanya... sekian
TERMALERT Send email
May 21, 2016


There appears to be something wrong with the KTMB ONLINE TICKET SYSTEM.
Trying to book JB Sentral to KL Sentral ( within next 30 days ) and can't.
I have booked online last year with no problems at all.
Dasuki Send email
May 20, 2016


Date: May 20th, 2016

Time departure suppose at 20:29hrs
At 21:15 hrs the train still have not arrived.
No announcement from the personnel about the delay.
Is this the way KTMB value the custumor??
babe Send email
May 11, 2016

disallowed user who is holding season pass to park their car in the carpark

Reached in the morning 730am saw a board stated the carpark is closed on 11/5 .. however i saw there are many cars parked inside already. Told the guys am holding season pass and would like to park inside but is disallowed. It would be good if you put the notice one day earlier so that we are aware the car park is closed on the next day.
Recently (especially this week) the train is coming late and is moving slow too from station to station. I don't mind you increase the fare but PLEASE IMPROVE your service and BE ON TIME and MOVE ON TIME. I don't want everytime late to work is because of you. Hope you hear me. TQ.
jerrylowyl Send email
May 9, 2016


The management should try to purchase the train tickets online and see how bad and unuser friendly it is. This is the worst online website I have ever come acrossed !

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