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mohdkazmin Send email
Jan 18, 2016


The first KTM KOMUTER train leaves Segambut staion at 6.41am based on revised schedule and reaches Rawang at 7.10am. The connecting train leaves Rawang Station at 7.18am and arrives at Kuala Kubu Bharu at 7.43am. This schedule deprives those commuting to work at such locations (KKB) to reach their office on time (i.e. 8am). The most practical time for the first train to leave at Segambut Station should be not later than 6.20am and arrive at Kuala Kubu Bharu at 7.30am. There will be a 30 minutes period to find alternative transports upon arrival to reach their work places on time. Return journey is not at all an issue. Even the KTM Komuter frequency beyond office hours can be adjusted accordingly.

I have been regular customer but now I am completely disappointed on the recent changes. Now I have to drive all the way from segambut to KKB to reach my work place on time at 8am. I hope the management look into this matter in seriously and notify me if there's a change in your schedules which allows me to continue to use KTM Komuter.
blackhawk Send email
Jan 10, 2016

Counter staff poor planning

I wanted to buy ticket for 11:52am train. I went to Bukit Mertajam station at 11am, 10 Jan 2016 and found it is closed from 10:00-11:30am. I came back to the counter at 11:35am. Only 2 counters open, 2 cashiers. Every buyers in front of me at both counters were asking questions and took over 8mins before buying tickets. I missed my 11:52am train. Luckily there was a 12:13pm train. I got my ticket at 12:08pm. KTM should have1 Cashier and 1 INFORMATION COUNTER, buyers should not ask complicated questions at cashier. Poor queue system/planning. When nobody ask questions, INFORMATION COUNTER can become cashier by calling 1 buyer at a time from the cashier row.
zoo Send email
Jan 8, 2016

ticket always fully booked

I was very disappointed for yr service.I have been checking ktmb e-ticket website all the time hoping that I will be able to buy the ticket back during the festive season. However, when I checked, the train was fully booked all the time and when i want to book n saw the page jz available for one coach 50 seat availability,but after i bought it within 10min ,the page was show fully booked .what the hell mean! pls upgrading yr online system.
zoo Send email
Jan 8, 2016

ticket always fully booked

Ii was very disappointed for yr service.I have been checking ktmb e-ticket website all the time hoping that I will be able to buy the ticket back during the festive season. However, when I checked, the train was fully booked all the time and when i want to book n saw the page jz available for one coach 50 seat availably,but after i bought it within 10min ,the page show fully booked .what the hell mean! pls upgrading yr online system.
Sola Send email
Jan 6, 2016

Under utilise ladies coaches

Dear sir or madam

I have being using KTM for about 5 years now.

I have seen great improvement on your part from having a 6 coachs and better punctuality and overall service. I have also seen the implementation of the ladies coaches.

The ladies coaches is a good idea as it gives sense of privacy and security to our female passengers.

I find the implementation of this concept somewhat lacking.

The male passenger are constantly reminded not to use the ladies coaches but there is no reminder for the ladies to fully utilities their coaches before spilling over to the other coaches.

This result in many ladies using the male coaches and many of them having to stand when the ladies coaches are relatively empty.

It would be nice to remind the ladies who are alone to please utilities they coach first.

I hope this suggestion will be taken into consideration.

Thank you
Sola Lee
wen Send email
Jan 6, 2016

Tickets fully booked in secs???

Since 2 weeks ago, I have been checking ktmb e-ticket website hoping that I will be able to buy the ticket back to the north side during the festive season. However, when I checked, I was so surprise as all the tickets are fully booked even it's only within 5 secs pass 12am.

I'm fine with it when you said I have to wait till a month in advance in order to buy the ticket. However, it's fully booked in seconds!!! I think it's definitely impossible unless there are agents who are able to buy the tickets in advance before it is open to the public. I wonder how many consumers are facing this similar problem and thinking where have these tickets gone to...
jayjyl Send email
Jan 5, 2016

Fake online booking process

I was told that online booking for tickets can be done one month in advance so I waited patiently for the moment to arrive at the coach is fully booked in less than 10 seconds. Granted it's festive season coming up but still thousands of tickets sold in less than 10 seconds? I don't believe that anyone has a fair chance of booking the tickets. Someone behind the system has either booked large amount of available tickets systematically or somehow certain groups are able to book before 12.00 midnight because even selecting the route options and date would have taken at least a few seconds.

If I was not waiting there trying to catch the window, it would have been easy to conclude that it is simply that popular and was fully booked so soon. But based on the same internal clock in the website, it is ridiculous to ask people to believe that all tickets (three coached) were sold out within a few seconds. It is simply a fake process, duping people to think there's even a booking process when all tickets were in reality hogged and out of reach.
Florencesoh Send email
Dec 24, 2015

Men in ladies only coach

I am currently seated in a ladies only coach from Pel Klang to Batu Caves route (1.50pm from Padang Jawa) & 2 men came in and refused to leave the coach despite me requesting them to move to the other coaches. There were no numbers to call or ways to contact a conductor. Thus please advise what can I do as I feel extremely uncomfortable with men coming into the ladies only coaches.
annexuan Send email
Dec 23, 2015

Poor service at kl center

I'm very unsatified with the KTM staff counter service! I'm having the card issue n ask for help. Staff point me to other counter. I have to queue up for 3rd time!!! No exact answer! Ask for 2nd question and just keep quite. What is the attitude staff it's?!

Please take seriously to this issue. Thanks!
khaiking Send email
Dec 16, 2015

Ridiculous bad online booking system

Successful payment transaction for eticket but no confirmation ticket. Call customer service at 1300885862 and 22798870, no one picking up call. Please look into this matter.
Doris Send email
Dec 15, 2015

ktm route

Why to mid valley from kepong sentral train route has changed ?Need to change the train at kl sentral .
This will cause a lot of inconvenience!!
Please change back the original route !
mian mian Send email
Dec 12, 2015

KTM online ticket

Many times... I want to reserve ticket online but what the hell the online service operation?!!! I can't even select the seat no. and stay in front of the screen almost an hour!! Pls lah!!! Improve ur online service!!! 😠😠😠
Yati Send email
Dec 4, 2015

Train keep on delay

Please la wake up ktmb. Train always delay delay delay and delay. We are paying you so you should give the best service. The price of the ticket increase but no improvement and very bad service. Wake up laaa ktmb. You didnt do anything. Your service still bad.
Moon4 Send email
Dec 3, 2015

nonprofessional service

I bought a ticket, the departure time is 19:15 pm. I reached there at 18:35 pm, more than 30 minutes before departure time.
While waiting, I start not feeling well and go to the counter and ask whether my ticket can return and the Miss told can. She said press the number first, if 19:15 pm still not call my number then can direct go in and cancel.
After I've waited until 19:10 pm, I go in and ask because I am feeling very not well already. I told to the Counter 2 Miss said I want to return my ticket, she was using the unpleasant tone and face to reply me. Then never mind, I just want problem can get settle. Then the Counter 1 Miss said to me can do, need account details. ( Is my sister help me buy ticket, I don't have any details and both of the Counter Miss not mention properly what kind of details they want). I called back and ask the details, the Counter 2 Miss keep said time already over, can't refund / cancel any more. At the end, I can't get refund.
What I want to focus here is not about the money although that is a loss, but is the service really make me feel nonprofessional.
One told me departure time just go in cancel. When I go in another told me time reach already can't return and keep showing me the unpleasant face.
Totally disappointed with this kind of service to a sick person.
Kimhooi Send email
Nov 26, 2015

Route board

This is regarding the facilities in KTM station batang benar. This station doesn't provide route map and signboard to guide passengers which platform should they wait for to reached their destination. Please improve the facilities and make passengers more convenient.
manickam Send email
Oct 14, 2015


I would like to complain the changes on the new schedule on KTM Komuter effective from dated 10/10/2015. The last KTM Komuter to Senawang and Sg gadut is 9.45pm from Seremban station. I have been regular customer but now I am completely disappointed on the changes. KTM komuter is public transport and need to provide the good service to public. I hope the management look this matter in seriously and provide the good service to customer.
v3030 Send email
Sep 29, 2015

Tickets for JB-Woodlands

This is regarding KTM ticket service from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ. There are maybe people who appreciate this service as it provides a whole lot more convenience. However, buying the ticket itself is a huge problem and it is becoming worse. The rules around ticket selling changes day by day and it seems like it depends on the seller's mood. Sometimes, there is a limit of 2 tickets per person, sometimes it is unlimited. There are times when tickets are sold daily and there are times when tickets are sold in quantity for 5 days or 10 days.

Today, Sept 30th 2015 we went to buy tickets for Oct 29th 2015. To our horror, tickets for 7am (JB-Woodlands) were sold out after the 3rd person in line. There are many people who took the time and effort to get in line to wait and buy tickets and yet, tickets were sold out after the 3rd person in line. This is unacceptable. This ineffective system is causing a lot of distress to the public. Furthermore, there are words that people working for KTM are selling the tickets privately for a higher price. If this is true, this inappropriate behaviour is putting KTM to shame.

I plead for KTM management to look into this matter seriously.
aimi Send email
Sep 22, 2015


Since i was High School, Late Problem Schedule has never been fixed. And now i'm 26 this year . Trying to push myself to love KTM Transport again but FAILED ..
ALWAYS coming late . I repeat. ALWAYS LATE !!! And some time has to wait for more than 40 minute . LRT much more better than KTM. You are so bad its awful service.
Always say SORRY for DELAY . No point having early train at 6.00am and its cancelled most of the time. why other train service do not have this problem and it only KTM.. If its once in a blue moon the passenger can be patient but very often happens. PLEASE WAKE UP KTMB !!!
Leest Send email
Jul 30, 2015

Priority zone for pregnancy lady being accupied by inconsiderate people

I'm a 6 months pregnant woman. Do I have the right to request those people who occupied the priority zone to let me have seat? Very sad to tell that Malaysians are very selfish n inconsiderate. Its a painful one hour ride for me to stand.
abhishekdon Send email
Jul 9, 2015

missing problem

my bike is ktm duke 200 . I have given my bike for repair 5 times but my bike has not yet repaired. it has missing problems while running and ktm mechanics have changed my fuel pump fuel injector everything n they are not taking me seriously and I am facing so much problems because of my bike. they are not responsing well. they kept my bike for 12 days but it is not working goof yet.
Nuno Almeida Send email
Mar 19, 2015

Superduke R

My name is Nuno Almeida , I'm from Portugal and I have a KTM SUPERDUKE R 2010 model , the motorcycle its original but with 3500km (April 2014) began with engine failures in low revs and always hung up on idle with the error "engine coil cylinder" then I took the motorcycle for “Caismotor” KTM official agent in Lisbon where they diagnostic a ECU problem so they assembly a new ECU and with this change failed to give errors but the motorcycle still do the same and continues to have engine failures bellow 2500rpm and idle off (August 2014) and more three months pass and they “Caismotor” now change the two Engine Coils and Increase fuel pump pressure but the problem returns and now still have the engine failures when is warming up until I ride 2 or 3 Kilometers and them when I stop the Idle is 3000 Rpm so I took again the motorcycle to “Caismotor” (December 2014) and now they test a new Engine Temperature sensor, a new complete Main Harness and a new complete Injection body but no luck so in this moment they took the motorcycle to “Jetmar” the Portuguese KTM importer, one more month pass and no changes. I hereby ask for your assistance, already passed almost one complete year and I have also spent a lot of money without being able to repair a bike that is practically new and I repeat this motorcycle is all original and it´s not understandable a KTM SUPERDUKE R have these problems with so few kilometers and age, thank you and I appreciate your help as your loyal customer, the motorcycle still is in your agent “Jetmar”.

My Best Regards
Nuno Almeida
alheah85 Send email
Nov 13, 2014

provide inaccuracy info

I would like buy the train ticket from Bukit Mertajam to Hua Hin, however I had go the Bukit Mertajam station ask for more info. The counter casher told me the ticket open sales before 30 days of departure at time 1pm. When the days coming I go to the station again at around 10am(cause I over there and try to check again), the ticket already sold out. Very disappoint about the service, just a general info also will provide inaccuracy, its will make the passenger perplex on their plan, as me already done booking the transport and accommodation there.
wtfktm Send email
Oct 14, 2014


The ktm from kelana jaya to batu caves always late and always have all sort of problems! I wonder how could this be happening. This is such a fail transport service. I wonder if a change of staff in managementlevel as they lack of abilities to manage this. This is the worst transport service ever
epul Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Kerani Kaunter Tak Mesra Pengguna Dan Tidak Ada Suara

Saya sebagai salah seorang pengguna Komuter dari Tanjong Malim ke destinasi yang lain ingin memberitahu bahawa kerani tiket di sini tidak mesra pengguna dan sombong.Sepatutnya pihak KTMB lebih peka lagi perilaku pekerja-pekerja.Sebagai pengguna kita bayar harga tiket dan bukan percuma.Khidmat pelanggan memang gagal dan mereka harus ingat duit gaji mereka datang dari siapa kalau tidak dari pelanggan.Janganlah terlalu angkuh dan sombong.Kalau duduk di kaunter dengan muka masam dan bisu baik tak payah jaga kaunter.Saya sebagai pengguna pun naik menyampah bila ada pekerja yang tidah tahu berbudi bahasa.Saya syorkan pihak KTMB supaya melatih balik pekerja di kaunter tiket supaya mesra pengguna.
frankiechu Send email
Jul 10, 2014

Security and Surveillance in KTM Station

To Whom it may concern:
This is a follow up of the above subject of complaint and would appreciates the KTM management to act immediately and take it seriuously as the men who is loitering in the station and is believed to be in his unsound state of mind still exist every now and then in KEPONG Station looking for his victim.
Hence, we would be grateful if the management could have some preventive measures or to deter this.
IF this message, in the event that it could not reached to the management, we have no choice but to bring it to higher level.

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